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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm EST

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>> welcome back everyone i'm john siegenthaler and we continual our coverage of the breaking news that we've been following for the last six or seven hours. the mass shooting in san bernardino. it happened in the inland regional center in san bernardino. two suspects one male one female were killed in a shootout with police. they say both were armed with assault rifles and handguns and a third person has been detained
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at the scene. don't know whether he's a suspect or not or involved. they are still assessing that situation. these are live pictures in redlands, california. we don't know if this is being connected. jennifer london is bringing us up to date after this press briefing, jennifer. >> reporter: john, police wrapped up their latest police briefing ten minutes ago, maybe 15 minutes ago. and the tie-in to redlands, california, that's about ten miles to the east of san bernardino, a tip earlier in the day led authorities to a location in re redlands, california. they then saw a black suv fleeing, they started to chase that vehicle, that chase led the police back to the city of san
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bernardino where there was a shootout with the suspects who were in this black suv. police describing it as an officer-involved shooting. two suspects are dead william, one suspect a female, one a male. they saw a third suspect fleeing the area, they did detain the person, and trying to determine if the third suspect is linked to the shooting earlier in the day. we can tell you the place where the shooting happened earlier in the day in the inland regional center that is still not secured. police have bomb squads at the location, they are looking for a possible explosive device, is what they described. i believe we have a little audio from the briefing. let's listen. >> the suspects that were
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confronted, one is a male, one is a female, they were both armed with assault weapons, handguns, sensitive stuff around the vehicle that they're not real sure they're taking a real cautious approach to deal with the vehicle in case there are more explosives there. >> reporter: the fbi is during the press conference john stopping short of calling this a terrorist attack. it may be, it may not be. the investigation is very fluid, saying this is a marathon and not a sprint, they say they will go where the evidence leads them. again not saying whether or not this is a terrorist act but i think if you were to speak to the people in san bernardino, john, they will say that terror rained on this city earlier in the day and even though officials are saying the lock downs, the shelter in place, stay in doors orders have been lifted, there is still a sense that there is possible danger out there. >> yeah and that's what we've been talking about jennifer.
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and you bring up this point of possible terrorism. let's listen to the fbi agent who actually talked about that. >> i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly is, is this terrorism? and i'm still not willing to say that we know that for sure. we are definitely making some movements that it is a possibility. we are making some adjustments to our investigation. it is a possibility but we don't know that yet. and we're not willing to go down that road yet. >> bill stanton is a form he nypd. when you hear that they were dressed in assault-style clothing. military style clothing. assault weapons. what does that tell you? >> that tells me they had a specific agenda. if they were going to rob a bank or if they were targeting someone specifically -- >> they wouldn't dress like that? >> -- to murder somebody they wouldn't dress like that. they would go in to blend in.
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this is bad guy 101. they were making a statement tressed that way in my opinion. >> so vincent hill who is a former nashville police officer, you don't -- from what they've said about terrorism you don't suggest that -- i mean, they could have been any kind of terrorism, foreign terrorism, domestic terrorism. you don't take, either way, from that comment, right? >> yeah, absolutely. again terrorism is terrorism. but to bill's point i mean they had an agenda. they went in dressed. exactly like this. this wasn't just to go get one person. this wasn't to get two people. so i don't think this was really a dispute between co-workers you know that came back to terrorize someone. this was planned out, they had an agenda just like bill said. >> and so we shouldn't draw anything from that comment by the fbi agent? >> at this point john, it's too early to determine, yes, this was terrorism or no, it wasn't
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terrorism. i still think there's a lot of questions, more than answers at this point. so to say it's terrorism, would be jumping the gun at this point. i mean you look back to colorado and i believe someone had made the statement that this could be an islamic terrorism immediately and then we come to find out the shooter was a red blooded american toists too early to say right now. >> and it's how we define terrorism today. you take sandy hook. >> there is different definitions. >> that person was mentally deranged, it wasn't terrorism, he was insane and he brought about violence. what do we define as terrorism? we'll learn their definition soon enough. >> police in san bernardino, is this redlands, is this where we're looking at? in redlands, california near where the suspects were shot and killed by police, where there was a shootout with police. they went door to door earlier
