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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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focus in on the events of november 13, friday november 13, two weeks ago when 130 people lost their lives, 350 people were injured, many of them, of course, are still in hospital. )change of captioner) captioner) . >> translator: friday the 13th of november, the day we shall never forget, france was struck in a cowardly way, in an act of war, organized remotely and
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coldly executed, they killed 130 and injured hundreds in the name of a crazy cause and a betrayed god and today the nation, a whole nation cries in memory of its victims, 130 names, 130 lives torn away, betrayed destinies and 130 laughters we shall never hear and 130 voices, the men, the women incarnated
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and they were france and they were struck, they represented freedom and were massacred in this such painful time the nation is united by addressing its name are compassion and affection and the solitude to the families and close family, united here in the same misery, parents who will never see their children again, children who will grow up without their parents, couples torn apart by the loss of their loved ones, brothers and sisters forever separated, 130 dead and so many injured marked the life,
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traumatized within themselves and i simply want to say these words france will be at your side. we will unite our strength to appease our pain and after having buried the dead it will be for us to repair those who are still alive to all of you i promise you solemly because of the crimes we will act to protect its children. i promise you also that france will remain itself. such as the disappeared loved here and as they wanted to remain and if there needed to be one reason to remain standing today, one reason to fight for
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our principals, a reason to defend this republic that is our common good we would find it in their memory, those women, those men who came from more than 50 different comunes from villages and towns came from all over the world, 17 countries are in mourning together with us, these men, these women on this friday the 13th of november were in paris, a city that gives a coat of light that shines at night, they were sitting in the terraces and cafes, open to
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ideas they shared a meal. during this night when autumn never seemed to end, there was singing at the bataclan with an american band in a hole which for two centuries incarnated the spirit of paris, these men, these women were all of ages. but most were less than 35 years of age. they were children at the time of the fall of the berlin wall, had not had time to believe in the end of history. they had been and it had caught up with them on the 11th of september 2001 they understood that the world was facing more perils and attacks and stuff at the beginning of the year had
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traumatized them. a lot of them wished to demonstrate on 11th of january like many millions of french people and refusal to give in to the terrorist threat and they knew that france with its soldiers when called on to protect the weak and not to give in to any form of domination. those men, those women were the youth of france, the youth of a free people that cherishs all cultures and among the victims at the bataclan a lot were musicians by trade. it was this music that was unbearable to the terrorists,
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the harmony which they wish to break, the joy that they wanted to deafen by the sound of their bombs, well, they will not stop it and to respond better we will not apply the concerts the shows the spectacles and we will continue to go to stadiums, and we will participate in major sporting events and we will also be able to commute, express our community, expressing our colors, our beliefs, our faiths because we are one single nation, we are the same values. what do the terrorist want? to divide us? set us against each other?
