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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>>. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to the al jazeera newshour. i'm martine dennis in doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes - opposition forces make advances in the syrian province of aleppo. the latest on the fighting the pope in uganda on the second leg of his tour. we look at the hot button issues of contraessential and abortion.
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a gunman in an abortion clinic in colorado and high levels of sexual abuse and violence against children - we raise the alarm. first, fighters who were opposed to the syrian government say that they managed to retake 15 villages in aleppo province. in the push they killed 40 soldiers and other pro-government fighters. the armed group al nusra front released this video of what it said was damage caused by artillery shelling of a village. aleppo has for three years ban a battle ground between the army and other groups, it is strategically important as a lies on the border of turkey.
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aleppo is 300km north of damascus, is one of the oldest and syria's oldest industrial hub. more on this. hashem ahelbarra is in antakia in southern turkey. tell us about where you are, what you can hear and sea. >> i'm in an area not far from the syrian border. you might see behind me the mountains that syria, and that's where there's defensive fighting over the last 48 hours, syrian artillery pounding rebel conditions and they are trying to push it back. they now in control of the mountain and other areas. it's been a delicate situation. they are mounting a counter offensive back by russian
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fighters jets to dislodge the rebels from those areas. why the mountains? they are strategic, over looking the military post and villages composed by the government. >> if under the control of the government, we may hear the sound of military. it could be a blow to the government. so these opposition forces are saying that they managed to retake 15 villages, from what you are saying, the government is fighting back, and fighting back hard with support from russia. >> exactly. in 2012, the rebels launched surprise attacks, and managed to control half of aleppo. and moved east words. they control most of idlib, but latakia, all they managed to do is reach the peaks behind me,
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some of which they control. now, i've been talking to a senior members of the army, and he said that with some of the gains by the syrian government, but the problem was those backed by the government, and militias like hezbollah. they were confident that it would reunite a different military fashion and get support from the main backers like the europeans, the turkish, and saudis. they'd be able to repel the syrian army from the area it controls. >> thank you for the latest on the fighting on the border between syria and turkey. hashem ahelbarra, thank you now we can talk to retired lebanese army general who is joining us from beirut. thank you for talking to us. fro what you have heard about
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the theatre right now, fighting, do you think the combine ache, the coalition -- combination, the coalition can push out government forces and keep them out? >> yes, in general any combination would be united to have a position against the army attack in the region of aleppo. we have to understand thatta leppo is important. if you look at the military map, latakia is a priority, the military are there. they are interested in fighting syrian land forces and allies.
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yesterday the army had to withdraw from the tower, which is a strategic place. go to the east, and you find idlib, and areas that you still under the control of others, on the gate of latakia, 50km and the second priority, still, we have hard fighting there, and offensive, from the and then
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later those that had been arrested... >> right. >>..despite that, the air strike, the strategic of syrian army is to cut the highways, not to take over aleppo. it is a city still divided. they have to go to the eastern tides. you are palenting the pact of -- painting a picture of the a strategy, how does the bombing fit in to supporting bashar al-assad? >> you are talking about the turkmen. i think it was the strike
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against turkman for the incident but for turkey, not turkish citizen, they are very close to them. and they are are in a hard position, and it's difficult, you know. to fight them by land forces and for this reason they are making air strike against them. it was a priority for the russian. they are physically there, and the russians believe they are fighting in the north, their enemies, where they said
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thousand of islamic camp from russia, like something like this. for this reason i said we said that the syrian army, which launched a large offensive from the southern side to aleppo, did not enter-aleppo is aiming to control the southern side, the western side and to cut the highways. this is, in the short, you know. >> general, i'll have to interrupt you. thank you for giving us your comprehensive analysis of the situation in syria. we have to move on. the dispute between russia and
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turkey, the downed russian jet, close to the syrian border continues. russia is beginning wide-ranging sanctions. but president recep tayyip erdogan warned russia not to play with fire. >> reporter: strategic partners is now syria and russia was described. they were speaking with one voice on friday. >> i.s.i.s. militants received weapons. we are not talking parachutes. we are talking help from turkey. they made the decision to shoot down the jet. >> reporter: the mechanism, the vienna process, that it is hoped will find political settlement. >> translation: we have agreed a list of groups that will we
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excluded needs to by drafted. it needs to go through the u.n. security council. it is absolutely clear that without it political peace talks between moderate opposition and the syrian government cannot take place. >> in russia there were military honours. alexander was rescued trying to rescue a crew downed by jets. he and a pilot are viewed as heroes in russia. >> not in turkey. the protesters are calling russia's military as murderers. recep tayyip erdogan accused the russian president of playing with fire, bombing the opposition, propping up the government. >> translation: the day this incident happened, i requested a meeting with him. i wanted to hold a telephone
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conversation with him. he has not returned my calls. there's a climate change summit in paris, we can meet there and discussion the matters. >> reporter: for the moment the kremlin is not answering, it is ramping up economic pressure. russian inspectors are finding hygiene reasons for reject are rejecting produce. russia's bombing continues. these are some of the latest deadly strikes against some in idlib province, in a town near the border with turkey just to bring to your attention, this is the live scene in the western part of turkey. this is balakashire. there the president is about to open a school.
