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tv   World News  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> horror in southern california. >> sound like sound like a shooting range. >> gunmen opened fire at a san bernardino social services center. >> people shot in the office waiting for cops. >> more than a dozen people are known to be dead. >> the best thing to do is completely stay out of the area. >> and police have been tracking down the gunmen. >> we don't know yet what the motives of the shooters are.
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>> good evening i'm antonio mora. we begin this international news hour on al jazeera america in the united states. specifically in southern california. where police are searching a residential neighborhood after a mass shooting earlier today. the fbi, atf and local police forces have all been deployed. they say three people armed in tactactical gear stormed a faciy in southern california for training of disabled individuals. police located suspects in a black suv about an hour later. two people a man and a woman were killed in a gun battle with police. a potential third person pattern
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escaped. jennifer london arrived at the scene very rapidly and she joins us there. jennifer. >> reporter: antonio, investigation has led law enforcement to red langdz and rd executed a search warned that's where they found suspects fleeing the scene in a black suv. we know police are still at the scene in redlands, california, there are reports of a possible explosive devise device, they ag through the location very thoroughly and methodically. an authority told al jazeera during the chase with the suspects, they -- the police were being thrown objects, and it had been reported that it might have been a pipe bomb. we are being told it was a fake
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pipe bomb device. these are the two suspects that were ultimately killed by police, one was a man, one was a woman. a lot of questions still remain, though, specifically what was the motive behind the shooting. a lot of people are asking the questions, was there an acts of terrorism? here is what an authority from the fbi said earlier this evening. >> one of your questions will be, is this a terrorist incident? i'll tell you we do not know if this is a terrorist incident. we take the presumption it may be, it may not be but we'll work hand in hand with local authorities from the beginning. if things change we're here from the get-go and there are no steps lost as the investigation proceeds. >> reporter: here is how i can tell you how the city is reacting antonio. and whether the question was thrown about, was it terrorism, was it not terrorism, the people at the scene, friends and family
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of people who worked in that building, they will tell you, they were terrorized, it may be a matter of semantics. i know it's important for law enforcement, but the people who are there for the shooting, we are hearing more about what it was like for them and we do have some sound from a woman who was inside the inland regional center whether the shooting occurred. >> all of a sudden i could heard kind of like sounded like a shooting range, like slots being shot like crazy a lot of shots. >> all of a sudden boom, it just -- it was like here. >> boom boom boom boom boom. >> on the loose. >> ride behind the building and i heard all the shots. >> i started walking down by the outback and people out there and they heard. so i don't know what's going on here but i was kind of scared. >> reporter: and those friends and family members that were waiting, desperately throughout the day, to be reconnected with their loved ones. throrts did set up a location at
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a place called the hernandez center about two miles from where the shooting occurred, it is there that people are reuniting with their loved ones. antonio. >> jennifer london, thank you. now let's bring in darren porcher. retired nypd police officer. good to be with you. >> do you see a change in tone in that last press conference where we heard the fbi assistant director from the l.a. office specifically talk about terrorism and say that he couldn't rule it out? >> i can understand the director's take we can't rule terrorism out. we have different definitions based on a department based on what the perception of terrorism is. whether i think of terrorism i think of violence connected with a fear. if this violence creates a fear within the population i deem it as terrorist. however, the fbi might have a
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different protocol. i believe the fbi feel directors it's too early to call. >> you have learned that earlier, there were reports that it might have been somebody who left this conference center where apparently some event was going on and may have come back. it seems now that the conversation is changed a little. >> right. whether we think of that individual that -- whether we think of that individual that entered the conference and engaged had a brief dispute and left, i find that hard to believe that that was the same individual that partook in this horrific act because this seems like a calculated act on the part of the perpetrators. they had this military type gear, automatic weapons, et cetera. this was a calculated plan and well thought out and it didn't strike me as something spontaneous enough as a quick verbal dispute and a person leaves. >> especially if it did involve more than one person as it seems to have. >> absolutely.
