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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> hello.s al jazeera this is the al jazeera news hour, live from london, coming up in the next 60 minutes. russia and turkey foreign minister meet for the first time sane aconsider shut down a russian fighter jet. this after vladimir putin threatened more sanctions saying turkey will regret it's actions. the u.s. president again talks of better gun control after another mass shooting rampage. women on the front line, the u.s. military is open up all combat rolls to female soldiers.
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plus. finally wellings of fifa, after another dawn raid, and more arrests of fifa executive committee members. >> turkey's foreign minister has stopped short of apologizing for the downs of a russian jet last week. put he did offer his condolences for the death of a pilot in the incident, as he held talks with the foreign minister in belgrade. hours earlier, russian president warned turkey's leaders that they will live to regret shooting down the jet. in the state of the nation address, they suggested that allay had decided to punish by depriving it of wisdom and judgement. he also hinted at further sanctions in addition to restrictions on travel in food imports. al jazeera roy challenges
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report from moscow. was a chance to diffuse tensions face to face meeting between the two countries foreign ministers on the sidelines of the security conference in belgrade. but they say it was unrealistic to solve problems with russia in just one meeting. >> these meetings are important, both sides to not want to escape the tensions, both sides want to repair relations, we have different opinions and different positions. but turkey wants to narrow down these differences. i am sure once the sent men is left behind, common sense will prevail. >> in moscow, vladimir putin delivered his state of the nation address, that something he has done 12 times now, but in few of his previous years was this nation quite so embroiled in the conflicts. after a moment of silence, for russian servicemen and civilians killed abroad, he
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reiterated a call for global action. >> we need to set aside all arguments and differences to create one powerful feast, one united anti-terrorist front which will act on the basist of international order. a threat that more measures will follow. indeed, negotiations have been suspended for one of the country's biggest joint energy projects the plans turkish stream gas pipelines. >> this wow been a way for russian gas destined for european markets to avoided another neighbor, that russian now has explosive relations with. ukraine. now talk of the international isolation is often overblown, but it has lost key allies in the last two years. >> responding to russian allegations that turkey has been buying oil from isil,
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the president hit back with accusations of his own. >> who is buying that oil? let me tell you, a syrian who has a russian passport, he is the billest trader, he buyed oil,s sells it to both the syrian regime and international oil traders. as recently, the u.s. department made this public, and there's a famous chess player, he is also in the oil trade, we have the documents, and we are making them public to the world. >> russia is demanding an apology for the loss of it's plane, turkey is urging russia to keep a cool head. but for now, the war of words goes on. al jazeera, moscow. >> let's get more on this story now, joining us live. a senior policy advisor, with the european foundation for democracy, thank you for speaking to us. so, how much worse is this
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crisis in relations likely to get? >> while we see the statements it shows the limitation of putin's power in the senate, because these options are quite limited. we see the best option, but it looks very unlikely. i think we will see such statements and he will have the conflict. and he will try to damage turkey. and this will mean the freedom for the strikes in syria to those groups supported by turkey, this could mean that supporting anti-turkey groups around the world and this can also mean that turkey in international level.
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the president is also refusing to back down, why continue this battle. >> well, we see at least from the surface side, after the incident, we can see that the efforts not to escalate. >> but they haven't apologized either. >> well, probably, that's because the turkish government believes what was done was the right thing, because this was continuous air space violations from the russian side, and there was cheer tie log before this happened. and it didn't prevent it, and the turkey side believes that
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it was intentional, and russia was really -- was really intentionally doing this to also force turkey in the international area, and also the efforts in syria. and we also saw that the russian groups and not only isis, but also all those groups supported by turkey, includes the turkey minority and syria groups. so from the russian side of course they will be expecting an apology that's why considering the options is quite limited and it has become an issue of national pride, and also damaging the image of putin and now it
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doesn't really have serious consequences so now putin needs to make a statement you say it has been damaging and it is important for putin's domestic consumption, playing to the audience, but we have seen the same thing the remarkable thing is the similarity, they are both playing up to domestic audiences. and they both see a concession as a sign of weakness. >> certainly on the other hand, in the terms of reaction as okay there was no apology to russia, but on the other hand, turkey was very careful about the course and
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about escalating the conflict, and also we keep deciding of course, and major issues in terms of politics and battling and our turkish government including syria however the turkish side following the incident. >> following the incident, right. senior policy advisor. thank you. >> began delivering air defense systems on thursday. the kremlin suspended the supply of advance missile systems in 2010, siting u.n. sanctions but has decided to lift the measures after the iranian nuclear deal that was reached in july.
