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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 3, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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zurich. >> and that is all of our time, thank you for watching, john is back with today's news, right now. >> tony, a day after the deadly mas. shooting in america, since sandy hook, new developments continue to pour in, who officials say were behind the rampage. and we are awaiting a news conference from state local and federal authorities in california, the governor jerry brown is also expected to speak, we will bring that news conference to you live, when it happens. there are many reports out about possible motives including one saying the government communicated with known extremist online. along with plenty of questions jennifer london begins our coverage, jennifer. >> john, tonight, the names of the 14 people shot and kill have had been released the sheriff says the community must stand haven't
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tot. this as the on going investigation revealed that the couple accused of carrying out this mass shooting may have been planning more attacks. >> the couple were shot dead a few miles away from the center after a gun battle with police. both were heavily armed reported to be wearing tactical gear and equipped with handguns rifles and over 1600 rounds of ammunition. >> the guns were legally purchased. the two handguns were purchased by him, the rifles were not. but those are components we are following up on. >> investigators say 27-year-old is an american citizen. late wednesday, a u.s. intelligence official says the suspect was in touch on social media, with what were
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described as extremist. nearly a dozen pipe bombs as well as hundreds of tools they say could have been used to construct additional explosives, police say they believe the pair was ready to carry out another acing that. >> i think that based upon what we have seen, and based upon how they were equipped there had been to be some degree of planning. >> also inside, evident authorities described as digital media. that material has been flown to washington for analysis. we do not yet know the motive, we are hoping some of that dimming stall media will help us and assist us in
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obtaining some of that. >> but the fbi has stopped short of calling it an act of terrorism, we do not know why. >> wednesday's deadly attack ended with 14 deaths the number of injuries nownd thats at 21. many of whom are still being treated at local hospitals p we are expecting two to be held, jerry brown is also expected to speak we do know that he has sent his prayers and condolences to the victims and their families. >> we are waiting a press conference out in california we will go to that when it happens. the male suspect in wednesday's attacks said he enjoyed working on vintage and modern cars. like eating out, traveling spending time with his younger sister, little is known about his wife and alleged accomplice, as the fbi tries to figure out why the attack happened the
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family and neighbors say they could never have imagined it would happen. born in chicago, and raised by pakistani parents and while investigators look at whether he had contact with suspected terrorists family members have expressed shock. >> i spoke to him like a week ago. [inaudible]. >> you know, the investigation is going on, you would know what it is, i have no idea. i have no idea why he would do that. why would he do something like this, i have absolutely no idea. i am in shock myself. >> he has described himself as sunni muslim, religious,
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but modern. for five years he had been an inspector for the california health department. he met his future life online, and traveled twice to meet her family and to get married. 27-year-old. together they mad a six-month-old relative that they left with a relative. neighbors were shocked. >> he was friendly, good with children. he was always talking to our kids talking to us. so far, there are few clues about a motive. >> it would be irresponsible of me to call this terrorism, the fbi defined terrorism very specifically, and we are still -- that is the big
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question for the us is what is the motivation for this. >> now to the reaction, where democrats are pushing for new gun control measures and republicans are pushing back. defending gun rights, mikes is in washington post w with that, mike? >> good evening to you the day after brought the inevitable call so do something, anything to try to stop the gun violence, but after a day of votes already forced by democrats on gun control, the result is the same, the status quo on guns. >> after meeting with top law enforcement, president obama said there may be mixed motives behind the attack. >> it is possible, that this was terror related but we don't know. it is also possible that this was workplace related. >> with the fbi now leading attorney general says she is not ruling anything in or out.
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we are pursuing the investigation wherever it leads and because of the plans that was clearly involved in this, something we have to take very seriously, but we have not ruled out a workplace issue, and something else can develop. >> on capitol hill a familiar pattern. what gives us the right to hold moments of silence when we do nothing to act upon it. >> but gun measures have failed before, and they are not likely to get the votes this time either. >> the day after yet another gun related mass murder, republicans were largely silence on new gun laws. >> a lot of these people are getting gun whose are
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mentally unstable who should not be getting guns and this is a gap that we feel needs to be filled. >> over the one issue he says is the most frustrating of his president six his inability to push through new gun restrictions. >> how can you make the argument, that more guns will make us safer. >> with the possibility that terror play as role, the president's response this time, was more measured, still, he again called for new gun laws. >> it is going to be important for all of us, including our legislatures to see what we can do to make sure that when individuals decide they want to do somebody harm we are making it harder to do it right now it is too easy. >> we have already had the first votes in the senate on some of those measures.
