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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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established and upcoming filmmakers in a competitive international industry. >> you can also keep up to date with all the latest news on our website. there it is on your screen, france pace tribute to the victims in the paris attacks. >> chicago protestors prepare to march on michigan avenue. >> donald trump demands an apology after claims he mocked a disabled reporter.
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>> live pictures from uganda where pope francis just landed at the international airport. he left kenya after saying mass before huge crowds there and he'll say mass, as well in uganda at a place called the martyr's shrine. that is planned for tomorrow. he will end his trip to africa with a visit to the central african republic and we'll have much more on the papal trip later on the show. >> it has been two weeks tins the paris attacks. france is remembering the victims today. ♪ the somber ceremony was one of the first formal gatherings since the attacks. francois hollande gave a talk and a moment of silence was observed. president hollande asked all
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french people to hang a flag in their window today in tribute. we have more from paris. >> it was an extremely solemn occasion at which president hollande very much assumed the mantel of national leader statesman and took on the responsibility or articulating the mourning and commemoration of the whole of france. he started by paying tribute to the 130 individuals who lost their lives and hundreds of others wounded. he said these were people who loved life, where as the attackers were those who followed a cult of death. the president also reaffirmed french values, in particular the value of freedom, which was under attack on november 13. he said that french culture, the french lifestyle, french
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universal values would prevail. he also made a very firm undertaking to fight and ultimately defeat isil, the movement which said that it was behind these attacks. just one footnote, there were at least two families who stayed away from the ceremony on friday. they said that the authorities haven't learned the lessons from the attacks earlier this year against the newspaper charlie hebdo and said the government hadn't made good on its promise to improve security, improve intelligence and make the french public feel safe. that's their personal view, but the large majority of families were represented at the ceremony here. >> some believe the suspects in the attack must be getting support from others. he has been on the run for two
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weeks now. officials say it is unlikely he can hide for so long on his own. belgium lowered its alert level for brussels. there was concern an attack there was imminent. now the level is back to three, the same as the rest of the country. >> the foreign ministers of rush and syria just wrapped up their moscow meeting. they were talking about ending the war in syria. they agreed away creating a list identifying isil locations and fighters they will target in syria. on thursday, french president francois hollande said russia has promised to refocus its efforts in syria only on isil fighters. any surprises coming from lavrov's meeting with the syrian foreign minister? >> the two were discussing the practical ways that they are
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finding to push an agreement. the first is to find a way of creating the environment for intra syrian dialogue, between the government and the opposition forces. the syrian prime minister was saying damascus has come up with the list of representatives, it's now up to the opposition forces to come up with a political platform and also decide who they are going to send to discuss things with the government. that is going to be a very difficult thing for them to do.
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>> there are also continuing tensions over the downing of the russian jet. i imagine the syrian and the russians on the same page. >> absolutely. they were both very, very hard in their words against turkey. they said that turkey is a supporter of terrorism and it did that, they said, by a number of different things, by funding and supporting groups inside syria that are fighting against the syrian government. they also say that turkey is complicit in the illegal trade of oil that is coming from isil controlled areas being trucked into turkey and then sold on as differently labeled on to the global market. they are very, very harsh about that.
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interestingly, laugh remove said that one of the groups that he would like to see on this terrorist list is the group that they hold responsibility for shooting the pilot who was parachuting out of the plane that turkey shot down the other day. >> we should mention the president of turkey erdogan disputed those claims. russia is now talking about potential sanctions, right? how soon will they go into effect and what will they include? >> we know one of them is going to be taking effect on the first of january, 2016. that was just announced by sergey lavrov. it is the abolition of the visa free program for russian tourists to go to turkey and turkish tourists to go oh r.b.i. beyond that, we also know that there are various economic sanctions on the way.
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essentially they're being tested already. they are stopped at the border for hygiene problems and sanitary problems. that is a strong suggestion that there is going to be embargoes and things like that just around the corner. the russian government has given its ministries a couple of days to draw up a list of things that they think need to be bobbed, leveed against that come from turkey. we don't have the full list yet, but it's just around the corner. >> rory, thank you. >> authorities in mali arrested two suspects linked to last week's attack at a luxury hotel. the two american were identified using information found on that one of the attacker's cell phones. their identities are not released. 21 people including 14
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foreigners were killed in the attack last friday. >> protestors in chicago are hitting the streets to disrupt black friday shopping. demonstrations planned on up scale michigan avenue, the magnificent mile, the main shopping area. protestors are outraged that it took more than a year for a white police officer to be chard with murder in the shooting death of a black teen anger. religious leaders are urging calm. >> i want to call for the calm of the city, because we can be on the verge of another ferguson. >> video of officer jason van dyke shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times was only released this week. van dyke is behind bars right now. his bond hearing is scheduled for monday. >> a man is in police custody in washington, d.c. today after scaling the fence at the white house. police arrested joseph caputo. pictures showed him draped in the american flag as he jumped the fence.