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much more still to come for you on the news hour. the syrian refugees living in jordan. plus. >> the impact of global warming is having on one of the most iconic in the world. details for us in sport. u.s. police have revealed the suspects in wednesday's mass shooting have enough ammunition and explosives to kill hundreds of people. the police chief says the two suspects sprayed the room with bullets when they attacked the social services center where one of the suspects worked. police say 28-year-old and his partner opened fire at a
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christmas party, the pair were later killed in a shoot out with officers. the fbi and the local chief of police have been speaking about the attack in the last couple of hours. if you look at the preplanning that went in h, the weapons and the ammunition. there was obviously a mission here, we know that, we don't know if this was the intended target, or if there was something that triggered him to do this, that will take time fortous get to that answer. >> at the scene, we did locate the one pipe bomb that was three miamis combined into one, that had a remote control car, that appears to have not have worked in this case. there were also four high
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capacity 223 that were dropped by the suspects and left in there as evidence that had been recovered. i can confirm that the suspects were wearing the black style tactical gear that we talked about yesterday, they were not wearing ballistic vests what they did have is they had tactical style vests that held equipment and ammunition. and that sort of stuff. >> let's go live now to gabriel who is in san bernardino for us. what many have we learned. >> well, a little after 1:00 p.m. local 10 here. a little over 24 hours ago, that this shooting rampage occurred here. they have been updating us and giving us a better sense of how well armed they were.
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they found pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition inside a home linked to one of the suspects, but this is a very complex case. and there's also indications though that both suspects had no criminal records here in san bernadini, so it is a very complex case, they are still out on the streets interviewing people, coming through the various crime scenes but bottom line is what everyone wants to know is mow ty, what prompted this attack, and the short answer is nobody knows yet, not to local police, not the fbi, they are clearly looking at this perhaps one either workplace violence incident, or perhaps some sort of terrorism, that the fbi said they have not ruled that out or some combination of both.
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what have you been hearing from people in the area. >> san bernardino is a working class city, a little over 2,000 people. sess part of the shock and the apprehension tier still have is that they don't know, clearly, what the motive was. and part of the healing process, are saying that they would like to know what motivated in attack, so they can try to move on. this is people here as one person said, this kind of thing just doesn't happen. as residents are finding out, as it has in many other cities this year and last several years mass shootings do happen, and they did happen here, now the city is trying to come to grips with it, they will be having a command dill light vigil in one of the biggest mosques is also opening up their doors
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to have a service as well, trying to bring this community together in difficult times. in will be division in the community, but also the key issue here is gun control, isn't it? we have been hearing from the president and he has been talking about the need for better tougher gun control in the country. >> almost within an hour or a day, they are talking about gun control. and that's a complicated issue, and it's so complicated here in california, because here, california has some of the strictest gun control laws anywhere in america. but yet this shooting still happened here, also the four weapons that were used in this shooting according to police, were legally purchased. so the debate about gun control will continue here, it is very controversial and difficult, and that's why there has been no conclusion
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or agreement in washington or elsewhere now to the crisis at football governing body fifa, which is growing deeper than ever, two more have been arrested by swiss police investigating corruption. the u.s. prosecutors have also been outlining the democrat of their investigation, more on that in a moment. a dorm raid at the rock hotel, and fifa executives arrested. this time two members of the committee, hon duran ahead of the americas confederation, and the south american confederation chief. the attorney general is working closely together had promise add second raid of
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arrests. >> to discuss with form, it appears to be all too much for the acting head of fifa, who appeared to fall asleep during a slide show on retomorrow. he had been unwell, he refused to talk in detail about the arrests. the investigation is going on, and fifa is ready to participate fully the event this morning underscore the necessity to establish a complete program of reform. >> fifa unconvincingly regarded this as business as usual. despite the arrests and two more empty seats. those investigating them don't trust their reforms.
