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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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♪ . >> translator: we know who the enemy is, it's hatred. >> the french president promises to destroy i.s.i.l. at a ceremony to honor the victims of the attacks in paris. ♪ hello i'm peter and this is al jazeera live from doha and also ahead in the next 30 minutes the syrian and russia foreign ministers meeting in moscow on efforts to end the war. day three of his african tour and pope francis tells young kenya people to resist
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corruption hurting their country and unlikely tourist destination and border with china are cashing in on a boom of visitors. ♪ welcome to the program, france has been holding a ceremony to remember the 130 people killed in paris attacks two weeks ago, families of the victims and some survivors gathered at the history building where the french president francois hollande says they are united. >> translator: france was struck in a cowardly way, in an act of war organized remotely and coldly executed. i simply want to say these words france will be at your side, we will unite our strength to apiece our pain and after having buried the dead it will be up to us to heal those still alive and
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promise that france will do everything possible to destroy the army of fanatics who committed the crimes and we know who the enemy is hatred that kills in copenhagen and madrid. >> let get more from correspondent jacky rowland who witnessed the events in paris and understandably somber speech and somber ceremony but the investigation, the inquiries is still a multi national operation. >> reporter: it is, yes, the task over president francois hollande today was very much to reflect and articulate the national mood. first of all paying tribute to those who died, expressing solidarity to the families and to the survivors, also going on to reaffirm french values that insisted were not in any way diminished and not in any way eclipsed by the events of
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november the 13th and finally launching this very clear message of france's determination to defeat the forces behind the attacks and yes the very vital part of that will be the continued investigation, the sharing of intelligence with other countries in particular pursuing leads here in europe. we have seen already the importance of the belgium connection early in the investigation and organizer and planner of the attacks of a bell gun national abdelhamid abaaoud and a lot of involvement of belgium police with search and raids and intelligence coming from germany in particular the fact that a week before the attacks that german police arrested a national who had a paris address programmed in his gps and a careful of weapons and
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search at the national and international level to catch, track down any other people who were involved in helping to support and provide help to attackers and of course anyone who could potentially be involved in attempting to organize similar attacks. >> do you get the feeling today jacky that is dignified expression of grief and will help the people who are directly effected by the november 13th attacks to process what happened and to move on? >> grieving is a very difficult and a very personal experience. there are not any rules really of how long it will take for individual people, individual families particularly in a case when a loved one has died in such a violent way and the difficulty really facing the president on this occasion is at
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the same time summing up a national sense of mourning and yet at the same time acknowledging that there were 130 families there or the families of 130 victims there who were going through their own very personal grieving and of course they have all been holding their own individual funerals. so, yes, it does help to an extent to know that one is being remembered, recognized, supported and honored on a national level and yet as france moves on and the world moves on and focus away from the attacks the individual families are left day in, day out coping with the reality that that loved one will no longer be coming through the front door at the end of the day and as francois hollande said no longer hear the laughter and children will no longer see
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parents, that personal loss and personal grief obviously goes on for many, many years. >> jacky thank you very much. and he lost two of his friends in attacks in paris and part of a think tank with intercultural dialog and says the causes of terrorism must be understood if it's to be combatted effectively. >> everyday i think about the people we lost as we all lost someone and this will go on for the rest of my days and for the french people we will always remember the 13th of november and the thing now is we have to mourn, of course we have to mourn but we have to honor those people and to honor those memories we have to fight against what are the root causes of the violence, senseless dialog and goes through dialog and speaking to people because if you don't know the person who is in front of you then you will never make peace with them so
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what we do is we organize debates in france every month on a specific theme that is very specific to the french civilization actually but we will extend it to europe, european way of life i think and that goes through making them come from the unions and maybe we have a national front partisan and a member of the muslim community and come from the opinions and views and we want the opposition and come on common ground and say oh, we agree on this, maybe we can try and implement this and after that what we want is to create the first step of them getting to know each other, getting to, you know, have an insight of what their lives look like because it's so different and maybe if we understand each other's lives maybe we will be more tolerant and maybe there
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will be less violence. >> the syrian foreign minister is in moscow today to hold talks with counterparts sergei fedorov and to rory challenge to the bureau in moscow and what do the syrians want to hear from the russians, rory in. >> well, he has been here for the last few days or so and has been talking to parliament and other political figures in russia and today he has the business end of his trip, a meeting with the russian minister sergei fedorov, what the two are going to be talking about is the what they call the antiterrorist campaign in syria and also how to try to progress the political settlement, the political settlement for syria that was agreed in vienna a week or two ago. on the issue the first part working out how to progress for
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the settlements for syria is get the government and the opposition talking with each other. now that part of this process, this condition for it need to be established by the end of the year. damascus says that it has done as much as it can on that so far and has a list of representatives that it will put forward for these discussions with the opposition, it's now up to the opposition they say to come up with a list of representatives and a political platform which considering how desperate the opposition is in syria is going to be no easy task for them. the other thing i have been talking about of course is the incident with the downed russian jet and turkey's actions, now that relates to what these two are going to be discussing in terms of drawing up a list of what they call terrorist groups inside syria and there is of course the possibility that one or more of the groups that are