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witnesses say he was carrying an envelope. the white house was locked down for two hours. >> shoppers are outer and buying this black friday morning. many are looking for big bar against. the national retail federation expects stores to be busier over the holiday than last year. that retail trade group is forecasting sales to jump in november and december this year. on line shopping has hit a record high. consumers have spent more than $1 billion on line so far. over a quarter of those sales were from mobile devices, the most ever from smart phones and tablets. >> the sales are tempting black friday shoppers but will the weather in some places scare them away? let's bring in nicole mitchell. >> especially if it's one of those outdoor overnight lines, you did not want to be doing that in the midwest. the southern end is more
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intense. we're looking at ice, kansas city into lubbock.
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>> the southern edge won't mooch as fast. more rain wilkinson trait in one area. sunday starting to slide farther to the east. because all that rain will be there not just today, but it just shifts a little into the day tomorrow, we could end up with some flood concerns out of this system, as well. as you look at this, texas through missouri, some chases r. places will get six inches of rain. >> on line shopping is the key. >> you can be in your sweats. >> holt officials think they know the cause of an e-coli outbreak in chicken salad sold in costco. a vegetable mix used to prepare
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foods was of the cause. 17 people were sickened. >> sip thousand audis and porsche models are recalled. earlier this month, regulators accused v.w. of installing the same software in thousands of cars. s. >> president obama calls for americans to do more to care for refugees. >> pope francis continues his six day trip to africa. you are looking at live pictures. the pope has just landed at international airport in uganda.
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>> refugees remain stuck at the border of greece and macedonia, unable to pass through on to the rest of europe. just those fleeing syria,
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afghanistan, iraq are being let through. most of these people are from iran, bangladesh and pakistan. frustrated refugees tore down part of the barbed wire fence but were quickly pushed back by police. >> president obama is calling on americans to do more to help refer jesus. in his weekly address, he said much of america's greatness comes from the generosity of americans. >> the word is still full of pilgrims, men and women want a chance for a safer, better future for themselves and their families. what makes america america is that we offer that chance. we turn lady liberty's light to the world. >> the majority of americans are opposed to allowing syrian refugees into america. that's according to a recent
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poll by bloomberg. 58% of respondents do not want any refugees to resettle in the u.s. many are worried about the potential security risks compared to 28% who say they are ok with the current plan. 11 percent prefer to only let christians in. >> a filmmaker is trying to show the refugee experience for an american audience. the short film is the story of a man's life and millions of others on a desperate journey to safety. we sat down with the director of the outcast. >> surrounded by monitors in his los angeles editor work space, he is closing in on a final cut. >> you can't cut to something else then, right? >> the short film is called the outcast and tells the story of a young syrian couple fleeing
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their war-torn country for life in the united states. >> first of all, we're in the business of entertainment, so we have to entertainment, but at the same time, we have an interesting story, interesting characters who are very related to the current times. >> he grew up in damascus in a conservative middle class family and worked in t.v. production before awarded a fulbright scholarship to produce his masters here in chicago. >> we can't get all the shots today. i'm worried about that. >> the films main character played by chicago actress, she is forced to navigate her surroundings after being separated from her husband. >> this woman has to dig deep and figure out how to overcome the struggles on her own. i think it's really interesting to see that you can be in a new place, you can face a lot of stuff, but at the same time, if you look into yourself and figure it out, you can find a way to survive.
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>> he wrote and directed the film as a way to explore his own experiences when arriving in the u.s. as a foreigner. city sounds americans take for granted was an unnerving reminder of the life he left behind. >> we didn't see train, but hear something, a really, really strong sound. for a memory came back and it is like you are not here for a second, felt like you are there. >> in a war zone. >> in the war zone, exactly. >> it is relevant beyond syria. >> it's a human interest story, so people can see they're just like us. they go through struggles and are trying to navigate into a new life, a better life. fast forward, here it's still happening in syria, but it's even worse. i hope that a story like this can show people that everyone has the same needs, we all want food and shelter and love and security and it doesn't matter where we're from at the end of the day. >> i need information, please.