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we are marking this event. we'll keep our eye on president recep tayyip erdogan, when he starts to speak about things of international importance, which he might, we'll go back there in the meantime france is taking part in the air strikes in syria, and the french president is pushing for a grand coalition to take on i.s.i.l. francis hollande spoke at the commonwealth summit and addressed the need for support. >> translation: please allow me to tank countries. the u.k., i do hope that the house of commons will meet the request of david cameron, and i have in find germany, given on use. angela merkel confirmed that necessary actions in syria and iraq will be undertaken
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the search for those responsible for the attack in france is under way. a sixth person has been arrested. questions are asked about whether local politics in belgium is getting in the way of national security. >> reporter: awn oured personnel carriers. it's extra work for the police. incidents like this are a reminder for emergency services in brussels. there has been a problem. multiple layers of it administration. there are sim police force the ares. in this area. where the attackers lived. everyone is aware of the security threats. the woman that has been mayor says it's not fair to blame
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police, with limited budgets. to not attack. >> we didn't do enough. state security, justice systems and federal police didn't pay enough attention tore do enough -- or do enough. >> adding to it is the political set up. this is the national parliament. it's one of five in brussels. apart from the european parliament there's one for flanders, one for the french-specking community. some nationalist areas have accused the french speaking south to be too slack. it's not fair. flanders. >> they put their money. it kept its money.
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it's another strange situation from here. you can't say we are not responsible for molenbeek. it's in our country. part of the problem is depp depravation. they were known in belgium. it's known by security. >> reporter: the threat level has been lowered. it means a lot less finger pointing and a by politicians. >> gunmen attack a pace in northern mali.
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two piece keepers. it's been taken over by ethnic tuareg measures. violence has continued. i've been speaking to a spokesman and deputy director. communications at a peacekeeping mission in mallee. >> we had 20 people. including four. it seems like there is an investigation to know exactly what was it. we can then have more investigation to know the distance from where it was fired. it impacted inside the camp.
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because usually we had several in the past. that is usually outside the camps at this time. a lot more to come on the al jazeera. including... ..protests over the shooting of a black man shuts down the magnificent mile. >> the head of egypt's coptic church makes a visit to israel. we'll be live to jerusalem. >> and in sport andy murray attempts to lead britain to a first cup title in 17 years. sanaa with the latest. >> now to nigeria. shia muslims attacked 21
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injured. dozens were injured. a second attacker was stopped. no one claimed responsibility. boko haram carried out clar attacks in the the past. the crawled called muslims heretics. >> fran since has been celebrating an open air mass with over a million in attendance. he praised the shrine. killed in the 19th century, killed for refusing to renounce their faith. he arrived addressing the president. gay rights activists urged him to use the visit to address the issue of homophobia. >> many people want to have smaller families, catholic
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teachings makes this a dilemma. >> reporter: many of the women here have given birth. they referred to the clinic. on average. they'll have six children. this woman has eight, and comes because she doesn't want any more. >> translation: my husband duds are does not have a job, we have no way to earn money, we struggle to afford the needs of our children. she and her husband agreed they should undergo sterilisation. people that come to the health center should get free condoms and health. people here are waiting for implants for sterilisation procedures. a third of women in uganda,
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their partners, hughes contraception. the catholic church says it's wrong. the position on contraception and that of the catholic church is controversial. the official teaching is natural mods should -- methods should be used. this bish on defend natural contraception. it's more complicated. demanding more care and knowledge of the body. it is much more respectful of, indeed, the gift of life. experts say increasing access to family planning is crucial. if that does not happen. >> future generations could be
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trapped in poverty. they have to be sufficiently educated. >> if the population grows, then those conditions cannot be met. >> rose struggles. opting for sterilisation was a tough decision. she is one of 14 catholics. his faith means a lot. she had to reject what the church says about family planning, and she can't cope with more mouths to feed. the leader. egypt's coptic church is in israel for the first time in decades. he is attending a funeralal.
