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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> german m.p.'s vote overwhelmingly in favor of sending military support to fight against isil. >> hello, welcome from doha. also ahead on this program, angry scenes in the occupied west bank as israeli forces kill four palestinians. the married couple behind the mass shooting in california had a large weapons stash in their home. i'm in vienna at the opec summit. oil prices down, oil exported countries are divided on what to do about it.
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our top story today, the german parliament has today voted to join the international coalition fighting isil. the country will send 1200 soldiers in a non-combat role, reconnaissance aircraft and a warship to the middle east. here's paul brennan. >> the vote in germany's lower house was overwhelming, a margin of 445 in favor to 146 against. it reflects a wider mood broadly supportive of military action. nonetheless, german lawmakers faced emotionive questions and vehement debate. >> you can be sure that the bombs of the last three weeks alone in syria have killed more civilians that that the barbaric attacks in paris and the mothers of raqqa are also crying for their children. a war of bombs is also terror and do those countries leading the war really want to get in a
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competition with isil about who understands more about murder. those who did this have already lost. >> taking into account isil's disrespect for people and their brutality, there needs to be a damned good a argument to vote no, to continue doing nothing. ladies and gentlemen, there are no good arguments against taking action. >> a public opinion poll friday found 58% of germans in favor of action, even though the same poll found 63% believe the risk of an isil attack on german soil will increase as a result. the berlin government's voters stopped short of authorizing direct airstrikes inside syria. instead, it is sending six tornado reconnaissance jets, refueling aircraft, 1200 personnel and a frig gate which will provide protection to the french aircraft carrier charles
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de gaulle already operating in the eastern mediterranean. the french president francois hollande is making a surprise visit to the charles de gaulle on friday. a statement from the palace said the president will meet pilots and support crews who have been launching airstrikes against isil targets since deployment to the region last month. france revealed that its aircraft has been conducting intelligence and reconnaissance flights over libya, controlled by isil affiliates. the coalition against isil is growing and widening by the day. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> the iraq prime minister said his country won't need foreign ground forces to five isil. abadi's comments came after john kerry said such forces would be necessary to defeat the group. abadi said government troops are able to fight isil on its own. >> lebanon's interior minister said the town on the border with sir.
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>> is being held hostage. it's been the scene of severe fighting as a result of the syrian war crossing the border town. isil and al-nusra front fighters have also been hold up on eastern outskirts for over a year. the whole area is an occupied area. if someone says otherwise, they're wrong and not really in formed about the situation. in this area, there are 120,000 syrian refugees, more than double the original population. of course, there are also thousands of fighters inside and around the area. >> two civilians have been killed by army shelling in central iraq. the military was targeting residential areas in fallujah, west of baghdad. seven others were injured. >> isil fighters have killed 25 iraqi soldiers using five suicide car bombs.
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the troops were stationed north of the city of ramadi. 23 others were injured. >> police in thailand have been reportedly warned by russia of possible isil linked attacks against russian tourists. a leaked police document says 10 syrian nationals who entered thailand in october were trying to create incidents to affect russians. thailand is a popular destination for russians across the new year holiday. forces killed palestinians in four incidents in the occupied west bank, leading to violence against protestors. one palestinian was killed after ramming his car into two israelis. they were likely wounded. the other three palestinians were shot dead after allegedly trying to stab israeli soldiers. video emerged showing an israel soldier planting a knife on a palestinian school girl. a palestinian media outlet said it was filmed at a checkpoint in
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the occupied west bank on tuesday. here's the video. look at this. here's the moment when the soldier appears to drop the knife on the ground in front of the girl. she then raising her arms while another soldier looks on. the girl later crouches down to pick up the knife. she then appears to talk to the soldier as she holds it before being arrested. in recent months, the military has been accused of planting the knives on palestinians killed by israeli troops. we are joined life with west jerusalem, just starting with that picture of near violence. put together what's going on there right now. >> i'm actually in the west bank. we were just at a protest close to here. not many people, probably tens of youths clashing, confrontations with the israeli army. this is something that we do see
