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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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>> iran's foreign minister tells al jazeera, there is no agreement on key issues ahead of an international peace conference on syria. ♪ you are watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also coming up: an internal report says the u.n.'s response to allegations of child sexual abuse in the central african republic was seriously flawed. plus the imf's chief is to stand trial in france over a multi-million dollar payment to a controversial tycoon. the u.n. report says the number of people displaced forcefully is likely to exceed all previous
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records this year. ♪ the latest international conference on certain i can't will get underway on friday in new york. russia and the u.s. leading the talks. but as ross cylinder jordan repor reports. >> the civil war in syria is folder that five years old. diplomats will try to create a plan to stop the fighting and restore the peace. the russian president said on thursday, he is on board. >> we basically support the u.s. initiative on practicing a. the u.s. secretary of state arrived in moscow. >> putin is a lodge-time supporter of bashar al-assad. he told reporters, the
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international community can't decide who will run the country. another question: which members of the opposition will actually join the talks? it is clear isil is considered a terrorist o. they should not be part of negotiations or the cease-fire. there are other organizations recognized as terrorists. i hope we can all agree. >> the opposition which recently met in riyadh said it won't bargain with assad and he has to leave. u.s. secretary of state kerry said assad's future is i want pre-determined. >> that is not the position of the international syrian support group. it is not the basis of the geneva communique. it is not the basis of the u.n. resolution. >> the opposition is doubling down telling al jazeera it won't agree to a cease-fire unless assad goes. u.s. officials say they are
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forging ahead nonetheless. >> the issg has a different sense of what a political transition might look like than the group of opposition groups. so what does that tell you? there is still more work to be done. >> analysts say unless the assad question is resolved, the talks may be a waste of time. >> as long as assad is in place, as long as people feel unrepresented by their government, then you will wjust have a constant insurgency until you really get a political solution. >> while there is a sense of urgency to end the civil war, the reality is that the parties may not be ready to do so rosalind jordan, al jazeera, washington. >> our attic editor james bays spoke to the minister at the u.n. to get a sense of the upcoming talks. >> this was going to be a difficult process. some of the difficulty is illustrated here in new york where foreign ministers from some 17 countries will be
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arriving to try and kick start the piece proesz process to try a very ambitious goal of trying to get a cease-fire in jan and talks between the syrian government and the syrian opposition. i have been speaking to one of those taking part: iran's foreign minister he says he has doubts about some of the names he is hearing about the possibility attend easy on behalf of the opposition. >> we believe that card-carrying members al-qaeda do not satisfy the conditions we set for members of the opposition in vienna. i believe opposition should be serious and inclusive so that they could engage in a certaser talk. we have supported this process. we actually suggested a national unity government a long time ago and we hope that this can in
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fact, become a serious exercise including various opposition groups, not just one within the opposition and at the same time, should exclude people with official affiliation with either daesh, nustra, or other al-qaeda affiliates. >> one of the other things they have to discuss is the thing that's really been the central sticking point during the last five years of blood 14ed in syria that's the roll of the hasad, whether he can be involved in the future of syria, whether he can be involved in any transitional process and there is no agreement on that whatsoever. >> the iranian foreign minister also told al jazeera there are two major issues that remain unresolved. on the two important aspects, one is the opposition groups and the other is a composition of the opposition and the terrorist
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organizations. there seems to be no agreement and we haven't seen any. >> a u.n. investigation has found that soldiers who were sent to the central african republic to product people during a bitter civil war abused young children and the organization did nothing about it an independent paj said there were gross failures. french soldiers were alleged to have traded food for sex. u.n. human rights official leaked the information to the french government but he was suspended by the u.n. the french are investigating, but nobody has yet been prosecuted. gabriel alezondo has more from the u.n. in new york. >> when french troops in a central african republic working under united nations mandate were accused of raping six young boys, the u.n. failed the very people they were september there to protect a highly anticipated report commissioned by the u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon,
