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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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france and russia agree closer military ties when fighting i.s.i.l., but still divided on the choice of syrian president hello, i'm darren jordon in doha with the world news. turkey's president hits back at russian collaboration that is he's colluding with russia over the sale of water. plus... >> i didn't want to get married. there was no money for school. >> the government looks at way to end child marriage. we look at one country where half the girls end up married under age
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and the north korea's border with china - how they are cashing in on a boom with visitor numbers. >> russia's president agreed to coordinate with france over air strikes with i.s.i.l. so far the cooperation stops there. french president francis hollande has been in moscow pushing for a breeder alliance -- broader alinings with the group. >> in search of a grand coalition, francis hollande finished a week of international diplomacy in moscow. he found the receptive vladimir putin. >> but after several hours of talks, the only fruits of cooperation were these. >> translation: we agreed to reinforce anti-terrorist work, improve exchanges of operational information. fighting terrorism, set up a
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constructive relationship between our military specialist to avoid dupliation and incidents. >> that's a long way from a grand coalition. disagreement over vladimir putin's ally is the stumbling block. we want discussions in vienna to lead to a solution. we want the transitional government to have constitution, elections covering society and members of dias perra. in france's view, it is clear that bashar al-assad does not have a place in the future of syria. >> in syria, there were more russian air strikes. this was raqqa. planes bombed turkman rebels near where a russian jet was downed on suez. motorcycle coe is showing -- moscow is showing turkey its
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teeth. >> today, according to a decision made earlier, existing channels have been suspended. including a hotline deployed while eliminating objects in syria. >> reporter: russia released footage of its advanced ash force system, operational at the syrian air base, and the cruiser with air defense capabilities now patrolling off the latakia coast. moscow wants ankara to know it is able below such planes out of the sky, and there'll be an economic cost for what russia called an act of aggression. >> grandmother dmitri dmitri medvedev gave them a few days to come up with retaliatory measures. some can be frozen or stopped.
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i suggest it's done within two days, to move forward and implement the corresponding procedures. >> turkey's produce is blocked at the russian frontieres, this was the border with georgia. there are doubts over huge projects like the turkish gas pipe line and a $20 million power station that russia is building in turkey turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan has dismissed an accusation from russia's government that turkey is colluding with i.s.i.l. over sales of oil. vladimir putin's it was hard to imagine the turkish government was unaware of oil supplies from across the border of the recep tayyip erdogan says turkey is not the one helping i.s.i.l. >> the biggest supporter of d.a.e.s.h. is the regime. saying that pushingy buys oil --
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turkey buys oil from i.s.i.s. a former diplomat says russia wants to expose turkey over dealings with i.s.i.l. >> what the russians are trying to do is isolate turkey, seeing turkey and others as a protagonist, a country enabling i.s.i.s. in terms of supplying i.s.i.s. with weapons, with money through the oil trade and other ways. russians have seen turkey as a spoiler, a party that can't be effective and needs to be isolated. they are pursuing their policy effectively, isolating turkey, and unless they get n.a.t.o. to join, they may be left out in the cold, and i would be surprised if they came in to back up turkey. >> the u.s. announced sanctions against people and groups
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helping the syrian government. among those blacklisted is a syrian businessman. the u.s. assets have been frozen and americans barred from doing business with them. renae reports. >> christen is a wealthy businessman, and president of the world's federation. the u.s. government accuse him of helping syrian president manage his money in russia. the u.s. treasury said it blacklisted freezing assets in the u.s. and banning citizens from doing business with him. new sanctions announced on wednesday apply to a syrian businessman who was accused of helping the regime buy oil. it has been at the core of how i.s.i.l. held revenue. it was an estimated 90,000 barrels a day. netting i.s.i.l. around 900 million. the u.s. government says bashar
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al-assad bought oil from i.s.i.l. to fuel the military campaign, even though i.s.i.l. is his enemy. in a statement. the u.s. treasury says the syrian government is responsible for brutality and violence. the united states will continue to target the finances of all those enabling bashar al-assad for continuing to enflict violence on people. the u.s. attempted to cut off a supply of cash by bombing the controls. on monday. the united states announced it destroyed 283 fuel tank erts used to transport oil in eastern syria. the obama administration hopes the sanctions will weaken the regime and make a political and diplomatic solution more likely two prominent journalists have been arrested in turkey, accused of evading state security and being part of a terrorist group.
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they work for a pro-opposition newspaper. they published a paper accused of smuggling across the border. reporters without borders condemned the arrests as political persecution. >> we came here to defend journalism. we came to defend people's rights to inform. the rights to learn the truth if the government is lying. we came to corroborate that the government should not commit a legal act. >> two men have been arrested in mali in connection with an attack on a hotel. 20 were killed when gun then launched a raid on a hotel. the suspects identified using information funds on a mobile phone. >> tunisia identified the bomber as a local street vendor.
