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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EST

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russia steps up its war of words with turkey. ♪ hello there, i'm barbara sarah, you are watching al jazeera live from london. always coming up on the program. ♪ >> francois hollande says france will respond to the paris attacks with more music and concerts, at a somber ceremony for the 130 victims. plus --
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racist and religious attacks rocket around europe as the paris killings play into the hands of the far right. [ cheers ] >> and pope francis denounces the wealthy minority as we visits one of nairobi's 11 slums. ♪ russia has questioned whether turkey has any real intention of fighting what it describes as terrorism in syria. the russian foreign minister made the comment after meeting his syrian counterpart in moscow. it's the latest in the war of words between the two countries after turkey shot down a russian fighter jet along its syrian border on tuesday. >> translator: we have a lot of questions about ankaras true intentions and its level of real commitment to eliminate
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terrorism, in particular in syria, and its interest in the normalization of the political situation in syria. >> translator: isis militants received weapons and free passage. we're talking about militants from several countries. they receive medical help and weapons from turkey. turkey made the skeps to shoot down the russian jet because it supports and encourages those terrorists. >> reporter: moscow will suspend visa-free travel to turkey starting january 1st. the turkish president has offered to meet with vladimir putin at the paris talks next week, but he is standing his grounds saying russia's actions in syria are dangerous. >> translator: yes, it is playing with fire to attack syrian option who have international legitimacy. the whole world admits turkey is
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right in this incident. so it is playing with fire to use this incident as an accuse to make unacceptable occasions against us. >> rory challands has more on the meeting between the russian and syrian foreign ministers. >> reporter: syria's foreign minister called russia and syria, strategic partners, and they certainly were singing from the same hymn sheet here. they were talking about how they were going to try to move the peace process, the political resolution forward. it's called the vienna process, and it involves a certain number of different stages. the first of these stages, really, is trying to get the environment right for what they call an intra-syrian dialogue. now that basically means the government and the opposition talking together. now this has to happen by the end of this year, so not very far away. damascus says it already has a
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list of its representatives that are going to be engaged in these talks. the onus now is on the opposition to come up with, first of all a political platform, and second of all, its own list of representatives to engage in these talks. that's not going to be an easy thing because of the different factions involved in the opposition movement. one of the other things they are talking about is a list of what they call terrorist groups, because they say only once you have a list of who is a terrorist in syria, can you actually agree on who the legitimate opposition is. now one of the things that i was predicting earlier on in the day was that included on this list fight be the turkmen group that russia says was involved in the shooting of the pilot that was coming down from its burning plane, the plane that was shot down by turkey. now that turkmen group is a recipient of aid and arms and
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support from turkey, and yes, indeed, lavrov said at the end of the press conference, that that very group, he wanted to be included in this list of terrorist organizations in syria. >> let's go live to our senior political analyst who is in doha. when this bilateral split that we're seeing when turkey and russia, how likely do you think it is -- to become a stumbling block to the talks in vienna. >> certainly serious. and for the time being it is a war of words, but president putin is trying to escalate the situation. but i think it exposes the greater gulf between the u.s.-lead coalition, and the
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russian-lead coalition over syria. certainly the main disagreement is over bashar al-assad and his future in syria. and now that the united states, saudi arabia, and others are trying to get the opposition united on a consental position, clearly the turturk turks -- sorry -- clearly the syrians -- the syrian regime and the russians are also trying to strengthen their position. i think there is a clash of wills going on now. each side waiting until the other side feels the heat and notices that they are feeling their waves. it is going to take some sometime. >> and while this spat is going on, we also see even in the u.k. francois hollande trying to push for more action in syria. here in the u.k. there might or might not be a vote next week over whether there will be bombardments in syria.