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the future on the line, and fifa has been hit where it hurts most. one of the reasons it is looking into controversy increasing the world cup from 32 to 40 teams from the 2026 tournament. >> well, in the last hour the u.s. attorney general has given more detail about the investigation into fifa. >> each of the 16 new defends is charged and with other crimes in connection with their sustained abuse as set porte in the indictment of
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their positions for financial gain. alfredo how wet as they gather to attend fifa meetings. we are now working to extradite those defendants to the united states as we are working to secure the arrests and extradition who are resided in other countries. >> al jazeera tom ackerman joins me live now, and tom, what more do we know about the u.s. investigation, and the additional arrests. >> 41 individuals and companies who have been implicated in the allegations be i the united states department of justice. the head of the disciplinary committee, right now, of fifa which is ironic, and several
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more prominent members in head of the brazilian soccer federation. and $190 million have already been forfeited by some 8 million people who have pleaded guilty to charges that were layed out earlier, so what is indicated is that this is not only a wide ranging conspiracy that according to the government has gone back 24 years but also extents to future tournaments and competitions including world cups. >> the list of officials seems to grow, we had some very strong words saying that the betrayal of trust set forth here is outrangous is there some surprise, perhaps regarding the scale of this investigation? it could go on for a while?
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>> also the implication of an unknown sports apparel, or equipment company, there have been reports that it might be nike, but the justice department and lynch would not confirm that the sports marketing company pay prescribed to these officials and the broadcasting of these is what is really vehicling the fact that there was that much money is indicative of the huge stakes involved for fifa, and of course these people -- and also the future course of world football. >> thank you very much, tom
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ackerman in washington, d.c. >> now, u.k. has launched air strikes on isil targets in syria for the first time. they started less than an hour of british voted to back them, the u.k. defense secretary said four jets had struck oil fields in eastern syria, the british prime minister pressed the case for strikes saying they were in the interest of u.k. security. meanwhile, kurdish fighters managed to recapture the town a network of tunnels underneath the town, and an official said more than 70 tunnels were discovered and many contains bombs.
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from aman, jane reports. i quantity to go so badly. the people are nice, and they have everything they need. u. n. refugee officers have been working over time to process syrian's eligible under the canadian program. is certainly limited and especially the case with those with medical needs. and we are no longer able to cover a lot of healthcare,
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for refugees. >> he has eight children, he is having a hard time putting food on the table, his 19-year-old son has nerve damage, after being shot in the head. >> the situation is difficult, we don't have the resources. >> while canada has slowed the program slightly, to address security concerns, it's still expects to resettle 10,000 syrian refugees within the next two months. and another 15,000 later in the year. mosques churches and private organizations will sponsor many of them. >> this is one of the fastest resettlement perhaps the u.n. refugee agency has dealt with, these interviews are the final step in the u.n. process, and then they are interviewed by canadian authorities and after that they could be in canada within days. >> this u.n. center sees up
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to 3,000 refugees a day, apart from syrians there are iraqis and sadnesses caping their countries. only 1% around the world are ever resettled. for many it takes years. >> i think this is a great opportunity for others to look at what canada is doing. this hasn't been done like this before, this is perhaps -- there's no doubt in my mind, will be developing best practices here that could be emulated by other if they wish to do this. >> for some of the most needy, insteading of building walls they are opening doors. >> al jazeera ash carter has announced plan to let women serve across all roles. the armed services will have until january 1st to submit plans to make the change, the marine corps has argued though, that women should be excluded from certain roles
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siting studies that show mixed gender units are not as effective as all male ones. from the best people america has to off. in the twenty-first century, that requires drawing strength from the broadest pool of talent. they make up over 50% of the american population. >> will the's get the latest on this, how significant a mood is this. >> well, it is very significant, because it means if women can serve in all positions in the u.s. military, that means they can also rise through the ranks to the highest position. you know, as you pointed out, there was a bit of controversial because while all the services pretty much agreed that the standard
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going forward out to be that standards remain high, and that everyone has to meet that standard, the marine corps was resisting that saying their studies show that the units that were mixed secretary cartner overruling his advice in the former marine corps decided those kinds of problems could be addressed in the way they are implemented. so in this point going forth, tis a historic day, it means all-americans can compete in the military for all positions and be limited by their ability not by their gender. >> what do we know -- the exemption was requested as you rightly point out, ash carter said he goaf ruled that, because the military should operate under the same
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standards how will their -- what do we know about the specific concerns the individuals in those units didn't have meet any particular standard, and that it is kind of like -- any time you have teens playing each other, one team will win. the secretary was much more persuaded by the army approach, which was to allow women to compete in the grueling army ranger school, make sure that the standards were not lowered and then see if anybody can make it. he pointed out there may be units where there are very few women that can meet the demands but, they will have the opportunity to compete he felt if you are going to implement it and the marine corps was the lone hold out.
