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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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thanks for watching. >> hello, welcome to the news hour from doha. >> we know who the enemy is. it's i had red. >> promising to destroy isil at a service for the victims of the paris attacks. >> the united nations children's fund said the number of young people dying from aids has tripled in the last 15 years.
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>> i didn't want to get married, but there was no money for school. >> african governments look at ways to end child marriage. we report from one country where nearly half the girls marry underage. >> france has been holding a as her money to remember the 130 people killed in the paris attacks two weeks ago. families of victims and survivors gathered at the complex. they stood to attention for a military band playing. then a minute of silence was held followed by the names and aimings of all the victims being read out. president francois hollande gave the key note speech, promising to destroy what he called the army of fanatics behind the attacks. >> france was struck in a
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cowardly way. i simply want to say these words, france will be at your side, we will unit our strength to ease our pain and after having buried the dead, it will be up to us to heal those still alive. i promise you france will do everything possible to destroy the army of fanatics that committed these crimes. we know the enemy, it's hatred, the hatred that kills in bamako and madrid. >> we have more from paris. >> it was apex extremely solemn occasion at which president hollande very much assumed the mantel of national leader articulating the mourning and commemoration of the whole of france. he started very much by paying
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tribute to the 130 individuals who lost their lives and hundreds of others wounded. he said these were people who loved life, where as the attackers were those who followed a cult of death. the president also reaffirmed french values, in particular the value of freedom, which was under attack on that november 13. he said that french culture, the french lifestyle, french universal values would prevail. he also made a very firm undertaking to fight and ultimately defeat isil, the movement which said that it was behind these attacks. just one footnote, there were at least two families who stayed away from the ceremony on friday. they said that the authorities haven't learned the lessons from the attacks earlier this year against the newspaper charlie hebdo and said the government hadn't made good on its promise
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to improve security, improve intelligence and make the french public feel safe. that's their personal view, but the large majority of families were represented at the ceremony here. >> our next guest lost two friends at the french attacks. he said the causes of terrific must be understood if it's to be combated effectively. >> every day i think about the people we lost, as we all lost someone. this will go on that for the rest of my days and for the french people, we will always remember the 13th of november and the thing now is we have to mourn. of course we have to mourn, but we have to honor those people and to honor the memories, we have to fight against what are the root cause of this violence, of the senseless violence, and
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that goes to a dialogue. that goes to speaking to people, because if you don't know the person who is in front of you, then you will never make peace with him, so what we do is we otherwise debates in france every month on a specific theme that is very specific to the french actually but we will extend it to the european way of life, i think, and that goes through making them confront their opinions. maybe we have someone who is a front national front partisan and we have a member of a muslim community and they counter opinions and the views and from that, we wouldn't propositions. we want them to come on a common ground and say oh, we agree on this, maybe we can try and implement this. after that, what we want is to create the first step of them getting to know each other, getting to, you know, have an
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insight of what their lives look like, because it's so different, so different. maybe if we understand each other's life, then maybe we will be more tolerant and maybe there will be less violence. >> the syrian foreign minister is in moscow for talks with his russian counterpart, sergey lavrov. take a look at these live pictures. that is sergey lavrov right there. he is speaking from the russian foreign minister, as we are saying, he will be speaking with the syrian foreign minister. we're just waiting for our translation. we'll have it very shortly hopefully and we'll be crossing to that press conference and listening in to what both gentlemen have to say. we expect them to speak about isil and political process after the recent vienna talks there. let's cross over to rory challands, joining us from moscow. as we wait to bring that press
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condition presence in english to our viewers, rory, just tell us what these men are expecting, hoping to achieve. >> we expect kite tense confrontations with turkey because of the downs of the russian jet on tuesday. the syrians are annoyed with turkey, as well. >> let's just listen in for a moment. >> without any military standard, double standard. we have to abandon double standards and act and abandon
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support for terrorist organizations. >> and we have to join forces to contain this taker. it is the responsibility this we shared and undertaken by the regional powers and neighboring countries. >> they say devoted to united nation security but at the same time say --
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>> objections of turkish government that led to the downing of russian war plane and yesterday's president putin conference, it was assessment was expressed. >> we are continuing raising
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more and more questions about the level of turkey real interest in fighting terrorism in syria and resolving situation in syria. >> as president putin many times mentioned, the terrorist challenges requires entire community, international community consideration of effort and has to be done under the -- within the international law.
