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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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the airport was closed on friday as a cloud of ash spread across the area. in that part of sicily, the last time it erupted was two years ago. for all of the global headlines, ♪ ♪ new details about the couple that went on that deadly shooting rampage in san bernardino, california. >> he was just an all-around great guy. he was everybody's friend. >> while grieving families remember loved ones lost. also new numbers on the economy. what they mean for interest rates. ♪ and an icon of the '90s is
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found dead. ♪ this is al jazeera america live in new york city. i'll del walters. there are new details emerging in that investigation into the mass shootings in san bernardino, california. there are several reports now that say farook's wife posting her allegiance to isil on facebook the day of the attack. there is no indication the group instructed her to do so. and farook's childhood, divorce papers saying his father was abusive and alcoholic. 14 were killed and 21 others injured. the company assembled an arsenal in the home they shared with their 6-month-old baby. allen schauffler tell us more about these latest reports about his wife pledging allegiance to
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isil. what are they saying officially? >> reporter: very startling information if it proves true. right now they are not saying much more than you told us a minute or so ago. we are waiting to hear back from the fbi, and we expect a news conference at this location, possibly at 9:00, and that will certainly be a topic of conversation, if the female suspect pledged allegiance on a facebook page, which we believe has been taken down, to isis on the day or days before the attack. and officials have said that they do believe that these two were self activated, or self radicaliz radicalized. that they don't believe they were taking orders from anybody in syria or iraq, anybody with isil. but, again, the exactly relationship, where whether was some relationship, or whether they were just showing
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allegiance to the group, we just docket know at this point. hoping to get more from the fbi and hear more from law enforcement officials in the hour. del? >> are we learning anything else new about the investigation? >> reporter: one of the most interesting things we have heard from investigators is they have recovered digital media, we believe destroyed cell phones and a hard drive were those items which the suspects attempted to destroy. those things will be flown back east and will be analyzed very carefully, to try to get any information they can out of them. officials are saying that they believe the male suspect syed farook, started deleting material from some of his -- from his phone -- or from his computer just before the attack in the day or days before the. they will certainly be focusing on what he was getting rid of if they can retrieve it.
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>> and chilling information from officers who arrived on the scene, talking about what they had to endure. >> reporter: yeah, we have heard the descriptions of what happened here another the regional center from many different angles. now hearing from the man described as being the first responder on the scene. and remember, police got there within about four minutes of being notified that there was an active shooter in this facility that was san bernardino commander -- police commander mike madden was the first to get to the center, and last night, he opened up about what he found there, the chaos he saw when he arrived on the scene. >> it was a little surreal, it was -- you know, you train for it, and you know your job is dealing in reality, but it seemed a little surreal, but yet, i did the job that i was supposed to do. my job is to go in there and -- you know, people don't call the police because they are having a great day, they call because there's tragedy going on, and this was tragedy that i
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had never experienced in my career. >> not surreal at all. very, very real for mike madden and the many other responders who came to the scene. again, the suspects were found to have about 5,000, maybe more, rounds of ammunition either on them or in the home they were renting. a dozen pipe bombs and the means for making many more explosives. investigators say everything indicates a premedicated, well planned attack, and the possibility that other attacks were in the pipeline as well. so many more questions to co, del, including what were they doing -- what were those two doing in the three or so hours between the attack when they went in and killed 14 and injured many more, left, and then were found self-miles away in their car later in the afternoon. >> allen schauffler live for us in san bernardino. thank you very much. again, a reminder that news
