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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello there i'm julie mcdonald. this is the newshour live from london. coming up. the ceasefire is expected to come into force in yemen in a few hours but there's a buildup of troops on the front line, casting that belief into doubt. also ahead. >> i.s.i.l. leaders cannot hide and our message to them is simple: you are next. >> u.s. president barack obama warns i.s.i.l. leaders they are in the firing line of coalition
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forces. the rally outside south africa gets their third finance minister in a week. and we look at the tunnels used by mexican drug cartels to move drugs to the u.s. >> and we'll have reaction to the draw for last 16 of the champions league. >> with arsenal. >> it's arsenal who are faced with the task of taking on last season's winners, barcelona. hello there. a warm welcome to this hour of news. a ceasefire is due ocome into forcto come intoforce in yemen s confusion on the warring parties on exactly when it will start. on tuesday the government and houthi rebels are due to start
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talks to end nearly a year of civil war. houthi rebels took control of the capital sanaa, backed by former president ali abdullah saleh, they swept through other areas of yemen. then trigger was saudi arabia and its gulf allies to support president abd rabbu mansour hadi. at a massive human cost, the u.n. estimates almost 6,000 civilians have been killed since march. almost 2.3 million people have been forced from their homes. 80% of the citizens need assistance. zeina khodr reports. >> it is a show of force just before the warring sides talk peace. the yemen government and saudi
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led coalition have defloyd forces close to the capital sanaa. troop deployments in mareb province appear to be an attempt to force concessions. but they are not hopeful they will give up powrt without powet afight. >> thaafight. >> that is unacceptable that is treason. >> the conflict is in its ninth month. fired side is winning and the humanitarian cost is high. 80% of its population, that is 21 million people, are on the brink of famine. >> translator: it's time to end the humanitarian cries.
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what we secrisis. both sides are not willing to then war. >> yemen's internationally reason recognized government is backed by a saudi coalition. want the houthis to back down and withdraw. they are unlikely the do that. they have long demanded broader discussions which would involve a power-sharing deal. the u.n. will be hosting peace talks at a nrvetion undisclosedn in switzerland. the conditions for a political solution are now in place, what has become clear is that the international community is determined to stop groups like i.s.i.l. and al qaeda from exploiting the security vacuum in yemen. for now, neither side can
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dictate the terms of a political settlement since the balance of power on the ground is not clear. the u.n. is hoping the talks can lead to confidence-building measures and at least ease the suffering of millions of yemenis, this could allow security and unfettered access to aid agencies. the last time the sides agreed to sit across from each other was in may but those talks ended before they began. >> translator: a promising appreciatpromisingpre prerequisite to the talks. >> if that holds at least while the delegations discuss peace it could be a sign of whether the imloidiplomatic process could
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succeed. zeina khodr, al jazeera, geneva. >> joining us live via skype, in geneva for those talks. a warm welcome. what was the expectation from the ceasefire and these talks, is there optimism that things are more ripe and ready for progress? >> i think depends on the way you look at it. if you look at it from how the feeling is towards the climactic sort of assets that are going into these talks then yes, people are optimistic. there is a lot more preparation that have gone into these talks than in late may. there's a sequence of talks that have happened in aman. if you look at what's actually happening on the ground then it just makes it seem like these talks are hopeless.
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both sides have advanced lots of civilians were killed, i think around 22 from a saudi air strike yesterday and then today you have two very important commanders that were killed by the houthis so it really looks at what lens you look at it. >> what were the big sticking points back in june? i'm getting some of those still exist but from the sign of what you're saying, there has been some progress. where are we on the sticking point issues? >> back in may the situation in yemen was not as bad as it is now. and the government on the saudi led coalition were advancing. they took aden, they deliberatelied aden and there was movement on the ground. now they've reached a stalemate. in the last couple of months, nothing has really changed. they have been battling for ta'izz but neither side has won.
