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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EST

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♪ syrian rebels unite to take back several towns and villages from the government in the battle for aleppo province. ♪ hello there i'm barbara and you are watching al jazeera live from london and also coming up, on the program erdogan says he wishes turkey hadn't downed the russian plane as turks are advised against visiting russia. pope francis calls africa the continent of hope as he receives a welcome from young uganda people and why the national security agency has to stop its
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mass monitoring of american phone records by sunday. and experts say they are 90% sure they found a hidden chamber in the valley of the kings which could be the tomb of tutankhamun's mother. ♪ thank you for joining us, rebel fighters in syria say that they have recaptured the town and several villages in the aleppo countryside from government soldiers backed by shia malitia and iranian forces and reverses gains made to weeks ago and several forces joined together including al-qaeda affiliated el nusra front and inflicted losses on syrian troops in the area managing to hold back their advances despite the government getting help from russian air strikes and they have
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significant strategic border with turkey and a battleground and from the border we report. >> reporter: syrian rebels on the offensive, marred by divisions and short of weapons they are advancing on the city of aleppo. many armed factions have established a joint command center. this video appears to show them attacking government military posts in southern aleppo. the armed group el nusra front is taking part in the offensive and fighters played a significant role in the push to capture the village and syrian rebels say government forces are backed by thousands of fighters from iran, iraq and hezbollah. >> they are cutting the highways and take over aleppo, aleppo as
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a city i think is still divided and they have to go to the eastern side. >> behind these mountains is another major front line, government troops have been shelling these peaks which were recently captured by turkmen fighters. these mountains overlook the city of latakia. one of president bashar al-assad's strongholds, his troops backed by russian planes are trying to secure the area. and as the fighting continues near the border with turkey there are growing fears of regional conflict. the russians and iran are staunch allies of president assad while the turks western and gulf nations insists the syrian president must go and believe the russians used the fact against i.s.i.l. as cover to increase assad's chances of staying in power and that i.s.i.l. can only be defeated if president assad steps aside.
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al jazeera on turkish border with syria. reporting there and iranian media is reporting that a member of its elite revolutionary guards has died no syria and general is said to have died fighting near the northern city of aleppo, at least 64 iranians including senior commanders of the revolutionary guard have been killed in syria while supporting president assad forces and russian jets have reportedly attacked town in syria close to the border with turkey and air strikes targeted an area where several buses were parked. this video posted online shows firefighters putting out the flames and witnesses said the vehicles had been used to get food and aid supplies to people in need. turkey's president has warned that while i.s.i.l. is a serious threat to syria there are other players who are equally dangerous. and jamal has more from
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istanbul. >> reporter: turkey's erdogan was trying to underline several messages in his latest address. with regards to the international campaign to combat i.s.i.s., what erdogan is trying to say is that "yes" i.s.i.s. is a threat however the root cause to the problem is much greater than that organization. he says that actually the reason behind the blood shed, the reason behind the turmoil is the regime of president bashar el assad. >> translator: no differences between apg, assad and i.s.i.l. terrorist originations and they commit crimes against humanity, let no one deceive anyone. we went to syria because they invited us. if someone kills 380,000 people, if someone kills his own people are you obliged to accept their invitation. >> goes to show the fragment
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mentation of fighting i.s.i.l. and washington believes it has a partner in the kurdish fight and russia claims to be attacking i.s.i.s. is actually a strong supporter of the assad regime and come under accusations of u.s. treasury in the past few days with indirect links of buying oil from i.s.i.s. the other important message from erdogan is his reiteration he was going to try and meet with russia's vladimir putin in paris when the two arrive for this climate change summit. until now the kremlin has not responded positively or negatively to erdogan's request for a meeting but it's a sign that erdogan is trying to deescalate or publically show he is reaching out to his russian counterparts and russia says nothing short of apology will do and erdogan says his country didn't do anything wrong and merely defending its air space. >> some of turkey's president's comments there and those remarks
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came as turkey warned citizens against nonessential travel to russia, on friday they suspended the visa arrangement with turkey and to introduce wide economic sanctions. >> translator: the incident truly saddens us. we would never have wanted this to happen, however, it is not possible for us to treat such violations as visits from guests because guests only go to a place when they are invited. we truly hope this is not repeated. we are never on the side of pain and suffering in our region and all the world we seek is peace, security and pros party. a prominent pro-kurdish lawyer and human rights activist shot dead in the southeast city and tahir-elci speaking to media in a kurdish city and he was fatally wounded and detained for saying the kurdish armed group
