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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> good evening, i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. act of terrorism. investigators say the couple that murdered 14 in california may have been inspired by i.s.i.l. what's in a name? the implications on putting the terrorism label on the san bernardino massacre. home base, journalists get access to the apartment the couple shared with their six month old daughter.
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tonight the fbi is changing the focus of the san bernardino shooting investigation. the agencies no agency now sayss one of terrorism. investigation inside the suspects' home have led investigators to believe the act was planned. allen schauffler is san bernardino, allen this changes the investigation now that federal investigators are in charge. >> well that's right. all the information now all the efforts at investigation are going to go through federal hands, through the fbi. they made it very clear today, who's in charge, and what they're looking for. >> 48 hours after the mass murder in san bernardino, the fbi formally takes over the case. leaving no doubt about what direction the investigation is headed. >> as of today, based on the
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information and the facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> the agency's assistant director for los angeles says that decision was made with good reason. but offered few details beyond what's already known. the thousands of rounds of ammunition found in the suspects' rental property. the dozen or so home made bombs and extensive bomb making materials discovered in their garage. two damaged cell phones have been found in a nearby trash can and are being examined to determine if digital material can be retrieved. investigators say that can be key evidence in nailing down a moafn anmotive and could see whr syed farook and tashfeen malik could be part. an atrocity, his community
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mourns with the others in san bernardino. >> i was born here in san bernardino, this is my city so i've been here my whole life so i take this personally. >> reporter: attorneys for the family of suspect syed farook held a press conference. >> none of the family members had any idea this was going to take place. they were totally shocked. there's never been any evidence that either of the two alleged shooters were aggressive, had extremist views, they were totally shocked that this could take place. >> the associated press is reporting that a facebook posting ostensibly from tashfeen malik praising the leader of i.s.i.l. was brought to the attention of law enforcement officials, postabout the time that the killing started.
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the media arm of i.s.i.l. that two of its supporters launched the attack. >> i'm surprised they would claim maybe they did maybe they didn't but again it only helps them to be able to attach themselves to an attack like this. >> fbi and current law enforcement officers say they have no current threats looming of attacks across the u.s. >> the fbi insisted they were finished at the location of the apartment. but not at the center where the attack occurred. daniel kaufman's services will be held tomorrow afternoon. antonio. >> allen schauffler in san bernardino, thanks.
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james comey made his first comments. >> our investigation to date, two days old, so far we have no indication these killers are part of an organized larger group or formed part of a cell. there's no indication that they are part of a network. again, i quickly add, it is early, we are still work very hard to understand but i wanted you to know that so far we don't see such indications. >> faisa patel, always good to see you. you wrote in the new york times that mass shootings take many more american lives than terrorism carried out in the name of islam yet we are more afraid of the latter. dong you think there's reason for that, that americans see the usual mass shootings, the people as being more domestic, as something that's more if not predictable, it's not something that might hit them. >> well, i mean i think
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statistically the odds of either being shot caught up in a mass shooting or being killed in an act of terrorism in the united states are really, really very small, compared to say 14,000 shooting deaths per year, just normal gun violence. so i think it's pretty unlikely that anybody is caught upper in that. but i'm not suggesting that it's not understandable that people are instinctively more afraid. we are still suffering from the trauma of 9/11, you know more than 3,000 lives taken, it's a really, really ho horrific attak and the wars overseas we see how those interact with domestic events as well. i'm not suggesting the fear is incorrect. we have to get beyond instinctive gut reactions of fear and look at the statistics and look at the threat and see where it's really coming from. >> were you surprised that the fbi called this an act of
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terrorism? yesterday, virtually every analyst said, the fbi is very deliberate calling this thing terrorism and it will take a while to get there. >> no i don't think that is the case. the fbi is very clear, south carolina shooting of an african american church, director comey came out and said this is not terrorism. there's a good reason for that. our law doesn't have a catch all domestic terrorism attack. >> we are looking at pictures of dylann roof. in a case like dylann roof or the colorado shooter so recent recently? >> let me pus it this way. the law clearly has a double
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standard in it. what i'm really talk about is how we in the media and the public discourse treat these kinds of violence. i think there is an discrepancies how the press deals with this, the press has gotten better in the last two years, especially since we saw a rising number of these right wing cases of violence. >> cases that shouldn't be lumped together, the guy who apparently was mentally ill who went after a couple of policemen with a hatchet, being lumped together in the same breaths as 9/11. it creates a sense that at a u.s. is facing a very large many headed threat like islamic, isn't that the case you've got al qaeda and then these apparent loan wolf attacks. >> the key there is not i.s.i.s. or al qaeda, it's islam.
