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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> this is aljazeera america, live from new york city, and i'm tony harris, and we begin with the shooting in san bernardino, california. it is the scene we have been watching for four hours now. here is the latest, and this is what we know at this point in time. at least 14 people are dead. and at least 17 more are injured. it's all happening in southern
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california, just east of los angeles as you know. there has been a shootout with at least one suspect we believe taken down, and they have not confirmed if this is the person responsible for the mass shooting, and there now appears to be a bit of a standoff. the police said that they were searching for up to three armed suspects, and we should get the very latest at the top of the hour. jennifer london is in san bernardino, and she joins us live. what can you tell us? >> tony, you've been seeing pictures of these military-style vehicles that have surrounded the suv, and there are dozens of marked squad cars in the area. moments ago, maybe 20, 15 minutes ago, the san bernardino police held a press conference saying that one suspect was down. there was a shootout with the police, one suspect was down, and they're not saying at this time if this vehicle, if this suspect is related to the
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shooting that occurred earlier today. they say that they simply don't have that information right now. >> all right, and jennifer, we're walking up to another briefing and it's about to begin here in san bernardino. >> my name is sergeant mickey cervantes with the san bernardino police department. and as an update, officers working this act five shooter case, we're doing followup work. when they located what appeared to be the suspect's vehicle, somehow during that contact, shots were exchanged between the suspects and the officers. one officer was injured. however, he was transported to a local hospital. and it does not appear to be a life-threatening injury. i believe he's a san bernardino police officer. additionally a suspect has been hit.
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and i believe there's still possibly a suspect outstanding, so it's still again a very active, fluid situation. we don't have a lot of answers yet. they're still trying to sort through what they have encountered on the other end at the other scene. chief is going to be coming here at 4:45 with sheriff mcmahon and do a press conference so he can update you with any information. >> what about the possibility of a third suspect? >> i don't know, i believe that there are two at this time. >> i believe that there are two at this time being dealt with. if there are three suspects, there's possibly one still outstanding. >> reporter: was the suspect who was hit dead? >> i don't have that
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information >> reporter: was there another suspect hit? >> i don't have that information either. >> [ unintelligible ]. >> the investigation just took them in that path. >> reporter: this morning, and then returned --. >> i don't know, that's not information that i've been given. >> cannish you go over it once again? >> i don't have those details. the chief will provide it at 4:45, and he's being briefed on that as we speak. we're speaking because we committed to talking to you on the hour, and i apologize this we don't have all of the information. >> is the building cleared yet? >> i don't know.
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>> reporter: [ unintelligible ]. >> i don't have that information either, i just know that it's not life threatening. i don't know if the suspect has died. we have not been given that. >> reporter: how many suspects? >> i couldn't tell you that, but if you're back here at 4:45, the chief and sheriff mcmahon will be here. so stay here, and let's be vigilant. because there very well may be a suspect still out here, and we all need to be careful. >> the officers made contact with the suv because they were doing a followup with the investigation? >> correct. >> i don't know who fired first, i don't know. >> again, at 4:45, thank you.
