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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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guaranteeing, fundamental rights for the entire population, regardless of gender, conviction, or religious belief. for all of the global stories. ♪ >> today i'm proud to sign a law that is going to make sure that every student is prepared to succeed in the 21st century. >> president obama signing off on a new law to replace no child left behind. and did the couple behind the san bernardino massacre plan to target a high school. we just witnessed a mayor basically put a band aid on a gunshot wound. plans calling for major rom
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emmanuel to step down are growing louder. and racism in the supreme court, controversial comments about college students from one of the justices. ♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm del walters. president obama has signed into law a new education bill. it is called the every student succeeds act, and replaces no child left behind. congress struggling for years trying to rewrite that controversial legislation. critics maintaining the old standards gave washington too much power. >> for years i have called on congress to come together and get a bipartisan effort to fix no child left behind. it took a lot of time. it required a lot of work. but thanks to the tireless
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efforts of many of the people on this stage, and some people who are in attendance here today, we finally reached that deal. >> lisa, bipartisan, how different is this new law? >> reporter: it's quite different. in fact one of the bill's sponsor said it is the biggest thing to happen in education in decades. it is a bipartisan bill. president obama called that a christmas miracle. he also said it will give the states a lot of flexibility. here is the president. >> this bill makes long overdue fixes to the last education law, replacing the one size mitts all approach to reform with a commitment to provide every student with a well-rounded education. >> reporter: here are some of the changes, it will now be up to the states to figure out how to fix their underperforming schools, those particularly in the bottom 5%. there will be federal grant money that will go to states to help pay for preschool for
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low-income students, and those common core standards, the curriculum standards set by the federal government, they are now out. there will also be a lot less testing, that's what a bunch of folks were looking for. there will still be some testing, though. students will still be tested in reading and math once a year from grades three through eighth grade and be tested once in high school, but those tests won't count for so much, they won't be the only measure by which schools and teachers are judged. fixing education goes back to the george washington days. the government always trying to raise those standards. is there concern that without that direct involvement from washington some schools will slip in quality. >> reporter: that is the concern. the old law really had the federal government telling the states what they needed to do, and there were sanctions if they
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didn't improve. some states will have the money the political will. but there is concerns that other schools may not, things will slide back, and it's going to take time to see. >> so common core will be gone, is there concern that the standards will vary from school district to school district. >> right, the common corset up academic marks of what students had to learn. now the states can still use the common core standards if they want, but they are not mandated and the federal government can't encourage states to use them by a carrot and stick approach in any way, so some states may stick with them. some may not, and it may vary state by state. >> lisa thank you very much. funeral services will be held today for one of the victims of the san bernardino, california massacre. she is the first victim who will
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be laid to rest. there is also new information about the couple that carried out the killings. investigators suspect that a local high school may have been their next target. paul beban has more. >> reporter: of course the question that may never fully be answered to our satisfaction is how a pharmacist and county health inspector turned so violently against the u.s. but the picture he described is what he called a different dimension of threat. home grown terrorists who did everything on their own. >> san bernardino involved who killers who were radicalized for quite a long time before their attack. >> reporter: the fbi director says the couple began talking about carrying out terror attacks months before they ever met in person. >> they were actually
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radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online, and online as late as -- as early as the end of '2013, they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom, before they became engaged and then married. >> reporter: the director said the couple's radicalization began before the emergence of isil. farook left california for a trip to saudi arabia in july 2014, where the two met face-to-face for the first time. they got engaged and traveled together to the u.s. and were married in august 2, '01. comey says he can't say if the relationship was arranged by a group as part of a plot to carry out attacks in the u.s., but agreed with lawmakers that such a scenario would be a game changer. last week it emerged that mall lick pledged allegiance to isil
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on facebook just before the shootings. but the fbi said so far they found no direct link between the couple and isil or any other terror group. >> we're working hard to understand whether there was anybody else involved with assisting them, supporting them or equipping them. >> reporter: that includes enreway marquez. he and farook reportedly planned on carrying out an attack in the u.s. as far back as 2012. marquez, a muslim convert who checked himself into a mental facility after the shootings, hasn't been charged with any crime, and is not a suspect in last week's terror attack. but investigators have conducted extensive interviews with marquez, and are trying to determine if he sold or gave the couple two of the weapons used in the shootings. there are reports authority may bring gun charges against marquez, and that farook may
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have asked marquez to buy the weapons. we're also learning more about suspicious financial transact n transactions. the fbi is looking into a 28,000 loan that farook took out before the attacks. investigators don't belief it came from an individual funding the attack, but it looks like a sign of a couple making preparations for the attack. northeastern university announcing it plans to arm its officers with semi automatic weapons. these weapons will be in their cars. boston police say they are concerned. they say the university's new policy was made without consulting them or the community. a minnesota man charged with conspiring to helm isil is back in jail after making an appearance in federal court earlier today. he was arrested wednesday in
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minneapolis. he is one of ten prosecutors say had planned to go to syria. chicago police will explain today just how they plan to hire a new superintendent. the move comes one day after the mayor there, called out for a far-reaching reforms. demonstrators are back out on the streets again today, holding what was called a die-in. protesters were upset over the shooting deaths of two black men, they are demanding that the mayor and the top prosecutor resign. a key witness is expected to testify in the freddie gray case. dante alan was in the back of the police van when gray sustained the injury that lead to his death. a neurosurgeon says the neck couldn't have broken the way the autopsy said it did.