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because initially, we heard various accounts on the number gun plen. initially i heard one to three. then i heard two then i heard three. now at this point we have a male and a female that have been killed and then we have a third possible suspect but they haven't quite been able to link the nexus together between the last suspect and the two, the male and the female that were killed. >> why do you think it has taken so long to get clear information about the number of suspects, about who was actually inside there, given that we live in this world where there are so many cameras almost anymore? >> well, what happens is oftentimes you have a large -- you had a group of people that were in this conference room. and it's safe to say, people see things differently. when police conduct an investigation, and they question witnesses, witnesses are questioned individually. and each individual account can be different on what they have witnessed. so i can understand some people
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may have well felt that they saw six or eight gunmen. what happens when shots are being fired in a live setting, people tend to become very nervous, agitated and they look for safety in the best way possible. often times they may hear things -- in their mind they may perceive to hear something or actually see something that they actually haven't witnessed so i can understand that. >> and again there are many reports about may or may not be going on, it's a fluid situation but one of them is that there might be an explosive device at the initial site of that conference center where people were thought and now we are seeing police being very, very careful in approaching that suv where these two suspects were killed. why has that taken so long given that we have all this technology to you know look at possible bombs and things like that? >> well, explosive ordnance
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investigations are very complicated and they take very long. we have two crime scenes, redlands, the home of the supposed suspects, and gun fire from police and then the third crime scene which is where this all started in the -- based on that i guess that forum so to speak. so there's an immense degree of resources that need to be deployed to all three crime scenes. now the san bernardino police department is at the forefront of this. atf and the fbi are functioning as support units in assisting -- in this crime scene investigation however, it takes a long time, it's a tedious process and i can tell you from firsthand experience when you're are dismantling a bomb or you're focusing on the disposal of explosive ordnance, you need to be very calculated and careful. >> yes, clearly. and you'll stick around for us
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tonight. >> absolutely. >> we'll stay on the story the next couple of hours and bring you all the latest developments. the international headline today came from london, air strikes on i.s.i.l. in syria. heated debate that been on the for some ten hours. al jazeera's emma hayward in olondon. >> this is perhaps the toughest political decision whether to vote for military action or not. no surprise then that the chamber was packed. mps waiting to hear the british prime minister's argument to attack i.s.i.l. in syria. >> these radicals attack us because of who we are not because of what we do. >> cameron's refusal to terrorist sympathizers fueling the fire inside westminster. >> not only is this offensive, it is dangerous and it is
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untrue. >> reporter: this is a debate which has divided opinion inside and outside the house. no one here doubts the dangers posed by i.s.i.l. and something needs to be done. but how to do it has caused eruptions inside british politics. >> the absence of critical ground troops, the missing plan for a syrian settlement, the refugee crisis and civilian casualties, it's becoming increasingly clear that the prime minister's proposal for military action simply do not stack up. >> reporter: many in parliament wanted to know more about the claim that there are some 70,000 moderate opposition forces willing to fight i.s.i.l. on the ground. >> i'm not arguing that the 70,000 are ideal partners. some of them do have views that we don't agree with. but the definition of the 70,000 is those people that we have been prepared to work with, and
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continue to be prepared to work with. >> even before i.s.i.l.'s attack on paris which killed 130 people, mr. cameron was steering his government to make this choice. a vote on attacking president assad's forces in syria failed to pass in 2013. a year later, though, mps here voted to carry out air strikes on i.s.i.l. in iraq. >> stepping air force's bombing from iraq to syria is a small element. over and above that we've got to put all we're doing the into a wider diplomatic and political framework to build a more secure future for syria and to secure the region itself. >> there is an overwhelming feeling that this motion will pass, but the war weary, conflicts in iraq and afghanistan still loom large. one poll suggests that just over half of the population supports
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military action. but assuming mp support, air strikes could begin twin days, even hours. emma hayward, al jazeera, london. >> white house says iraqi prime minister haider al-abadi has welcomed additional help. secretary of state john kerry says the government was fully briefed on the plan. say no to more u.s. soldiers, some iraqis think a greater u.s. presence, 200 or so special operations troops will be followed by a much larger deployment. tom rogan joins us from washington, d.c, tonight, columnist from national review. tom good to see you. today was a reminder how much more colorful debates were in parliament than in coming. his argument that it was necessary to attack them before