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is all right, mike, thank you. a retired fbi at, and michael, i want to go back to the investigation, based on what your experience, what do you think the focus is right now. >> well, the immediate focus of this investigation, will be any continuing threat, so even if the this is only workplace violence, but we see all this planning behind it, we have to know if there's anyone else that is in on this. we just don't see workplace violence in this kind of
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planning all these rounds of ammunition, workplace violent, really. >> again, trying to look at the motivation, when i first heard about this, was this really just one person -- the mass shootings we have seen before, at the movie theater at sandy hook. after we have learning that all the planning all the weapons the use of explosives we have to believe, of course, this was at least someone who was self-radicalized and has taken out terrorist. also in terms of terrorism, there is specific -- so it invokes terror, it may not fill under the rule book as we want it to.
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it will. >> does a married couple -- does that sinks they are long gone, i assume we are going to try to gather information, the fbi will try to gather information from their writings from the social media, from their emails. >> that's exactly right, we have been talking to people who have known him, and people say you know i didn't think this was important at the time, but he told me this or said that. they will try to come one a motivation, but you talk about this being a blended possibly a blended act,
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workplace violence and terrorism, how could that be. >> he looks like somebody who has been going through the radicalization process, and maybe he was looking for the right motivation, or the right inspiration to do this act, maybe justify it. let someone anger him to the point that he could take this action. >> and they drop off their six-month-old baby with a relative, can you help me figure out what that means and how that plays into this? the no, ma'am, dad, wanted to care for their baby. they probably had an idea that they weren't coming back. >> the pipe bombs the large amount of ammunitions. what does that say to you? they wanted to commit more acts in. >> i think that is certainly possible. clearly this was not
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spontaneous, they have been planning this, they have had some help inion the outside. to put together pipe bombs and plan this is not something that an amateur can do. so they thought they could go in -- playing this out here, they thought they could go in with those masks shoot those people and leave go wac to their house, and then commit other attacks and not even be identified? there's cameras out there, evidence behind, it is highly unlikely you would do that and not be identified. >> all right, good to talk with you, thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> coming up, the shock a struggling city now coping with a mass shooting. faith and fear, in headlines and tweets attacks on an entire religion. but the message says about the state of america. plus the victims the names their lives and the tributes pouring in. >>
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especially those runs for president. what they are saying underscores the division between the right and the left, david schuster reports. >> eternal god, our helper, as a tragic pattern or insane violence, continues to bring pain to our nation. >> in the u.s. senate just moments after the opening prayer harry reed chambers democratic lead took the microphone and pleaded for new gun control measures. >> they should be able to walk into a gun shop and buy a gun? of course not. >> there is no evidence that would have stopped the shooters in san bernardino. >> congress is accomplice sit in these mass murderers.
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/too many guns and too few restrictions. we have to take basic steps that would make it harder not impossible, but harder for individuals to get access to weapons. >> hillary clinton the leading democratic candidate spoke thursday in new hampshire. >> there are sensible gun safety measures. that we need to be finally taking. >> leads the polls is also
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drawing a connection. >> radical islamic terrorism. and i tell you what, we have a president that refuses to use the term. he refuses to say, there's something going on with him, that we don't know about. >> chris christie is going even further. >> we need to come to grips with the idea that we are in the midst of the next world war. >> but the mow ty for the shootings remains unknown. while the couple were muslim, investigators say it is too early to label the attack the way republicans already have. to rally and energize activists. >> if we stand together, there is nothing, nothing, nothing, we cannot accomplish.