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every friday. there are protests happening in the other parts of the west bank in bette, nab lass, also, but relatively small. it is something that is continuous. as you were mentioning, of the three incidents we had today which ended up killing four palestinians, again, this is kind of become the norm here now. we had the spate of violence start at the beginning of october and it's becoming a daily occurrence. also last night in occupied east jerusalem was a stabbing close to damascus gate. that palestinian was shot and killed, too, so it's happening both in the occupied west bank, also occupied east jerusalem and it's one-on-one. certainly the israeli security forces will tell you that it's extremely difficult to prevent, but when you speak to palestinians, they will tell you that this is a byproduct, the result of decades of occupation, that the youth of frustrated, that they don't see a way out. certainly politically, any end to this on the table, talks
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between sides nowhere near even the u.s. secretary of state john kerry, who was here in the last few weeks, left empty handed, spoke to both sides and said there's only so much i can do, so a very difficult situation that continues here, one-on-one violence. we're having people killed every day, the death toll now, 17 israelis, one u.s. citizen, one eritrean citizen. those are huge numbers. >> we've had video of what looks like, i have to stress, it looks like an israeli soldier planting a weapon on a palestinian girl. would there be a reaction to that from the israeli military? >> well, we've had various incidents like this caught on video over the last two months. the moment you are talking about happened on tuesday. now, she was a girl that the israeli military says a knife was found in her bag. she was not shot. she was arrested, but when that
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video emerged, which i think was shot from the dashboard of a car at a checkpoint, it does appear to show the soldier taking the knife from his pocket and putting it on the ground. we've seen different situations like this in the past. we had one case where an israeli settler shot a palestinian in hebron and there's a video that was shot of that i understand, which appears to show a soldier planting the knife on the ground. this is also the issue we have here with two extremely different narratives when these incidents happen. of course the attacks do take place. there are incidents that are severely disputed where people will tell you the person involved did not have a knife, they did not attempt to stab and because of the situation where the military is using excessive force, i mean, we even had amnesty international call it extra judicial killings, a lot of these incidents are disputed, so the military does say certain incidents are investigated, but palestinians don't think there is ever any justice when it comes to these kind of incidents has are disputed.
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this girl in particular had been arrested, but that video raises many questions, and it doesn't help to appease the street, that's for sure. >> stephanie, thank you very much. >> a molotov cocktail hurled at a nightclub in the egyptian capitol killed 16 people. one attacker was an employee who had been dismissed from his job at the club. police are searching for three men. the attack happened close to cairo city center. reports say the site attack includes a restaurant. >> pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been found in the home of the couple at the center of the mass shooting in california. detectives are still looking into the motive for the killing of 14 people at an offers party in san bernardino. sayed farook and his wife tashfeen malik were shot dead by the police. officers have been describing what they found. >> as we entered into the conference room, the situation
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was surreal. it was something that i don't think, again, we prepare for and they try to an active shooter, we talk about sensory overload, they just try to throw everything at you to prepare you for dealing with that, what you're seeing, what you're hearing, what you're smelling, and it was all that and more. it was unspeakable, the carnage that we were seeing, the number of people who were injured, and unfortunately, already dead. the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. >> a candlelight vigil was held for the victims in san bernardino. 2,000 people gathered to mourn the dead and offer prayers for the 21 people injured. the sense of disbelief has also been felt by those who knew the attackers personally, as rob
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reynolds now reports. >> these men worshiped with sayed farook at this mosque on the outskirts of san bernardino. they say they saw no signs that their acquaintance was radicalized or capable of mass murder. >> it doesn't make sense. he's married and had a six-month-old daughter, had a good job. what would make a person do such a thing. >> they say farook never appeared angry or like a person holding a grudge. >> you didn't talk about politics or international affairs? >> they do say that farook took his muslim faith very seriously
