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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. >> hello. i am lauren taylor. this is the newshour live from london. coming up: at least 44 people are killed at a market in syria as russia carries out airstrikes across idlib province. >> stemming the flow. european leaders thrash out a deal to pay turkey to stop refugees entering the e. u. pope frances dismisses safety fears people around the world demand
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action ahead of the crucials climate shoe. shoes take the place of protesters in paris. >> robin adams with the sport live from doha. cricket's first ever daylight test match wrapped up in three days david is off. action flu an absorbing final day's play in belgium coming up. russia is being blamed for an airstrike that killed at least 44 people at a busy marketplace in northern syria. if russian warplanes are blind the attack, it will be one of the deadliest incidents since it began its campaign two months ago in ildib province. from the turkey syria border this man is lucky to have survived another airstrike on rebel held idlib province.
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dozens more sir yajz are dead. make shift hospitals medics struggle to deal with the high number of casualties. these images ahave become part f life in many rebel held areas since the russian airstrikes began. opinionzition fighters accuse russia of carrying out this attack as well. have maintained their target are what they call terrorists. but activists say hundreds of civilians including children have been killed in recent waves of intention bombardment by russian jets and the syrian air force. the town is important for being close to the turkish border and an entry point to idlib province. it was the last city the government lost to rebels when they took over in may. syrian officials say it was
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captured by the al-nusra front. despite losing control of most of the country, president assad and his alleys insist it is vital to the fight against groups like isil. the syrian opposition along with their western and gulf alleys don't agree. >> today, the syrian people have a number of priorities. number 1 is bashar al-assad must leave. the second is to uproot terrorism. we must take these martyrs into consideration of pondering on a diplomatic solution. >> while the solution appears to be limited to discussions on the ground, the asad government is finding it hard to maintain control of areas with opposition fighters in aleppo and latakia. but air superior orty is no match for those who want to get
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rid of bashar al-assad. the latest escalation raises concerns of a wider conflict. many say as long as countries like russia remain, fighting will continue. more people are likely to die. turkey's border with syria. >> al jazeera not a place where he is ill is active. >> the timing of the raid was the early hours of the morning when the marketplace was very busy. it was hit by two missiles in one raid separated by 50 meters. it has left huge distrucks and large number of people were killed and injured. it has been under the opposition control since may and there is no presence of isil at all in this area. as alleged. they have intensified the parts
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of syria on many fronts like the areas which are heavily populated residential areas housing all of those displaced from aleppo. the people here, civil defense and medical staff are outraged by the russian strikes because they targeted civilian areas. it did not target areas of opposition groups. most were civilians. >> syrian observatory for human rights had already accused russia of killing more than 400 civilians. it said it hit 2,000 targets since it began the bombing campaign in late september. it conducted nearly 3,000 strikes over the entire year the syrian government has an estimated 42,000 airstrikes in one year. most of the focus is still on helping assad and the syrian people are paying the price.
