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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EST

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we meet the armed vigilanes in burundi would say they are protecting their community from random attacks. this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead on the program. >> we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism the f.b.i. says there's no evidence that the couple behind the mass shooting in california acted on instructions from i.s.i.l. thousands of south koreans take
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to the streets of seou lfshgs for aren't government protests. raising the alarm the u.n. says half of the population of yemen is one step away from familiar in-- famine. first, we begin with breaking news coming to us out of lebanon. at least people have been killed. this is happening near tripoli. an army raid on the home of a suspected led to this. the suspect blew himself up, not only killing himself but killing his mother and another female relative as well. a number of security forces were also injured during the incident. more from the director of the islam institute for public policy at the american university of beirut. he joins us via skype. what more can you tell us about these raids, who was targeted
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and a little bit of perspective here. >> this is the latest incident in a long-running conflict that has been going on for some years, actually. there have been pockets of these hard-line sunni groups across north and northern eastern lebanon. a decade they were out in the mountain and isolated plants and then they started into the poor areas of tripoli. of course during the iraq war, northern lebanon and some of the palestinian camps in lebanon were areas where they were trained and sent to fight in iraq with the fighters against the american army. this has developed now with the syrian war. it has been more complex because about hezbollah fighting inside syria, against the news road accident and i.s.i.s. and the rebel groups in syria, this has spilled over into lebanon where
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some groups in lebanon are fighting against hezbollah or against the lebanese army. most of the fighting has been in the north-east on the border with syria, but occasionally you get incidents like this in tripoli and very occasionally in other pockets around the country will operations like this continue?
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i.s.i.s. and others and they're almost certain to go to try and carry out more operations. so people expect this to continue, but hopefully there will be a process by which the lebanese get a hold of these groups and eventually close them down. at the same time, there have been negotiations recently that released 16 lebanese soldiers who were held captive by al-nusra and in return for some groups in jail. so at the same time as they're fighting they're also exchanging prisoners thank you for your insight on this breaking news we're following out of lebanon. in the capital of burundi three gunmen wearing police uniforms have been killed after attacking a car belonging to a police commander. it is the latest incident in the african nation hit by violence over the president's third term.
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the government it's fighting insurgence. some of the armed men who were protecting the neighborhoods is talked to by catherine soi. >> reporter: when the sun sets, work begins in the suburb of burundi's capital of bujumbura. this man and a few others are on the neighborhood watch. they say they're protecting their homes from security forces and members of the ruling political party youth wing which they blame for the reason spate of random and regular killings in the city. -- recent spate. we will protect ourselves. a little earlier we met two other young men who dressed like police and dig out a hidden grenade. he tells us he will use this today. they wouldn't say whether they're an organized unit, have a leader or where they get their weapons from. >> translation: police have been coming to our neighborhood
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to arrest and kill us, but at night we go to where they are and fight them. >> reporter: what started out as peaceful protests in april against the bid for a third term by the president has evolved into armed violence. people are being killed almost every night and their bodies left in streets or dumped in trenches. government and opposition factions blame each other. >> the protests, they found a way, and we try to negotiate with the government but you cannot negotiate with government when we are committing homicides like these ones. >> reporter: the united nations, african union and human rights groups are concerned about the killings which they all say have an ethnic dimension to them. it's a disturbing trend for those who follow the burundi affairs closely such as this
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lady. there were also killings following the 2010 presidential election but nor people now seem to have weapons. >> if they would decide to combine forces, the vigilante groups and the more organized armed groups, we could find a rebellion that is much more dangerous, sophisticated and they would be able to gather more resours to challenge the state. >> reporter: the armed men told us they won't give up until the president steps down. government forces insist they will hand down each one of them, many innocent are caught in the middle the f.b.i. is investigating the mass shooting in the u.s. state of california as an act of terrorism. while there are reports that the female shooter prejudiced pledged allegiance to i.s.i.l. on facebook, the agency says it's unlikely the couple were directed or ordered by i.s.i.l. to carry out this attack.