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>> the director said it's very much his own permanent story, but also the story of countless others. al jazeera, chicago. >> pope francis is now in uganda. that is the second leg of his visit to africa and the jet touched down a short time ago. he is going to say mass there on that saturday. earlier this morning, the pope spoke before a crowd of thousands in nairobi, kenya. he visited one of the city's most notorious slums and urged the kenyan people to throw off tribal bonds and unit as one nation. we have the story from nairobi. >> the pope has said that today was the highlight of his trip to meet young people and the poor, got to hear their problems and aspirations. he spoke strongly against
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corruption, which is rampant in the country. he said the corruption in many other places, including the vatican but told people here that ending it starts with individuals. he spoke passionately about the need to empower the youth. frustration, he said makes it easier for young people to be radicalized like armed groups. he was very passionate about the need to empower people. he spoke out against tribalism, another serious problem here. kenyans divided along tribal lines and his message has been unity and reconciliation. people hope leaders here have not only heard but will act on some of the things he said. >> we are in nairobi. there is a new way to hear the pope's message through music. ♪ the sounds from a new album out today called wakeup combines
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christian himself with pontiff speeches. part of the proceeds will go to a fund. >> critics are accusing donald trump of being insensitive. trump said he deserves an apology.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. more reporters, more stories, more perspective. >> from our award-winning news teams across america and beyond. >> we've got global news covered.
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a canadian beauty contestant was unable to travel because she couldn't get a visa. she flew to hong kong in hopes of slipping into china. that did not happen. >> donald trump is demanding an apology from "the new york times." the paper excused the republican front runner of mocking the appearance of one of its reporters. that reporter covered the trump extensively in the 1980's and 1990s, but trump said he doesn't remember him. al jazeera has the story. >> it was an impersonation in keeping with donald trump's campaign of unashamedly saying the sun sayable.
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>> you've got to see this guy, i don't remember, maybe that's what i said. trump was referring to a journalist with a debilitating condition that affected his giants. that journalist reporting was also what trump used to bolter his claim that thousands were discussing the collapse of the word trade center on 9/11 in new jersey. the journalist contradicted trumps claims. these stories were checked out and were untrue. didn't happen. >> other things, saying that muslims should be treat with suspicion and that mexican immigrants are rapists. it's nothing new. trump has a history of racism in business dealings. some find such rhetoric a sign of someone not beholden to anyone. >> he's a businessman. he knows how to get things done. >> trump's lead needs context. it's way too early in the
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nominating pros to predict outcomes. those likely to vote for the next republican presidential candidate don't start paying attendance to the race until just before the first caucus and that's next february. opinion polls are of those who identify as republican and not those likely to vote. at this point on the race in 2011, cain was in the lead. trumps numbers also have to be put into a national context. 25 percent of americans identify as republicans. some 27% of them support trump. as note u.s. pollster has pointed out, that represents 6% of the u.s. population. all the same number who believe the moon landings were fake. >> they were dancing in space and they were dancing on rooftops. >> that's notes to trump's candidacy isn't significant. the republican establishment
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hasn't firmly pushed back fence trump. whether that's because it's too early in the race is not clear. it's not as if the other candidates considered mainstream are any less extreme in their attitudes to race, civil liberties and immigration, they're just less quotable. al jazeera, washington. >> a mystery in san francisco where police are trying to explain this, more than a dozen baseball bats chained to street polls throughout the city. officials brought in the bomb squad to investigate one bat that looked like a bomb to them. it's not clear who put them there or why. >> if you're one of the 46 million drivers on the road this holiday weekend, you may want to plan a deatory. the worst drivers are rated in montana for the second year in a row. statistics were used from fatal crashes caused by drunk driving or speeding. south carolina came in second as
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did new mexico which broke the top 10 after a recent spike in drunk driving crashes -- >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello welcome to the news hour. i'm dareen abughaida in doha. russian and sirrian foreign minister has questioned turkey's motives as the war of words continues over the downed russian jet. the french president promises to destroy isil at a ceremony to honor the victims of the paris attacks >> pope francis arrives in


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