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>> it is not working because already in the same lat few days when the russians are killing these civilians, the opposition is still gaining territories in assad's own strongholds like in the western part of the city like north of latavia, the strongho stronghold. i hope capable with the russian help, to regain some of the territories lost. more globally, clearly what we have here is proxy war, full-fledged, in gear, in syria with russia attacking certain positions, opposition, prepping the regime. russia's detractors both on the west and in the middle east, prepping up the opposition. so, the real myself is being paid by the syrian people. >> iraqi officials have discovered three more mass graves containing bodies of
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members of the minority yaziti committee in the northern iraq. 113 were fouled in a vilth. 12 south of the to in of sinjar. a total of five mass graves have been found. one of the graves was booby trapped with explosives. kurdish fighters recaptured the town earlier this month. turkey recovered the body of a russian pilot whose plane was shot down on tuesday. it was received at an airport and will be flown back to russia. ankara has refused to apologize saying russia violated its airspace. on saturday, president put thein ordered sanctions against turkey in response. >> in turkey, thousands have attended at a time pro-kurdish lawyer. he was shot on saturday while making a press statement in the predominantly kurdish city. the prime minister said there is
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an investigation to determine whether he was targeted or died in the crossfire between shopol. >> buyingtie's help to stove refugees crossing into the european union. so far this year, 700 ,000 people have made the journey the eu is offering to pay turkey $32,000,000,000 to seal the border with greece to stop or slow the flow of refugees. the turkish government is pushing for a lifting of visa requirements that could had a by october, next year. it wants a resumption of the frozen negotiations, the plan for turkey to hold summits twice a year. germany has been the main country pushing for the deal with turkey as more than 950,000
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have entered the country this year. one will be how we can replace illegal migration and how we can improve the situation of refugees within turkey. turkey is holding well over two million refugees and has received little international support. so they have the right to the expect the european union to help with mastering this task this means better living conditions such as the right to work and the european union's financial support for coschooli. >> turkish prime minister says his country is ready to become a fullly-fledged part of europe. >> we are a european nation. the continent belongs to us, to all of you, and for the future of european continents,tie is really -- turkey is willing to
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do everything possible, not just to respond to the refugee crisis but, also, to respond to all of the crisis or issues regarding the future of our continent. we want to be a member of european family. and as a family member, i can assure you turkey al jazeera naddine xwashber has this from brussels? >> some of the things that are being offered to turkey as parts of this deal will be easier for the european union heads of government to deliver than others. firstly, the money, $32,000,000,000 to help arrangeara better care ankara. turkey hosts more than 2 million syrians. the politicians here want turkey to allow syrians to work in the
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country and send their children there. they also want to see turkey do more to fight people trafficers or smugglers and it's all though they haven't outlined what steps will be taken, they are saying in return, what they want to see from turkey is an immediate and substantial reduction in the number of migrants making it through to grease and then through the balkans and northwards into the european union. turkey is sawing that in return, it is very hopeful it will get substantial progress on talks with the eu. now, many people here do not want to see that. they say turkey needs to make much more progress on human rights. it's something that fed reek a mulgarini, the eu foreign affairs affairs cheer says they will impress. the european counsel president also says that it's a crucial
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point, but politicians know they needto turkey. they may be some flexibility, some willingness to put off those awkward issues for another day. >> still to come on this news hour, voters line up to choose their first president in decades. building barriers to unity, the impact of israel's separation barrier in the occupied west bank and 3 wins in a row as the curtain comes down on a ma'am rabble formula 1 season. robin will be here with the rest of the latest sport later on. pope francis says he hopes next month's polls in the central africans republic will provide a new chapter for the con conflict torn nation.
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home to some 4,000 internally displaced people. neil a million have been forced from their homes after more than two years of violence between christian militia and muslim rebels. the pope told the camp's residents to work, pray, and do everything for peace. >> because we are all brothers i would like it very much if we all said together we are all brothers. the catholic faith, pope francis has declared the start of a special holy year. the pope was due to start his jubilee year of mercy at the vatican 10 days from now. instead, he launched year-long session bray by pushing open the doors of the notre dame contact field dral, a city he described as the spiritual capitol of the world. a boost to the people of car.
