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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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all of us have felt so much darkness today. we watch this unfold, this scare com and frightening time in the life of the unite stated and for us here in south cal. i stand in mere with the faith in god that we share together. i stand here and ask that all of us take a time for prayer this evening, to hold your family close and to remember that our islamic brothers and sisters are not at fault here. this is not about the muslim faith. we stand together, muslims, christians, jews, people of all faith knowing that when we come together we can be the best that god has called us to be, so we can serve our nations and communities as best as we can. we join our muslim brothers and sisters here in this region in
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prayer. thank you. next i would like to invite reverend whitelock, senior minister of the a & m church. mark whitlock senior minister of christ redeemer in irvine california, president of the orange county inter denominational alliance. first we condemn the hate that took place today in san bernardino. we certainly pray for the family who lost loved ones, friends as well as co-workers. we extend our arm to serve them and to lift them and to help. in reflection of what took place in the church just a few months
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ago in charlston, this is not the time to further divide by race, creed or color, not the time to use this as an opportunity to separate people or to push a hate. this is a time for giveness, a time for us to pray and this is the time to heal. let the healing begin in solidarity in christians, jews, muslims, kath lickss, coming together in one-- catholics-- together in one to bond. next we have reverend kent dodd. universalist congregation. kent ddoss.
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like everyone right now my heart is broken with the violence that has been spread around our world in the past few months and particularly here in the united states. it was important for me to be here tonight to stand with my brothers and sisters at care. just a few months ago we were working together on projects here to make our community safer in saal foreign i can't and it was-- california and it was important to be here because i know muslim isn't a religion of violence. hate and violence have no place in our churchs, mosques temples are congregations. the challenge right now is for us to remember that hate and violence also don't belong in our hearts and it's time for us
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to stand together and make sure that in this scarey and dark time that hate doesn't take root in our heart. next i would like to invite reverre reverrenddouglou reverrenddouglous. i'm a lutheran pastor and i share some of the traditions that sarah was speaking about of advent. i just came from an ad vent service in which we were talking about the a end times of jesus. we specifically prayed for both the perpetrators as well as the victims and condemning the violence and the hatred that is
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involved. but as we talk about coming and the hatred that is in our world, we use the illustration of a wolf and not wanting to have to tell the story about the wolf in the story. the little boy wanting the story to be about the bun abouts ny and the big red truck that the bunny was driving around time and getting in trouble. when the father wanted to introduce the wolf into the store story, no wolf. in isiah we are reminded that the wolf will lay down with the lam b. we are given only one command as chris tense, we are to love as christ first loved us. that is the command. to remember that in a time when
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hatred is in our world that we not turn that onto other people and try to express that hatred or that prejudice against them. i also work as the president of inter faith counsel and we try to understand one another better as we work together for peace and understanding in our community. thank you. last but not least i would like to invite kenneth innoya. good afternoon. my name inouye. i am the chairman of the orange community human relations commission. i'm also the past national president of the japanese american citizens link. i am here today as all of us
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are, to extend our prayers to the families of those victims that were killed and injured today. also on behalf of the commission i would like to call the good people of orange county to come together and stand united as we face this which we cannot comprehend. i would like to call all of us to look forward and seek justice in the proper way and not seek any kind of justice just on the basis of anybody's ethnicity or religion. i thank you for being here today because this is a sad moment in history in a time that we do need to stand united. first name is farhan khan.
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can you tell us how old you are and where you live?
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this if you look at this picture?
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brother. syed farook's older brother?
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justify what had happened and they're all mourning. they're begging that people don't implicate muslims because the person identified in one case is a man named syed farook and the mob you're seeing on the screen is his brother-in-law. he is married to farook's sister. he was here and that he came out in this news conference immediately condemning what happened in san bernardino. so, again, remarkable news conference because the suspect was only identified in the last couple of hours. jennifer, one of the last reports is that there was another detonation. >> reporter: that's right. we heard the sound of two detonations, the sound of explosive devices going off, two
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within a five minutes apart and a third one an hour before that. what we were told by police during an earlier briefing this evening is that the indication where it occurred, inland regional center, was not secure, not safe. they believed an explosive device or more at the center. they have the bomb squad there. they said they were going very slowly through the building. it has been described as massive. looking for possible explodive devices. we heard the sound of three devices being detonated. we are waiting to get a confirmation if that is, in fact, what has happening at the site of the mass shooting we don't know if they were just detonating things to be safe and not knowing exactly what might have been there. we've been awaiting a news conference from them now. do we have any word on whether there will be any months soon?
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>> reporter: we are expecting a news happening at 10 pm. it was originally scheduled for 9. perhaps they didn't want to conflict with the press conference that we just watched from care. we're not sure why it was pushed out, but we expect to hear again from local law enforcements shortly we have three scenes that are still, to some extent, active. the original site of the massacre, the site where there was a shoot out with police where two of the suspects believed to be the suspects in this case were killed, and then a third site in redlands, a home in redlands which some reports say may be linked to soave. do you have any did-- syed farook. do you have any other information? >> reporter: we have not have
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any updated information as to the location where the shoot out occurred, where the two suspects, the male and the female were shot and killed by police. also an officer was wounded. his injuries are not life threatening. we do not have an update what is happening at that scene which is being prosecutor saysed. we were told earlier that the investigation did take the authorities to redlands. they received a tip earlier today that led them to this particular house. they had a search warrant executed on the property and they went into the property and that is what they found the suspects and then pursued them back to the location here in san bernardino. we have seen that authorities were still active in that area. there were reports that, perhaps, there may be some explosive devices there. police are not sure if maybe there was a booby trap there. we were told that the bomb squad
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was at that location as well jennifer london in san bernardino. thanks. we will be back with more coverage of today's events in california in just a couple of minutes
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>> everyone has a story...