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>> okay, so the reason we heard from the san bernardino police is because there was a promise that we would hear something at the top of the hour, and as you heard, there was not a lot of information there. but we know that there's a suspect vehicle that has been involved, and certainly engaged by the county. and these are pictures from earlier obviously. and we understand that one officer was injured in that engagement with the suv. and this is the scene here. this is earlier as well. about an hour or so ago. darren porcher is with us, and so as we work through the pictures, there's the suv, and that's from earlier. we understand that that is we believe the suspect vehicle,
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the black suv that has been described. and you described this a few times, the scene that we're looking at knew, and be describe it once again if you would. >> sure, we have officers at the front and the back of the suspect's vehicles. and now we have the tactical officers doing the extraction, and that's the removal of the assailant. and i have yet to see the assailant so to speak, and i hear that there's one person. >> we have an exchange of gunfire, and maybe someone was hit in the back of the suv. but i cut you off. >> my assessment, do we have any weapons here? and bigger than that, i'm sure that someone at the police department is displaying this to witnesses out on the scene that can possibly make pot
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identification of the vehicle, because they said there was a black suv on the scene, and however, is this consistent with the description that you gave? gave. >> my question, how quickly could law enforcement essentially access this, and we had this conversation on friday at the planned parenthood in colorado springs, but how quickly could law enforcement access surveillance, security camera, and might be available to possibly i.d. the vehicle, and let's talk about it in those terms. could it be something that they could turn around pretty quickly. >> this should be a quick i.d. something instantaneous. >> i think that it's safe to assume because no public officers said that there was an exchange of gunfire, and we have a good sense that this is the vehicle that we're talking about here, and now it's all about taking all due care and
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caution in approaching that vehicle. to make sure that it's safe for the officers. >> sure, because we want to make sure that there are no explosives on the scene. >> brian, from the center of hate and extremism at cal university. and he joins us from irvine, and you know this area. tell me what you know about this particular area that we have been focused in on for the last five hours. >> it's interesting, it's a major thoroughfare in san bernardino, on waterman avenue, and it's the last exit before the two interstates converge in a junction, so it's a pretty heavily trafficked area, and it's a mix of both residential and commercial and empty lots as well. blubut if i could say something. america is seeing the finest in
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law enforcement tonight. and some of these might be our cal state san bernardino grads, and you can see swat teams, one is the colton pd, just south of san bernardino, these people, we live in the shadow of l.a. but i know these folks, and they are the most highly trained people with regard to mass shoots and that kind of thing and them often don't get the recognition that they deserve. what we saw today was a massest led by the san bernardino city pd and san bernardino county. and if you look at the response and the assets this came in there, i don't think that you're going to find anything better in the whole of the united states. the first responders, and the fire department, and this was a
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textbook response. i have seen them prepare for this for many years. >> well, i hear that you're very proud. and you're doing a wonderful job of saluting their work here, but let me ask you, brian, are they getting training that any other major metropolitan city police department isn't getting these days? i mean, everyone, it seems to me has to be train up be in active shooter propertyo calls today. >> absolutely, but what i'm telling you, going back many many years, they had the folks in custody, and responded. and we don't have additional loss of life, thank god for civilians, and we have the threat isolated and contained. look, i'm former nypd and i'm very proud of them as well.
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but what we're seeing is, we're seeing this effort really being led by the local community. this could have gone haywire, and it didn't. because of the training and the resources and the assets that they put immediately to that area. and these people did not escape on the interstates. they could have been far away, and they didn't escape. but what we have now is a containment situation where they're taking their time. as a former nypd officer, this is textbook execution of what they have been trained to do. and the other thing that i'm saying is the folks on the scene are coordinating it. we have from surrounding communities as well, and even from our local cal state san bernardino police department responded as well. so one of the things that it sends out to the country, immediate response to these situations is crucial, and
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setting up triage, and having a coordinated response with a multi-jurisdictionallest, it went like textbook. >> so brian, we have talked about these bigger issues in the past. so let's start again. we're applauding, as we should, we have men and women responding to these horrible situations and we have to have a conversation that they must respond to these horrible swayings, so we have another mass shooting, and i know that you go to the law center site. and you do this work as well. and my estimate is that we're having one mass shooting every 30, 40 days. and what are you thinking as you see police responding to yet another mass shooting? >> well, a couple of things,