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his predecessor banned egyptian cops from travelling to jerusalem in protest. live to stephanie dekker. what is the pope there for, and why has he decided to make the trip? >> he is the second most important figure. which is why the church is stressing that this is not an official visit. the position has not changed. the late pope says in protest the occupation, occupied east jerusalem. the cops should not enter here without the muslims. they are keen to stress that.
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he knew the archbishop. >> we go down there. we saw the body arriving. a small procession to the church of the holly spectre to where it's taking place. keen to keep this low key, and stressing that the position has not changed. having said that. it has visited during easter to make the pilgrimage. there are other leading visitors, the head of the organization of islamic cooperation. the head of the maronite church. with the pope in 2014, it is not unusual. it's causing controversy. it's keen to stress that the position has not changed. >> stephanie dekker, live in the
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occupied east jerusalem. >> a shooting at a birth control clinic killed three people including a police officer. nine others were wounded before the suspect surrounded. the motive is uncontrary. the situation has been controlled. there's no other peril to the citizens. >> that marked the end of a standoff between the gunmen and the police. later, authorities revealed three died. >> unfortunately with the tragic situation today, we have to confirm that we have two civilian casualties on scene, and the death of one police officer. that officer has been identified as 44-year-old gareth swisse. a 6-year veteran of the colorado
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police department. before noon police responded after an emergency call that shots were shared. a white male with a long gun was described. officials determined it was a rifle. the suspect brought several bags with him to the scene. some were left outside. others brought into the building. this was a normal business day at planned parenthood. relatives came to the scene to check on family members inside. >> i heard shots, you know. people were shooting for sure. >> you heard. >> the phone. i talked to my sister over the phone. she couldn't talk. i heard someone was shooting. after starting fire. officers were convinced to surrender. >> we had officers inside the building, and the fers were able
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to shout to suspects and make communication with him. at that point they got him to surrender. he was custody. police do not no why the suspect chose to attack this planned parenthood center braziled environmental minister said the country will sue the owners of the mine. the company will be asked to reply more than $5 million. the dam triggered a mud slide wiping out a town and dumped toxic waste into one of brazil's main rivers. now to the weather, and snow to several bits of the united states. >> that's right. there has been a fair bit of snow and heavily rain as well.
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pits of flooding. not a nice holiday weekend. a waith of cloud across the central parts of the u.s., bringing nasty weather. not the best of conditions. this system here, this cold front. it marks the boundary between the milder and colder air. there's a fair bit of rain. there has been further flooding. there has been boar weather over the past couple of months, causing major problems. many residued from their homes and calves. there has been snow in nebraska where we had white-out conditions, blizzards streaming across the u.s. snow singing southwards, getting
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back to texas. for the remainder of seat, a wet one into texas. it will make its way eastwards going on through the course of monday. plenty of snow coming in, showers, rain, temperatures recovering. we'll see some respite. the rain continues. >> thank you very much indeed. more to come still on the al jazeera, including the indonesian president. speaking to us and appeals for help over forest fires at the upcoming paris climate change conferences and an election for the first time in nearlied decades. in sport a north korean weight lister giftses lesson in
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how to persist after failure. f how to persist after failure.
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time to look at the top stories. groups fighting the government see several villages, claim to have killed 40 soldiers and pro-government forces. al nusra front says it's inflicted major losses on government forces. francis has celebrated an open-air mass. a group of christians was killed for practicing their faith, urging ugandans to be missionaries at home.
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taking care of the poor, the ugandan gunmen attacked a base. two piece keepers killed. a u.n. spokesman says mortar shells were used to attack the compound. family members drowned off the coast of turkey, triggering an international outcry. the aunt of 3-year-old alan kirby said the canadian government approved the application to bring in a family. the original application was rejected. leading to an ill faith attempt to cross from turkey to greece. 25,000 refugees have been agreed, but it will take longer to bring them in an planned. >> many continue to arriving. more than 650,000 migrants and
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refugees reached the greek islands in after crossing the agean sea in turkey. most of them are fleeing war and persecution. iraq and afghanistan. now we can take a look at what kind of weather the refugees are facing. everton is here. >> cold and miserable sums it up. at least on the east, it is dry. you see the massive cloud swirling away. it's an area of low pressure. it's very, very heavy rain. where we have the weather system, and have seen massive downpours. cold, wet and miserable.
