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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> the action does not mount for strategy for security. >> british prime minister makes the case for airstrikes ahead of a long awaited vote in parliament. >> i'm lauren taylor live from london. russia has proof that president erdogan and his family benefited from the purchasing of oil from isil. experts say that the wor
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world is getting sweeter with sugar contributing to a global health crisis. >> hello, the british prime minister laid out it's case against what he calls the medieval monsters of the islamic state in iraq and the levant. after a day-long debate will to authorize military action they will be due to vote. they'll take on isil in its syrian stronghold or sit back and wait for attack on british soil. emma hayward is live for us. very strongly held views in this
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debate so far. how has the debate been going? >> we're now seven hours in. more than halfway. 157 mps wanted to pose a question. so we're more than halfway, three hours to go until we know about the results. there has been a sense of unity in mps saying they want to battle isil for divisions on how they should do it. >> it is perhaps the toughest political decision whether to vote for military action or not. no surprise then that the chamber was packed. mps waiting to hear the british prime minister's argument in fighting isil. >> they'll attack us because of who we are, not because of what we do. >> cameron's refusal to apologize for branding opponents of military action terrorist
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sympathizers fueling the fire. >> not only is that offensive, it is dangerous and it is untrue. >> this is a debate which has divided opinion inside and outside of the house. no one here doubts the dangers posed by isil and that something needs to be done. but how to do it has caused disruptions within british politics. >> whether it's a lack of strategy worth a name, the absence of credible ground troops, the missing diplomatic plan for syrian settlement, the failure to address the impact of the terrorist threat or the refugee crisis and civilian casualties it is becoming increasingly clear that the prime minister's proposal for military action simply do not stack up. >> many in parliament wanted to know more about the claim that there are some 70,000 moderate opposition forces willing to fight isil on the ground. >> i'm not arguing that the 70,000 are ideal partners. some of them do have views that
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we don't agree with, but the definition of the 70,000 are those people who have been prepared to work with, and continue t to be prepared to work with. >> even before isil's attack on paris, which killed 130 people, mr. cameron was steering his government to make this choice. a vote on attacking president assad's forces in syria failed to pass in 2013. a year later mps voted to carry out airstrikes in isil and reak. since then britain has carried out more than 380 airstrikes on targets in iraq. >> extending the royal air force bombing is a small element, and that over and above that we've got to put all that we're doing into a wider diplomatic and political framework to build a more secure future for syria and secure the region itself. >> but there is a an inevitability here that this
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motion will pass. but britain like many other nations is war weary. the conflicts in iraq and afghanistan still loom large. one newspaper poll suggest half the population supports military action. but assuming mp support airstrikes could begin within days or even hours. >> thank you for joining us this evening. can i ask you first do you think that these airstrikes will be effective? >> well, it certainly won't stop the problem that isis represents an as far as they're concerned. but the increased bombing is part of a larger plan and that plan will include a political process and eventually some troops on the ground. but that's the sticking point as far as other members of parliament are concerned. >> do you think that he has managed to convince people about
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the 70,000 troops on the ground? >> well, there has been maneuvering of how the 70,000 have been identified. this is an implication in the letter that the prime minister wrote that they anticipate in the fullness of, they could be part of the mix that takes over once isis is defeated. >> there are so many desperate groups, how is anyone realistically thinking about bringing those people together. >> the sunni arab states in the region are not enthusiastic on taking on isis as long as assad is still in power. one of the game changers is the
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russian president, and that presence is behind assad as, too, are the iranians. >> do you think of a different solution for syria? one which bashar al-assad remains in power? we saw an interview where he shows no sign of going anywhere. >> in a sense this whole development has given a break to assad. two years ago they would conduct strikes on syria, and they would be directed to assad for the use of chemical weapons. so things move fast and it's a very complex picture. when you ask what the future holds i think it is going to be enclaves almost different territories that may or may not be persuaded to cohere and work together for the future of one country. but it is very much out there. >> so more divisions in syria you think of the future. >> no coming together around the
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anti-isis cause in the near future. >> thank you very much for joining us on al jazeera. so we'll have that vote in three hours' time. >> thank you very much, indeed. >> a cameraman has been wounded while work in the homs countryside. he was shot in the head while filming airstrikes by government jets. he was taken to a hospital where he's syd to be in stable condition. the syrian government and opposition fighters have agreed to a cease-fire near homs city. >> russia's defense ministry says it has proof. >> they quickly hit back saying that no one had a right to slander its country. he has been backed by the state department which rejects any
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such suggestion. >> the russian defense showed the syrian-turkey border. on the left, some 240 oil tangers and trucks. on the right, trucks waiting to enter. >> according to information we received, the senior political leadership of the country, president erdogan and his family are involved in this criminal business. >> the deepening riff between russia and turkey over syria is getting personal. >> no one has the right to slander turkey by saying that turkey buys oil from isil. turkey is not lost its ethical values so as to buy oil from a
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terrorist organization. >> the united states has defended it's nato ally. >> we flatly reject any notion that the turks are working with isil. that is preposterous and kind of ridiculous. >> estimating that isil controls 60% of syria's oil production capacity and 10% of iraqs. but russian and u.s. airstrikes and the falling price of oil are thought to have hit isil's profits. production has halved to some 40,000 barrels a day. turkey's president says that he'll step down if russia's allegations are proven. but even if the evidence shared by russia's defense ministry on wednesday is what it says it is, there aren't many people who expect erdogan to start writing his resignation letter.
