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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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advances in the syrian province of aleppo. the latest on the fighting. welcome to al jazeera live from doha. i'm martine dennis live from doha. >> president recep tayyip erdogan issues a challenge to russia hot button issued of contraception and homophobia a gunman kills three at an abortion clinic in colorado
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several villages in aleppo have been seized. the armed group al nusra front has released this video of what it says is damaged. damage having been caused by artillery shelling in the village. >> aleppo has been a key province. the city of aleppo it 300km north of damascus, is one of the oldest and syria's oldest industrial hub.
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>> president recep tayyip erdogan speak about the ongoing batting with i.s.i.l. >> there's no difference between ipg, bashar al-assad and i.s.i.l. they commit crimes against humanity. let no one deceive anyone. we went to syria because they invited us. if someone kils 380,000, if someone kills people, are you obliged to accept their infitation. >> hashem ahelbarra is in antackia. and was listening to the president's remarks. as we said earlier. he sounded conciliatory. >> he was iequivocal about the fact that he wants to meet with the russian president. putting an end to the crisis.
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and at the same time was defiant. his prosecution with the community. his focus that he is as bad as i.s.i.l. we have to take it into account. someone that killed more than 350,000 or 380,000. according to the turkish president. on one hand he is reaching out to the russians, at the same time telling the russians. that turkey has a different provision on how to move forward. the coalition has to be communicated, and they have to make it clear there are two targets. that bashar al-assad has to go and i.s.i.l. has to be defeated. >> he added the kurdish forces
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of northern syria. >> basically they say that they had not been comfortable with the international community, the french and the americans willing to provide military assistance to the kurdish factions to take on i.s.i.l. the turkish government has taken place, the factions are associated with the p.k.k. and has to be scene as a terrorist organization, and they will not take over once i.s.i.l. is defeated. they have no future in the places. they were trying to talk about the compromise to move forward.
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hashem ahelbarra - our correspondent in antackia. >> the turkish foreign ministry advised citizens into nonviolent travel. over the drowning of a jet. it has not responded to a request. the president is warning them not to play with fire. the prominent lawyer accused of turkish's kurdish rebels has been killed. he watt shot while making a press statement. he was detained for saying the p.k.k. was not a terrorist organization during a programme.
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a curfew has been imposed in the city. despite france taking part in the air strikes. the french president is going call out. trying to assemble a grand coalition. francis hollande has been speaking to the summit. not a member of the commonwealth. he addressed the forum. trying to get more support. please allow me to thang all the countries. the u.k. i hope that the house of commons will be able to meet the request of david cameron. they confirmed that germany would make available the necessary support for actions. >> the search continues.
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belgium police charged app sixth person. questions are arrived about whether local politics is getting in the way of national and european security. we have this report from brussels. >> reporter: armoured personnel carriers. on the streets. and reports of packages with substances that turn out to harmless means extra work for the police. incidents like this are a reminder for emergency services in brussels. there has been a problem. multiple layers of it administration. there are six police forces in this city alone. where the attackers lived. molenbeek, everyone is aware of the security threats. the woman that has been mayor
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says it's not fair to blame police, with limited budgets. to not blame attackers. >> we didn't do enough. state security, justice systems and federal police didn't pay >> adding to it is the political to chick the radical movements. this is the national parliament. it's one of five in brussels. apart from the european parliament there's one for dutcyh speaking region flanders, one for the french-specking community. some nationalist areas have accused the french speaking south to be too slack. when it comes to tackling journalism. this journalist says it's not entirely fair. flanked erts has not put its
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money. it has another strange situation. 5km from here, from molenbeek. you can't say we are not responsible for molenbeek. it's in our country. part of the problem is depp depravation. lock of programs for immigrant communities. they are calling for better security between national and locals. >> these people are known by a different biosecurity forces. the data didn't have the manpower to analyse the data, and there were difficulties getting data from one service to another. >> reporter: the threat level has been lowered for brussels. it means a lot less finger pointing and a by politicians. to east africa, and pope francis celebrated an open-air mass with over a million in
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attendance. earlier he prayed at the shrine, honouring a group of christians killed for refusing to announce their faith. the pontiff arrived on friday and addressed the president and m.p.s. gay rights activists urged them to use the visit to address the issue of homophobia in uganda. >> uganda is one of the fastest growing populations in the world. many want to have smaller families, but this is often a dilemma. we have this report from central uganda. >> translation: many of the women here have recently given birth and were referred to family planning clinics. if they promised previous generations, they'll have more than six children. this woman has eight. she comes because she doesn't have any more.
