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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. [ ♪ ] good evening, this is it al jazeera america ready to cooperate. russian president vladimir putin says he is open to working with the u.s.-led coalition fighting i.s.i.l. america is on alert. travellers face increased security. >> and a knock for cooking. taking recipes to the small
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screen and back russia and france say they have a common enemy in i.s.i.l., and are joining forces to fight them. today francis hollande met with his russian counterpart vladimir putin, they agreed to begin sharing intelligence and coordinating air strikes. vladimir putin said russia was willing to work with the u.s. taking the fight to i.s.i.l. was on the agenda in the u.k. >> reporter: the case for expanding war. david cameron essentially said britain is in the cross-hairs of the islamic state. >> the reason for act g >> the reason for acting s a direct threat to i.s.i.l. is to our country and way of life.
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>> he asked parliament to consider bombing i.s.i.l. they hit i.s.i.l. in a rock. under the plan. >> if we believe action can protect us, with our allies, we should be part of that action, not standing aside from it. >> britain was rattled by the attacks in paris, leaving 130 dead. the french president is trying to bring a coalition together. tuesday, in washington. with president obama. tonight, in moscow. russian president putin angry over the shooting down of a bomb by nato member turkey, expressed solidarity with france, saying it's a fight against a common evil and russia is ready. >> we are ready to support every effort fighting with i.s.i.l. and other terrorist organisations. >> the coalition is unglued over the sticking point of whether
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bashar al-assad needs to be removed. russia still supports them. they have the western-led coalition involving the gulf states, and we have russian-led coalition involving iran and the regime. they need to come together on the issue of fighting extremism. >> do they expect it to be a war-winning strategy. >> the leader of the opposition labour party says he will not support bombing, questioning effective almost, but will allow voting members to vote their conscience. >> cameron may have a better chance. seven attacks have been thwarted in britain, and linked to i.s.i.l. refugees flood europe, driving the debate about what to do. a u.n. security council resolution calls on member states to take all necessary measures against the islamic state.
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>> cameron promises no british combat troops and says air power has muscle that they need. >> the arguments on the royal air force tornados, the raptor and surveillance pods and the high tech missiles that the coalition can't use those capabilities routinely over syria, let alone on the drones, that causes inflexibility to the coalition, and reduces military effectiveness. >> david cameron fears that an air strike addressed the fear that air strikes could increase the threat of terror in london and britain. british intelligence knows that this country is in the top tier of targets of i.s.i.l., and it's better to deal with the threats sooner, rather than later. the ambassador presented to the coalition and is a visiting scholar at carnegie europe and
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joins us at brussels. what is your main take away from the press conference between president francis hollande and vladimir putin, was any news made? >> i think there was progress made. i think the french president and observers in the western communities didn't have much for a grand coalition discussed in the media. a grand coalition means a joined common center. you are not about to see that. you are not going to see in the u.s.-led coalition, an addition of a few russian air force officers, this is out of question. what is at stake is more information about who does what, in order to avoid mishaps, accidents and that kind of thing. more importantly, i think the message from francis hollande,
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was that where has russia, as its own objectives, the important thing, that it focuses more on i.s.i.l. now. after all, syria is the i.s.i.s. the bombing of the russian airliner, and the bombing in paris make for a common pose, and this was a main message of francis hollande, and this has been heard. it doesn't mean that it's 100% consistency between the objectives of the western coalition and russia, that we knew. >> and one of the disagreements is what to do with the syrian president bashar al-assad. and we heard francis hollande say that bashar al-assad has no face in the future. vladimir putin calls him an ali in the fight against i.s.i.l. can the west and russia tight
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together without figuring out what to do with the future. >> it's a strange situation. if you wanted a wees of diplomacy, you'd have to sort out the differences. you have several actors with differentar am terse, and we have to take this into account. the best we can do, we can hope for from this meeting is to make sure that russia understands that the west is united in seeing bashar al-assad as no part of the final transition in syria, but that is set aside while everyone is increasing the efforts against i.s.i.l. >> how much do you think the downing of the russian jet by turkey will compliment the effort of building a stronger coalition against i.s.i.l. >> it complicates things, and the tone of the turkish
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president in his interview was stern. the tone of vladimir putin was stern. it is now about smothering i.s.i.l. smothering i.s.i.l. goes through two different things. one is the smuggle. and the other is jihadist. if you remember when francis hollande was in washington. he insisted on turkey sailing the border to prevent jihadis to come and go. these are the actions from the community, that they were part of the coalition, and the best hope tonight after these series of talks, is that everyone will agree that there is one common enemy. >> thank you for joining us. belgium has lowered the security threat level in brussels, ending six days of a maximum alert
