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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour with me peter in doha and coming up, in the next 60 minutes opposition forces make advances in the syrian providence of aleppo and the latest on the fighting there. turkey's president expresses sadness over the russian plane bombing and saying he wishes it hadn't happened. pope francis brings message of peace and reconciliation for the people of uganda. suspected killing three people in the u.s. state of colorado
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has been identified. ♪ welcome to the program fighters opposed to the syrian government say they have taken several villages south of aleppo city and the province that borders turkey has been a key battleground for three years and has more from the turkish-syrian border. >> reporter: syrian rebels on the offensive, marred by divisions and short of weapons they are advancing on the city of aleppo. many factions have established a joint command center. this video appears to show them attacking government military posts in southern aleppo. the armed group el nusra front taking part in offensive and fighters played a significant role in the push to capture the
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village and syrian rebels say government forces are backed by thousands of fighters from iran, iraq and hezbollah. >> syrian army is to cut the highways, you know, not to take over aleppo, aleppo as a city i think has been divided and they have to go to the eastern side. >> reporter: behind these mountains is another major front line, government troops have been shelling these peaks which were recently captured by turkmen fighters, it overlooks the city of latakia and one over president's bashar al-assad strongholds and backed by russian planes are trying to secure the area. and as the fighting continues near the border with turkey there are growing fears of regional conflict. the russians and iran are staunch allies of president
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assad while the turks western and gulf nations insist the syrian president must go. believe the russians used this of the chances of staying in power and i.s.i.l. can only be defeated if president assad steps aside, al jazeera, on turkish border with syria. iranian media reporting today a brigadier general with the revolutionary guard killed in fighting near aleppo and he commanded it and dozens of fighters and guard commanders have already been killed in syria. since the russian intervention the guard has expanded its role in support of president assad's forces. turkish president erdogan has been speaking about the on going battle against i.s.i.l. >> translator: no differences between the apg, assad and i.s.i.l. terrorist organizations
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and they commit crimes against humanity and let no one deceive anyone. we went to syria because they invited us. if someone kills 380,000 people and someone kills its own people are you obliged to accept their invitation. >> reporter: we are live in istanbul and given what mr. erdogan has been saying in the last couple of hours was there anything new in there? >> i mean in terms of no but it's a reiteration and it is significant that erdogan continues to under line this message because in this broad coalition of countries who claim to be combatting i.s.i.s., it is yet another example that they do not see eye to eye on everything so for example the kurdish fighters that are fighting i.s.i.s. and some parts of syria are supported by washington and russians who claim to be attacking i.s.i.s. actually support the assad regime and
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what erdogan is saying actually both the assad regime as well as kurdish fighters are just as bad as assad regime and puts a lot of the blame for the blood shed that is unfolding continually on a daily basis in syria at the doorstep of the assad regime because twier to the crack down of assad's army of the people and killing of 300,000 syrian people there was no i.s.i.s., there was no i.s.i.l. and for erdogan or from erdogan's perspective, yes, the countries or the international community has to deal with i.s.i.l. but they also have to deal with what he believes to be the cause of this and that is firmly in his point of view the assad regime. >> in that very same speech mr. erdogan is close to the border of syria and turkey and let's listen to what he has to say. >> translator: the incident truly saddens us and never would have wanted this to happen,
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however, it is not possible for us to treat such violations as weeded from guests because guests only go to a place when they are invited and we truly hope this is not repeated, we are never on the side of pain and suffering in the region and all the world that we seek is peace, security and pros party. >> so jamal that was not actually an apology but does it take them closer to a sit-down meeting, the turkish government talking to vladimir putin as they sit around the table on monday in paris for that climate summit? >> well, that would appear that for the intention of erdogan he has actually said in the same speech he has submitted or he has reached out to the kremlin to try and arrange a bilateral meeting during that climate change summit in paris. it's important to note that shortly after the downing of that jet according to both the kremlin and the turkish presidency erdogan did attempt
