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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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a a we're following breaking news at this hour, and it happened half an hour ago. chicago's mayor, ron immanuel, asked for the resignation of the police chief, gary mccarthy, with the force since 2011. following the shooting death of black teen, laquan mcdonald. he was shot 16 times by a white police officer, the officer involved in that case, jason van zike, has been charged with murder. and he was released with $50,000 cash bond yesterday,
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outlining the problem, from january, the shooting victims in the windy city, and a year later, there have been 2,324 shooting victims. the reverend, jesse jackson among others demanding that the police chief be fired. it's four times higher than the national average. the black friday protests led by reverend jackson put a lot of pressure to do something. and the city council said this they too thought that the police superintendent should go. a short i'm ago, immanuel said that it's under investigation. >> was this handled approximately? i want to be clear that the u.s. attorney's office, as you know, the city has handed every piece of evidence over to the
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u.s. attorney's office here in chicago. and the fbi within weeks of the incident. this includes evidence related to the shooting itself, but also related to the police department's response. they will address these questions when the investigation is complete. >> went to take you back to the videotape that seems to have been a catalyst or the final straw in chicago. it can of the shooting death of laquan mcdonald by a police officer who showed up on the scene. that officer, jason, we don't have that video right now, and so i apologize for that. but the police officer involved, again being released on $150,000 cash bond yesterday. and that led to the anger as well. sherry brunner is the vice president and ceo of the vy urban league, and she joins us by phone. was that the final straw of the videotaping released? >> i think that it was the
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catalyst and i think that there was a lot of political capital that needed to be spent if it had not been released. and i don't think that anybody in our system was willing to spend that. >> . >> how troublesome is it to you that people in chicago have been demanding change for years, and yet this action follows those protests on black friday. was there an economic reason for the firing of the police superintendent? or did it have to do with the fact that he was not doing his job. >> i think that the community got together and was able to express that this crime was so egregious that there was no way to hide it, and no way to get around it. so i think that black friday had impact and made some shoppers uncomfortable and made some stores angry. but it was more about the fact that the community needs to be cared for, and needs to be thought of as an important part of the community in the city of
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chicago, and there needs to be significant change. if there's not significant change, then this community that dies will take the whole city of chicago with it. >> here's the dilemma. i was in washington when it was the murder capital of the united states, and there were demands there for the police chief to go, and in some cases, the police chief was fired. but the probably doesn't go away in the i want rum when they search for a new superintendent in chicago. so will you be pulling the trigger that signals that there's no man in charge? >> i don't think so, but there needs to be a strong line shining on the fact that the process by which we choose the new superintendent needs to be seen and we need to change and how that's going to make a difference within the police department. it's important to us that there's an ex certainly investigation and an external
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source looking at what happened, not only with laquan mcdonald, but with all of other cases pending with the use of excessive pors and how the police department handles it. >> jerry mccarthy has been the center of the synergy in chicago, but there was a 9-year-old boy, and what does it say about the culture that this problem is happening over and over and over again? >> there's no question about it. the economic empowerment our communities is tantamount to making sure that the violence stops. we can not continue to have a community where the number-one century arindustry are drugs anl guns, and there's no solution in getting jobs and better education and entrepreneurship back into the communities to strengthen them. that's what the chicago urban
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league has been advocating for for a long time. >> as we look at the miracle mile in chicago, many of the supporters asked if it was time for ron immanuel to step down. do you join in this force. >> we are looking for an honest discussion, and it can not be that justice only comes because of someone's political life. and maybe this is not a political discussion anymore, but really a community discussion on what we expect as a community from our leaders. >> do you think that ron i am not yell was part of the solution or part of the problem? >> i think that he's going to have to be part of the solution from here on. he may have been part of the problem in the past. and i think that the past election cycle when we had a runoff election for mayor, and this incident now points to the fact that he cannot strong arm the community to do what he
