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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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only on al jazeera america. france is paying tribute to the 130 people killed in the paris attacks two weeks ago. >> reporter: i'm jacky row land where that memorial is taking place. i will be bringing you live updates this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead on the program. moscow has started sending back turkish trucks loaded with exports to the border as the
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spat between the two countries over the downed jet continues. day three of his africa tour, pope francis is meeting with youth at a stadium in nairobi. we are there live. preparations are currently underway in paris for a memorial ceremony for the 130 people killed in the attacks two weeks ago. it is expected to start in about half an hour, bringing together families of the victims together with survivors. francois hollande will give a speech. i.s.i.l. later said it was behind the attack.
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more now from jacky rowland joining us live from paris. what can we expect during the ceremony? >> reporter: in the next half hour the french president francois hollande will be making a solemn eulogy. he is expected to speak for about 20 minutes, paying tribute to the people who were killed and injured in these attacks, paying tribute, to what it has been the bataclan generation. the youngest person to be killed was 17 years old, the oldest was 68. the average age 35. a list of the 130 people who were killed in the attacks will be read out in the court yard of the building behind me. also people all over france have been asked to join in the solemn mood of hoppleage by flying the
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french flag from their windows will all of the victims' families be represented today? >> reporter: at least two families have said that they won't be coming to the ceremony. also one survivor from the attack, a man who was able to escape from the bataclan, said he won't be coming either. in all three cases they said that the authorities have not learned the security lesson from after the charlie hebdo attack back in january. they said back then the government made lots of promises about improving security and intelligence gathering in order to make the french people safe, but they say that the government has failed to deliver on those promises. as we saw, for example, in the way that some of the attacker raz able to move freely backwards and far ward-- far right side between ir-i can't
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and europe. that's why necessity will not be attending today live for us in paris where the ceremony will be taking place to remember the people killed in those attacks two weeks ago. it is expected to start in just under half an hour. stay with us for that. the presidents have agreed to cooperate and share military intelligence on i.s.i.l. francois hollande met vladimir putin to push for a larger coalition group which would clues the u.s. and kremlin. mr vladimir putin amade no commitments on that key issue >> reporter: in search of his grand coalition, francois hollande finished a week of international diplomacy in moscow. here he found a receptive vladimir putin. after several hours of talks, the only fruits of cooperation
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were these. >> translation: we agreed today to reinforce our anti terrorist work, improve exchange of operational information fighting terrorism, set up a constructive relationship between our military specialists in order to avoid duplication and incidents. >> reporter: that is still a long way from a grand coalition. disagreement over putin's ally president bashar al-assad is the stumbling block. >> translation: we want the discussions in vienna to lead to a political solution. the executive power must be given to an independent unity government during transition which will have as its gold as constitution, elections covering all sections of society and members of the diaspera. it is clear that bashar al-assad does not have a place in the place of syria. >> reporter: in syria there were more russian air strikes. this was raqqa.
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the planes have also bomb elide on tuesday. moscow is showing turkey its teeth. >> translation: today according to a decision made earlier all existing channels of cooperation between russian defense ministry and turkish armed forces has been suspend. this also includes a hot line >> reporter: russia released footage of its missile system now operational at its syrian air base and the cruiser also with air defense capabilities now patrolling of latakia coast. moscow wants ankara to know that it is perfectly able to blow turkish planes out of the sky and there is going to be an economic cost for what russia has called an act of aggression. prime minister has given
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ministries two days to come up with a list of retaliatry measures of the some measures could be imposed with regards to a number of investment projects. they can be frozen or stopped completely. i suggest this is done within two days to quickly move forward to implement the corresponding procedures. a >> reporter: turkish produce is already being blocked at russia's frontiers. this was the important der with georgeia. there is serious doubts over projects like the turkish stream pipeline and a $20 billion new clear power station that russia is building in turkey in turkey tensions remain high as a diplomatic spat continues with russia over the downing of one of its jets. turkish president erdogan has strongly rebuffed russia's latest accusations that his government is buying ill from i.s.i.l. fighters. on thursday russian president
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said that his jets have witnessed fuel tankers in i.s.i.l. controlled syrian territory transporting oil on an industrial scale into turkey. president erdogan hit back saying i.s.i.l. is a terrorist group and turkey isn't the one supporting them. >> translation: those who claim we buy oil from i.s.i.l. are obliged to prove it. known has the right to make such accusations against our country. if you do, you are a slanderer. the greatest supporter is the bashar al-assad regime. our main supplier is russia rory joins us live from moscow. as far as russian's measures against turkey does seem to be a tit for tat thing going on here. >> reporter: we haven't actually seen any definitive legislation yet. that is being hatched at the moment by the various russian ministries. they have been given two days to
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do so. in the meantime what we're seeing is a heightened scrutinising, if you like, of turkish produce, turkish imports coming into russia. so basically what they're being hit with is a series of sanitar checks, safety checks, health checks and unsurprisingly lots of violations are being found and various consignments of turkish produce are being turned away or rejected from borders. in the next few days we will see something more concrete in terms of legislation. the agriculture ministry thinks that within a space of a week it will be able to substitute as many turkish items of produce as it thinks might end up being restricted or embargoed. there are also restrictions or heightened scrutinising of turkish people that seems to be going on as women. the interior minister said just
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yesterday that turkish fishilys inside russia would come under more attention from the police and there is this case that we know of 39 turkish businessmen who picked up a couple of days ago, i think, on visa violations in southern russia later on the syrian and russian foreign ministers are expected to meet. what can we expect from that? >> reporter: he has been in town for a few days now, i think since wednesday, and he has met with various high profile russian political figures. today he is going to be meeting with lavrov. what they're going to be talking about, two main things. the fight against what they call terrorism in syria and also progressing on the political settlement for syria. this is what came out of the recent vienna conversations. now, where we were at with that vienna settlement is that the first step of it is to get a
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dialogue between the syrian opposition and the syrian government. so damascus says that it has got all the representatives, a list of representatives that it is submitting for that process. now all it needs by the end of the year is for the opposition to come up with a list of their own representatives and a political platform. of course, that is going to be a pretty hard task for them. the other thing they're going to be talking about here in moscow is the downing of the russian bomber by turkey, and drawing up a list of terrorist groups and you might well suspect that possibly some of the groups that turkey has been funding and supporting in northern syria might end up on that list all right. live for us there in moscow. let's get a broader view of all this now. our senior political analyst joining us now.
