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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> good evening, i'm antonio antoniantoniomora. >> unanswered questions in san bernardino. the evidence the authorities are still searching for at the bottom of the lake after last week's deadly rampage. also. >> if you are not adapting, dying. >> new concerns about level of
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carbon dioxide in the ocean. concerns raised by those making a living from the sea. the victims of a disgraced former oklahoma city police officer are speaking out the day after he was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting several women while on patrol. as al jazeera's heidi zhou-castro reports, the women said they could not stay silence anymore. >> reporter: a jury found 29-year-old daniel holtsclaw guilty of four counts of rape and other lesser charges today. today, his victims stepped identity of the shadow claiming owin for themselves and the justice system. >> a victory walk for daniel holtsclaw's victims.
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coming forward with stories of abuse and survival. >> i was violated in june by a police officer. he stopped me on 50th and lincoln for no reason whatsoever, pulled me over, and fondled me and did certain things to me. i was out there alone and helpless, didn't know what to do and in my mind all i could think that he was going to shoot me, he was going to kill me. >> the assaults took place between december 201 2013 and je 2014. all black women from low income neighbors holtsclaw was assigned to patrol. wiggins immediately reported the assault. helped break open the case inspiring a total of 13 accusers to come forward. >> he done picked the wrong lady to stop that night.
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>> reporter: and all white two-thirds male jury found holtsclaw guilty on 18 of 36 counts delivering the verdict on his 29th birthday after 29 days of deliberations. >> set punishment at eight years. >> holtsclaw was found not guilty of charges relating to the other five women who testified. >> there were five women who did not receive justice. that is a problem. these women deserve to be heard. these women deserve to have justice. >> holtsclaw's attorney who declined to comment after the verdict tried to discredit the accusers as drug abusers and prostitutes. saying the women had an agenda. moss seerltdz sade hill, hill
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testified she was high on pcp and handcuffed to a hospital bed when holtsclaw attacked her. >> leaving me in a room with the poli not expecting to get violated the way i did, the way i was done. i just couldn't even believe it. i just -- i couldn't -- i was speechless i was scared. >> hill did not report the assault until months later after learning of holtsclaw's arrest. her attorney benjamin crump said she had been intimidated by the officer's badge. >> this is the face of courage when people dare to stand up and say we refuse to remain silent. we applaud you all we thank you all. >> holtsclaw could receive life in prison at his sentencing next month. the jury recommended 230 years. community members are looking at this and saying it is still not
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enough. they questioned how this abuse could have gone on for seven months while holtsclaw was on duty and nobody in the department noticing. questioning with why this department does not carry body cams or using dash cams. >> heidi zhou-castro reporting. defense attorneys have rested in the first trial connected to the death of freddy gray. baltimore police officer william porter is charged with manslaughter. prosecutors say porter failed to call a medic. spoken to gray during two stops and he alerted the police department that gray wanted to go to the hospital. the family of la quan mcdonald is speaking publicly.