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and even memorized the entire koran. the men who prayed with farook here at this mosque say they are as shocked and baffled at anyone else about why he would have done what he did. >> we've known him for a few years now and we just meet him in the mosque. other than that, he seemed like a very nice person. to all of us, it's very shocking that it's someone that we know that actually did this crime. >> on thursday afternoon, police allowed journalists to get close to the center where the killings happened. what shocks many here most is how farook and his wife, tashfeen malik could have made pipe bombs and planned mass murder while caring for a six-month-old baby girl. thursday evening, members of the muslim community gathered, praying, mourning, and trying to make sense of an unfathomable crime. rob reynolds, al jazeera, san bernardino. >> plenty more still to come on this program, including an armed group in mali pledge allegiance to al-qaeda, row joining the north african branch. >> as the battle continues in northern afghanistan for kunduz, traders in the center of town are trying to drum up some business. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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>> the german parliament today approved the plan to send 1200 soldiers to fight isil in a non-combat role. a warship and six reconnaissance aircraft of part of the plans. >> there have been violent demonstrations in the occupied west bank after israeli forces killed four palestinians in separate incidents. one was killed after ramming his car into two israelis. the other three were shot dead
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after allegedly trying to stab israeli soldiers. >> 16 people have been killed by a molotov cocktail hurled at a nightclub in cairo at a nightclub. mole media was told one attacker was an employee dismissed from his job. police are searching for three men. video emerged from a multi-national operation in cameroon. the government says 100 fighters were killed while 100 others were arrested in the operation last week. forces from cameroon, nigeria, chad and burma are all involved there. hostages were trained also suicide bombers and fighters. >> an armed group responsible for an attack on a hotel in mali which killed 21 people six week ago has rejoined al-qaeda's north african branch, saying they will conduct joint attacks in mali and abroad. >> the algerian based armed
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group said it carried out the attack on the hotel in bamako. it split from al-qaeda two years ago. the two groups have joined forces again. the leader of al-qaeda's north africa branch made the announcement in an audio message. >> we tell our beloved nation that the lines of islam battalion have joined al-qaeda. we will be one soared with which to slaughter other first enemy, name lip the crusader france and its agents in the region. >> they say they coordinated the attack on the raddison blu hotel. other armed groups including isil operate in north africa, but analysts say the decision to align the group once more with al-qaeda, not isil is
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unsurprising. >> i think in this particular context, it's probably mother personality based, though possible that the kind of ideology flows from that in some way. i think this group is very much one that is sort of linked around the individual leader and he's a leader who's always been very explicit in the al-qaeda camp rather than the isil camp. >> it wants fighters freed from mali's prisons and the affection on northern mali to stop. there was a coup three years ago followed by an armed rebellian in the north which led to french military involvement. since then, mali has taken control of its own security. other countries remain ready to help as they did on the tack on the raddison blu hotel. the leader of the branch said that he welcomed the hotel attack. he also warned of more attacks in france.
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al jazeera. >> one of the most important meetings of the opec oil cartel in years is taking place in vienna. leading oil exporter saudi arabia is blamed by other members for keeping prices low. other countries want to cut supply to force oil prices up. they've lost revenue because the price has dipped. barnaby phillips and this update from vienna. >> opec oil ministers were badly divided going into this meeting. on the one hand, you have the sawed position and they have argued that opec must maintain its global share, its market share of oil exports, even if that means some short term pain, even if it means an oil glut and oil prices falling as they have very steeply over the last year, down now to less than $45 a barrel. on the other hand, you have countries, particularly perhaps libya, algeria and venezuela that were going into this meeting urging a production cut
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because they need to see a sharp rice in oil prices. they lead a more hand-to-mouth existence, if you like. i spoke to the venezuelan oil minister and asked him how bad it was for his country's economy, oil under $45 a barrel. this is what he said to me just after the meeting. schwa the smart money r. predicting the saudi's will get their way with smaller countries. saudi arabia has enormous clout
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of course as the largest producer and it will be saying to countries like venezuela you're talking about cuts but you're not in a position to cut, you want us to cut. no, we believe the saudis will say let's stick with the current policy. it will perhaps bring us more short term pain, but over the coming months, it may push out of the market more expensive oil producers, shale producers from the united states, deep water producers from places like brazil and that will lead to a restoration of the oil price in the latter half of 2016. >> venezuela heads to the polls sunday for parliamentary elections which could see the opposition making big gains. foot shortages and high inflation have undermined the popularity of president nicolas maduro's ruling social i have the party. we have a report from caracas. >> it is a party atmosphere, this is the final call to battle in a legislative election
