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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> spanish voters go to the polls in what's expect to be one of the most closely contested elections in modern history. hello from doha. anger in india at the release of the man convicted for the gang rape and murder of a woman. police in kenya interrogate passengers from an air france flight that was forced to make an emergency landing. singing for their supper, find out about the scheme that's helping many south african families stock up for christmas.
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first, bombing scare in kenya, a suspicious device was found onboard an air france jet. it was diverted to kenya. we understand that six passengers at least are being questioned after the device was deactivated. the other passengers have been talking about what they saw. >> to be able to recover our luggage and we cross our finger, maybe the next flight come back to take care, but our trip to france. >> i can't understand what they say is aboard. this is crazy. >> let's talk now to oliver mcgee, an aviation expert live
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in washington, d.c. what do you make of this particular incident? >> well, right now, what they're determining i guess the extent of the debris found in the laboratory. it happens to be possibly a bomb. this is a time for investigators to take a look and see that evidence is actually indeed an incendiary device. the next thing is they are talking to folks and witnesses to see if there was a criminal activity that is possibly alleged here. >> we're hearing that the device, whatever it was, has been deactivated, which suggests that it would have been dangerous, so an explosive device of some nature. >> i would agree with that, particularly if they're trying to diffuse some type of device that's going to cause some type
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of explosive event. an airplane is a controlled bomb in the sky, some 37,000, 38,000 feet. if you bring in something that is going to cause flash fire or explosion to the hull or even if it's god forbid near a fuel source, then that can be a very, very catastrophic event like we saw in the russian metro jet crash over egypt, which is now presumed to be a bomb right now, as well, so these passengers are very, very fortunate to be off this aircraft and kudos to air france for making sure that the passengers were all safe and on the ground. >> presumably, the investigation will focus now on security at the airport. >> absolutely. i think what we're looking at now is a crisis in aviation safety and security particularly when we start to look at what's happening with protocols after 9/11. we were very, very visionary and vigilant at that time, but that's 14, 15 years ago and
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right now, technology has changed. think types of activities that would be from terrorists bringing foreign devices on aircraft now has to be investigate and regrouped on how we're doing airport security. we're taking off our shoes, bets, taking off all kinds of things for passengers, but is that really enough to ensure that bombs are not getting on the aircraft through luggage or below the cargo bay or into other areas and opportunities to bring these devices honest. bombs are smaller, harder to detect and we have to be more diligent as far as the aviation and detection to catch up with the technology right now. we're looking at bio technology and all kind of things that come into aircraft. >> aren't we looking at bombs that are much mr. simple, as illustrated by the supposed explosive device that was found
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onboard the russian passenger jet that was brought down over the sinai peninsula? that was in a soft drink again. >> well said, martin. that's exactly what we're talking about. bombes are much more smaller now and terrorists have become much more smarter. we are talking about smart terrorists with smart bomb that is we need to lock at how we're detecting these devices post 9/11 in this new beginning of the millennial age of terrorism and criminal activities that that could happen on the aircraft. we cannot have anything exploding on an aircraft, absolutely, because that is a breach of aviation safety. we need to look very very closely as how we're doing airport screening and how we deal with luggage. i said before on al jazeera that we may need to begin to look a little more on a military scale operation the way we look at
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aircraft right now. >> sorry to jump in. thank you very much for getting your thoughts on this story which is still developing. thank you. the youngest convict in the gang rape and murder in india is being reportedly released and moved to a secret location. parents of the victim have been protesting in new delhi demanding he stay locked up. he is one of six accused of attacking a 23-year-old student on a bus three years ago. because he was 17 at the time be with he was given the maximum sentence of three years for a juvenile. let's go live to new delhi. tell us what you know then about what has happened to this unnamed convict, who has now, we understand left prison, but is not free. >> that's right, martin. so he's left the juvenile correction facility that he has been living in for the last