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pkk should not be regarded as a terrorist organization. ♪ the saudi-led coalition has carried out air strikes on boats they say were smuggling supplies to houthi rebels in yemen and loaded from two fishing vessels when they were hit killing three smugglers and a blockade on yemen to stop weapons reaching the houthis and to the ousted president saleh and we sent this update from the yemeni city. >> translator: saudi-led coalition carried out eight raids in the province targeting a number of boats allegedly carrying arms, ammunition and fuel for the houthi rebels. the smugglers are alleged to be
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indian and asian sailors and operation was carried out by the port part of the long coastal strip stretching more than 200 kilometers and the yemeni army has not been able to maintain security there because it doesn't have sigma rain capabilities and the area is quite vast and saudi-led coalition gave warnings to boats and 12 kilometers are where the export is from and houthi rebels along the fighters loyal to saleh have been trying to control since the start of the conflict and also reports that african mercenaries are fighting along with houthi rebels along the border with saudi arabia. last week the pro-government forces said they arrested 850 african fighters. let's go to egypt where four policemen have been shot dead and mask attackers on a motor
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bike opened fire at a check point in the part of giza and no group claimed responsibility for the attack. egyptian military helicopter has crashed do to a sudden technical failure israeli province in cairo and it was a mission and crew members were injured but did not specify the numbers hurt or the severity of the crash. at least two u.n. peace keepers and the civilian have been killed in a rocket attack on a u.n. base in mali, at least another 20 people were injured in the predawn attack. a u.n. spokesman says mortar shells were used to strike the compound and another called the attackers terrorists and said they fired shots and then fled. this comes just eight days after a deadly siege at a western hotel in the capitol in which 20 people were killed. earlier we spoke to spokesman of
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the peace keeping mission in mali and said the attack is to end an agreement that the government signed with separatist fighters in june. >> we are doing everything for this. it's difficult. it is mixed difficult mission and the peace process was months ago. we are in the implementation phase. we know that some forces don't want peace to happen. but our job is to make it happen and we will do everything so it can happen. >> hundreds of thousands of people have turned out in campala to see pope francis on the second day of his visit to uganda. the head of the catholic church has been attending a youth rally and gave blessing to estimated 150,000 people, earlier in the day the pontiff visited a shrine
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dedicated to christian missionaries killed in uganda during the late 19th century and pope francis praised the example set by the missionaries known as the christian martyrs as reminder of importance of moral standards and faith. >> translator: the witness of the martyrs shows to have heard the story then and now and pleasures and power do not bring lasting joy or peace and god and integrity of life and genuine concern of good of others brings the peace that the world cannot give and does not diminish our concern for this world as if we only look to the life to come and instead it gives purpose to our lives in this world and help us to reach out in need for the common good and build a more just society which promotes human dignity, defends god's gift to like and protects the wonders of nature, his creation
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and common home. >> malcolm web following the trip to uganda and sent this update from there. >> reporter: tens of thousands at the shrine in campala a site where 130 of uganda's first christians were killed because of their faith. and since made into saints by the catholic church and it's an important site for the catholic community here in uganda and the pope talked about people becoming missionaries in their country and talked about turning hate into love. when he came here to playground here the crowd was esstatic and people trying to get as close as they can trying to get a glimpse of him as he drove past in the pope mobile and hoping for blessings and better life for the small children they were holding on the shoulders trying to get as close as they could and not as strong as a message in kenya where he spoke out against corruption and inequality. the leader of egypt's coptic
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orthodox church is in israel in the first visit of its kind in decades and the pope the second traveled there despite a ban on pi pill -- pilgram and attending a funeral of a coptic official and an out cry on social media with out posts accusing him of betrayal and still to come in the half hour details are revealed about the suspects behind the shooting at a family planning clinic in colorado. and green peace delivers a message to world leaders as paris prepares for the 21 climate talks. ♪ >> we're the first plant in north america to be energy positive.
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>> we always have strikes. people should never be alarmed. >> what started as a peaceful protest... >> police seem to stick to the self-defense story. >> became a horrific moment in south african history. >> i don't think any organization in this country could ever anticipate this type of violence. >> what really happened that tragic day. >> it is the time to point a finger at those whose fingers pulled the trigger.
