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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> the fbi said it is now fleeting the california shooting as an act of terrorism. hello, i' i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, germany joins the fight against isil in syria while hollande fran├žois leads the french offensive. [ gunfire ] violence across the west bank. four palestinians shot dead after allegedly attacking israeli soldiers. pumping huge amounts of oil in
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world markets. >> an act of terrorism. that's how the fbi says it is officially treating this week's shootings in california. but investigators say that they have no evidence that the so-called islamic state in iraq and the levant had direct links to the assailants. the 28-year-old and his 27-year-old wife, despite an earlier claim by a pro isil newsagent that the group's operatives were behind the attack in san bernardino, that left 14 people dead. fbi director james comey had this to say about the investigation into the shooting. >> this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. the reason for that is that the investigation so far has developed indications of radical indication by the killers, and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations.
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we're spending a tremendous amount of time, as you might imagine over the last 48 hours understanding the motives of these killers and understanding every detail of their lives. >> let's go live to gabriel elizondo in san bernardino for more. the fbi and police are still trying to find a motive for the shooting, but james comey and his colleagues say while there may have been radicalization involved, it's unlikely or we don't know if the suspects took direct orders from any particular cell? >> that's right, the key point of all of this is that the fbi has said that they're investigating this now as potential act of terrorism. that's important because it will allow the federal government here in the u.s. to put more resources and increase the scope of this investigation and clearly give it a lot more sense of urgency. but beyond that the local fbi director here in los angeles
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would only say when he addressed the media here that there was a wealth of information that has led them to go down this terrorism route. but what specifically this evidence is, he wasn't specific about that. he would only say that you know there were pipe bombs and weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition found in a home linked to the suspects, but we knew that yesterday. in terms of new information they would only say that they had discovered some clues on electronic fingerprints or cell phones that have been recovered that were destroyed, apparently, or crushed by the suspects indicating that this was premeditated. investigators are trying to do is figure out who they were talking to, what kind of social media perhaps, contacts they had. but clearly they're not linking this at least publicly in any way to isil.
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>> right, the so-called digital footprints are central to this investigation, and we know that police will be working very hard to examine computers, laptops, cellphones in figuring out what the movements were online. >> that's right. there has been a lot of speculation here in the u.s. media as you might suspect. but it's going to the facts, and the facts are that the fbi just has not released a lot of that, and haven't really confirmed the speculation going out here in the last several hours here in the u.s. but the only thing they did say was the key piece of evidence that they have so far are these two cellphones that they found in a trash can near the suspects home that had been intentionally crushed or destroyed. they have apparently extracted information off of that that has led them down this road in some way, but what that evidence is simply don't know yet. but i can tell you that the fbi has taken this case incredibly
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seriously. as you can imagine. and they still have areas of streets blocked off. they're still gathering information and also talking with some of the suspects' families. we spoke to a projec brother-in-law of one of the suspects. he said he was shocked. they had no idea that there was any potential for violence such as what occurred here on wednesday afternoon. so this is a very complex case. the fbi officials at the highest level are urging patience. saying it's going to take a while to get to the bottom of it. >> all right, thank you very much. gabe elizondo in san bernardino for us. and crossing live now to the family attorney of one of the suspects. of course, this comes after we've been hearing from law enforcement officials in california and the fbi. but let's just listen in. >> we do represent the
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brother-in-law and the mother of said farouk and his brothers and sisters. >> who is the brother-in-law? >> said farouk. >> we're trying to establish video. i think we have it now. >> what we would like to say on behalf of the families is that just as late as 1:00 p.m. today, the fbi chief james comey came out and said there was no sign that the alleged shooters
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belonged to a larger organization, a larger group or terrorist cell. they have come up with some things where they're trying to say that they were inspired, but they were not smoking gun evidence that they were part of any cell or group. they're point to go things they saw on facebook under different account names. >> as more information keeps
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coming outer we'll identity which facts are accurate and which facts are not. we've been in open communication with the agents of the fbi. we've been at riverside for four hours and we'll be finishing up on monday with other family members. as more facts come out about the types of relationships that each family member had, we'll be relating that to you guys as well. >> what can you say right now? >> what we can say from our four-hour interview or the investigation that took place with the fbi yesterday is that none of the family members had any idea that this was going to take place. they were totally shocked. that is the brothers and sisters of the alleged shooter had no idea to the point when they got word there was an incident that had taken place they were worried about the health and