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>> we have to respect their opinion. we don't have to agree with it. that's not what this is about. this is about respecting the process and our city. >> gray's death sparking violent protests back in april. the man accused of killing three people at that planned parenthood clinic in california springs says he is guilty. he was in court interrupting the prosecutor several times. >> kill the babies, that's what planned parenthood. >> you need to protect the constitutionality of this proceeding -- >> protect the babies. >> dear has nearly 20 outbursts just like that during the proceeding. senator harry reid says comments made by a supreme court justice are despicable and racist.
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the court was hearing the case of a white student who claims she was denied entry to the university of texas because of her race. scalia say, quote: brittany cooper says she is not surprised to hear those words coming from justice scalia. >> scalia continues to have abhorrent race politics. he is at the center of an court that is committed to dismantling every rights law we achieved in the 21st century. this is another example of how the court is trying to take african american citizens back to the mid-20th century. i don't expect that clarence thomas would say anything. he is absolutely a part of this.
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i think justice marshall is somewhere turning over in his grave. and i think the comments that justice scalia made that insinuate that african american colleges and universities are slower institutions, really suggests that he has no knowledge of history. so these schools have a history of producing more scientists, more phd's, more professors, because they have been the institution that african american students could at tend, particularly when they could not attend white institutions. >> she says there were minorities with better grades than the white police officer who did not get into ut austin. hillary clinton has won the support of the american federation of federal employees. this endorsement adds to her labor advantage over bernie
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sanders. clinton winning the endorsements of nearly 20 unions. and donald trump says he has changed his mind about an overseas trip at least for now. in a tweet posted this morning he announced: in britain a petition to ban donald trump from coming to the u.k. now has more than 400,000 signatures, but back at home, trump continues to climb in the polls. the first group of syrian refugees now arriving in canada. up next a plan to resettle 10,000 there by the end of the year. i will work with them at every turn possible. >> the first openly gay personnel elected mayor of salt lake city, getting ready to take on the mormon church.
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>> a deeper look at the divide in chicago. >> a lot of people here are angry. >> we can do something different. clear skies over beijing this morning. the red alert has now been lifted. schools as you can see, actually reopened. driving and business limits have been lifted. at least one person is dead in those storms that have been slamming the pacific northwest. heavy rain falling for at least a week in portland. the storm has always created mud slides, traffic jams, sinkholes, and highways are closed. in texas a federal judge
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rejecting an attempt by the governor and other republicans who are trying to stop syrian refugees from coming to their states. that clears the way for 21 syrians, many children, to begin their new lives in houston. the lawmakers have try block those refugees. some syrian refugees are about to get a new home in canada. the first plane load arriving from jordan today. another is expected on saturday. robert ray is at toronto's pierson international airport. >> reporter: canada is rolling out the welcome mat to syrian refugees. many are landing tonight at 9:15 p.m. the new prime minister will be there to welcome these folks. they will be processed through a very specific area in the airport that was created just for syrian refugees. there is even a little play area for the kids to keep them busy while the parents are asked questions. they will then be shipped off to
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a nearby hotel, and then in the coming days there will be a decision as to whether or not they go to a specific community based upon the answers they give security. but just yesterday, the interior commission talked about the security measures here and what canada is doing. >> if one of the officials doing the interview has any reason to question an individual case, well that case will be put to the side, and he or she will go on with other cases. >> reporter: by the engineer of december they are expecting 10,000 syrian refugees to land in between toronto and montreal. by the end of february, get this, nearly 25,000 syrian refugees expected here. amazing numbers. the welcome mat here in canada. if we compare what is going on in canada and the u.s., the numbers are quite different. about 65% of the public are
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welcoming these refugees in canada. in the u.s. about 20%. so a big difference in the way these refugees are being perceived, but hundreds of them arriving tonight, and thousands more in the coming weeks. next month there is a new openly gay mayor of salt lake city. she has called out the mormon church over its ban on same-sex families. jim hooley has more. >> reporter: if there was any indication that salt lake city is a liberal bastian in a conservative state, it's jacky. this is it. >> my new digs. >> reporter: she hustles into a council meeting, already spending long hours at city hall. >> so we're talking about the transition fund -- >> reporter: when that transition is complete in the
