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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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>> lots more news whenever you want it on our website, good to hear from you, as well. if you want to drop us a line, you can do that on email, facebook or twitter, we'll have the latest on bethlehem for you in just a moment or two. >> we have no idea if they want top bomb us. >> outrage and anger from left and right, but this morning, donald trump is sticking to his call for a ban on muslims entering the country. >> anger in chicago after a police officer avoids charges for killing a black man. >> a cool to arms, gun sales soar in response to recent attacks and calls for tighter
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restrictions. >> donald trump is not backing down. he repeated his reasoning this morning. >> we will have many many more word trade centers, our country will never be the same and you just said it, until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on, we have no choice but to do this. >> the white house says the republican front runner is trying to divide america. democratic hillary clinton called trumps statement reprehensible and prejudiced. gop rival john kasich said it should disqualify trump from the presidency. john tar rot reports on the most significant escalation in rhetoric in donald trump's
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campaign so far. >> donald trump was speaking at a campaign stop in south carolina. >> donned j trump is calling for a total complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. we have no choice! >> trump said research shows 25% of u.s. muslims think violence against americans is justified and 51% want to live under islamic law. >> where the hatred comes from and why, we'll have to determine. we'll have to figure it out. we'll have to figure it out. we can't live like this. it's going to get worse and worse. >> the organization that did the
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poll is called an anti muslim think tank. president obama urged the country to rally around muslims who he said are friends, neighbors, coworkers and sports heroes. >> i watched last night and i watched the president truly that didn't know what he was doing. >> trump's call for a muslim ban first appeared in a statement from his campaign. his words set the twitter sphere on fire including his rivals for the republican nomination. jeb bush tweeted: lindsey graham said every candidate needs to do the right thing and abandoned trump's statement. the council on american islamic relations was so outraged at
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trump's remarks, it held an impromptu news conference on capitol hill to denounce him. >> this is outrageous coming from someone who wants to assume the highest office in the land, it is reckless and simply unamerican. donald trump sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob than a great nation like ours. he and others are playing into the hands of are isis. this is exactly what isis wants from americans, to turn against each other. >> thank you very much, south carolina. >> trump's remarks come as a new poll of republicans in iowa suggest he is lagging behind senator ted cruz 19% to 24%. a new cnn poll has trump at 33% ahead of cruz at 20%. >> the state department spokesperson told us earlier that trump's comments are a complete contribution of u.s. policy. >> it runs counter to our actual policies here at the state department and in the immigration and naturalization service which focuses on
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non-discrimination and equal treatment for all. that's not just a policy issue, it's part of american values. i would also say while we don't want to get involved in campaign rhetoric here, we stay out of the politics, we do know that our friends and partners all around the world listen very closely to the discourse here in the united states, whether it's political campaign or what not, and so people pay attention to what's being said here and comments like that are not helpful. >> the u.n. says counterproductive. do you think it emboldens isil in any way, that type of rhetoric? >> well, it certainly isn't helping. obviously a terrorist like isil want to provoke. they want to get a reaction from the west and when comments like that are made, it leads to reactions they prefer or want. on the resettlement program, no other traveler to the united states, no other traveler is as
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screened and carefully scoot needs as refugees. >> he says the program is very carefully managed. >> it is unclear whether trump's call for a ban on muslims could hurt his business deals. he has partnerships in majority muslim countries. his empire was built through dealings with the sawed royal family. his company owns several golf courses in dubai and it's considering other investments in dubai, qatar and saudi arabia. >> a former republican political strategist said trumps comments are reflective of his supporters and many independents. >> i believe that what mr. trump is alluding to banning all muslims, even friendly travelers i think is highly unrealistic. if you're talking about muslim