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safety of syed and tashfeen. because there never has been any evidence that either of the two alleged shooters were aggressi aggressive, had extremist views. they were totally shocked that this could take place. shocked as anybody else was. >> and the family members, had a basic relationship with her. it was not overly close, but it was not too distant. the family was shocked about the information that came out. there is no official--there is no official determination about what the reason was when we were discussing everything with the fbi yesterday. they're still going through their facts and diligence as we are as well. >> if there is anything remarkable about the investigation that took place yesterday, it is that no ties could really be established to the point of frustration on the
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part of the fbi. you know if the most evidence there is to any affiliation is a facebook account under another person's name that supposedly just visited some site, then that's hardly anything at all. and throughout the whole process of the investigation yesterday, it got to the point where the fbi actually said, look, let us explain ourselves. we're trying to find evidence or information that could cause us to believe that--that syed farook was affiliated with this incident. something inspired him to be involved in this incident. but the problem we're having is that we're not finding any evidence of any behavior that would show us that this would be the alleged shooter. so why is that happening? an we were all like, well, we don't have an explanation for
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you other than there is no evidence. none of the family knew of him as being extreme or aggressive or having extreme religious views. >> i think what the media should also be cautious about. just because he had a religion that he was muslim, it had nothing to do with these acts. islam does not agree and does not support any type of actions that occur like this. it does not support killing or murder of innocent individuals. the family would never support anything like this. they're giving their hearts and their prayers and everything else that they can do to assist the victim who is lost their lives that day as well. >> if they did not have any ti ties, may they have been sympathetic to? at what point-- >> the fbi has not actually--the media is leading with just assuming that this is a terrorist situation.
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>> the fbi is making that they're investigation into this as possible terrorist. >> i think everything the fbi does when it's involved a muslim will involve some type of terrorist investigation for it. >> we're just relaying the information, what do you think the motive is then for the shooting. >> i mean there is--there was information about the fact that his coworkers have made fun of him, for example, in his beard. he was a very isolated introverted individual with really no friends that we could identify, like maybe one friend or no friends. and so i guess what we would say is that when an incident happens like this, when a christian goes to shoot up a planned parenthood or an extreme catholic goes and bombs an abortion clinic, all the headlines don't say extremist radical christian catholic, christian catholic
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just like every headline is saying muslim and attaching muslim to it. i think there is a tendency too take a cookie cutter paradigm of terrorist event and superimpose it on the situation just because that person is of muslim belief and tradition. i don't think we should jump to too many conclusions. in particular we need to protect the muslim community. right now we're seeing a lot of infringements of rights upon all of us. right now we're looking at political candidate who is are saying things that we should register all muslims, and that mosques should be investigated and looked into or that the families of terrorists should be killed without due process. and the latest thing said was that it was known that it was a terrorist act that was committed simply because the person had an islamic last name. any of us sitting here could say if anybody knew that a terrible,
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heinous act was committed due to religion, and it was alleged to have been committed on behalf of christian last name or alleged to be committed on behalf of jews and you had a jewish last name and your faith was constantly attacked, i have so many muslim friends and so many people that i work with that are muslim, and no one--every muslim community around the world has been in a state of remorse and condemnation of these acts. no one supports it. just as i think no christian or catholic would say, oh, yes, that's a good catholic that bombed that abortion clinic or shot up that planned parenthood. we can't use that example because as of yet like the fbi chief james comey said, there has been no evidence that they found yet--this is his words from the l.a. "times" as o of
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1:00 p.m. today that they're clinked to a terrorist cell. this is much to the frustration of the fbi and everyone because we all want an answer. we all are all angry. we're frustrated and sad. we want justice. but unfortunately, some things in life are not as clearcut as that. all there is thus far is some nebulous thing that somebody looked at facebook. we all may have looked at something on facebook. it doesn't mean that they believe in it. i've looked at britney spears before anbritneybritney spears site and i hate britney spears. we have to be protected of religious freedom in our country. of our fourth amendment rights. just recently the landlords let journalists into the apartment of syed fast farook and.