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they attacked britain seemed to carry the vote with big numbers. >> good to be with you. there were lot of passionate talks on display in parliament. hilary ben senior member of the labor party, made ospeech outlining why he thought the government was right, and jeremy corbin leader of the lab-our appeared, against the strikes. why you saw approval for air strikes into syria today were the attacks in france and that perception that just across the channel, the english channel, there is a grave and growing terrorist threat and based on the briefings that british parliamentarians have been having from members of the british security services three feel there is this imminent threat now that they have to be seen to be doing something. >> it is an important street for
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britain but also for coalition, because not only will it have the coalition involved, it sends a message because when parliament voted against bombing in syria two years ago that stop the u.s. from moving forward then. >> absolutely. absolutely. i think you hit the nail on the head there in the sense that there's this synergy of that political credibility, that it lends to the united states by having britain, america's closest ally in syria as well as iraq. but on a functional level there is a benefit that people too easily push away, that because the raf has trained so closely so long with the united states air force marine and navy, when we are talking about making air strikes more effective against i.s.i.l. targets, what it enables them to do is for an
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american air controller saying look to the british pilot, there is a guy here, they can get off the loop to get authorization to fire before that individual or person in a car moves into a civilian area. in that since it provides capability in a high level that perhaps some of the other allies could. >> people in britain seem to be divided in this. a poll showed a strong majority favoring the bombing, it dropped to 48%. scotland opposed to it but a majority of the english supporting it. >> look, there are a lot of tensions in the politics at the moment, the labour party is in the state of flux, in the light of the defeat over the summer, the scottish nationalist party, which wants scotland divided from gland, negative in the
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interactions with david cameron, so these tensions are playing out in different ways, but for the most part the effects of paris has had a catalyzing influence. >> but that hasn't affected jeremy corbin, despite the fact his deputy and his shadow foreign minister supported it, you mentioned hilary who stood up and talked against it. corbin has a history of being soft on the assad regime in syria. how big a defeat was this for him? >> it was a big defeat but at the same time i think it was more of a victory for cameron's government in the sense they felt to the blunt burned by the experience in august or september 2013, where parliament rejected that. so for the cameron government as well, as david cameron moves into his second term with a majority government, is to saying to the world that the
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u.k. is still a major actor, he decided to meet the 2% gdp nato spending target and take ownership of british foreign policy and i'm sure there have been some conversations between the white house and david cameron tonight because it does have a mutual benefit for both letters, in domestic terms and broader foreign policy terms. >> tom roag ann good t rogan, gu with us. russia says turkey is profiting from oil sold to i.s.i.l. coming up on al jazeera.
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>> i.s.i.l. says it has executed a russian spy, the sight monitoring group says the man was captured in syria after living in the area for a year. hostage giving details of his apparent recruitments by russian intelligence before being beheaded. russian authorities have not reported that any of its citizens are being held by i.s.i.l. >> russia says it has proof that turkey's president and his family are benefiting from the illegal trade with i.s.i.l. the two have been add odds since
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the turk issue military shot down a russian jet last week. >> these satellite images say russian defense show the syrian turkey border. 240 oil tankers and trucks. on the right, 46 vehicles waiting to make the crossing. one evidence showing that turkey is helping by buying illegal oil. >> turkey is a main consumer of the oil stolen from its rightful owners, in syria and iraq. president erdogan and his family are involved in this criminal business. >> the deepening rift is getting personal. >> translator: no one has the right to slander turkey by saying turkey buys oil from i.s.i.l. turkey has not lost its ethical values so as to buy oil from a
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terrorist organization. >> the united states has defended its nato ally. >> we flatly reject any notion that the turks are somehow working with i.s.i.l. that is preposterous and really very kind of ridiculous. >> the news agency reuters estimates that i.s.i.l. controls more than 60% of syria's oil capacity and about 10% of iraq's. but the falling price of oil are thought to have hit i.s.i.l.'s profits. analysts say profits have halved to 40,000 barrels a day. turkey's president says he will step down if russia's allegations are proven but even the evidence is what it says it is, there aren't many people who expect erdogan to start writing his resignation letter.