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the holy year of mercy is coming early to this land, a land that has suffered too long from war, hatred, income prehence and a lack of peace pope francis is celebrating mass in the cathedral. he said he came as a pilgrim of peace and an apostle of hope. joining me now is dr. berbridge, a member of catholic voices. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> this is the first visit to the pope to a war torn area. how significant is that? >> hugely significant. the pope has been saying that the church is a poor church for the poor. he wants to bring it back to the people and to go to the p periphery on the worst situations about you what we see here is the pope saying it's not just a question of poverty but
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conflict. amwar torn conflict to interest those. to say my message is one of mercy and peace. >> that business of bringing forward the launch of the jubilee year, is that making an impact on the people there and put it back on the map for i suppose what you might call the right reasons? >> no. they have kri9 cal elections next month as you know. only a transitional government at present after mil stands from the north led a coup which led to disarray between different groups, the anti-balaka emerged as a sort of loose coalition christian members of militia to try to restore order. of course, a lot of violence so the pope is emphasizing this is a periods where we need to say,
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okay. much has happened. there are good reasons for grievance on both sides let us not turn to anger but try to turn towards peace and mercy. >> will people listen to him? there was one yumings man i saw reported as saying he is god . bandits won't listen to politicians but they will listen to him. is that wishful thinking or that young man has a point? >> any conflict zone has deep personal issues with any of those involved that's one of the things the need bra normally misses. we normally frame it in terms of politics faxes and fail to see how much destabilizes a person ability to go with day-to-day duties. it means for the pope not only is he saying this is a year of message for the church and we need greater attention for the central african republic. also in the cathedral. hearing the confessions of young people. getting in touch with their
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day-to-day lives and to ask how can the message of god's forgiveness heal those wounds? >> it is a segregated country. all of this violence has meant people will having in en kwlafz. aren't they? he did go to one of the muslim -- not a great word but muslim areas or enclaims. tell us. what kind of message that sends did is a previous french colony. they have warped this is a too dangerous visit and even suggesting that we can only guarantee security around the airport which is, of course, extremely restrictive. the pope wants to visit and has the refugee camp, the cathedral to start the year of mercy. tomorrow, he seeks to do a mass in the stadium he believes going to the periphery to those in need to ignite inter religious
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negotiations is the way forward for peace for the country. >> thank you very much for your thoughts. thank you. the polls have just closed where people have been choosing their first new president in three decades as well as a new parliament. the election follows a year of political turmoil after a popular uprising toppled long-standing leader. 14 can dates are running for president in the historic vote. polls show two frontrunners, both of whom have ties to the old regime. prime minister and a former left to form the mpp party to extend his rule up against the leader of the liberal upc party and former finance minister. the former ruling party, the cdp is barred from fielding a
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candidate a report voters cast ballots in chas being called the first truly open elections in their nation's history 5 and a half million people have registered in more than 17,000 polling stations. for the first time in 50 years, no one can predict who the winner will be. 14 candidates are running for the presidency. one of the frontrunners. >> this is an important election for our country. it's the first time in nearly 50 years our people will have a civilian president. i call on people to come out and vote. the election marks the end of the transitional period of the removal from office last year. he was one of sfrib's longest serving presidents before stepping down after a popular uprising. the vote was to have been held
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last month but was delayed by a failed coup in september led by members of the elite presidential guard. dominating for the last decades have been marked by low voter turn out and apathy. many did not field the need to vote in elections they already considered won. today, many are voting for the first time in their lives the vote can change anything here we see go up and had the voting and voting and talking about people and things don't change. >> the regional comic block monitoring the polls. so are hundreds of african union and local observers. >> voting, if things go the way they are, it looks to be a free and fair protest.
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>> security has been tight with more than 25,000 soldiers de-blood across the country. a winning candidate needs more than 50% of the vote to avoid the run-off. which will be held 15 days after the first round results are in many here hope they will have a president from the first round. mohammed adow, al jazeera. people are demanding action on the environment before a u.n. climate change summit. more than 10,000 pairs of shoes have been using to represent the absent demonstrators forbidden from marching. police cancelled two rally in the french capitol due to security concerns following attacks that left one 30 people dead. shoes donated by pope francis, f u.n. secretary ban ki-moon are part of the installation. a group of protesters did defy
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the ban for a summit change demonstration police fired smoke can sisters at activists wearing masks and police say around 100 people were arrested. where around the world, protests have been peaceful. t in australia more than 40,000 gathered in sidney calling on the government to invest more in renewable injury t took lace in brings obtain and other major cities across the country. south korea's capitol seoul with people protesting against greenhouse gas emissionsing expected to be 81% higher there than 1990 levels. thousands took to the streets in jakarda demanding the indianesian reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and start using renewable energy. in london, thousands of campaigners marched for global
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leaders to agree to stack he will climate change. leaders from 195 are expected the top 21 city to discuss plans to cut emissions. >> research into at the observatory in hawaii. a lot scientist who started taking measurements in 1958, within four years, levels were rising. before the industry revolution around the 1870s, co2 levels were stayed at 280 parts per million since then, rising steadily and now regularly top 400 parts per million. the highest concentration in history it's believed they will top 450 parts per million by 2036 at current rates of emissions. beyond that, scientists say it will be impossible to keep temperatures rising beyond two degrees celsius. al jazeera's environment editor nick clark joins us from paris.