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we've seen french president francois hollande going on this kind of whirlwind tour meeting with various leaders trying to get this grand coalition for a bigger fight against i.s.i.l. how do you think that's progressing and what effect will it really have?
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turkish syrian border has complicated everything. francois hollande is finding himself after his trip to washington and to moscow and being with european allies sort of finding rhetorical sport but in terms - doctor support, but in terms of actionable moves of france to be joining a grand coalition, that's not clear talking about that sort of lack of clarity at the moment, the french foreign minister has got into hot water when he initially said that he could envisage syrian groups taking part in the fight against i.s.i.l. and there was push back on that and clarified he said after a transition of power in syria. what do you make of that?
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violent and repressive, but it might be needed as part of the solution in the transitional period. of course, as you know, since the very beginning also a lot of people have been differentiating between bashar al-assad appeared a number of people on the top with the government and the state, meaning no-one is going to debattify the government soon. people know that convenientlily they will maintain military, butt war criminals are the people, including saudi arabia tar kehr and others are asking for them to be removed from power they're talk as well in terms of concrete actions, stepping up air strikes and possibly ground troops and so on. talking about air strikes, for example, what effect will further air strikes have? there have been tens of thousands of them already over the last year and a half, and here we are still talking about i.s.i.l. and their attacks it's funny that this is one of the seven questions that british opposition leader corbin
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asked p.m. cameron. he said what exactly are we going to add to french bombing, turkish bombing, or rather russian bombing and american bombing of i.s.i.l. is that really important and so on? certainly it's getting really crowded and as they say in english, too many cooks are spoiling the broth. some people are saying too many crooks are spoiling the cooking. it doesn't look good. now with the turkish russian tension, of course, things might get worse. one last point. if i was putin and we go with the chess, chess board in front of him now. everyone is waiting for his next move. it has been escalating the bombing in syria. that's not helping everyone. what will be after that? skernl with things are blocked and now with turkey and syria things were blocked. putin in terms of his power
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projection, he needs to find a way to muzzle out of the blockage with turkey and the blockage with the european union and the sanctions over the ukraine. it's really going to depend a lot on putin whether he is a good chess player in this new givings over syria or not. that remains to be seen it certainly does. good to get your perspective on this as always. this year's annual thanksgiving celebrations in new york have drawn huge crowds for the holiday coming at a i'm of heightened security of course in the u.s. in the wake of the paris attacks. a record number of police officers were out on patrol. >> reporter: it's a holiday tradition. hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets to watch the balloons. less than two weeks after the paris attacks, security is on
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everyone's mind, even if it doesn't stop them from going out. you're a little more watchful, but in the end it seems so safe. i'm not going to live my life being afraid and they win. >> reporter: the spectators were joined by a heavy police preference. we're utilising new units, critical response demand and the group. we will have additional teams of heavily armed entities that will be around the area of the parade, but i think the police presence of heighten the sense of security >> reporter: earlier in the weeks officers with guns drawn were called about an active shooter in the subway. it was part of a drill to test the city's preparedness for a tack. police firefighters and others took part in coordination with the homeland security and the fbbi. i.s.i.l. has threatened the times square.