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to set up a phone call with putin but that was rejected or turned down, rather by putin obviously still very angered at that incident. erdogan again is just going on with the same point of view he has been trying to articulate since the downing of that jet last tuesday which is that number one turkey was unaware of the identity of the jet and did not target it because it was russian and it targeted it because it was unidentified aircraft in the space and turkey doesn't want to escalate the situation but it was acting as far as it is concerned as self-defense and number three that there needs to be some sort of communication between turkey and russia because although they don't see eye to eye on syria they do share a lot of common or mutual interests particularly economic and business ones so he is continuing in that, obviously the kremlin saying that nothing
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short of an apology from turkey will help mend the situation but doesn't seem like an apology will be made at least in the public. >> let's go now to talk about president erdogan's apparent effort to reach out to the russians and director of the middle east program at the wilson center in washington d.c. and is the mute music here now lifting and sounding sweet enough so two men can have a face-to-face conversation about the downing of that jet? >> well, it depends of course whether or not vladimir putin wants to talk to president erdogan and i think i don't know the answer to that. i think putin may want to kind of make sure that erdogan pays a really big price for this so this is clearly a case where erdogan over reached and it was a mistake to shoot down the airplane and initially after the
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shooting down erdogan was very bombastic about it and said we will do it again so on and so forth but as putin had pressure on erdogan that the turks are now realizing this was a huge mistake and i think everyone realizes it was a big mistake and a plane was shot down in syria three years ago and erdogan said at the time in violation of the air space is no reason to attack and now he did the exact same thing for the 17-second violation. so the russians are understandably up set but i actually think that even turkey's nato allies are up set because this has given putin the excuse to bring a huge amount of military equipment into the region including s 400, very sophisticated missiles and this is going to make american and allied bombing aids over syria much more difficult because they have to worry about this very
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sophisticated system, even if they have no intentions of shooting down american airplanes and offices, generals are cautious when it comes to these things so all along this has been a terrible mistake on the part of erdogan, completely unnecessary one and now he is paying the price for it. and putin is probably enjoying this and he is going to make sure erdogan really pay as price especially because erdogan and putin are on opposite sides of the assad crisis and syrian crisis and so i can see putin almost and can visualize him kind of snubbing on cameras erdogan just to make it look and make erdogan even more humiliated if you want. >> will mr. putin want to go further than he has gone so far? there is talk this week of economic sanctions. >> he has already introduced a
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series of economic sanctions and telling tourists not to go to turkey and look 4 1/2 million tourists from russia went to turkey every year and even though the russians don't spend as much money as europeans do nonetheless this is a large number of tourists and a number of foreign exchange in turkey and he also is eliminating visa travel and kicking out turkish businessmen who came to russia with tourist visas. he is doing all this and has a limit to what he can do. they are not going to touch this between the two countries. turkey gets 60% of gas from russia and this is not a case where russia can turn off the gas because russia needs the money that turkey pays for the gas and turkey can't do without the gas. so there are natural limits if
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you want to the economic sanctions. and also i think putin has to be careful not to push the envelope too far because that will back fire on him too. a certain amount of sanctions will be accepted and damage to russia may not be that significant but beyond that he should not do what he did when he posed sanctions on europe and destroyed europeans up and pushed the prices up in russia for basic food stuff. so that is another limit he has. and, thirdly, he should not look very vengeful and enough to punish turkey but not beyond that and you don't know where he will standard and we are talking about to confronting each other and to the large extent the outcome of this depends on specific calculations and not necessarily the interests of