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pressure putting pressure on. >> back to september, 2014 that's corrects massive civil society action here on the streets of new york, 750,000 people, something like that, that was really the beginning of this latest push by the people on the street if you like to apply pressure to all of the politicians get something done. it's now been evidenced today with everything you have been talking about just then. here, soon, we will look at trying to hone down that deal to try to seek that elusive deal everyone has been looking for the past 20 years or so. behind me, this seems pretty empty now. very soon, it will be swarming with hundreds and hundreds of delegates and politicians and side kicks seeking to push their own a gentry as and perhaps a little bit of international unity, too.
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3,000 media representatives. a high level event takes place, 6,000 journalists to cover the likes of abami, modi and merkel and putin, who are all going to attend. finishing touches. a tradition of the world of diplomacy to the corner of france becomes u.n. territory for the duration of the conference. a u.n. climate chiefs pursued for going on a tour of the site. what can we expect? >> what is finalized here in paris over the next two weeks is none other than the second legally binding instrument under the convention that will then go in to effect in 2020 once we are through with the kyoto protocol. >> many are asking to what
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extents can any paris agreement be legally binding. no ends of obstacles in the way. a bid to build much needed momentum. lima, warsaw, doha, copenhaguen in, the trip of the tongue as a role call of little action and progress. >> all of the signs says there is no time to lose from wildfires to cyclones, occasions are warming, sees are rising target is to stop temperatures from increasing two degrees celsius over preindustrial levels. beyond that, the efforts could be globally catastrophic. a former nasa scientist who has been warning of dangers of climate change since the 1980s? >> if all that paris amounts to is what it appears to, our
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children and grandchildren will inherit a situation that is out of their control. the ocean will keep getting warmer. ice sheets will begin to melt faster and faster, and our coastal cities will be doomed. >> nearly every country at the negotiations has put forward proposals on how they plan to keep emissions down. trouble is, they are not enough. >> the commitments something like three dlooepz warming over preindustrial times. to give a sense of perspective, we are at 1 degree. at 1 degree, we are already seeing the hottest year ever. last year was the hottest year ever. next year will be very hot. seeing record storms, drought did, meet waves and other freak weather events ientests tell us about climate change. >> the challenges are enormous. the debate will be hard and furious over the coming days in
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the search for a united front against climate change. >> what are the expectations of reaching a deal? >> moderate. depends who you speak to. if you take that quote in the piece you just heard, the u.n. climate chief and she says all about fine lines and illegally binding paris agreement, she knows it's not that easy. did sounds easy but she was pushed on that she made up a new word said it's all about illegally bindingness of that agreement. difficulties going to have to get something substantial and solid out of it. we were speaking to the former chief negotiator he says there will be an agreement but it's going to be weak. okay. nick clark thank you very much indeed for that live update
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there from the summit in paris there. >> still to come this hour, heavy fighting in yemen's divided city of taiz forces more than 30 4079s to close leaving civilians more vulnerable. why they call this peru's wall of shame and in support real madrid attempt to close the gap on barcelona and we will tell you if they manage to do that later in sport.