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both bases are polized right now, that i think that both see the election is more about getting maximum base turn out then appealing to the middle because there aren't that many voters in the middle. >> and in the wake of another tragedy, there's no sign either side is interested in that. just to put a period on that conversation, let me show you the headline on the front page, if we have that muslim killers, is this a headline. >> it is very insend area,
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but as a muslim, my first fear when i saw this event happening was were the person tray ever toes muslim. >> they are muslim, and they were killers. so isn't it accurate. >> but this is the same newspaper that three days before, when there is a shooting at planned important hood refused to run the story on the front page, i don't know if they are investing in lives of american as in creating controversial and pointing fingers and dividing the country. >> she was in saudi arabia when he went to mary her. >> with pakistani background as well. does the united states need to do more. >> there's people from the middle east who come to this country. >> what i would say, if i can, is that i have made the case to the nypd to do surveillance in the same
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newspaper, and i have also testified in congress i believe there is a value to that but whether or not this means for around the country, the onus is incredibly transparent, because we are falling under suspicion, because of the act of a minor few, which i happen to think may indeed be islamist. >> what about surveillance of mosques. >> i am not comfortable with that. we have data that says it wasn't success, we have seen that at the federal level. but the same thing happened there was nonproductive, it was a miss direction we are not thatting people that we know are active shooters. in the risk of being radicalized are not involved
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in community life so monitoring people that are law abiding distracts resources. presumed guilty, and allowed peep that want to do us free to roam free. >> many of those things i would procedure, but we doe know that it emerges not from a vacuum, it emerges from a place where there is lack of context and a distorted value system. what i would say is not even that we should have state or authority sanctions available that's one response, if i was a leader of a muslim mosque or community, i would be pushing for transparency. bring in from the community, bring in open the doors if we have nothing to hide, which we accident, allow everyone to see and make it. >> why hasn't that happened. >> i have to say i agree 100%, in the fact that it has happened, in fact, george washington just release add
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report, three days ago, saying that 70% of informants from the muslim community. we have stories of members calling to report terrorist activity only to find the person organizing was an fbi informant, so we do have this, it is happening been. >> and senate, he tweeted today, the united states of america should not be rationalizing radical islamic terrorism now, during the colorado springs shooting he tweeted this, praying for loved one of those killed and first responders that got the situation under control, in colorado springs. where is this headed politically in this country. >> we have missed the fact
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that the united kingdom has begun air strikes on isis. we criticize it but i am not sure people understand exactly -- >> i want to go back to your point. in the beginning which essentially said that these people have hijacked religion. when a candidate saying this shooting is great for my poll numbers like donald trump did. >> but the u.s. post is invested in this, being a
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life long new yorker the post has not credibility when it comes to caring about values and ideals. >> is that enough so garner support, for your point of view. >> john, my point of view is very simple, i don't know what motivated these people, we have had more mass shootings than we have had days in the year. and this is a distraction this on the payroll, we are not talking about gun control, they are stigmatizing the religion, and they don't want to talk about the support. >> that may be the case, and we certainly have access to the position, i am concerned about the public health, but there's no question this is a pivotal moment for muslim earn manies. and to not consider islamism is a folly. >> what do you call it. >> . >> i call it islamist
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terrorism, it is consistent -- they hand the child other to grandmother, they knew they were not coming back. they amassed enormous weapons. >> that's before they decided whether it is terrorism. >> i think this has all of the features, but also both of us i believe are a pakistani origin. >> excuse me. >> i am of pakistani origin, so this means this puts under scrutiny muslim whose by the way, are among the most successful economically upwardley mobile in the united states, so i think maybe there's a role for the pakistani in america -- >> i have to leave it there, we are about to run out of time, but it is great to have you back, we will do it again. >> thank you. >> we are waiting for the start of a news conference the the police in san bernadini, we will bring it to you live, plus, guns in america, not the only shooting in the u.s. yesterday, it wasn't even the only mass shooting been after this.
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san person donald trump knee. >> based upon how they were reported there had to be some degree of planning. >> and the investigation into why. >> fault lines the ideologist. >> this is yet another manifestation of terrorism. >> or the guns. >> losing 90 people a day to
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gun violence. >> wided as ever washington weighs in. police the victims and the loves ones they heave behind. >> we are waiting for a news conference for a update from the san bernardino police department. perhaps they will give answers one day after the rampage that left 14 people dead. police do say the couple had an arsenal of guns. why did they have those. jennifer is here with more. >> that is the question on everybody's mind. what was the motive behind this shooting. and at this point, police short think perhapses there will be update information, at a press briefing not willing to go there, not willing to say if this was in
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fact an act of terrorism, or was it a workplace dispute, was it a combination of the two, the fbi saying it is too early to speculate, saying they will go where the evidence leads them, what we have learned from the processing of these crime scenes that authorities are coming through is that this couple that is accused of carrying out this mass shooting had an arsenal, like you mentioned of weapons from stock piles of ammunition, to pipe bombs, 12 were found at a rented house in redlands california, it is unclear if they were living at this house, it was rented in their name. they also found three pipe bombs combined together, that was found inside the inland regional center, where the mass shooting took place, police detonating that bomb last night. so john, spill, so many questions about why.