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wants to do, for the sake of political ideals. >> shari runner, she's the ceo of chicago's urban league. and we to the go to diane eastabrook. she was in chicago, inside of that news conference, and she joins us by phone. diane, tell us what you heard. i heard a lot of reporters, and you heard me talking to miss runner a second ago, demanding that ron immanuel step down. >> that came up in the news conference. the mayor said early on that he began discussions with superintendent mccarthy on sunday with his role in the department which culminated with his being let go. and the question was asked to the mayor, are you the distraction? because the mayor had said that mccathy was a distraction in this incident. he selected the question, and
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he said that's how you folks in the press interpret it. but he said, you know, i'm basically in it for the long haul, but i do have my work cut out for me, and i have to build the public's trust. >> police officers are only as effective if they're trusted by all chicagoans, who they are, and if they live in the city. by invigorating our oversight, we'll take the necessary steps to build twist between the police and the residents and the communities they serve. new. and the mayor also said that the firing of mccarthy is not the end of the problem but the beginning of the solution for chicago. >> diane, let me ask a question, is mccarthy a
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scapegoat? >> that's a difficult question. in some respects, he would be considered a scapegoat. he had admitted early on that he had sort of misrepresented the issue with mcdonald. he had said he misrepresented the issue before he had actually see the videotape. that mcdonald had come toward the police officers with his knife drawn, clearly the videotape revealed that that was not the case, so he sort of set himself up for the situation for being fired. was he a scapegoat, possibly? but he was the head of the police department. and obviously, there were some very serious mistakes that were made. >> diane, jason van dyke, the officer charged in the death of laquan mcdonald, shoot him 16
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times, 15 of those times as he was lying on the ground and the community reaction was not good. what do you expect the reaction to be now that officer mccarthy has been fired? >> that's a question for this afternoon. obviously, you've been talking to guests who have been saying that the naacp in chicago has been calling for mccarthy's resignation. that's the first step. they have appointed this task force, and that's another step, but again, as ron immanuel said, it's a responsibility. and later on, the superintendent's responsibility to rebuild that trust. >> diane eastabrook, in chicago, and thank you very much. again, recapping what happened moments ago. chicago mayor, ron immanuel saying that he asked for and received the resignation of
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superintendent, gary mccarthy. on the job since 2011. the shooting death of black teen, laquan mcdonald, shot 16 times by jason van dyke, and charged with murder and released from jail yesterday. being held on $150,000 bond. there were protests along michigan's miracle mile. and many people saying there that businesses should view black friday differently. again, the chief of police, the superintendent of the police department now being asked to and resigning and chicago looking for a new police chief.
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>> welcome back to aljazeera america, i'm del walters in new york, and we're following a lot of breaking news today. and in fact, we're learning new details about the u.s. effort to defeat isil. more special operations troops will be headed to iraq. >> in full coordination with the government of iraq, we're deploying a special targeting force to assist iraqi and peshmerga forces to put even more pressure on isil. these operators will overtime be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence and capture isil leaders. this force will also be in a
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position to conduct unilateral operations in syria. >> and those numbers are separate from the special operations forces that the u.s. has already been or will be deploying to syria. and carter said that the u.s. is making gains against isil in coalition airstrikes. aljazeera is at the pentagon, and jamie, what exactly are the force that's the u.s. will be sending to iraq and syria, and are these numbers that asher carter just announced, are they clarification of what the pentagon just announced? >> well, there are new numbers, and there are additional troops that will be deployed to iraq. at one point, it sounded like secretary carter was talking about new troops, and at one point, he was talking about the troops already there. here's the clarification. the special forces troops, based in erbil, iraq, and they are helping the peshmerga
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prisoners being held by isil, and they went in to capture abu sigh ed. and what they are doing, they are enhancing it. and they are calling it a specialized expedition targeting force. their mission is to gather tense, and free prisoners and capture isil leaders. it was at the same time announced that they would be deploying special operations troops to syria, and at that time, most of the attention was on the fact that troops will be going to syria for the first time. but it was enhanced and worked out in cooperation with the iraqi government but just to be clear, there are two different forces. so the targeting force, based in iraq, will be able to go in and out of syria if they need to, and the specialons forces in syria, their job is to enable and assist the local forces on the ground.
