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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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a landmark election in spain. big games for antiausterity. >> we want justice. >> protests in india after the youngest convict in a deadly gang rape three years ago is released from jail. >> the warring parties in yemen agree to more talks. in january a cease fire is
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extended by a week. >> massive land slight in southern china. 59 people are missing. >> all the days sports including barcelona continue to conquer. all the action later in the program. >> warm welcome to the program. we start this news hour in spain. over half the votes have been counted in the country's parliamentary election. the people's party look set to be the biggest party with around 28% of the vote. that's according to exit polls. of course it's not enough for an out right victor
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socialists are set to get about 20% of the vote but may end up with the second largest number of seats. a leader of the citizens party looks to have secured a 15% share. it is of course a momentum night here. barn by phillips joins me now. so we've seen the exit polls and know that some of the fuel votes have been counted. what kind of predictions can we make? >> i think quite a lot actually. 70% of the official votes are now counted. as percentages, i have the people's party, the former governing party ahead on some
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27%. so similar to the exit polls. the socialists doing better than in the exit poll. 23% of the votes. the important point to make is the people's party have something like 123 seats in a parliament of 350 seats. well short of an absolute majority. socialists second. the citizens party fourth. so it is a shakeup. it does seem as if even if you add the people's party and the socialist party together, they're unlikely to scrape above half, 50%, of all the votes taken or all the votes made in spain today. and that shows the extent to which the old duopoly of the
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last years has changed. i gather we are able to hear a short comment made a while ago by one of the leading figures in podemos. this is what he had to say. >> we have not had the final results yet. however, we are cautious but at the same time optimistic. we believe that escape right now the citizens have voted for what they wish for, and that's undeniable. single party politics has come to an end and the system of the current party has ended. we're beginning a new period in the political history of our country.
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>> so barnaby, what does that mean for the political landscape and the future? >> well, it should be said that is only one potential possibility, a minority government. a second possibility is some sort of coalition or at least political partnership. but when you look at it, it's very awkward in terms of the magic number. 176 would be a majority of course in a 350 seat parliament. even if you add the people's party with let's say the citizens party who are i suppose similar at least on free market ideas. they don't add up to 176.
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you could then look at a potential coalition on the left between the socialists and podemos. call it an antiausterity coalition. they don't add up to 176. maybe even the possibility of a grand coalition. that would really be turning spanish political history on its head if such an unlikely coalition were to be achieved. a third possibility is even new elections in spain. that could be at least weeks if not months away and we can expect political instability in the meantime >> >> why have people turned their back to some degree on the
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old guard? >> partly the reasons are economic. spain has gone through a prolonged and difficult economic crisis for some five years now. the level of unemployment, yes, it has come down from the mid 20s, but it's still wretchedly high some 21% and for young people in particular it's close to half. that has really been devastating for society. yes, the economy is now recovering and that's been the popular party's trump card during the election but it's a fragile recovery and is felt very little by many people.
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if a whole series of corruption scandals in the old system, a feeling that the spanish political elite looks after itself. that the judiciary does not dig deep enough into political and financial scandals at the very top. that explains why young spanish people i suspect have voted for change today. i also think that we're going to see an urban, rural split to some extent with these new parties doing much better in the cities. >> barnaby phillips, thank you. >> there have been angry protests in india after the release of a man convicted of a
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brutal gang rape and murder which shocked the world three years ago. >> we want justice. >> the parents of the 23-year-old woman attacked on a bus in 2012 have been leading dmn administrations in new delhi. the man was 17 when arrested. >> this case of the youngest offender involved in the 2012 gang rape attack has raised many questions particularly about the juvenile detention system in india. what happens to young offenders inside the system and importantly what happens once they're released. what is the road map for their rehabilitation and development as well as their reintegration into society. they're deeply angry and frustrated by issues of sexual violence and as we've heard from the experts and people we've
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been speaking to about the issue that this is a long running problem and this case is once again drawing attention to the root causes of one of india's biggest issues.