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right? but then they ended that. >> they canvassed the area. >> but that's just normal procedure? >> right but it's a little coincidental to me that they grab a third person of interest they're saying and then they lift the secure-in-place. so you know, if we're going to make leaps of thought here, my thought is, they got their third guy or supposed third guy. >> now, so -- >> why would they lift the secure-in-place? >> right, if they're looking for another suspect they wouldn't do that right? >> we're talking common sense and just theorizing. >> vincent what do you think? >> absolutely. if they're looking for another shooter they're not going to lift it and say it's all clear. to bill's point maybe this third person is the person they're looking for. maybe they found something on his person, a weapon, maybe they tested his hands for gsr, maybe they already linked him to that vehicle. to give the all-clear ahead of
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time would be premature. >> they said there was a house in redlands, i don't know if that's the house they're actually talking about but there's a house in redlands that they're look at. so normal procedure would be if you know who these suspects are you're going to go to their house and see what you find there, right? >> absolutely. now they're tapping into their cell phones, they're pinging their phones, they're doing all of this real quick. >> they're looking into social media. >> everything, everything. >> trying to get into their computers, if their computers were at home. >> everything. >> you were going to say something vincent. >> they're talking to neighbors, absolutely. they're talking to neighbors, anyone that may be associated with that house that lives a few houses down they're talking to them, they're saying hey do you know this person, explain this person, what type of actions do they do on a daily basis, anything to find out more about these individuals. >> motive, motive, motive, that's what they want to know
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now. >> 14 dead 17 injured. jennifer london is in san bernardino to tell us more about the injured. jennifer. >> yes, it was interesting john during the press conference that we've been reporting on and talking about they did not make mention of the 17 people that we know were injured during the mass shootout that occurred just after 11:00 a.m. local time. we were told that the injuries ranged from people falling it was believed as they were trying to escape to gunshot wounds. we do know that a number of the injured were taken to loma linda medical center and the update they have on these injuries, two critical two fair one person is still being assessed. we do know that 14 people were killed at the scene. >> jennifer, thank you very much. let's talk a bit more about mass shootings. they've become all too common in the united states especially when compared to other industrialized nations. jonathan betz is following that part of the story jonathan. >> the numbers are frankly staggering.
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these kinds of shootings happen a lot more often than people realize. a mass shooting more than once a day, 12,000 people have been killed by guns so far this year in america. now when you include the rampage today in california, there have been 355 mass shootings in the u.s. just so far this year. now these are shootings where at least four people have been shot and/or killed. a lot of these crimes don't make national headlines. since friday alone the country has seen three mass shootings. in fact there was another one this morning in assassin, savan, georgia. one person was killed and three others shot. hours before today's shooting in california which by the way is the deadliest in california in three years not since the sandy hook shooting in 2012 when 27 people died have so many people been killed in the u.s. today's death toll stands at 14 in california. the president has repeatedly
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said these crimes have happened so often john that america has become frankly numb to it. >> jonathan betz, thank you very much. a recap, we just heard from the police department in san bernardino, 14 are dead in the shooting late this morning in san bernardino, pacific time, 11:00. 17 injured in that shooting. two suspects were shot to death by police in a shootout in redlands, california and that's where those pictures are that you're looking at right now. that's redlands, california and they're looking at a house in redlands we don't know whether it is connected. there is one other person detained, we don't know whether that person is connected to all of this and authorities say terrorism may be involved. we don't know exactly what that means. we hope to learn more about that. but the circumstances behind all the mass shootings are different. there are some things that they share and jake ward has that part of the story. >> reporter: in april of 2012 a stun student came to this
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university here in oakland, california and opened fire. he ended up killing seven people with a handgun. why does this keep happening here? why is it that we have so many mass shootings in the united states that we actually have a leader board for these kinds of events, well, a new study seeks to answer that question. >> somebody is outside one of the doors shooting through the door. >> it might seem impossible to pin down any kind of commonality among these shooters but the united states offers so many shootings to study, a pattern beginning to emerge. they are unusually concentrated here in the united states. even though the united states accounts for 5% of the world's population we somehow account for 31% of the mass shootings that take place. the study identifies three major themes. a hunger for attention and glory. the crushing effects of personal