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turkey and the interests of russia. i think this is driven by two leaders who are very powerful and have a great deal of domestic support and think they can get away with a lot. >> is part of the problem the narrative where you are in washington and could it be this, that there has been assumption on the part of the u.s. led coalition or the united states one should say that there were two main strands to this. issue one you have a second-term president who doesn't want to get involved beyond the involvement they already established and not least because they don't have any vested interests here and not see a rerun of what we saw way back in 1991 and even 2003 so that is an issue. so folding that together with this relationship, this bad relationship now between moscow and ankara makes it doubly worse. >> yes, absolutely. now there is an interesting twist to this, after paris, after the events in parry --
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paris you saw the mobilization in the world of what can be done about i.s.i.s. and to some extent this has allowed the event, the shooting down has allowed russia to essentially move away from the consensus and if russians want to take revenge on the turks they can deepen their relationship the americans and the europeans and kind of try to isolate turkey in that although it's difficult to do it but to some extent show that what the turks have done is not going to effect their policy but it is true that the united states this is a complication and the united states already as you said does not want to get too involved in this and doing what it does a lot by bombing, by coordinating with the kurds and coordinating with other forces, by training the moderate rebels and so on and so forth so i think it's doing a lot. what this crisis creates is
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another level of complication that now you have to mediate between the russians and the turks and need to figure out ways this doesn't escalate, you need to bring back the russians and the turks to the table and of course the consequences of as i mentioned earlier of all this military equipment that is flowing in from russia into syria which modern making and assad is safe will make life much more difficult for alliance and for the u.s. it's a huge complication and creating a crisis that was completely unnecessary and it just plays of washington is that why should we get involved in a crisis where we have so many different actors and they can't seem to play by any rules whatsoever and cannot think strategically. >> all right, thank you. >> thank you. the gunman killed a
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prominent pro-kurdish lawyer accused of supporting the kurdish rebels and tahir-elci shot while making a statement and plain clothed people fired on them and saying on t.v. the pkk is not a terrorist organizations and prosecutors seeking more than seven years in prison for propaganda. the christian church makes a rare visit to israel and we will have more from occupied east jerusalem. plus violent protests by refugees as macedonia begins erecting a fence and we have the latest where belgium and u k are fighting to take the upper hand. ♪
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kenya's ministry of inter interior arrested two men and accused of working on behalf of iranian intelligence and reportedly traveled to iran last month and investigators believe they may have been plotting attacks in the country. pope francis preached a message of reconciliation and peace to uganda today. thousands gathered in the capitol to listen to the pontiff. pope francis arrived in uganda on friday for the second stage of his tour and he gave mass for christians killed in the 19th century for refusing to denounce their faith animal malcolm is there and is live and what did he have to say, malcolm? >> well, he said that people should turn hate into love when they are hated or have hostile approaches from their neighbors or other people, they should turn that reaction into love and
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possibly referring to some of the conflicts that uganda has been involved in and also the conflict in somalia between the group el shabab and the u.n. peace keeping forces which is the main provider of troops and terrorist attacks here in 2010 during the world cup final there, el shabab armed group set off two bombs and have not been any since then but a conflict going on between uganda military and that armed group. and also said people should become mich missionaries and nothing as striking as in kenya where he came out very strongly against corruption and inequality. >> uganda has a population of 40% of being catholic, has he talked directly to any of the big issues they want to discuss and heard what they want to hear? >> well, the people we spoke to said they were hoping for
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blessings and people were very excited just to see him. when he passed here a few hours ago on the other side of a metal barricade there there was a crowd of ten deep and ocean of arms waving in the air and camera phones and people trying to take a picture and in some cases before he started speaking some people left because they wanted to get a picture and wanted to see the man passing and didn't want to stay and hear the message. many did stay. it was a fairly short speech here but a lot of the people we have spoken to were hoping for blessings and good luck and people brought small children and hoping it will help the small child if they get to see the pope and help them with the future of the rest of their life and have spoken to people here today that are not catholic and interested and christians and denominations and just curious and want to see this very influential figure and rare visit from an influential visit in campala.
