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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> anti-russian protests where they say that russia is playing with fire in syria. >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. >> france remembers the victims of two weeks ago as another man is charged with in belgium over the paris attacks. >> protests in the heart of chicago overthe shooting of a black teenager by a white police
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officer. >> russia has questioned whether turkey has any real intention of fighting what it describes as terrorism in syria. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov made the comments in moscow. it's the latest of the war of words between the two countries moscow will suspend visa free travel starting december 1st. al jazeera's rory challands now
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has more from moscow. >> strategic partners was how it was described syria and russia. in a country's foreign minister was certainly speaking with one voice with moscow on friday. >> isis militants use free panels. we're talking about militants in several countries. turkey made the steps because it encourage the terrorists. >> they were meeting to discuss practical steps. >> we have agreed that a list of terrorist groups that will be excluded from political negotiations needs to be route: it needing to through the u.s. security council. it is absolutely clear that without it political peace talks between moderate opposition and
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the syrian government cannot take place. >> in southern russia there were the funeral. the marine killed trying to rescue an air crew downed by occur tissue jets. he and the pilot shot dead are heroes in russia. not in turkey. these protesters. president erdogan has accused the russian president of playing with fire by bombing the opposition and propping the opposition. >> i requested a meeting from him. i wanted to hold a telephone conversation with him. but highways not returned my calls yet. i believe we can meet and discuss these matters with him. >> for the moment the kremlin is not answering. it's ramping up economic
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pressure on turkey while formalized sanctions are being drawn up, russian inspectors are finding hygiene and sanitary reasons for rejecting turkish produce. free travel from turkey will be suspended january 1st, and russian bombing continues. these are some of the latest deadly strikes against idlib province a town near the border of turkey. >> al jazeera arabic correspondent has this update near the turkish border where russian jets are supporting government forces. right here in front of me is to the mountain that is part of the turk men mountain that has been under heavy artillery shelling. after they managed to take
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control, it has been under heavy bombardment. this area has been witnessing the hit-and-run offenses on both sides. this is when the russian airstrikes started to target the area and we had the whole situation of the russian fighter jet shot down in turkey. this afternoon in was heavy artillery and airstrikes. rebel forces are sweeping the area, and opposition fighters claim they seized two tanks and various weapons. again, as i said earlier, this has witnessed hit-and-run attacks, and it will be difficult to predict what will take place and who will be in charge in the next few hours. >> now the french president has led a ceremony in paris to
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remember the 130 victories killed in the november 13 attacks. he praised his people and alleged to destroy what he called the army of fanatics. isil claimed responsibility for the attacks in various locations around the city. jacky rowland reports now from paris. >> it was a moment of national mourning and personal grieving. they would come together to remember the 130 people who were killed. their names were read out one by one. >> standing alone president fran├žois hollande in the two weeks since the attacks he has sought to reaffirm french values while honoring the dead. they were mostly young people in their 20s and 30s. killed while they were out enjoying life.
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i salute this new generation. it is stuck. it is not afraid. in the image of the innocence we mourn it will live on in the names of the dead that we mourn today. despite the tears this generation has now become the face of france. >> the president's words were somber but also defiance. as he promised to wage a war against the attackers and those who supported them. >> to all of you i solemnly promise that france will do everything to destroy the army of fanatics who committed these grimes. without rest it will protect these children. i promise that france will remain itself as they loved her, as they would have wished her to remain. >> standing with the families, the members of the emergency services who were on duty that night. the police who hunted the killers, pair metics who treated the wounded. there are two families who chose to stay away. they say that the government has
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not learned the security lessons from the charlier hebdo attacks earlier this year, and they accused it of failing to make good on the promise to keep the french people safe. across the country from windows and balconies people displayed the french flag. their way of saying that the personal loss of the families was a tragedy shared by the nation. jacky rowland, al jazeera, par paris. >> belgium police have charged sixth suspect in the deadly attacks in paris, the prosecutors say that the man is accused of murder and participating with a terrorist group. al jazeera has now more from brussels. >> a sign that things are far from back to normal. and alerts like thursday's
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square at the grand mosques when a letter delivered here was september out to be published is extra work for the police. incidents like this is a reminder of the reason for the emergency services here in brussels. there has been other problems. that is administration. for this city alone there are six police officers. >> in the city where the attackers lives everyone is aware of the security threats. but the woman who has been here for the last three years said it's not fair to blame local police with their limited budget for failing to stop the attackers. >> we did not do enough to fight the phenomenon. the state security, the justice system, and the federal police probably did not pay enough attention or do enough to check these radical movements and their preacher.
