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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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i good evening i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. >> they need to know that we are strong, and resilient. that we will not be terrorized. >> reporter: reassurance and warning. president obama talks about anti-terror efforts and the possibility of future attacks. under arrest - prosecutors fired terror related charges against a friend the san bernardino shooters, accusing him of planning other attacks. and a year after the u.s. announced plans to reannounce ties with cuba, what has changed and what stays the same
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president obama says we'll prevail over those that wish to do the nation harm. and the president spent much time trying to an assure americans of another attack. he continued the attack at the national counter-terrorism center. the president insists that they will not give into a climate of fear. >> the president plan to leave on friday with the family. not before a stop in the public campaign to ease years and answer the critics. >> heading into the heart of the holiday season, president barack obama sent to reassure an anxious public. >> our terrorists do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland. president obama warned of a difficulty of unearthing attacks
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by a lone person. >> with security topping the list of concerns. the president took heat from the government on the campaign trail. >> he leads from behind. >> reporter: and in congress. >> with the policy and lack of strategy, there'll be other attacks on the united states. >> in 2009, critics said the white house was unprepared. when president obama was on a family vacation. he prepares to leave on the same trip on friday. >> there's a number of event. >> a rare obviously office address. a trip to the pentagon to meet with the security team. and thursday's visit to the
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counter-terrorism center. where they share intelligence and information in an effort to thwart attacks. >> among those president. fbi james comey, counselling family to tell them they should not be afraid. i.s.i.l. and other terrorist groups do not pose a threats to america. it was a message echoed by the president. >> anyone trying to harm americans need to know that we are strong, resilient. that we will not be terrorized. and we prevailed over greater threats than this. we will prevail again. >> before the president leaves down, he'll have a year-end press conference, on hits way to hawaii, he'll stop in san bernardino, where he plans to have private visits from the families killed in the attacks. >> mike viqueira in washington. a suspect is under arrest in
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connection with the attack in san bernardino. investigators say he purchased weapons used to kill 14. marquez is accused of plotting with san bernardino gunnaun syed farook on two other attacks that never happened. jennifer london is in los angeles with the list of the charges. >> enrique marquez is the first person charged in connection with the mass shooting that killed 13 people. marquez was arrested today and charged with three criminal counts. one of the counts alleges that he and farook conspired to commit an act of terrorism. neither carried out, but the pair planned to attack a freeway during rush hour, and planned to attack the library for cafeteria at riverside community college. a second charge is the unlawful
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purchase of two assault weapons, long guns, rifles used during the attack. >> the third charge claims that marquez defrauded immigration authorities by engaging in a sham marriage with a member of syed farook's family. four days after the attack at the center, marquez began to speak with investigators and has been cooperating fully. we understand that he waved his miranda, his right to remain silent, and marquez admitted that he did, in fact, buy those two semiautomatic rifles. marquez has not been charged with direct participation in the attacks, and at this time. they don't believe marquez had prior knowledge that an attack would take place. the rest comes a day before the president is scheduled to visit san bernardino.
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the president's first visit to the area since the shooting. we understand the president and the first lady will meet privately with the family members of the victims, and the first family will travel toll hawaii for their holiday vacations. >> some of the nation's popular theme parks have put security in place. visitors have to go flow a security screen. disney is no longer allowing guests over 14 to wear costumes and ends the sale of toy guns. >> people from baltimore are waiting on whether police will retry the case against porter. the judge declared a mistrial. in gray's neighbourhood there's anger and hopes for justice. john terrett is in baltimore with a look at the reaction
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there. >> good evening. after the mistrial there were squirmishes around the courthouse and city hall. in the last 24 hours, baltimore is calm and peace: a different picture to last april. for many in freddie gray's neighbourhoods of west baltimore, no verdict equals no justice. for them the fight goes on. >> there's though way the people should be able to walk or there should have been a mistrial, it's unfair, it's what i believe, it's unfair how we are being treated. >> you are crying and upset now talking about to this morning. >> yes, it hurts my heart. >> reporter: disappoint. and frustration over the hung jury against porter. his case was to be the beginning of a 6-part matter.