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>> hundreds of thousands of people became disenfranchised and took to insurgency. >> from their beginnings in the iraq war... >> when the americans landed in
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iraq they overturned a centuries old system of power. >> to the front lines of syria. >> those atrocities primed them for when isil came knocking and said "we're your savior". >> the untold story of isil and the fight against terror. >> this is going to be a real time bomb. the top stories here on al jazeera. russia is being blamed for an airstrike that has killed at least 44 people at a busy marketplace in northern syria. turkey's prime minister joined eu leaders for a controversial summit in brussels. $32 to stop or flslow the flow refugees. the pope has called for warring sides to lay down reps. the conflict between muslim
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fighters. putting country on straka to be free of the virus. it has killed 11,000 people over west africa since it began in 2014. a baby girl's release is hailed as a victory. guinea will be the last affected country to be rid of ebola. three new cases have been reported in the lineberian capitol, monrovia. some of the heaviest strikes, in thecial palace hit. huge explosions heard across the capital. yes, ma' yemeni city has forced more than 30 hospitals and medical facilities to closes. doctors have been warning they
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face an acute shortage of supplies. impact on civilians and a warning some of the images in his report are disturbing. for tires. witnesses tell al jazeera they have not experienced such heavy fighting before. houthis elite republican guard have surrounded the city since march but pro-government supporters are trying to break that hold over the weekend, the coalition intensified aerial raids, destroying a number of target did and killed houthi rebels trying to infiltrate residential areas. lives lost but not just those engaged in fighting this chide recounts what happened to him earlier. he and his friends were gathered around a water deliver truck
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when they were hit by a houthi shell. some died. many are critically wounded. hospitals are offered whelmed. more than 30 have been forced to shut down. a doctor says only six remain in operation. we are daysing an acute shortage of medical supplies and lack sufficient facilities. as we speak, a massacre is being carried out by the malitias on the western front. >> the humanitarian situation in taiz is getting worse by the day. many homes are without power. food and water are scarce and supplies can't get in. taiz has long been regarded as yemen's cultural capitol but as fighting escalates, there is a fear that children are going up exposed only to a culture of weapons. gerald tan, al jazeera. a man is shot dead after
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carrying out a stabbing attack, targeting anitionisi policemen near the damascus gate. a pal stingian teenager stabbed a woman at a bus sensation jerusalem. 103 palestinians and 21 israelis have been killed in a wave of violence that began last month. israel says it's suspending the european us's role. labeling exports from settlements as the reason for the move. early this month, the eu issued new guidelines for the labeling of some products made inisi settlement in the occupied west bank. cosmetics sold must now have clear labels showing their place of origin. sunday's u.n. solidarity day with the palestinian people. facts on the ground are make that seem less likely. an appeal to stop a new section of the separation wall being built through crimisan valley.
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but as stefanie dekker reports, work is already underway. >> work started in the valley under armed protection. foundation being laid for more separation. palestinians submitted an appeal to the high court to try to stop the wall being built through bethlehem. it's been a long battle. >> this is the only remaining space it is owned and the serious problem that this land has papers. 58 christian families own this valley. plus the brothers who have 700 dinners for the vineyards where they produce wine. >> they have started building the wall. probably complicating large part what is seen as the last green area of bethlehem.
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two israeli settlement on that hill. palestinians say this move is about a land grab grabsch. israel says the separation wall is needed for security reasons. there is a monastery here and a nunnery and school for girls. t the court ruled it should not be separated. it's still not clear what path this car will take. sprarz been taking place in protests every week but it seems these may go unanswered. we are told there is a wider religious implication if this wall is completed bethlehem is the twin city of jerusalem. in bethlehem, the moment of the nativity is in bethelehem. the church of the holy suplecre. the delegation has been to the vatican to discuss this issue
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with the pope but the facts on the ground are already changing f this wall ends up cutting across this land, it's described to us by people here as the last nail in the cross of bethlehem. system stephanie decker, al jazeera, bethlehem in the occupied west bank. peru's capitol has a wall that's been dividing neighborhoods for deck aides. some sigh it was built to prevent crime and others to separate poor areas from the rich. it's become an example of the continuing problems of inequality and lack of security in the region. from lima, 10 kilometers long. many call it the wall of shame. on one side, a rich neighborhood on the other, among the highest in latin america, nowhere is that more clear than here