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welcome back and reminder of the top stories on al jazeera syrian opposition forces say they gained ground against the government in aleppo province and al-qaeda el nusra front has helped in the fighting. remorse after the shooting down of a russian airplane with turkey border with syria and says the country must defend order and three people have been killed in a rocket attack on a u.n. peace keeping base in northern mali and they were killed in the attack. in the u.s. the national security agency is shutting down its mass phone surveillance and replacing the program with more targeted methods. it will end its daily monitoring
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of millions of americans phone records by sunday and the move comes 2 1/2 years after the controversial program was exposed by the former nsa contractor edward snowden. let's get more on this who we are joined live from washington so they are going to shut down this mass phone surveillance, do we have any clarity to what exactly they are replacing it with? >> well, i mean that is the point. the first, most important issue to mention here is this is a very small part of the national security agency's mass surveillance of americans and frankly everyone else in the world. specifically governs the collection of telephone metadata call records, duration of calls, location of calls and so on, who you are calling for americans and people in america within america. that doesn't mean they are not going to continue to collect the metadata. often americans and not americans both america and in the world through other means this is section 215 of patriot act and remains executive 12333
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and act gives nsa and other agencies the ability to continue their snooping and their vacuuming up of metadata but in a slightly different manner. in fact, some of the changes were long called for by people in the national security agency because they are getting unwieldy and having to store them on normal servers and now that remains with the phone companies and interestingly the nsa has a bit more freedom how they use the metadata and f.b.i. and other people can share it more freely and so on and there are loopholes and metadata will be collected if there are calls overseas and somehow that telephone call is routed oversees and make the calls to the internet and they have secure parts overseas and also it can be brought up. the fundamental point is edward snowden showed us the breath of the nsa surveillance and other
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programs underway of americans of internet usage and 200 million text messages a day are being hovered up so it is a victory of sorts given how edward snowden was treated when he blew the whistle on programs and has been some change but still we are all being surveilled especially if you are elsewhere in the world because they say it's up to your own government to protect you and edward snowden shows us your governments are more likely to cooperate with nsa than foiling surveillance. >> it's a coincidence and does come less than two weeks or just two weeks after those attacks in paris and security and surveillance are high on the agenda, have there been any moves along the political circles in the state and not lift this now or reinstate it at a later date? >> yeah, congressman tom cotton
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of arkansas proposed not changing the law, of keeping this mass drag net surveillance on the books until at least 2017. we have the former cia director jim on cnn last week saying edward snowden has blood on his hands and he should no longer just be electrocuted but hanged from his neck until he was dead. that inflammatory language still goes on despite there is no evidence that the attack issues in paris used the internet to plan attacks or use any encryption safeguards for all of us that have been put in place and actually have been that actually many internet providers are talking about at least a little more seriously since edward snowden's revelation and no evidence this had anything to do with paris attacks and found through official reviews in the u.s. that the mass and drag net of 215 the metadata collection did not foil one attack and didn't have an effect only counter terrorism operations
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despite the repeated of both bush era officials and obama era officials and were not telling the truth and had nothing to do with or have no effect on counter terrorism. >> the latest from washington d.c. and thank you. staying in the u.s. the police officer is among three people killed during a shooting at a family planning clinic in the state of krcolorado and suspects 57-year-old robert l dear and nine were wounded before he surrendered following a five-hour standoff and al jazeera jim is in colorado springs where it happened and he sent us this report. >> reporter: the perpetrator is in custody. the situation has been resolved and there is no continuing peril to the citizens of colorado springs. >> marked the end of a five-hour standoff between a gunman and police at a planned parent hood clinic in colorado springs and
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later they revealed that three people had died. >> unfortunately with this tragic situation today we have to confirm that we have two civilian casualties on scene and we have the death of one police officer. >> reporter: that officer has now been identified as 44-year-old garrett a six year veteran of colorado springs police department. just before noon friday police responded to the planned parenthood building after an emergency call that shots were fired inside the clinic, initial calls described a white male having a type of long gun, officials have since determined it was a rifle. police also say the suspect brought several bags with his to the scene, some were outside and others brought in the building. this was a morning normal business day at planned parenthood with staff and patients inside and they came to the scene to check on family members inside. >> i heard some shots, you know,