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conference begins at 12:00 nn eastern time. these are the names -- the coroner releasing the names of the victims a father of six, a woman who fled iran trying to escape persecution, and the youngest victim, 26. the oldest was 60. earlier today, melissa chan talked to the boyfriend of one of the victims. >> reporter: joining me right now is ryan reyes, he is the boyfriend of danielle coffman. he was a shooting victim. unfortunately daniel did not survive. it is 6:30 am in the morning here local time. so ryan, i can only thank you so much for your time so early in the morning, and after what must be a very emotional 48 hours. i want to start by asking if you could tell us a little bit about
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daniel, and what kind of person he was. >> daniel was an amazing person. and i know i have been telling everybody that. it sounds like a cliche about, oh, the sparkle of the room, but this was really true about daniel. daniel touched so many people's lives. i have had people contacting me, saying they met daniel once ten years ago, but he has so much of an impact with his personality that they remembered him, and so now they are reaching out to me to offer condolences. and that's an amazing person, especially nowadays, somebody ten years later can remember somebody they met once for an hour, and had that much of an impact on somebody's life. he was just an all-around great guy. everybody loved him. he was everybody's friend. he didn't care who you were, where you came from. he didn't care how long he had known you, everybody was treated equally as like the best friend
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in the world, and he -- he was just an amazing, funny guy. >> and how are you feeling right now? >> right now, i'm still coming to terms with it. so i -- i'm still in that numb phase. i know that's going to end soon. this morning i was a little bit choked up, because while i was waiting for some other interviews, i made the mistake of getting on facebook and was reading some of the comments and what not, but i was able to pull it together, so that way i could share who daniel was, because that's pretty much what all of these interviews this morning have been about, and i wanted to definitely share that with the world. >> ryan thank you so much for your time. we're actually going to be trying to spending more time with ryan as a news team to learn more about daniel coffman later today, but over the past two days we have spent so much time talking about the attack, learning more about the attackers, and a lot of the
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victim's families have been understandably reluctant to talk. it is still important i think to highlight and learn some of these victims names. that's melissa chan for us in san bernardino. again it is morning on the west coast, they are planning an update for reporters. when that occurs, we'll bring it to you live. colorado springs, colorado remembering a police officer who was killed at week at a planned parenthood center. he was killed when robert dear opened fire. chicago's mayor says the city will release the video of another fatal shooting that shows the killing of robert johnson last year. in the johnson case, police say the father of five pointed a gun at officers. his family says johnson was
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running away when he was shot. the monthly jobs report is out, and shows another solid month of hiring for the u.s. economy. it is the last major piece of economic data to be related before the fed decides whether to raise interest rates for the first time in nine years. patricia sabga has more on how the numbers will likely effect their decision. >> reporter: the november jobs report pretty much seals the deal on the federal reserve raising interest rates later this month. it would be the first interest rate increase in nine years. first the headline h.b. numbers. the economy added 211,000 jobs last month. while the unemployment rate held steady at 5%. meanwhile, average hourly wages ticked up $0.04 to $25.25 an hour. that's a 2.3% increase year-over-year. wages have been the sub part of this recovery.
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in her testimony before congress this week, janet yellen did outline her concerns over waiting too long to raise interest rates from the near zero level. she specifically sited the lag effect, saying it could force an abrupt tightening that could disrupt financial markets and possibly push the economy in recession. but leaving the interest rates at zero for too long could undermine financial stability. the labor department saying most job gains were in construction and retail. a bill that would do away with parts of the affordable care act is now headed to the house. it would strip the law of its individual and employer mandates. president obama promising to veto it once it reaches his desk. the boards of anthem and
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cigna overwhelming approving a $48 billion buy out of cigna. the purchase still needs approval of regulators. oil prices continue to fall, but will opec step in? a report from vienna is next. and the first new nuclear power plant in decades going online in a tennessee town is talking about its consequences. and the deadly explosion at the egyptian nightclub, what just might have triggered the attack.