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going to end up on this list are groups that turkey funds and supports in northern syria. >> one assumes however rory as far as mr. assad is concerned he would not be particularly happy if he had to or if he was pushed down the road of setting up some sort of dialog or a platform on which he could or he would have to be seen to be talking to the political arms if they exist of the various rebel groups operateing on the ground inside syria. >> reporter: well, it is pretty clear that he doesn't have too much choice about that because syria is now such an international game with so many different competing powers, trying to achieve their geo political aims inside that country and actually not much any more is in the control of president assad's hands so if
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russia decides that it wants there to be a political solution for syria which involves talking to the opposition and also going down the line of a new constitution and a new election which by the way is exactly what was decided in vienna then i don't think mr. assad really has that much he can do and try and stop that. of course there is a way in which the whole process could be sabotaged along the way because there are many points at which this whole process can fall apart but at some point there is going to have to be a resolution and at some point there is going to have to be a political settlement and it's a question how long it takes and how much blood is spilled getting to that point. >> thank you, the united states has sanctions against more people and organizations it accuses of helping the government in syria and assets in the u.s. have been frozen and
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americans are barred from doing business with them, and rainy reports. >> reporter: a wealthy russian business man and president of the world's chess federation and u.s. government accuses him of helping bashar al-assad of using his money and they have froze his assets in the u.s. and banning u.s. citizens doing business with him, new sanctions on wednesday also apply to a syrian business man who u.s. treasury says helped buy oil from i.s.i.l. and it's at the core how i.s.i.l. earns revenue and seized in syria and iraq produce estimated 90,000 barrels a day and netting $100 million last year and the u.s. government says president assad bought from i.s.i.l. to fuel the military campaign even though i.s.i.l. is an enemy, in a
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statement the u.s. treasury said the syrian government is responsible for widespread brutality and violence against its own people, the united states will continue targeting the finances of all those enabling assad to continue inflicting violence on the syrian people. the u.s. has attempted before to cutoff i.s.i.l. supply of cash by bombing refineries i.s.i.l. controls. on monday the united states announced it had destroyed 283 fuel tankers being used to transport oil in eastern syria. the obama administration hopes the sanctions will weaken the regime and make a political and diplomatic solution in syria more likely, al jazeera. at least 27 people were killed in two separate attacks in iraq, 11 of them were civilians and killed during a military air raid on an international neighborhood fallujah and 16 died in a suicide bombing in ramadi in the
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province of anbar, injured in a car ramming attack in the occupied west bank and he was shot at and managed to flee the scene and palestinian shot dead after allegedly trying to run over two israeli pedestrians and happened near the west bank settlement just north of jerusalem and two israelis were slightly wounded and 101 palestinians and 21 israelis were killed since the wave of violence began last month. pope francis spoke out about corruption in kenya which he says are hurting progress and the head of the roman catholic church were addressing for the country to develop. >> translator: it can destroy and mean having a hand hidden behind your back and having a stone to throw and no dialog if you do not listen to each other
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and we will have like dust or a worm that grows in society. >> still to come on this half hour on al jazeera some african governments look at ways to end child marriage and we report from one country when half the girls marry under age. and we will take you inside a documentary film festival in qatar where over 100 movies are being screened. ♪
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♪ welcome back and you are with al jazeera, i'm peter and reminder of the headlines today and france holding a memorial
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ceremony for 130 killed in paris attacks and francois hollande promised to destroy the army of fanatics and brought together the families of victims as well as survivors and prime minister holding talks with counterpart in moscow on agenda i.s.i.l. and political process after the recents talks in vienna. pope francis has spoken out against corruption and what he calls tribalism in kenya and both hampering progress he told thousands of young people there who came to hear him speak in the capitol nairobi. four children died after their boat sunk in turkey and asylum who set off and the turkish coast guard rescued 51 others on the vessel and germany asylum seekers after the balkins after rejecting the applications and
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germany will send back refugees whose travel dock ps have been destroyed and they were declared safe last september and means the citizens don't qualify for asylum and antiracism reported spike on at tappings on -- attacks in eastern days and in poland a right wing government wants to make it harder for refugees to get in and here is lawrence lee. >> having your restaurant may be a dream come true for people but for the owner of this place it's a constant remindser what he has lost and played for a football team and dreams turning out for his native in nigeria but career interrupted after a racist attack left him with a broken arm and abuse from fans gave it up as well and gave it up to raise a restaurant and his family and now his son is
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getting the abuse as well. >> i came to pick up my son from school and one of his friends say alex monkeys care for you and my son was so embarrassed, he was seven years old and i was looking at the teacher to do something, she didn't say anythi anything. >> reporter: this is nothing new but it's getting worse and they shoulded about france here which is hardly sympathetic and last week they chanted rape, beaten murdered by the islamic cord and don't let it happen to you, poland must stay catholic and works with refugees trying to come to poland and if not bad enough attacks in paris have given the right what it needs to feel morally justified. >> people with refugees feel so
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broken and feel they are invalidated by what happened and all their conservations and points they try to make and muslims are peaceful people were crushed by a physical incident proving them wrong. >> reporter: it's not only poland islam phobia rocketed around europe with the charlie hebdo shootings and other countries reporting similar things and what worries countries like poland right wing governments athey might better risk are given an open goal to violent racist. >> it cannot be used against any relation because one can say terrorist who are devastating other countries. >> they have security nowadays to step people putting pigs head through the windows and just the same way as anti-semitism is
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growing too and police didn't stop this crowd of burning this regarding a jew and how ironic it's the sort of thing that i.s.i.l. wants to see in europe. lawrence lee al jazeera. a group linked to i.s.i.l. claimed responsible on a shia muslim mosque in the northern district and police say gunmen opened fire on worshippers and one was killed and three others injured, the second time the bangladesh and shia community has been targeted and last month a teen was killed in the capital daka and hundreds have take own the streets in protest of a border blockade and led to fuel short analyzes and pushed up prices and for weeks the minority opposing the new constitution have blocked roads along the border with india and closed cultural and ethnic ties for people on the side and katmandu accuses them of enforcing the blockade.