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and the people were shooting for sure. >> you heard that? >> yeah, on the phone because i was talking to my sister over the phone and she couldn't really talk and i heard that somebody was shooting. >> after exchanging fire police say officers were able to convince the gunman to surren r surrender. >> we did get officers inside of the building at the planned parenthood and the officers were able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him and at that point they were able to get him to surrender and he was taken into custody. >> reporter: police say they still don't know why the suspect chose to attack this planned parenthood center. jim with al jazeera, colorado springs. police in macedonia fired tear gas and stun grenades at refugees demanding passage through the country to western europe. scuffles broke out on saturday and police were pelted with
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rocks. it comes as macedonia authorities began building a metal fence along the border with greece and macedonia is letting refugees from syria, afghanistan and iraq through and stopping other groups saying they are economic migrants. >> we stop here without anything we will die. we are the same. we will die there or here. it's the same. nothing changed. >> reporter: leading opposition leader has been arrested during anti-government protests in the capitol and ethnic albanians traditionally used celebrations to protest against the government and opposition leader already wanted by the police was taken in custody after appearing in public to speak to the gathered crowds. 24 environmental activists have been placed under house arrest in france accused of planning violent protests at the up coming climate talks in paris
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and demeanor straights are banned under the state of emergency and forced after the paris attacks two weeks ago but green peace has been allowed to float a hot air balloon by the eiffel tower to raise issues on climate issues and 21 will try to settle on a deal between countries that limit greenhouse emissions and global temperature rises. >> most of the developed countries in the world are theyithey i saying if it is more than 1.5 we did and people chanting saying 1.5 for stay alive, right and if leaders here especially of the big dominant countries ignore that appeal to be very serious about keeping a target of warning as far below 2 degrees as possible then what does that say? >> reporter: u.s. president barack obama is heading to the climate talks with the name of
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reducing carbon emissions in the u.s. by at least 26% over the next 15 years, however back home his plan is facing legal challenges from more than half of the united states. kristen explains. >> reporter: the machines that make and refurbish coal mining, equipment at phillips machine services are quiet. the company down to a four-day working week. coowner tom curbman has laid off more than two thirds of his workforce in the past three years. >> we used to do maybe as many as 30 of these in a year. and as you can see we are not very busy right now. >> reporter: he blames competition from natural gas and president obama's clean power plan, federal regulations meant to drastically reduce carbon emissions. >> when you take an ax to a problem rather than a small pairing knife, you tend to hurt
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whole segments of the society. >> reporter: beckley, west virginia is coal country, mining, deep routes on display in the museum replicating a coal camp where they lead tourist through the mine in the 1800s. >> you have to understand the mill is hard work. >> reporter: says coal companies are not only making and hiring less and paying less in taxes and that means less money for local schools. >> if we got a leader that people think is trying to take their bread and butter off the table wouldn't you fight back? >> reporter: west virginia gets 95% of its power tomorrow coal so perhaps it's not surprising the state is leading the fight against president obama's clean power plan but west virginia is not alone in opposition, some 27 states in total have filed legal actions to stop the plan from moving forward. but experts say the united states can't reach its goal of reducing emissions by at least
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26% without tougher standards for the coal industry. >> clean power plan is the, incel most important piece of climate change regulation that epa has promulgated to date and that is because it takes to tackle greenhouse gas e mys from the power sector which is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the united states. >> reporter: democrats and coal states have asked the president to do more to promote carbon capture technology which they say would allow for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions still using coal to preserve their way of life as well as the planet for future generations. kristen with al jazeera, beckley, west virginia. archeologists are 90% sure the tomb of boy king tutankhamun has a hidden chamber and the resting place of queen fefertiti
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and died in 14 century bc and thought to be his step mother and one theory is she was laid to rest about 400 kilometers north of luxor and could be egypt's greatest this century, more on the website al >> no other sport can kick off mass emotion in indonesia like football, even if the national team languishes near the bottom of world rankings. >> indonesians, they're really crazy. we can see their ranking in fifa is going down, going down, going down. but every game in the stadium, 80,000 people, 90,000 people. >> even local competitions turn smaller stadiums into cauldrons of passion, with crowd turnouts matching the topgu


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