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thank you, the leader of the orthodox church is in israel in the first visit in decades and the pope has been attending a bishop's funeral there and predecessor banned egypt cops from travelling to israel at the occupation of east jerusalem and stephanie decker is in east jerusalem with the latest. >> reporter: the coptic church says this is not an official visit but an extraordinary visit and human visit because the two men were friends and pope the second was a personal friend of the archbishop and went to university together and the position he held, the head of the coptic church in the holy land and passed on wednesday and this is why he is here paying respects and leading the funeral and the church says he will not be visiting any official, any religious places here and finishing the funeral and will be returning to egypt because they know the sensitivity of this issue. so certainly that is the message they say it has not changed not from the late pope when he said
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1979 when israel and egypt signed those peace accords that that cops and muslims should be entering jerusalem together and say that is still the case and they do not want this to be seen as a change in policy. again, an extraordinary visit and once this is done we will be returning to egypt. gunmen attacked a u.n. base in northern mali killing two peace keepers from guinea and a civilian and u.s. civilian says mortar shells were used to attack the town and in 2012 they were taken over by rebels and al-qaeda linked fighters and a military operation drove them out and violence continued and they have 850 soldiers serving in mali and we spoke to the spokesperson and deputy director of communications at the u.n. peace keeping mission in mali and says attack is the attempt to end this and signed with separatist fighters in june.
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>> it's a mixed mission and it's a peace process months ago. we are in the implementation phase. we know that some forces don't want peace to happen and our job is to make it happen and we will do everything so it can happen. >> now, shooting at a birth control clinic in the u.s. state of colorado killed three people including a police officer. the suspect has now been identified as a 57-year-old robert deer and nine others were wounded in the standoff before he surrendered and motive for the attack is still unclear and jim reports. >> reporter: the perpetrator is in custody, the situation has been resolved, there is no continuing peril to citizens of colorado springs. >> marked the end of a five hour standoff between a gunman and police at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs, later authorities revealed that three people had died. >> unfortunately with this
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tragic situation today, we asked to confirm that we have two civilian casualties on scene and we have the death of one police officer. >> reporter: that officer has now been identified as 44-year-old garrett swazie a six year veteran of colorado springs police department. just before noon friday police responded to the planned parenthood building after an emergency call that shots were fired inside the clinic. initial calls to describe a white male having a type of long gun, officials have sense determined it was a rifle. police also say the suspect brought several bags with him to the scene, some were left outside, others were brought into the building. this was a normal business day at planned parenthood clinic with staff and patients inside. relatives came to the scene to check on family members inside. >> i heard some shots, you know, so the people were shooting for
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sure. >> you heard that? >> yeah, on the phone because i was talking to my sister over the phone and she couldn't really talk and i heard that somebody was shooting. >> reporter: after exchanging fire police say officers were able to convince the gunman to surrender. >> we did get officers inside of the building at the planned parenthood and the officers were able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him and at that point they were able to get him to surrender and he was taken into custody. >> reporter: police say they still don't know why the suspect chose to attack this planned parenthood center. jim with al jazeera, colorado springs. now the macedonia army started erecting a metal fence on southern border of greece and popular used by refugees trying to reach western europe and similar to the one erected to
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keep out asylum seekers and this is at the macedonia, greece border and we have a u.n. refugee agency on the macedonia side of the border. >> there has been an incident this morning some time ago where the group has been over ten days on the bangladesh mixed group and started throwing stones at the macedonia police and several police officers were injured. we don't know yet how badly they are injured. i don't have information about that. but as a reaction to in the police started using some tear gas bombs for some short while to disburse the crowd. and deployment of police and military along the border here across the point where the