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our correspondent reports from san bernardino. >> reporter: a dramatic turn of events just 48 hours after a mass shooting that killed 14 people. investigators now saying it is a terrorism investigation. >> based on the information and the fact as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. we have uncovered evidence that has led us to learn of extensive planning. obviously, we've uncovered evidence of explosives. >> reporter: the first picture of tashfeen malik, the 27-year-old investigators say was the second shooter. the f.b.i. saying a number of pieces of evidence have informed their decision on terrorism, but offered few further details of what that evidence is. the investigation is now likely to increase its scope and urgency. despite rampant speculation in the u.s. news media, there was
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no evidence released by the f.b.i. that i.s.i.l. directed the attacks carried out by malik and her husband syed farook. it is a complex case and neither of the two suspects appeared to be on any f.b.i. watch list and neither had criminal records in america. the f.b.i. urged patience saying it my take a long time to get to the real motive >> there's a lot of evidence in this case that doesn't make sense. so we're trying to be very thoughtful to understand it and to make sense of it so we understand the full extent of what we have here. >> reporter: officials did say they don't think this was part of any larger plot, but that likely will do little to ease the worries of people here now more anxious than ever after it has been called terrorism the lawyers representing the suspects' family say the media is paying too much attention to their religious background >> there was information about
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the fact that his co-workers kind of made fun of him, for example, and his beard. he was a very isolated, introverted individual with really no friends that we could identify, like maybe one friend or no friends. i guess what we would say is that when an incident happens like this, when a christian goes to shoot up a planned parenthood or an extreme catholic goes and bombs an abortion clinic, all the headlines don't say "extremist radical his ten"-- his chen". but now it is saying muslim and attaching muslim to it. there's a tendency to take a paradigm of a terrorist type event and superimpose it on that just because that person is a muslim. when the chief has come out and said that they found no link to
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a larger terrorist group or terrorist cell, i think people need to listen to that and consider that. every headline until there is absolute clear evidence, every headline doesn't have to say "muslim massacre", or "muslim shooters" thousands of people are protesting in south korea's capital over a series of controversial government policies. a court threw out police attempts to have rally banned after vines in a similar-- violence in a similar protest last month. >> reporter: a much more subdued atmosphere than there was here a few weeks ago. many here are saying it is because there is a notable lack of police presence. that has diffused any potential tensions here. the fact that you can't really see many police out on the street. that means the protesters hope that the spotlight will be on the issues that they want the government to address. number one, labor reforms that
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are not very popular at all with the workers which will basically mean they feel that there will just be more i irregular employment for them in low-paying jobs, something that clearly is very unpopular. another factor is state authored history textbook which the government want to replace, the eight books in schools and being used there right now. they shows this a tendency towards ortism and dick day-- particular day yacht-- they are expressing a frustration with the way life is in seoul at the moment and in korea in general. they feel that the workers here are only becoming poorer the u.n.'s world food program says yemen is at risk of slipping into familiar in. with food supplies dwindling to
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half the rate, there is an issue with food security. over 14 million people are struggling to feed themselves because of the war. more than a million people have been displaced in yemen since the fighting began over a year ago. >> it is one of the hardest place $to work, massive security concerns, escalation in the fighting and violence again the shun shun. we are-- country. we are doing well. clearly with half the country now just one step away from familiar in, we need to-- famine, we need the international community to come behind us and support us the country director for the world food program in yemen joins us from skype. how bad was the situation in yemen before the war even began?
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country in this region and food insecurity has been very high prior to the conflict. yemen is dependent on food and fuel imports and over the last couple of months since the crisis increased, it has only worsened. at the moment ten out of the 22 are areas, they are just one step below a famine situation and it continues to become difficult because the access to the population is hard. it is a complicate crisis at the moment. we do expect - we are being able to reach out to people, but we expect greater access from the populations on the ground and otherwise to be able to reach more, otherwise more than half
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of the population of this country is going to be in a very critical situation in the coming few weeks is it a matter of not having the resources or not being able to safely get the resources to the population or is it both?
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us the freedom of movement to reach out to the people that are in absolute crisis at the moment having said that, who do you see in the international community as truly being responsible for addressing this crisis, this man-made crisis?
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assistance thank you for that. many more still ahead on al jazeera, including brazil's president goes on the attack against impeachment proceedings as she fights for her political life. plus the game takes another turn as the scandal of the world governing body's focus moves to south america.
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take a look at the top stories. in lebanon at least four people
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have been killed near tripoli after an army raid on a home of a suspected fighter. he blew himself up and three of his relatives during the raids. one of the groups in burundi's capital is telling al jazeera it will not give up until the president steps down. the country has been plagued by violence for months after his decision to stay in office for a third term. the f.b.i. is investigating the mass shooting in the u.s. state of california as an act of terrorism. there are reports that the woman who took part in the attack had pledged allegiance to i.s.i.l. on facebook. investigators say it is unlikely they were acting on instructions from the group. the pipelle is demanding the withdrawal of turkey troops. they have deployed several hundred soldiers near musol which is under i.s.i.l. control.