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and the only way to see all of america, is to see the human stories... one at a time. get to know the people, their struggles, their hardships and their triumphs. >> it gives me a lot of pride. >> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. back to top story. 14 people are dead, 17 others wounded in a mass shooting in south california. the suspects were killed in a shoot out with officers. one was a man and women. one suspect has been paved as syed farook. it is not-- identified as syed farook. a third person who may not have been involved has been detained.
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our guest, it's really been fascinating tonight, very sad to listen to that news conference we just heard. what's your reaction to that? it's unusual to see a brother-in-law of a suspect come out within hours of the man being identified. it is unusual, but it makes sense. i see the brother-in-law as someone that i would perceive as a good person and he is opposed to the acts that his brother-in-law partook in. it is a very unique situation, having clergy members from various faiths come out and speak out against this act which these individuals took part in. i commend these members for doing that. once again, we have three very fluid scenes at this stage, so in no way, shape or form is this investigation done. it's far from over. as we look at this, we still
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have explosive ordinances that are being detonated at the various crime scenes as you listened to that news conference and as i listened to you now, what do you think? i hate to speculate, but we're put in that situation now because police have not given us details. in connection with do i think this is a terrorist act or a targeted act for something else? yes. it's still too early to decipher as to what direction. based on him about being a muslim american, it is a terrorist act, but you have lots of people disagree with that. you will have a component of society that feels that way. one thing that i've noticed in my years in law enforcement is that whenever a terrorist was committed, the terrorist organization step to the forefront and took credit for this act, whereas here that
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never took place in some cases where there have been these lone wolfs around the world this has not been the case. if is a lone wolfs or wolves, it is possible that they were operating, inspired by some terrorist organization that's possible, but once again we spoke about this earlier, when you have these mass shootings, it's traditionally one person. a group of three people, this is a group engagement on a particular target. therefore, i can see this is more apt to if it was an act of terrorism, for them to take credit for it. there's usually a note or something to that effect that's left behind stating this was done based on such and such. none of that is present here right. we will, of course, wait to see what the investigation finds and we have to say the f.b.i. was very clear in saying, but it's
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not clear that they do not know that terrorism was involved. there was some information about somebody leaving this conference center in anger. we don't know if that person came back and if it was syed farook. we're just havinged indicated speculation-- just having educated speculation here. what will they be focussing on?
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their last name, first name, where they resided, where they worked, where they went to school, their criminal backgrounds these detonations that took place at the site of the massacre, they don't necessarily mean that they found explosives. they might be blowing up things just as a precaution. that's correct. however, there's something we're very unfamiliar with at this stage, but it is safe to say this is something taken place that i believe there was an explosive device at one of these scenes possibly all three obama spoke with cbs news shortly after what happened. here is some of what he had to say we don't know what the motives of the shooters are, but we do know that there are steps we can take to take to make americans safer.
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we should come together in government to make these rare as opposed to normal. we should never think that this is something that just happens in the ordinary course of events because it doesn't happen with the same frequency in other countries the president says some of those measures include common sense gun laws and stronger background checks. paul ryan made brief comments in a ceremony. i just want to say that we are all thinking about the current and ongoing tragedy in california today. i would like to have a brief moment of silence now for those who are affected. please keep the victims and their families in your prayers right now
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the 2016 presidential candidates are paying tribute to the victims in virginia. we want to thank the police. they're unbelievable people. with that being said, i think could we have a moment of silence. a lot of people killed and in honor of those people and the victims generally, let's have a moment of silence, please. okay. thank you. thank you the shooting in california comes as some police unions are asking the n.f.l. to allow off duty officers to bring guns to games. right now fire bans are banned at every stadium. john henry smith with the story >> reporter: since 2013 the n.f.l. has banned anyone not specifically hired to work
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security at its games from carrying guns into its venues. in the days following the paris attacks, the order of police sent a letter to the commissioner urging him to change course. the union says not having off duty officers in attendance who are armed could leave fans and players in danger since groups like i.s.i.l. pick target based on how much damage they can inflict. local police unions have made similar appeals to the league. repealing the ban makes sense i think it's a great idea. it gives appear untold source of law enforcement officers who have plenty of experience in handling outbreaks such as this if something should happen >> reporter: the nml says it sees negatives. one says paid security officers
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are fully trained in league procedures and are not allowed to drink alcohol during games. that, he says, reduces the risk of an accidental shooting, but for gun rights activists the benefits of having more armed people in the stands outweighs the risks. when you do that, when there are more people armed, people are not going to go in and start things in those areas 14 people dead, 17 injured, two suspects killed in a shoot out with police in san bernardino. it has been a terrible day there for san bernardino for the whole state of california and the whole country. al jazeera will have the latest on the events in california throughout the night and on your world this morning which begins at 7am eastern. for the latest any time, you can head over to i'm antonio mora. thank you for joining us.
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>> this is one of the most important sites in the century. >> this linked the mafia and the church. >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> i can't allow you not to go into that because that is your job. >> we gonna bring this city back
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one note at a time. >> proudest moment in my life.