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refugees and migrants cross the border and for the time being the situation is again calm, under control but there is heavy police presence and we see that the further at the moment as we speak they have more barbed wire. >> alexander across from the u.n., coming up, a k578 a campaign in guatemala and sex abuse and they are set to vote in reelections in nearly three decades and in the sports news the rugby grade is given a traditional send off in new zealand. ♪
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>> we're closing that cycle. it's very easy for us to have 100% recycled material. >> we're the first plant in north america to be energy positive. >> a lot of these small businesses are recycling for economic reasons. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. welcome back, you are with al jazeera and i'm peter with the top stories groups fighting the syrian government says they seized several villages in aleppo and the ul nurse ra front
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-- el nusra front and sadness on the turkish plane on the syrian border and says he wished it didn't happen. reconciliation and piece to uganda and arrived in uganda for the second stage of his african tour and celebrated mass at a shrine and honors christians killed in the 19th century for refusing to renounce their faith. british prime minister david cameron is denying he suggested that a military only strategy would be successful in driving out i.s.i.l. and says the uk cannot wait for a political solution before intervening in syria and his comments came at the common wealth summit in malta. >> i.s.i.l. is being targeted and not anybody else, when it comes to the military contribution this is about helping our allies and other countries from the air, it's not
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about uk ground troops. it's also about having a whole strategy and didn't believe he can solve this problem through extra military action alone and need the force of the political and diplomatic strategy and of course the vital reconstruction work we would do after the war in syria is over. >> the search for those responsible for the paris attacks continues and belgium police charged a six person and whether local politics in belgium is getting in the way of security and we are from brussels. >> reporter: armored personnel carries on the streets of brussels saying things are far from back to normal and the scare at the grand mosque when a suspicious powder in a letter here determined to be harmless is extra work for the police. incidents like this are a reminder of demand being put on emergency services in brussels but for years there has been
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another problem and that is multiple layers of administration. for this city alone there are six police forces. in the district where some of the paris attackers lived everyone is particularly aware of the ongoing security threats but the woman who has been mayor here for the last three years says it's not fair to blame the police with a failing budget for failing to stop attackers. >> translator: we did not do the night for the phenomenon of radicalization and state security, justice system and police probably didn't pay enough attention or do enough to check the read call moments and preaches. >> the country's unique political set up. this place is belgium's national parliament but just one of five parliaments in brussels apart from the european parliament there is one for the dutch speaking and one for the french speaking and one for the brussels region. some nationalist politician who
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want belgium to split in two parts said the south is too slack when it comes to tackling terrorism but this journalist says that is not entirely fair. >> they have not put its money in brussels. it kept its money and at the same time the problems in brussels can grow and grow. and it's five kilometers from molenbeck and says we are not responsible for it because it's our country and it's part of us. >> reporter: for the opposition greens part of the problem is deprivation and lack of communities and need security help from local administration. >> the people were known and known in belgium by different security forces but the data we didn't have the man power to analyze the data and at the same time we see there were difficulties getting the data
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from one service to another. >> reporter: it has been lowered and making people feel safe is a lot less finger pointing and action by the politicians, brussels. the family members of the syrian boy who drown off the turkish coast triggered an international out cry are to be resettled in canada and three-year-old allen kurdy says the canadian government approved her application to bring in her family, her original application was rejected and led to the family's ill-fated attempts to go from turkey to greece and canada will take 25,000 refugees but take longer to bring them in than had been originally plan d planned. scores of refugees continuing to arrive on the greek island despite worsening weather conditions and 650,000 migrants and refugees have reached the island this year after crossing from turkey, most often fleeing war and prosecution in syria, iraq and afghanistan.