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beginning of january, she will become the first openly gay mayor in salt lake's history. >> it's a dream come true for me. i put this out there ten years ago, and said this is something i really want to make sure i do. >> reporter: her political path did not come easy, she first won a seat in the state legislature in 1988. >> there werel fekted officials who i served with, who wouldn't even look me in the eye or shake my hand, or -- you know, it was really a different time. a lot of people were still in the closet. we had a lot of work to do. >> reporter: today salt lake city's gay community is quickly exercising its political muscle. >> january 5th is my first full day in office. >> reporter: this man won his election this fall as a city councilman. he and his husband were one of
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any three couples who sued to successfully overturn salt lake's same-sex marriage ban. >> if you can focus on the bread and butter issues that people care about, you can overcome everything. >> reporter: just weeks after winning election, the mayor, told all appointed department head's to hand in their resignations. critics have called the move unprecedented, shocking appalling. we caught up with the former mayor. >> that's no way to begin one's term as mayor, when you really depend on these people at the top in their departments and even in your office, most of them, for your success. >> reporter: the new mayor also takes office as the mormon church appears to be backing away from a more tolerant policy
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on gay people. >> there is no question i will just work with them at every turn possible, right? on issues, and really establish a relationship with them that they haven't had. please come talk to me. i want to have a chance to visit with you. >> reporter: she herself is not mormon, but she is a single mom, raising her adopted six-year-old son, archie. she says archie and his education remain her greatest priority, even with all of the work ahead. she will be sworn into office on january 4th. jim hooley, al jazeera, salt lake city. a lot of people like those lower oil prices but the falling cost of crude is hurting the state of alaska. the governor is proposing a state income tax, and talking about reducing the oil dividend checks that alaskans have been receiving for year.
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alaska repealing its income tax back in 1980, when the state was flush with oil money. when al jazeera america turns a solar snub. why advocates are upset about california's new energy law. and we'll take you who made the cuts and who didn't in the golden globe nominations. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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nasa releasing images of titan. nasa says the images show the same type of processes that shaped the surface that we see on earth. solar panels have long been popular in california, but there are new changes that mean they won't count towards california's clean energy goals. jennifer london reports. >> reporter: on a late fall day, we met jay marvin campbell on top of his roof, giving his solar panels a good rinse. >> they cover about 60% of our energy use. >> he and his wife live in culver city, california, they decided to go green 15 years ago. >> the utility, edison, you know, we got something in the bill about you should look into solar panel and everything, and how we would be doing a service helping out, helping the grid, so we said, yeah, let's do that.
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and we did. and it's been good for us. >> reporter: it's also been good for the 400,000 other californians who have also embraced solar. lower utility costs, plus a feeling of pride. a win-win all the way around. but that was before this happened. >> today with greet pleasure and excitement i sign this bill into law. thank you. >> reporter: in october, the governor signed an ambitious piece of legislation. it requires the state to generate half of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. but roof top units don't count. >> right now the utilities in california are really threatened by their customers going solar. so really what this is about, it's a power play between the utilities and the consumer.
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>> it's good for me, it's just bad for edison. >> reporter: tonight we'll tell you why roof top solar panels are excluded from the golden state's new mandate to go green. you can watch the full report tonight at 8:00 pm eastern time. researchers officially unveiling the world's first test tube puppies. they are a mixture of several breeds, and as you can see they are a frisky bunch. >> so we have seven normal happy, healthy puppies. you can see this is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a beagle, whereas this one over here is a beagle, beagle, and they all came from the same litter, but they were all born at the same time and were raised together. >> reporter: all but one of the females has been adopted.
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the golden globe nominations are out, one film standing out above the rest. >> carol, tell me you know what you are doing. carol is a film about a 1950's housewife who falls in love with a younger woman. it has been nominated for five golden globes. many thinking that johnny depp was a shoe in for his portrayal in black mask, but they thought wrong. on the tv side, streaming services dominated. netflix picking up nine nominations. we want to thank you for joining us. i'm del walters new york. the news continues love from london next. and you can find us 24 hours a day by going to our website,, where the news never stops. ♪
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>> hello, i am david foster, it is 6:00 p.m. here. 1800 gmt, wherever you are watching this al jazeera news hour. now these are some of our headline stories. out of ramadi as the u.s. says it has killed the group's banker. >> sworn in as argentina and some ceremony snubbed by his predecessor.


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