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i can assure you they will fail. they have the cult of death. but we, we have love, the love of life, those who fell on the 13th of november were france, the whole of france, there were students, journalists, teachers, engineers, lawyers, graphic designers, architects and also woodworkers, photographs and civil servants, salesmen, the tradesmen of france, the skills of the world, they all wanted to succeed for themselves, for their families, for their country. it is recalling their faces and their names and also their hopes and the joy, their dreams destroyed but we will act
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tomorrow. we know the enemy. it's hatred, the hatred that kills in copenhagen and paris and london and madrid and the enemy wishes to submit man to un human problems and unveiled islam. this enemy, we will concur it together with our forces, those are the republic with our arms, those of democracy with our institutions, our laws, in this fight we could count on our armed forces committed in operations that are difficult, in syria and iraq in style. we can rely on our policemen
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together with our legal systems that have behaved add mirrorably to get rid of terrorists, we can count on our parliament to adopt all the measures in the name of the defense of the country. the spirit of fundamental liberty and freedoms and above all we can rely on each french person to express their resolution, humanity, dignity. we shall conduct this fight right to the end and we will win by being loyal to the image of france, what is it, an art of livi living, determined desire to live together, attachment to
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secularism, attachment to the nation, trust in our collective destiny and collective fate. i can assure you here we will not change and we shall but -- be united, united over the most important things and we welcome here of gesture of so many french people who rush to the scene to leave a message, to leave flowers, and if we try to find one word that can qualify the word exists, it is for eternity and what can one say the mobilization of all public services to provide assistance
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to give support to the survivors and to families, their actions, also expresses what we are, a country of solidarity, everything that happened since the 13th of november bears the mark of what our country faces, those who fell on the 13th of november, reincarnated our values and the duty is more than ever to keep these values alive. we shall never give in neither to fear or to hatred and if we have taken by fear we shall have the calm determination to defend freedom and that is to say the
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desire to make france a great country proud of its history, of its lifestyle, its culture, its universal ideal and respect and the fervor which our country inspires in the world that it has injured, a world will never forget, france will never forget the images that came from all over the world in the movement and sacrifice of those who fell in paris as if the whole world were mourning, the patriotism that we see today expresses itself with the flags, proudly displayed, demonstrations and crowds singing, all that has nothing to do with any instinct
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of revenge or reject of other people, this patriotism is a symbol of our union, our determined resistance, faced with what are struggles because paris is intact despite the blood shed the hope and tolerance, the challenge has affected us all, first of all the family, regardless of their condition, their origins, the challenges affected us all but it will make us stronger. i will tell you with confidence that i have in the coming generation, before other generations and the flower of youth have struck.
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i have seen the events. the attack of the 13th of november will remain in the memory of today's youth like a terrible initiation faced with the harshest of the world but also as an invitation to confront it by inventing a new commitment. i know that this generation will wish to keep solid ly, i know that it will have the courage to fully take the hand the future of our nation. the disaster that struck on the 13th of november invests its youth with this nobel task. freedom does not revenge but to be served and i welcome this new
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generation and it has been struck. it is not scared. it is lucid and in the image of the innocent it will know, i'm sure, to show greatness, it will live, it will fullyive in the name of the dead that we cry for today in spite of the tears this generation is today has become the face of france, long live the republic, long live france. >> the french president francois hollande delivering his keynote speech for those in paris. he was saying there the people who were killed and lost their lives two weeks ago were killed in a cowardly way and today the nation cries for those victims, 130 laughters will no longer be
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heard, describing the people he said they were france, that was why they were struck and said parents will never see their children again, some children will never see their parents again, families will forever now be separated. he told the survivors france will forever be at your side and after the burials he said we will do everything possible to destroy the perpetrators. he went on to say our republic is our common good. he didn't list the countries from where the dead had come to paris that night but he did say they came from 17 countries in all. he paid particular note to the bataclan concert hall, the gunman wanted he said to silence that celebration of music. he said they will fail. he said we have a cult of life. he then went on to itemize the
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various professions they come from, civil servants, doctors, architects and he said we will remember their hopes, we know our enemy he said. in a broader message to the people of france and indeed perhaps to the other countries in the coalition that mr. francois hollande spent the past week trying to reenergize says we will count on the armed forces in the region but at the same time will give hope to survivors and seeing patriotism which has never to do with revenge and despite the blood shed two weeks ago our principals will remain intact and finished saying freedom does not mean to be revenged but preserved and it will live. we will stay with these pictures and talk to our correspondent
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jacky rowland who is there for us in the french capitol, jacky i suspect that is the speech that the victim's families and the french wanted to hear. >> yes, it was a very eloquent speech evoking in many ways memories of previous disasters that have struck the youth of france. he described the people who died as the flower of youth, a phrase in itself for many will be calling to the flower of youth which was struck down during the first world war so it's an resonant phrase he used to describe these people, very much celebrating their lives saying that they represented life and love whereas the killers have a
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cult of death and also as well reminding everyone of the french values that were under attack two weeks ago. he spoke about french culture, the french way of life, these french values particularly of free damage -- freedom and said they should reenforce and hold dear bearing in mind they were under at tack so very much an eloquent, dignified france and talking about being under attack two weeks ago and honoring those who died and memory and giving voice to the deep sense of loss to the families of those 130 people. >> jacky thank you very much.
