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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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developmentally disabled individuals. two suspects are dead one of them a woman in a shootout with police while a third has been detaid. police have identified one of the services as said farouk, not clear whether he was killed in that gun battle with police. jennifer london joins us from san bernardino. jennifer. >> antonio we were waiting for a press conference, to begin, we are told that it will be postponed for about a half an hour. but we do know that athe council of islamic relations for greater los angeles is about to hold a press conference, 50 miles west of san bernardino, we were told from a press release that the are group will condemn the shootings, they will say they have the relative of the suspect named by the media at this press
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conference and again that is scheduled to start any moment now in anaheim which is about 50 miles to the west of where we are. >> there was a press conference earlier where the assistant director of the fbi office in los angeles brought up the issue of whether this could have been terrorism. >> reporter: yes, motive has been a big question as there always is after a mass shooting. people want to know why, what was the reason behind it. earlier in the day the police said it appeared to be the suspects were on a mission. they were wearing ski masks and protective gear. they had this planned, not just random shooting. when pressed earlier the fbi was asked about motive, was asked about reason but they did stop short of calling it an act of
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terrorism. >> at this point i know one of your questions is going to be is this a terrorist incident. i will tell you right now we do not know if this is a terrorist incident. so we start from the beginning working with all our local partners. we take presumption it may be, it may not be but we work hand in hand with them from the beginning. if things change we are here from the get go but there are no steps lost as the investigation proceeds. >> reporter: and unsatisfying answer to many who want to know more about the motive and of course whether this was an act of terror. this does help with law enforcement, helping with their investigation. they say they will go where the evidence leads them, it is just too early to say and too many outstanding questions. >> we have just heard from witnesses who describe a horrible scene. >> yes we have been hearing from witnesses all day that were in the building where the mass
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shooting occurred. we also heard from people that were ton street that heard the shootings. and just moments ago we heard the sound of another detonation. it sounds very much like another explosive device. to give you background, we are a few miles away from the inland regional center where the mass shooting occurred. this scene is not safe, seconds ago we just heard a detonation, about 30 or 40 minutes earlier we heard another sound of a detonation so we do believe the bomb squad is still actively involved in securing the location where the shooting occurred. and that to our eyewitnesses, we have heard stories of people texting loved ones saying pray for us. and hidden in the buildings.amount why do have a little bit of sound from these people earlier today. >> all of a sudden i heard like
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kind of sounded like a shooting range, shots being shot like crazy just i mean a lot of shots. >> then all of a sudden boom it was right here. >> boom boom boom boom boom i watts right behind the building and i heard all the shots. >> i started walking down by the outback, people out there and they heard. i don't know what's going on here but i was kind of scared. >> antonio as we await more information from local law enforcement at the press briefings in the next 30 minutes or so that the city of redlands, california they received a tip earlier in the day, they executed a search warrant. that's where they located the two suspects that were ultimately killed in the shootout with the police. we are told they are actively investigating the redlands area and do have people on scene
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there. >> threats see what authorities had to say at that news conference a kim of hours ago. >> there was a vehicle that was seen leaving possibly being involved, there ended up being a pursuit of that vehicle and eventually that pursuit came back to san bernardino avenue between mountain view and richard sofn in thson in the cin bernardino, we have multiple officers with that were involved in the shooting, two suspects that are dead at the scene, one male, one female, one police officer is wounded with injuries not considered to be life threatening at a local hospital expelled to be okay. the suspects that are dead at the scene one is a male one is a female. they were dressed in kind of assault-style clothing, i think is probably the best way to term it, they are both armed with
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assault rifles. they are both armed with handguns. and there's also kind of some sensitive stuff around the vehicle they're not real sure, they're taking a cautious approach to dealing with the vehicle in case there are more explosives there. there was a third person that was seen running away, i don't know if that person was involved or detained. it is possible they were not. >> i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly is, is this terrorism. and i'm still not willing to say that we know that for slur. we definitely are making some movements that it is a possibility, we are making some adjustments to our investigation, it is a possibility. but we don't know that yet and we're not willing to go down that road yet. >> report-out at the holiday party, somebody left angrily, came back and started shooting,
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any truth to that? >> i have layered they were at a holiday type event at the regional center, someone did leave but we have no idea if that is the same person that came back. somebody did leave, there was a dispute and somebody left that party but we have no idea that those are the people that came back. >> weapons recovered at the point of the shootout -- >> they were assault-style weapons. >> that type of weapon yes. >> are there explosive near the black you suv currently? >> pipe bomb, we have rendered that device safe, and we are working on the vehicle and making sure that is safe. >> can you give us anything about these suspects l age ethnicity? >> i said this in the first press conference, they came
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dressed and queant, the people that we have at the scene are deceased, dressed in tactical gear is what i'm put it. >> since we served the search warrant -- >> i didn't say we served a search warrant. >> i understand you served a search warrant, is what i've been told. is it your understanding they were holed up in the area all that time? >> as we started developing information there was one particular focus area that we went to, there were a couple. it was one of those follow-ups focus areas that led us to the house in redlands, the officer involved shooting. >> i don't know who the suspects are nor do i know that is where they lived.