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according to official crime statistics, nearly 100 women are raped in india every day. experts say this figure is grossly underreported. >> the attack three years ago forced millions of indians to talk about sexual violence and safety. across the country, rape is often blamed on social and cultural norms which encourage men to assert power over women. there's a big reason why sexual
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violence is so prevalent. >> the sense i can get away with this crime is something increasing in the minds of the average person and especially the offenders. they know about it. secondly, the criminal justice system is falling apart. >> outside the markets, a group of men hand over to police a man they accuse of assaulting women. safety in numbers provides little comfort to women here. they're counting on the good will of people around them to ensure the fear of sexual violence doesn't get in the way of their lives. now attention has turned to the supreme court of india. it will be hearing a petition on monday from the deli women's commission. it has effectively said that it does not think that the offender is ready to be reintegrated into
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society, that they fear that he is a public security risk and may reoffend. they also said that no proper psychological assessments have been done of his mental well being and his character. but the big issue india will be and is discussing is not just about juvenile justice across the country but also why these crimes continue to take place. >> coming up this news hour, strong gains for fighters in their campaign against isil in northern iraq. a special report from the front lines. >> seeking a better life in europe. some are having to retrace their steps and return to greece where they face an uncertain future. >> and bayern munich finally reveal details about the coach who will replace the current coach. coach.
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>> are yemen's foreign minister says a cease fire has been extended by one week. overlieer peace talks aimed at ending the war broke up without agreement. u.n.'s special envoy for yemen has confirmed peace talks will begin early next year. >> after nearly nine months, the conflict, this is what a cease fire looks like on the ground in yemen. >> fighting on the streets of the city of tais. each side has accused the other of violating tuesday's truce. negotiated at united nations talks in switzerland.
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>> we entered the province from every direction and side. we reached the city center. this is evidence the houthis have no popular support.
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>> the formation of mechanisms that could be used to at least deescalate the conflict in yemen. >> how much does it matter that these peace talks bear almost no relation to what's happening on the ground and on the ground it seems the situation getting progress and peace isn't right at all. how much does that matter? >> it's deeply significant. no doubt about it. to some extent you can make the
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argument that we're dealing with two processes, political and military. especially as these talks go forward, if you see them going forward and the track on the ground continuing to bear no relationship with talks, that's very troubling. i think what we've seen over the past week even if government -- support of the government and members of the government delegation really fight the progress made by supporters of president hadi on the ground.
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at least six strikes are reported to have hit government buildings in residential areas injurying 150 people in idlip.
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one of hezbollah's former commanders has been killed by an israeli air strike in syria.
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this was in response to three rockets fired earlier into northern israel. israel says it holds the lebanese government responsible for the attack. >> these kurdish soldiers have just fought off an isil attack. they say most isil fighters are foreigners and take drugs when they attack positions. later they drag a body on a
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military vehicle. this the fighters say is the future of daish. this is our land and we will defeat isil. these are some of the most intense attacks faced by the kurds in recent months. isil fighters have had six front lines in iraq. kurdish fighters say they've been able to defend their positions. they come prepared with ladders to storm them. these weapons were left behind by isil fighters who launched multiple attacks on the front
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line. the continuing conflict is concerning human rights observers over the treatment of the dead and how the kurd soldiers are treating captives. they say they dispose of bodies in a humane manner and isil has never shown interest in prisoner swaps. as the fight intensifies, these fighters -- >> it witnesses described a sea of mud which buried 18 buildings.
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the land slide buried more than a dozen buildings. a blanket of mud and soil flooded roads and parts of the new district. two worker dormitories were also covered with dirt and mud. police say most escaped to safety before the disaster. between 200 and 600 rescuers are set to be on the scene to help anyone who's trapped. excavated soil turned into mud after heavy rain causing the land slide. >> thousands of refugees forced to return to athens after being stranded better weeks on the board between greece and macedonia. there are concerns over the growing number of refugees sleeping on the street. we have more now from athens.
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>> stepping foot on mainland europe with big hopes and dreams. these refugees have arrived in the greek capital after risking their lives crossing from tur y turkey. >> i would definitely die if i stayed in iraq. that's why i took the risk. i want to feel human. >> the syrian couple says their son has eye cancer and they want doctors in germany to treat him. i asked his mother if she was happy to be in europe. >> no. i'm not happy. i want syria. i want to return there. i won't forget it. >> most refugees will take different routes to germany and elsewhere in europe. many won't make it. greece is under tremendous pressure and is overwhelmed by the sheer number of refugees arriving on its islands every day. hundreds of thousands of people
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have been registered and are allowed to continue their journey to the rest of europe but because other european countries have tightened or closed their borders, thousands are stuck here in athens which is worrying the local authorities. in many parts of athens, scenes like this are common. desperate people with no shelter. many with no money either. hungary has closed its borders and macedonia and other balkan countries have imposed restrictions on who can enter.