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thank you, more to come for you on the news hour. >> guilty of murder, with the accused having hard criminal intent. south african appeals court, held in an iranian prison for 500 days, a journalist tries to pressure the iranian government. test and in sport, manchester star reveals why he is stepping up to the challenge of managing in spain.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete. russia and turkey have met for the first time. earlier president putin said turkey would live to regret the incident. the u.k. launched air strikes
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on isil targets just 57 minutes after the parliament voted to take action many syria. the u.s. police say a couple behind a mass shooting in california amass add huge arsenal and carefully planned their attack. the suspects were killed by officers after they shot dead 14 people east of los angeles. there are call for american to review gun laws after the latest mass shooting. the attack was the three hundred fifty-third mass shooting in h the u.s. this year. but as allen fisher reports in the lead up to next year's election three years ago this month, was seen as a tipping point. the horrific event that would force to exam the laws, president obama called for action, a bill was sent to congress, the american public overwhelmingly supported changes but nothing happened.
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then after the events and 14 new victims the president again expresses regret over a mass shooting and renews a call for action. >> it is going to be important for all of us including our legislatures to see what we can do to make sure that when individuals decide that they want to do somebody harm, or maybe it harder for them to do it, because right now it is too easy. >> mass shootings grab the headlines every day, 89 people die from gun violence somewhere in the 50 states. on average, 31 or murdered. 55 kill themselves two die unintentionally, and one the intent is unknown. each day on average, 208 people are shot and survive. one group say there are small changes. >> many states pass stronger gun laws pass background checks some pass high power
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rifle bans. so it is starting in the level and it is our belief that it will eventually become the standard set nationwide by the u.s. congress. >> one leading republican says changes need to be made but not to the gun laws. this is a problem, because mentally ill people are committing mass atrocities and so this is what we have been working on, we have legislation. >> and the hours after the latest shooting tweeted their support for law enforcement, and asked for prayers for the victims. but one struggling newspaper suggested more than prayers were needed. the gun violence will become a key issue. allen fisher, al jazeera,
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washington. >> trying to ease concerns about inflation, and shortages of goods from medicines to milk. now supporters of the president are appealing to stop impeachment proceeding. accused of illegally manipulating accounts last year, the speaker of the lower house launch add process at a request of opposition parties, he is expected to order creation of a committee oto decide if it will go to a vote. the speaker is himself accused of taking bribes. the chief of staff is accused the speaker of being behind
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an unfounded case. >> our strategy is to show the reality of facts to tear apart this unfounded case, that's our approach, we are not fighting against it, he is fighting his own battle at the congress, it is not with us. more now from brazil. >> leading the impeachment process is creating a commission in the lower house that will decide where is this process going, i am told that they have 48 hours to create a commission, pick a precedent, and then they have ten days to decide whether they are moving forward with the impeachment process, if this is positive, then the whole discussion is moving to the lower house, where this debate will continue and again, if this is positive, then he will have to step down temporarily, from the
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presidency and hand over power to the vice president. and then the whole discussion will move to and senate, as you will see this will be a long and complicated process, where a lot of political negotiations are going on. we also know that he is fighting back, trying to get the precedent of the lower house, who is leading the impeachment case against her for corruption charges. being investigated right now, per serious corruption allegations and many people here are saying that this is against him because the ruling party is continues this investigation against him, for many the message is very very clear, is that if he is going down, everyone else is going down with him. >> rivas mother was in court
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to hear the ruling. he was killed in the bathroom of their hope. in his original trial he was hand add five year jail sentence, be uh the prosecution sought an appeal arguing he had intent to kill when he shot four times through a locked door. >> i am sure that sitting up there now, certainly is people get away with it. >> now to the iranian american journalist, who has been held in an irainian president for 500 days. his family and his employer
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at the washington post. to release him, rosalyn jordan has this update on the case. >> jason last walked the streets as a freeman,n july the 22,014th, that's the day police arrested him, and sent him to evan prison. his employer the washington post can't get a straight answer why. >> i think the first thing to understand is that this is not justice, by any acceptable meaning of the material. and we have a society here that has subjected an innocent individual to imprisonment, without any evidence of wrongdoing. >> he is a dual citizen his lawyer, his wife, and mother have had very few chances to visit.