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>> i really feel black lives matter - i think paying the family off was an easy way for the officers to get off. i think it's unfair and there needs to be more protests. it's unfair. >> west baltimore - ground zero during the riots. it's pouring and miserable. a deflection on the streets. >> it's a bunch of bs. i didn't watch a lot of the case. it's the idea that cops get off with a lot of stuff. >> the home is reeling for rioting, c.b.s. commits to rebuilding the pharmacy. the building is a shell 7 months
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on. >> many fear the mistrial set off further unrest. the march was size age and calm. >> i'm glad people are not running around acting crazy. people may expect us to act like that. i'm glad they are not. it will lead to more getting hurt and going to gaol. as the city is ready to press the reset button, there's a sense of despair. >> if there's a retrial, i don't have a face any different. >> a double standard when it comes to the law or completing. >> we want justice. we want to feel like one is going outside. >> for now, west baltimore lives with its pass and looks to the future. >> san antonio. judge barry williams met with attorneys to try to set a date
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for a new trial for officer porter. there's no record when it might be. >> the justice department is asking for help from the public in the still rights probe of the chicago police department. a tipline was announced federal prosecutors met with mayor rahm emanuel, and leaders. the probe was launched after dash cam video in the lath of ley can mcdonald was released. jason van dyk was charged with first degree murder and misconducts. >> donald trump said he could work well with vladimir putin, and during his year-end news conference, vladimir putin offered kind words for trump. >> translation: he is a bright
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person, talented without doubt. he wants to shift to a solid relationship with russia. how can we not woix that vladimir putin called trump the front runner. trump proposed deporting millions of undocumented immigrants. many disgd. 54%. americans surveyed support a pathway for citizenship or people in the u.s. illegally. more than 7 and 10 support the idea defense secretary ash carter committed he made a mistake using a personal email. >> particularly with someone in my position and with sensitivities, should have known better. there were plenty of people at the time when you take offers, who explain what the rules are
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about emails. it's not like i didn't have the opportunity to understand what the right thing to do is. i didn't do the right thing. this is on me. >> carter said he does not use email much and did not send classified information and stopped using his personal account a few months ago. his email use was reported by the "new york times" still to come - a year after the u.s. restored ties with cuba, a look at how far things have come and how far they still need to come.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from
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the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target. the u.s. could begin lifting sanctions against iran as soon as next month. in a letter to the senate foreign relations committee, iran is fulfilling operations under the nuclear deal with the u.s. and five other world powers. members of congress are calling for a swift robust response to the recent ballistic missile test. the u.s. and cuba announced the renewal of diplomatic ties. since then the two countries reopened embassies in each other's capitals.
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numbers visiting the island has jumped. the picture may not be as rosy as it seems. a year ago this month. more than 50 years of strained relations between cuba and the u.s. changed. prisoners were released. u.s. embassy in cuba hoisted i think flag and the protest of normalization began. diplomatic ties have been established and travel restrictions eased. for some, meaningful change is out of reach. cuban activists known as el sexto has been described as the most persecuted art. >>, gaol for a year for criticizing the government and says things have got worse. >> translation: if it's a negotiation, you are supposed to give a part to cuba, and cuba gives their part. i have not seen much progress
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with respect to that. more repress and detention. some say the improving relations say the driving fort is behinds a spike. >> the last year alone, more than 40,000 cubans made their way to the u.s., fuelled by a fear that the wet foot, dry foot policy that gives cubans residency will come to an end. >> during the last 12 months, cubans and cuban americans witnessed things they never thought they'd see. freedom taken from granted here are not available there. many are cautiously optimistic about the future. real change will be slow, but a policy of engagement will bring rewards. >> we are fighting 50 years of severed relations, deep
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distrust. it will take a while to overcome that. we have made significant strides. >> few doubt the last year is the beginning of a long and complex process. some deals have been made. the embargo is in place. it's the only single-starty state for a closer look at what happened in the past year in u.s. cuba relations we are joined by ambassador charles shapiro, a coordinator for human affairs, the president of the world affairs council. >> you heard the artist say the past year has brought more repress and detention. the cuban government gaoled more dissidents. has normalization failed to live up to what was hoped? >> look, i don't think there
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expectations that normalizing relations that it will improve the relations. what it has improved, i think, it's given cubans home. i got back on sunday. it's been a week there, seeing the flag flying over the u.s. embassy was terrific, giving great hope to cuba. >> when i was in cuba, i saw a lot of hope and despair. the president said that normalization would be a long journey. cubans are voting with their feet. we are seeing the biggest exodus
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in the one time. >> there was euphoria on both sides. cubans throughout their lives would improve overnight with the resumption of diplomatic relations. there was some bonanza which was unrealistic. there's an increase of cubans leaving the country to go to the united states. it's driven by two things. it has not improved that much. secondly it's the cuban adjustment act, giving cubans, the special status, if they get in the united states, they stay in the united states. cubans were concerned that the act would be revoked. they want to get to the united states, even though the obama administration said there was no
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plans to revoke the cuban adjustment act. >> it hasn't stopped people from coming. >> exactly. there's not within a big known ansa, post at service, american businesses are opening up shop. the president called for the lifting of the embargo. that's not likely soon. do you think it's an irreversible process if a republican is elected? >> i hope so. what you see in cuba is half a million people working in the private sector, owning or employing. their lives, if the businesses are successful are improving. cubans are travelling abroad. there's something like 50 wi-fi shot spots. young people are crowded around.