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>> this place is belgium's national parliament. apart from the european parliament there is one for the dutch-speaking region of flanders. one for the french-speaking community and one for the region. >> those who want belgium to split into two parts blame the police for a slack. >> flanders has not put its money in brussels. it kept its money. at the same time the problems in brussels would grow. flanders in another strange situation is five kilometers from here, so you can't say we're not responsible. it is part of our country. it is part of us. >> part of the problem is
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depravation and lack of programs for communities. >> they were known. they were known, but the data, we didn't have the manpower to analyze the data, and we see there was a difficulty getting the data from one service to another. >> the threat level has been lower, making people here feel truly safe and there may be less finger pointing and a lot more action by the politicians. al jazeera, brussels. >> four police officers as well as three members of the public have been injured during a shooting near a planned parenthood center in the u.s. state of colorado. the police say they're steel dealing with what they call an active situation. al jazeera's tom ackerman is live for us in washington, d.c. what do which know about what is happening there? >> we can say that eight people in all have been taken to area
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hospitals. it's not clear whether these clue the policemen four of them injured or suffering gunshot wounds. as far as the reports we get from the area it's also not clear whether there are potential hostages inside the building where the man is being held up. there is a planned parenthood office. planned parenthood is notable for providing abortion services as well as other family reproduction services, and has been the frequent target of both political attacks and actual physical attacks around the country. in fact, in the last few months there has been various reports of arson attacks attempts at plannin planned parenthood locations. it is not clear what the motive of the shooter is. we do know that he was shooting back at police. so there has been an exchange of gunfire both from outside the building and inside the building as far as we know.
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right now there are no fatalities that we've been able to report. eight people taken to the hospital. >> tom ackerman for us in washington, d.c. as that shooting is taking place in the u.s. state of colorado in the planned parenthood center. we understand that the suspect has not been caught. there has been an exchange of gunfire. we do not know what the motives is, and it is unclear if there are any hostages that have been taken. still more to come this half hour. how africa is trying to end the long running practice of child marriage. we'll bring you that story. also why the canadian miss world contestant was stopped in china from taking part in the competition.
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>> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. let's take you flap welcome back t four police officers as well as three members of the public have been injured in a shooting near planned parenthood center in the u.s. state of colorado. the officers say that the gunman is still at large. in belgium a sixth person has been charged in connection with the paris attacks on november 13th. the french president has led a ceremony in farris to remember th the 130 victims. now two palestinians have been
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killed after ramming their cars into israeli soldiers in the west bank. one man was identified as a man of the brother of a man killed after carrying ear similar attacks. another man was shot dead after injuring six soldiers with his car near hebron. we have more in the occupied west bank. >> it is business as usual here. friday protests you can hear the army now trying to disperse the crowd. they will tell you that the eyes of the world are pre-occupied elsewhere, and that this has been forgotten. this is the usual game of cat and mouse. palestinians will call it that, and it is happening all the time. palestinians will throw rocks,
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molotov cocktails, and the army very harsh in its crowd control measures will fire stun-grenad stun-grenades. >> so when it comes to seeing how both sides can sit down and try to end the occupation, it is very, very difficult. you can see tear gas is being thrown. the soldiers want to go home. it is business as usual, and people will tell you that they feel that the entire world has forecasten their cause. >> thousands of people are out on the streets of chicago protesting the black lives matter group on one of the bus busiest days of the year. >> it is in response to tuesday's release of a video showing a police officer killing
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a black suspect in the city last year. al jazeera's alan fisher has been following the demonstration in downtown chicago, and sends us the latest. >> almost every store here in the magic mile in the heart of chicago, hundreds of people have come out in what is a cold wet day to protest the death of the 17-year-old shot dead by police. the video released just a few days ago, the same day the officer responsible for the shooting who is charged with first-degree murder. the idea that of the hundreds of people here is hel protest. they say we'll see more protests of this kind. they say this will be an election issue, and the presidential election next year because it is an issue that keeps happening in communities all around the united states. the protesters are calling for a
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change at the top of the police service but also calling for a change in the way that the services are organized and they have to do a different job when it comes to policing the minority communities. they're getting very angry. >> hundreds of people have turned out in istanbul to show their support of two journalists being held in a turkish prison. the demonstration of solidarity was held outside of the headquarters of the newspaper. the newspaper's editor in chief is charged with espionage and willingly aiding an armed group. pope francis is now in uganda on the second leg of his tour or the continent of hope, as he called it. earlier he delivered a speech in front of uganda's president and
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members of parliament. he said that the killing of christian missionaries was the reminder of the importance of moral and faith. pope francis began friday in nairobi where he spoke out against corruption and what he calls tribalism in kenya. catherine soi was there and sends us this report. >> you would be forgiven for thinking this was a concert or a rally. but it was a rack sta rock star welcoming for the pope. he has been focusing on unity, reconciliation and family values. >> the message that most touched me was protect the family, and the liberty of life. >> but here speaking to young people that he gave his most political message. the pope spoke out very strongly against corruption, tribalism, terrorism. he said young people are the
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backbone of any country, and asked leaders here not to ignore the youth. he said the fight against corruption goes hand in hand with economic empowerment for young people. >> tribalism can destroy. it can mean having your hand hidden behind your back and having a stone to throw to others. if you don't listen to each other you're going to have a division like a worm that glows in society. >> they told us that th the message resonates with many kenyons. >> i think the kenyan leaders are listening, and we're going to experience change after this message, i'm hoping. >> earlier the pope spend time with representatives. he called on authorities not to ignore the needs of the poor and
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make sure that all sectors of the population get to lead a lignified life. by the end of it all, the pope tackled many of the issues that kenyans wanted to hear, delivering a tough message in his gentle way catherine soi, nairobi. >> in guatemala where one case of sexual abuse against a minor is reported every single hour and the country has the second highest child murder rate in the world. >> behind the steal door and razor choir, a safe house for young victims of violence. all of the girls here have been sexually assaulted. some of them as young as 12. now some have babies of their own. we can't show their faces and only with the help of trusted psychologists are the girls able to talk about their past.