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first of all, i think that we can have reasonable regulations here. the nra has even stopped legislation that would prevent people on the terror watch list -- we're not talking about -- 2,043 people on the terror watch list bought firearms over the last decade and only 190 were denied. and federally, they blocked that, and that's ridiculous, and the other thing that we're hemmed in on, and thanks for the great question, is the u.s. supreme court in 2008, in a case called helen, held in the home, private gun ownership of a handgun is protected. and handguns are killing thousands upon thousands of people every year. long guns are the kinds that we see today, only kill about 3 or 400 a year. so the question is we're hemmed in constitutionally if in fact
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handguns, which are the overwhelming majority of firearm deaths in the united states are most protected. and even justice scalia said that you don't have the right to have a gun anytime, anywhere, no matter who you are. so let's look at reasonable ex be pecktations on the margins, and any reasonable person. >> i'm going to ask you to flesh that out for me, because at some point, the president has already spoken on this, and he was speaking about gun control yesterday. and he issued a statement on friday after the shooting at the planned parenthood facility there in colorado springs. so flesh out for me and just give me a couple of ideas of what makes sense. maybe it's stuff that has already been kicked around that needs to be acted upon. but common sense, and we hear that phrase all the time. common sense as we continue to
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watch the house-to-house search here, common sense legislation fixes amendments to -- where do we go, brian? >> how about some loopholes? waiting for your background checks, limitations on certain sized magazines, and look, i'm third generation law enforcement. and i have a lot of friends who are firearm owners and they don't go around shooting people. the key is let's keep them away from people who have some kind of mental illness, and let's try to have a timeframe where there's a bit of a wait. particularly with respect with respect to buying multiple guns at once. there are plenty of things. mr. harris, you're as good as anybody in this business, and you've covered this stuff for years, and this is not rocket science. >> no, it's not. >> what we're having, the nra blocking any kind of discourse on this, saying president obama
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is going to take away our guns, and it's just simply not true. >> brian, i are being a time, and i'm going to get to darren on this, and i have to bring in lisa stark. but i remember a time being in local television, when the hollow point bullet hit the streets. and i remember law enforcement, working in baltimore at the time and in cleveland, and i remember law enforcement standing up and saying, we need help here. this ammunition is too powerful, and they were some of the voices for reasonable gun control. and i remember law enforcement leading the charge here, and brian, think about this. and i don't hear those voices from law enforcement anywhere, saying, we are being out
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gunned. and we need help, and we need common sense gun control legislation, and i don't hear that the way i used to from law enforcement, and why is that the case? >> you're very accurate in that statement, but the key for gun control is to hold the manufacturers accountable, similar to what happened in the tobacco industry. if the gun manufacturers are held to a level of accountability, i believe that they will be far more prudent in the disbursement of the guns, and you'll have far less violence opt streets. >> i remember a piece where there was a case brought against either a gun shop or a manufacturer, where the weapon -- was that milwaukee? thank you for that, and i just remember a time when law enforcement was out in front on this, and i'm not hearing it so much anymore. >> well, the law enforcement
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that i know don't like being outgun. and the proliferation of these long rifle assault weapons is a big problem. particularly with big magazines. and the people in law enforcement that i've talked to very much would like to see some legislation on this. and we're not talking about taking away guns from hunters -- >> brian, i have to it stop you there, and i got to tell you, you know what's happening right now in montana where you got the sovereign citizens and these organizations where they believe that the president wants to take their guns, and the oathkeepers and all of the militia groups believe that the president wants to take their guns, and they want to herd up all of the white people and put them into fema trailers somewhere. you know that thinking is out there, and you heard it, and you track this stuff as well. >> yes, and here's the
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interesting thing. with regard to extremism, the data is clear. law enforcement now face a much greater risk from far right wing extremists, more law enforcement killed in the last decade and a half by those folks often armed to the teeth than with other types of extremists post-9/11. so what we have to do is have reasonable regulations, and as well, i think that we should listen to law enforcement quite a bit. i think that whatture going to see is the conspiracies and rumors, and now it's part of the national discourse in the post-era that we're living n. and obama can't do anything
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right. >> i got a little off topic, and everybody in the gallery is telling me things, but as you watch what happened in colorado springs, it's hard to not have a bit of this conversation, and i hope that the folks will bear with us on this. let's get to jennifer london, in san bernardino. is jennifer not with us now? okay, let's get to president obama, and he issued a statement earlier today. and he's once again calling on lawmakers to take action on gun control. that was a bit of our conversation today in the wake of today's shooting, so lisa stark is with us, and what is the president saying first of all about the latest shoot, and it is what, the second high-profile shooting in a couple of days now. >> absolutely. and you know, the president has made it clear that every time there's a mass shooting like it, he made it clear that he's saddened by it, and