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that islam is somehow inherently dangerous and the reason we're seeing this violence isists something in the nature of islam. i would argue that you should put al qaeda terrorism and terrorism carried out by i.s.i.s. in the larger context of political violence which is something we have seen for time immemorial, in the 1970s with the weather underground, red brigades, and the point being you circulate try to understand the complexity of the problem rather than sayings ah-ha it must be islam. what we ought to do is go after all asylums. that's a negative out of focusing too much. >> faisa patel taw than thank y. thank you. >> al jazeera's melissa chan is
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in san bernardino. >> we layered that reporters were going through the apartment of syed farook, i wasn't sure what that meant. that investigators were taking reporters through? essentially this is what happened. a free for all at the home of syed farook and tashfeen malik. this is a very strange situation now. we have tons of journalists on the front lawn of this residence. we have barely seen any law enforcement officers. the door is wide open, anyone can walk in or out. inside a ransacked apartment and papers left behind by fbi investigators of what they took away as evidence. with so little information about the mystery shooters, reporters packed into the tiny home. was there anything here that could explain what could possibly motive a coupl motivato
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leave behind their six month old child. >> we're coming into what may have been the main bedroom and kind of overwhelming. >> some news outlets broadcast their exploitation of the apartment live. >> spread out appears to be credit cards and i.d.s. >> all the while, landlord doyle miller stood outside in the middle of a media scrum. but he didn't know who actually called him. >> they just said release the property to me. they didn't -- >> did they say you could let people inside? >> yes, yes. >> during friday morning's press conference the fbi confirmed they had wrapped up the investigation of the apartment. >> once we board it up anyone who goes in at that point that's got nothing to do with us.
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>> reporter: though miller may not have had the right to let everyone in. >> the landlord doesn't have the right to allow somebody else to enter the property of 8 one of s renters without going through that proper process. based on that we have escorted people out and resecured the property. >> eventually, somebody arrived to board the front door up. shortly after, a member of the police department showed up. >> mr. miller, could you speak with me? >> to whisk the landlord out of the limelight. msnbc later on in the afternoon did release a statement apologizing for the fact that their live footage had shown a personal photograph and i.d.s. the statement goes on to say that the landlord had let people
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into the apartment. tointantonio. >> a colorado springs church was packed, 42-year-old garrett swayse was the father of two young children. swayse volunteered to go into the clinic when robert lewis dear started opening fire. saturday's front page will feature an editorial calling for increased gun control. titled the gun epidemic, moral outrage that people can buy weapons and ammunition designed to will kill people with speed and efficiency. the last front page editorial of the times was in 1920. criticizing warren hearting.
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will the fed raise interest rates for the first time in years? and armenian and syria, we'll look what the country plans to do.
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>> the u.s. supreme court is getting involved in the fight over puerto rico's $72 billion debt. the justices will hear arguments next year whether a 2014 puerto rican law which allows it to restructure its debt conflicts with u.s. bankruptcy law. as a u.s. territory puerto rico is secluded from laws that allow cities and public agencies to file for bankruptcy. the island's governor says the $72 billion debt sun payable. wall street ended up the week on an up-note. a big up-note. stocks surged on a positive jobs report from the federal government but that good news means borrowing money will
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likely become more expensive in a matter of weeks. al jazeera am joh's john terrets here. >> the two things together saw the dow jones industrials take off. you may think that's a bit odd that stocks would skyrocket on the possibility of an interest rate like which means borrowing is going to be more expensive but that means the federal reserve thinks the economy is less fragile. >> the u.s. economy put on 211,000 new jobs last month, more than analysts had expected. and there was further good news too. the unemployment rate held steady at 5%. meanwhile the average hourly earnings picked up by 4 cents to 2005.25. wages have been the stubborn part of the roiferg recovery following the global collapse of
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2008. but now some evidence that wage pressures could be building again. all of which makes it virtually certain that the federal reserve will soon raise interest rates for the first time since june 2006 ending the era of super-cheap money by lifting the overnight rate to the effectively zero rate since it's been since 2008. aptd at chance of a rate like, generajanet yellen says she has concerns about the rate. the dow jumping 269 points, rate like at last and buoyed by energy stocks, after the price of crude oil fell when the opec said it won't cut production, maintaining the glut of stuff. it's a weekend of course you