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are we going to see a split of this syria alliance or alignment into a more western presence on one side? >> what we have seen over the last three days is an attempt by the french president, francois hollande, to try to bridge the differences between washington and moscow, and hence he went to see president obama and president putin. he felt he needed to do something after the paris attacks in order to stop potential other attacks against his country. did he succeed in that? putting aside the question of turkey and the downing of the jet fighter. to me it's clear that he heard a lot of positive language from president obama. a lot of wores of support. and a lot of positive words from putin, and a promise of cooperation or rather coordination with the u.s.-lead
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coalition, but in real terms, barbara, in actionable terms, i think president obama has not budged. president obama is not getting excited over some new french russian plan in syria. i think he is waiting until the russian are proving a failure. i think president obama thinks it is going to backfire against moscow. and he reckons that eventually mr. putin is going to give up on bashar al-assad because he will know that bashar al-assad is not a reliable -- is not a dependant, and certainly is not a legitimate part of syria's future. >> our senior political analyst, thank you. syrian opposition groups meanwhile say a new wave of sar strikes on the city of raqqa have killed at least 12 people. this video is said to show the aftermath of strikes in the city in northeastern syria, which
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isil says is its capitol. and at least 27 people have been killed in two separate attacks in iraq. 11 of the dead are civilians killed in a military air raid in fallujah. and 16 soldiered died in ramadi in anbar province. hundreds of people have turned out in istanbul to show their support for two journalists being held in prison. the demonstration of solidarity was held outside of the headquarters of the newspaper. the paper's editor and chief and correspondent are charged are willingly aiding an armed group and with espionage. the paper printed images that it said show the turkish trucks smuggling arms to syrian rebels. the government rejects the allegations. ♪
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the french president francois hollande has lead a ceremony in paris to remember the 130 victims killed in the november 13th attacks. he praised his people and pledged to destroy what he called the army of fanatics. isil claimed responsibility for the attacks in various locations arrange the city. jacky rowland reports now from paris. >> reporter: it was a moment for national mourning and personal grieving. in a solemn setting bereaved families and survivors of the attacks came together to remember the 130 people who were killed. their names were read out one by one. standing alone, president francois hollande. in the two weeks since the attacks, he has sought to reaffirm french values while
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honoring the dead. they were mostly young people, in their 20s and 30s, killed while they were out enjoying life. >> translator: i salute this new generation. it is not afraid. it is lucid and enterprising. it will, i believe know greatness. it will live on in the names of the dead we honor today. this generation has now become the face of france. >> reporter: the president's words are somber but also defiant as he promised to wage a war against the attackers. >> translator: i solemnly promise that france will do everything to destroy the army of fanatics that committed these crimes >> reporter: standing with the families, members of the
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emergency services who were on duty that night. police who hunted the killers, paramedics who treated the wounded. but at least two families chose to stay away. they say the government hasn't learned the security lessons from the charlie hebdo attacks earlier this year, and they accused it of failing to make good on its promise to keep any french people safe across the country from windows and balconies people display the french flag. their way of saying the personal loss of the familiar list was a tragedy shared by the nation. jacky rowland, al jazeera, paris. let's bring you some breaking news coming in to us from brussels. news agency ap, says belgium prosecutors, the offices there, that a man has been arreszed in brussels and charged with terrorist attacks. belgium prosecutor's office says
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a man has been arrested in brussels and charged with terrorist attacks. as soon as we have anymore details as to who that might be, or what terrorist attacks he might be linked to, we'll of course bring that to you here on al jazeera. before that still to come this hour, how africa is trying to end the long-running practice of child marriage. and why the canadian miss world contestant was stopped on her way to china to take part in the pageant.