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disappointment and access to guns. the study points out an indigenous american condition that it calls exceptionalism, the idea that you can be great and famous here. it talks about the crushing disappointment that ask come from that. it points out, for instance a study that showed that 81% of high school students believed that they were going to have a great paying job by the age of 25. 15% of them believed they were going to have a greater life than their parents did. here's the amazing thing, 26% believed they were soon going to be famous. how can you not be disappointed in a culture like that, a strain that is often common to rampage shooters. perhaps in response to that disappointment the study finds in rampage shooters a twisted hope for some sort of fame through killing. a desire that those shooters seem to share with another category of self destructive murderer, suicide bombers. the final element that the study
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identifies is of course guns. the study found that among 171 nations that it looked at there was no connection with the rate of actual violence and the rate of mass shootings. countries like mexico, venezuela, nigeria, which have terrible murder rates, don't have any mass shootings. it is access to firearms that truly makes the difference. in that category, the united states is far and away the world leader. we have 88.8 guns per 100 people in this country. compare this to second place yemen a country in the midst of a terrible civil war. they only have 54.8 guns per 100 people. syria a country that people are actually trying to escape has only 3.9 guns per 100 people. it doesn't even make the top 100. the study shows that we may not have anything to do about our desire for fame or personal ambitions to personal achievements but the most concrete thing we could do is
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limit access to guns but that may very well be the most politically complicated seclusion of all and that is another thing that sets america apart as compared to the rest of the world when it comes to this problem. >> that's jake ward reporting. all right, so we've learned some new information tonight. a little while ago, the san bernardino police chief held a press conference along with the fbi. some interesting things. let's listen to it. >> we are still working on the building here at the inland regional center. we mentioned in the press conference that there were some suspicious devices, one of those devices is believed to potentially be an explosive device so they're taking a very cautious very slow approach to processing that building and rendering that safe. so i would imagine we're going to be here for several hours as the bomb squad continues to work that part. on the investigative side, we had fallen up on some tips that
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took us to a residence in the city of redlands. when officers were setting up to watch it, there was a vehicle leaving that was suspected of possibly being involved, there ended up being a pursuit of that vehicle and that pursuit came back to san bernardino avenue between mountain view and richardson, in san bernardino, where the suspect shot and there was an officer involved shooting. we have two suspects that are dead at the scene, one is a male one is a female, one police officer that was wounded, he has injuries that are not considered life threatening, at a local hospital and expected to be okay. of the suspects that are debt at the scene, one is -- dead at the scene one is a male one is a female. they were dressed in kind of assault-style clothing i think is probably the best way to term
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it. they were both armed with assault rifles, they are both armed with handguns and there's also kind of some sensitive stuff around the vehicle that they're just not real sure they're taking a very cautious approach to dealing with the vehicle in case there's more explosives there. with that i'm going to turn it over to dave bowdich of the fbi to talk about more parts of the investigation. >> thank you chief. so first off my name is -- >> close to the mic please. >> my fame is david bowdich, assistant director of the fbi in the los angeles field office. b-o-w ---i-c-h. first off we want to extend our true sadness to the families of the victims. there are many, many victims who were involved here, some are obviously deceased, others are wounded and being treated as we speak. this is truly a tragedy in our country. and we will continue to apply
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all the resources necessary to assure that both us, the sheriff's department, the san bernardino police department as well as the atf work this thing together to arthur we hav assure chased down this case. secondly we are bringing in fbi resources we have agents on a house in redlands, california right now. that house as we know, we do not know the contents of what's in that louse but previous active shooter incidents have shown us that there are times when devices are left behind. we do not have any indications there are devices to my knowledge but we certainly are going to proceed very cautiously into that house to preserve life and lim lymph our employees. we are bringing evidence response teams in to work with our state and local partners on the officer-involved shooting scenes as well as the scene here