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the united nations and its agencies grossly mishandled those allegations. the report states, among other things instead of following up on the allegations of child rape, the claims went from desk to desk, inbox to inbox across multiple u.n. office with no one willing to take responsibility. >> it leaves most victims unattended and vulnerable. >> the scathing criticism reaches high u.n. officials around the world. from the former top u.n. official in the sent central african republic to the current high commissioner in geneva to new york and ban ki-moon's former chief of staff, all came under question in the report. >> ban ki-moon has been presiding over the united nations now for nine years. he has been saying he has zero tolerance for sexual an exploitation and abuse and this
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reporteessentially shows us that that's more slogan that reality. >> at u.n. headquarters, a spokesperson for ban ki-moon said the secretary general accepts the findings and agrees the u.n. failed to respond meani meaningfully. >> what is the secretary general planning to do to make sure those failures are not taking place in some of the other 15 currents trees where the u.n. has peacekeepers? >> the panel makes it clear we need to take a new approach to sexual an exploitationai abuse to ensure it is seen very much through the lens of human rights violations, not just misconduct by troops. we need to align the two man dates. >> the shortcomings have been laid bear. as the report states, if there is no follow through or, it could only exacerbate the perception by some that the u.n. is more concerned about rhetoric
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than action. gabriel elazondo at the united nations. >> the united nations has resumed aid deliver to yemen. the deal was struck in geneva. a third day of peace talks despite a shaky cease fear in the country. it's expected the aid will reach other cities in the next few days there have been celebrations in yessen from the southern resistance movement deal was facilitated by local tribunal leaders. >> libbial's two rival governments. it is hoped it will help restore some stability to the country international monetary fund christine lagaurd said she will appeal. she is accused of negligence over $400 million compensation payment to a french businessman in 2008.
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al jazeera tom ackerman has more from washington where the imf is based. >> the executive board of the imf says that they expressed confidence francis's current finance ministered said that he sees no reason why she can't continue in this post. he is a social -- in a socialist government and legaard who served as finance in the government of nicholas sarkozy has accused the socialist of trying to smear her in this case which involved a compensation payout to a former minister and very prominent businessman to tune of $44 million which came out of public funds and legaard is accused of having diverted or referred this case to an arbitration panel which found in
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his favor and this provoked an outcry in france because of the huge pay out of public funds. >> why australia's spy chief is warning against an anti-muslim rhetoric. president for life, the people of rwanda head to the polls to vote on a referendum to help gname remain in power.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. ♪ the top stories onnays. iran's foreign minister told al jazeera, there is no agreement on key issues just
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hours before an international peace conference on syria. russia and the u.s. leading the talks due to start on friday morning in new york. a uninvestigation has found the organization failed to act on child section abuse allegation -- sex abuse in africa. ban ki-moon says he accepts the finding and he will take action international monetary fund christine legaard said she would appeal against an order to stand trial. she is accused of negligence over a $400 million payment to a french businessman in 2008. forced displacements globally in 2014 is likely to exceed all previous records according to the new lee released mid-year trends report by the u.n. refugee agency. it covers the period between january and june and shows people fleeing their countries is now past the 20 medical thrushhold. the numbers of people forced to
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leave their homes but not their country is rocketed from 2 million to 34 million. for the first time ever, worldwide forced displacements will exceed 60 million in 2015. the report also touches on a huge impac refugees have on post countries, al jazeera, alsaala, turkey more specifically on the agean see r i have a is two months old. his parents wants to take him and his four siblings to grease. they tell me they know the risks and they can all die. we have no other alternative, no chance to live here or in afghanistan. we can't stay here. we have to go to europe. we want to go to germany. >> entire families of refugees are waiting here in the turkish coastal town, sick, tired and cold, some have been here for days. waiting for a call from
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smugglers. they have to be ready all the time. outside, there are more children and adults. they sit and weight. it's cold here and the winds are strong. all determined to cross the agean sea to get to greece which seems close but remains out of reach. >> why i am coming here, we have lots of problems in afghanistan. we have faced amount of challenges. they are not good for the young generation in order to learn something, and we cannot guarantee our life. >> every morning, they hope the cease is calmer. a short distance away but crossing the agean scene is rick. >> the island could take up to an hour depending upon weather conditions. but this is a dangerous journey. the international organization for migration says more than 650 people have died this year while trying to cross from turkey to greece. many of them were children.