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well, in the north of greece where hundreds are stranded after macedonia shut the border for refugees temperatures often plunge below freezing in winter months and we have the international red cross and telling us about the conditions stranded on the greek macedonia border. >> reporter: well, it is indeed a very difficult situation. we have approximately 1500 migrants who are now waiting at the border because they are not allowed to, many of them have been waiting for already up to nine days and the more are arriving on buses each day so we are really concerned about the welfare. as was mentioned we have pouring rain here yesterday. everybody is flooded. and also we are expect iing mor so this will have a major impact on health and hoping for a swift solution so life would be protected and people on the move
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could have a safe journey. used to be an example of people and waited for a couple of hours because there is not enough shelter at the moment and this is why it's such a difficult situation. >> world leaders gathering in paris on monday for the u.n. climate change conference and poor r countries are seeking to eliminate how they are suffering global warming and protests in several cities around the world and activists turned out in force in manila to press demands for actions and the philippines has more to lose than many others when it comes to global warming and increasingly strong typhoons devastated the country in resent years. in tokyo protesters led by a polar bear shouted action now and has billions by the year 2020 and this is in brisbon and
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a number planned across australia and demanding action by the government. barack obama is heading to the summit with a plan to reduce carbon emissions in the u.s. by 26% over the coming years and at home he has challenges than more than half of the u.s. states and kristen reports now from west virginia where they are leading the charge to overturn it. >> now this is our fabrication shop. >> reporter: the machines that make and refurbish coal mining, equipment here are quiet, the company down to a four-day working week. coowner tom curbman laid off more than two thirds of his workforce in the past three years. >> we used to do as many as 30 of these in a year and you can see we are not very busy right now. >> blames competition from natural gas and president obama's clean power plan, federal regulations meant to
10:38 am
drastically reduce carbon emissions. >> when you take an ax to a problem rather than a small pairing knife you tend to hurt whole segments of the society. >> reporter: beckley, west virginia is coal country and mining, deep roots on display at a museum replicating a coal camp where retired miners lead through a mine of the 1800s. >> hard work. >> reporter: he says coal companies are not only making and hiring less and paying less in taxes and that means less money for local schools. >> if we have a leader that the people think is trying to take their bread and butter off the table wouldn't you fight back? >> reporter: west virginia gets 95% of its power from coal and perhaps it's not surprising the state is leading the fight against president obama's clean power plan but west virginia is
10:39 am
not alone in opposition, some 27 states in total have filed legal actions to stop the plan from moving forward. but experts say the united states can't reach its goal of reducing emissions by at least 26% without tougher standards for the coal industry. >> clean power plan is the single most important piece of climate change regulation that epa has promulgated to date and that is because it tackles greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector which is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the united states. >> reporter: democrats and coal states have asked the president to do more to promote carbon capture technology which they say would allow for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions while still using coal to preserve their way of life as well as the planet for future generations. kristen with al jazeera, beckley, west virginia. well, during that paris conference indonesia will ask
10:40 am
the world to restore the fore forests and it made indonesia the fourth biggest greenhouse g gas emitter and we sat down with the president. >> fire in large parts of indonesia during the dry season, a disaster not only for the environment and the global climate but also to millions of people who are to breathe toxic air for months, after international criticism over the fire the president has decided to travel to paris to ask for he help. >> translator: it's very difficult for us because this year we face el nino and made it very dry and hot and really fast and this fire goes into big land forest they can burn four meters deep and had 29 planes and helicopters trying to dows the
10:41 am
fires but they didn't have any effect. >> reporter: what al jazeera found on the ground is that a lot of fires were actually caused by companies and oil companies and by paper and pulp companies so what are you going to do about these companies? are you going to do strict all enforcement and punish them. >> translator: 11 companies being investigated to already declared suspect and 286 people are being investigated and 60 are suspects and law process is underway and law enforcement is important with restoring the land also. >> if you go to the provinces it is still sorry to say it's quite a mess. there is a lot of corruption and miss management in the forest. what are you going to do about that? >> translator: what we will do is have one policy. if we give license to company for the forest it will be clear who is responsible. it should be clear there should
10:42 am
not be any overlap. >> but how are you going to prevent local leaders to not be corrupt and give licenses to companies they are not allowed to give? >> translator: we will review all the old licenses. if companies were given license in conservation forests we will take away the licenses. >> reporter: this year's fires have cost indonesia $30 billion u.s. dollars and the president hopes to convince countries to contribute to indonesia climate change fund. >> translator: we all have to have the same commitment especially the large industrialized countries who have a huge part of winning the environment and also the deflighting countries have to be given one to improve the environment. if nobody cares about these we cannot succeed.