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campaign portrayed by venezuela's government almost in apack lippal terms. it's an election that many view as a referendum on president maduro, who row placed president hugo chavez two and a half years ago when he died. everywhere you look here, you can see chavez's image and the message is absolutely clear. don't betray him, he is
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watching. venezuela, one of the world's largest oil producing nations has plunged into an acute economic crisis made worse because of the steep drop in oil prices. venezuelans say they are tired of shortages, food, medicine, and the highest inflation rates in the world and more and more people here hold the government responsible. although the government vows it will respect the results, the president is sending a worrisome and contradictory message to the opposition by telling supporters here that they must win the elections at all costs, no matter what it takes. >> riot police fought with protesters in ecuador over riots about how long a president can stay in power. a referendum was demanded on reforms. the president has been in place
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eight years now and barred from running again in 2017, but the changes mean he could be a candidate four years later. >> the chinese announced a package worth $60 billion across africa. china is africa's biggest trading partner. >> farmers in zambia have benefited from chinese invest. tanya page reports on her jobs being cradled in the agriculture sector. >> jonathan came to the estates as a farm laborer. he has worked his way up the ranks to become a manager on one of the biggest chinese owned farms in zambia. he is spying fertilizer on the young maize crop. in the past, some have been accused of abusing workers rights, here relations are good. >> at the moment, because of the high production, we have been
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able to send our school children to school, using the farm, which is good. that is an improvement on people's lives. we have other pluses where we are trending our stuff so we can move together in terms of technology. >> donovan was among workers sent to china for further training. every day, he shares that knowledge with other staff. it's the kind of skills transfer african governments want to see more of and there's plenty of opportunity for further development. >> the government says only 15% of the countries landing being farmed. it's an untapped resource it wants chinese investors to take advantage of. >> agricultural development would help the region feed itself. at the moment, drought is affecting southern africa, but this farm's modern irrigation system means it can still supply nearly 10% of the capitals wheat
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and maises. the farms manager says doing business in zambia can be complicated because the labor laws confusing. it's expensive, too, things like fertilizer and machinery all have to be imported. he said chinese investors can prosper if they have the right attitude. >> the workers want socially to be developed too with the farms. >> the government wants more of this kind of chinese investment and transfer of skills and knowledge that come with it, so it can become more self sufficient. al jazeera, zambia. >> the threat of another invasion by taliban fighters is threatening businesses with bankruptcy in a city in afghanistan. kunduz was ceased by the taliban for two weeks in september before the afghan army drove them out. many left the city, leaving businesses deserted.
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here's jennifer glasse. >> in the center of kunduz, restaurant owner said he is struggling to make a living. that's because this city was under taliban control for more than two weeks back in september and october. >> because of the insecurity, rich people have left the city, particularly the youth. 70% have left. they are not here anymore. >> while he still gets customers at lunch and early evening, his working day is cut short by six hours. he said he used to stay open until midnight, now closes before dark, because of a lack of security. >> after dark, no one ago out of kunduz city, not even two kilometers from the center of the city. in some areas, there is government, in some areas, no government. >> while the government now controls the center of the city, the taliban isn't far. it's fighters control villages and countryside just a few
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kilometers outside the city. shops are open, but many other businesses aren't. >> there are people working, making money and spending money. now there is no work, everything has collapse, offices closed. people have left. who can buy things? >> every day, dozens of men line the streets, hoping to find work for the day. they say the jobs have dried up. most construction projects are halted with no prospect that building will start soon. >> after the fall of kunduz, people don't trust the future here. they don't want to in vest here, because they're not sure the city won't tall again. that's the reason investors stops investing and the poor people can't find work. >> in a country that survived 40 years of war, afghans have learned to be resourceful. the afghan's capture of its first stiff since removed from power in 2001 have made people nervous here.
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they are worried kunduz will never be the same again. do check out our website, you can also that contact us on twitter and facebook, as well. >> a tail of clues no clear motive. the california shooting investigation turns to the suspect's home after police find an arsenal inside. >> an explosion in egypt's capital leaves 16 dead when a nightclub is fire bard. the u.s. economy adds more jobs, clearing the way for a rise in interest rates.