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a reminder of the top
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stories on al jazeera. russia's foreign minister says he has questions over whether turkey has real intentions to fight what he calls terrorism in syria. in that comes as turkey's president has said that he wants to meet his russian counterpart face-to-face, but vladimir putin has refused to contact president erdogan, saying ankara isn't ready to apologize for shooting down the russian jet. and francois hollande has lead a ceremony in paris to remember the 130 victims killed in the november 13th attacks. anti-racism groups across europe have reported a spike in attacks on muslims and other minorities since the attacks in paris. the trend is particularly strong in eastern europe, and in poland a new right-wing government wants to make it harder for refugees to enter. lawrence lee reports from warsaw. >> reporter: having your own restaurant may be a dream come true for many people, but for
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the owner of this place it's a reminder of what he lost. he played for one of warsaw's football teams. but his career was interrupted after a racist attack left him with a broken arm, incest sent abuse from polish fans wore him down as well. he gave it all up to run a restaurant and raise his young family. and now his son is getting the abuse as well. >> i came to pick my son from the school, and one of his friends said to him, alex, monkey is here for you. my son was so embarrassed. he was seven years old. and i was looking at the teacher to do something. she didn't say anything. >> reporter: racism in poland is nothing new, but it is getting worse. they shouted about france here, which is hardly sympathetic. in this demonstration last week,
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they chanted raped, beatened, murdered by the islamic horde, don't let this happen to you. poland must stay catholic. [ inaudible ] worked with refugees trying to come to poland. he says the attacks in paris have given the far right all it needs to feel morally justified. >> the people who are with the refugees feel so broken. they feel invalidated by what happened. all of their conversations, all of their points they try to make that muslims are peaceful people were crushed by a physical incident proving them wrong. >> reporter: other racist attacks rocketed afrngd europe after the charlie hebdo shootings at the start of the year. but what worries many in countries like poland is that right-wing governments which overtly say that migrants might
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be terrorists are giving an open goal for violent racists. >> it can be used as a threat against any religion. one can find also catholic or christian terrorists who were devastating and killing people in other countries. >> reporter: in warsaw as elsewhere must have security nowadays to stop people of putting pigs heads through the windows. how ironic that all of this is exactly the sort of thing that isil wants to see in europe. lawrence lee, al jazeera, in warsaw. at least six children are reported to have died after a boat carrying racism in poland to greece sank in if two incidents off of the turkish coast. they were among a group of asylum seekers. the turkish coast guard rescued 51 others aboard the vessel.
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two more palestinians are dead after another day of violence in the occupied west bank. were shot by israeli security forces after allegedly attacking israelis. another man was shot dead here hebron in which six soldiers were wounded. pope francis has spoken out against corruption against what he calls tribalism in kenya. he told thousands of young young people that corruption is an obstacle to progress. catherine soi has been following his visit. she sent us this report from the kenyan capitol. >> reporter: you would be forgiven for thinking this is a concert, but it was a rock star
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welcome for the pope. [ cheers ] >> reporter: he said today was a highlight of his trip, the day he got to meet and listen to young people and the poor, he has been focusing on unity, reconciliation and family values. >> the message that most touched me was to protect the family. >> reporter: but it was here, that he gave his most political message. the pope spoke up very strongly against corruption, tribalism, terrorism. he said young people are the backbone of any country, and asked leaders here not to ignore the youth. he said the fight against corruption goes hand in hand with economic empowerment for young people. >> reporter: tribalism can destroy, it can mean having your hands hidden behind your backs and having a stone to throw at others. you won't be able to have a
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dialogue with each other, if you don't listen to each other. then you will have a division like dust like a worm that grows in society. >> reporter: this person told us the message resinates with many in kenya. >> corruption is something that is eating up our society. and i think the kenyan leaders are listening, and we are going to experience change after this visit, i'm hoping. >> reporter: earlier the pope spent time with representatives of some of nairobi's informal settlement. by the end of it all, the pope had touched on many of the issues that kenyans wanted to hear, delivering a touch message in his gentle way. catherine soi, al jazeera, nairobi. >> reporter: pope francis has continued west on his tour of africa, and arrived in uganda just a few hours ago nfl the