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the officials say the troops have already been on a training mission since last year. >> reporter: what is likely going to be another spat between ankara and baghdad, ankara have announced they have sent tray trainers to mosul. there may be 100 to 150 of them. it is bringing up the number of troops that crossed that border into the province. what we're hearing is this is likely to be a move that was brought about who the governor of mosul but who runs a militia there. he has probably asked the turks to train his forces up to go into mosul. baghdad said there can't be any foreign boots on the ground
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here. he has been very clear on that. he says it is an infringement on that craveity and they need to leave. they say the peshmerga forces have been helped for the last year. one source within the camp has said if baghdad with use iranian backed militias against i.s.i.l., then why can't we get turkish training if they're willing to give us the training. we're all fighting d.a.e.s.h. and i.s.i.l. and that's what should be the key here, not the spat between ankaraened baghdad. this comes down to baghdad wanting to keep the fight. there will be diplomatic moves and anger and public statements being issued over these troops. but they have been here for a year already in a variety of different training roles. this, however, is an escalation
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of that training roll air strikes coordinated by the syrian regime and the russian air force have killed at least 70 people in syria. five provinces were targeted on friday. 22 people were killed in eastern guda. the area has been under siege by regime forces for three years. meanwhile the international coalition is continuing its air strikes against i.s.i.l. held territory. the military analysts say air strikes alone will not defeat i.s.i.l. in syria. troops on the ground are also needed. who are the armed groups fighting in syria is the main priority defeating i.s.i.l. and are they united enough to succeed? >> reporter: it's estimated that there's as many many as one thousand armed opposition groups in syria. they command an estimated 100,000 fighters. the british government which has given the go ahead for air strikes in syria as part of an international coalition says up to 70,000 fighters are what it
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describes as moderates. they include the northern free syrian army with around 20,000 fighters operating near ied lib. the southern front, operating around damascus with an estimated 25,000 fighters. a number of other groups surrounding aleppo totalling around 14,000 fighters. all of them have so far been mainly fighting the syrian army which is battling to keep president bashar al-assad in power. around 20,000 fighters from the kurdish popular protection units or ypg have been battling i.s.i.l. for control of their territory in the north. the russian air force has bombed oil facilities controlled by i.s.i.l., oil revenue is revenue to i.s.i.l.'s finances the. a think tank says the russian russian air campaign has hit syrian opposition groups in the countryside south of aleppo and in another province.
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bashar al-assad's arm is supported on the ground by fighters from the lebanese group hezbollah and other shia militias from iraq, iran and afghanistan. high ranking iranian officers are said to be leading the iraqi and afghan militias in syria. 76 iranian soldiers have been killed in syria in last two months. they were advising syrian troops on the battle field tactics amongst i.s.i.l. among those killed were a commander from the guard greece says it is not getting enough help from the european union on the refugee storm. it has become the main entry point for refugees in europe. 50,000 people have arrived this month alone. >> translation: greece is meeting its obligations and add hearing to all obligation on the issues. this is something that the whole european union and the members
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have encountered without having found an adequate solution last with mass macedonian please at the agrees mass macedonia border where they have been held for several weeks. a few thousand people are stuck there because mass macedonia has a policy of allowing in only refugees from syria, iraq and afghanistan. almost two thousand refugees and migrants have been pulled off 11 boats in the mediterranean. ships took part in the rescue effort. it is the largest number of people for more than a month. bad weather has flowed the influx of refugees into europe in recent woks. brazilian president has said the impeachment proceedings against her is a coup. she is accused of manipulating government accounts to mask the
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extent of the budget. >> translation: i will fight this impeachment process because i have done nothing that justifies this procedure and because i have a commitment to the people of the country continuing with the f.i.f.a. correction, much of the scandal has been on central america, on football as much as passion. >> reporter: they thought they were untouchable, but now u.s. investigators are plucking leading football officials from their luxury hotel beds or dragging them from expensive cruise liners in the latest rounds of arrests. accused of being involved in massive corruption scandals. the latest one to be, the heads of the bodies that governed football in the americas. others are trying to distance themselves from the investigation. >> translation: i am a public
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figure. for many years i have spoken out against illegal activity. >> translation: if it needs to be proved that one is innocent, then this must be done. >> translation: to my knowledge i have never been involved in any kind of scandal. >> reporter: authorities have arrested top fishs in may. that led to the suspension of the long servicing f.i.f.a. president. most of the 27 indicted are from latin america. >> four or five senior manages of latin american football, marketing rights, television rights, everything that had to do with money. everything in a room, and look. >> reporter: the u.s. investigators raiding a spanish tv office in miami say millions passed hands. who pays for the failure of the football associations to
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deliver? ultimately it's the long suffering fans. they complain about paying increasingly high prices to watch steadily degenerating football-- deteriorating football in violent stadiums. these fans want their football cleaned up. attempts in argentina to elect a new football association president ended this week in chaos over spoilt voting papers. there are other unresolved issues. >> translation: football here is dominated by the violent fans. they're banned from away games, but these games control players and sometimes officials who work with them. argentina football is hostage to these fans. >> reporter: the u.s. investigation was called political, but no other country has tacked the associations which are either too powerful to touch or work in collusion with their governments. the extent of the poison infecting world football is
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slowly being exposed a reminder a great way to keep up with all of the news throughout the day or any time is to visit our website. it's easy to find, keep it here. >> we've arrived in puerto rico, a us island territory, more than $70 billion in debt. residents are american citizens, but the poverty rate here is 3 times the national average. now, with the economy facing collapse, record numbers are using their american passports to get out. >> i have never been away from


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