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palacios has been watching the wall built over the last 30 years. the wall was built so poor people couldn't cross to the other side. >> over the years, the need nor safety and security have justified the walls existence for some. tens of thousands living in suburbs like this have illegally taken over public and private properties. like many here, he and his family are living on pamplona but on land that bronelong to t did to the other side. they have sewage, electricity and water. we can't have any of those services because we don't have property titles. >> the resident says it is wrong to call it the wall of shame. there are walls over where in the city. it's not discriminatory when we divide next door neighbors. on the other side, it is considered discriminatory because it divides us from poor people. >> the statistics ipingdz say 30
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pes of lima's residents have been a defendant victim of some form of crime many have belt security barriers. we are about one kilohm tore down from the so-called wall of shame. here, in this poor neighborhood action people are living in gated communities bautdz of the insecurity. crime is high. the result of a lack of your ban planning. >> lima is one of the most insecure cities because of crime. the elite and poor income themselves the government says it's taking action by increasing police in some areas and better training for officers. back at the home, he understands how some may see the wall as being discriminatory. it's not important for him for him, it's about having safety
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for his family, so much so that his wife has to stay home to protect what little they own rather than going to work to earn a living. luma, peru. >> parts of crimea have remained in darkness as authorities struggle to supplies power. power strips set up with generate orders provided by a lowell company to charge phones. two pylons were blown up. how dependent crimeea remains on crain after people voted today break away and become part of russia. kiev announced it as illegal. tartars and muss let me people accused the peninsula's new kremlin backed authorities of oppressing them. activists are blocking the power line repairs to try to stir
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wider discontent which they hope will help return crimea to cr n ukraine. salz and businesses are closed. hospitals are turning people away. teachers in south korea have been warned they will face court action unless they stop a history book. teeth you say it continues distorted facts. the government says they are too left-leaning. from seoul. >> teachers on the streets on the issue dominating south korea ian politics. the government wants a state-authored textbook. these men and women are laying themselves open to prosecution. failure their strict employment terms require political neutrality.
1:44 pm
it's not possible to oppose the textbook. it is proceeding with this plan for its own benefit to hold on to power forever. south korea ea's party has taken top displaying the current history books which the government says are left leaf leaning, too soft on north korea's ideology for starting the korean war, too harsh on south korea who oversaw its economic rise. talking of low level skirmishes states north korea's army started add surprise invasion across the 38th parallel with the u.n. calling it an act of aggression. the book is described as the birth of the zidology which brought insustainabilitity but in the long-term, weakenened what's common is the way they describe the 1961 seizure of power by general hi as a coup he
1:45 pm
happens to be the father of the current president. a fight for the soul of the nation it would be difficult fortude events to have a sense of pride about south korea. they would ask why haven't we con better? president's critics say she is following the lead of her father, equalled for a ban on mosque did such -- mask did such as those worn earlier this month. >> today, in south korea, even the government has to resolve issues within legal parameters. so, it's different from the past. but the lack of dialogue between the government and its celtics is worrying. the government says it wants to
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instill new generations with a shared sense of pride in their nation's past but in doing so, it exposed the deep divisions of its present. al jazeera. seo. l. >> still ahead this news hour as millions of butterflies prepare to make their annual migrati migrationcapped to mexico, we find out what's causing numbers to fall. how much this man lifted to break the world record in weightlifting. sport is next.
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>> hollow. millions of monarch butterflies migrate thousands of kimometers from canada to mexico. number are dwindling thanks to logging and the use of farm chemicals. rob mathison has more. thousands of kilometers, these monarch butterflies have flown from the cold of a canadian winter to the warm temperatures of mention yeah. is this a pilgrimage. they crossed 5,000 kilometers from canada to here we are taking care of them so that this continues. we keep protecting the areas here in the sierra chinqua. >> in the last 2 years, the butters flies' numbers have gone down. in 1996, 1 billion of them made the night to mention doe. last year, there were around 35 million. the john is blamed on illegal tree cutting as well as increased use of pesticides and climate change.
1:49 pm
large areas of milk weed plants have been destroyed. mexico, the u.s. and canada have been planting more trees and tightening controls for logging it is our responsibility to take care of these kinds of places. there are very few such places in the world. two or three maybe. it's amazing to see these butterflies arrive. en swriern mentalists hope this year, those changes will mean million dollars more monarch butterflies and more tourists. rob mathson, al jazeera. robin with sport. >> thank you very much. we wi we will start with tennis and the davis cup for the first time in 79 years a 3-1-1.