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and they're not there to conduct raids and gather intelligence and all of the stuff that the other forces are. so that's the announcement today by secretary carter, and they will be beefing up the operations in iraq. >> it sounds like mission creek, and what we're seeing right now from the white house -- >> secretary carter, he gave those two examples of what they have already done, the rescue mission in iraq, and the raid into syria, and as an example of the things that they're working. special operations troops, he said if they find other targets of opportunity, or other local forces that they need more special operations forces to enable, they're willing to do that. >> but what they're not willing
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to do is put the u.s. troops in a direct combat role. he said that the only way for a defeat of isil to stick is if it's done by local indigenous forces with the help of the u.s., with help on the ground and air power overhead. >> jamie mcintyre, thank you very much. president obama was talking about isil before he left paris and the climate change summit which is still ongoing, the president calling for unity in the fight and stopping syria as well. our senior washington correspondent, mike viqueira has been talking about it all day, and isil is as much of a part as climate change was, and what did the president have to say about russia's role inside of syria. >> reporter: the president is talking about uppity as he has many times. the coalition led by the united states has been conducting airstrikes in syria and iraq
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over the past year, but it's another country and their own airstrike campaign causing the controversy, and it's a source of disunity in syria right now, not only with its coalition partners but with turkey as well, and that country is russia. president obama holding his second meeting with vladimir putin on the margins of the climate at zone in turkey, and for the first time, president obama is saying that despite all of the arm twisting and cajoling that the war is not going well for russia in syria. do not expect vladimir putin to change course on this main sticking point between the united states and russia, and that's russia's targeting anti-assad forces, the backing of assad to keep him in power at the expense of hitting the isil target in syria and iraq. here's more of what the president had to say. >> where we continue to have
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an ongoing dips, it's not on the need for political settlement, but it's on the issue of whether mr. assad can continue as president while still bringing the civil war to an end. >> earlier today, president obama had his bilateral with his turkish counterpart, hollande, where he spoke when this with russia, russia not responding militarily, but responding on economic sanctions, how much bite there was going to be there. and the president emphasizing the political process resolving the conflict in syria, and emphasizing the talks in vienna over the next month organization, set to resume the ceasefire, the aim sometime over the new year. >> and del, in paris for the climate change, showing support for the parisians, the french
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people. and president obama saying that he's confident that there will be a deal, but a lot of reporters asking if any deal will be binding. >> he's confident that there's going to be a deal, and he's also expressing an incredible amount of optimism on the climate change, and he said i think that we're going to solve this thing, this thing global warming. but the goal here at this conference, and this is not to bring legally binding treaties back to the united states. but the congress insists that anything here is within the president's executive power to do so. but 150 heads of state represented, really an unprecedented conference in the united states that goes on for two weeks. but all of them bringing their targets for carbon reduction to the table. but it still will not satisfy the scientific community, which
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says that global warming has to be at a rise of 2° celsius, and the world is almost there already, at 1.7%. but the president says the product productive part of this conference is developing technologies as solar and wind become cheaper and more advanced, the mechanism is there, and those targets can be reduced for carbon emissions. >> when we come back, we're going to tell you about a new effort to help you watch what you eat. rolling out a new law to put information on the menu.
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>> puerto rico making a last-minute move. the commonwealth paying the $340 million debt payment, part of the $72 billion that the island governor said that he cannot pay. more from san juan. >> here in san juan, puerto rico, it is quiet on the streets outside of the capitol building today. but the governor, alejandro garcia padilla up in washington, sending out an sos to members of congress, saying that they need help, that they're out of cash in puerto rico, and literally, it will stop the central services because they can't afford it anymore. they don't want a bailout, according to him, they want a
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restructuring plan. here's what he said to the members of the committee. >> one thing that i still hear frequently with the congress is we in puerto rico have not done enough to solve our problems. that is not true. they have made significant progress over the years, from both parties, to ensure public finances, and while we may disagree on the effectiveness of the strategies, one thing is clear, the people of puerto rico have done our part. >> the governor also went on to say that any inaction by congress would be catastrophic for the commonwealth of puerto rico. also, a humanitarian crisis is looming according to some on that judiciary committee.
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we'll see if that's the case in the coming months, and the essential services on the island today. >> donald trump donald trump is taking part in the next presidential debate on december 15. he said that he wants $5 million to appear, and the money would be donated to veterans. by the way, this is the second time that trump has suggested charging a fee. he said that cnn should pay him $10 million to show up because he's such a boost to their ratings. diets that have too much salt. it's an example of trying to take a bite out of our eating habits. >> new york city said that putting this saltshaker on the menu will help to prevent
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sodium problems. >> when we eat salt, our blood pressure goes up. >> new york is the first city in the united states to it make chain restaurants put that label next to items that contain 2300 milligrams of sodium. that's the daily limit. and some popular items like a spicy italian sub or appleby's shrimp salad can be over that limit. >> the blood pressure and the sodium work tooth to create vascular damage, and it allows the body to create plaque, and it causes a heart attack or a stroke. >> new york's appleby's began to display the salt warning last month. >> we're not telling them what to do. but i think that it's important to give them the ability to
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make the right or the wrong decisions. >> this is just the latest public health issue related to food in new york city. it already makes them show calorie couples, and ban transfats. linked to heart disease. >> v tech is shooting down one of its websites after a major data breach. 5 million customers, including children and their birthdays. and the website may have been compromised. no credit card information was stolen. it appears that cyber monday was the biggest online shopping day ever. $3 billion, that would be 12% higher than this time last year.
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went to thank you for joining us, i'm del walters in new york. >> hello, i am david foster, it is 6:00 p.m. here in london. we are watching this al jazeera news hour. >> confronting isil, the u.s. to expand it's use of special forces on the ground, in iraq. and potentially in syria. >> back home, 16 lebanese soldiers freed in the prisoner swap with syrias front rebels.