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tv   World News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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this is al jazeera america. a gunman opens fire at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. the turkish syrian border racism and islamphobia. ms world canada speaks out about being banned from china where
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the pageant finals are being held. we are following breaking news out of colorado springs where a five-hour stand off is over. a suspect is in custody. one police officer and two civilians are dead. several others are injured. authorities are describing what they call a huge crime scene. police still don't know why the suspect chose the planned parenthood building. jim hooley is there with more on this. >> reporter: at the clinic, it is on the other side of this police vehicles. it sits over here at this large intersection. just a short time ago we were able to get the confirmation on the id for the officer that was killed. we understand he is 44-year-old
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garret space pace swaze. he was not here at the scene per se. he was working at the down town campus of colorado. he got the call for mutual aid going out when this started at around noon time today. he immediately rushed here to help out his fellow officers. unfortunately with this tragic situation today we have to confirm that we have two civilian casualties on scene and the death of one police officer. >> reporter: along with the other, two civilians were killed and we understand at least nine other people wounded, shot, we talked to the mayor a short time ago. he said those people are in the
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hospital tonight and they are in fairly good condition. the mayor says that he is very proud of his officers, the people that responded here today to make this - bring a resolution to this situation after some five hours here this afternoon. here is the mayor. the perpetrator is in custody. the situation has been resolved. there is no continuing peril to the citizens of colorado springs. there is a huge crime scene that has to be processed. we have to determine how many victims there are. >> reporter: we understand that some of the people that were basically on locked down, held hostage, they were taken out of here. they were introduced and processed by police. they have been coming back here over the past hour, so in public transportation buses. we understand to put this all
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behind them and go home. tragic news here tonight as all this has finally wrapped up after some five hours. one police officer shot and killed, two civilians dead here tonight appreciated. he has been with us most of the afternoon and into the evening. thank you, jim. it has been two weeks since a group of gunmen and suicide bombers killed 130 people in france. the coalition has stepped up against i.s.i.l. air strikes in raqqa killed at least eight people, including five children. it is unclear who carried out the bombing. french president francois hollande led an fish day of tribute to the victims of the november 13 attacks. he repeated his vow about fights against i.s.i.l. >> reporter: the latest person
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to be charged in belgium in connection with the paris attacks was arrested in brussels on thursday. police and prosecutors are not naming him, but it's believed that, in fact, he is the brother of somebody who was arrested on thursday in the eastern city along with their father. now, one brother and the father have been released. another brother charged without being named. we do have some details of the other suspects who are still in custody in connection with the paris attacks. let's not forget that one of the alleged attackers salah abdeslam is still on the run, suspected of being somewhere in bril gem. two of the-- belgium. two of the suspects are alleged to have gone to france an bring him back. a third, who the prosecutors are calling ali pace space o took him to another part of the capital here and then a 39-year-old named as lasiza was
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also charged afternoon handguns and traces of blood were found in his vehicle. let's not forget there are many more people who were arrested over the week and released without charge. the security services have been busy. at the same time the security level has been reduced to 3, meaning that the threat is still serious but not imminent. so possibly the authorities believe that everybody who is suspected of actual taking part in the paris attacks or imminently planning new attacks has now been arrested. that said, there are still a lot of security forces on the streets of brussels and people are still very, very wary of what might happen in the next days and weeks france today honored the victims of the november 13 attacks. president francois hollande led a solemn memorial service in which he promised to sdri what he called the army of fanatics responsible for their death.