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he lost two of his friends in attacks in paris and ambassador for an organization called one young world and also the fan of a think tank that promotes intercultural dialog and when you were listening to your president how were you thinking and feeling? >> thank you peter for asking me first. of course it's a very sad day for france and we are honoring our friends and what i can say is today is a very special day to me and my family and the french people and other than that to the world because we are not just honoring those who died in paris but honoring everyone who is affected by terrorism and we do everything in its power to fight with dialog. >> and listening to francois
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hollande when he was talking about the professions people had, the locations they were in when they were killed, the countries they had come from and ended up on that night in paris, this surely was an and attack on france and comparing that to the events of charlie hebdo in the year that was a concept and idea of free speech that is what came into the cross hairs in january but now this is somebody has gone after france and the people of france. >> absolutely. they have gone against freedom, they have gone against people having a drink in a war and a concert and civilization and having fun and being free and that is something they don't want us to have and that is why we will keep on going, we will
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keep on having fun, we will keep on drinking and we will keep on going to concerts and listening to some music and they are not going to stop us. >> how did these attacks impact your life? >> in every way. everyday i think about the people we lost as we all lost someone and this will go on for the rest of my days and for the french people we will always remember the 13th of november and the thing now is we have to mourn, of course we have to mourn and honor these people and honor the memories and we have to fight against what are the root causes of the violence, the se sentless dialog and goes to speaking to people and if you don't know the person in front of you you will never make peace with them. >> if we are talking about dialog, when you see
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mr. francois hollande in germany talking to angela merkel or see him in washington talking to barack obama, when you see him in moscow talking to vladimir putin i'm assuming here you understand and support the idea that initially if i.s.i.l. is to be defeated there has got to be a big military component in that but if and when stage one if we can all it stage one if that is completed the dialog how do people like yourself promote a dialog? >> what we do is we organize debates in france every month on a specific theme that is very specific to the french civilization actually and we will extend it to europe, the european way of life and that goes through making them confront the europeans and maybe we have someone who is a national partisan and someone
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from a muslim community and have opinions and views and from that we want propositions and want them to come on a common ground and say we agree on this, maybe we can try and implement this and after that we want to create the first step of them getting to know each other, you know, getting an insight of what their lives look like because it's so different and maybe if we understand each other's lives then maybe we will be more tolerant and maybe less violence. >> if i can for a second insert what you are saying or seem to be saying if i can turn it around if you will is that the people who end up in france from wherever they have come from who want to do bad things to european countries could it be they do that because they don't feel integrated and feel diseffected and don't have jobs and people are not having that dialog, what do you do if you go down this road, what do you do
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if at some point they don't want to hear that message on either side of a perceived divide. >> of course, that is our issue but let's not come to that and let's try and do everything we can so we don't come to that and right now of course there are people who don't want to speak and don't want to come to a debate and this dialog, this necessary dialog with the people in front of them but we are not forcing them to come, if they don't want to come don't but we would be delighted to have them because we can see what they want and we can understand what they want and i hope that we never come to this, you know, date when people are not going to be able to talk to one another. >> we are looking as you and i having our conversation and looking at the pictures coming here and we are told that there
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were a thousand people in the angle there and remembering people who lost their lives and relatives of the victims who chose not to be there because they say the french government and your intelligence services failed them and failed them catastrophically and in the worst way possible and if you can talk to the people who chose not to be there today how would you tell them to engage in a very difficult conversation for them, how would you tell them to engage in this process of talking to people, this idea of dialog? >> of course, what i would like to tell them is you can come to a debate, we can cry, we can actually scream if we need to but we need propositions, what would you do differently? what would you do in order to make, you know, never things happen again, what will you do,