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>> translation: my husband does not have a job. we struggle to afford the needs of children. she and her husband agreed to undergo sterilisation. people who come to the health center get free condoms, pills and inceptions. the women waiting to go in, implants and sterilisation procedures. a third are using contraception but the catholic church says all methods are wrong. >> pope francis is seen as progressive. his digs on the catholic church is controversial. the teaching is that people should use natural messages. failure rates are high. this bishop defends contraception. >> it's more complicated,
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demanding attention, care and knowledge of the body. it is much more respectful of, indeed, the gift of life. >> reporter: there's always life on the streets. there's always plans to slow the booming population. if that doesn't happen, they say future generations could be trapped in poverty. . >> for the population to support us, they have to be heldy, skilled and they have to be sufficiently educated. if the population grows, then those conditions cannot be met. >> rose struggles. for her children and many more. opting for sterilisation was a tough decision.
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traditionally people favour big families. she is one of 14 catholics. she comes to this church for many weeks. his faith means a lot. she had to reject what the church says about family planning, and she can't cope with more mouths to feed. gunmen attack a base in northern mali. two piece keepers were killed. up to five rockets landed in the compound. in 2012, northern mali was taken over by rebels and fighters. a french led military cooperation drove them out. violence continued. we have been speaking to the spokesman and deputy director of communications at the peacekeeping mission in mali. >> we had 20 people wounds,
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including four. it seems like there is an investigation to know what was it. there was more investigation to know the distance from where it was fired and so on. what impacted inside the camp usually we had several shells in the past. usually it worked outside of the camp. this time it is the camp. >> still to come on the programme - lost childhood campaigners in guatemala raise the alarm over high levels of sexual abuse against children. plus. burkina faso set to vote in its first election in nearly three decades.
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>> our american story is
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written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. hello again. you are with al jazeera. let's look at the top stories. groups fighting the syrian government see several villages. claiming to kill 40 soldiers and government forces and nelson mandela said it inflicted losses con government forces. the turkish president has been speaking, and defended his actions in syria. and said the bashar al-assad
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regime are all on the - they are all the same. he expressed sadness saying that he wished it had not happened. >> gunman attacked a u.n. base in northern mali. two were killed in the town. mortar shells were used to attack the compound. >> shooting in a birth control clinic in colorado killed three people. nine others were wounded in the standoff. the perpetrator is in custody, the situation resolved, there's no peril. that marked the end to a standoff between a gunman and police. later, authorities revealed that three people had died.
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>> unfortunately with the tragic situation today, we have to confirm that we have two civilian casualties, and we have the death of one police officer. that officer has been identified as gareth swisse, a six-year veteran of the colorado police department. before noon police responded to the planned parenthood after a call that shots were fired in the clinic. calls described a white male having a long gun. officials determined it was a rifle. the suspect brought several bags to the scene. some were left outside. this was a normal business day at planned parenthood. with staff and patients inside. relatives came to the seen to check on family members inside. >> i heard some shots from
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people shooting, for sure. >> you heard. >> yes. i talked to my sister over the phone. she couldn't really talk. i heard that somebody was shooting. >> after exchanging fire, police say officers were able to convince the gunmen to verandah. >> we got officers inside the building and they were able to make communication with the suspect, and at that point they were act get him to surrender. he was custody. >> police do not know why the suspect chose to attack this planned parenthood center brazil's environment minister says the government's planning so sue the owners of a mine for a dam burst this month. the company will be asked to pay more than $5 billion in damages. the dam burst triggered a mud
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slide wiping out a town and dumping toxic waste into a main river the family members of a syrian boy that drowned off the coast of turkey will be resettled in canada. the aunt of 3-year-old says the government approved her application to bring in the family. originally it was rejected which is what led to an ill faith journey. canada plans to accept 25,000 refugees, but says it will take longer to bring tham in than planned -- than bring them in than planned. >> schools arriving despite worsening weather conditions. >> more than 650,000 migrants and refugees reached the greek islands in after crossing the agean sea from turkey.