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12 were killed in the matter. i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility. the interior ministry said it launched more than 500 raids and arrested 30 people for links to what it called extremist groups. israeli forced killed three palestinians in the occupied west bank. a man shot dead arrive alleged by trying to stab a soldiers at a checkpoint near nablus. another killed in the village of katana, and a teenage boy shot dead in hebron u.s. republican presidential hopeful donald trump stirred controversy. trump impersonated a new york times reporter, who suffered from a muscle condition. >> it was an impersonation in keeping with much of donald
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trump's campaign of unashamedly saying the unsayable. >> i don't know what i said, i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. >> reporter: trump was referring to a journalist with a debilitating condition that affects his joins. it's what trump used to bolsters his claim that thousands celebrated the collapse of the trade center. the journalist and officials contradicted his claims. >> these were checked out. they weren't true. didn't happen. other unsayables that muslims would be treated with suspicion. that torture is unacceptable, and mexican immigrants are rapists, it's nothing new, trump has a history of racism, and the u.s. has a history of racism. >> he's a businessman, he knows
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how to get things done. >> trump's lead needs context. it's too early to predict outcomes, those likely to vote for the next presidential candidate don't pay attention to the race until the first caucus. second lip, it's of those that identify as republican, and not those likely to vote. >> and the race in 2011, pizza magnate, herman kane, noted for his controversial statements, was in the lead and prayed for his outsider statements. trump's numbers have to be put into a national context. 25% identify as republicans. of that number 27% support trump. as noted polster nate silver pointed out, it represents 6% of the u.s. population, or the same number that believe the moon landings were fake.
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>> they were dancing in the street or on rooftops. it's not to say the candidacy is not significant. the republican establishment has not pushed back. whether it's because it's too early, it's not clear. it's not as if the other candidates are less extreme in their attitudes to race, civil liberties and immigration. they are less quotable time for a short break. when we come bark, homelessness is a growing problem for teenagers in the u.s. we report from a state that's a hard hit. >> and the films making impact at al jazeera's documentary festival. more on that, stay with us.
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back to the top stories, russian president vladimir putin says he'll work with the international community to fight i.s.i.l. in syria. he's been holding talks with the french president in moscow. the two leaders agreed to exchange and coordinate on air strikes. turkey's president dismissed russia's suggestion its government is helping i.s.i.l. sell oil. recep tayyip erdogan says it was president bashar al-assad from syria and not him buying from nil. >> two men have been arrested in mali. 20 people were killed when gunmen launched a raid on the radisson blue hotel pope francis warns that it would be catastrophic if special interests got in the way of a
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deal on climate change. he's in kenya as leader of the catholic church, saying the upcoming talks in paris presented a choice about whether to improve or destroy the environment. >> cop 21 represents an important stage in the process of developing a new system, depending on a minimum use of foss fossil fuels and makes use of energy courses. we are faced with political and economic obligation to rethink and correct dysfunctions and distortions of the model of development the head of egypt's coptic church is visiting jerusalem for the first time in 50 years. he is attending the furniture of the arch bish -- funeral of the archbishop. despite the ban, hundreds
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visited during easter over the past few years. the african union is holding a first ever summit of ending child marriage. every year 14 million young girls are married and child brides are likely to contract h.i.v. in zambia 14% of girls marry before they are 18. >> reporter: this is the sound of opportunity for these women, a mill to grained. they were married as teenagers when she was just 15. i had no choice. my parents couldn't afford to take us to school. i was at home doing nothing. i didn't want to get married.
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prime school was free in zambia, secondary school isn't. widespread poverty mean many can't afford the school fees. an organization called plan is teaching them about girl power. and offers an income and a place to teach them about their rights. it caused some issues. >> translation: there are problems, the children learnt about their rights, and times demands upon parents are impossible to meet. when the parents are pushed against the wham, it isn't -- wall, it isn't welcome. >> reporter: child brides are likely to be in abusive relationships. contract disease and die in childbirth. >> reporter: practicalityies are complex, going beyond the community's culture, traditions.
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the first african girls summit is held in zambia and wants to influence governments across africa, some attitudes are swinging towards girl power. >> the means girls coming together with energy, not the old ladies, just arriving, because we have the power to change our lives as girls. >> reporter: she's trying to take control of life. creating a new tradition. >> reporter: an attack on a mosque in northern bangladesh left win person dead and three others wounded. gunmen storm the mosque and shoot worshippers. the incident comes a few weeks after a grenade attack on a shrine in dhaka.