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>> this is one of the most important sites in the century. >> this linked the mafia and the church. >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> i can't allow you not to go into that because that is
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your job. >> we gonna bring this city back one note at a time. >> proudest moment in my life. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. >> what, as if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution? >> this goes to the heart of the argument. >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target. >> the german parliament overwhelmingly approving a plan to help fight isil. germany, though, will not engage
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in combat. berlin pledging to help france in the fight against isil. as for france it is now out for a guide on how to react to the attacks like the one that occurred last month. an illustrated leaflet on how to behave before and after the police reach the scene. egyptian police are searching for three suspects after an explosion killed 16 people. attackers throwing molotov cocktails at patrons. one of the men was an employee who had been fired, but an eyewitness giving a different account. >> translator: three men came to the nightclub on motorcycles, but they wouldn't let them in, so they came back with molotov cocktails through them and
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escaped. oil prices are now trading near $40 a barrel. al jazeera's barnaby phillips is in vienna with more. >> reporter: opec oil ministers were badly divided going into this meeting. on the one hand you have the saudi position, and they have argued that opec must maintain its market share of oil exports even if that means some short-term pain, even if it means an oil glut, and oil prices falling as they have, very steeply over the last year, down now to less than $45 a barrel. on the other hand you have countri countries that were going into this meeting, urging a cut in production because they need to see a sharp rise in oil prices. they lead a more hand-to-mouth
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existence if you would like. i spoke to the venezuela oil minister, and i asked him how bad it was for his country's economy, oil, under $45 a barrel, and this is what he said to me just before the meeting. >> some people try to believe that we are desperate for the oil price. and only venezuela is desperate. but this is a big mistake. >> reporter: but you are disparate. >> other count -- all of the countries including the saudis or whatever countries. okay? so it's not only venezuela. >> reporter: however, the experts and the smart money are predicting that the saudis will get their way along with smaller gulf allies like qatar, uae, and kuwait. saudi arabia has enormous clout and of course is the largest producer, and it will be saying, look, you are talking about cuts, but let's face it, you are
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not in a position to cut, you want us to cut. no, we believe the saudis will say, let's stick with the current policy. . it will bring more short-term pain, but it may push out of the market more expensive oil producers shale from the united states, deep-water producers from places like brazil and that will lead to a restoration of oil price in the latter half of 2016. the first new american commercial nuclear power plant in the 21st century is about to go online. some say it is a move forward. some disagree. tom akerman talked to both sides. >> reporter: along the tennessee river, it's the fishing. >> hit and miss. i mean, it depends on how the weather is. >> reporter: -- that concerns these locals. but not the nuclear plant that has been providing carbon free electricity to the region for a
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generation. soon its twin will go on line. after delays and post-fukushima safety upgrades that doubled the initial cost estimate to more than $4 billion. but officials of the government-owned utility that built it say they have no regrets. >> nuclear is clean and second only to hydro in cost. it's a smart choice for changing times, and it was a sound business decision. >> reporter: yet nuclear power is having a difficult passage in the country that first developed it. while it is one of five u.s. atomic plants under construction, five others have closed in the past few years, and utilities have announced plans to shut down eight more. saying that more regulations, softening demand, and competition from natural gas have made them unprofitable. they also blame the anti-nuclear movement which points to
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catastrophes like chernobyl, and fukushima. >> is this the kind of gamble we want to take in order to boil water when there's so many other superior ways to meet our energy needs? >> reporter: polls indicate that most americans do favor more nuclear plants as does the obama administration, and it is backed by some climate activists who see nuclear as an important element in the fight against fossil fuels. climate scientist says this. >> there is plenty of gas in the ground. if we go to the root, we will lock in gas, and guarantee that our children and grandchildren get a climate situation that is out of their control. >> reporter: while the u.s. hesitates, india and china power
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on. tom akerman, al jazeera, spring city, tennessee. tributes are pouring in for the lead singer of one of the biggest rock bands of the '90s. ♪ >> reporter: he was 48. reports said he was found dead last night while on tour with his band. he was the front man for stone temple pilots. guns for sale on tv. there is a new network raising eyebro eyebrows. plus the photo of a toddler sparking outrage and investigation. >