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moscow said it's simply trying to shut down isil' sources of funding and deal the organization a crushing blow. as they explained it, terrorism without money is a beef without fangs. >> montenegro has been invited to join th the nato treaty organization. the country is strategically important because of its location on the adriatic sea. >> what do we say to russia and to any other country who worries or thinks about this, this is not focused on them specifically. it's focused on the potential of defense against anybody or anything that is a threat. including isil. >> french police have shut down a mosque east of paris. that follows three mosques being
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closed last week to combat what the french minister says is a crackdown. >> the exceptional measures authorized by the state of emergency have allowed the following. we've conducted some 2,235 raids since the start of this state of emergency. these searches have led to 263 arrests which results in 232 interrogations and 346 judicial proceedings. >> still to come, taking advantage of the war in yemen. al-qaeda taking back two major southern towns. and the heaviest rainfall in more than a century causes flooding in india.
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>> a reminder of the sto top stories on al jazeera. british prime minister calls for mitt strikes against what he calls the medieval monsters of isil. the russian president vladimir putin says that it has proof that president erdogan and his family have benefited from
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im-sold oil. erdogan said its slander. intense fighting continues between syria's houthis and government military in taiz. >> the city of taiz has been besieged for weeks. houthi fighters backed by loyalists of abd rabbuh mansur hadi are trying to maintain control. the soldiers loyal to president hadi are trying to recapture advertise. taiz. some neighborhoods are controlled by the houthis, others by government forces, and there is fighting everywhere. >> i have nothing to say but may god take revenge on the houthis. >> the houthis also control the
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capital of sanaa, but the situation is not much different. people are desperate for food, fuel, supplies and healthcare. there are reports of differences within the governments based in aden over the appointment of a new foreign minister. some believe that reports are being leaked deliberately to undermine the hadi government. >> a lot of interest groups that would mint from a weak government and showing that this government is weak. they are now fleecing the country as we speak. from several avenues of revenue, including the petroleum industry, including the refine refinery, the a lot of revenue areas that they're benefiting from. so these are the ones who are fueling these kinds of leaks and these kinds of rumors to continue the status quo as it is
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right now. but i don't think that this would continue for a very long time. >> for many yemeni it is already been a very long time. attempts to bring all sides to a political solution has so far failed. another u.n. brokered meeting is suspected i suspect in geneva. almost five thousand people have already been killed in the war. for many in yemen there isn't much hope for a peaceful solution any time soon. al jazeera. >> hundreds of thousands of people are stranded after some of the worst flooding on record in southern india. monsoon rains have lashed coastal areas. especially in the state capital. we have reports from new delhi. >> heavy rain has poured on people in the state for weeks. now many in southern india are
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trapped insteadly rising floodwaters. coastal areas including the state capital are hardest hit. thresponse teams have gone in to rescue thousands of people. >> conditions deteriorated in downpours. people are using social media to describe how they're being badly hit. some major roads resemble rivers. the city's main airport is closed. commuters trying to reach the south have been left stranded across india. >> all flights from mumbai have been canceled.