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>> i saw this too. >> yes. >> has this become a losing issue for republicans, according to a poll, a majority of cuban americans support normalization. republicans don't want to give a win to president obama. the democrats had a majority. that's what the opposition does. it will be a long slide to get the embargo lived. the flow of people back and fourth, the resumption of direct mail is important. the fact that airlines will have regularly scheduled flights flying into cuba, that is huge. more people going back and fourth. >> the pee point is that cubans, ordinary cubans have more contact with the world than ever before. it will allow them to travel
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abroad. they doubt that. it's a little last week. certain doctors with specialities couldn't do it. they are on the internet. cubans are getting off last sunday night i was in havana, watching cuban tv. showing the venezuela propaganda network. i watched president nicolas maduro come on the air, and announce that his party had lost. the legislative elections. what must cuban be thinking. a they were elections with multiple parties. and (b). the party in power lost the election. >> has to be a big alarm bell for the cubans. >> ambassador of the world affairs council of atlanta, look
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forward to having you back. >> still ahead - fraud charges against the executive who raised the price of a life-saving drug by several thousands percent. the case that could land martin shkreli in prison for many years.
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the controversial drug company c.e.o. who caused outrage by inflating the cost of a drug is facing trouble. martin shkreli is free on bail after being arrested on unrelated fraud charges. martin shkreli denies the charges. kristen saloomey has a look at the case against him martin shkreli seen here in a hooded top is led away in handcuffs by fbi agents. arrested along with his lawyer over a multi million fraud scheme. martin shkreli is accused of
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lying in relation to his hedge funds. and misappropriating $11 million from another country to pay back the disgruntled investors. united states attorney for the eastern area of new york unveiled the indictment. >> these highlight the brazenness of the schemes. and the web of lies weaved by both defendants. >> martin shkreli shot to notoriety when his cop acquired the right to an h.i.v. drug. he jacked up the price of one pill from 13.5 to 750, out of reach of many that needed it. >> at this price it is at the low end of what orphan drugs cost. >> all of this attention, and doctors and patients saying they can't access the drug. will you change the price? >> no. >> the move and defiance parking
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outrage. the innexus diseases writing an open alert. the u.s. presidential candidate weighed in. it was called a poster child for greyed. donald trump described him as a spoilt brat and hillary clinton defeated spice gouging like this is outrageous. thursday, twitter lit i'm on news of mark shapiro's death, many are delighted in what they see as payback. >> mark shapiro and his lawyer fleeted nightie in federal court for charges of conspiracy fraud. if convicted they face up to 20 years behind bars. bars. we learnt that the former house speaker and convicted felon dennis haas len has been in hospital since november. his attorney said:
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he pleaded guilty to evading banking laws and prosecutors say he paid millions to hide sexual misconduct during his time as a wrestling coach the involvement majority of cancers were caused by environment and lifestyle choices, finding 70% are due to factors that can be avoided. this contradicts a report from earlier this year. that study claiming 65% of cancers are random and unavoidable fans are flocking to the theatres to see the seventh instalment of the star wars franchise. it is showing that fans are lining up to be among the first to see it. they have taken in 100 million in advanced ticket sales. i'm antonio mora, thank you for joining us, for the latest
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news any time head to luis suarez is next with -- ray suarez is up next with "inside story". have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> it's where things have been heading, not for the last year or two but for the last 40 years. the largest mass middle class in history is no longer a majority of american adults. the number of poor and richer families has been steadily increasing. we will take a look at what it may mean to a country that built its ideas about itself around a middle class majority. unmiddling america. it's "the inside story." ♪


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