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one person was killed. 80 injured in that attack north and south korea announced high level talks on december 11th. the meeting will take place in the industrial complex. tensions have been high when two were wounded in land mine blasts. things are different on the river border with china. it is becoming possible. enterprising traders are doing a brisk business. >> it's the unofficial way through north korea's back door, with one of the growing number of tour groups taking a boat trip along the river, separating china and north korea. this glows into north korean territory. >> just a couple of minutes from
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the chinese bank of the river, we are in the north korean part of the river, with north korean territory on either side. >> a chinese tourist. a chance to appear in the lives of reloosive neighbours. largely oblivious daily life continues. we haven't escaped attention of traders, making a living from rich visitors, selling from their small boats. this section of the river has become a floating market. all under the gaze of border guards that don't seem to care. >> the north koreans don't have much to sell, but the boatload of tourists have what they seem to have, food and cigarettes. and announced for sale, north korea's bank notes, on a trip i
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can't say the border, and a little free enterprise teams to be making less impressionable. around 1500 refugees are stranded on greece's border with macedonia. on thursday, hundreds tore down barbed wire fences, trying to enter to continue their journey north. the refugees were from morocco, al jazeera and pakistan. stuck on the eastern side after other countries allowed in only those escaping conflicts in syria and iraq. in norway. stopping the flow of refugees, police are checking identification papers of those arriving in the country. the scandinavian nation is expecting 30,000 refugees, three times the number that arrived last year.
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>> venezuelan president nicolas maduro dismissed claims that he is behind the shooting days after elections. killed in a campaign rally, legislation elections are due on november 6th the u.s. government says there are more homeless children in the country than before. the official total is 2.5 million. experts think the total could be higher. john hendren reports from louisville, where the problem is bad. >> that person was 15, homeless and horrified. >> i didn't want for my friends to see me living in a homeless shelter because i never thought that i would have to stay there. >> if another kid was going through there, what advice would
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you give them? >> to hang in there. and everything will be bad before it gets better. >> reporter: francy is one of 2.5 million children living homeless, on shelters, cars, and on the streets. ground zero is kentucky, where a study found 5% of students are homeless. now after leaving the shelter she lives with her mother. >> i started out. i was a skin head. i couldn't do nothing for anybody. >> the official number of students in kentucky fell from 20,000 to 7,000 - not because there were fewer of them, but the state no longer considers foster children homeless, they
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they often move from one shelter to another. >> we are, number one, more for families. >> reporter: homeless students score lower on tests and miss more school. then there's the psychological trauma. >> they deal with depression. they can't be like everyone else. they don't have a home. people make fun of them. they are bullied in school. >> the homeless students that find a shelter are the lucky ones. >> anywhere they can find shelter from the elements. >> kiarna and her sister lived without electricity. their parents coped with addiction. >> they are going to get mummy's attention now, all of my attention. >> every time. >> they are in a shelter, a hotel turned into a haven for
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the homeless by a christian mission. stability and a drug rehabilitation programme made a world of difference. >> we are doing a lot better. i think the mistakes i made about them, they suffered emotionally. the kids - they have seen things in life. only thing i can say is hopefully they gofr go through it -- yes never go through it. >> they have hopes of moving to join the girl's father, where he is preparing a home of their own the new president of world athletics governing body sebastien coe stepped down from his role as a paid ambassador for nike. following he lobbied for the u.s. city of eugene to host the 2021 championships. it's the global headquarters for nike. bringing to an end coe's 38 year
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relationship with the giant, earning him over $150,000 a year. coe said the controversy was not good for athletics for nike. >> i asked the ethics committee to look closely and clearly at it, and clool they have -- and although they concluded it's not a conflict as interest, as i have always disclosed t we decided i did not need the actions of the noise and we folked on steadying the ship. the teams are working 18 hours a day to do that. i wanted no more distractions finally, some of the best nonfiction films made around the world recently are on show in qatar. they tackle issues as diverse as wore, sports and food. we have this report from doha. >> mr president, mr secretary-general, we are
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giving you our facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence "war of lives" is an interview with an iraqi refugee whose evidence of weapons of mass destruction was used to legitimize the invasion of iraq. there was a big problem - his evidence was false but he said he helped remove the former leader saddam hussein 12 years on, iraq is ravaged by war and infiltrated by violent armed groups. they provide an insight into how the world god to this point. one more uplifting film headlining at the festival is about a nepalese female football team made up of players from
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remote villages. they came to the top of their sport. >> it's a good message. especially for the european people that playing the football, being a professional, to earn the money, millions, that because of their pass and struggling. this is a different football. this is a true football. >> these are just some of the 140 files shown at the film festival in qatar. they are not just from established film-makers. this neem is horizons. -- theme is"ions. it show cased their talent. more than 50 countries are screened at the festival.
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the lucky few wins top prizes in the categories and the horizon rewords. providing a boost in a competitive international industry all the news on the website. there assist on the screen, youth came from. >> a political fire storm. tens of thousands of children from central america showed up on the border trying to enter the united states alone. >> you can't send your children up here and let them stay. >> the obama administration took unprecedented measures to keep them out. on to honduras where violence is still forcing people out and talked


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