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>> did the police carry two people at the end? . >> they were carrying assault style weapons and don know the specific number. >> one male one female they were engaged in the gun battle with police officers, and they had several shot at them. i don't know what bullets caused their death. we have a third person seen leaving the area, he is detained, we do not know the extent of his involvement if any. >> jennifer london london told us there was what was described a third debt inflation at the site. authorities were concerned all day that there had been some sort of explosive device left hin at that site. we have been investigating that and we'll bring you more as soon as we have it.
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carol brown represents the san bernardino area, she joins us on the phone. assembly wom glad to have you with us. i know you were briefed and you can't go too far into the specifics. do you know anything about motive? >> i don't know that anybody knows anything about motive. especially as the fbi and the police are doing what they're doing. >> you met with several families today who had loved ones at the building. >> yes. >> how are they responding to the tragedy? >> it is a tragedy, they are responding as anyone would. some are very, very outaccept. others who found their loved ones, they are you know, leap. but they still were on edge because they didn't have them in -- you know they didn't have them in their arms at that time.
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and as each group came, off the bus and each group cake into the -- >> we play have lost chaicial. cheryl archeryl.cheryl, are you? >> we have lost the assembly woman, we'll try to get back with her if possible. before the eyes of a shocked nation, jonathan betz walks us through what happened in san bernardino moment by moment. >> shortly after 11:00 a.m., dispatchers get calls for help. within minutes dozens of officers arrive but the suspects had already left. at 11:27 bomb techs are on site, clearing the buildings, people
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are still being escorted out. representatives are asking for loved ones trapped inside. >> slooting at my work, people shot. in the office waiting for cops. >> but she's okay. >> pray for us. i am los locked in an office th- >> at 11:46 a.m. president obama is briefed on the situation. moments before he sits down for an already scheduled interview with cbs news. >> my hope is that we're able to contaicontain this particular shooting. >> police put the area on lock down saying the situation is still very active. possibly three suspects
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considered very dangerous. 2:00 p.m, authorities confirmed the grim death toll, higher than expected. >> we do have preliminary numbers upwards of 14 people that are dead and upregards of 14 that are injured. >> shootouts erupts with officers. hours later police confirm two suspects inside have been killed. judge jonathan betz, al jazeera. >> we're still waiting for authorities to hold another judge news conference. we'll be back with more coverage of today's events in just a scum of minutes. custom of minutes.
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>> the fbi and local police are busy looking for a motive in today's mass shooting in san bernardino, california. the gunmen struck during a county health department banquet. police killed one male and one female suspect in a shootout, another suspect was taken into custody. one suspect is named said farouk, not known if he was involved in the shootout with police. it may seem like there is no shortage or end in sight. but a pattern seems to be emerging from similar incidents across the country. our science and technology editor jacob ward explains. >> a student came to this university in oakland, california and opened fire.
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he ended up killing seven people with a handgun. why does this keep happening here? why is it that we have so many mass shootings in the united states that we actually have a leader board for these kinds of events? well, a new study seeks to answer that question. >> somebody is outside one of the doors shooting through the door. >> reporter: it might seem impossible to pin down any kind of commonality among these shooters but the united states offers so many shootings to study, patterns begin oemerge. the study by a university of alabama researcher, even though the u.s. only accounts for 5% of the world's population we somehow account for 31% of the mass shoot that is take place. the study identifies three major themes. a hunger for attention and glory. the crushing effects of personal disappointment. and access to guns. the study points out an
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indigenous american condition that it calls exceptionalism, the idea that you can be great and famous here. it talks about the crushing disappointment that can come from that. it points out for instance a study that showed that 81% of high school students believed they were about to have a great paying job by the age of 25. 59% of them felt they were going to have a better life than their parents did. 29% believed they would soon become fame os you. the crushing disappointment of that study is often common to rampage shooters. perhaps in response to that disappointment, the study finds in rampage shooters a twisted hope for fame through killing. that the shooters seemed to slayer with other category, suicide bombers. the final element that the study identifies is in fact guns. the study found that among the
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171 nations it looked at, places like venezuela and algeria, don't have any mass shootings, access to firearms, the study found, in that category the united states is far and away the leader. we have 88.8 guns per one person in this country. the midst of a told war, yemen has only 58.4 guns per whreufnl0 people. syria only has 3.flynn guns per bhoo 100t100 people. the most condreet step we could take is limiting access to guns but again it points out