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immigrants, visa programs, those do have the support of many, many republicans and many independents who democrats are quite interested in knowing. i think what you're seeing with mr. trump is he's tapping into a populace angst here in the american people and that is people who according to the latest polls, six out of 10 people believe barack obama's handling, president obama's handle of isis and the retaliation has failed. >> according to the social media monitor topsy there were ate thousand tweets about trump at of the he made the statements with 50,000 in one hour alone. trumps comments come a the shootings in san bernardino. there is tight security at the government building where the shootings took place. county employees went back to work monday after a sandal light
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vigil. we learned more about what tashfeen malik and sayed farook did days before the rampage. >> we are extremely methodical and brought in a reconstruction team. we collected over 20,000 pieces of evidence so far and transported a number of those pieces of evidence to washington, d.c., primarily to our f.b.i. laboratory, to our bomb lab. >> among that evidence, documentation that the couple sayed farook and tashfeen malik had been honing their shooting skills. >> we do have evidence that both of these subjects did some target, participated in target practice and some ranges within the metro area or within the los angeles area. that target practice on one occasion was done within days of this event. >> monday's new information comes in part from more than 400 interviews investigators have conducted and a.t.f., the bureau of alcohol, firearms and
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explosives say it now has more details about the guns connected to sayed farook. >> farook himself purchased springfield armory nine-millimeter pistols that were recovered at the scene, as well as the savage 22 caliber rival recovered during the search warrant. we have the federal documentation and california documentation to establish that he actually performed a firearm. >> much which the focus appears to have shifted to tashfeen malik. her background has been one big question mark, a pakistani who lived in saudi arabia. there is precious little information and the f.b.i. is working with overseas partners to find out more. as for san bernardino, after a weekend of memorials and vigils, local leaders say what's important is trying to get things back to normal. >> the purpose of terrorism is to make ordinary people afraid,
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to do the ordinary things. last wednesday was an ordinary day in san bernardino county. it was a day when a group of our employees were gathered, these were dedicated public servants, to honor them, to express our gratitude for their unimaginable sacrifice, we have to fight to maintain that ordinary. we can't be afraid. >> that may be easier said than done. with each new development in the investigation, a dramatic turn people here following every step of the story. al jazeera, san bernardino, california. >> a san francisco judge is rethinking whether to let a police officer charged with murder out of jail. he requested a second bond hearing. a judge rejected his plea in september saying he was a danger to the community. slager's charged with shooting and killing water scott, an unarmed black man in april. he's been in isolation at the county jail ever since. >> new calls for action in chicago after a police officer was cleared in the shooting
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death of a black man there. on monday, officials decided not to charge the officer for killing 25-year-old ronald johnson last year. we have the details of the case from chicago. >> i am going to call it as i see it. >> this is what states torn anita alvarez saw. the police dash cam video of the shooting of donald johnson in october of 2014. after getting into a scuffle with an officer, the video shows johnson running from officers with what alvarez says is a gun in his hand. a different officer shoots johnson in the back. you don't actually see johnson fall to the ground. alvarez said the video is not good and has no sound, but it was strong enough to help her decide that the shooting was justified. >> mr. johnson resisted arrest and ran into a. part towards an occupied police vehicle that was arriving on the scene. >> alvarez said the fact that johnson was shot in the back while running away was not enough to convince her to the
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officer was in the wrong. >> johnson could have easily turned around and quickly fired at the officers pursuing him or even fired as he ran. >> the attorney for the johnson family insists that johnson did not have a gun on him and that the video isn't clear enough to show that he had anything in his hand. >> the biggest lie is that they said he turned and pointed and no one can argue with that video that he did not turn, he did not point. >> alvarez said her investigation relied solely on the independent police review authority. the johnson family said the officer who did the shooting was never interviewed by alvarez or ipra. the officers gave statements after watching the video that night. >> they all got their popcorn