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that is not what russia says it's trying to do, just trying to shut down i.s.i.l.'s sources of funding and deal the organization a crushing blow. explaining, terrorism without money is a beast without fangs. rory challands, al jazeera, moscow. bashar al-assad says russian intervention in his country is changing the balance of power of. russian forces were slowing groups like i.s.i.l, he went on to condemn the downing of the russian plane by turkish forces, dissatisfaction of developments in syria working in his favor. russia is assad's major supporter. 16 months has passed since nato has bombed montenegro. montenegro is strategically important because it sits on the
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adriatic sea. russia is not happy by this latest development. >> welcoming in the next members of a growing club. as nato foreign members gave montenegro the right to hold succession talks. stressing the importance of the move. >> montenegro's accession to nato will be another important step in the integration of the entire western balkans region. it is clear nato keeps its door open to complete our vision of a europe whole and at peace. >> country of 650,000 people has already made great efforts to meet nato's joining criteria. >> we already did a huge amount of work, so we did implementation of reforms deeply in the sector of defense in the sector of security. we are dealing with a rule of
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law. you do know that we are deep into negotiations in european union as well, so this is the process which is very much complementary. >> reporter: montenegro, formerly a part of communist yugoslavia, has come a long way. then in a union with serbia, helping to stop sloab dan milosevic. on wednesday president putin's spokesman warned of retaliatory measures and sergey lavrov has called nato expansion a provocation. >> i would say to russia and to any other country that worries or thinks about there, this is not focused on them specifically. it's focused on the potential of defense, against anybody or anything that is a threat. including i.s.i.l.
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>> reporter: montenegro's flag could soon be flying here as nato's 29th member once it's pushed through more democratic reforms and once the 28 other parliaments have approved it. good news perhaps for alliance but another reason for russia to push back. nadim baba al jazeera, at nato headquarters in brussels. >> montenegro's future could play a big role in international politics. both countries are predominantly orthodox christian and have historically been strong allies. a blow to russia's political influence in the region and would take a position on the adriatic sea, but the small country's future is far from certain. analysts there believe russia will try to forward a opposition
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candidate. montenegrons. next the latest on the search for gunman in today's mass shooting in southern california and the president's reaction to yet another incident of violence. and hungs of boko haram hostages are free. the international effort that led to the deaths and arrests of hundreds of fighters.
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>> this is one of the most important sites in the century. >> this linked the mafia and the church. >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> i can't allow you not to go into that because that is your job. >> we gonna bring this city back one note at a time.
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is. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm antonio mora. coming up in this half hour of international news what a new report reveals about iran's nuclear program. but first, in san bernardino, california police are still canvassing the site of a mass shooting, at a center for people with disabilities. 14 people killed, 17 injured, took hours for police to locate two suspects driving in an suv. there was a shootout and man and woman were killed. there was a third person running away, police arrested that
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person, but not confirmed that these are the people responsible for the shooting. the assistant for the l.a. office of the fbi and the san bernardino police held a news conference. >> there ended up being a pursuit of a vehicle and eventually that pursuit came back to san bernardino avenue between mountain view and richardson here in the city of san bernardino where the suspect vehicle stopped and there was an officer involved shooting. we had multiple officers that were involved in the shooting, two suspects dead at the scene, one is a male one is a female, one police officer that was wounded he has injuries that are not considered life threatening, at a local hospital expected to be okay. of the suspects that are dead at the scene, one is a male, one is a female. they were dressed in kind of assault-style clothing.