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what would you do and come and tell us that, we need to hear it, we need to hear it and in france everybody has to hear what everybody has to say. >> has france changed forever after the events of november the 13th, indeed has europe changed forever everything from diplomacy to european borders and seen barbed wire fences going up and down the major powerful european countries and there is the thing of the cornerstone of the european dream, your country with germany and the brits as well has been a driving force along the line of the european narrative, has it changed forever and can you accept that change if it is a permanent thing? >> right now france has changed
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forever and we will always bear in mind europe too because of having faith somewhere but now is not the time to give in to excessive patriotism and now is not time to vote for a party that promotes the closings of borders and to stop this dialog we can have. but yes the answer to your question france has changed forever but i do hope that this stage of emergency we are living in will not last forever. that is what is important here. we have to keep on living. we have to keep on having this dream of getting people together from different countries. >> it could not have been easy for you talking about your friends that were so deeply and profoundly effected to what happened two weeks ago and thank you for coming on al jazeera we
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appreciate your time. if you are joining us as this begins to empty there we had the national memorial service with the keynote speech from francois hollande, 1,000 people were in there and had a roll call and see seems like new york when they readout the names of 130 people who lost their lives and 350 people injured, many of them still in hospital and mr. francois hollande fresh from moscow where he met the russian president vladimir putin and that multi agency still ongoing and several key areas they are still looking into, how crucial was the bull gum connection and couldn't someone someplace have tagged or been aware of the profile of the perpetrators of the events of november the 13th, how did they put it together? does europe now not control its own borders? questions over how those people
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got into france and moved around europe and could something like that ever happen again on european soil? you are watching al jazeera with our continuing coverage of the events in france. ♪ welcome, if you are just joining us i'm peter and this is the al jazeera news hour and move on the russian president vladimir putin says his counterpart edward requested a meeting on the 30th and turkey downed a russian plane on tuesday and they will have talks with russian counterpart in moscow and live now to the bureau there rory challenge is on stand by and the kremlin is unchanged and mr. assad's future is decided by the people of syria and nobody. >> yes, i think that is what we
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just heard from the kremlin. the spokesperson for the kremlin had some information to give out to the media about an hour ago. some of it was rehashing and summing up information that we have from the conversations with vladimir putin and francois hollande on moscow on thursday evening, some of it is new and deal with the new stuff and out of it the most important is the kremlin says it has been asked by the turkish for a meeting between vladimir putin and erdogan in paris on monday. now, all of these world leaders going to be meeting in paris for the climate summit and there is a potential for a conversation there between vladimir putin and erdogan. that is going to be taken up by the kremlin, we don't know because they said only the president has been informed of this request, this is all i can
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say so watch this space on that. the other new information we got is that vladimir putin has been having a meeting with his security council, permanent security council to discuss turkey's actions, of course that is the downing of the russian bomber on tuesday and when asked about whether it was true that there was an agreement between turkey and russia that russian planes should avoid flying close to the turkish-syrian border and said he had no information about that. they continue as far as he knows to operate in that area with no restrictions. >> and this rory is not an awkward line for the kremlin to maintain and have been seeing pictures of francois hollande fresh in paris after meeting at the kremlin yesterday and this idea that vladimir putin is on
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board of sharing resources with everyone else and what he believes should come out of the campaign is different than what others want out of the campaign. >> the russian's perspective and from putin is it's open for consideration and open for a grand coalition, the u.s. led coalition that is not ready yet to cooperate with the russians. vladimir putin said that it is up to the syrian people to decide on the fate of assad. russia considers assad to be its primary ally in syria because in the fight against i.s.i.l. the syrian army is the only effective ground force and therefore it has to be treated as an ally, if you are going to be serious about taking on i.s.i.l. then you need a ground force and that ground force
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belongs to the syrian government so we have to work with it, that is the perspective so for the russians saying that assad has to go is nonsensical because if you are serious about tackle terrorism and tackle i.s.i.l. then that would be a self defeating thing to demand. so that is where the russians believe, of course that is not what the united states and that is not what france and it's not what other members of the u.s. led coalition believe but that is why there is so much difficulty about getting a resolution in syria. >> rory many thanks and as we were discussing in turkey tensions remain high with russia of a downing of a jet and last tuesday the turkish president mr. erred wad -- erdogan said it's not because of buying oil