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this is not paradise. last night we sleep on the road with no blanket or food or water. we're humans. the mayor is concerned they're trapped with no place to live and work. >> we see so many people going here and there without an organized structure to receive them. it's a problem that concerns first of all greece and at the same time, every country in europe. >> this is the biggest refugee crisis in europe since world war two. there are no indications it will be over any time soon. >> still to come this news hour, the latest on the monumentous night in the spanish election
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where most votes have now been counted. counted.
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>> a reminder of our top stories. the antiausterity party has made big gains in the spanish election. these are live pictures at the moment. the ruling conservatives have won the most votes but are just short of a majority. there have been angry protests in india after the release of a man convicted of a brutal gang rape three years ago. >> yemen's foreign minister says a cease fire between pro government forces and houthi rebels has been tended by one
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week. >> let's get the very latest on the spanish election from barnaby phillips. what's the latest? >> we've had some 84% of votes counted. the people's party ahead on 122 but well short of 176 which is what they would need to govern alone, an absolute majority. socialists coming second with 93 seats. and then the new parties putting in strong performance, one with 68 seats and the other with 38 seats. those are the latest projections. this is one of the strangest victory parties.
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>> you could have an unstable minority government or a very possibly coalition of all sorts of unlikely partners, three, four, even five parties together or is spain heading for new elections in the new year. things may become a little bit clearer in the next few days. it is a very uncertain time in spanish politics.
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>> that's the latest from madrid. let's now speak to the senior vice president of intelligence specializing in europe. why did the socialists perform so badly in particular? >> well it's a combination of the fact that there is a lot of the dissatisfaction with the established political elites in spain. the emergence of the left has basically left many voters in the left to support them instead of the socialist party. >> the next weeks are going to
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be very hectic. they're going to have a hard time finding a majority who can support them in parliament. i think also the leader of the socialist party is going to try to master the majority to become the next prime minister of spain. >> does the rise of these alternative parties, why is it that people have turned their backs on the political old guard to some extent? >> well it's a combination of the economic crisis that has essentially triggered a political crisis.
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there is in question about it. when you look at the supporters of each party, it's interesting that the socialist and old parties are the parties of
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pensioners. >> we know what will happen. >> the former secretary of state spent much of the night attacking the republican party warning voters what might happen if they win. >> from women's rights to voter rights to gay rights to worker rights, we'll be at risk. social security which republicans call a ponzi scheme
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may face privatization. >> it's the immigrants coming in. they're all rapists and criminals. okay. now i'm angry. >> now to washington d.c. i was just sitting back there and watching your package with
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interest. how was hillary's performance in the debate? >> she has something like a 30-point advantage over sanders. last night, what was interesting about the debate was she wasn't really attacking her two rivals over the past few debates. she was really talking like she was ready to step foot into the white house. she was very presidential. she was attacking the republican party's policies and saying if you don't vote for a democrat, this is what we will lose in this country. these are all the things that will take a step backwards. she does have an amazingly commanding lead right now and real really solidified that last night. so for sanders, he has a huge gap to return if he catches her.
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>> the treaty will be always be equitable, balanced, and simultaneous. that means colombian soldiers will never be subject to worse
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conditions than farc members. that is a promise. >> the tomb belonging to an egyptian pharaoh has been opened following nearly two decades of excavation. the tomb is located 35 kilometers south of cairo. on its walls are various depicti depictions of the pharaoh. he died when he was just 19. >> still ahead this news hour. >> steak and chops and barbecue is the christmas menu for these families thanks to a savings scheme in south africa. >> in havana the work has been done on cuba's next generation of sporting stars. rting stars.
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u.s. government wants odron owners to register their aircrafts if the aircraft ends up somewhere it's not supposed to be.