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i think is probably the best way to term it. they are both armed with assault rifles. they are both armed with handguns and there's also kind of some sensitive stuff around the vehicle that they're just not real sure they're taking a real cautious approach to the vehicle in case there's more explosives there. there is a third person seen running away, don't know if they were involved, they have him detained. it is possible they were not. >> i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly, is this terrorism and i'm still not willing to say that we know that for sure. we are definitely making some moomplets that imovements that a possibility, we are making some adjustments to our investigation. it is a possibility but we don't know that yet and we're not willing to go down that road yet. >> chief did you report out at the holiday party somebody left
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angrily, and somebody came back in and were shooting. is there a report of that? >> somebody did leave, we have no idea if that is the person that came back. >> so you -- that's a possibility then you're looking into that? >> somebody did leave, there was some type of dispute or something when somebody left that party but we have no idea if those are the people that came back. >> iffully of you looked at weapons were recovered at the shootout, long guns -- >> they were assault style weapons. >> ak 47 or -- >> weapons like that. >> explosive near that black suv currently? >> there was a report that they potentially threw what was identified as a pipe bomb. i think we've rendered that device safe. we're still working on the vehicle and making sure that that is safe. >> can you give us anything on description of these suspects, their appearance ethnicity, age.
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>> it appeared to me i said that in the first press conference, they came dressed and equipped. and the people we saw at the scene are deceased, are dressed in that same way, tactical gear is the best way i'd put it. >> since you served a search warrants -- >> i didn't say we served a search warrant. >> i understand you served a search warrant we are being told. is it your information that they were holed up in the area? >> as we started to develop information there was one particular focused area that we went, there were a couple but one particular focused area that we went to and it was one of those follow-upups focus area tt led to the officer involved shooting. >> it appeared that they lived there, was that their house? >> the address was connected to the follow-up that we had. i do not know who the suspects
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are nor do i know that that is where they lived. >> the people killed two in the end? >> they were carrying assault style weapons. i don't know the specific caliber of the gun. >> people in the suv? >> two people in the suv both are deceased. one male one female, while they were engaged in the gun battle with police officers and we had several officers that shot at them and into the vehicle. i don't know what bullets caused their death. >> the third person in custody on the area? >> third person leaving the area he is detained we do not know the extent of his involvement if any. >> again in the wake of another shooting, president obama is calling on lawmakers to take action on gun control. al jazeera's lisa stark has more from washington. >> antonio, the president was informed soon after the shooting began, the white house monitored the situation throughout the day and into the evening. the president has said
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previously as these mass shootings have continued that this is not normal. we cannot let this become normal. he has said there are steps we can take to reduce these tragedies. it is a sent many he repeated today in an interview with cbs news. >> we do not know yet what the motives of the shooters are but we do know there are steps we can at aity to make americans safer. and we should come together at every level of government to make these rare as opposed to normal. we should never think that this is something that just happens in the ordinary course of events because it doesn't happen with the same frequency in other countries. >> on capitol hill, at the annual lighting of the capital christmas tree, speaker paul ryan began by acknowledging the events in california. >> i just want to say that we are all thinking about the
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current and ongoing tragedy in california today. and i would like to have a brief moment of silence now for those who are affected. [ moment of silence ] >> please keep the victims and their families in your prayers right now. >> reporter: there is much more strident language from democrats including those who have tried to pass what they say are common sense gun laws. that includes connecticut's senator chris murphy, of course connecticut is where the sandy hook shooting took place in 2012, the elementary school shooting there. chris murphy said today your thoughts should be about steps to take to stop this carnage. your prayers should be for forgiveness if you do nothing again. murphy has indicated that he will once again try to pass some sort of laws in congress to try
10:39 pm
to what he says close loopholes that allow people to buy guns who should not get them. but there really is very little appetite often capitol hill for any lanes -- on capitol hill for any kind of legislation like this. antonio. >> lisa stark in washington. today's shooting has many in a mixture of fear and grief. jennifer london from san bernardino. >> they thought it was a drill, outside people like juan hernandez knew they heard gun fire. >> when i was outside, all of a sudden i heard kind of like a shooting range, shots being shot like crazy. >> medics were sent to the scene, triage areas outside on the street. inside the center people hid in offices and sent text messages to loved ones. >> she said the guy who shot came in next to her office and
10:40 pm
started shooting. they locked themselves in to her office, they saw bodies on the floor and right now she said ambulances are taking people out in stretchers. >> our daughter was in there texted us about 30 minutes ago, said there was a shooter, thought he had shot ten to 20 people. >> a survivor described the fe fear. >> they were people were running everywhere, he said it was just -- it was almost like a massacre. >> jennifer london reporting from san bernardino, and we're back here with darren porcher, retired nypd lieutenant. darren, the more we hear about what happened today, the more convinced that this was something calculated not something spontaneous event that came out of some argument at the conference center in san bernardino,. >> absolutely. absolutely.