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increasingly frustrated by we can't seem to stop these shootings. there are actions that we can take, and we may not be able to eliminate all of them, but we can certainly make it less likely that they're going to happen. the president had already scheduled an interview with cbs news prior to this incident in california. and that's where he was asked about the shooting. let's listen it a little bit of what president obama had to say. >> we don't yet know what the motives of the shooters are. but what we do know, there are steps that we can take to make americans safer, and we should coming together in a bipartisan basis at every level of government to make these rare as opposed to normal. we should never think that this is something that just happens in the ordinary course of events, because it doesn't happen with the same frequency in other countries. >> a very subdued president obama there, as you might
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expect. and he has pointed out in the last number of days, tony, that we spend a lot of money and worry and terrorism fighting ter reform. and that's something that we need to do, but he said really these mass shootings claim far more lives, and it's something that we need to take o. >> oh, yeah. and so lisa, lawmakers are quick to react to these types of shootings, and what are we hearing today? >> well, as you can imagine, we had a lot of folks taking to twitter to react. and saying that their prayers are with the victims, and calling it a senseless tragedy. to the is the lighting of the capital christmas tree, and house speaker, paul ryan, took a moment to remember those in california. take a liste a listen. >> i just want to say that we're all thinking about the current and ongoing tragedy in california today. and i would like to have a
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brief moment of silence now for those who are affected. please keep the victims and their families in your prayers right now. >> everyone feels that way, but we have had much stronger language, tony, from some democrats on capitol hill. senator blumenthal said that congress is complicit in the shootings, because it has done nothing to rein in the shootings, and nancy pelosi issued a statement, saying that gun violence is a crisis of epidemic proportions in our nation, and congres:
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so some democrats bringing this back to the whole issue that we're focused on, trying to close some of these loopholes and pass some laws to reduce some of these mass shootings. >> all right, lisa, lisa stark for us, and let's get to it jennifer london in san bernardino, and she has the very latest for us. >> tony, we understand from a producer who is about two miles away from where the police are, she's seeing a large police presence, and the swat team is described as being out in full force, and they were surrounding a group of small homes, going door-to-door with guns drawn, maybe 15 minutes ago, they congregated at a white church in the neighborhood and started to fan out in the neighborhood. again, guns drawn, going door-to-door, searching these
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houses. >> all right, jennifer, we're looking at these pictures now. and the police at one corner now, and what are we looking at there? there's one vehicle in the intersection. >> it looks to me that there's a comprehensive stapling, and what they're doing is going from block to block. this is a very complicated and difficult search, because the more time that elapses, the more difficult it is to apprehend these victims, so what they're doing, it makes sense, and i understand it, and it's something that hasn't been done, but eventually, they have to fan out to a much wider area, because we're looking at hours. this happened hours ago, and we had the one individual that was
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captured or killed a few minutes ago. >> those are the indications. >> and he was only 2 miles away, which was a very short distance. >> brian said something very important, because brian, you know the area so well. and you said something really important. that you have interchanges there, and freeways there, and it looks like at least at the moment, the police have been able to keep at least that one vehicle that you're aware of from getting tonight interstate, those suspects could go anywhere, and that seems like a pretty valuable piece of information at this point. >> which leads me to believe that these guys might be local folks. particularly for non-ideological attacks, people tend to stay in their local area, and i think that what we're seeing now, the one area
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where the suv isolated or contained, take their time, you never know if there are explosives in there, but they want to make sure that there's not somebody at large where there's a hostage situation. so you follow the trail, the last place where you about at. and for those in law enforcement, you go one way, and the next. and i think that it's something that if this person is still on foot, then hopefully has not commandeered another vehicle or something, and that's why they're doing a methodical search, making sure that we don't have someone getting involved in a hostage situation. >> you have to get some intel, don't you? you're telling people to stay indoors and lock their doors, but if you see anything, you have to get some help. i would think that people in their homes who are being
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alert, who are essentiallying spotters for you, so you can get help in targeting areas of the search. am i correct in that? >> tony, one of the first things -- >> you are totally he correct. >> one of the things that we're totally negating here, what intel can be extracted from the initial crime scene? why did these individuals target this particular building in because this was a health fair, the department of health. this is a targeted attack, and someone at that location is bound to have some information. >> you think so? >> when we think of mass shootings, there's only one person, and here we have possibly three suspects. this is a group that focused on it targeting this population, so i want to interview those people who were at the scene. what did they say when they came in here? >> you would do that.