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know that we'll have to see if that share boost makes it into asia and european markets. asia by the way begins trading around 8:00 p.m. eastern time, sunday night. and the fed, we'll have to wait how much it will like the rate by. attacks in paris has links to britain. the wall street journal reports that the link to the paris attacks has linked to people in birmingham. a sign paris is trying to return to normal: today the lavonvierre cafe reopened. five people died at the cafe. several other bars and restaurants and the bataclan concert hall is still closed. germany, lawmakers approved
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a plan to join the military campaign in syria with some limitations. paul brennan has more. >> the vote in germany's lower house was overwhelming. it reflects a broader move supportive of military action. but nevertheless, german lawmakers faced questions. >> translator: do those countries leading the war really want to get into a competition with i.s.i.l. about who understands more about murder? though to do this have already lost. >> translator: there needs to be a damned good giemen argumeno vote no. ladies and gentlemen there are no good arguments against taking action. it is time to act. above all for the victims who we want to protect. >> an opinion poll on friday found 58% of germans in favor of
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action even though the same poll found that 63% believed a risk of an i.s.i.l. attack on german soil will increase as a result. the parliamentary vote stopped short of authorizing engineer than air strikes inside syria. instead germany is sending support forces, there will also be german refueling aircraft and naval frigate and up to 12,000 personnel. >> we're making a very meaningful contribution to the already existing reconnaissance systems because with our tornadoes we can make available highly detailed images of large areas in a very short period of time. that is an ability which does not yet exist in the region. >> french president francois hollande made a surprise visit to the charles de gaulle on friday, to meet the support crews crews launching ftc
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attacks on the targets in syria. french journalist spent ten months in i.s.i.l. custody. >> syrian human rights activists saying we do not need more bombs we need no fly zone we need protection, we need less a decrease in violence and not more nations bombing us. >> yet the bombing continues. the syrian observatory for human rights said heavy government bombardment on friday killed at least 26 civilians, nearly a third of them children. the coalition against i.s.i.l. ares is growing but so are the casualties. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> nuclear power, america's first reactor in decades is about to come online but some are questioning whether it's needed.
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one of the world's most active volt canvolcanos shows its fury. bets are off.
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>> mount etna in sicily is erupting again. the eruption forced the closure of a nearby airport but there are no reports of any damage or injuries. until recently, researchers felt mount etna posed no threat to those around it. many activists say another
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react is not the answer to the search for clean energy. al jazeera's tom ackerman has more from tennessee. >> on the tennessee river it's the fishing. >> like how the weather is. >> that concerns these locals but not the watch bar 1 nuclear plant that's been producing carbon free electricity to the region. soon the watts bar 2 will go into production. the doubled the initial cost estimate to more than $4 billion but officials of the government owned utility that built it say they have no regrets. >> nuclear is clean. and second only to hydro, in cost. it's a smart choice for changing times, it was a sound business decision. >> yet nuclear power is having a difficult passage for the country that first developed it
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for peaceful as well as military purposes. while watts bar, five others have closed in the past few years and utilities have announced plans to shut down eight more saying that more regulations softening demand and competition from natural gas have made them unprofitable. they also blame the addy nooucial movement points to catastrophes like chernobyl and feuks. fukushima. >> is this the gamble we want to make in order to boil water? >> polls say nuclear plants as does the obama administration and it's backed by some climate activists who see nuclear as the important element in the fight against fossil fuels. climate scientists james san
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hanson, worsen the prospect for global warming. >> if we go to you the route for renewables and gas we will lock in gas and guarantee that our children and grandchildren get a climate situation that's out of their control. >> while the u.s. hesitates, india and china power on with their own programs of harnessing the atom, for energy independence. tom ackerman, al jazeera, tennessee. >> this weekend, climate sos, you can see it also at 9:00 a.m. eastern sunday. i'm antonio mora, thanks for joining us. we end flit with a look at how san bernardino is remembering the victims of wednesday's shooting. >> hear our prayers from this place. heal or city. bring back our peace and our j
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joy. ♪ >> we're all hurting. it happened in our community. and it hurts a lot. ♪ >> no one thinks that it's going to happen in their city. but here we are. ♪ >> the first reaction is that i get is like a punch in the stomach. teaching of islam is basically peace. islam means peace. >> we can all get mad and up in arms but ultimately what would make the difference we believe is a place of prayer and being able to kind of fight in a spiritual place. >> what i mattered, she was from the day i met her until the last day until yesterday i saw her as
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she went, she was just an angel.