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-- destroy >> reporter: it was a moment for national mourning and personal grieving. in this solemn setting bereaved families and survivors of the attacks came together to remember the 130 people who were killed. their names were read out one-by-one. standing alone president francois hollande in the two weeks since the attacks he has sought to reaffirm french values while honoring the dead. they were mostly young people in their 20s and 30s, killed while they were out enjoying life. >> translation: i sol ute this new generation. it is not afraid, lucid and enterprising. it will know greatness. it will live on in the names of the dead that we mourn today. despite the tears this generation has now become the
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face of france >> reporter: the president's words were somber but also defiant as he promised to wage a war against the attackers and those who supported them. >> translation: to all of you, i solemnly promise that france will do everything to destroy the army of fanatics who committed these crimes. without rest it will protect its children. i promise you also that france will remain herself as the dead loved her, as they would have wished her to remain >> reporter: standing with the families members of the emergency services who were on duty that night. police who hunted the killers, paramedics who treated the wounded. but at least two families chose to stay away. they say the government hasn't learned the security lessons from the "charlie hebro" do attacks early this year and they accused them for failing to deliver on their promise to keep
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french people safe. from window and balcony they displayed the french flag. their way of saying the loss of the familiess is shared by the nation russian war planes are with once again taking aim at syrian ebb rebel positions near the border. video footage has than showed. sources said scores of people were killed in russian attacks in the past few days. russia says it is not going to war with turkey. over tour key's downing of a jet, but the president said acts of retribution will be met with fire. >> reporter: strategic partners was how it was described, syria and russian of the the country's foreign minutes steer were speaking with one voice in moscow on friday. >> translation: i.s.i.s. million taints receive free
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passage. they don't have to use par chutes. they receive medical help and weapons from turkey. turkey made the step to shoot down the russian jet because it supports and encourages those terrorists. >> reporter: they were meeting to discuss steps to push forward the vienna process. >> translation: we have agreed that a list of terrorists groups that will be excluded from any political negotiations needs to be drafted. it will need to go through the u.n. security council. it is clear that without it, political peace talks between moderate opposition and the syrian government cannot take place. >> reporter: in southern russia there were military honors and a funer funeral. a marine trying to save the crew was killed. he and the pilot shot dead who
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was par chuting to the ground are viewed as hero. putin is depicted as a vam pire here. president erdogan has accused the russian president of playing with fire by bombing syria's opposition and propping up the syrian government. >> translation: the day this incident happened i requested a meeting from him. i wanted to hold a telephone conversation with him, but he has not returned my calls yet. there is a climate change conference in paris. i believe he will be there. we can meet there and discuss these matters with him >> reporter: for the moment the kremlin isn't answering. it is ramping up economic pressure on turkey. while sampgss are being drawn up, russian inspectors are finding hygiene to reject produce. russia's bombing continues. these are some of the latest
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deadly strikes against sam ada in the province, a town near the border with turkey a suicide bomber blew himself up attacking a procession of shia muslims in nigeria today. police say at least 21 were killed and many more with injured. officials do not know who was behind the bombing, but the armed s group boko haram has claimed responsibility for similar attacks. at least 17300 people have been killed by them and displayed million. in two different parts, a palestinian grove his car into a group of soldiers near an israeli settlement. a few hours later a different car tried to run over soldiers on a roadside near the palestinian site of hebron. eight soldiers were injured in the attacks. both drivers were shot dead. in bethleham tear gas was used
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on protestors. nearly 100 palestinians and 19 railways rail eaus have been killed in the last two months-- israelis. a look at the racism and islamaphobia that is raising concerns in poland. pope francis gets a rock star welcome in kenya's capital. the warning he had for the country's young people about corruption and tribalism.
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occur curb need-- turkish media is saying six children drowned today. the boat was heading for lesbos when it sank. the second vessel was heading towards a greek island. turkey is a main transit point for those making their way to europe. about 2.2 million refugees are in turkey. when this toddler washed up on a beach it sparked worldwide outrage. the aunt say the authorities have approved to bring the family to canada. their original application had denied which led them to take the dangerous journey that led to the death of 30-year-old alan. when refugees survive their journey and arrive, poland's
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government says it doesn't plan on taking in any more people. those there are feeling increasingly unsafe. more from warsaw >> reporter: having your own restaurant may be a dream come true for many people, but for the owners of this place it is a constant reminder. he played for one of the warsaw's football teams. his career was interrupted after a racist attack left him with a broken arm, abuse from polish fans worry him down as well. he is-- wore him out as well. his son is how getting abuse i came to pick up my sons and a friend says to him, alex, monkey is here for you. my son was so embarrassed. he was seven years old. on i was looking at the teacher to do something. she didn't say anything.