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both sides need to understand that a complete military vic is just not possible for both sides. the best way out is through diplomatic negotiations. >> i'm wondering if a further issue could potentially be is whatever is decided during these talks is that that will then have to translate onto the ground. so whatever is agreed here essentially will have to be translated and put into practice on the ground. and that sounds in itself to be a very difficult journey. >> absolutely. it's going to be a process. the thing is about these talks this time, last time they went in with the intention of imposing the u.n. resolution 2216, the government and the saudis were not willing to compromise on the u.n. resolution 2216. they are willing to use u.n. resolution 2216 as a starting point. already the u.n. envoy has said
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we need to be flexible with regard to the u.n. resolution because they realize that thinking you know trying to set back time and to ask for houthis to go back to saada, after everything that has happened, is impossible because there will be a complete power vacuum. so i think the fact that they have changed the basis of where to start the talks means there could be progress this time round. >> let's hope so. nawal thank you very much for your analysis, thank you. >> thank you. >> president obama has warned i.s.i.l. leaders that the u.s. led coalition will hunt them down one by one. he made that comment after chairing a national security group. pathy culhane has the laidest. >> reporter: u.s. president barack obama announced he was immediately sending his he be
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invoice to the middle east in an attempt to get allies to contribute more to the fight against i.s.i.l. the president is under pressure to do more. in a new poll, 60% of americans want more u.s. troops to fight. and trying to convince americans his strategy is working. >> i.s.i.l. has lost 40% of the areas it once controlled in iraq. cutting off i.s.i.l. supply routes into mosul, where i.s.i.l. is entrenched. our partners on the ground fighe a very important fight ahead. >> citing what he sees is a big push. >> unless baghdadi the head of i.s.i.l. surrenders or that we
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take back for example mosul, and you saw the situation in syria, other than that it is going to be very hard. because this is a long struggle. >> thank you very much everybody. >> the president asking for patience but in a political year, that is hard to come by. pathy culhane, al jazeera, washington. >> in damascus, air base located in the mostly opposition held suburb which has been held by rebels for three years. the capture is considered a victory for syrian troops and allies from the militant hezbollah group fighting under russian air cover in the area. foreign ministers are gathering in paris for high level talks seeking to increase diplomatic efforts to end syria's bloody civil war. the fighting has killed more than 250,000 people in the last
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five years and injured more than a million, most civilians. more than half of the 22 million population has been displaced, 7.6 million internally and 3.9 million outside of the country. and the u.n. says that 12.2 million people inside syria still need humanitarian assistance. the u.n. humanitarian chief steven o'brien has been assessing the conflict results. bernard smiths has the story. >> reporter: winter has arrived in syria bringing with it a new set of challenges for people who have been displaced from their homes. >> translator: these heaters are dangerous to have in a tent. children can suffocate from the smoke. >> reporter: 35,000 syrians live in this camp on the northern outskirts of aleppo. while fighting in the area continues and is pra perhaps the
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most intense anywhere in syria, in homs the u.n. inspired ceasefire is holding. the u.n. humanitarian chief stephen o'brien are meets the residents of this neighborhood, where the u.n. has been able to deliver humanitarian aid for the first in 11 months. this gathering is are under upset. fighters have been tunneling towards opposition positions. antigovernment fighters say they are trying to cute supply route to damascus airport. proregime fighters don't recognize the truce signed by president bashar al-assad's government. and more than 50 people have been killed on attacks on an opposition stronghold east of damascus. it happened after the u.n. humor chief wrapped up his three day
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visit. >> this ways is unacceptable. a blot on our collective conscience. >> there are about 7.6 internally displaced civilians, 2 million children are out of school. bernard smith, al jazeera. >> well, al jazeera's dominic kane is live in paris for us. hi there dominic. they were hoping for some kind of consensus. do we know if any progress was made? >> reporter: well, julie the meeting here broke up some time ago. and there's been no communique or statement from the french government following meeting. but one line that appears to be emerging is that the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has had a phone conversation with the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov on which
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both sides agreed on the need to set preconditions before any new meaningful talks to try resolve the syria crisis. that might be a reference to meetings that are scheduled to be held in the u.n. in new york on friday. it will it's important to point out that mr. kerry will be going to moscow for a meeting tomorrow morning with mr. lavrov but also vladimir putin, the russian president. the preconditions may be we certainly know that the russian government believes that president bashar al-assad still has a role to play in syria and needs to be part of a post-conflict solution for syria. we also know that up until now certainly western governments have said that that is not kay e-case and we know that the french government prior to the meeting that was held at quay definitely orsay could not be part of a solution. the french government wanted to salute the efforts of opposition groups who met in ryad oin