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they're issuing flights for tomorrow and the day after but have not said anything about accommodating us. a lot of us are getting agitated because none of the nearby hotels are vacant. where do we go? >> they have received a month's worth of rain in a few days. they warn that much more is on the way. al jazeera, new delhi. >> aung san suu kyi has held talks for myanmar's president for the first time since her election. myanmar's constitution bars suu kyi from becoming head of state but she said she'll take a position above that of president. more than 150 people were killed in an attack. most of them children. the four men first executed in connection with the massacre. they were executed at a high
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security prison. kamal hyder has more from islamabad. >> pakistan has carried out four more executions in the province after the pakistani military signed the warrants, and they turnethey--the governor turned down clemency appeal. pakistan will be commemorating the anniversary of the deadly attack in which 150 people were killed. mostly children. now the military has been given the cover the main court. >> cameroon's army has freed 900
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hostages. the two day military operation is said to have taken place on the border of cameroon and nigeria. there is no independent confirmation because reporters can't get to the region. >> nigeria's former national security adviser has been arrested and accused of stealing billions of dollars. it is suggested that there was embezzlement of funds meant to purchase weapons. >> a report said that he embezzled $2 billion in fraudulent deals while in office. he was responsible for giving out military contracts between 2012 and march of this year under the previous government. according to the committee, a total of $5.4 billion is missing. the money should have been spent on weapons to fight boko haram.
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>> money intended for the prop procurement of weapons to fight terror. >> they say corruption is still a problem even after the new government came to power on an anti-corruption platform. >> corruptions in the military today is 97%. because some of the--they'll literally use money for the visit. the remaining money goes into their pockets. >> these pictures show nigerian
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soldiers training out weapons, equipment or uniforms to fight boko haram. we put these concerns to the presidential spokesman. >> the corruption is being fought systematically. it has been reduced, and it will take time. in the military and in the country. >> but soldiers say corruption is still having a negative impact. >> they say the case against him is politically motivated. he was part of a coup that removed buhari from power in the 1980s, but the government said that has nothing to do against them today and it will publish the evidence against him and deal with corruption swiftly.
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al jazeera, nigeria. >> chinese's president xi jinping has arrived in south africa for a state visit. he has announced billions of dollars in new trade project. there is also a push to strengthen cultural ties. >> president xi jinping has deep pockets and china has always been willing to spend in africa. >> china-african relations are better than ever. we've had fruitful talks and we've deepened relations. >> he's here on the cooperation. and they have been hungry for africa's raw materials. africa is it's largest trading partner. over the past 15 years trade has risen from 11 to $220 billion. investments now totals $30 billion, but in the first half of this year investment slumped more than 40% compared
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to the same time last year. that's because china's economy is slowing. it has hit commodity prices which many countries are overly reliant on. but that's just one side of the story. >> china has a need in terms of resources, the changing economy. it's increasingly becoming a consumer driven economy. i would not say that china needs african countries as much as african countries need china. >> they're developing the site near johannsberg and it will have hotel and 150,000 new homes. >> at this stage african countries are developing really slowly. we have great hope africa can grow as we did. >> china's role in helping to develop the continent is helpful and needed. in recent years the agenda has
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expanded to include strengthening culture ties which are now quite good now. now the president officiated when this gate was unveiled. the government has announced that for next year mandarin will be taught in some public schools with china providing the testify teachers. the idea has its critics who accuses china of being a new colonizer, but it shows how important the respect of government review each other. >> scientists say they've been confronted by apocalyptic scene where is 137 dead whales have washed ashore. they've been washing up in the south of the country. there has been investigation behind the incident but it is
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not believed that humans are behind the death. the health risk posed by eating too much sugar is well-known, but the dangers of hidden sugars in packaged food. these arthere are hundreds of different forms of sugar that all can have the same negative health effects. we have more on the sugar consumption in thailand and the u.s. >> thailand is the world second largest exporter of sugar, but it's also a big consumer. sugar has been a main stay of thai cuisine, including these sweets. with the introduction of sugary drinks, the intake of sugar has increased even more.
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the average thai consumes four times the amount of sugar each day. thailand has the second highest obesity rate in southeast asia. it has also seen an increase in cases of diabetes. the government said it's going to start to limit the advertisement and promotion of sugary drinks. >> the u.s. food and drug administration has for the first time this week called for a cap on the total number of sugar consumed on a daily basis. the bad news is that diseases like obesity and diabetes that are closely linked to sugar consumption are still much more prevalent among poor americans, latinos, african-americans and native americans. that tends to be the case worldwide. poor people who suffer more from
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excessive sugar in the diet. >> you can always catch up with all the news we're reporting on by checking out our website. the dress is and you can watch us on the watch now icon. lives he changes. the writer's first dream was to be a musician. >> i didn't write anything until i was already well into my twenties, cause everything i wanted to do was based around music. >> his books have sold more than 35 million copies worldwide. albom's best known for the memoir he wrab