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>> as vladimir putin stated yesterday, the conference with the french president was fully prepared to consider those issues and interests of countries which are interested in fighting terrorists and ready work within the framework which make them comfortable. and including those partners that involved in the u.s. led coalition that was set up last year but have not achieved a visible success.
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coordinating the efforts, apart from that we look at the tasks that relate to certain political pros in syria.
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>> we emphasize that -- those agreements that we reached during the vienna process within the framework -- within the framework of international syria support group which means any frame works, any processes have to be known only to syrian people and only syrian people will be deciding the future of syria.
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>> in that requires representative includes and -- between the government and the broad spectrum of -- position that is should lead them to a joint agreement.
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>> those who -- in the syrian support group have to create environment for such a dialogue. >> and the main task is implementation of -- speedy implementation of those decisions that remained uneven in a meeting--remained at the vienna meeting on the 14 of november.
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according to those decisions, we have to decide who is who. first agreement repeats to the task of terrorist organizations that will be excluded from any political negotiations, and who will not be included in the ceasefire. >> and when such a list will be set up and agreed upon, and when we will need security council decision, then there will be -- will be better -- we'll have better understanding who are not
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terrorists, but healthy syrian positions who is ready to have negotiations on the platform decided by international community. with rewards to unity sovereignty and integrity of syria.
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>> it is absolutely clear, i talked about it not just with my syrian colleague, but with john kerry, with iranian foreign minister, france and other countries, absolutely clear that without such consolidated list of terrorist organizations and list of opposition organization list of organization, opposition organizations that are ready for negotiation, this process has no way of continuing.
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>> beside direct support of syria fighting terrorism and certain political help political office, russia also supplies humanitarian cargoes, including grain. >> we in general talk about our bilateral relationship.
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in more detail, representatives of commerce chamber negotiation talked about in more details. >> we'll continue to do everything to help get closer to that stage when syria will be able to defeat terrorism and start to reestablish its autonomy and we hope the international community will provide the necessary help and support.
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i'd like to express gratitude to our sir you know friends for the care that they take rewarding our citizens and our institutioning there so they can function properly in syria. >> if you're just joining us, what you are looking at are two foreign ministers, that is the syrian foreign minister as well as his russian counterpart,
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sergey lavrov and they are holding a press conference in moscow at the russian foreign ministry. they've been obviously discussing the on going syrian conflict. so far, sergey lavrov has been the won that has been speaking. we'll bring in rory challands from moscow. he has been listening to this press conference along with myself. rory, just a quick sum up of what we've heard so far. >> as expected, we heard a condemnation of turkey's recent actions. there was some pledge made yesterday between francois hollande and vladimir putin to nationally unify to fight terrorism, and then he moved on to the specific things of what these two men were talking about in this meeting. they were talking about the ways
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of pushing forward the political peace process that was started in vienna a couple of weeks ago. now, there were two things that, ok, we're going to listen back now. >> i apologize, we will be speaking to you throughout the hour. let me cross back to the live scene from moscow for a moment. >> a special thanks to mr. lavrov for his genuine efforts throughout the vienna meetings. this is a true representation of the unprecedented strategic partnership between russia and syria at all fronts. i totally agree with what
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mr. lavrov just said and i offer condolences to the families of the two russian pilots who's jets were do you understand while they were pulling filling their duty combating terrorism. that's all, thank you very much.
