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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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and fear. for the thousands of sailors who pass through southeast asia every day. >> and more on the website >> building trust between law enforcement officers and the communities that we serve is one of my highest priorities as attorney general. >> the justice department announcing a probe into the chicago police department as authorities there reveal details of another officer-involved shooting case. >> the threat of terrorism is real, but we'll combat it. >> is the president doing enough against attacks. it is back to work for workers
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in san bernardino as police investigators put together clues in last week's attack. an >> this is al jazeera america. we're following that breaking news coming out of chicago. i'm del walters in new york. there are major developments in the windy city today, the justice department launching it's own probe of the police department. illinois state prosecutors are releasing new details of the police-involved shooting of another unarmed black man. ronalal jazeera's andy is live for us in chicago. bring us up-to-date with what is
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the very latest. >> well, del there is video of this ronald johnson shooting, and right now the state attorney office is laying out point by point what happened that night in october of 2014. just a week before la kwan mcdonald was shot. we heard from sources telling local media here in chicago that there will be no charges filed against the officer in this ronald johnson case. the state attorney hint there had might be criminal charge a week ago in this case. so they're laying out point by point what happened that night, which may indicate that there will be no charges, telling everybody this is what happened to justify why there won't be any charges. but as of yet no word yet if the officer involved in the ronald johnson shooting will be charged for the shooting. now this all comes on the same
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day that the department of justice announced that it is going to start a civil rights investigation into the police department here in chicago. loretta lynch, the attorney general, said that this is not going to focus on any one individual in this investigation of the police department, but an over all look at the department and hopefully to restore the trust in the police department. >> of course, the it will entail a review of how they've handled specific matters. but what we're looking at is to see whether or not the police department as a seaming matter has engaged in constitutional violations of policing. >> now as we wait for the state's attorney to make that announcement in the ronald johnson case, looking back at the la kwan mcdonald case, the ahead of the independent review authority that independently investigates all police-involved shootings, the head of that group' announcing that he's resigning, and he was replaced
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by the mayor. backing it up even further, over the weekend the testimony from the police department in the la kwan mcdonald shooting, that testimony came out when that shooting happened, his written statement said that he felt that la kwan mcdonald was about to attack him with a knife, and that the officer back pedaled because he feared for his life. but the video does not corroborate that. and it caused a lot of controversy as the other officers around jason van dyke, the officer charged with the murder of mcdonald corroborated his story. that speaks to what people are saying as part of the seaming problems in the chicago police department. >> and andy we're looking at that video that you're talking about right now, the la kwan mcdonald case where you don't see him charging any police officers. we also realized that that case, the other case involving mr. johnson and the bloody summer in chicago now has prompted many, many calls in chicago for the mayor to be, i
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guess, investigated or resign as well. what is the latest, and how will this effect ra ram emmanuel. >> he said that he welcomes this investigation and hopefully this will make for a safer and better police department and still up holding the civil rights of all citizens but he's taking a ton of heat. first, video was released, he said that he totally supported the police superintendent and then fired him a week later. he said that he didn't want a department of justice into the police department, then he said he welcomed it. he is facing heat over that. he held a news conference later on today, and as we said we're waiting for the video of this ronald johnson shooting to be released. but by all indications we're just waiting for a time determination to find out
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whether the person in the johnson case will face any charge. >> andy, live for us in chicago. thank you very much. the supreme court turning down a case over gun control, the justices deciding not to hear a balanc challenge on the ban of sale guns. the full court is saying they will not hear the case. there will be a new plan informing the u.s. about any potential risk in the u.s. the new system will be announced in the upcoming days and replace the national terrorism advisory system that current two-tier system has been in place since 2011. it has never issued an alert. president obama making his pitch for unity in the fight against isil, but republicans are pushing back. in a rare address from the oval
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office on sunday, the president calling on congress to do more in the fight against isil. he said it is needed to stop future attacks like the one in america also urging americans not to let isil come between the nation and america's muslims. >> we cannot turn against one another by letting this fight be defined as a war between america and islam. that, too, is what groups like isil want. isil does not speak for islam. they are thugs and killers. part of a cult of death. they account for a tiny fraction of a more than a billion muslims around the world, including millions of patriotic muslim americans who reject their hateful ideology. >> mike viqueira in the nation's capital today. did the president make his case, or was it, as the republicans contend, nothing new? >> well, del, you're right. it was a rare appearance. only the third time that
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president obama has given the speech in that setting. given the fact that it was primetime, and given the fact that it was sunday, unusual, and raising expectations that the president might have a significant message that he wanted to get across. of course his message was one of reassurance given to what happened in paris, san ,an san bernardino, citing specifically 9/11, but the random, mass shootings of ordinary citizens. the president wanted to reassure the public that, in fact, the law enforcement, the fbi, the administration were on top of it. they're taking all necessary precautions and all necessary investigations to try to head these things off.