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the teenager was shot and killed more than a year ago. mcdonald's great great uncle pastor milton hunt thanked the city for their efforts. >> we are here today, when in the city of chicago when an officer who was served to preserve and protect, could gun down a police office boy for nor than he was black. >> for the second straight day, the fbi searched for clues. at the same time, the bureau ask looking closely as to whether the people behind the attacks had, connection. >> it's not very deep but it's
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pretty difficult to see into what is there. and you know antonio that very small leg could hold the answer to very big questions. it's possible they could have thrown a hard drive into that water, holding the keys as to whether syed farook oar his wife had anything to do. killed 14. the fbi says the shooters syed farook and tashfeen malik may have entered this lake the day of shooting. police expect to canvas t the aa for quite a few more days. investigators are treating there as a terror attack. >> we would leave no stone
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unturned. we will do a thorough search for anything that might come back. >> in the meantime, investigators are revealing a 2010 plot, with his neighbor enrique marquez. one report said farook and marquez, pared down when they saw what was available. >> probably by the counterterrorism people that really cause them to rethink it. >> the february says it's investigating whether, also said spite frook and online chats about jihad and martyrdom, they
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never appeared of appeared on fbi data and was able to obtain a fiancee visa. for malik. >> antonio, that is the $64,000 question, meanwhile, we will continue to search. >> investigators are trying to determine, after the flames were ex tinge wind. the fire was quaind t was conta. >> russian president vladimir putin says russ is supplying weapons, air support panned ammunition to the free jirn army
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with got against i.s.i.l. first time moscow said it was actually heng troops of bashar al-assad. other opposition groups that the west supports, today it is unclear if russian has really sparted the free nrns party. >> meanwhile, u.s. officials tell bloomberg use that in recent weem they have seen use the bought field. heavy fighting this fall. earlier i spoke with former israeli foreign minister zippy livny. specifically the deal iran has struck. >> there is no different between the government and the there
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people about iran? you are strongly supposed to it? >> yes but it's a done deal. what might be dong for the future. and the problem is that iran is continuing using terror, supporting terrorist in the region. i believe that the international communities should ask against iran supporting terror. now, iran ached what iran is >> do you have any confidence. that that will be done? >> no, i believe i need to slayer these ideas and to speak with international leaders and convince them this needs to be
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done. >> is the u.s. taking too have strong a leadership. >> according to their understanding this is something that is better the situation. sometimes the choice is between the adoption and the president was told this is last bad option to sign a deal with iran. but i heard in the last few days also u.s. leaders and candidate speaking about the needs too prevent not only to prevent iran from having a nuclear weapon, this is something that now needs to be supervised in the agreements but also to relate to the situation or to tome iran's support of there following the region. this is what i heard the last few days, coming from the white house, hillary clinton, other candidates of course.
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>> zippy livny. once again congress has kicked the budget deal down the road. and new signs that the outsiders in the republican national race are making the gop establishment nervous.
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>> big losses on wall street today thanks to plunging oil prices. the dow lost nearly 310 points. the s&p and the nasdaq lost also. an oversupply of crude could get worse next year. oil is at the lowest price in nearly seven years.
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chemical giants dow and dupont announced a $130 billion merger. a merger of equals. the new business would be split off into three companies. the deal is expected to face tuf tough scrutiny by federal regulators. as libby casey reports from washington there are still big hurled thurdles to overcome. >> i'm hopeful that on both sides we can see that which is unacceptable to the other side and put that aside for a later day. >> reporter: congress buying five more days to hammer out a
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$1.1 trillion package funding the government for the current fiscal year. negotiations happening behind closed doors, halting the obama administration's syrian refugee program, something republicans want but most democrats don't. tightening the visa waver program. crude oil export ban that's been around since the 1970est. democrats are pushing federal research on gun violence. republicans want to make cuts permanent and roll in a tax extenders deal. >> i think extender bill that is out there as i said is destructive of our future. >> republican house leadership is telling members they'll have three days to review the bill
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once its made mil public. >> i think, whatever comes out of those negotiations would be a bipartisan vote. >> reporter: the white house is signing off on this weekend's short term extension but warning congress that it needs to pass something next week and not delay yet again. >> without a deadline, we have got to have a firm deadline and the president is going to insist on one. >> spokesmaspokes jeerchts, jost the white house is watching closely. >> the president's not going to let a disagreement over one issue become a deal breaker over all the others. >> most members of congress are playing a waiting game, to see what ends up in the final bill. the house does not have its flex vote scheduled until tuesday evening, leaving very little