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knocking down the capital. the threat level was raised. two of the suicide bombers were from brussels, another is on the loose nearby. police and military will remain on the streets. americans are on heightened alert this thanksgiving. security has been stepped up across the country. concerns of an attack by i.s.i.l. has not stopped millions from travelling. kristen saloomey has more it's a holiday tradition. thousands of people lining the streets of manhattan, watching the big balloons of the annual macy thanksgiving parade. less than two weeks after the attacks, security is on everyone's minds, even if it does not stop them going out. >> you are watchful. but you stay safe. >> i'll not live any life being afraid. >> reporter: there was a heavy
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police presence. >> there's communication and command and response groups. there are additional teams. heavily armed. they'll be around the area of the parade. i think the police presence will heighten the sense of security. >> earlier in the week officers with guns drawn responded to a call about an active shooter in the subway. it was part of a drill to test the city's preparedness for an attack. police, firefighters and other first responders took part in the coordination for homeland security and the federal bureau of investigation. eskimo threatened the tixes square, so you'll see a heavy police presence. law enforcement is calling on the public to stay vigilant. there's a new app anyone can use to report suspicious activity. a picture of anyone can be sent for analysis.
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>> it's a great and easy tool. everyone has a phone. we'll put it in the pockets of new yorkers keeping them safe. >> security at train stations and air forces is tight. president obama attempted to reassure the public saying there was no credible evidence of a threat. >> i want the american people to know we are taking every possible step to keep the homeland safe. >> whether it's taking a tourist attraction in new york, shopping or travelling to be with family. many heeded his advice to celebrate a kick off to the season, the way we always do. mali's special forces arrested two suspects believed to be linked to bombings. during the 9-hour siege,
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attackers held 170 guests and staff hostage, and killed 20 people. three different groups claimed responsibility for the attack republican presidential hopeful donald trump on the defense about recent comments. what he said about a disabled journalist that has him facing criticism. >> and cattle thieves - committing crime to feed addictions. working to put a stop to their operations.
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>> every monday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you
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won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". monday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. another intruder got on to the white house grounds. pictures show him draped in an american flag and raising his hands once on the other side. the secret service says he was custody immediately and it was the second time in a past week the white house was locked down. last week it was locked down after someone thrive an apple core -- threw an apple core over the fence. republican presidential hopeful donald trump coming under fire after comments about a disabled journalist and has him on the defense again.
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it is an impersonation that upset many. >> i don't remember what i said. >> trump was referring to a journalist with a debilitating condition affecting his joints. his reporting is what trump suicide to bolster a claim that thousands celebrated the collapse of the trade center. a journalist and officials contradicted claims. >> the stories were checked out and were true. it didn't happen. other unsayables, that muslims would be treated with suspicion, that torture is acceptable in the interests of national security and mexican immigrants were rapist. >> it's nothing new. trump has a history of alleged racism in business dealings.
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and the u.s. of violent racial prejudices. some find it as a rhetoric not beholden to anyone. . >> he's a businessman, he knows how to get things done. trump's lead needs context. firstly, it's way too early in the process to predict outcomes. those likely to vote for the next republican presidential candidate don't pay attention until before the next caucus, which is next february. secondly, opinion polls are from those that identify as republicans, and not those likely to vote. at this point in the race in 2011. herman kain, pizza magnet, was in the lead and praised for his outsider status. trump's numbers have to be put into a natural context. 25% americans identify as republicans. of that 27 support trump. has pointed out. that represents 6% of the u.s. population. or the same number that believe
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moon landings were fake. . >> they were dancing in the streets, on rooftops. >> reporter: that's not to say it's not significant. the republican establishment has not pushed back against trump. whether it's too early in the case is not clear. it is not as if the others are less extreme in attitudes towards race, civil images. they are less quotable protesters in chicago were planning a black friday march. demonstrators took thanksgiving day off. they were outraged that it took more than a year for jason van dyk to be charged. he was shot 15 times in 16 seconds. video was released after a court order. >> if you thought cattle rustling wag the way of billy the kidd and the american frontier, you would be wrong. it's alive and well.