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no one knows what the charges are, or how long his prison sentence is. the obama administration says it has been pressuring him to release him and three other americans in iranian custody. >> i wouldn't say we necessarily deal with iran from a position of trust, you know that said, we aren't going to start raising the cases of these. >> but critics including human rights groups and republicans have accused the administration of ignoring the situation. >> the thing that keeps it going, is knowing that people out here are paying attention to the story, whether it's news articles his friends online, tweeting about it, or facebook, all these kind of things. so i want to say thank you for coming out. >> hatch a million people
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from 150 countries that this is important case, and that it -- it has consequences for iran to continue holding jason. >> since the u.s. and iran don't have formal diplomatic ties it is difficult to try to get any american released. now that jason has spent 500 days in a prison, they want the obama administration to try harder. rosalyn jordan, al jazeera, washington. >> so very sad unfortunate milestone. and now spending 500 days in prison, since his initial arrest. what more have you been hearing about what is going on behind closed doors and of course about his condition at the moment.
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>> the fact that he has held him for that long, suggesting that it has any evidence or real reason, just add adds to this travesty of justice. >> we are hearing in the report that there has been some criticism of the way the u.s. administration has approached this, do you personally feel as though the u.s. government has been doing enough to secure jason's release? >> well, we have been grateful for the strong statements that the u.s. has made throughout the process about the outrage it feels about the imprisonment, but the plain truth is that whatever has being done, is not working. and we do believe that mrs. more that can be done from the very highest levels
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of the administration, to convey to iran the outrage that is felt, and the fact that inevitably this out to carry consequences do you have confidence that you h see more that will be done? the action that you described there given the timing of his arrests a nuclear deal, and i suppose u.s. efforts to improve it's relations with iran? >> well, we can only hope that the focus remains directed right at the parral that jason and other americans being held in prisons face. he has been in the most nor tore use condition. he has been forced to wear a hood when moving around the prison. it's just vital that this be
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conveyed. again and again to iran in a way that it cannot ignore. >> this is a very difficult situation because of the lack of transparency around the circumstances of his arrest, why he was arrested and outside of diplomatic appeals by washington, what has your colleagues been doing behind the scenes to gather as much information about the charges and how long the prison sentence might be for? >> bell, we explored every avenue, we possibly can, both to convey to iran the anger that is felt and to learn what we can. but i will be frank, it is a case that has unraveled in real darkness. and the fact that iran has yet to inform jason, or his
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lawyer, or anyone else of the verdict of the sentence or the evidence against him, just underscores what a sham this case has been from the very outset. foreign editor for the post. >> thank you. >> now, it's day four of the united nations climate change conference in the french capitol, more than 150 world leaders have been in paris, aiming to each an agreement to cut carbon emissions. former u.s. vice president who praised his vision in recognizing the threat early. he said he is hopeful great progress will be made and stressed the important of civil society and businesses in the process. it is an issue of course in the spotlight in paris, where diplomates are trying to
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thrash out an agreement to stop climate change. the effects of global warming are plain to see. >> the winter season is just about to get into full swing. now just a hand full of scares make the most of the wide open, but all around, things are changing. because of global warming. to see the evidence you only have to take the train up the mountain on the old railway and there lies the glass, one of the longest in the alps. luke monroe has been studying these mountains for years. luke took this time lapse film the claimant is
4:48 pm
unfavorable, the glaciers are diminishing we have to protect it for oust here is a photograph be the play they are just below, and see the difference. >> it is incredibly apparent the sheer volume of ice, this level was a top of the play szczerbiak in 1820, and right now it is several hundred meters down there. >> we can see the play they are. >> who has been a mountain guide here for 35 years, he points out the front of the glacier, now sitting on top of the ridge when 15 years ago they reached all the way down to the trees, he says global warming is a problem and a danger. >> as the snow is a bit more unstable, we have a bit more waste of the avalanche, it is
4:49 pm
a a stunning show of nature, but one that is slowly disappearing before our eyes. more to come for you, all the latest news, engulfing 26 italian athletes miss communication details are coming up shortly with joe. >> . >> and the european space agency a new agency to find out how gravity works.
