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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EST

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>> we are scared. >>...have an organized right-wing movement trying to kill others. on target tonight the politics of fear. donald trump stands in his rhetoric against muslims. once again, donald trump is in the news again and this time
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it's his outrageous comment about a shut down of muslims entering america changing the demmeics rate. if you woke up from a 24 hour nap, this is what he said reading from his own press release >> donald trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on now, donald trump's press release says "there is great hatred towards american". few says it cannot identify the report he is researching. our countries did find concern muslims concerned westerners as
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immoral, but there's no hatred mentioned. 25% of the polls agree that violence against muslims in united states is justified in accordance with jihad. it has been criticised which studies islam aphobia. it called the poll deeply flawed with a history of fear monday angering about islam and muslims. house speaker paul ryan is amongst republicans criticising donald trump saying, this is not conservativism. here is more of what he had to say >> what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. not only are there many muslims serving in our armed forces dying for this country, there are-- dying for this
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lindsay graham was less diplomatic telling an interviewer if americas want to make great again tell "donald trump to go to hell". he is way down in the polls and has little to lose from confronting donald trump. the question is whether any front runners will really embrace his politics of fear next week in l.a. turning to answer that is tom doherty, who served former new york governor. what is your reaction?
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in the past they viewed him as trump, that was the brand. as we get close to the caucus the party recognises enough is enough one of the leaders of the party ted cruise, he refused to condemn donald trump. isn't that part of the problem, that you still have some opportunism out there from others? i think that jab bush called him unhinged.
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i think chris christie tea had remarks on it. i think twitter is part of the dialogue today. that's where people get their messages out. i think the fact that party leaders have spoken out about this sends a signal that we've had enough. to the trump point, this is only solidifying his small base. he is not growing a party or a base of support that you need to win an election as far as winning the nomination, would you acknowledge that if he wins iowa new ham pshire he goes unscathed. >> i don't think he will win any of those it's still damaging to the republican party to have him doing what he is doing >> i don't think so. in a funny way, guys like land say graham who months ago would have been considered to the right, to the far right, ryan who has been criticised to the right, i've always thought he was a moderate reasonable
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republican, comments like this condemning this i think makes the party looks good what about the argument that, perhaps, this is the republican party's own fault, its own doing. if you look back at the past couple of months, the party was silent when there was then carson on meet the press saying that he does not believe a muslim should be a president. the party was solid when he was saying maybe we need to monitor mosques. it seems that the republican party is stepping up >> there's no question about that. if you look at the immigration press conference came out, for the moment it was said it is outrageous, it is not who we are. it has taken longer for others to come on board, but americans have a short memory when it comes to politics. the next step is io are wa and it will be forgotten won't it take a massive delusion of negative dumped on
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donald trump to stop him and if so who does it? >> i think it will go to ted cruise. i think the same will hold true is south california. you have a candidate from the left and right. i think the center right candidate is ted cruise
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if it is, you look at him, donald trump, ben carson, these are the top three anti establishment candidates. the republican party has essentially shot out if any one of these three wins them >> i don't think they will win the nomination, but we have always had this battle within the party. it has been the establishment whereas the right wing of the party and ultimately it has always been the establishment for more reasonable republican as i like to call them that wins the nomination let's assume ted cruise wins, iowa a repeed yeggs to donald trump, and perhaps an establishment candidate battling those two two. who is it?
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the carson vote has gone to cruise. it will be one of those establishment candidates up against ted cruz for the denomination who you mention out there in front criticise iingdonald trum but ted cruz habitue done. >> clearly he has taken it upon himself to say i don't want to go head to head with donald trump now the republican consultant, thanks to come. coming up with security experts say that maligning muslims is a dangerous idea that may amount to aiding the enemy. later, a donald trump's plan for a wall of a different kind. in cyber space.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise... complete.
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homeland security secretary is trying to reassure muslim communities that they are not being targeted by u.s. authorities. his efforts came after the presidential donald trump, a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. johnson rejected this, saying it is illegal, unconstitutional and un-american. he told people earlier at a mosque that america should not
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throw a net of suspicion over american muslims and an entire religion. >> reporter: good evening. the u.s. secretary of homeland security at this virginia mosque to send a message to the muslim community that they are not the enemy. in an exclusive interview with us that there is a rise of islam aphobia. >> we have seen incidents already. i heard about incidents in the meeting i just had here that were horrible. so i am concerned. >> reporter: one reason comments from the republican presidential candidates like donald trump who is now calling for all muslims to be banned from entering the united states. >> it's common sense and we have to do it >> reporter: the chief imam here says it is the worst it has been. it is worst than it was after the september 11 attacks and he
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says it is muslim children paying the price >> >> what i'm worried about, this kind of talk is impacting the average american who does not know us, who the children go to the same school as our children. >> reporter: another presidential candidate paul is pushing a bill to stop immigration from 34 countries, all muslim majority countries except one. >> because that one is on the list shows that it is not just based on muslims. >> reporter: at the mosque where they've increased security, there is growing concern but also hope. >> some people have said the same people about the jewish community. there's some people have said the same thing about president
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kennedy, can he be trusted, where is his loyalty? america had regard to look at before. america is going through this now which it shall over come >> reporter: a hope to the end of politics of fear, but one that won't be realized in this election cycle meanwhile secretary johnson said donald trump's rhetoric on the campaign trail of muslims hampers the republicans. here is what he said. >> working with the muslim community not driving them away, not vilifying them, not . those of us in government have to speak out about this proposal and this idea this is important because a new report suggests that i.s.i.l. is increasing the number of foreign recruits to fight and train in the
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territories the controls in iraq and syria. aas many as 31,000 foreign fighters, most from western countries including the united states gone over. a security consulting firm, richard bar et is the senior vice president is here in the stowed ye. you've heard the homeland security secretary say that the rhetoric of donald trump actually harms attempts against i.s.i.l. does it do that on the ground in terms of where i.s.i.l. is?