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what he has been doing in a different setting teaching prudence and patience in the fight he said would be a long fight. what put everyone on edge and what provoked the president into the oval office for this unusual address was the san bernardino shooting. he talked about the suspect and the evolving way the threat is materializing in the united states. >> is to far we have no evidence that the killers were directed by a terrorist organization overseas, or that they were part of a broader conspiracy here at home. but it is clear that the two of them had been down the dark path of radicalization, embracing a perverted interpretation of islam that calls for war against america and the west. they have stock piled assault weapons, ammunition and pipe bombs. this was an act of terrorism. designed to kill innocent people. >> del, you already mentioned one of the other main thrusts of president obama's speech, that was the anti-muslim rhetoric
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that is coming on the eyes here in the united states and elsewhere. he's warning against that saying that it plays into isil's hands. one other thing that the president wanted to address was guns, gun safety, gun control endorsing a mov a plan to ban those on no-fly watch lists from eligibility to buy guns. here right now they're able to do so. >> mike viqueira, thank you very much. elsewhere in san bernardino the workers are going back to work. going back to work at that social service center where 14 people lost their lives last book. that center has been shut down ever since the mass shooting, and they say in many ways san bernardino is still in shock. >> five days after the mat shootings, thousands will be back on the job today following last wednesday's attacks, all
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non-employees were told to stay home. >> our employees are going back to work today. while they're ordinary people they're extraordinary people for overcoming their fear and returning to the dedicated public service that they give every single day. we stand with them it tell the terrorists that you may not have our fear. you may not have our liberty. >> the police searched the house of the neighbor of syed farook. authorities believe enrique marquez may have purchased the weapons used in the attack. he reportedly checked himself in to a mental health facility, but
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at this time he has not been charged with any crimes. investigators are looking at whether the shooters stock piled weapons, and they are going through information to see what crop groups and organizations they've had contact with. now back to you. >> jennifer, thank you very much. jennifer london in los angeles for us. up next, the results are in for one of the most important elections in venezuela's recent history. plus... >> that long awaited tribute to the victims of paris. one of the biggest rock bands on the planet pay tribute. and good news for former president jimmy carter.
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>> everyone has a story... and the only way to see all of america, is to see the human stories... one at a time. our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. >> if you love liberty, then paris is your hometown. [ cheering ] we have few words to speak to the loss that you are feeling in this city tonight. even if we think we know a little something about grief, i guess grief is like a wound that never fully closes.
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>> that's ut frontman bono delivering a heartfelt message to paris sunday evening. that band going back to perform a concert that had to be canceled after the paris attacks. they plan to release a new song "streets of surrender" that is a tribute to the victims of the attacks. negotiator hoping to reach an agreement on climate change. nick clark reports delegates have five days to finalize their plan. >> compared to copenhagen i in 2009 when the draft was 3,000 pages long and there was dismay. now the draft is 48 pages long
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and there is optimism. there are 1500 sets of brackets, that's what the ministers who have just arrived today who have started to work on this text have to line out to get to the bottom of them, get wholesale agreement and find that elusive climate deal by the end of the week. >> that's nick clark in paris. he said if the deal is reached this week then countries have until 2020 to put those ideas into effect. in venezuela president maduro calling the move backward to the country. >> we lost a battle today, but the struggle to build new socialism and new society, it starts now. we should take this as a slap in the face to wake us up, so that we can work towards the future. >> if the government does not change its attitude we'll have
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to change the government. >> 22 seats have yet to be declared. election watchers saying they expect most of those seats will go to the opposition. former u.s. president jimmy carter said that his cancer is in remission, an surprise announcement to his church on sunday. john terrett has more. >> i want to tell you the good news. >> former president jimmy carter said that his cancer is gone. [ singing happy birthday ] >> mr. carter, now 91, announced in august that he had a cancer broke the news to his sunday school class at his beloved baptist church in plains, georgia. he said the recent mri brain scan did not find any cancer. >> they didn't find any cancer at all. that's good news. [applause] >> just last month carter said that he completed therapy
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sessions and is feeling good. >> i've had a wonderful life. i've had thousands of friends, and i've had an exciting and adventurous and gratifying existence, so i was surprisingly at ease. >> jimmy carter has had arguebly the best post presidency of anyone occupying the white house in modern times winning a nobel peace price in 2002. after losing to president ronald reagan, in 1980 carter went home to form the carter center dedicated to promoting healthcare, democracy, human rights and other key global issues. he has been active all over the planet, helping to cure river blindness in africa and other illnesses and championing the cause of fair and free elections the world over. his most recent book "a full life": reflections at 90" was published in july. >> carter i using a number of