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how long have they been planning this attack jennifer london reporting. shocks residents are now sharing their personal stories about this attack. >> stories of close calls survivals and what happened next. >> the day after the chaos. stunned and dazed residents of san bernardino. including some that saw the drama play out too close to home.
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iranian don't see how somebody can commit this kind of a prime. it was probably his wife, lad a since-month-old baby. >> the wounded victims were sent to nearby hospitals. family members have started stepping forward to speak to journalists. i think she is going to be fine, and probably an ugly scar, which she will have fix, and. so she is going to be fine. so it is the other families i have -- my heart right now. >> her daughter jennifer stephens 22 years old was shot in the stomach, tina marie also survived. >> i know it sounds weird to have your son shot five times but it is a blessing because he is still here and there are families that don't have their children. >> a common bond in another american community, facing the aftermath of a sense less shooting. al jazeera, san bernadini
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california. a grim day, but not just in san bernadini. every day in this country, gun violence claims lives. >> a lot of people were mourning while the country was focused a look at all the other murders reveals thing any and frequency of gun violence in america. california's pain and free were shared across the country. the massacre was the worst act of violence on wednesday, but it wasn't the only one. including san bernardino there were more than 40 shootings, in all, at least 32 people were killed. >> in lafayette louisiana, police are looking for the person that gunned down an 18-year-old in the street. and in houston, gunman killed two teens hours apart,
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include also 17-year-old boy outside a clinic. >> it appears as though they were shooting from the vehicle, yes. san bernadini hours before, four people were shot, and a woman was killed. police don't have a suspect or a motive in that case. >> guns are like pollution, you can exterminator protect your little area, but borders are porous, state lines are porous, it is very easy to traffic guns from state and very easy to get them. >> there have been more than 300 mass shootings. some sky it happens on average more than once a day. advocates worry the largest loss is overlooked. >> you can't say people have the right to bear arms and say that everybody has guns you have to get rid of them, but you have to figure given a way, how do we make the country safer. >> the gun homicide rate has
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dropped behalf. the number of mass shootings have been on the rise, and the u.s. still has the highest murder rate in the developed world, john. >> thank you. a group of doctors demanding funding. the medical community says it is a major health issue, that should be examined, but a 20-year-old federal law is in h the way. hours before the mass shooting thisser yeah, a plea from doctors around the country, for congress to lift restrictions on federal funding for research into gun violence. there are 89 people a die to really take the measures that we need. >> for nearly two decades the dicky amendment has
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effectively blocked the centers for disease control from researching the causes of gun violence. a constraint successfully lobbied to ebb tend to the national institutes of help. >> this is common sense that we would put money into researching the different ways that we can prevent gun violence. >> while still maintaining
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the second amendment, they are not in conflict at all. >> while many gun rights advocates see the healtharment as a fig leaf for gun control, former g.o.p. representative calls for the amendment that bears his name to be repealed. arguing that research could have continued without infringing on the rights of gun owners. patricia al jazeera. after the mass shooting in new town connecticut president obama ordered the c.d.c. to resume studies. congress has yet to release dedicated funds the ever that research. we are waiting that news conference, jerry brown is expected to speak along with authorities we will bring it to you live as soon as it starts. we be right back after this.
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for it's financial troubles. the city filed for bankruptcy three years ago. allen shoff her is in san bernardino with that story, allen. >> good evening strong, this is a pretty rough and tumble down. and they are not the least bit unfamiliar here, with gun violence. and with gun play and bodies in the streets. it is something that a lot of ople here have gotten used
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to, it has taken a lot of different hits in recent years. of course the attacks of yesterday morning raised the trauma to a whole new level, that's been inflicted on this community. >> once a identification manile class enclave it is now the poorest city of it's size in california. a city that declared municipal bankruptcy three years allege. pastor paul rinehart tells us 44% of residents are on some form of public assistance. >> a lot of hurting people, hopeless people, and a lot of people that have been in generational poverty, and need to find a way out. >> he has been a pastor here for 20 years and a community accustom to street violence, the kind generated by drugs gangs and the stresses of poverty. >> this' always tragedies here, that don't always get televised so i mean -- it is always you have to survive.