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in the last few weeks, at least 15 children have drowned in the age agean sea. >> the rights group says the recorded death of refugees using two our routes in the mediterranean have reached over 2,900. since october, more than sent children have died crossing the age agean sea. at the meeting point on the coast of checman as the right moment came, the first overloaded dingy sets off carrying refugees happy to lead but risking it all wheel others wait as their smugglers prepare more boats. at the small shop, volunteers rely on the nations to feed the refugees but they feel helpless to persuade them not to take more risks. >> snefl terrible p to hospital because they were really hurt
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and they were all sick and one day after, they will die. they drown. >> back on the shore, those who didn't make it this time feel disappointed waiting their turn to seize their chance between life and death. al jazeera on the agean sea. >> the head of australia's intelligence agency is asking politicians to doane down language criticizes muslims. discrimination has increased a year after the sydney siege. andrew thomas reports. >> it should have been a defendant special day out. after taking her mother to see a musical, asthma was returning from her car when from a balcony above, men started shouting racist abuse and throwing hard boiled egg. ? >> one narrowly missed me and i ducked and the other one narrowly missed my head.
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novone hit the car next to ours and then the glass shattered. >> similar stories of are becoming common as muslims in australia say they are being abused by people who blame islam for attacks carried out in the name of isil. one group blames the government for en couraging bigotry, its rhetoric and so-called anti-tear laws is what she says legitmize abuse. >> it's a controreversial group held a conference recently where its leaders claimed a security crackdown was targeting muslims and that a government deradicalization program was a sham. >> deradicalization has come to mean making muslims less islamic. it is nothing more than an agenda of forced assimilation justified by exaggerated fears of a security threat. >> speakers lined up to voice their concerns.
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five or 600 people here sharing stories of harassment and anti-muslim prejudice. the mention is one of division that there is an us and then there is a them. >> in speeches and videos, participants were told that cooperating with government intelligence agencies was outright forbidin. many think the confrontational approach is part of the problem. many are concerned too many innocent muslims have been caught up in a drag net. at melbourne airport in september, omar shandab was stopped from getting on a plane. he said he was going to saudi arabia to attends the hage and then to lebanon to visit his dying grandmother. the government later formally cancelled his passport. people have traveled to fight in syrian where authorities thought he might be heading the same way. >> i believe this is just a harassment of muslims with this
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new anti-terror laws, a harassment of notices. >> in the 12 months to july, this year, 67 australians had their passports cancelled on security grounds. in the wake of attacks like those in paris, the overwhelm can majority of australians say they want more not less. getting the balance right isn't easy. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. >> let's speak to professor greg ba barton, one of australian's leading scholars. is australia's spy chief right when he asks politicians to tone down criticism? he says it poses a threat to national security. >> he certainly is right in my opinion, as is the prime primary, malcolm turnball. it's not a zero sum game. taking a tough balanced approach or compromising on security. in fact, the more we can build respect and trust and work
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together, the more sec your australia is and the better society is and that's what turn ball is trying to point out. they say it is often done for partisan political reasons or what comes across as political rhetoric damages confidence and it reinforces the narrative of extremists who would say there is somehow a war against muslims and the australian government security initiatives are pled prejudici prejudicial. that's not the case. >> go on. >> yeah. it's not the case that from my dealings with security officials that this is das a real desire to understand, the plus tlim community is anxious worried about rising levels of discrimination. no doubt people are feeling this last 12 months has been difficult. >> the politicians, though, are getting something wrong especially when the former prime minister tony abbott writes in
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an article last week that we can't remain in denial about the massive problem with islam. so what should the government do to get that balance right that you speak of? >> well, the widespread feeling across both the security and across muslim communities is when we moved from prime minister abbot to turnbull, the rhetoric -- and the attitude, the engagement moved in a positive direction. prime minister abbot, no matter how sincere and earnest he might be is really pushing in the wrong direction. no one is denying there are problems with extremim linked to certain minority elements praying on muslim community groups. no one is arguing there is no link between islamic state and islam. we have to get to this in a way that builds respect and trust. we can't allow emotional language to be seen to be a blame game and the muslim