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recent days to try to agree on a solution. so far from this meeting nothing concrete has emerged, julie. >> dominic kane joining me live from paris, dominic, thank you. coming up this news hour, we report from the central o centrn republic on the efforts of peace keepers. >> preventing the media getting anywhere near the court. >> scuffles in china as a prominent human rights lawyer is tried mocking the government. >> in sport why tokyo is forced to downsize its plans for 2020 olympics. aturkey has withdrawn about 1,000 troops stationed at a camp
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in northern iraq. the deployment had led to a diplomatic spat between moscow and ankara. turkey's prime minister ahmed davutoglu said troops were pulled out because of necessity. >> turkish troops stationed in northern iraq are finally on their way out. from the peshmerga forces we know that more than a thousand troops according to these kurdish sources are on their way out. turkey says there were only 150 sent here. trucks carrying tanks and also heavy military equipment back to turkey. the movement of this equipment and large number of troops caused a row between the two governments. asking it to use its influence on turkey to try get these troops out of his territory.
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turkey insists the insists these important for the protection of the stronghold of mosul approximately the pressure from the urch u.n, we now know that e troops are on the way out and turkey insisting these are a regular deployment of troops. peace clash with protester in the southern turkish city of dearbakur. predominantly kurdish city. the kurdistan workers party or pkk in morning iraq, ankara has imposed curfews in many areas of the city. a u.s. soldier has been ordered to force a military court.
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sergeant bowe bergdahl, held captive by the taliban for five years before being released last year in exchange for five taliban leaders. al jazeera's rosiland jordan is live with more from washington, d.c. roz tell us more about this case. >> well, the charge that you mentioned endangering his fellow troops is the lesser of the two charges that sergeant bowe bergdahl will be tried on, as he goes through a courts-martial. he's also knowledge charged with desertion. this is not what was recommended after his preliminary hearing earlier this year. the recommendation was not that he go before the courts-martial but before a special courts-martial where the most
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significant punishment he so have faced was one year in detention. bergdahl is 29 years old, a serious situation for him. it is being thought in some quarters that perhaps the commanding generalize of army forces command is trying to send a message to other members of the active military, that if they do what bergdahl is accused of doing which is walking away from his post in eastern afghanistan back in 2009 that there will be serious repercussions. again we don't know yet when sergeant bergdahl will go before the courts-martial but we expect it will be sometime in 2016. not surprising julie his lawyer is not happy with the turn of events. >> just wondering roz, is this case getting a lot of attention stateside? what do the american public think? >> it's only couple out in the past couple of hours so it's not
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clear how much renewed attention is in the case, because we are in the middle of the presidential primary season and there's more discussion about that. however, when bergdahl was released in 2014 in exchange for those five former members of the taliban it was a very controversial swap here in the united states. while some were glad that he was able to be released after five years in taliban cab tift, there were many others in this country who were upset that the president released those five former members of the taliban without the proper notification to congress. and so there was this idea that basically, the president was willing to break the law, in order to get someone who himself is accused of breaking the law out of the hands of the taliban. so i would think that there's going to be more discussion about this, and that you may actually hear some people say well bowe bergdahl is simply
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doing what is due to him. he is going to be held accountable for not only desserting his post but putting his soldiers at risk because there was a vigorous effort to try to find him after he disappeared. >> rosiland jordan joining me live from washington, d.c. thank you roz. on wednesday president jacob zuma sacked his finance minister, sending the rand into a dip. famida miller has more from johannesburg. >> it all began when president jacob zuma abruptly fired his finance minister. cost the country millions of dollars and was determined to curb government spending in
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other areas as well. >> the second reason is also that former minister nene had expressed severe and sincere reservations about the nuclear deal that south africa is on the brink of signing with russia for nuclear energy to be provided to this country. >> president zuma said he roorveremoved nene in order foro be able to stand for office. van royan was also let go. the biggest casualty is an already struggling economy. >> much of the damage has been done. south africa's credit rating is likely to receive a down grade. the rand has fallen by over 10%. that is -- means that the inflation rate is going to rise by far more than people had anticipated.