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you will see police here too. law enforcement is calling on the public to stay vigilant. there's a new app that anyone can use to report suspicious activity. it allows the user to take a picture of anything or anyone which is immediately sent to the new york state intelligence center for nepalese. it's a great and easy tools. everybody has a phone and put it in the pockets of all new yorkers in trying to help us in keeping them safe. >> reporter: security at train stations and airports is also tight. president obama has attempted to reassure the public saying there was no credible evidence of a specific threat. i want the american people to know that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe >> reporter: whether it's taking in tourist attractions in new york, shopping or just travelling to be with family, many americans heeded his advice to celebrate the kick-off to the holiday season the way they
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always do two men have been arrested in mali in connection with aan at a tack in hotel. suspects were reportedly identified using information found on one of the attackers mobile phones. pope francis has spoken out against tribalism and corruption in kenya. he says these elements in society hamper progress. he was addressing thousands of young people in the stadium in the capital. he says kenyans need to unite in order for the country to develop. >> translation: tribalism can destroy. it means having hands hidden behind your back and stone to throw at others. you won't have a dialogue with each other if you don't listen to each other. you will have a division of dust that a worm that grows in society catherine soi is live for
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us. the pope is meeting with young people today and has also visited the slums. what is the main message to them? >> reporter: i'm not sure if catherine can hear me. >> reporter: i can hear you now i'm not sure if you heard my question. i will just ask you again. the pope meeting with young people today, meeting in the slums. what was his main message? >> reporter: i think i've lost you. i think i lost you. i'm not sure if you can hear me. i think i've lost your question, but if you're asking about the pope and what he said here, at
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the stadium, like you said in the introduction, very strong words coming from the pope. he spoke about very strongly about corruption, which is ram pant here. this is something that people have been waiting to hear his message about it, to talk about governance and also to address the leaders' corruption. like i said it's very rampant. a threat to national security. the pope really said that it is a serious problem, not just in kenya, but in other countries as well, including the vafican. it starts with an individual. if you don't take bribes, then the next person will not engage in corruption as well. he talked very strongly about tribalism, another issue that is affecting the country people here are divided on ethnic lines. he talked about the need to unite and to get together in
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solidarity as one country, as one people. he also talked about the youth and radicalization. he said frustrated youth are youth that is disenfranchised, it is very easy to radicalise, to recruit by armed groups, politician, gangs and things like that. so people here we spoke to after the pope had left say that they really welcomed his message. it's a message that resonates with many of them. they hope that the leaders here will listen not only to that message but also act on it live for us there in the capital on the continuing visit of the pope there. thanks for that. the first african girls summit on ending child marriage is being held in zambia where 42% of girls are married before they turn 18 s every year about 14 million girls around the world were married before the age of
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18. child brides have high levels of hiv and death during childbirth. cultural traditions and poverty play a big role. >> reporter: this is the sound of opportunity for these women. it means they can earn a living. these girls were married as teenagers, one when she was just 15. >> translation: i had no choice because my parents couldn't afford to take us to school. i was just at home doing nothing. i didn't want to get married but there was no money for school. >> reporter: loo primary school is free in zambia, secondary school isn't. widespread poverty means many parents can't afford to pay the school fees, so they marry their daughters off. these girls' obviously anal is a bit different. an organization called plan is teaching them about girl power. it offers an income and a place
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to teach them about their rights. that has caused some issues though. >> translation: there are some problems. the children have learned about their rights and the demands upon anywhere parents are impossible to meet. when the parents are pushed against the wall, message isn't welcome >> reporter: child brides are more likely to be in abusive relationships to contract hiv and die in childbirth. ending the marriage is the first step, but the practicalities are far more complex and go way beyond this community's culture, history and traditions or even the vimage borders. the first african girl summit on ending child marriage is being held in gleam. it wants to influence governments across africa. some attitudes are swinging towards girl power >> translation: it means girls comes together with energy, not the old ladies.
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just us because we have the power to change our lives as girls. >> reporter: she's trying to take control of her life by breaking the cycle of poverty so her daughter can stay in school, creating a new tradition for her young family. tania page plenty more still ahead on al jazeera including. some of the sights and sounds on offer at this year's al jazeera international documentary film festival. gentleman rhyme reporting-- i'm reporting from southern thailand if we find out if there's the possibility for peace.
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live to paris in a moment for those continuing memorials to remember the 130 people killed in the attacks on the french capital two weeks ago. we are expecting to hear from francois hollande shortly. stay with us for that. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to
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you're watching al jazeera. the top stories. in par as a ceremony in memory of the 130 people killed in the attacks there. it is about to begin.
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the french president francois hollande and the world leaders attending that service. francois hollande has met with the russian president in moscow to push for a larger coalition against i.s.i.l. which would include russia and the u.s. putin made no concrete commitments but he agreed to cooperate and share military intelligence on i.s.i.l. pope francis has spoken out against tribalism and corruption in kenya. he says such elements hamper progress. he was addressing thousands of young people at a stadium in the capital. more from jacky row land who is live from us in paris. what can we expect from the ceremony? >> reporter: the families of the victims of those attacks survivors of the attacks and, indeed, french leaders are gathering in the court yard as we speak.
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president frilly is due to-- francois hollande is due to speak for 20 minutes addressing really an eulogy to what has become known here as the bataclan generation. the youngest person to die in the attack was just 17 and the oldest wag 68. the average age was 34. the people have gone out for a bite to eat or a drink. people had gone to a sports fixture at a stadium, or people gone to watch a concert. these were the ordinary french people and people of other nationalities as well who were killed in those attacks. the president is expected to pay tribute to them. also there will be a long moment when a list of names of all 130 people who died will be read out to those assembled in the court yard. so a relatively short ceremony. obviously, very


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