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community quite rightly says it's not fair to ask us to explain away isis or somehow fix the problem. we don't know how. we are worried about our kids. we want to be part of a solution but we are struggling as well. >> all right. greg barton, thanks very much for joining us on al jazeera. israel's president said a plot to overthrow his government failed. he said several people were arrested planning to seize control using aerial fire power. the motivation for the alleged coup attempt is unclear. burundi on the brink of civil war that risks engulfing the entire region. that's the warning from ban k ki-mo ki-moon. calling for a special session in geneva. 80 people have been killed in the past week nat capitol. the fighting started in april and the president ran for a third term in office which he later won. rwandans going to polls to decide to constitutional changes. it would potentially allow the
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president to stay in office until 2034. as malcolm reports, it may be more divided than the government let's on. >> public meetings about the referendum on changing the constitution have been impossible to miss. these people say they want president paul game to stay in power after he finishes his second term. he has been president since 2000 but in power since his group ended the genocide and took control in 1994. >> now, politicians say millions petitioned them to hold the referendum to change presidential term limits. >> an opposition politician told me they were sure of winning the referendum. i told him, good luck. we have 5 million are a wander ans supporting the change. it's not possible they can have more votes thank us we have been
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told people real pressured into attending these politics meetings. the government says people freely and supporters say it's because they want him to stay. >> we asked our members of parliament to change the term limits because they were an obstacle to us reelecting the president. >> for the last 10 days, members of parliament and senators have been campaigning hard. not just here in the cap to me but, also, in towns and villages all over the country where they have crowds of hundreds of people like this delivered speeches, sung and danced all in favor of changing the constitution to remove presidential term limits. there hasn't really been any visible campaign against it. some opposition figures are in prison accused of inciting ethnic conflict. others have been killed or disappeared. the government denies it's responsible. john claud, democratic green party, is 1 of few that are openly critical. he said his party had planned to
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campaign for people to vote against changing the constitution. >> the national commission said it's not organized. it's not provided to do campaign. so we can't do it. >> it's easier to find critics in other countries. peter was born in rawanda but campaigns against the government from the london. he says he receives regular threats for it. >> it's a big shock. it has been arranged in one week to see to allow the president for being president for life. we think it's illegitimate. we think it will pass because we don't think it's being held in a situation where people can speak or vote freely. >> the president is popular among many rwandans for bringing stability to a country that suffered so much violence obsay public opinion on ex ttending h rule is a lot more divided than the government suggests.
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maltcom web, al jazeera. rwanda. >> sarah lister is an associate professor for the department of politics in international affairs at wake forest university. she told us there is concern for president paul game taking another tuerm. it's understandable he would not want to go? >> it's a bad idea for him to take another term or two or three because this electorate has no experience with civil society or free press or any of the other things that would help them make a good decision about the referendum it would probably increaseling tensions between people who are afraid to express their opinions about the government abouting it is extremely dangerous to do so in rwanda. and the economy might grow but there is a limit to how well the country can do complicationscally with such a ticlid on the political
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expression. the west has been somewhat reticent to criticize him too much because we are not sure if what would come after would be worse, but the longer the lid is kept on, i believe the worse it's going to be and right now, any political activity that is against him will be going on secret and underground, which is the most dangerous place for it to occur rather than in a political party or a newspaper if violence is going to erupt in rwanda afterwards since there is no plan for stability or transition, then it would make the leader concerned about stepping down as well. >> beijing has issued another red alert for air pollution. the first ever warning was issued earlier this month. emergency measures to close schools and limit car use have been imposed. the government signed an international deal in paris last week to limit emissions.
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well read more about that red alert on our website at and there, you will find the day's top stories and all. headlines you need to know at >> we don't get it. >> all: shut this down the streets of baltimore brave for the reaction. >> what do you think community is expecting on this trial. >> a slam dunk. >> christopher putzel on whether the officer who had freddie gray in custody will face a second and on the streets - their lives in crisis. a few of the life of syrian children in limbo, is there a place fo


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