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>> turkey will consider act of aggress if turkish airplanes are shot over syria. some countries talk about resignation of turkish president. i'd like to say my questions in arabic.
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>> i start by commenting on the act of aggression by turkey do you think the russian jet fighter. it is an act of aggression against the syrian sovereignty simply for the reason that the jet fighter was shot down within the syrian territory, within their skies of syria and i dare turkey to provide any evidence to the contrary. we have been over the past five
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years suffering from acts of aggression by turkey against syria and their continued support for terrorist organizations who are affiliated to al-qaeda. including al-nusra front. he is collaborating with them against syria for religious or sectarian beliefs. he believes that they are an extension of the sectarian they mentioned on the base of which
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the otoman empire was built in the past. turkey is importing the arian and iraqi oil that is being stolen by isil into their country and into other regional areas. turkey is taking advantage by enforcing that stolen by isil and importing them into their lands. above all dismantled the factories in aleppo and transported their equipment and
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machinery into turkey. by this and in return, turkey is providing arms to these terrorist organizations and also providing them safe passage through the turkish home soil into syria. they have not come down from the skies. turkey is providing them with arms, assistance, logistics, and above all, safe passage into syria. >> turkey has gone beyond the line by its act ofgression
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against the russian jet fighter simply for the reasons that this jet fighter was discharging its mission, fighting terrorism and terrorists who are affiliated to turkey. and the russian air jet fighter over the past five days have succeeded in destroying many oil repertoires and tankers carrying syrian oil into turkey and in the long run, the rug air defenses along with and in cooperation with the syrian counterpart succeeded in putting an end to president erdogan's greed and enterprise.
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that's why he carried out this act of aggression candidly against the syrians. >> with rewards to questions addressed to me about the resignation have assad, we collectively very, very a long time were saying and president said the same yesterday again, that only syrian people allowed
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to decide who will govern syria. >> there should be no external committees that will be deciding who can and who can't. it's just simply impossible. this is our western partners and other partners who promote democracy more often move away
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from democratic principles when it comes to democracy in other countries. >> they wanted to erase kosovo from serbia without expression of will by people. now they want montenegro as nato
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member. there are many examples like that. including cases when elections have sort of been conducted but the candidates have interviews with their foreign sponsors. >> so that right there is the russian foreign minister, sergey lavrov and sitting beside him is the syrian foreign minister and they've held talks in moscow and what they're doing now is giving a press conference and they've been talking about how to push forward the political peace process when it comes to the war in syria that was started in
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vienna last month, sergey lavrov has been laying out main tasks that need to be done, one of them, according to him is to agree on a list on who is a "terrorist organization" and who should be involved in negotiations. rory challands joining us from moscow. to just comment, as well, rory on what are the main points that you've heard and the main message that we can take away from this press conference being held by the foreign ministers? >> what lavrov really was talking about or setting out was a general platform and then some more specifics. you touch on one of the specifics there involved in the vienna process and the vienna process was agreed a couple of weeks ago, there was a press conference afterwards between lavrov and john kerry. they spoke together saying there were various things that needed
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to happen over the coming months in syria to work towards some sort of durable lasting peace. primarily, these were new elections, a new constitution and intrasyrian dialogue and only the syrians, they both said, could finally decide their own future. the first point, the first thing that needs to happen in this process is the dialogue between the government and the opposition. now, they have until the end of the year to make the conditions, make the environment right for that to happen. basically, what that involves is first of all, this list of terrorist organizations. they put it like that. only once that has been established sake the russians can this dialogue happen. then there has to be an establishing of who is going to be talking exactly to whom. damascus says it has its list
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already. it knows who its representatives are going to be. the onus now is on the opposition both to come up with a political platform and decide who the representatives to discuss things with the government are going to be and that is going to be a very difficult task for the opposition to do, considering how fractured and divided it is. >> rory, one of the other things that the two men right there did address is the downing of the russian jet by turkey just a couple of days ago. it's interesting, because just before this conference started, the turkish president erdogan has been making comments warning rush not to play with fire, and i'm quoting him, play with fire in the dispute over the downing of the russian war plane this week. >> yeah, that's some tough talk on both sides at the moment.