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in turn, that means that interest rates will have to increase. >> it's now up to gordon to restore economic credibility. >> we are really serious when we say good governance is nonnegotiatable. it is time that individuals or groups of individuals stop playing with agents, socs or other government components as if it was a personal toy. >> the local currency the rand has seen some gains overnight after the appointment. the ruling party the african national congress says it didn't push zuma to appoint the lathest finance minister. but that decision came after zuma met with the party subleadership over the weekend. insisting the appointment was over public concern. appointment of a third finance minister in less than a week
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will likely hurt president zuma. famida miller, al jazeera. areas hit by polling-day violence, muslim majority pk 5 district of the capital bangui on monday. to allow those from going to the polls. several towns will have a third day of voting. five people were killed in clashes on sunday. over 100,000 muslims have been forced to leave the capital bangui. areas protected by security forces. but many live in constant fear for their lives. >> a rare call to prayer in the
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central african republic. only one of four places where muslims can pray in the capital. thousands of others were killed during the civil war. >> translator: the cars for all central africans, christians and muslims, they just want to live with dignity and in freedom. >> this is the district only safe place for muslims. it is protected by international peace keepers. and in this neighborhood thrust no conflict between muslims and christians. but danger lurk lurks nearby. >> we can't go to the hospital. if we are sick it may kill us. >> deprived of education and health care. security and limited access to the area makes it hard to earn a
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living. >> we have a problem securing merchandise. we can't go downtown to buy any goods and no one there is transporting the goods to us out of fear of getting killed. >> what started three years ago as a power grab between armed groups rapidly turned to fighting between christians and muslim rebels. especially here, christian rebels are accused of increasingly targeting muslim families. but christian worshipers in this church say they just want to live in harmony with their neighbors. for father matthew, sunday mass is a weekly chance to pray for forgiveness and peace. >> translator: peace goes through forgiveness and a conscience check. each of us has to live through his choices. >> the search for a long lasting
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peace continues. rawa ojai, al jazeera, bangui. >> still ahead, 20 years after the date of the peace agreement, we report from sar jaiive. sarajevo. >> and how it's done in uruguay.
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>> images matter. >> innovative filmmaker, spike lee - on his controversial new movie. >> the southwest side of chicago is a war zone. >> taking on the critics. >> and another thing... a lot of the people have not seen the film.
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>> and spurring change through his art. >> we want this film to save lives. >> i lived that character. >> we will be able to see change. >> welcome back. a quick reminder of our top stories here on al jazeera. a ceasefire is expected to come in force in yemen over the next 12 hours. on tuesday the government and begin talks.s are begi ares duee president obama tells i.s.i.l. leaders you're next but he admitted they need to make faster progress against the group a.