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ready, because the video of that incident, the video of the murder of dorothy holmes' son ronnie johnson was being played on the screen there. johnson's mother was furious about the decision. >> if that had been anybody in their family that got killed like that, the officer would have been charged with murder. >> mayor rahm emanuel said he's not going anywhere, despite calls for his resignation after the video. johnson's family are not dropping their civil lawsuit against the city. al jazeera, chicago. >> more rain i guess in the forecast in oregon after the wettest day ever recorded in portland. more than two and a half inches of rain fell monday, causing landslides, sink holes and road closures. crews are working to clean up the mess. >> just north in washington state, the worry is flooding. warmer temperatures may melt the huge amount which snow piled up there. up to 16 inches fell in places. let's bring in nicole mitchell for more. >> this is a lot going on at one time. >> and it's not going to get
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better, because system after system lined up off the coastline, so we can see one has already pulled a little more into the midwest. this will mostly be rain although there i also a couple slight chances for snow by most of this is so mild, it's mostly rain right now. there could another hit or miss wet day in miami where zoo miami has had to close. today, more of this is moving in. it's going to be a soaker. i looked at the extended forecast for places like seattle, pretty much a whole wet week ahead. heavy amounts of rain again today, mild enough that you really have to get to the higher elevation for that to be snow. just in the next 24 hours, places will get over a half foot. if you add up the next couple days, we'll see places go over a foot. in the videos we showed you, we have saturated landslides, mudslides. this will get worst as we have
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moisture. higher elevations where we do have the snow, there's even of a large warnings out there because there's wind with that, making that unstable. there's high winds and other wind advisories for higher elevation snow. system after system, this gets is through three days. you can see the next one behind that and yes, there is another behind that. we mentioned the mild temperatures with all of that, not only is it up the west coast, seattle almost 60 degrees today, some place in the central portion of the country 20 degrees above average, denver in the 60's again. >> just weird. all right, nicole mitchell, thank you. >> is one vote really just one vote? the supreme court takes on a case that could shift the balance of voting power.
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>> we've got a live feed out of bethlehem in the occupied west bank where there were fresh clashes today after the 15 rely of a palestinian. that man was killed overnight by israel security forces during an army raid at a refugee camp. he was reportedly taking part in a day of mob violence following an attack in hebron. >> the syrian opposition is meeting in saudi arabia for talks on unifying to beat president bashar al assad. the meeting is the first of its kind between military and opposition factors. some kurdish groups have not
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been invited and say it could harm the peace process. >> the harsh anti refugee rhetoric in the u.s. may be helping isil in syria. >> when people say that they cannot receive syrian refugees because they are muslims, those that say it are supporting terrorist organizations and allowing them to be much more effective in the recruitment of people. >> 21 syrian refugees are arriving in texas after that state soft thatted its legal challenge against them. it is one of 30 states questions the refugee resettlement process. >> iraqi forces say they have retaken parts of ramadi, now in control of the southwest part of that city. they have been battling for months to push isil out. officials say isil has planted a series of sophisticated explosives in and around rimadi, delaying the offensive to retake the entire city. >> french authorities are
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reportedly proposing a big crock don on internet use following the paris attacks. the wish list of proposed also published in the newspaper would end anonymous and untraceable use of the internet and cell phones, including a ban on free wi-fi in public areas during a state of emergency and would require internet cafe to say keep records of all visitors and their data. >> here in the u.s., the federal government is actively working on targeting on line accounts belonging to people tied to isil, but critics say the program is too small to take on the group. >> the state department has a coordinated effort to counter the messaging isis puts out on social media. they have what's called a center for strategic counter terrorism communications, but while there may be 40,000 pro isis twitter accounts, that center at the state department is staffed by 65 people and only about 20 of them are on the think again turn away campaign, the dedicated counter messaging campaign at
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the state department. those numbers are incredibly unequal. what recently happened is the national defense authorization act includes some language to help the defense department specifically increase its counter messaging activity. >> the brookings institution says the 46,000 accounts linked to isil on twitter, only one in five is in english. >> the supreme court is taking up several big cases this week. today the court is talking about a fundamental principle in elections. whether every american really gets a vote. al jazeera's heidi zhou castro has the details. >> it's important to equalize voters or people. >> that question is before the supreme court as it venture to say settle the constitutional meaning of one person one vote.