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>> they're in there taking pictures invading personal space. and this is the whole point of the fbi investigation. to determine what level and what caused this. as david said, l.a. "times" has reported what james comey has said, we're waiting to get more information as well. >> the attitud favor favorable attitudes towards isis. >> what ways did they express sympathy. >> the exact quote. >> develop radical indication of killing by foreign organizatio organizations. he didn't say this there is no indication that he's part of a local cell or bigger cell, but these are his words. >> he's trying to say it was inspired by--but what i read so
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far we're all learning because the investigation is ongoing. we're the attorneys for the families, not the investigators, so none of us have all the information right now. but from what i read all i've seen is that somebody looked at something on facebook. there was another article i read that said that the fbi had investigated people who syed farook allegedly spoke to. but even those people who the fbi investigated nothing came up for anti-o anti---for any of those people. this is the danger that we're getting to. >> are you saying that you do not believe that there will be any connection to foreign-- >> i think we have to wait for the investigation to be done before we make any type of determination. >> isn't that what the fbi is saying? >> i think the reports have been coming out now that it's leaning
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from a terrorist group. >> they're investigating. >> until the investigation is done they cannot make a determination if there was a group, if there was a connection to anybody-- >> that we should not be pursuing as they emerge. the fbi is going through the process. it is a process. >> yes. >> and as they get information, and as they find out they'll report it. >> i think the idea of terrorist has been reported since this incident happened. so i think as more information comes out, then the media may--as we get more information. >> the report-- >> no, you should not be making reports or statements concerning connection to a terrorist group until there is a factual link. >> we're criminal defense attorneys. we look for actual evidence. we can't jump to conclusions as to what we believe. >> he lived to what the fbi said because the fbi is gathering evidence. >> yes.
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>> we consider the fbi a credible source. >> yes, i think that they have found no link to a terrorist group or terrorist cell. >> every headline does not have to say muslim massacre or muslim shooters because it's going to cause intolerance. what we need right now is forgiveness. i think although this is--there were muslim people, and muslim families involved in this incident, and as a primarily christian nation, i think we're a people of mercy and forgiveness, i think we need to avoid bigotry, stereotyping and
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anything happening to us as christians, we should avoid doing to muslims as well. >> some of the reports you heard that link these acts to terrorism prematurely. >> we're not here to criticize. we're here to protect the clients who are muslim and the muslim community and to grieve the victims saying we're remorseful for what took place, and the muslim community does not support or condone what took place. no muslim community does nationwide. the nation's leader came out and said this is not a muslim act. when someone goes crazy and commits an act that could totally be work related does not make a statement on an entire religion. we're mourning the families and the victims. it's tragic, it's horrible, and we're trying to heal the nation, i think, as a whole. >> has the family seen evidence
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of terrorism, disgruntlement in the workplace, of unhappiness in his life. >> there was a mention where he got teased about his beard. but there is nothing else about that. he usually shrugged off jokes people would make about his facial beard and appearance. >> that's what the family said. >> yes. >> they mention all these people, did they discuss isis? they just say general conversation-- >> they never did. that's why we're just--we're just making sure that we're not overzealous in our characterization of these events one way or another until--until very--until strong evidence comes out showing that this was, indeed, affiliated with something. and i mean, i guess the frustration comes from the four-hour interview with the
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fbi. >> and it is not done yet. we'll have more interviews conducted with the fbi. >> so we've been hearing from the attorneys--the defense attorneys from the family of 28-year-old syed fast farook one of the suspects involved in the shooting where 14 were killed, criticizing the media and the handling of this particular story saying that the suspects should be referred to as individuals rather than implying that an entire community or, indeed, a religion was behind this act of violence. he was reiterating the surprise on the part of many friends, colleagues and relatives of the couple that would have been involved in the act of violence. echoing what we've heard from law enforcement officials that the motive still remains unclear, that something about the details of how this attack
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was staged just doesn't quite seem to add up, although of course the fbi has now said that they're investigating the san bernardino shooting as an act of terrorism. but the attorney for the farook family reiterating what james comey had to say about there being no sign, no solid evidence yet of the shooters belonging to any larger organization maybe important to mention that the fbi has been cautious. they've been saying this is now an investigation into an act of terrorism. but even now they're saying even though there may be some radicalization of these suspects, they are stopping short of saying that it translates into the shooter's stage and orchestrated the attack and being part of a larger group or network. of course, we'll continue to bring you all the latest. meanwhile, germany is the latest country to take on a direct role in the battle against syria against the islamic state in iraq and the levant. but crucially it will be a
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non-combat mission. they'll send a maximum of 12,000 soldiers in support roles. they'll deploy reconnaissance jets and a frigate. >> reflecting a wider mood broadly supportive of military action. but nonetheless, german lawmakers faced emotive questions and vehement debate. >> a war and terror. do those countries leading the war really want to get into a competition with isil about who understands more about murder? those who do this already have lost. >> there needs to be a damn good argument to vote no, to vote in favor of continuing to do nothing. there are no good arguments against taking action.