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clearly this is a hugely dangerous political situation for both countries and of course also for nato, because turkey is a nato country. we are in a position at the moment where president erdogan does seem to be trying to reach out to vladimir putin. we understand through the turkish government that erdogan made a call to the kremlin in the hours after this plane was down on tuesday. that call wasn't taken by vladimir putin. the kremlin confirmed that pretty much earlier on today by saying that putin was aware that there had been attempts to call him and left it at that. there has also been a reaching out from erdogan to try to persuade vladimir putin to talk with erdogan in paris on monday at the climate talks that are going to be taking place there next week. we understand again that vladimir putin is aware that this suggestion has been made by
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erdogan, but whether it will happen or not is well, we don't know, because the kremlin has only put it interns like that. >> ok, rory. we'll leave it there for now. thank you very much for the time being. >> sergey lavrov was saying that one of the main tasks is to agree on a list on who is a terrorist organization as he calls it and who is to be included in negotiations, this of course referring to the political process when it comes to syria. how was the list statement be received by the rest of the international community involved in the vienna talks? >> well, actually it's a task that had already been assigned to jordan to give its own preliminary list of who is and who is not a terrorist organization in syria. already as we've heard from john kerry and lavrov back then,
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al-nusra and isil are of course excluded. as for the rest, it will be decided between jordan and the meeting of the opposition parties in saudi arabia, so there's actually nothing new in what he said about the syrian opposition. what of course is not new but disingenuous is for him to say that syrians decide who leads them, considering that the syrian leader is responsible for 80% of the deaths or more of some 300,000 syrians. >> you say that it's nothing knew when you talk about this list that he's talking about when it comes to deciding about the organization. all major parties agree it is isil who needs to be fought. it is very difficult to agree on how to fight isil. >> tackling isil is the biggest issue today. it's clear that while people talk the talk about the need for
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a global coalition against isil, certainly after the downing of a jet, it's really clear that there is no one international opposition. >> clearly, there is no con sense and no agreement and no strategy. there is no vision. >> right, but sergey lavrov in this press conference is calling for collaboration with the u.s. led coalition and he's just said, he believes that they have not achieved much success, so calling for collaboration of the international effort, saying that russia is ready to work with them all. >> exactly. that's what the united states says. that's what i mean by we all talk the talk, but when it comes to seriously coordinating the war against isil and for political pros, the title doesn't look like the content of their strategy. for example, for the united states and the western coalition, as well as for turkey
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and saudi arabia and others, bashar al assad needs to leave the scene. for russia and for iran holding on to bashar al assad is serious. for the others, they think bashar al assad is the engine of the probe in syria, not isil that isil is a symptom of a problem started by bashar al assad. russia thinks this is about isil and bashar al assad actually has a future in syria. >> ok. thank you very much for that. >> now we'll move on to other news. six israeli soldiers have been injured after hit by a car near hebron in the occupied west bank. the palestinian suspect has been shot dead. earlier, another palestinian was shot dead after allegedly trying to run over two israeli pedestrians. the two israelis were slightly wounded. 102 poles and 21 israelis have been killed since the latest wave of violence began last month. we are crossing over to
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stephanie decker joining us from the occupied west bank. tell us what you are seeing and what you are hearing. >> it's really business as usual palestinians will throw stones, and the israeli army will respond. it's wipedding down here. we've had this wave of tension, of conflict as you mentioned, the tree i wants going on since october 1. it is a tense situation on the ground, but people have really
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lost hope. this is a message, but the youth also will tell you that they don't really see a way out at the moment. u.s. secretary of state john kerry spoke with both the israeli prime minister and palestinian president and went away empty handled and according to sources, saying that he wasn't given anything, no concessions by the israeli prime minister, abbas and had nothing to tell him. we're at a stalemate and the world's palestinians will tell you have become used to this narrative. as you mentioned, many killed since october 1. it is a significant number. it shows you just how tense things are here, but any real solution to resolving this still very, very far off and as people here will tell you, the world's eyes are elsewhere. >> that's exactly what i wanted to ask you about. the palestinian president just earlier this woke said the wave