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most are fleeing war and persecution in syria, iraq and afghanistan in northern greece, hundreds of people are stranded after macedonia shut its borders, average temperatures plunge below freezing. caroline is with the international red cross and has been telling us about the conditions facing those stranded on the greece-macedonian border. >> it is a difficult situation. we have approximately 1,500 migrants racing at the borders. many have been waiting for nine days, and more are arriving on buses each day. we are really concerned about their welfare. as mentioned. we have pouring rain here yesterday. everything flooded, and we are expecting many. this will have a major effect on
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the health. we hope there'll be a solution so life will be protected and people on the move. it used to be a camp where people waited. there's not enough shelters at the moment. many of those people in northern greece are having to deal with the macedonian fence. this is a popular route used by the people. the barrier is similar to the one put up by hungary on its borders, to keep people out. >> gunmen shot dead four police men. this is according to the state-run newspaper which says
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attackers opened fire at a security checkpoint. no one claimed responsibility. it's a final day of campaigning. 14 candidates from in the race, including this man. he served as prime minister. al jazeera's correspondent has more. >> a photo exhibition on the streets. every day human rights displaced forces. days to go until the presidential elections, he doesn't want the revolution to be adopted. >> it's important that people remember. the expression by use of the
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country. democracy and human rights. the political crisis began when the president attempted to change the constitution to stay in power. the move met with anger. >> thousands of people poured on to the streets. the president from the ivory coast. >> translation: i can't describe my feelings the moment blaise compaore left the country, i was proud we accomplished a new task. >> reporter: a new government was put in place, charged with organising elections, two months ago. the powerful presidential group detained the leaders. quick actions helped to restore the administration.
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elections will bring the transition to an end. some are skeptical that it will bring real change. >> the people are watching the candidates closely. there's no one that will not place there. that has not stopped the young weem coming out. in the absence of a sitting president. >> now to nigeria. suicide bombers attacked muslims killing 21 people. a second attacker was stopped before detonating his bomb in peru, clashes for a fifth straight day. riot police used water canons.
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16 were arrested. everywhere others were injured. the workers were demanding higher payments now, the country has the second highest rate of chilled murder. >> david mercer has more. >> it's a safe house for young victims of violence. >> all of us here have been sexually called. some have babies of their own. we can't show their faces. and only with the help of psychologists are the girls able to talk about their past. >> it's really hard to hear the
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girl's stories. they arrive with low self yest eem. >> they lost their childhood because of this abuse. stereo it's one of the world's violent countries, a reality that they cannot escape. >> every hour, 15 children disappear. many are dead. some horribly disfigured. brutal acts in the country's history. >> culture is an every day part of life. the challenge is to strengthen institutions and reinforce the rule of law. guantanamo authorities tried to stop violence against children. a more focused approach led to arrests and prosecutions. advisor insist more needs to be
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done. officials - we should not tolerate these kind of things. we need to show that we can protect kids and whoever hurts a child will go to gaol. the protection specialist believes they could make it a priority. >> international pressure could help the government. we need people from the outside to show it's not normal. >> the attorney-general wants to create teams to fight crime. with the country's most
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vulnerable, the change could not happen second enough. >> if you want to find out more about what david uncovered. go to the website. and the day's breaking news on the web page, and the developing story as well. i'm ali velshi. on target tonight, america's new asylums. why the mentally ill are more likely to end in prison rather than in hospital. criminal justice reform has become a rallying cry for liberals and conservatives alike. it has been a major focus for president obama in last years of his term.


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