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from them and witnessed them transporting oil in an industrial scale into turkey but mr. erdogan hit back and said it's a terrorist country and says turkey is not supporting it. >> translator: a bliged to prove it and do not make accusations against us and if you do it's slander and the great is assad regime and it's clear that the main supplier is russia. >> reporter: u.s. has sanctions against people and organization and accused of helping the syrian government and the assets have been frozen and americans barred from doing business with them and we report. >> he is a wealthy russian business man and president of the world's chess federation, the u.s. government accused him of helping the president assad manage his money in russia and
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u.s. treasury said it has black listed him freezing his u.s. in the -- freezing his assets in the u.s. and apply to a man who the u.s. treasury says they help buy oil and i.s.i.l. earns revenue and they produce an estimated 90,000 barrels a day netting i.s.i.l. around $900 million last year, the u.s. government says president assad has bought from i.s.i.l. to fuel the military campaign even though i.s.i.l. is the enemy, in a statement the u.s. treasury said the eastern government is responsible for widespread brutality and violence against its people and the united states will continue to target the finances of enabling assad who continue to inflict violence on the syrian people and they tried
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to cutoff the supply of cash by bombing the refineries and on monday they said they destroyed 283 fuel tankers to transport oil in eastern syria, the obama administration hopes the latest sanctions will weaken the syrian regime and make a political and diplomatic solution. the french president has been addressing that memorial service for the victims of the paris attacks and met and pushing for an international confrontation with i.s.i.l. with u.s. and russia and u.s. carried out 2857 air strikes in syria and coalition partners including australia, jordan, turkey and saudi arabia have accounted for 154 strikes. as for russia in just three days this week it carried out 134 strikes on almost 500 targets.
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and we have a senior political analyst, a difficult day for the people of france but what it comes to what francois hollande has achieved and revitalizing this where is it going? >> what we heard yesterday in the press conference between president francois hollande and putin and even if there is good will, if one assumes that and if there is some attempt at coordinating some of their steps moving forward but clearly on anything actionable in syria in terms of having a grand coalition that includes russians and americans, french and turks and iranians that is not at all on the agenda today. clearly francois hollande could not bring the americans and the british and the russians along with the turks especially after the bombing or the downing of the jet on to the same coalition
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and that will create a bit of a problem moving forward and basically u no -- we have two coalitions. >> one or two may be inflated if you like once we get the vote in the house of commons in london because that was going to happen anyway with david cameron in the palace of westminster and realizes it's not free but conscious vote for mps and how much added spirit and umph does that fall into? >> certainly the coalition that is led by the united states in syria and coordinating among the nato members certainly has the capacity, sometimes we wondered over the last few months whether it had the will to act seriously. i think after the paris attacks and after the sinai is a country at-will more to act, let alone
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the russians enter syria there is a certain urgency but it's beyond the capacity and the will peter. what is i'm to look at here is the what is in common between the various members of the coalition, i think the united states, france are really well on board and have a long history, decades of cooperation especially that kind of strategic environment but look at the coalition led by russia and president putin says erdogan is in turkey but allies and iran and iatola and moscow and iran under iatola and then we have hezbollah and doesn't make for a serious coalition. next week president obama will be meeting in france with the indian leader and a chinese
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leader. i don't think those two senior members are of bricks which russia is a member of is behind moscow in syria and putin is really going out on a ledge here in syria and saying acting with a certain bravado because he doesn't have that coalition supporting him. >> maybe on a ledge and is there a third way and is there a certain realization that the frustration is something they will have to put up with it because what is coming out of moscow is not going to change because mr. putin comes to international politics and dependency and nature and cannot guess when he wants it or the timeline as to when he will choose to achieve it. >> the big question for me to use military terms mr. putin needs to show us whether he is a general or a commander and if he acts like a general i think we
5:43 am