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and law enforcement says it's helping meth users fund their addictionses. details from oklahoma. >> if you are stopped in okay are, you call the police. if your cow is stolen, you call that man. chief agent jerry flowers. >> cattle rustling has been around. after two decades of tracki tracking cattle rustlers, he looks on the plains. >> reporter: while it sounds old-fashioned, low risks and big rewards makes it easy to pull off. >> cattle rustlers hit doug's ranch this year. >> how many head did you have missing? >> i think i have 20, and one
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cow. >> at 1,000 ahead, the thieves drove around with 20 grand. >> the cows are probably in a feedlot and may have been sold half-a-dozen times. >> he's not the only one hit. >> draught has pushed cattle prices through the roof. the state's cattleman association estimates that it has cost the industry 3 million in the last two years. >> it's back to the point it seems you can't sling a dead cat without someone hitting cattle. in this part of the country, it seems true. >> this crime has a modern twist. i could abetter than 70% of people arrested i associated
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with narcotics. >> the only way to associate it is to kale it an epidemic. >> they resort to impacting innocent people to get money, whether it's through identity theft. cattle rustling, stealing trailers, a power saw out the back of a pick-up truck. they'll go to extraordinary lengths to feed their addiction. >> cattle rustling is easy. all you need is speed, put them in a trailer and you are gone. you're missing 10 mama cows. >> yes. >> what sort where they? >> john says they have hit his prompt. really didn't realise they were missing. this is a coral that they live in. >> these week tracks look like
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they came in the gate. >> they circled around, backing in on the east side. >> flowers believes the thefts are related. >> what we have is not just stealing the cattle. but a criminal conspiracy. >> cattle strikers are working 300 cases a year, tracking 3,000 cows. in a good year they recover half. >> they cost the farmer, the court for the court proceedings, the state of oklahoma, for my investigators to spend days and weeks. who winds up, you know, having to pay that, is the consumer. >> according to the u.s.d.a. the price of beef has doubled since 1969, meaning they stand at the intersection of beef, meth and a man with a moustache. >> we'll go what we can. >> we like working hard for
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folks that michael living. using her passion to help those in need. the nun that took her cooking talents from the kitchen. and shoppers hungry for a deal are hitting the stores for black friday. how far are american consumers looking to open their wallets looking to open their wallets this year?
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freezing rain and sleed falling across the country, and is expected to continue through the weekend and protect travel. freezing rain is moving through nebraska and iowa. the national weather service issued an ice storm warning for parts of texas, the texas panhandling. oklahoma and kansas. >> a lesser known tradition is celebrating its 89th year in detroit. the thanksgiving parade is smaller than macey's parade. but the floats and balloons as as spectacular. many paid tribute to detroit's rich cultural heritage. >> mobile shopping hit a high. consumers spent more than 1 billion online so far. over a quarter of those sales were from mobile devices. by the end of the night that figure will grow to 1.7 billion. >> when sister olicia cooks for
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a family, the ingredients may be sting. she recently won a reality cooking show, and for her thanksgiving is a big deal. [ ♪ ] [ sings ] >> we are getting ready for the thanksgiving prayer breakfast. i am sister alicia torres. i'm a member of sisters in chicago. we serve at the mission of our lady of the angels on the west side. i really want everyone that comes here to know that their life is precious, that they have dignity. we probably have about 150 volunteers and 600 guests. they'll come down, we'll have a nice brunch. >> there you are, enjoy. egg, potatos, pastries, fruit.
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>> it's great. it's divine. it's good. it's excellent. >> i think after jesus, i would say cooking is high. maybe cooling and reading. i didn't know about the show until we heard about this opportunity for sisters to apply. >> we have sister alicia torres. >> the experience was incredible. i had a lot of fun. i went into the competition determined i would have fun, knowing that many were praying for me, and knowing that there's no way i'm on television for no reason. >> that means, sister, you are the chopped champion >> we turned on the tv. and she was right there, like a celebrity. >> being on the show with others
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that help to take care of the hungry, it was an incredible way to raise issues about the important issue, hunger. >> you're the one that won the cooking contest. >> you got it, hey. >> i think you're beautiful. >> hey honey how are you. hey, baby how are you. >> it's beyond just feeding people. the people that see the story, it gives them hope that if they use the gifts that we have to take care of brothers and sisters in need t can make a difference. >> i'm roxanna, thank you for joining us, ray suarez is next with "inside story". enjoy the rest of your thanksgiving. thanksgiving.
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♪ ♪ >> first, megamergers created two beer giants. in bev and sab miller. now the two titans want to become one. and produce one of the two brews people consume, brewnanza, on "inside story."


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