1:50 pm
five years ago, relegation to the fourth tier of davis cup tennis. now the team have hair hands on the old trophy for the first time since 1936. perry was the last britain to win the wimbledon men's singles title until andy murray came along with his starring wohl in this campaign scoring 11 out of team gb's total of 12 points. murray has once again written himself into british tennis history. a lead with brother jamie, the world number 2 was up against g belgium in the first of the reverse singles. the gap in showing. the davis cup rarely works that way the belgian fans take a 4-3 lead in the second set.
1:51 pm
murray's big game temperament came into its own. he then took the set 7-5 to two sets to love lead. this was belgium's first davis cup final appearance since 1904 early break. home fans hoping for a comeback. once again, murray snuffed out those hopes having broken back. match point at 5-3 in the third. final point, arguably producing the rally of the match. murray winning it and the match and creating history. everyone is, i think, everyone has played a number at a high level. we have had chance almost every single match we have played the third most successful team with the u.s. u.s.a. lead with 32 wins t australia next with 28.
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great britain a third with 10 victories. france dropped down to fourth with 9 wins ironically, britain beating all three of those countries on their way to the 2015 title. andy murray had acknowledged his focus on the davis cup affected the slams this season. with this victory, he can concencrate on adding to the grand slam titles and on this, you wouldn't bet against him. al jazeera. the formla within season, mercies finished on a high. the german winning his third consecutive race. this time, the yes, sir circuit in the united air abe emirates lewis hamilton already secured the title with several races. 1-2 finish of the season a few f-1 record. next year can i don't mean any
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moment. no problem. i don't need any holidays. great to end a season like this. go on holiday like this. thank you so much. you have been awesome this weekend for your support and everything. thanks to my team. stunning it car you have given me today. the latest fall news, close the gap on liga leaders. to ease pressure on benitez, the goals scored by the two most expensive players. third to two points behind. athletico by three goals to nil. savia. four games in the english premier league on sunday. liverpool up to 6 after beating swansee where arsenal chill see to a goalless draw in the london
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dark. >> more prop to keep the clean sheets. we had the best chances. the goalkeeper with more work. the goalkeeper. so i think congratulations to them. >> golf, the alfred daniel championship in south africa. the opening event of the new european tour season. masters champion won by three shots going in to sundays's final round increase to four shots by the end of his final round of sent giving him a total of 273, 15 under par the first ever day light test match roomed
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up with australia defeating new zealand. hazelwood to career best for 6 of 70, new zealand will bold out for 208 in the second inning to tip australia victory target of 187 and led by sean marshall 49 runs. three wikdz in hand. they win the series 2-nil. fast and furious celebrating the biggest achievement of his professional booing career ending the rein of a man on top of heavy weight boxing. the new wbai, ibf and wbo champion. a full 12 rounds unbleaten record to 25 wins and no losses.
1:56 pm
dyson was weak with his hands. and his body movement. couldn't land the right punches. i congratulate him tonight. he won the fit. to be continued. great punches. tonight wasn't his night. it was my night. god gave me the victory tonight. so, i hope to have had many more defenders of these in the future. if i could say one thing, if i could be half as good a champion as vladimir, i would be happy. >> al new heavy weight world record in weightlifting, russia's luzhev was competing in the 105 kilogram. 264 kilos in the clean and jerk
1:57 pm
helping to gold 250 days after the olympics, medallists getting a cowboy hat and gel jeshingsdz for their efforts in texas. sport for now. back to lauren in london. surreal. we will continue. mexico has broken the record for the largest number of people dressing as the beatles coming together in mexico city's park dressed in costumes reflecting the group's various styles over the decades. the previous record stood at 250. apparently according to the fan club president, mexico has more beatles tribute fans than any other countries in the world. any time on our website. the address is that's it for me, lauren taylor. barbara sara will be here in a minute with more of the day's news. thanks for watching. bye.
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>> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america.
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russia is blamed for an air strike which kills at least 44 people in a crowded marketplace in syria. ♪ ♪ hello there, i am barbara serra, you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program. e.u. leaders offer cash and closer ties to turkey to stop refugees from crossing? to the european union. clashes in paris as worldwide demonstrations take place over climate change. re> and marking forgiveness and


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