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>> it is really hard to hear the girls' stories. they arrive with low self he is steam and behavioral problems. many are depressed and have suicidal thoughts. they lost their childhood because of this abuse. >> guatemala is one of the world's most violent countries. a reality that young people cannot escape. every hour a child in guatemala is beaten or raped, and each day 15 children disappear. many turn up dead. some horribly disfigured. brutal acts deeply rooted in the country's history. a 36-year civil war ripped the guatemalan society apart and where violence is part of every day life. now the challenge is to reinforce the law. >> while a more focused approach has led to more arrests and
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prosecutions, government advisers insist much more needs to be done. >> as officials we should not tolerate these kinds of things. we need to show congress that stricter laws are needed, we need to show that we can protect kids, and anyone who hurts a child will go to jail. >> protection specialists believes that guatemala has reached a crisis point. but they say that guatemalans could make children's rights a priority with help from the international community. >> it could help the government and people recognize the severity, everybody day life here has normalized that. we need people from the outside to show us that it is not normal, that children are murdered and sexually abused. >> guatemala's attorney general now wants to create specialized teams with dedicated prosecutors and investigators to fight
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crimes against children. for the country's most vulnerable, such changes cannot happen soon enough. david mercer, al jazeera, guatemala city. >> cultural traditionals are challenged in a summit aimed to end child marriage. from the summit, tanya page reports. >> the girl in this dramaization is about to be forced in a marriage. she's crying because it's the end of her childhood. but soon she's saved. but most of the time there is no rescue. while marrying someone under 18 is illegal in most countries, but there are custom near laws where it is allowed.
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>> for zambia, we decided to just have one law. we have a marriage bill in draft right now that does not allow for customary marriages. >> they say by 2050 the number of child brides will double to 310 million. >> but delegates are sharing ideas of how to combat it at every level of society from encouraging governments to include child protection rights and policies and urging villages in the rural areas to combat it because that's where the problem is greatest. child brides are more likely to be in abusive relationships, contract hiv and die during childbirth. but they're trying to teach girls about their rights and provide a way they can earn money. this is the sound of opportunities for these women.
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>> mesina got married when she was just 15. >> i had no choice because my parents could not afford to take us to school. i was at home doing nothing. i didn't want to get married. >> education is key. now she wants to teach her daughter about girl power. >> it means girls coming together. not the old ladies. just us because we have the power to change our lives as girls. >> she's trying to take control of her life by breaking the cycle of poverty so her daughter can stay in school, creating a new tradition for her young family. al jazeera, zambia. >> a canadian actress has criticized beijing after she was stopped on her way to the finals of the miss world beauty conte
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contest. she was crowned miss world canada this year but was unable to get a visa ahead of her arrival this week. she said she's being punished for speaking out on human rights abuses in china. >> ask the chinese government why is it afraid to let in a beauty queen? ask them why--what kind of precedence this would set for events it wants to host. ask them whether they would also bar olympic athletics from participating in winter olympic games just because they have different views that the communist parties don't agree with? what if they're of uyghur origin? what go they practice falun gong? >> wreckage from the unmanned space falcon rocket carrying cargo to the international space
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station. it blew up in john. it was initially mistaken as a dead whale because it was covered in barncals. for more right here. go to is where you need to go. >> each year, nearly 12 million arrests are made in the united states. >> is this pretty full for you guys? >> no, no this is just average, i guess you could say. >> okay. >> that's the population of los angeles and new york combined, booked into thousands of local jails. >> do you know how long some of these men have been held here? >> mmmm. i do


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