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where we have multiple victims as well as the house. we will continue to go down this road. this is a marathon not a sprint. i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly is, is this terrorism and i am still not willing to say that we know that for sure. we are definitely making some movements that it is a possibilities. we are making -- a possibility. we are making some adjustment to our investigation that it is a possibility but we don't know that yet and we're not willing to do down that road -- go down that road yet. >> david the relationship between the two suspects? >> unknown at this point. >> how old approximately are they? >> i do not each noh that. >> there is talk of a third suspect. >> there is a third suspect. i don't know the disposition of that suspect. i will defer that to the chief. what i will tell you on any indications of terrorism or this investigation, i've told a few of you already, we will go where
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the evidence takes us. it's possible it goes down that road, it is also possible it does knows not. we are just not sure yet and when we are fairly sure we will let you know. >> do you have a sense this is possibly terrorism? >> there are a number of potential, there are a few potential things but we just don't know. i'm not willing to go down that road. this is a very fluid, active investigation, we are still gathering facts, all the agencies here, there are pieces of information strewn over this city and another city and we will get there when we get there. >> information about the identity of the third suspect? >> i should have included that when i talked a moment ago. so as i said we had an officer involved shooting on sam july avenue between mountain view and richardson. there were two people in the vehicle both of those two people were deceased. there was a third person that
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was seen running away, we do not know if they were involved, we have that person detained. i don't have any information on that person yet, it is possible they were involved possible they were not. we put things out on social media, asking people to shelter in place, in those neighborhoods, folks called in and reported they heard somebody jumping fences and they reported some of that activity in the neighborhood. we don't know if that was possibly responding officers but we took a cautious approach we locked down the neighborhood we asked people to shelter in place and searched that neighborhood extensively. as of a few minutes ago we got word that that search has been wrapped up, no suspects were contacted or seen there and we feel we can shelter in place there. >> do you have a motivate or why this location? >> we don't glrks don't have a motive. keep in mind, i said there were some things that were causing the officers to take a very,
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very cautious approach in approaching those services. and so we just are not that far into the investigation yet. >> is that possible? >> i'm sorry? >> possibility that these suspects might have had suicide vests or something similar? >> i don't know. i have not heard suicide vests no. >> do you believe this situation are all clear people are safe there are still more shooters potentially out there? >> we feel confident about the neighborhood where the officer involved shooting took place that we have secured that and there's nobody outstanding there, we're reasonably confident there. on the broader scale of the investigation, we had information there were potentially three shooters. we are still at a point we are tracking down that information. we are going to continue to identify if there was a third person involved or another person involved in the planning, still pretty early on that investigation. >> i can't listen to all. >> did you report out that at the holiday party somebody left
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angrily, went out came back with two other people guns started firingfully truth to that? >> i have heard that they were in a meeting or a holiday party type event at the regional center. somebody did leave, but we have no idea if that is person that came back. >> so that's a possibility then? you're looking into that? >> somebody did leave, there was some type of dispute or something when somebody left that party but we have no idea if those were the people that came back. >> weapons were recovered at the point of shootout you say long guns? >> they were assault style weapons. >> ak series? >> that type of weapon yes. >> are there explosive near that black suv currently? >> there was a report they potentially threw what was potentially identified as a pipe bomb, we have determined that is safe,. >> can you give us any description on these suspects
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parents, ethnicity, age? >> the way it was described to me i said this in the first press conference they came dressed and equipped and the people that we have seen at the scene are deceased, dark tactical gear is the best way can i put it. >> do you know -- >> i don't know. i didn't say we served a search warrant. >> i understand you served a search warrant some are being told. is it your understanding they were holed up in the general area all the time they never left? >> there was information on the early part of the investigation as we started to develop information, there was one particular focus area that we went. there were a couple but one particular focus area that we went to and it was one of those followups folksed area that led us to redlands that led us to the officer-involved shooting. >> did it appear they lived there that that was their house? >> the address was connected to the follow-up we had.