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holding talks next month aimed at relations and have been strained since august when two south korean soldiers were wounded by a land mine near the demille shaktar -- de-military zone and this is in china and popular with tourist and as we report from the river enterprising north korean traders are doing good business. >> reporter: the unofficial way through north korea's backdoor with any of the tour groups taking a trip along the river which separates china and north korea, this one goes right into north korean territory. a couple of minutes from the river we are in north korea
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river with north korea on either side and with tourists a chance to peer in the lives of their reclusive neighbors and daily life continues but we have not escaped the attention of traderers who make a living from the relatively rich visitors selling from their small boats and didn't want to be filmed, this section of the river has become a floating market and all under the gaze of border guards who don't seem to care. the north koreans don't have much to sell but our boat load of tur risks seem to want what they do have from food to cigarettes we are soon stocked up. and then announced for sale north korean bank notes the perfect souvenir on a trip across the border that a little free enterprise seems to be less i'm pregnantable, river between
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north korea. ending the practice of child marriage and meeting in zambia where 42% of girls are married before they turn 18 as tonya page reports the cultural tradition and poverty both play a part. >> reporter: this is the sound of opportunity for these women and it means they can earn a living and they were married as teenagers, she was just 15. >> translator: i had no choice because my parents couldn't afford to take us to school, i was just at home doing nothing. i didn't want to get married but there was no money for school. although primary school is free in zambia second is not and ofty means parents cannot afford to pay school fees so they marry their daughters off and their
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village is a bit different, an organization called plan is teaching them about girl power and it offers an income and a place to teach them about their rights although that caused some issues. >> translator: there are some problems, the children have learned about their rights and sometimes they demand on the parents are impossible to meet and when parents are pushed against the wall the method is not working. >> reporter: child brides are more likely to be in abusive relationships and contract hiv and die during child birth and having communities buy into the idea of ending child marriage is the first to stopping it but practicalities are far more complex and go way beyond the culture, history and tradition or even the village borders. the first african girl summit on ending child marriage is being held in zambia and wants to influence governments across africa and some are swinging
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towards girl power. >> translator: it means girls coming together with energy, not the old ladies, just ask because we have the power to change our lives as girls. >> reporter: she is trying to take control of her life by breaking the cycle of poverty so her daughter can stay in school creating a new tradition for her young family. ton yo page, al jazeera, zambia. documentary film makers from around the world have gathered right in doha and a chance to see films dealing with topics ranging from the 2003 invasion of iraq to an old female football team in nepal and carolyn malone went along to find out why. >> the president and secretary-general giving facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence. >> reporter: in depth interview
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and mass destruction was used with the invasion of iraq and allies in 2003. >> they have weapons of mass destruction and active programs. >> reporter: one big problem his evidence was false but he says he helped remove former leader saddam hussein. 12 years on and iraq is still ravaged by war and infiltrated by some of the worst violent groups such as i.s.i.l. and provides insight how the world got to this point. one more uplifting film headlining at a festival means golden girls about a female football team made up of players made up of villages high in the himalayas and they came from a part of nepal where life expectancy is only 39 years.
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>> good match for the other people especially for the european peoples and this is just to be a professional and earn the money and millions of dollars and we used to pay the football but this is a different football and a true football. >> reporter: these are just some of the 147 films being shown here at the 11th annual international documentary film festival in qatar and not just from established film makers this year's film is horizons to teach up and coming film makers to broaden their horizon and talents and the lucky few will win awards providing a boost for established and up coming film makers in a competitive
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international industry, carolyn malone al jazeera. keep up to date with our stories via the web sielt site on al and facebook and twitter as well, if you want to tet me i'll tweet you and i'm at ajdobbs. ♪ weet me i'll tweet you and i' at ajdobbs. ♪ i'm ali velshi. on target tonight. homeless on the home front. let's get those who fought so bravely for america off the street and into stable housing for good. 49,933. that is the government's most recent estimate of how many american veterans are homeless on any given night in this country.


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