10:43 am
>> reporter: he did not make clear how much money indonesia needs but with another el nino in 2016 many are skeptical the country will be ready to prevent another disaster. al jazeera. the saudi-led coalition carried out air strikes on boats they say were smuggling supplies to houthi rebels in yemen. vessels were hit in a port in the province and this is the first time the coalition has carried out such strikes against shipping and we have more. >> translator: the saudi-led coalition carried out eight raids in the province targeting a number of boats allegedly carrying arms, ammunition, and fuel for the houthi rebels. the smugglers are indian and asia sailors and carried out from the part of the coastal strip stretching more than 200
10:44 am
kilometers, the yemen army has not maintained security because they do not have marine capabilities and the area is vast and saudi-led coalition gave previous warnings to the boats and all facilities where yemen production is supported from and it's an area that the houthi rebels along fighters loyal to deposed saleh have been trying to control since the start of the conflict and reports that africa mercenaries are fighting with houthi rebels along the border with saudi arabia and last week pro-government said they arrested 850 african fighters. final day of campaigning where voters will choose a new leader for the first time in almost 30 years, 14 candidates are in the race for elections on sunday including this man who served as prime minister and ousted president's government and mohamed now from there.
10:45 am
>> reporter: on the streets maiduguri and this is last october and days to go until the country's presidential elections and he says he doesn't want the revolution forgotten. >> translator: it's important that people remember what happened on october 2014. the struggle for a change and youth of the country are there for a change and to democracy and human rights. >> reporter: the political crisis began when president ruled bakino-fosso tried to stay in power and the move was met with anger. thousands of people poured on to the streets and protests turned into a mass and the president fled maiduguri for the ivory coast. >> i cannot describe my
10:46 am
feelings, the moment when we left the country. i felt joy at the same time i felt proud that we had accomplished such a huge task. >> reporter: and new transition government was put in place and charged with organizing elections and two months ago the country was plunged into a crisis with the powerful presidential detained the interim leaders and quick action by west african government helped restore the transitional administration and on sunday it will bring the transition to an end yet some are skeptical the pulse will bring real change here. >> translator: the people are watching the candidates closely. there is no one of them who has not worked with compari and the actors are the same. >> not stopping young people from coming out for the candidates with the president in the race they believe something good will come out of these
10:47 am
elections, al jazeera. turning attention to peru where public sector workers clashed with the police for the fifth straight day and used water canyon to protest in the capitol lima and 16 arrested and several others injured since the protest began and demanding higher salaries and bonus payments. guatemala and sexual abuse of a minor is reported every single hour and the second highest rate of child murder in the world, only el salvador is worse and the government took some steps to protect children rights groups say it's not enough and david mercer now reports. >> reporter: behind the steel door and razor wire in the center of guatemala city a safe house for young victims of violence, all of the girls here have been sexually assaulted some as young as 12 and now some have babies of their own and we cannot show their faces and only with the help of trusted
10:48 am
psychologists are the girls able to talk about their past. >> translator: it is really hard to hear the girl's stories and arrive here with low se self-esteem and depressed and suicidal thoughts and lost their childhood because of this abuse. >> reporter: guatemala is one of the world east most violent countries, reality that young people cannot escape, every hour a child in guatemala is beaten or raped and each day 15 children disappear, many turn up dead, some horribly disfigured, brutal acts deeply routed in the country's history. a 36 year civil war ripped guatemala society apart and left a could culture where violence is everyday part of life and the challenge is to strengthen institutions and reenforce the rule of law. over the past few years they tried to stop violence against
10:49 am
children but while a more focused approach has led to more arrests and prosecutions government advisors insist much more needs to be done. >> translator: as officials we should not tolerate these kinds of things. we need to show congress that stricter laws are needed to defend children and we need to show we can protect kids and whoever hurts a child will go to jail. >> reporter: child protection specialists believes guatemala reached a crisis point and says guatemala could make children's rights a priority with help from the international community. >> translator: international pressure could help the government and the people recognize the severity of this violence. everyday life here has norm normalized this and we need people to show us it's not normal and children are murdered and sexually abuse.