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average of around 90 millimetres in november. it's been wet. as a result of that, as one would expect, pictures coming from northern greece, towards the macedonian border where the refugees have been struggling to cope. there has been widespread flooding. they make it to the north. this is the weather that greets them, snow. weather continuing. heavy rain will remain across into the western parts of turkey. things brighten up. cold, cold by night and day. as we go into the latter part of the weekend, we look at heavy rain making its way to syria, lebanon and others. >> we'll go to northern greece to the macedonian border, and can talk to caroline, with the international red cross, and is
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joining us on the line. give us an indication as to how bad it is for refugees and migrants that are gathered there. >> it is a difficult situation. we have 1,500 migrants who are waiting at the borders because they are not allowed. many have been waiting for nine days, and more are arriving. we have pouring rains. and also we are expecting this to have a major effect on the health and wellbeing. understandably. you are talking about these people being in this dire situation for nine days.
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they succeed in crossing the border. going further north as most want them to do. >> this is something that we cannot decide on. we hope that there'll be a solution. people on the move. have a safe journey. taking it for a couple of hours. there's not enough shelter at the moment. this is why it's a difficult situation. rer looking at pictures of the iranian refugees, some who took the action of sowing their lips together. what is the situation with them right now? >> we have been treating them for some days with intravenous flue ides because, first of all,
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they -- fluids, because they have not eaten. i'm not personally aware. i'm heard that there are some protesters sown shut. >> as far as you are aware, where are the majority of the migrants or refugees coming from now. is it the conflict areas of syria and afghanistan and iraq. >> they are coming back with the migrants who are allowed to across the boarder all the time. i think the majority still, but there are iranis, pakistanis and other nationalities are stranded at the border area. >> caroline, thank you very much
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indeed for shedding light on the dreadful conditions that the refugees and migrants are having to endure. >> world leaders starting in paris for the u.n. climate change conference. poorer countries are seeking to highlight how they are suffering the effects of global warming. this hour the french president is meeting environmentalists, and there's a report revealing that chili is experiencing the longest and the worst drought history. it's seen a 30% drop in rain levels during a period in the last 100 years. it's been stressed that it's because of manmade climate change behind it. not natural cycles. >> indonesia will ask the world to restore the peak land forest during a conference in paris. fire destroyed billions of hectares. this has made indonesia the fourth largest greenhouse gas emitter ever the u.s., china and
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brazil. we sat with joko widodo fire in large parts of indonesia, a disaster for the climate and millions of team who had to breathe toxic air for months. after international criticism over the fire, the president joko widodo decided to travel to paris to ask for help. >> translation: it was very difficult for us, because this year we face el nino, which made everything dry and hot. so the fire is travelling vast. it goes into the peatland forest, it can burn game. in respect 29 planes and helicopter trying to douse the fires. they didn't have an effect al jazeera found on the ground that a lot of fires was caused by palm oil companies
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paper and poll okay. will you do law enforcement. >> there are 11 companies investigated. two are suspect. 286 people are being investigated. 60 are suspects. low enforcement is important. but restoring also ... okay, live to western turkey, there you see the turkish president recep tayyip erdogan addressing the crowds. let's listen in. >> relation to the refugees from syria, i should say there's nearly 100
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but despite knowing that, we do not prevent them doing what they are doing. until and unless unacceptable activities come to the surface. people on either side of the borders are relatives, they are related and they share the same or similar values and culture.
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borders which have been artificially drawn center caused pain and suffering for centuries. the bashar al-assad regime terrorist organizations causing civilians, incident people suffering. those that keep quiet, keep silent in the face of 308,000 deaths in syria. those that is an organization. quite obviously nothing but the
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product of a hidden project. and using it as an excuse, atta attacking innocent people is unacceptable. there's no difference to y.p.g. i.s.i.s. terrorist organization. what they do is commit crimes of humanity. let no one deceive no one. we went to syria u because they invited us, i'm sorry. if someone kills 380,000 people.
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if someone kills people, are you obliged to accept the invitation, they are not obliged. you only go there if you want to be there. he's not a victim. but in syria it's a legitimate terrorist regime. so i say let no one deceive no one. what is done. syria is not struggle against i.s.i.s. tore d.a.e.s.h., what is done is a global attempt, as parts of a global cancellation.