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sergeant bowe bergdahl has been charged with desertion. human rights leader pu ger chang, has been put to trial in beijing. 8th ran brown reports. >> adrian brown reports. >> police pushed away diplomats journalists and supporters of one of china's beknown dissidents. someone in the crowd shouted that china's president was despictable. despicable. it's been a highly publicized case. the same treatment has been meted out to foreign diplomats. many people are twhachg trial
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witwatching thistrial. it's very difficult to film now. among the dploamghts turne dipl, the first secretary. >> leaders such as mr. pu should not be subject to this repression. >> he was here ting show support to pu geo juang. he was charged with proadvocatessing quarrels and insighting ethnic hatred. his clients include another dissenting voice, the internationally acclaimed artist ai weiwei. away from the court there was this show of defiance of pu's
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are supporters. >> there is no freedom at all. you are guilty if you talk. you are even guilty if you send flowers. there are no human rights in china. >> reporter: pu is one of 300 human rights activists, lawyers and journalists who have been detained since president xi began a campaign against political and human dissent. china rejects criticism of its record. >> translator: china's legal institutions heard the case in question in accordance with the law. china's law enforcement authorities carry out enforcement all the same in accordance with the law. the people should cooperate. >> urged judges in this case to ignore pressure from western governments. adrian brown, al jazeera, beijing. prominent journalist gao gu
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chang, his company was being targeted in a corruption investigation. attended a company meeting inning shanghai on monday. without commenting on the situation, he is another of several chinese executives who have temporarily gone missing this year. exactly 20 years since the deal was officially signed that ended the war in bosnia and hercegovina. muslims who supported independence and seshes who sero didn't. an estimated 2 million people were displaced and 20 years on many still haven't returned. the dayton agreement was negotiated in the u.s. city of dayton, oo and ratified a month later in paris. it kept bosnia as a single
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country but split into two parts. as david chatter being reports, some bodies have still been found. >> investigators thought they had already emptied the mass grave 12 years ago, but now the mud and garbage in this site is revealing even more victims. watching from the sidelines, ahmed has been through this before. >> translator: in 2003, when i came to another mass grave i approached it and said, this is my father. a short time later in the same grave, i found my two brothers, and four uncles. >> reporter: but ahmed's search is not over. he's still looking for 14 of his cousins to give them their own graves just as he did for the rest of his extended family. >> translator: at that moment
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i was happy that i found them so i could bury them with dignity and perform our traditional religious rights. >> the systems will be dig four meters down. the prosecutors are already standing by. >> translator: at the moment we are hand cleaning the posthumous remains. with the help of dna analysis we hope we will be able to identify the victims. >> reporter: 20 years after the dayton accords ra brought peace here, the killing fields have still not given up all their sad secrets. in sarajevo, this painting shows a man shouting at his son' son o come out, when he came, they
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were both shot dead. the massacre of srebrenica still remains unfound. 20 years of peace have still not brought closure for their families. an eternal flame in the city burns in memory of the victims of the war. but many are lying in unquiet graves. their bodies still undiscovered. david chatter, al jazeera, sarajevo. >> al jazeera's john holman has a chance to travel through the drug tunnels. he sent us this report. >> it looks just like another empty warehouse in tijuana. it hides a secret.