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>> and that would gain credence of finding out the direction that they're coming from. >> where did they live? i'm sorry, he's making perfect sense. if we have someone in custody, and who is this other person? a lot of times, people try to go home or to somewhere they know or someplace that's familiar. so if this is more of a workplace violence thing, we don't flow. and we're getting all kinds of reports. but when we have someone in custody, we'll know who the person is, and where their networks are. as we say, networks, where do they live? and have that kind of boxed inn where we're looking in conjunction with realtime information. a scenting picked up by a dog. >> brian, this is really really good.
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you work in this area of law enforcement, so you're in a class with eager students who want to understand how the to process a scene like this. and want to know where do i go for the information that i need to move forward here. what are you telling them? >> great. at least three things. number one, let's look at the tangible evidence, let's look at vehicles, and let's look at rounds that are left at the crime scene, all of that stuff. and then the witnesses to the attack, or the witnesses who saw the folks it escaping, and in addition, we have apparently at least someone in custody, and that person should be a treasure trove of information. once you identify a person, then we can do a whole variety. once you know where the thread
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starts, you can unravel it. one of the first thing thas wei do, we look to see the last person was. and what is your fingerprint in social media. the combination of those two things can give us greater information moving forward. like i mentioned to you earlier, this is not one person in a mass shooting, but we have three people, so it's a group thinking, or possibly
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retribution. >> the three things that we look at, and he was touching it great. for mass and symbolic violence, ideologically motivated, politically religious, or hybrid. and number works the psychological dangerous, sociopath, or cognitive impairment. and iii, personal benefit for revenge. and this very well be a revenge situation. here's the interesting thing that the speaker hit on it. usually, usually the more people involved, the more likely it is to be ideological. but i don't know in this case if we could rule out just something that is workplace violence. >> something personal. >> yes. sometimes we'll see -- remember the dc sniper, mr. mohamed malveaux? sometimes you have a primary reactor and sometimes somebody who is easily manipulated. >> you may be thinking about the case in las vegas where the
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husband and wife team took out two officers in las vegas and we went over to the wal-mart, and that's where the wife by all accounts was manipulated by the husband. >> yeah, and they had an anti-authoritarian bent. >> absolutely. >> what i told congress last month, and i think this might bring this all together, including your other speaker, who is very articulate. we have to define the ideology with the groups, but we also have small group cells who scope their individualized hatreds. and we don't know if this was something that was catalyzed recently or has been for a while. a lot of these people are a mix of motives, and it makes it difficult for the public to say, hey, is this a white
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supremacist orgy had? one thing before i let you roll on, sometimes what we see oftentimes, people who are anti-social first, and find a reason to act out later. so we'll see. they may not have an ideology at all, or a mixture. >> good information, darren and brian, stay with me, and let's do a recap. you're looking at pictures from high above san bernardino, california. we know 14 people are dead. and at least 17 more are injured. this all taking place in southern california, just east of los angeles. there has been a shootout in the street with at least one suspect taken down. they have not confirmed if this is the person responsible. the police say that they are searching for up to three armed suspects, and we have been watching a house-to-house search of one particular neighborhood here, very
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thorough, and brian suggested that perhaps a grid has been setup, and maybe they're act on information that they have been able to glean from people inside of the facility, maybe from this person that they allegedly have in custody at this point, but we're watching a pretty detailed search right now. these are pictures from earlier in the day, and we have been getting a lot of images from a helicopter from one of the local stations in the los angeles area. that chopper is down now for refuel being and it will be back up soon i'm sure, but we're waiting for another update from the police chief. and that's scheduled for another ten minutes or so. so we're watching that, and we'll bring that to you. let's do this. let's get more on the facility at the center of the shooting right now, and inez. >> tony, we want to give you a snapshot of the location where all of this had been taking place and the suv is just two miles away from the inland
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regional center. and this is where the shooting took place earlier today. you see that it's three buildings, and this is where the conference center is. here to the left of it, you have a golf course where some people were evacuated earlier today. and north of here is where family members were gathering, and south of here is where the media is located. i want to show you, they help the developmentally disabled people, and more than 29,000 individuals that they have helped over the last 40 years. and on their facebook page, tony, they're just being flooded with messages of condolences and thoughts and prayers, and this should not happen to anyone who does such good work.