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>> wednesday's massacre brought a different kind of joy. global reality, is becoming our reality. and we are going to have to learn a new paradigm. and not to get jaded not to get depressed to stay optimistic, but to also be optimistic with our eyes wide open. >> everybody has hatred or whatever, prejudices, for skin collar, eye -- for the way you speak, for what you believe, i think it is time for us to cast those things aside, and look at each other for what we are for the staff where many shooting victims were treated it isn't quite business as usual, but sadly, it is not a totally new challenge either with gun violence, certainly we have struggled at times with gang violence, earlier this year we had eight shootings no more than half a mile away. >> this was a mass killing a
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planned attack on innocence, center sees ecoes of paris, beirut, sandy hook, and a southern california community already under pressure. >> some of the things that have taken this community, but it is a resilient community, and we will survive this. >> our command and our call hasn't changed. god loves us, we should love others and sadly, if someone had shared that with the shooters and they had bout into it, maybe yesterday wouldn't have happened. >> passion tor paul ryan says there's a lot of good intention people here working very hard to make this a better safer place to live. we says that at least is something that will not change because of the events of yesterday. john. >> allen, thank you. mass shootings are a common occurrence here in the u.s. we want to introduce you to one young woman that lost her
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brother in the virginia tech shooting she is reaching out now to the families in need. >> hi. my brother was a civil engineering student, graduate student at virginia tech, when he was killed in a mas. shooting similar to the mass shooting that your loved ones were killed in. you don't expect these things. you don't expect to go to work, and not to come home, you don't expect to go to school, and -- not to come home to be killed so i think that's -- you can't make sense of what has happened. this is not real, my life has just frozen in that moment that i learned that he was dead, and wait, like -- i don't know. i was just in a complete state of shocks. there's no guide books, i
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needed a purpose in my life, and i needed some way to connect with my older brother, so i rode my bike from yorktown virginia to san francisco, california, it was about 3700 miles when i got to san francisco, i realized -- i couldn't figure out, i couldn't make my brother come back. i couldn't make in world fair. i couldn't make senseless acts never happen again. i couldn't rewind time. but i was stuck on this earth, and i could find a way, i could do something, anything, to live again. in memory of my brother, for him, i could do the things he never had the opportunity to do. there are still days when i am mad as held that he is not here, i am mad at him. i am mad at the person that killed him, i am mad at the people that -- i point my fingers at for years because
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all of the things that i felt could have prevented this. i continue to pay the cell phone bill, and one of the things that i was so afraid of in the beginning of losing was -- i didn't want to forget his voice. hello, this is jeremy i can't come to the phone, just leave the message and i will get back to you. >> and we break away for a press conference with the governor of california jerry brown. >> sheriffs policeman, fbi, other personnel. we are all working tot. and we have to rise above all the jurisdictions my concern is to make sure that everything that can be done is being done, that the state of california provides the resources and works very closely with both local
8:49 pm
officials and our federal counter parts to make sure that we can protect the people of california, when it comes to people that engang in these kind of vicious brutal acts will spare nothing, and bringing them to justice, and protecting the people along the way. so i don't know what this means going forward, but i think we have to be on our guard, we can't take nick for granted and i just want to assure my fellow citizens here in california i want to thank the governor for being here. we are working cooperatively with the u.s. attorney office, the u.s. attorney, eileen decker and i can't tell you how proud i am of the team work of both our
8:50 pm
local agency, the sheriff department, and our federal partners the fbi and others. and finally as the district attorney, we are very saddened at the loss of the victims family members, some family members of attorneys in my office. and we are going to be there for the victims. if you go to@sb county d.a. you will have a direct line for victim services. and any other family members that need support and help, we will be there for you. thank you. this is a marathon not a sprint, it is a tragedy that occurred we will continue to do everything in our power to bring all the resources to bear of the federal government to work hand in hand with our state and local partners.