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under its floorboards are one of the many so-called supertunnels, built by the cartels to get drugs into the united states. sophisticated feats of engineering, leverage, lighting and transport system. the people would use this to transport soil in and out of the tunnel. their multimillion dollar investments up to eight soccer pitches long. investigators tell us that tunnels like this one are actually rented out by their owners to other criminal groups who want to transport their merchandise to the other side. those hired to do the digging are normally told little and run the biggest risk of arrest or worse. it's happened that cartels
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simply kill the people masters even recently tunneling the world's most wanted drug lord el chapo out of jail through his sell's shower. but the tijuana drug warehouse he. >> any given time there's a large vacancy rate, there is a lot of empty warehouses. the car terms are going to use that to their benefit. >> in charge of the tunnel task force u.s. formed to stop the cartels. using rudimentary equipment and door to door inquiries they discovered 40 tunnels, when they find them they fill them in so they can't be used again. but incredibly that doesn't always happen on the mexican side. >> we have come across instances
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where in mexico the tunnels are not remediated and where the cartels will dig into a preexisting tunnel olessen the investment. >> so far around 180 tunnels have been discovered around the border but how many more are moving millions of dollars of drugs under the very ground the authorities are guarding? john holman, tijuana, mexico. >> emergency workers in the northern province of are s-alzer, are trying to free others who are still trapped. three quarters of a million of people have been evacuated from towns and villages of the philippines, since typhoon malor blue in. now the pdr government's
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investigation into a missing activist has been a farce by human rights groups. the official investigation into the disappearance, the laos government has refused cooperation over the groups that could help find him. there are mixed signals coming from the world's third largest economy, japan. business is flat though there are signs of recovery. traditional family business going in tokyo. >> the maramasu textile company has faced many challenges over its long history. it gab in 1901 with workers using age old techniques to die silks used for kimonos, the area became known for textiles. the maramotsu factory still
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stands on the same site but now one of only nine similar factories in tokyo. >> it's been our challenge from my father's time to not go overseas but to continue production here in japan. we won't be making things that china is making but we will be doing something they cannot. >> fourth generation of his family to run the company. in 2011, as demand for the traditional products fell away, he created a line of designer scarves to replace lost business. he says while that's rejuvenated his firm, the industry will die if japan's economy doesn't continue to improve. >> relocating factories overseas is still happening. people talk about factories returning here but i can't feel it. >> it's a familiar message from businesses across japan. while revised figures feel that
4:44 pm
japan's economy grew by an yalzeannualized figure of 1%, business was up private spend has also improved. >> companies are optimistic. i wouldn't expect that we will see over the next half year much more optimism but long term investment plans are improving. particularly in smaller companies. they are investing again. >> the the good news in the economy should ease the pressure of japan's central bank to expand their stimulus program. the board of the bank meets later this week but expected to stick with its current policy, preparing a supplementary budgets to help pensioners.
4:45 pm
selling directly to customers next year and helping secure his business for generations to come. rachel meley, al jazeera, tokyo. court has ruled that nurafin's back pain period pain migraine pain, standard to the normal brand. it deliberate misled the customers, all the products contained the same amount of active ingredients,ize boou pro fe, eye ibuprofenand licene. >> consumers rely on what you tell them. obviously consumers are skeptical to a point but when
4:46 pm
you tell them something as specific ais, this just deals with one form of pain, when it doesn't, that i that causes somt of concern. we're very concerned that that does not mislead consumers. >> we asked nurofen to comment. help consumers navigate their pain relief options particularly in the groamp environment where thergrocery environment wherethe professional to help the consumer. still up, russia with a rocket ready to launch and sana with a ryder cup first.