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>> oh, boy, thank you. we clearly got this from lisa stark, and david schuster is here. >> tony, normally politicians will wait until the investigation to start weighing in on things like gun control. but i suppose that politician haves gotten used to mass shootings so often that they're not weighing. in a statement. >> earlier today, president obama said that americans should not think that these shootings are normal. and the white house, spoke out on special media. and the democrats candidates called for change, and hilliary clinton, and mass shootings are becoming the almost an everyday occurrence in this country. the sickening and senseless gun violence must stop. maryland governor, horrifying
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news at hashtag san bernardino, enough is enough, time to stand up to the nra and enact meaningful gun safety laws. republican candidates offered condolences but steered clear of the gun issue. donald trump tweeted. california shooting looks very bad. and this is when the police are so appreciated. texas senator, ted cruz, our prayers are with the victims and the first responders in san bernardino, who willingly go into harm's way to save others, and many members of congress are reacting. harry reid, democrat, wrote, gun violence has become a cancer on this nation. we're better than this. too often we're turning on our televisions to scenes of horror like the ones we're witnessing today. and this madness must stop. republican speaker, paul ryan, only on the job for less than a
7:40 pm
month, and he asked for a moment of science in a christmas tree lighting ceremony in washington. he asked everyone to pray for the victims and their families. tony? >> is enough enough, and that's the question. when is enough enough? we thought that enough was enough at sandy hook, right? >> it seems in political discourse, when there's a shooting and they're looking for a shooter, there's generally a protocol that you don't talk about politics at that moment. and when this happened, off to the races, people are talking about the nra and gun control. and one of the reaches, mass shootings are now happening so frequently that the police polis are saying there's no longer a period of black out where you don't talk about this. because they're happening so frequently, you have to talk about them in realtime. >> we were just here with derek
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on friday, talking about colorado springs. okay, you're looking at some of the police activity going on there from earlier, and again, we're going to get the live pictures up. let's take a break and be back.
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>> okay, so once again, let's recap the situation as we're seeing it, and as it's evolving now. again, san bernardino
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california, at least 14 people dead and 17 injured and again, it's all happening in san bernardino, california. just east of los angeles, and there has been a shootout with a suspect taken down. let's get to jennifer london in san bernardino with the latest for us. jennifer. >> tony, in less than 5 minutes, we're expected to have another press briefing with the san bernardino police department. and also the san bernardino county sheriff's department. so we're hoping to have an update in less than 5 minutes. all they have confirmed at this point there's one suspect down, this after a shootout with the police. earlier today, after the mass shooting at the inland conference center, the police focused their hunt on the black suv, and there was a shootout and the police are confirming that one suspect is down, and
7:45 pm
one officer was injured during the shootout but his injuries are not life threatening, and 14 people are dead and 17 injured. are you getting any information on the proximity of the search from where you are right now to the promptix to where the shooting started? is it lacks like a pretty extensive, intense house on to house search is going on. >> we have a we have a producer on the scene who is telling me that they have a very aggressive -- swat teams, in full swat gear, going door-to-door searching homes in this neighborhood. it's about two miles from where the shooting occurred earlier today at the inland regional center. we have been told that police are asking people in the north
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side of the city of san bernardino to shelter in place, as the police say to stay inside. and it does appear that the police are focusing in on this one particular neighborhood because they're going house-to-house searching for the missing suspect. >> jennifer london for us, thank you. and unfortunately, mass shootings have become an all-too-common occurrence in the united states, particularly when compared to other industrialized nations, and jonathan betz has more on gun violence. >> the numbers are stunning, the shootings happen a lot more than people realize. a mass shooting more than once a day, 12,000 people at least have been killed by guns so that are this year in the united states. when you include the rampage today in california, there have been 355 mass shoot innings the u.s. so far this year. these are shootings where at least four people have been