10:50 am
>> want to create special team with investigators to fight crimes against children. but the country's most vulnerable such changes cannot happen soon enough. david mercer, al jazeera, in guatemala city. lots more news on the website at al and sanaa is waiting in the wings with all the sports news including this one a north korean weight lifter gives a lesson how to persist after failure, do stay with us.
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time for sports news and sanaa and getting the davis cup news. >> great britain fighting right now with belgium on the court and take the upper hand in the davis cup finals and brothers and jamie are facing the doubles and while the teams began the day locked out one-nil in the best of five tie belgium are bidding for the title and great britain looking for the first since 1936. and murray brothers took the first set 6-4 ran belgiums fought back to take the second and also 6-4 and tie could prove crucial to deciding the over all title. in starting for poll position and grand prix where a driver had an impressive final lap in qualifying and mercy the teammate and lewis hamilton at
10:53 am
the circuit and finished third, this is rossburg's six context poll and f 1 incentive all time record from 1988. barcelona are looking to extend their lead to seven points at the top of the spanish premier league and it's half time at the new camp and goals from myanmar and lewis have put barsa two-nil up and second place atletic osho and fifth place. six matches to be played in the english premier league on saturday and half time in five of the games and leaders manchester city are looking to bounce back from their loss to liverpool and taking on south hampton and lead 2-nil and the first versus second and face manchester city united and top of the table clash and looking
10:54 am
to set the premier league record by scoring in his 11th successive match for lester. >> now, last year we were very nasty player for us. and he provoked a penalty i believe and now he is scoring in a row and then you are a great player. >> i believe in the next year lester will grow up and can battle with the top, now this moment we are very happy and i think they are happy with us and i think he can continue to show his strength with us. >> raening japanese football champions reached the final of this year's championship and playoff with the red diamonds have finished one off on
10:55 am
pastime, half an hour of extra times and the league is set for penalties before goals in the 118 and 1121 minute and combat 3-1 win and now meet with here hema to decide this year's title. rugby great john has been warned at the traditional pacific island standoff in oakland and his wife and children were joined by new zealand's governor general and teammates for traditional dates of the family event, a full memorial will be held at oakland's park on monday where thousands of people are expected to attend and he died from a car wreck ten days ago and suffers from a rare kidney problem since 1995. crickets first day-night test match between australia and new
10:56 am
zealand has wickets on day two and the pink colored ball has not done much to chase the first innings toting of 224, the ausie lost 6 for 62 in the first session and eventually dismissed for 224. 13 wickets in total fell on saturday and new knee land had a lead of 94 runs and jordan spieth is ahead and the world number one produced the shot of the day on the 17th hole at the australian golf club in sidney and around of 67 and 7 under over all but local matthew jones who leads at 10 under par and third round included six birdies. the charlotte horn nets winning streak and lost 95-90 to the
10:57 am
cleveland cavaliers and have not beat the team with lebron james since he left for miami and the streak continued with lebron scoring 25 points and 11 rebounds and the next olympic game are 251 games away and the female white lifter displayed some of the determination you might expect to see in rio, north korea rim johnson fell to the ground after injuring her left hip during a failed attempt at the world wait lifting championships taking place in houston and despite being in pain she returned to lift 155 kilograms and fellow lifters helping her to the podium to collect her silver metal before a trip to the hospital. that is it for me peter. >> sanaa thanks very much and more news of course on the website al and do stay with us.
10:58 am
♪ >> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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>> we always have strikes. people should never be alarmed. >> what started as a peaceful protest... >> police seem to stick to the self-defense story. >> became a horrific moment in south african history. >> i don't think any organization in this country could ever anticipate this type of violence. >> what really happened that tragic day. >> it is the time to point a finger at those whose fingers pulled the trigger. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. >> what, as if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution? >> this goes to the heart of the argument. >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target.
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