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i don't know who the suspects are nor do i know if that is where they lived. >> do they believe that the police killed the two people at the end? >> they were carrying assault style weapons. >> do you know if they were ak .47s? >> i don't know the assault sometime weapons. >> there were two people deceased, one male one female engaged in the gun battle with police officers and we had several officers that shot at them and into the vehicle. i don't know what bullets caused their death. >> the third person in custody -- >> third person leaving the area he is detained, we do not know the extent of his involvement if any, it is possible he was not. >> aurora and colson? >> the person involved was detained very close to the officer-involved shooting. >> there was an arrest on colson street. >> somebody detained, we've not
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identified them yet. >> have weapons on him that third suspect that was detained any weapons located on that person? >> i don't have that information. >> were there any words exchanged during this gun fire, between the suspects and the police? >> i don't know. >> what is their nationality. >> don't know. okay we're going to try to do another press conference sometime around 8:30 9:00, hopefully we'll have more information at that time. thank you. >> the chief of police of san bernardino, clatch. bill stanton retired investigator, nypd police officer. and another officer from atlanta. a warrant served on a house in redlands, california not far from san bernardino, and that's where police encountered that suv and there was a pursuit and a shootout that ended up in san bernardino, so clearly, it sounds to me like bill, police knew where they may have known
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where they lived or where they were hiding out in redlands and that's where they caught these guys. >> that's right. now to me it's sounding more like two. >> more like two? >> yes. >> why do you say this after you hear it the second time? >> after hearing it the second time, they said the secure in place they heard some people jumping over fences didn't know whether it was cops or whatever, they came to the conclusion it was unfounded, that's why they lift they'd. if there were three, how come there's not a massive man hunhut going on? i'm leaning towards two shooters. >> it's interesting vincent when you hear it the second time you hear different things. i focus on the incident where they shot, had the shootout with the two suspects male and female. what did you hear the second
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time? >> yeah, to bill's point it's sounding more john that it's actually two shooters. because keep in mind, i mean if two shooters were in the vehicle how did the third get away and escape without being shot by police as well unless he bailed out of the vehicle long before the shootout occurred which is highly unlikely. so it's sounding more that it's actually two shooters and they may actually have the targets they were looking for at this point. >> it's still no clearer, though, bill, about what they were saying about terrorism. they said it could be -- >> right. >> -- some sort of workplace dispute or it could be terrorism. >> now it could be more extreme workplace because now when you eliminate -- and again we're just hypothesizing. >> right. >> now is it a boyfriend girlfriend, husband wife where one convinces the other as opposed to three? and the fact that they got dressed up in the military garb,
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the assault garb, is this dilutional or tdelusional or to? we might find out. >> we might find out later on tonight or next week. it's actually moved quite quickly from earlier in the afternoon. let me sort of back up a bit. you've been looking at a live picture from california, where 14 people were killed and 17 more injured, in a shooting this morning in san bernardino. two suspects, a man and a woman, were killed as we mentioned in a police shootout. tonight police are focusing on a house in redlands, california. we do not know whether or not that house was connected to the two suspects. a third person who may or may not be involved, has been detained. in the meantime, jennifer london has throughout the afternoon been covering all of this for us
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and brings us up to date. jennifer are you there? >> john i am here. here's with we know at this hour. police have lifted all earlier lock downs. the stay indoors what police call the shelter in place order for the northern part of the city that has also been lifted. the house-to-house searching that was done earlier, we saw all the video of the swat teams going door to door. that has ended. but we are being told that the location where the mass shooting occurred earlier in the day, the inland regional center, that building is not yet secure. we know that is a massive building and police said they have reason to believe there might be an explosive device inside the building. they have the bomb squad there. they say it's likely they will be there for hours. we know that area is flotd secure. and then when we -- is not secure.


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