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three years as part of his maximum three year sentence, and he's been moved to an unnamed place and unnamed location. in terms of official word, we are yet to hear from the authorities that this release has taken place, and that's very important, keeping in mind, as well, that you're looking at a time period when come monday morning, india time, the supreme court will be hearing a petition from the women's commission, part of the deli government to who in fact say that he shouldn't be allowed to be released, that he should -- he is not able yet to be reintegrated into society. there is a delicate, complex situation at this point in time and we're still waiting for that official words to yes, he is released and he's in the custody of an n.g.o., but certainly reports of this evening in india of that line. >> remind us, because this is a case that apals not just indians, but the world, didn't
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it, three years ago, but it's still clearly rouses deep emotions in india itself. >> absolutely, martin, so this particular case of this youngest convict isn't just about what happens to a juvenile once he's reds. in fact, he's now an adult, but what is the state of sexual violence in india, however has india come in three years socially, culturally, legally to deal with this issue and while the legislations, the many will say have become stronger, reporting of incidents is better. those who we've been speaking to say not much has changed on the ground and that's a particular cause for concern for many millions of people. >> she is doing what many young women do, she is out and about enjoying her day off, but with personal safety a big concern, she says having fun is limit to
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day times. >> it's too difficult to go out without a family member or without friends. day time is safe, but at night, you cannot hang out with your friends, because, you know, there is no security. >> anger over the lack of safety for women spilled on to the streets of new delhi in 2012, after a woman was gang raped in a bus. the indian government says it has since taken action to improve conditions for women, but according to official crime statistics, nearly 100 women are raped in india every day. experts say this figure is grossly underreported. >> the attack three years ago provoked millions of indians to talk about sexual violence and women's safety, but experts who have followed and documented the issue for much longer warn they are long been india's secret national shame. >> across the country, rape is
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often blamed on social and cultural norms, which encourage men to assert power over women. >> there was a large patriarchal mindset that is very much in operation and which has manifested itself in many ways, including sexual violence against women. >> social, cultural. >> this doctor has studied sexual offenders for more than 20 years. he says a lack of accountability at all levels of indian society is a big reason why sexual violence is so prevalent. >> the fence that i can get over with what i have done, the crime i have done or my offense is something increasing in the minds of the average person and especially the offenders. they know about it, secondly the criminal justice system is falling apart. >> outside the market that she is shoppinging, a group of men
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hand over to police a man they accused of assaulting women. safety in numbers provides little comfort to women here. they're counting on the good will of people around them to ensure the fear of sexual violence doesn't get in the way of their lives. al jazeera, new delhi. the peace talks between yemen's warring parties being held in switzerland have ended without agreement, but they have agreed to another round of talks which are due to begin in january in ethiopia. mean while the saudi-led coalition has been carrying out more airstrikes in yemen, the latest raised targeting sanna. the saudi's struck a camp run by the houthis. in spain, people have been voting in what is described as landmark elections that could end the two party system. there is a challenge to the ruling party and socialists who
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have dominated politics there for decades. no one party is expected to whip a majority. we have more from madrid. >> this is a pivotal time and tide in the affairs of all men, especially politicians, a thought on which perhaps the spanish prime minister was reflecting as he took his morning exercise with his people's party struggling to keep ahead of a surge and support for two new parties, two new kids on the block. >> there's no such thing as certainty in politics, but one thing can be guaranteed today, the prime minister, mariano rahoy is about to lose his absolutely majority in a congress of deputies. that could mean many months of negotiations before the coalition is decided and who will rule in spain. >> his hand has guided his country through some very rough economic waters, but there is nobody talking about bailouts.
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why the erosion in his support? >> corruption scandals mixed with the economic crisis has created this cocktail and that's provoked people to ask what is being done with their money, so people are now paying close attention to the party's platforms. >> the party could prove to be a king maker as spain steps into politics in the 21st century. he is anti austerity and the stance might make him a natural ally for the socialists. they might even overtake them in a number of seats in the parliament. pedestrian day sanchez is trying to revive the socialist fortunes to bring the party a new future and distant it from its part. for the spanish prime minister, it will be a very different political landscape he takes his dog for a walk through when the
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polls clothes. al jazeera, madrid. still to come: >> we have no blankets, no closed, no food, no water. we are humans. we are humans. >> thousands arrive in athens after turned back at the macedonia border. more than 27 people are missing after a landslide in southern china.