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certainly the strategy the fear perpetuates going after muslims and stereotypes that's helping i.s.i.l. as a result >> yeah. that's the way they so it. they see it very much black and white, you're either with us or against us. what donald trump says they're all against us, they're with i.s.i.l. in this report, talking about the number of fighters, how do they compare? how much worse are the sympathys in europe compared to the united states? we know there's worse. >> we've been trying to track these numbers stance the start of the syrian war in 2011. by the middle of 2014 we thought a few gone from europe, very few from the united states, but it's a growing problem. we see almost double those figures, particularly in europe. in the u.s. the increase is much, much less. still only about 150 people or so who have gone from here, but
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in europe it's many thousands. that is obviously of great concern to the european authorities perhaps to correlate with the fact that american muslims generally are seen as much better integrated in society here than in europe, but that's still 150 people from here that the government has to keep track of. >> we don't know who is coming, staying there, going to get killed. 40 or so have come back. it's a huge devotion of resources if you're going to follow all of those. clearly you need to find out why people have gone and why people have come back a report that says i.s.i.l. may become more dangerous as it does. what does that mean?
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leaving it. i think they may feel we've also got this opportunity to attack overseas. let's do that as a projection of our ability there have been some analysts in the united states that have suggested that eventually i.s.i.l. might implode because it's not good at governing and that the people in the territories that controls will rebel against the taxes, they're leaving by the tens of thousands. is that true and doesn't that then bolster the idea that, on
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we are talking tonight about donald trump's idea about banning muslims from entering the state until the country finds out what's going on with i.s.i.l. and the group it inentires. as controversial as that sounds, he is suggesting cutting after the internet from the impressionable minds that i.s.i.l. is targeting. take a listen. >> we have to - to talk to them may be in certain areas closing that internet up in some way here is the thing. donald trump's plan is not all that different from what hillary clinton has said on the campaign trail. she says silicon valley needs to
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do a better job policing jihadist on line saying shut them down. our correspondent has been following this. it may not be so simple. is it possible?
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design their platforms >> certainly. we're talking about in this case it is the one thing that silicon valley companies are not built to do. they're not built to limit their users or patrol them. thinking about redit, wide open platform for commentary, all kind of racist and violence and sexism is perpetrated there, but those founders built it to be open forum. in this same way twitter is designed to be as open as possible. i think we've seen with revelations about n.s.a. surveillance, the world that these companies are is that one that lends itself towards collaboration with the n.s.a. or the government when they are trying to track down terrorists?
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state actors like these groups, and governments have always wanted to do, to be able to broadcast your ideas widely. the n.s.a. has always wanted to survey what you and i on are doing. it is a creation of their own. that said there is certainly a way for these companies to clamp down on this. they could be imposing algorithms that spot the little logo that goes next to your identity, they could shut down the sequential naming of new accounts which is one of the most latest actors has been doing. this at the do this. they're not built to do it and there's no business plan for that are they able to shut down child pornography and if they can do for those, how is it so difficult for other groups?
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companies have to employ to control their content. you have literally hundreds of people sitting at desks watching those things on the internet. there are automated ways of doing it, these people that you can employ and that costs money. we haven't seen twitter following with the resources to shut this down perhaps the united states benefits in some way and that way they can better monitor what these groups are doing. how good is the u.s. government at infiltrating some of these groups on line or hacking them to try and disrupt them?
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among people in a group. facebook has been a very useful way of sort of understanding the social connections between people in terrorist organizations and in gangs. chicago pd uses facebook to try to figure out who's doing what and where they're going to meet. to turn all of this off may not be the best way to keep tabs on what's going on out there thank you for that. always great having you here >> thanks that is it for our show today. thanks for joining us. the news continues here on al jazeera america. >> we are scared. >>...have an organized right-wing movement trying to kill others.
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>> in his oval office speech, president obama said that american muslims were going to have to work hard tore to watch their own community for signs of radical itization. and then the republican candidate for president put the bar higher, proposing a ban on muslims to the united states for a time. politicians jeered the billionaire's comments, but his


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