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>> reporter: racism in poland is nothing new, but it is getting worse. they shouted about france here which is hardly sympathetic. in this demonstration in this city last week they chanted, rapes, beaten, murdered by the islamic hoarde. don't let this happen to you. they work with refugees who come to poland. he says the attacks in paris have given the for right all it needs to feel morally justified. the people with the refugees feel broken. they feel that they are invalidated with what happened. all their conversations, their points to tried to make, muslims were peaceful people was crushed with a single incident proving them wrong >> reporter: it is not only poland. attacks rocketed around
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countries. what worries many in countries like poland, is right wing governments which now say that migrants might be terrorists, are giving an open goal to violent racists. this cannot be used against any religion. you can fight catholic or christian terrorists who were devastating and killing people in other countries. >> reporter: in warsaw as elsewhere mosques have security nowadays to stop people putting pigs' heads through the windows. in just the same way antisemaism is growing too, they weren't stopped burning this. this is the type of thing that i.s.i.l. wants to see in europe on sunday a first free election in decades, the west
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african's nation first election since the leader was forced out. after 27 years in power, it was to be in october, but then scald. pole stations will be in the country. 14 candidates. it comes down to the top two. former prime minister and opposition leader. pope francis is speaking out against corruption in kenya. he told thousands of young people that corruption is the main obstacle to progress. >> reporter: you would be forgiven this is a concert or a political rally, but it was a rock star welcome for the pope. they say today was the highlight of his trip, the day he got to meet and listen to young people and the poor. he has been focusing on unity, reconciliation and family
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values. the message that was protect the family, protect the dignitiy of life. >> reporter: it is here speaking to young people in the country, including the president, that he gave the most political message. the pope spoke up very strongly against corruption, tribalism, terrorism. he said young people are the backbone of any country and urged leaders here not to ignore the youth. he said the fight against corruption goes hand-in-hand with economic empowerment for young people. >> translation: tribalism can destroy. it can mean having a hands hidden behind your backs and having a stone to throw at others. you won't be able to have a dialogue with each other if you don't listen to each other. you will have a division like dust, like a worm that grows in society. >> reporter: this man who came to see the pope told us that the message resonates with many in
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canberra. it is something eating up our society. i think the kennian leaders are listening and we will experience change after this visit i'm hoping. >> reporter: earlier the pop spent time with representatives of some of the country's settlements. he called on the authorities not to ignore the needs of the poor and to make sure that all sectors of the population get to live a degree any tied life. by the end of it all, he touched on the issues that the people wanted to hear, delivering a tough message in his gentle way delivers to ukraine, officials say it eleaves the country vulnerable to blackout. moscow halted gas delivers to ukraine while russian aircraft was to stop playing into the airspace. in the russian and territory of crime residents have-- crimea
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r res-- crimea, residents have been relying on generators. the crisis suggests that crimea is still dependent on the country. getting into north korea, a river route where trade and tourism are flushishing. plus ms world canada banned from china. where the pageants are being hold.
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comcast business. built for business. north and south korea have agreed to hold high level talks next month to mend ties and help both nations reconcile. north korea less heavily guarded border with china is a booming spot for tourism >> reporter: it's the unofficial way through north korea back door. a chinese tourist group along the river. this one goes right into north cran territory. >> reporter: just a couple of minutes from the chinese bank of the river we're in the north cran part of the river with north cran territory on either--
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north cran on either side. a chance to look into their neighbors. we haven't escaped the attentions of the traders who make a living from these rubbish visitors selling from their smilie boats. they didn't want to be filmed. this section of the river has become a floating market. all under the gaze of border guards who don't seem to care. the north koreans don't have much to sell, but our boat load of tourists seem to want what they do have. from food to cigarettes we are soon stocked up. then announced for seam north north korean bank notes
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ms world china says china - that's wrong. university of missouri world canada says china is blocking her from entering the country. she she wasn't allowed to board a plane in hong kong yesterday. she was headed to the competition on a chinese island. she is being targeted for speaking out for human rights abooss in china she said. is the chinese government why it is afraid to let in a beauty queen. ask them whether they would also bar olympic athletes from participating in the winter olympic games. what if they're of different or gen, or they challenge falon gong i spoke with her.
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i have been outspoken about the falon gong abusers in china. that is a sensitive topic for them. i'm doing this not just for myself. people who are being persecuted at this moment have lived through culture evolution. they have lived their entire life in fear. they don't know that they have a right to speak up for themselves any more. this trend of the communist party trying to use visa and family members as leverage to silence people abroad has been going on for way too long. i want to do my best to put a stop to this unhealthy trend you didn't see me, but i conducted that interview and it was really good. she says since her own spokenness, the chinese security forces who threaten her family who still live in china. a large chunk of an up s space rocket was discovered off the coast of england. u.k. authorities believe it is
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from the unmanned space xfalcon nine. that rocketed exploded in june. it was found more than 4,000 miles from the launch site. >> each year, nearly 12 million arrests are made in the united states. >> is this pretty full for you guys? >> no, no this is just average, i guess you could say. >> okay. >> that's the population of los angeles and new york combined, booked into thousands of local jails. >> do you know how long some of these men have been held here? >> mmmm. i don't, off the top of my head,


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