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>> let's have a look at the top stories here. experts in kenya are looking at
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a suspicious device found onboard an air france plane. it was flying to paris when diverted to kenya. six passengers are being questioned after the device was deactivated. >> voting is underway in spain in an election that could mark the end of a long-time 2-party system. two new coming parties, the anti austerity party and another are expect to do well. there have been protests in india against the purported release of a convict in the 2012 gang rape and murder that shocked the world. the man was 17 years old at the time and has served the maximum term for a juvenile. local media reports that he's been placed with an unnamed n.g.o. for security reasons. kurdish forces in iraq say they've killed more than 100 isil fighters. isil has been launched attacks from mosul.
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there have been weeks of intense fighting between the armed group and peshmerga. al jazeera has obtained rare footage from the front lines. we have a report now from erbil. >> these kurdish peshmerga soldiers have just repulsed an isil attack. the soldier can be heard, that is a dead suicide bomber. they say most isil fighters are foreigners and take drugs when they attack peshmerga positions. later, they drive a body on a military vehicle. this, the fighters say is the future of daish, which they call isil. this one goes this is our land and we will kill isil. these are the most intense attacks faced by peshmerga in recent months. isil fighters have six front
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lines. the kurdish fighters say they have been able to defend their positions. isil knows about the trenches dug bit peshmerga and they come prepared with ladders to score them. these weapons were left behind by the isil fighters who launched multiple attacks on the 60 long front line manufacture soldiers say they have killed more than 100 fighters in less than a week. >> an officer told me that the number of suicide attacks used by isil show that it's desperate, but the tress city and frequency of the attacks have taken the peshmerga by surprise. they thought they pushed the group attack. >> the attacks are taking a toll on the peshmerga. two dozen fighters have been killed and 120 injured in the last few days. the continuing conflict is concerning human rights observers over the treatment of the dead and how occurred soldiers are treating captives. peshmerga fighters say after battle. they dispose of bodies in a
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humane manner and isil has never shown interest in any prisoner swoop. as the fight intensifies, a main priority for these fighters is to keep isil at bay. al jazeera, erbil. elsewhere in iraq, isil have killed at least 13 police officers in a suicide car bomb attack. it happened at a village east of ramadi, the capital of anbar province. ramadi was overrun by isil earlier this year. parts have been retaken by forces over the past few weeks. foreign policy and national security dominated the third t.v. debate between the democratic presidential hopefuls hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley. they've laid out their plans for the presidency and they were united in their contempt for the republican hopeful donald trump. we have more from new hampshire.
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>> hundreds stood in the frigid new hampshire weather for a seat at the third democratic debate. supporters are convinced that another democratic in the white house is what is still needed in the united states. >> the economy has been better, there's been better job creation, and i think that if you look at just the general policies the republicans have been trying to push especially in the house and the senate for the past several years, i really don't want more of that. >> inside the debate, how the candidates also worked convinced voters of the same thing, distancing themselves from comments made by the top republican presidential candidate donald trump who believes the solution to u.s. security problems is to ban muslims from entering the united states, comments martin o'malley called. >> the fascist plea was billionaires with big mouths. >> we also need to make sure that the really discontinual in a story messages that trump is sending around the world don't fall on receptive ears.