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there is no other country who is as genuine against i.s.i.s., as turkey. as turkey. they want security, peace and the people in syria want to be in security. i'd like to ask this, our brothers and sisters. >> those that run away from fire. where are they going to run? >> they are going to run to
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turkey. is there anywhere else they can run too. yes, there is. are they going to drawn or run away to other places. but the people in the other places do not let them to go in. >> our door is open to them. i will care with you. i will see it they have opened the door for them. do you know what they say. the turk members ano, thank you, we are not going to come. we will martyr in the lands, but we will not desert it. >> that is the picture. that's the picture.
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he will continue to bomb them, then you'll say this and that. the regime is bombing the area, and the regime does not give them the right to live. they are citizens from syria, and they are relations. despite the bombings, they are getting ready for the winter in the tent villages. we will continue to be with them. some come thousands of kilometres away. trying to and then they say to us, a country with over 900km of
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borer, trying to isolate us from our relations. i'm sorry, but we will never allow that or accept that or allow persecution of our brothers or relations. even in our own country. the party that supports the terrorism organization criticize us. criticize us and it's thought those that bomb are brothers? >> on whose side are you. if you can't be one and together on a day like this, when can we, whose side are we on.
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we cannot give our consent to this. there assist. remember moral liberation. it was our ordinary people who started the struggle against the enemy. the people that formed the revolutionary - turkey's revolutionary during the early stages during liberation. ordinary people in all province
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arinses. and everywhere else. individual incident. ordinarily people felt the risk of invasion by the army, starting against them. >> turkey is not a state of the tribal estate. >> i'm going to share with you a story. >> a farmer was cultivating his land. a shepherd preaches with his hurt and says i'm going to take the hurt. if i go around the blend. if i won't let my hurt through the land, through the land, it
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will be quicker. can i do that. the farmer says yes. so be it. gone. >> later the shepherd was surprised and said let me go through earlier. the farmer says if i allow you do go through the land again for a second time. it will become a trail. the land will no longer be mine. it will be a trail for i and others.
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similarly if you allow violation of air passion. it will become a trail, a habit which we cannot allow. therefore, we have to protect our flight of sovereignty. we have made all sorts of applications, communications at all levels. in peace. hoefr. this kind of violation cannot be considered to be well intended. the incident truly saddens us. we would never are wanted this to happen.
5:53 am
however, it is not possible to treat violations as visits from guests, because guests only go to a place when they are invited. we hope this doesn't retreat. never on the side of pain and suffering. in our region, in all peace, security and prosperity. so long as sovereignty is not challenged we are determined to consider relations within the boundaries of international law.
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we hope that the conflict, the recent conflict with russia will not bring about sadness and negative outcomes. so we say to russia, come, let's resolve the matter between us, talk about it, and keep it within its per timenters. let's not make others happy by falling against each other. on sunday, the united nations climate change has an
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opportunity to have the trial og and to try to resolve this matter. let's not forget turkey is important to russia. no country has the luxury to admit any other luxury. we are hopeful, and we hope turkey will come to this understanding. now due to suspect an olive oil facility. i'm going to go on to the gender island, where i'm going to visit
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the municipal office. and thus i will complete by visit. i am thanking every one of you for your support, for your perfection. [ technical difficulty ] the projects there we have the turkish president recep tayyip erdogan addressing people, supposedly opening a school. i don't think he made mention of the school or the college. he spent a lot of time talking about the geopolitical situation. hashem ahelbarra in southern turkey has been listening in to the president's remarks. and hashim, i was thinking a
5:57 am
remarkably conciliatory tone coming from president recep tayyip erdogan. >> exactly. different measures sent to the international community and to the russian president putting here, reaching out to the russians with a message of hope and reconciliation. we hope to talk to the russian presidents in paris, to escalate and put an end for crisis. >> at the statement reporting that turkey had to take action because it would no longer toll race air space. if we had to allow that to happen again. they would become common practice. therefore we sent a message saying you could not do that.
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>> it's interesting, isn't it, that we are trying to ascertain why turkey decided to shoot down the russian plane. talking about protecting sovereignty exactly. then you had two different accounts give over the last few days. they were saying we followed the rules of engage: when they were ignored we shot down the plane. we had no idea about the fighter jet. >> terribly sorry. if we could hold the thought for
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us, and stay with us, and, indeed, all the audience, stay with us. more news coming up.
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advances in the syrian province of aleppo. the latest on the fighting. welcome to al jazeera live from doha. i'm martine dennis live from doha. >> president recep tayyip erdogan issues a challenge to russia hot button issued of contraception and homophobia a gunman kills three at an


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