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head of the catholic church will be spending two days in the capitol. the pontiff is being hosted by uganda's leader. there has been heightened security out there this trip, but the pope has been quoted as saying that he is more worried about mosquitos. cultural traditions are being challenged at the first african summit which aims to end child marriage. the practice is common in sambyia where about four in ten girls are married before they turn 18. africa will surpass south asia as the area with most child brides by 2050. tania page reports. >> reporter: the girl in this dramatization is about to be forced into a marriage. she is crying, because it is the end of her childhood, but soon
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she is saved. but most of the time, there is no rescue. while marrying someone under 18 is illegal in many african countries, most have customary law where it is allowed, but soon zambia may not have a duel system. >> for zambia, we have decided to just have one law. so we have a marriage bill in draft right now that doesn't allow for customary marriage. >> reporter: you receive says by 2050 the number of child brides in africa will more than double to 310 million. delegates are sharing ideas on how to combat the issue from every level of society, to include child protection rights, to urging villages in the rural areas to combat it, because that's where the problem is the greatest. child brides are more likely to
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be in abusive relationships, contract hiv, and die in childbirth. this is the sound of opportunity for these women. these girls can earn a living selling grounded maze. this girl got married when she was just 15. >> translator: i had no choice because my parents couldn't afford to take us to school. i was just at home doing nothing. i didn't want to get married. >> reporter: education is key. this girl now also wants to teach her daughter about girl power. >> translator: it means girls coming together with energy. not the old ladies. we have the power to change our lives as girls. >> reporter: she is trying to take control of her life by breaking the cycle of poverty so her daughter can stay in school, creating a nutrition for her
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young family. tania page al jazeera. ukraine says russia is limiting its coal supply after the kremlin blamed it for deliberately delaying repairs to the annexed crimea region. ukrainian authorities started repair works on tuesday. ukraine depends on russian coal for almost half of its power. the country's energy minister says his country has one month of coal supply left, but is looking at sourcing supplies from elsewhere. u.s. republican presidential hopeful donald trump is denying accusations that he has mocked a journalist with a disability. >> you have got to see this, ahhhhh, i docket -- don't know
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what i said! he said the reporter is using his condition to grandstand. the reporter suffers from a medical condition that effects his movement. a chinese court has jailed a free press activist for six years for quote provoking troubles and disrupting public order. this comes as a canadian actress criticized beijing after she was stopped on her way to the finals of the miss world beauty pageant. she was crowned miss world canada earlier this year, but was unable to get a visa ahead of her arrival. she says she is being punished for speaking out against human abuses in china. >> ask the chinese government why is it afraid to let in a
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beauty queen in ask them why -- what kind of precedent this would set for future international events that they want to host. ask them whether they would also bar olympic athletes just because they different v different views that the communist party don't agree with. what if they practice [ inaudible ] or what if they support democracy in china? tourism is on the up near north korea's border with china. river boat cruises are becoming increasingly popular and delivering an economic boom for some north korean traders. rob mcbride reports now. >> reporter: it's the unusual way through north korea's back door with one of the growing number of chinese tour groups taking a boat trip along the river which separates china and north korea. this one goes right into north korean territory. just a couple of minutes from
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the chinese bank of the river, we're in the north korean mart of the river with north korean territory on either side. but chinese tourists, a chance to peer into the lives of their reclusive neighbors, largely oblivious to the passing boats, daily life continues. but we haven't escaped the attentions of the traders who make living from these visitors, selling from their small boats. this section of the river has become a floating market. and all under the gaze of border guards who don't seem to care. the north koreans don't have much to sell, but our boat load of tourists seemed to want a what they do have, from food to cigarettes, we are soon stocked up. and then announced for sail, north careen bank notes, the perfect souvenir on a trip across a border that a little
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free enterprise seems to be making less impregnable. more on that and everything else that we have been covering on our website, the address, ♪ chicago protesters prepare to march on michigan avatar getting shoppers over the shooting death of a black teen by a white police officer. ♪ france pays tribute to the victims in the paris attacks. donald trump demands an apology after claims he mocked a disabled reporter. and wake up, pope francis drops a new album


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