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that may very well be the most politically complicated solution of all. and that sets america apart when it comes to the rest of the world, on this problem. >> our science and technology editor jacob ward. livinlistening to what jake sai, what do you think about what happened today? >> there is a possibility whether we think of an overwhelming number of firearms available to a public, coupled with failed ambition, i can see that in respect to these massive shootings. however the terrorism component is something we need to address. still early in the game of assessing what happened here. bhutd tbut to jacob's credit hes inordinately accurate. we make up -- we contribute to
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roughly 31 ber 31% of all mass shootings in the world. it begs the question the gun chrome in the united states. >> they're at this house in redlands the focus will be on figuring out what the motivate is and any danger of attacks who might be associated with whoever did this incident today. >> how were they able to acquire these firearms? what conversation did they have with others, is there a social fabric at play that was capable of committing more of these horrific attacks that haven't been discovered yet. >> it is a very comprehensive investigation moving forward. >> let me interrupt you darren, we are seeing that people are coming up to a podium at the council for american islamic relations in anaheim, california, anaheim being southeast of los angeles, san
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bernardino being pretty much due east. anaheim is due east p listen in. >> i appreciate everyone coming out on short notice. my name is odala ahmed, we are gathered here for our press conference to talk about the tragedy that's been unfolding in san bernardino, and with the suspect's name just released, david farouk some we will be talking more about the situation from care l.a. as well as interfaith leaders offering our solidarity and our remorse for everything that's been ongoing as well as some leaders from our muslim community and a relative of the suspect. i would like to introduce first, our director osam alush. >> my name is hosam k h-u-s-s-a-m as in marry, last
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name is a-y-l-o-u-s-h. and i'm the executive director of care, the council on american islamic relations. for greater los angeles area. on behalf of the american muslim community and especially the southern california muslim community, on behalf of care, the council of american islamic relations, we unequivocally condemn the horrific act that happened today. and we stand in solidarity with fellow americans as we offer our condolences our heart felt prayers and condolences to the injured to the families of those who have been killed. we stand in solidarity in any possible mind set to what could have led to such horrific act. there is absolutely nothing that could justify, we stand in mourning in sadness for what
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happened and we pray for quick recovery of those who were injured. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. i wrote like to invite the religious director of the society dr. mozam haziki, i'm the chairman of the council of southern california. represents most of the mosques.southern california from santa barbara to san diego. on behalf of our communities, i want to express our sadness and sorrow on this tragedy that happened in san bernardino. our hearts go to the victims and their families and the people who are injured. we pray to god to bless them and to give comfort to the people who are in difficulty at this time, we are with them, we are in solidarity with them and also
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i want to condemn this action, this action of violence. it is a horrible violence, we have condemned all violence everywhere because human life is precious. we respect all human life. law enforcement will take full investigation and find out the motives and the people behind that and they should be brought to justice. that's what we expect and we hope that will happen. and at the same time i would urge everyone to please do not implicate islam or muslims, because whosoever has done that our faith is flog to do with that. our faith is against this kind of behavior. thank you. >> thank you, dr. sadiki. next i would like to bring up the -- can you spell your name please.
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>> s-s-is-i-d-d-i-q-i. >> thank you. next we will bring up the brother to give a few time. >> m name is f-a-r-h-a-n. my last name is k-h-a-n. i can just not express how sad i am for you know what happened today. i mean condolences to the people who lost their life. i am very sad that people lost their life and there are victims out there. i wish speed recovery to them. and i am in shock. that something like this could happen. that's all i have. i hope everybody understand, and
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you know, everybody get recover much faster whatever the victims are there. thanks. >> what was the last time you spoke to? >> i spoke about a week ago with him. >> is he a are religious person? >> you know, there's no comment. i mean investigation is going on. you would know what it is. i have no idea. i have no idea why would he do that. why would he do something like this. i have absolutely no idea. i'm in shock myself. a normal person. >> i had a chance to speak with month khamr. khan before and hey doesn't believe he is informed enough anyone is informed enough to know, is it age related, mental illness, extreme
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ideology, at this point it is unknown to us and too soon for us to speculate and he feels comfortable sticking to his -- he chose to be here to share his family's feelings. sadness and sorrow. as all americans are tonight and today. so let's keep it that way for the time being until more information is available and he promised to be as available as necessary, as more information is available. so thank you for respecting his choice at this point. >> can you say what kind of guy he was? to be fair we really want to get to the bottom of the it. we don't want to undermine the efforts of law enforcement to make any comment that would mislead, that would be a great disservice done to the victims and their families.
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>> is your brother-in-law' brots wife, can 9/11 comment on the relationship? land regional cente did the rest of the family ask you to come?
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