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time now for your sport with joe. >> thank you so much. real madrid says his club didn't break the rules and shouldn't be kicked out of the country's top up the competition. real fielded russian winner in their win over he even scored a goal. but it later turned out he was meant to be a serving a one game suspension when he was on lone. a committee will rule on whether to expel real or not
4:52 pm
on friday. >> he says nobody notified him of the sanction, and therefore it is not effective, real madrid did not know of his existence, nobody communicated it to the club, or the spanish federation. the necessity of the notification has been expressly recognized by the sports administrative tribunal. nevil will be working alongside his brother, who is already a part of the staff at the club. if i turn down this job, i think i could say goodbye to the credibility.
4:53 pm
they are wanted here, and he is diligent hard working talented. and from my point of view, i am delighted that he is here. >> the final finish goal and santa fe in bean necessary air rest. the visitors center came closest to scoring in argentina. the second leg is next wednesday in boga that. defended the 26 heats at the center of a doping scandal. including many of the european winners. they are alleged to have repeated the evaded doping control, and italy committee and chief say it was simply a matter of miss communication. >> i think everything that
4:54 pm
has exploded against italian athletics is absolutely out of place, and unacceptable. yesterday i gave an inconstitutional reply because i believe and i have faith that sports justice will run it's course. which will be explains in the most appropriate manner in which our lawyer can explain to you to say that the whole of the italian athletics has been caught up that is unacceptable. >> searching for new head coach for their rugby team, myer will not be renewing his contract. he has been in charge since 2012, and oversaw their surprise loss to japan in their opening game at the world cup this year. >> back to london. >> joe, thank you. now everybody and everything on earth peoples the force of gravity, but very little is known about how gravity works. especially in space. that's why the european space
4:55 pm
agency has launch add new spacecraft into orbit. science editor explains it will have a specific experiment onboard. stopping at a .1.5 million-kilometers away. a tear the suns gravitational pull is canceled out by the earth, making it ideal for testing the new gravity sensing technology. the purpose of in spacecraft is to start testing in a different way, and trying to eventually to detect something that the einsteins theory of general relativity predicts and hasn't been detect which had is gravitational ways.
4:56 pm
>> is. >> these free fall through space at the same speed, as the craft, while a laser is used to measure their relative motion with unprecedented accuracy. movements as small as a billion of a millimeter. #-z. >> we can see the information based on when we have a large mass. presenting the sun or the air, but it doesn't want to start changing shape. produced, for example, when two black holes in the galaxies smash into each other, it creates these ripples. and because the ripples aren't very big, so we have a very very precise instrument that allows us to pick up changes in space itself. >>s even babies but we know
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very little about it, and -- the ruts of these experiments will have enormous implications that we cannot even imagine a large scale experiment involving three satellites placed 1 million kilometers from each other is planned for lamping in 2034. let's hope they will reveal details about the structure of galaxies the behavior of black holes and possibly even confirm what einstein preticketed 100 years ago, the existence in the fabric of space and time. al jazeera. test. >> remind you can find more on everything we are covering right here, the address is i will be back in a few moments time with a full bull fin of news, so do stay with us.
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>> the only live national news show at 11:00 eastern. >> we start with breaking news. >> let's take a closer look.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> at 7:00 - "news roundup". tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclusive story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america. >> the question is, will these dams hold? >> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling. >> they believed in what they were doing but they were not scientists. it wasn't science at all. >> there's a lot of lives at stake, a lot of innocent people. >> how many are still locked up? >> the integrity of the criminal justice system is at stake, plain and simple. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today they will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. >> we have to get out of here.
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this after further sanctions saying turkey will regret it's actions. hello, you are watching al jazeera hive from london, also coming up. >> u.s. president talks about better gun control laws after another mass shooting rampage. women on the front line, all combat rolls to female soldiers.