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of attacks on israelis is an inevitable reaction. he's called on the international community to provide protection to the palestinians. a lot of people say that the palestinian authority is somewhat silent on the recent events going on in the occupied territory. what do palestinians think of that? >> well, there's silence and others will tell you they don't have the power to change anything on the ground. there's a lot of anger here. at the international community, people will tell you john kerry was very active in the last round of framework talks that we had here. there was one week where he shuttled in and out and flew out three times. he was very committed. he said you can't lead a horse to water, but the message is that they don't think the united states, which really is the one country that perhaps has leverage over israel isn't putting enough pressure to address issues that the palestinians have, the expansion of settlements, et cetera, so
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really a difficult situation on the ground, people here losing real hope that they think anything will be done to help end the occupation. >> all right, thank you. >> israel will for the first time ever have an official and visible presence in the capital of the united arab emirates. israeli's foreign minister will soon open an office a a renewable energy agency in be au dhabi. >> five polish crew members have been abducted on a vessel attacked last night on the river niger. armed men intercepted the boat which was carrying 16 sailors. the nigerian navy is trying to rescue those taken. >> pope francis is heading to uganda for the secondly of his
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african tour. he spoke out against bribism in kenya which he said is hurting progress. he was addressing thousands in nairobi. he said kenyans need to unite in order for the country to develop. >> tribe. on: can dry. it can mean having a hand hidden behind your back and having a stone to throw at others. you won't have a dialogue if you don't listen to each other. it is like a worm that gross in society. >> the pope has said that today was the highlight of his trip meeting young people and the poor and got to hear their problems and aspirations.
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he spoke strongly against corruption, which islam pant in the country. he said the corruption in many other places, including the vatican but told people here that ending it starts with individuals. he spoke passionately about the need to empower the youth. frustration, he said makes it easier for young people to be radicalized like armed groups. he was very passionate about the need to empower people. he spoke out against tribalism, another serious problem here. kenyans divided along tribal lines and his message has been unity and conciliation. people hope leaders here have not only heard but will act on some of the things he said. >> child marriage is particularly significant in africa where a third of girls were married before the age of
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18. many come from poor rural communities with a practice of paying a dowry is considered routine. the minimum legal age for marriage in some countries is 15. unicef said there were 125 million child brides in africa. >> the african union is holding its first summit on ending child marriages. the meeting is in zambia. that's where 42% of girls are married before they turn 18. we have a report. cultural divisions and poverty both play a role. >> this is the so i understand of opportunity for these women. they were married as teenagers, she was just 15. >> i had no choice, because my parents couldn't afford to take us at school, i was just at home doing nothing. i didn't want to get married,
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but there was no money for school. >> although primary school is free, secondary isn't. widespread poverty mean many parents can't afford the school fees, so they marry their daughters off. this village is different. an organization called plan is teaching them about girl power. it teaches them about their rights, although that's caused some issues. >> there are some problems. the children have learned about their rights and sometimes they dough hand upon their parents are impossible to meet. when the parents are pushed against the wall, the message isn't working. >> child brides are more likely to be in abusive relationships, contract h.i.v. and to die during childbirth. >> having communities like this buy into the idea of ending child marriage is the first step to stopping it, but the practicalities are far more
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complex. the first african girl summit on ending child marriage is held in zambia. it wants to influence governments. some tuesday are swinging towards girl power. >> it means girls coming together with energy, because we have the power to change our lives as girls. >> she's trying to take control of her life by breaking the cycle of poverty to her daughter can stay in school, creating a new tradition or her young family. >> we'll find more about the story and cross over to tanya page joining us from the capital. >> lots of ideas flying here, lots of healthy debate, as well. one of the stand out comments i think coming from the a.u.