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shot and/or killed. and a lot of them don't make national headlines. since friday alone, this country has seen three mass shootings, and in fact, there was another one this morning in savannah, georgia. where reports say that one woman was killed and three others were shot. that was hours before the shooting today in california. which is the deadliest in america in more than three years, since the sandy hook shooting in connecticut in 2012 where 23 were killed. and today, the toll is 14. the president said that these are happening so often that america is becoming numb to t. and it's a conversation that will likely be repeated after this shooting. >> thank you. and darren porcher is with us, retired nypd. and darren, you wanted to join in a couple of times here, what's on your mind. >> it's tragic for starters,
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black friday, just passed and we had the highest number of background investigations conducted by the fbi-excuse me, me,atf than ever before for people looking to purchase firearms, so it's an epidemic that we have in the united states that needs to come to an end. i mentioned earlier, we need to hold the gun manufacturers accountable. but just going back to the scene of this particular shooting here, we have a treasure chest of dna evidence in this vehicle that was stopped. because it's impossible for us as civilians to enter and exit a location without leaving traces of our dna. where we think of hair follicles and skin follicles, and these things come off of us as we enter and exit a vehicle, and conducting a crime scene sweep of this vehicle, a lot of
7:49 pm
things will be ex being tracked to lead us to the additional perpetrators with the crime that occurred in san bernardino county. >> brian, what do you think? as we look at and consider the crime scene, as we consider the number of witnesses, okay, they were wearing masks and maybe they were wearing armor. and as you consider what probably is available on video, through security cameras, when you consider that there is at least that suv and we can all assume, it seems that law enforcement is assuming that that was the black suv in question. it seems to me, it's just a matter of aggregating, collating, getting this information together, and that in pretty short order, we'll have a pretty clear idea. and maybe pictures of the people who might be responsible.
7:50 pm
how long do you think that it will take for law enforcement to comb through all of that material and give us some pictures, names, associated, more information associated with this? >> i think that law enforcement knows who it is now. it's just a matter of when they're going to release the information. because you have a vehicle, it has a plate, a vin number, unless it has been stolen, you had the forensic evidence that was being discussed by my former nypd brother, hi, how you doing? >> how thank you doing? >> very well. and let me say one more thing, when this stuff happens, i'm so proud, it's a tragedy to my community tonight. and by all means, our prayers go out to all of these victims, but there's always a silver lining. i remember fred rogers used to say, when something terrible happens, look for the helpers.
7:51 pm
these local and regionalle law enforcement and a fantastic job, and they're getting backed up by folks from atf, fbi, and marshal service, and all of them are using investigative prow es to cast a wild net. and as you said, aggregate the information together. and one of the things that we have seen in recent years has been the ability of local and regional law enforcement to work hand in glove with our federal partners, and when i testified before congress, i said a little joke, we used to say, when the fbi would show up, turn the light bulb into the faucet, i'm with my local partners and we have everything under control. and that was a joke that i got from the fbi, and that's no longer true. and i'm so proud of how all of these agencies including the federal agencies accord nate together. i can assure you that there are teams now, from the federal
7:52 pm
agencies, marshals, fbi, atf working hand in glove to assisted san bernardino city pd, which has the primary jurisdiction here. they probably know who it is, but for various reasons leading to the investigation, they don't want to let that out. there's a need to know basis, and right now, i'm sorry, the public does not have a need to know. law enforcement would try to tie all of those threats together, a much greater need. >> that's the line that i want to pick up with you, tying it all together. and darren would degree that they have a pretty good sense of who they're talking about here, and what they want to do, to question, to roundup, and certainly have face time, shall we say, with the people in that person's pretends and family network, and darren, wow agree with that?