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>> concealed iguanas in his prosthetic leg. >> revealing the shocking lengths traffickers go. >> i've had monkeys jump out of suitcases. >> now scientists joining the fight to save endagered species. >> the more we buy, the more these animals are going to become extinct. >> tecknows' team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >>...can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow, where technology meets humanity. >> i've been asked to keep my voice down cause we are so close to the isil position >> who is in charge, and are they going to be held to accout? >> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man... >> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america
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>> this is one of the most important sites in the century. >> this linked the mafia and the church. >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> i can't allow you not to go into that because that is your job. >> we gonna bring this city back one note at a time. >> proudest moment in my life. we heard from a police america's first all-gun home shopping debt network will launch on january 20th. it will broadcast gun-related programming 24 hours a day. it will also show safety and training shows. the network was created by two
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former home shopping network employees. in chicago investigators are looking into a video that appears to show a toddler smoking marijuana. the american behind the camera heard saying smoke man and inhale. the child puts the joint to his mouth at least twice in that video. it has received more than 500 likes, and 1200 comments. world soccer is working on major reforms after a second round of indictments and arrested for fifa officials. john henry smith has more. >> reporter: disarray at the top of fifa as more officials are charged in a growing corruption scandal. for the second time in six months, soccer officials were placed under arrest at switzerland's hotel, including two top fifa vice presidents and several more have now been
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charged by the u.s. justice department? >> a federal grand jury this brooklyn has returned a 92-count indictment which includes charges against 16 new defendants, l all of whom are current or former soccer officials. >> reporter: among those charged, five former members of fifa's executive committee responsible for awarding the world cup tournament. that brings the total number to 11 indicted. they are accused of taking some $200 million in bribes. >> the betrayal of trust is truly outrageous, and the scale of corruption alleged herein is uncon shunable. >> reporter: eight others accused in earlier indictments have entered guilty verdicts, including another former vice president, jeffery webb. repleaded not guilty in july. fifa has been meeting to talk about reforms, something leaders say is still the top priority.
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>> the ultimate goal of all of our concentrated effort is that we will be recognized as a trusted organization. john henry smith, al jazeera. illegal poaching has long threaten threateneden dangered species around the world. >> reporter: because animals can easily be bought on line and shipped, i visited the international mail center in los angeles, california. here inspectors see a flood of endangered species coming through their doors. between a million and 1.5 million pieces of mail come through this facility every month. some of these pieces are more interesting to the officers than others. this day one of the hardest-working inspectors is on duty. >> get it, get it. >> reporter: within the first hour of our arrival, locket,
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canine inspector, finds something. locket is part of a pilot program, and is this district's first canine inspector. she is trained to identify up to 20 scents. >> it would take me an entire day to look at 100 packages. with her i clear 10,000 packages easily a day. >> that's good work there, locket. >> yeah, she has a pretty powerful nose. >> reporter: she found a python skin wallet. there are 25 breeds of pythons hunted for their skins and several are endangered. so no python products can be imported without special permits. the wallet is confiscated and added to a unbelievable group. >> this is what we call our property room. when we seize items in violation
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of wildlife laws, they are kept as evidence until the case is adjudicated and we have some way of disposing of them. this room serves as a valuable learning tool, almost all types of wildlife are represented here. and behind every item is a tragic story. >> one of the common things i tell people is the more of this stuff we buy, the more these animals are doing to die. >> reporter: in los angeles, i'm fill torres for al jazeera. >> you can watch tech know tomorrow here on al jazeera america. there is a new statute in the capitol of former vice president dick cheney. it is a tradition in washington since the late 1880s to unveil bests of veeps after their good-byes. thanks for joining us. i'm del walters in new york. the news continues live from
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london next. and check us out 24 hours a day at ♪ resounding yes germany politicians approve a support mission against i.s.i.l. in syria. ♪ i'm david foster and you are watching al jazeera live from london and also on this program. [gunfire] friday violence in the occupied west bank, four palestinians have been killed. a candlelight vigil for the 14 victims of a shooting massacre in the u.s. as police investigate the culprits' motive.