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>> otuesday, a soyus rocket will blast off from the former russian space complex that it leases from kazakhstan. regularly putting satellite, supplies and people into orbit. but despite that reliance, not everything is well. rory challands reports. >> lives depend on these measurements. judging the situation wrong,
4:49 pm
getting it right, takes knowledge and sense. thankfully both are abundant here. put the first man in space, yuri gagarin in 1961. even though the space port became feign territory when sope yeterritory whenthe soviet unioh the demise of nasa's shuttle program, this is the only way astronauts can get to the international space station. despite the gla glamor at this e associated with space travel, based on systems that are now decades old, 20th century technology in a 21st century
4:50 pm
world. now that's fine if it works but increasingly for russia's space industry, things have been going wrong. sometimes spectacularly so. this was an unmanned proton m launch in 2013, since 2009, 13 russian missions have fully failed, at least four more have been partial failures. in october vladimir putin headed to russia's far east, it is the new cosmo droam that hdrome thas will be the replacement. he consolidated space officials for the project's okay going delays and touche touched on the suspicious disappearance of $150 million in funding. >> russia's space industry is at a point of deep crisis. it is a question of whether it
4:51 pm
can continue it at least in a area of technology. >> leader of commercial space launches, that will be a challenge. russia's space agency was recently told it will get $22 million over the next ten years, much less than it was expected and less than what nasa gets per year. rory challands. al jazeera. >> let's get sport from sana. >> thank you julie. last season's title winsers have a chance to knock arsenal out for the sixth straight season. in japan they are preparing to face the chinese in the semi
4:52 pm
finals of the club world cup. in the 2006, knockout stages in 2010 and 2011. >> i mean bars lone are full of great playerbarcelona are full . all in all, to tie the round, it will be two fantastic games of european football. >> let's take a look at the other pairings, beenfica have drawn st. petersburg, manchester city the first league to be played in an empty stadium in the ukrainian capital due to fan racism. first against uventis, drawn with athletico madrid. real madrid are pitted against
4:53 pm
roma. and st. germain at the same stage. >> chelsea is a very big team very good players, with a coach everybody knows josse moreno. >> on the day, it doesn't matter what their form is in the french league. ours is not as it should be in the premier league. this is a knockout game and what actually happens over the two leagues, the team who plays league form and plays well. >> another damage domestic defeat goes from bad to worse. with full time approaching, beating them 2-1, jamie farady
4:54 pm
scored his first, while defending champions chelsea are just a point above the relegation point. >> in the europea league, politicaeuropeaeuropa league, ae champions league, manchester united nations, liverpool will take on junior man side oaksberg. the confederation of football has led manchester yaya ture,
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joined by strier striker in gery this season with 18 goals. italy hoations ryder cup for the first time. rebuilt for 2022 event. tafnl players have been central to some fame to us wins for the european team over their american rivals. constantine rocca, current title holders will defend the title next year. >> we have the typical italian reaction, let me say, we screamed we cried why hugged each other with surprise. the european tour team that was on the other side of the phone but i believe they really appreciate the passion we have behind this bid, behind the
4:56 pm
competition. we really want to bring the big celebration to italy. >> vansri lanka,. >> i've got some excellent young bowlers who aren't asking questions on day 1. we're thankful we're good enough for top of the order to withstand those pressures and apply some pressures back on them. >> downsizing plans for the 2020 games in an effort to regain public support to very different designs set have been made public but common to both is a reduced price tag. the cost of building either venue will be around the half the initial $2 billion budget
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which sparked protest about the cost of the games. now take a look at this goal scored in a junior league game of uruguay. in the final minute of this game, the opposition had all their players up front in search for an equalizer. and that gave se centurion his chance. back to julie. >> sana, thank you. now los angeles is rolling out the red carpet for the new star wars film. it premiered on wednesday. fans have been lining up outside the historic chinese theater. i think i read where some have been camping out for days. it is the first in a decade and reunites the original cast. it's expected to break a record. you can see all the stories on
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our website. we'll be back in a couple of minutes, bye-bye. >> we are scared. >>...have an organized right-wing movement trying to kill others. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york. >> at 7:00 - "news roundup". tony harris gives you a fast-paced recap of the day's events. >> this is the first line of defense. >> we have an exclive
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story tonight. >> then at 8:00 - john seigenthaler brings you the top stories from across america. >> the question is, will these dams hold? >> and at 9:00 - >> i'm ali velshi, on target tonight... >> ali velshi on target. digging deeper into the issues that matter. >> i'm trying to get a sense for what iranians are feeling. >> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america.
5:00 pm
>> hours ahead of a assessor's in yemen a buildup of troops opened the front line is casting doubt on the hopes for peace. holm there i'm julie mcdonald. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: >> the point is i.s.i.l. leaders cannot hide and our next message to them is simple: you are next. >> after meeting with top u.s. officials, president barack obama says they are in the fighting line of coalition forces. the rand rallies as south africa gets its third finance minister


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