will see something different coming out of him but he is ex kgb and tends to act like a commander, are you a chess player peter? >> used to be. >> i think and not to overuse the cliche russia and chess and putin if he is a good player or not is looking at the situation as a chess player and throwing his big pieces on ukraine and blocked with the europeans and americans and sanctioning and that is not positive and throwing his weight with turkey and blocking his bigger pieces there so as a chess player as a true general will show us how to move his pieces because he is not in a good shape looking at the broader board of chess he is playing and does depend on his next moves and think he would be smart not to sever relations with turkey furthermore or with
5:44 am
the united states. >> thank you very much. around 14 million girls are married before the age of 18 every year and puts them at high risk of hiv and complications during child birth the problem is acute in africa according to unicef a third of girls are married before the age of 18 and come from poor, rule communities where the practice of a dory is routine and legal age for marriage in some african countries is 15 and unicef says there are 115 million child brides in africa and holding the first summit on ending the practice of child marriage in zambia where 42% of girls are married before they have their 18th birthday and tonya page reports and says cultural traditions and poverty both play a big part. >> reporter: this is the sound of opportunity for these women,
5:45 am
a mill to grind means they can earn a living and they were married as teenagers and she was just 15. >> translator: i had no choice because my parents couldn't afford to take us to school, i was just at home doing nothing and didn't want to get married but there was no money for school. >> reporter: although primary school is free in zambia secondary is not and widespread poverty means the parents cannot afford the school fees so they marry their daughters off and their village is a bit different, an organization called plan is teaching them about girl power, and offers an income and a place to team them about their rights and that has caused some issues. >> translator: there are some problems, the children have learned about their rights and sometimes demand on their parents impossible to meet and when parents are pushed against the wall the method is not
5:46 am
working. >> child brides are more likely to be in abusive relationships and contract hiv and die during child birth. having communities like this buy into the idea of ending child marriage is the first step to stopping it but practicalities are more complex and go way beyond the history and tradition and the borders, the first african girl summit on ending this is in zambia and influence across africa and some attitudes are swinging towards girl power. >> translator: girls coming together with energy, not the old ladies, just ask because we have the power to change our lives as girls. >> reporter: she is trying to take control of her life by breaking the cycle of poverty so her daughter can stay in school, creating a new tradition for her
5:47 am
young family. >> and tonya joins us from zambia and tell us how do they get the message to the girl whose need to hear it because some of them are potentially in an abusive situation to start with? >> oh, absolutely. in fact, there was an idea put forward at this summit that maybe we should be talking about child abuse and child rape rather than child marriage because often they are married to older men and parents say they offer the girls some sort of security through their economic sort of standing in the community. this has to happen in the villages but all the way through government, all levels of society, we are talking about quite a fundamental shift to talk with me a bit more role the zambia is playing is the role of child development here and what is the zambia government doing
5:48 am
about the marriage here? >> they have taken the bull by the horn and we resolve the government to eliminate it because it's a consortium of 11 ministries and the cabinet has been set up, bringing the cooperative advantage to the table to actually intervene and also with the traditional leader to continue to campaign at the village level to be sure the awareness in the society around child marriage and civil society organizations to help us with intervention where government can not reach as well as traditional leaders and the private sector and done this situation and we have more or less found out the drivers of this particular epidemic of child manage and it's poverty and the system and the value system and it's the social
5:49 am
ramifications and are planned around it. and it's one of the ways of gender balance and therefore we go village by village setting up centers, training the community, we train all levels and counselors and set up a structure where all the information can be granted and conference can be brought for counseling and intervention. >> an issue in african countries is you have law marrying a girl under 18 is illegal and customary law where it's allowed. >> this is true and why child marriage is a phenomenon where the custom and law is usually implemented and for zambia we decided to have one law and we have a marriage in draft right now and doesn't allow for customary marriage and only
5:50 am
allowed for one marriage and the age limit is 18 years and there is no conflict or anything, and if anybody goes against it will be punished by law and we put together penalties and also put together bylaws of what can be done even at the village level in terms of punishment and then one of the excuses people use is they don't know where the child is and also put together a child code bill and to age 18 so this is the same draft and going further and also put together agenda and equality bill so there is no tradeoff for girls so this law has just been adopted this morning. >> minister thank you very much for joining us we really appreciate it and zambia male and female boys and girls are equal under the law.