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that will lead us to the facts we will go where the evidence takes us, thank you for your patience. i know we were going to do this early, 4:30 is what we were shooting for, but thank you for sticking with us. we were able to get the pictures up. >> so we have some pictures of the crime scene, where the officer involved shooting took place. we will be able to provide digital copies of those online, for everybody that wants them. but there are pictures of the weapons, there are pictures of the suspect vehicle. and a few others in there. we wanted to provide that, addition nally a few more statistics and numbers for folks as a update from earlier information that we have put out. as we said, this was a
8:52 pm
department of public health event. as it turns out it was an event that was training in the morning that was transitioning to a christmas holiday in the afternoon. and this happened right about the time of the transition. there were 91 invited guests, that were there, we believe there were about 75 to eight people that were present in the room when this occurred, or that ultimately came to that party. we don't have the exact number, because they had a sign in list and we are working through that, we don't know that everybody signed in the, of the 21 people injured 18 of them have been identified as county employees. >> how many. >> 18 of the 21 are county employees the other three were not county employees. of the 14 people are decreased and their identitied have been released now, 12 of those individuals already county employees county of san bernardino, two
8:53 pm
of them were not. finally one person that you wanted to hear from one of the first responders when we responded to this on wednesday morning. i would hike to introduce mike madden. he is actual by one of our commanders for the police department, he is a 24 year veteran, he really has a desk job, the reality at 11:00 in the morning on wednesday mike was on his way to lunch when this call went out, and he didn't hesitate, he was the first office they are was on scene, and he was the first person that we had that gathers the first units that went in and addressed this.
8:54 pm
i was asked to come forward and ask what we saw yesterday. i tell you it was something that all we though we train for, it is something you are never actually prepared for, when we got the call, i oversee dispatch as one of my functions the responsibilities. with the police department and i know my dispatchers i know the tone of their voice, i know the severity of calls as they are going out. and i could hear nit our dispatchers voice it was the esent that we have an active shooter and an active shooter going on in our city, and i was nearby i was hess than a mile away, and i started coming this way and just out
8:55 pm
of pure luck, i happened to pull into the right situation, just north of us, it was just south of the building with this tragedy took place, as i was looking and seeing all of the activity and trying to assess what was happening, i was informed that there was -- that was the he case where this was happening and i was asking for officers to respond as quickly as possible, because we had every belief at that time that we had people still actively being shot inside of the building. my goal was to assemble a team, and enter into the building, to engang the active shooter, this mind set and this type of training became indoctrinated in us after the columbine incident and that was the goal.
8:56 pm
we wanted to get in the there and any other innocent people from being injured or killed. three officers arrived, there's approximate two minute time lapse from the time that i got there until we had a team assembled. of our four officers and we went around the south side of the building as we made our way around, it was immediately evident that the reports that we were getting were 100% true. there were victim whose were clearly obviously decreased outside of the conference room and i relays that information to the ore officers and again, requested assistance. as we entered, into the conference room, the situation was surreal. it was something that again i don't think we prepare for,
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and we talk about sensory overload, they try to throw everything at you. to prepare you for dealing with that it was all of that and more. it was unspeakable, the number of people injured and unfortunately already dead and the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. we asked -- we got as in people out as quickly as we could. we had approximately -- iest pated in talking with the other officer whose were with me, probably 50 people, responding past us and out the doors. question went further into the building, passing people that were injured but our goal at that time had to be
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trying to locate the shooters and feel with them. before we could get further assistance and for those people in need of medical attention. i was glad to see we had a number of responders that came in, and were able to formulate teams and then continue on with the search. and i was able to pull back from the situation, and go back to more of a supervisory role. and allowing the other officers to continue with the remainder of the search. >> does anybody have any questions. >> question believe there is
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another shooter, we told there were as many as three, we were getting information from multiple callers and people weren't clear as to exactly how many shooters we did or did not have. some were seen potentially reporting double suspects and things of that nature. we were told one of the suspects that fled in h the black vehicle prior to our arrive of rival but there was many as two more inside. leading me to belief that there were in fact shooters still -- >> [inaudible question] >> you know you to be honest, it was a little surreal.
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it was -- you train for it, and you know that your job is dealing in reality, but it seem as little surreal but yet -- i did the job that i was supposed to do, my job is to go in there and people don't call the police because they are having a great day they call because there there's tragedy, and this is tragedy i have never experienced and i don't think most officers do. and so -- we had to deal with it. and we had to help bring them to safety, and try to bring calm to the chaos going on. so just knowing that yeah, we resoldiered that situation quickly, there's so much tragedy that's left behind so many families considering now have to deal with the tragedy that were left behind by this senseless act of violence.