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time until members head home for the christmas holiday. libby casey, al jazeera, washington. >> joined by al jazeera political contributor bill schneider. good to see you. aren't these deals the perfect example why people are fed up with washington? here we go again, both sides insisting often pet projects this have little to do with the budget. >> that's right and they go right to the brink. the deadline is looming and a lot of members of congress particularly conservative republicans would like the deadline to just go away and they'll put the decisions into january if they have to. they don't like to be faced with the holiday deadline for action. >> is the feeling they'll get it done or see another postponement flex week? >> it may go into january because you've got agroup of -- these are primarily republicans
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in the freedom caucus, hard line conservatives, who don't want to govern. they feel if the republican conscious governs they have to do a deal with president obama and that's equal to selling out. >> there was a big to do how an rnc dinner the possibilities of a brokered convention came up. the bottom line if the candidate does not have a majority of delegates by the nomination there has to be negotiations to determine the nominee. >> yes but whichever candidate comes in first in the primary votes will claim that he or she and only the candidate is the legitimate nominee of the party. the people have spoken so that if donald trump comes in first but is shy of a majorities, giving the nomination to anyone else at a brokered nomination will cause him and his millions
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of supporters to cry outrage. the last time that was denied was in 1968 in chicago that wasn't a very pretty convention. >> it certainly was not. the bigger question of course is whether the republican establishment is to put it bluntly freaking out about trump getting the nomination and the strategy that would alienate minorities and some women. there's not much they can do. >> no there isn't. if trump gets the large evers number majority or not, the largest number of primary votes that would be quearve o equivala loss tile takeover. they see their party taken away from them. trump says i don't know how to make deals with these people. they would claim it was theft which is what ben carson claimed
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today. >> trying to narrow the field to one or two trump opponents, that is as likely as me of walking on water. guys well funded to call off their campaigns. >> the voters will have to do that. the republican primary voters would see trump marching towards the nomination. then they will say oh my god we can't nominate trump. then the ranks will close around somebody, possibly ted cruz or a establishment candidate. but the voters have to freak out, they have to say we can't nominate donald trump and suddenly they'll get together behind some alternative. >> his poll numbers seem to be rising, bill thank you for joining us tonight. carbon dioxide is quickly
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changinchanging the chemistry oe world's oceans, the dangers and how i.t. could affect the foot we all eat. why some airlines say they do not want those hover boards anywhere in their planes not even in the cargo holds.
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>> retailers say they are selling out of this year's hottest gifts hover board but has stopped selling them and delta and united airlines say they are no longer allowed in checked in badge. jet blue and other airlines have also banned hover boards. microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic commonly found in personal care products but when they wind up in lakes and rivers, fish eat them and that puts them in the food chain which means humans can ingest them. negotiators in france have extended climate talks. diplomats are trying to decide if and how to share the cost of dealing with climate change. the talks were scheduled to end today but organizers said they
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needed more time to settle differences. france's foreign minister says he expects to have a final draft on saturday. carbon doesn't just raise the temperature of the ocean. changes force some people who make their living from the ocean to adapt. >> reporter: three million pounds a year grown shucked and sold at goose point oysters in washington's willapa bay. kathleen is a young coo, who is trying to deal with the changing chemical composition of west coast waters. >> it changes the way we do business entirely. we have a whole new business because of ocean acidification. >> researchers at the national oasoceanic and atmospheric
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administration, say the ocean is more acidic since the mid 1700s. >> there is not a time in history that we can detect that the co2 has changed this fast. >> we don't know what's coming? >> we don't know exactly. >> if we were slowly possibly die or came up with another illusion ssolution so our compae successful in the future. kathleen sees more than farming and oysters at risk. >> i've got 85 employees that rely on me. we're a huge part of the community that we're in. >> reporter: so goose point built a new hatchery in hawaii where a salt well provides consistent predictable water
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quality. oyster seed is flown in and grown locally. controlling acid levels, scientists say the oyster scare is only just the beginning. >> ripple effects through the whole food web and they can affect ultimately the salmon we care about eating and the orcas that eat the salmon. >> even with significant reductions it could take centuries even longer to get back to the ocean chemistry of 250 years ago. >> if you are not adapting you are dying. >> we'll have to live with changing oceans. >> it shouldn't leave the impression that the ocean is going to be a sterile place. there are still going to be a lot of things living in the ocean. >> i feel that it's going to be a really bumpy drive.
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>> allen slawf schauffler on the oyster beds of washington. >> the things that are going to cost and how much, inching towards a deal, it's the "inside story."


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