10:41 pm
because when we take into consideration the ar arm aments, the exit strategy was someone some, there was a tip that led police to a residence in redlands, california. so it's clear to state that this was not just a dispute between two individuals whereas as we heard earlier, an individual left the facility, and possibly came back, and went on this barrage, this was something else highly calculated. >> and there were lots of weapons and there were a reports of a fake bomb of a possible rebomb, so -- and most of this -- >> that's not spontaneous. >> indicating not spontaneous. what do you think they're coining righdoingright now?
10:42 pm
>> we'll have an interviews analysis, consisting of interviewing everyone on scene, document analysis, going to look at where they were born their criminal records if they survived any time of jail, and then an observation analysis, the observation analysis is going to consist of viewing footage of the crime scene or any view that we can get on needs of what occurred in this particular facility. we're also going to look at needs that come from traffic cameras. once again we're going to look at document analysis, interview document, and those components are going to comprise what we do moving forward. >> and at this point are you pretty confident that they know who did this and especially since they do have a raid going on in redlands at a home there which seems to be connected to the people who were shot in that suv. so do you think they know who
10:43 pm
these people are and just aren't saying because they're waiting to fully confirm everything? >> absolutely. the police knew a long time ago who these assailants were. usually, whenever the police reveal an identity, they then give you a bio connected to who that individual was. this individual darren porcher is born this year lived at this address. this is what the criminal record was. the police are going to reveal all of this information as opposed to just giving you a flame of darren pop porcher fo n example. people are going to ask, what is the criminal background, what is the ideology behind these offenses, have they committed these offenses in the past? the public has a right to know this information therefore the police department's plaiferpolis
10:44 pm
police department's public affairs department needs to be highly informing. >> one of the sad things about this too is the bodies remain at that center. >> right. you got to keep in mind this is still an active crime scene. we have i mentioned earlier we have three active crime scenes here. and in order to do a methodical job, there are an immense amount of resources that are going to be deployed to find out what happened, already happened. >> an immense number of police officers out there. >> and this is just the beginning. >> how do you think it will play out? >> it's going to be a long night. we have to take into consideration the number of people that are going to be debriefed that were from the department of health that were present there. we had 14th homicides. one homicide, there's just an immense investigation that goes into one homicide, let alone 14
10:45 pm
homicides. in addition to that we have 14 other individuals that were possibly injured. >> 17. >> right, 17. that's one location, first location. we have at the residence of the individual, the assailants that's another investigation that's going to require an immense degree of investigation. one of the first things i would do if i'm a crime scene investigator going into that house, i want to look into the computer, what do i have, what kind of dna do i want to have on that computer? dna i'm referring to social media things to that effect, e-mails that went out and then woo have that third crime scene -- we have that third crime scene whereas this is the gun fight that resulted in the two assailants losing their life. >> lot of work ahead. >> tremendous. >> we'll come back to you as the evening goes on darren. a lot of families devastated by what happened in san bernardino, thanks and we'll talk to you in a bit. >> thanks antonio.