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>> tonya thanks very much, you are watching the news hour and still to come we will tell you about the argentina team with one of the competitions for the first time.
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♪ welcome back and time for sports news and questions about sabastian. >> the new president of the world athletics iaaf stepped
5:53 am
down for ambassador for nike and follows reports that colobbied for the u.s. city of eugene to host the 2021 world athletics championships and eugene is global headquarters for nike and the 38 year relationship with the giant that earned him over $150,000 a year and at the press conference in monocco said it was not good for athletics or nike. >> i asked the ethics committee to look very closely and clearly at it and although they have not concluded that it was not a conflict of interest because i've always continued to identify that interest as i have everything else i have done i decided that i did not need the destruction of the noises and we are focused entirely and unflinchingly on steading the ship and my teams are working 18 hours a day to do that and i really wanted no more
5:54 am
distractions. >> reporter: moving on to football and argentina and hurricane reached americana first time and won river plate and one of south america's most prestigious tournaments. >> river plate 1-nil lead for the first part of the americana semi final and quickly extended the lead in buenos aires and took his fate. this is all argentina affair is over when he scored his fifth goal of the campaign. and fans young and old, that put him three-nil on aggregate. in the second half river gave themselves a chance.
5:55 am
and scored twice to make it two-two, three-two on aggregate and then they have an altercation with a ball boy and he held on to reach the final for the first time and face santa fe for two legs for the trophy, richard par, al jazeera. the irs if ever day-night test match has begun in australia taking on new zealand and won the toss and decided to bat the balls out for 202 and top stories and 50 australia under the floodlights and 48-4-2. and england had beaten pakistan in dubai in the first 2020 international of their three match series and batting first some of england's lesser known and started with the bat and james scored 41 runs of 47 balls and got a remarkable 53 of just
5:56 am
27 balls as england posted 160-5 in 20 overs and in reply pakistan off to a bad start but hits got them close and pakistan balanced out to 146 falling 14 runs short. dallas cow boys romo will miss the rest of the season with the defeat at home to the carolina panthers to the traditional thanksgiving game and missed seven games this season with the same injury and the record is 11-0. >> you are always chancing it when you come back. i mean the hard part is playing knowing you are trying also not to get hurt which is silly and you can't do that, you just give to play and we knew it was part of it and collar bones happen all the time like that, that is
5:57 am
the tough part about them, i'm disappointed and costing our team a good chance to stay in the game early and on top of it who knows how long after that and it's a very disappointing day. in the next couple hours the davis final between great britain and belgium begins and britt has not won it since 1936 and belgium never won the title. matt jones leads australia tournament at the halfway stage on seven under after second round of 68 three strokes ahead of world number one spieth is third and three under with a 68 on friday. that is it for me peter. thank you very much and talk to you later and more news on the website al jazeera a half hour world news for you top of the hour.
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♪ . >> translator: we know who the enemy is, it's hatred. >> the french president promises to destroy i.s.i.l. at a ceremony to honor the victims of the attacks in paris. ♪ hello i'm peter and this is al jazeera live from doha and also ahead in the next 30 minutes the syrian and russia foreign ministers meeting in moscow on efforts to end the war. day three of his african tour and pope francis tells young keny


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