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in texas as many other states, legislative districts are created based on the totally population, but the plaintiffs two residents near houston say that's not fair and people who don't or can't vote shouldn't count when deciding on the size of a district. >> we want our votes to count just as much as those are our neighbors across town and the way that you do that is by equalizing citizens of voting age or eligible voters. >> state representative is a democratic who represents northwest dallas and says if the plaintiffs win, there will be fewer districts like his in poor urban areas that tend to have fewer eligible voters and fewer districts means less representation at the state capital. >> in district 103, we have a larger percentage of lower socioeconomic status. we have more persons who speak spanish and languages other than english in the home.
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>> a reflection of many immigrants who live here. about two in five people here are non-citizens, meaning they are not eligible to vote. >> they can be legal permanent residents, visa holders or some undocumented. >> next door is a republican district encompassing the wealthy white community of hyde park. though nearly equal in pop lakes, the wealthier district has twice the number of eligible voters. it may double the number of representatives for the area. >> if fewer people are voting in your districts, don't those few wield more of a voice than perhaps their neighbors in the district where more people are voting? >> i don't think so. in fact, you could argue that the opposite is true, because there are more voters in these other districts that candidates are more often campaigning and devoting resources in those districts. >> districts with more eligible voters also tend to be more white, rural and republican. the aclu said the lawsuit is an effort to shift more power to the right.
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>> if this were to succeed, you would see more rural counties would have more representation than they do now and fast growing metropolitan areas that are much more ethnically mixed, younger, have more immigrants from all over the world would have much less representation. >> heidi zhou castro, al jazeera, dallas. >> gun sales on the rise, why more americans are arming themselves following the latest mass shooting.
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>> would you welcome the eagles of death metal. >> a band says return to the stage in paris, they were performing when the concert hall was attacked last month. last night, they joined u2 for a concert. they returned to pay respects to the 89 victims killed at the concert. >> analysts say the attacks in paris and san bernardino are pushing more americans to buy guns, and stock in gun makers is soaring this week as more americans flock to gun stores. we have more. >> gun shops say they have been unable to keep up with demand. >> we have sold out of just about every nine-millimeter pistol that we sell. >> background checks are up from a year ago by eight percent. >> people are on the fence or wanting to buy a gun and maybe putting off that purchase, a
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significant portion of them is like you know what? now's the time. >> stock prices for major gun makers like smith and wesson are soaring. >> people are scared. the situation in california i think has really alerted a lot of people. >> industry analysts say the shooting massacre in san bernardino is driving more people to buy guns. the latest example of gun sales ramping up in the wake of a mass shooting. >> we can tell whether there's a headline about a mass shooting by the influx of people. >> personal protection may not be the only reason for the gun sales spike. >> it seems to be coming out in the defense in the political area and this aspect of what's going on socially is what's driving it. >> we need to make it harder for people to buy assault weapons.
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>> the calls by politicians and president obama stoked fears in gun rights activists. >> criminals are not necessarily going to go through legal means to obtain firearms for illegal purposes. >> gun control advocates say those worries are overblown. >> what we're talking about is very simple. we want to prevent criminals and domestic abusers from owning guns. >> still, for many who crowd gun shops these days, guns are seen as protection against any possible attack. >> they feel they have a weapon, they can do something with it. >> former daily show host john stewart was pushing congress to renew the 9/11 health act. >> of course there was no reason not to renew it permanently, it expired in september. many sick with cancers and pulmonary disease had to travel to washington, d.c. hundreds of times to plead for our government to do the right thing. >> lawmakers want to extend the law but haven't come to terms over whether to mange it permanent. thanks for watching, the news
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continues from doha. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. welcome to any news hour here on in doha. the united states announces an international meeting on syria as a divided opposition struggles for unity. [ cheers and applause ] >> you have no choice. donald trump calls for muslims to be banned from entering the united states. his rivals say he is unhinged, bigoted and fascist. violence in the west