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it is time to act, and above you will for the victims we want to correct. >> in an opinion poll on friday found 58% of germans in favor of action even though the same poll found that 63% believe the risk of an isil attack on german soil will increase as a result. the parliamentary vote stopped short of authorizing german airstrikes inside syria. instead, berlin is sending support forces u including six of these tornado reconnaissance jets. there will be german refueling aircraft and naval frigates. >> we'll make a contribution to the reconnaissance systems. we can make highly detailed areas of large--highly detailed images of large areas in a very short period of time.
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>> president hollande made a visit to meet with french pilots and support crews who have been involved in airstrikes. >> this has considerable counter effect. if you listen at the syrian human right activities that say we do not need more bombs. we need protection. we need more for civilians. we need decrease violence and not more nations bombing us. >> but the bombing continues. the observatory of human rights say that bombing has killed 26 civilians, a third of them children. the coalition against isil is growing. but so are the casualties. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> well, there has been another day of violence in the occupied
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west bank with four more palestinians killed. 112 palestinians and 17 israelis have been killed in unrest across the region. now some 700 mayors from cities around the world have been discussing local and environmental solutions at the paris climate summit. the largest-ever meeting to discuss climate change. >> well, the organization of opec as they decide to keep oil productions at current levels despite falling prices. it divided the group who met earlier. al jazeera's barnaby phillips was there. >> this is another big meeting about energy taking place this week. gathering in vienna, even in paris leaders spoke of weaning the nations off fossil fuel.
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here in vienna, the agenda is different and the concerns more immediate. low oil prices are hurting 13 opec countries. saudi arabia has argued it is a necessary evil to put rival non-opec oil producers to put the countries like usa and brazil out of business. but others argued that saudi arabia should cut production to force prices back up. venezuela's oil minister told me that his country is not alone in their financial concerns. >> all countries are interested. >> you are desperate, aren't. >> you all the countries are worried about the price. all the countries including the saudis and whatever countries. it is not only venezuela. >> but after seven hours of talks, opec announced there
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would be no cuts in production. it agreed only to monitor events in the months ahead. i asked the nigerian oil minister how much pain continued oil prices are going to cause his country. >> we look at this, how do we utilize the opportunity of the pain as quote/unquote caused by reduce price regime to try to gain efficiencies in the system. efficiencies in cost management. efficiencies in transparency and everything. efficiency in local economy. >> so opec members have disagreements of how to achieve a higher and more stable oil price. the fact is opec is not as powerful as it once was. most oil is produced by other countries. so opec's ability to fix global oil price is limited.
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barnaby phillips, al jazeera, vienna. >> now you can find more on everything that we're covering right here. you'll find all the comment analysis, and background information on all of our top stories, $70 billion in debt. residents are american citizens, but the poverty rate here is 3 times the national average. now, with the economy facing collapse, record numbers are using their american passports to get out. >> i have never been away from