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>> french police raided another mosque, four mosques have been closed since the attacks that killed 140 people. police say they found radical documentation at the mosque. 9 hostages held by boko haram had have been released. in a forest that spans nigeria, cameroon and chad. he said in addition to the 900 cappativecaptives that were fref those arrested was described as a leader of the group. in japan hearings are now under way to determine the future of an american military base that has been at the center of controversy. the u.s. wants to move the base from a densely populated neighborhood on okinawa to a spot somewhere away from the
10:47 pm
area. harry fawcett last the have story. >> a full fledged battle between the tokyo central goof governmed the officials in okinawa. in the middle of a built up residential area and there have been a number of problems related to that base, most notably a 2004 helicopter base on the grounds of a nearby university. the plan has been to relocate building air strips into the water at hinoko bay. the current governor who is entirely opposed to this plan has revoked the permissions given by his predecessor and that is what the basis of this legal action brought by the tokyo administration saying that he had no right to do that, there was no legal basis for doing so. the governor had his speech to the court in this first hearing
10:48 pm
said that okinawa had a lock history of u.s. military occupation initially and now bears an undue burden in terms of its size in terms of hosting the u.s. military presence. the tokyo government says it's vital that this plan go ahead to maintain the u.s.-japanese alliance. if the japanese government loses it will be a big versal. revers. >> three quarters of the space used by the u.s. military in japan is concentrated in okinawa. iran did pursue nuclear weapons that's according to a new u.n. report, the report confirms u.s. intelligence saying iran undertook activities relative to the development of
10:49 pm
the explosive device. however those activities were restricterestricted torestrictr. some of those of occurred prior to 2003, others up to 2009. it is now thursday in iran meaning it is the 500th day of imprisonment of an american journalist there, jason rezaian was sentenced to an unspecified term in prison after being convicted of espionage earlier this year. rezaian is held in the prison where political prisoners are being kept. and denied access to his lawyer. believe flight mh 370 likely went down in a southern portion of a 46,000 square mile part of
10:50 pm
the indian ocean. the boeing 777 vanished with 230 people on board in march of last year. a piece of plain washed up on the french island of reunion earlier this year. olympic athletes are still facing the prospect of swimming through water contaminated with bacteria and viruses in brazil. and the california shootings. >> we gonna bring this city back one note at a time. >> proudest moment in my life.
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>> developing nations again issued a warning at climate talks in paris. wealthy countries need to pay for their shares of global warming. the world's shift away from fossil fuels. sojourner india is being hit by some of the country's wettest times in years. hundreds of thousands of people stranded. liddy dutt has more. >> reporter: heavy rain has poured on people in the state of tamalnadu for weeks. now many in southern india are
10:54 pm
trapped insteadly rising floodwaters. coastal areas including the state capital are hardest hit. national emergency response teams have been sent to try to rescue thousands of people. >> in the last 24 hours everything that we last week is, it is so much rain then. then here come so much flood comes there, everything is done in order. >> reporter: cnconditions deteriorated on tuesday. people are using social media to describe how they're being badly hit in chenai, some major roads resemble rivers. the city's main airport is closed. commuters trying to reach the south have been left stranded across india. >> all flights from mumbai to chenai have been cancelled. the airlines are issuing tickets
10:55 pm
for tomorrow or the day after, but have said nothing about accommodating us. all of us are getting agitated, the hotels are not vacant and where do we go? >> reporter: india's met department warns there's more on the way. now to our global view segment with a look at how news outlets across the world are reacting to various events. gathering of global leaders, suggests that despite the complexity of the problem the momentum of cooperation at the paris climate conference should also help bring about a united stand against i.s.i.l. south africa's mail and guardian writes, multiple examples of south africa and says dividing western societies from their western communities is i.s.i.l.'s ultimate goal.
10:56 pm
a headline in the dead tolerate, the putinization. the paper says israel's foreign policy seems to be turning the back on europe and cow t towingo the u.s. a new round of testing by the rvet associated press findse waterways are more contaminated than previously thought. not just a concern for swimmers and rowers but for also olympic sailers. >> one of the things that were taken, far away from the coast, where people enter the water, these show a level of contamination. we expected that, these agents were looking for viruses, we are finding them when we go out much
10:57 pm
farther into water body. >> according to experts athletes who ingest three teaspoons of water will have a 99% chance of being infected by viruses. in the sea of okask near the north pacific, carrying nearly 800 tons of fuel and diesel, the ship ruptured its hull. the extent of the environmental damage or the amount of fuel released is still unknown. cleanup crews have been on the scene since sunday. tomorrow night it is the last official campaign day before venezuela's parliamentary elections. we'll take a look at how this vote could be the biggest can challenge yet to the socialist movement championed by the late hugo chavez. that's it for this edition. i'll be back in two minutes
10:58 pm
including details of the identity of one of the suspects of the mass shootings in san bernardino, california. california.
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> a state in shock. at least 14 people were killed and 17 wounded when gun fire erupted at a social services center in california. police have named one of the suspects and say two suspects are dead. the question of why remains unanswered


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