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there's a five dollar fee but free if you act fast within the first 30 days. owners will get a unique identification number that must be marked on the drone so it can be traced back if it ends up where it should not be. that's been the problem. drones have turned up in the white house lawn, in the stands of the u.s. open. they have halted aerial firefighter efforts and come dangerously close to airplanes. in the last two years, there were 327 close calls in the air. 90 involving commercial jets. 38 with helicopters. >> it's a nationwide issue that a lot of airports are experiencing and certainly this is not just commercial airliners
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necessarily. we're also talking about even crop dusters, medical helicopters, pilots of all scales and at every level of the aviation scale have experienced some kind of interference with a drone. there are stiff fines for failing to register drones. >> in just a few hours time, the
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american area row space manufacturer is due to -- try to land the first stage booster back on shore less than ten minutes after it takes off so it can be used again. this will be the second time space x has tried to test it. in june this year a less advanced craft exploded destroying a cargo ship bound for the international space station in the process. >> spanish giants barcelona have won their fifth trophy of 2015 and clenched the fifa world cup in yokahama. >> 2015 has been a fantastic year with the club adding
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another title after already winning la liga, super del ray, the supercup and others.
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they currently sit at the top of la liga and are also through to the final 16 of the champion's trophy. >> barcelona's former coach has confirmed he'll leave bayern munich at the end of this season. he's spent three seasons there but has refused to commit his long term commitment to the club. he has been a widely expected at several top english premier clubs are reportedly interested in him. during his time in germany he's had plenty of success winning five trophies.
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>> he's still chasing the champion's league title for bayern but that could change for this season though. they're into the last 16. >> moving to the english premier league. they are attempting to revive liverpool but it's taken another blow. >> it doesn't feel good today of
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course. we came to do something really different. that's between what we wanted to do and what everybody could see. the big gap. the big space between. that's what we have to do. they're tied for second place with nor way and has now overtaken lindsey vo nn. the french open challenge is looking good ahead of the new tennis season. he led his team to victory in
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the international tennis league. he is the highest ranked player in the final. he teamed up with brazil to clench the win. >> cuba has a number of remarkable world champions. as the country slowly opens up to the world, their brightest talent will be -- >> this is the boxing gym in the heart of old havana. nearly all of cuba's boxing talent has passed through here in the past 50 years to win gold, silver, and bronze at world and olympic games. the ring is. >> they start at eight and nine in boxing. it's the age at which they take
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everything in and when we spot the talent in the child. >> that potential talent is then nurtured with intent to training and privileged teaching at specialized school. there's no hidden formula, no secret plan. it became clear that there's raw talent and plenty of hard work. the hopes and dreams, national pride, specialized coaching, well, that comes later. >> i always liked sports. especially running. and then hurdles and triple jump. high jump was the one i liked the least. with the help of trainers and family results were improving and at 14 i was jumping two meters. >> he went on to win gold in
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barcelona in 1992. the following year he broke the world high jump record. eight feet and a quarter of an inch. it still stands and all of cuba is proud. but can he compete in world meters? >> all athletes retire and become qualified. we keep working on science to achieve better results.
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>> that's sports. now back to julie. thank you. christmas is a very expensive time of year for many buying gifts and cooking for extended family. in south africa, savings schemes are taking away some of that pressure particularly from low income citizens. >> steak and chops and barbecue are the flavor of it will night here. they've been putting money aside all year for this big christmas shop. it takes the football pressure of what can be a very costly time of the year. it's organized chaos but everyone is happy.
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>> he makes sure his customers get the correct order. most supermarkets and banks offer special services for members including discounts. they aren't just for christmas. some are for holidays, weddings, and funerals. they're big business. >> there are 420,000 schemes in south africa and they're worth about $1.7 billion to the
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economy. >> back at the house, the first pile of groceries is about to be taken home. for these families and millions more like them, a savings scheme means meeting the cost of christmas will be a lot easier this year. >> for the first time in almost 40 years, iraq has held a national beauty contest with all the glitz and glamour that you might expect despite the backdrop of war. the winner is from kirkuk. she promises to try to help rebuild the country after years of war and violence. >> much more about the stories we're following on
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>> coming up tonight, we'll have the latest... >> does the government give you refugee status?
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>> they've marched to the border. >> thousands have taken to the streets here in protest. >> this is where gangs bury their members. >> they're tracking climate change.
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spain's election on a knife edge. no single party can win. the question now is who will be prime minister. hello. i'm julie mcdonald on al jazeera live from honourable done. also-- london. protests in india after the offender in relation to a rape is due to be released.


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