7:53 pm
>> absolutely, it's important that we reach out to these individuals, to extract as much tense as we can. believe it or not, in many instances, it's the perpetrator's families that are more than willing to give the law enforcement credible information, because they don't want these individuals around, because it casts a dark shadow on them as a family. >> absolutely, brian. >> i just want to interject, i have smarter colleagues that i work with, one of them dr. bicler has done research on network analysis from everything from organized crimes, to these kinds of events to terrorism. and the social networks that we just heard my nypd brethren speak of is usually important as the res is continuing if we have someone who is on the run. and i think that that is a
7:54 pm
piece, in addition to the witnesses and the forensics, this kind of networking evidence can be very useful in finding out, where is it likely that this person is going to run to, or what are the locations that are best-known to them if they could in fact try to get there? they are on the run, and this kind of information is very useful, and my hat is off not only to our local law enforcement folks, but dr. bicler, who has done groundbreaking analysis on these networks and how these folks investigate this. >> now, we have a live picture from the chopper that refueled and back up over the sky in this neighborhood where the search is going on. and not far from where the shoot outlook took place, but the suv is he totally disabled at this point. are you a little bit more concerned that we're starting at sunset and starting to run into the evening hours now,
7:55 pm
that this is still a very active investigation? at least one scene, this neighborhood is being looked at very closely, and does the evening pose any particular challenges to the work that's going on right now? >> want more time that passes, the greater the danger to the community. we have desperate individuals in the community that i feel will do anything to maintain man existence for another day of freedom. therefore, i think that it's essential that we catch them as quickly as possible. because we're approaching dusk or nightfall, absolutely. does that provide a curtain of secrecy for these individuals? sure, but ultimately, law enforcement wants to catch these people as quick as possible. >> brian, your thoughts on this. >> a couple of things, we want to make sure that this person is isolated and contained. and bring them in alive. that's the thing, and so also
7:56 pm
make sure that the public is protected. because this person is presumably, or could be presumably still armed and we want to avoid a couple of things. ambush on law enforcement, because they're in groups, and a hostage situation. we want to have them isolated, contained and defanged as soon as possible, and nightfall does have a problem, because one of the things that you talked about is that one of the key assets that we have is the general public, an public much e to see people in their backyards or area in the daytime than at night, when someone can lie in wait. >> and i guess, coming in on the final words, and we're going to turn it over to my colleague, joh john seigenthalet the top of the hour, and what are you seeing with the police today? >> textbook, i'm from the nypd
7:57 pm
and i love it. but i tell you something, my friends and neighbors and some of the cal state grads who are in the local law enforcement did a phenomenal job, and what i also want to say, the first responders. the fire departments, this interagency response, because this occurred near the san bernardino city line. it was really textbook, i can't tell you how proud i am of these heroes of any community. i'm not the one who should be getting face time. these folks who are heroes did such a beautiful job. not only responded immediately, but when you have an active shooter now, the protocol is to go in as soon as you can, and these people save lives. what we often see, the deaths occur 60% of the time. even before the folks respond. so i do think that the response stopped a bigger loss of life from taking place, and the coordination from the different agencies and the different
7:58 pm
types of agencies, both federal and local, in addition to the fire departments and the emts, was textbook, and if you look at the videos, you'll see what i mean, perfect. >> hey, brian, got to let you go, but i'm going to take your suggestion on advisement and see if we can get some of the men and women who worked the scene to talk about their experience, and what they're learning from each and every one of these instances. brian, terrific, and thank you.
7:59 pm
>> and you have a second set of people isolating each witness separately and you want to interview them separately. you don't want to interview everyone together because when you do that, you get the same story. >> they morph. >> they can be manufactured. however, when we interview each person in isolation, we'll gain a more credible overview of what did occur. so you need to address the situation accordingly. >> at this point, it sounds as though san bernardino is the main agency and they're being supported by everyone. >> that's usually the case. usually the local police department is the lead agency and the additional units such as
8:00 pm
atf and fbi, they work as ancillary assets. thank you very much. let's turn things over to john. >> tony, thank you very much. you were looking at a live picture from san bernardino, california. we're expecting a briefing. we begin with breaking news. another mass shooting in the united states. this time in san bernardino, california. 14 people killed, 17 others injured. it happened at a center that treats people with developmental disabilities. up to three gunmen opened fire this morning. one suspect was shot in a gun battle, maybe two, and they're looking for a third in california. >> john, as the sun sets here in