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he is becoming isis' best recruiter. >> clinton said a plan to defeat isil includes a u.s. air campaign supported by limited ground troops leading to a change highlighting the difference between clinton and her toll challenger. >> if the united states does not lead, there is not another leader. there is a vacuum and we have to lead to be successful. [ applause ] >> senator sanders. >> of course the united states must lead, but the united states is not the policeman of the word, the united states must not be involvedden perpetual wear fair in the middle east. >> the debate was not focused solely on national security but income insecurity, highlighting another difference between himself and the front runner. clinton accepted donations from corporate donors. sanders has not. >> hillary and i have a
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difference, the c.e.o.'s, multi-nationals like hillary. though don't like me and wall street is going to like me even less. >> there is little time to close in on hillary clinton's commanding lead. the nation's first presidential nominating contest will be held in less than two months. the national polls, hillary clinton leads as much as 30 points ahead of her nearest competitor. al jazeera, manchester, new hampshire. thousands of refugees arrived in the greek capital athens after being stranded for weeks on the greece-macedonia border. hundreds of others are arriving having taken boats from turkey. there is increasing concern that the number of refugees who are sleeping on the streets. we have a report from athens. >> setting foot on mainland europe with big hopes and dreams, these refugees have arrived in the greek capital after risking their lives crossing the aegean sea from
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turkey and landing on greek islands. this iraqi refugee says he had no choice. >> i would definitely die if i stayed in iraq. that's why i took the risk. i want to feel human. >> the syrian couple says their one and a half-year-old son has eye cancer. they want doctors in germany to treat him. i asked his mother if she was happy to be in europe. >> no. i'm not happy. i want syria. i want to return there. i won't forget it. >> most of these refugees will take different route to say germany and elsewhere in europe. many won't make it. >> greece is under tremendous pressure and overwhelmed by the sheer number of refugees arriving on its island every day. hundreds of thousands of people have been registered and allowed to continue their journey to the rest of europe but because other european country is have tightened or closed their borders, thousands of refugees
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are stuck here in athens and that is worrying the local authorities. >> in many parts of athens, scenes like this are common. desperate people with no shelter, many with no money, either. moroccan men outside this temporary center are told by police they lack necessary papers to be allowed in. they returned from the border to the north. hungary has closed its borders and massachusetts and other balkan countries have imposed restrictions on who can enter. for only syrians and afghans are allowed in. the rest of seen as economic migrants. at another camp in athens allocated to families and youth desperately seek help. >> we sleep on the roads. >> these pakistanis are tired and hungry. >> this is no paradise.
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last night we sleep on the road. we have no blanket, no clothes, no food, no water. we are humans. we are humans. >> the mayor of athens is worried the refugees are trapped with no means to live and work. >> i express my concern because we see so many people going here and there without an organized structure to receive and guide them. it's a problem that concerns first of all every city in greece, but at the same time, every country in europe. >> this is the biggest refugee crisis in europe since world war ii. there are no indications it will be over anytime soon. al jazeera, athens. a gas pipeline inflated after a landslide in southern china. 27 people are missing after dirt and mud buried two dozen buildings. we have this report. >> the landslide buried more
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than a dozen buildings on the outskirts of the city. a blanket of mud and soil flooded roads and parts of the district. two workers dormitories and an industrial park were also covered with dirt and mud. police say most workers and residents escaped to safety before the disaster. between 200 and 600 rescuers are said to be on the scene to help anyone trapped. the area has been a large construction zone for more than two years. soil that had been excavated and stored on the hill turned into mud after the heavy rain and caused the mudslide. al jazeera. christmas can be an expensive time of year for those who are buying gifts and then cooking for extended family. in africa, saving schemes are taking some of the pressure off low income families. we have this report now.
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>> steak and chops and barbecue is the flavor of the month in this happy home. these women are part of a savings scheme, putting money aside all year for this big christmas shop. outside, the pastor has been organized anded ad to each women's pile. it takes the financial pressure off what can be a very costly time of the year, it's organized chaos, but everyone's happy. >> we cannot afford, you understand, you still have to buy the kids clothes, you have to buy this and groceries an top of that. it's not going to work out. this way, we know that we've got something and it's helpful. >> he makes sure his stockpile customers get the correct order. most south african supermarkets and banks offer special receives for stockpile members include be discounts. they became popular during apartheid when black people were
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excluded from formal banking. some use them for weddings and funerals and they are big business. >> there are 420,000 stockpiles in south africa, one in five adults is a part of one, and they're worth about $1.7 billion to the economy. >> it's all available to us. as we are talking now, we are looking at the stockpile which is well over $20,000 to one stockpile. we are doing so every day, that's from now until the 27th . >> back at the house, the first pile of groceries i go about to be taken home for these families and millions more like them. a stockpile savings means the cost of christmas will be a lot easier this year. al jazeera, south africa. on the website, don't forget that you can keep right up to date with the day's developing stories. we are particularly looking at that air france plane that was
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diverted from its course to emergency land in kenya. it had taken off in the indian ocean and was on its way to paris but had to stop because of a suspected bomb. >> the warm blue waters off the coast of hawaii, a scene of incredible beauty but a world in transition. ironically this piece of coral, delicate as fine china, is also a sign of trouble. >> today, we are facing the potential loss or massive degradation of all of our reefs.


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