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ambassador who said we should be talking about child abuse. she said we need to rethink and relook at the whole issue, but with me to talk further about this is a woman who is the head of the program. what do you think african governments need to do to really curb child marriage? >> i think they have made progress in recognizing the importance of child marriage as an important issue. now what government needs to do is to go from commitment to action. they need to do four main things. first protect girls, and secondly empower those girls, those who are married and -- they need to make sure families in their communities are aware by giving a girl into marriage they are harming her and make sure that the services, education services have services
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available for girls -- >> it's a huge amount. that's a massive massive round of things that need to happen. dining there's the will to get those things done? >> yes, it is a huge amount but because it's a huge issue and an important issue. i think there is the will or at the very least the recognition that there is an issue and what we need to do is to show that will, but we want to go into action and to do that, we need to recognize the complexity of the issue and also recognize the duty. we need to work together to achieve that. >> one of the big issues is that national law in many of these countries where marrying someone under 18 is illegal, but a law where it is allowed with parental consent. >> the customary law can be challenging as in rural areas, there is no infrastructure, but it is really important that
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government -- >> it seems we're having some technical difficulties with tanya page from zambia. she was reporting from there and speaking to her guest on the issue of child marriages. >> the united nations children fund said the young people dying of aids has tripled. a report says teenagers are the only group among h.i.v. infected populations where the mortality rate isn't slowing. the disease is the main cause of death among african youth age 10-19. that is the second leading cause of deaths of teenagers throughout the word. let's speak to the global chief of aids at unicef. >> why has the number of
8:55 am
adolescents drying from aids tripled over the years? that is quite a shocking statistic according to your numbers. >> yes, in fact for all other age groups, death due to aids that dramatically decreased. if we look at children vertically infected or mother to child transmission, the rates of infection have dropped by 60% since 2000. there were over 600,000 babies infected with h.i.v. in 2000. fewer than 200,000 this year. we look at adults, again, far fewer deaths to duties due to age. the issue is that most of those teenagers dying of aids were infected as babies, so due to mother to child transmission before prevention of mother to child transmission programs were scaled up. now of course, during adolescence, it's not a time
8:56 am
that you naturally look for h.i.v. infection, so diagnosing the adolescents living with h.i.v. has been a problem -- >> what's being done about that? >> we're walking for the expansion of testing. what needs to be done about that is expanding the testing options for teenagers. one way of doing that is through school health programs. across africa, school health programs are scaling up vacs 16 nations for young girls for a cancer prevention vaccine. 13 million children are orphaned due to age. >> right. >> testing those adolescents for h.i.v., linking them to treatment immediately will save lives. >> great, craig, but what happens when these services and these treatments are not
8:57 am
affordable to those infected? >> the affordability of the treatment is not the problem anymore. the problem is diagnosing those living with h.i.v., so finding the adolescents with h.i.v., then linking them to treatment immediately to save their lives, it's finding them that's the critical issue right now. fortunately, treatment costs less than $100 per year per patient today in africa, whereas 15 years ago, it was $15,000 a year per patient. >> got it. craig, you're the global chief of h.i.v. aids as you be receive speaking to us from johannesburg. thank you for joining us. we'll take a break now. ow.
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>> the russian and syrian foreign minister question turkey's efforts over the do you understand russian jet. >> you're watching al jazeera live from doha. >> we know who the enemy is, it's i had red. >> the french president promises to destroy isil as a ceremony to honor the victims at the paris attacks. >> pope francis speaks out against corruption, poverty and environmental degradation in kenya. plus an unlikelyou