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breakthrough drugs that tipped the balance in helping patients fight their own disease. >> these molecular breaks keeping the immune system. >> carter says even though his doctor says he's cancer free he's going to continue with the treatment for the time being just to be sure. john terrett, al jazeera. >> the vice president joe biden is in ukraine. 's visiting there in a trip designed to show support for the ukrainian government. he assured ukrainians that they still have washington's backing. >> the fact that we're not talking as much every single day about crimea does not mean in any way we have forgotten that the illegal invasion, that is an invasion, of russia into crimea
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will not be accepted by us or the international community. this attempted annexation is contrary to international law, it is wrong, and we will not accept it under any circumstance. and moscow eventually has to end its occupation of ukraine's sovereign territory. >> biden went on to say that it is criminal for ukraine's government to root out corruption. he also announced $190 million in u.s. aid to help advance reforms there. when we come back, attempts to bring down the affordable care act. the president vowing to veto it, but it may already be on the chopping block.
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>> congress is moving closer to repealing the affordable care act. a bill already approved by the senate would dismantle major parts of obamacare including the mandate you've heard so much about. the president has pledged it veto the bill when if and when it reaches his desk. the only way to insure the health care act is to elect an republican to take his place. >> you're going to have more people enrolled through the law, through medicaid, and any president were to tell over 10 million people that you're going to lose your insurance without a backup is not realistic. about there will be feasible replacement bills if a republican president does take
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the white house. there are more bills in congress more fleshed out that would provide a good starting point. so we'll see how that all shakes out, but the white house will still have to be the first step. >> today 17.5 million americans now get health insurance. the attacks in san bernardino that left 14 people dead, the president asking for people to come together. >> those here and around the globe have to work with us to reject the hateful ideology that isil and al qaeda promote. but it is the responsibility of all americans of every faith to reject discrimination. >> most employees in san bernardino going back to work for the first time since the
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shooting. there will be a vigil held this evening for last week's attacks. they hope people will come together at least to mourn. melissa chan has more. >> church services at the rock church in world out reach center served as an evacuation center during wednesday's attack. >> how scary. >> the local islamic center opted for a more somber affair at its inter faith memorial service. >> some fear backlash against the community. >> when we found out that the other person who allegedly did the shooting was a muslim, it
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raced our level of fear for the community. politics and policies remain far from people's minds here. there was passing mention of it on sunday morning. >> it is unfortunate that we're on this list now, lists like new town, aurora, areas where such tragic events occur: that's not how i want to remember san bernardino. >> family and friends would come together to remember an inquiry wonderful friend. >> he's such a beautiful guy. we would have our little inside jokes. he was just great to be around. and we became very close. >> and despite the loss you could still hear the laughter. people remembering moments with their friends, some enemy decked
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out in costume. kauffman helped to run a renaissance fair in california. >> he was so infectious and contagious that when he smiled it lit up the room. anybody who saw it just couldn't help but smile. >> ryan reyes was daniel kauffman's boyfriend. >> we all need to be more like daniel. we need to be so open, vibrant and love life and loving towards one another. and if you see someone sad or crying or whatever, even if you don't know them, check on them. be a human being. be a decent human being. that will make the world a better place. >> members of sye d farook's mosque showed up to give their condolences. >> it must be hell what they're going through because unfortunately unlike with
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christianity he or any other radical group starts to do something, people don't automatically start going after all the christians. but when it's radical islam, people start going after all the other muslims. that's not fair. that's not what i want. it's not what daniel would want. >> it's a community who never thought that something like this could happen. just days after the tragedy people here have taken their first steps towards healing. melissa chan, al jazeera, san bernardino, california. >> we want to leave you now with this look at that dashcam video that has just been released from chicago. it shows the police shooting of rubbled johnson. prosecutors saying that there will be no charges filing against the officer who shot johnson. he was 25 years old. it follows the release of the video. the shooting of la kwan mcdonald was shot 16 times. thanks for joining us. i'm del walters in new york. the news continues live from london next.
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>> this is al jazeera. venezuela's election victory. and smog in beijing as the paris