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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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a fire at a hospital in saudi araa kills 25 people and injures more than 100. ♪ hole, welcome i am jane dutton live from our headquartersers no doha. also coming up in the program the u.n. security council backs a deal to form a unity government. we are in nigh skier i can't where there are no short i'm of new homes but thousands of people are being shutout. the resistence tree a symbol of
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the drive overshadowed is bethlehem this christmas. a huge five has killed at least 25 people in saudi arabia. the blaze broke out in the intensive care unit and the maternity unit in a hospital. more than 100 people are injured. it's taken 21 civil defense teams to battle the fire on the first floor of the hospital. am investigation is underway. in afghanistan the taliban it fighting for helmand province. they have been surrounded by fighters in the past for you days. the key battle is now in sangin. british joels have been sent back to the area a year to advice a year after they withdrew. joining us live from kabul. what are you hearing about the battle underway abdullah?
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>> reporter: this morning, jane, i talked to the district chief of sangin who was under the siege of the taliban for many days, he was airlifted to a safe location think on the phone he told us in the past 24 hours 27 afghan security personnel have been killed and more than 60 have been wounded. he said that the siege was very intense and he also believes that there are civilian casualties. by he has no information as the battle ground is not accessible to get more information from the area. >> and what does this tell us about the taliban, how much support they have and their fighting capabilities at the moment? >> reporter: well, helmand has always been insecure and has seen many fighting in the past.
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specially sangin it's a very important trading route in southern afghanistan and it's very well known for its opium production. and it's opium trade. now people livelihood is growing poppies. and afghan government tried to introduce new project, at familiar projects so that the people could grow alternate to poppy. but people feel that the poppy is the only way of living. and making the living. so afghan government would go to irradicate and people would push back the government so that's why taliban got the support from people and their farms have been protected from being irradicated. >> let's leave it there, thanks, abdul, a live for us in kabul. the united nations security
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council has given its full support to a new national unity government in libya. the 15 nation council hopes the backing will not only weaken isil but also curb mass migration to usual. kristen saloomey reports. >> reporter: the u.n. security council threw its support behind libya's fledglings government of national accord. four years after the death of muammar qaddafi helped plunge the country in to chaos it was welcomed by libya's ambassador to the u.n. who said the new government is a necessary compromise. >> translator: it cannot achieve the aspirations of all parties, but it best represents what we can potentially achieve and it is the highest common denominator. >> reporter: members of two rival governments, political parties and civil society groups reached agreement on a new government last week. but some key players have yet to endorse the deal. the security council and the u.n. special representative for
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libya, encouraged other libyans to come on board for the good of the libyan people. >> the schools have to be open. the life has to start again. the hospitals have to work again and peace and security should really be established overtime. and this is the task of the government of national unity. >> reporter: warring fax shunnings in the country have led to instability and the presence of isil also making libya a hub for the human trafficking of migrants. seek to go cross the mediterranean to europe. the security council has warned that instability in libya is a threat to international peace and security. the resolution calls on countries to respond urgently when a new government requests security help in particular in dealing with isil but the government has to ask first. the united kingdom which drafted the resolution says it is ready to help. >> we are awaiting with impatience and a lot of interest the creation of this government of national accord and then once
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it has been created we will at that you can to them about what is required in terms of the fight against daesh in libya. >> reporter: libya has 30 days to form its government and a plan for national security. kristen saloomey, al jazeera, the united nations. >> syria says it is ready to participate in next month's peace talks in gentleman neave actual the foreign minister made the announcement during a visit to china. which has hosted both government and opposition figures before. the you were hopes that talks will lead to the formation of a national unity government. last friday the you were security council unanimously approved syrian peace. the governor of iraq's anbar province says he's working with the army to help civilians leave the city of ramadi. iraqi security forces began an offensive on tuesday it try to recapture the city from isil. the military claims to have
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killed hundreds of fighters sin then and iraqi state tv reports that u.s. air trikes targeted isil bases in ramadi. haiti's president has defended his country's election process voting scheduled for sand was canceled after allegations of fraud. he says the opposition making the allegations to his help strengthen its position. >> reporter: not good enough. that's the response from a leading haitian opposition party to the formation of a commission to investigate claims of fraud in the october presidential election. >> translator: the members of the commission were happened picked by the president and his prime minister, so this commission has nothing to do with what we recommended therefore we don't recognize it. >> reporter: the critique followed the prime minister's announce think of the five-member commission on tuesday. >> translator: the government guarantees the commission's complete independence in carrying out its duties to make all the necessary truths come
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out to restore the cred bit electoral process. >> reporter: there has been growing anger and protests over the first round results. opposition groups say some people voted multiple times while intimidation kept many from casting ballots. that in a race with dozens of candidates vying for the presidency. >> reporter: these are just some of the faces of the 54 original presidential candidates here in haiti. now, of the december 27 run off has been postponed indefinitely but people we have been speaking to say no matter what the vote takes place they have little faith in the process. >> translator: i have totally lost confidence in the system they stole our votes sits a dirty game. >> translator: during the elect the people of pawns, even if you vote the results never show who really won. >> reporter: suspicion also fuels apathy. only 26% of registered voters cast ballots in the first round. although the government has not
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set a new date, there is growing international concern that the second round should be held soon. in a statement on wednesday, the u.n. security council called on all candidates, political parties and political actor to his publically commit to the electoral process and timely government formation in accordance with the constitutional time frame. including the inauguration of a new president by the 7th of february next year. those in charge of the election are trying to win back the cop dinners of voters. >> the he lock to recall council is doing everything that t* can to gain the trust of the people. we have fired people we suspect of fraud. >> reporter: that might not be enough to con tins haitians that the one off, whenever it's held. will reflect the true will of the people. adam rainy, al jazeera, port-au-prince. george's prime minister has resigned. he has been prime minister of the former soviet nation since
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2013. owhe gave no reason for his decision. the president now has seven days to name a new candidate. >> translator: positions are temporary while mother land and god are he term that's why i have decided today to resign as prime minister now when our home and foreign policies and our country's development is assured i would like to wish our future prime minister the best. >> lincoln mitchell is a journalist who specializes in georgian politics. he said that there had been speculation that i was going to step down because his georgia dream party had lost popularity. >> there are elections in the fall in october of 2016. firefighters felt that he was not the kind of person -- was not the person they wanted at the top of the ticket so this was a change that many expected before the election at some point. and nobody -- it would not have been good do it two months before. so 10 to 15 months somewhere in
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this window, i didn't have i didn't wake up this morning and say i think he will resign today. so the timing was a bit of a surprise. the georgian dreams popularity has declined primarily because georgia's economy is not doing well at all. and voters in george are very concerned about that. the georgia an dream came in with an enormous promise, they over promised and couldn't deliver. their popularity has fall end substantially. i suspect the georgia an dream has quite a bit of soft support that will come back to them in time for the next electronics if they do their work. a thai court has sentenced two migrants from me an ma tour death for the death of two british backpackers in 2014, the bodies were found beat own a beach. the migrants' lawyers accuse thai police of mishandle the investigation. they say the pair of used as scapegoats because of pressure to solve the case.
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still to come on the program. >> reporter: join me in search of hong kong's disappearing pink dolphins. ♪ ♪ and the beatles back catalog finally goes online.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. ♪ ♪ >> mellow again, a reminds are of the top stories at least 25 people have died in saudi arabia after a afire broke out in i hospital. more than 100 people are
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injured. firefighters have imagined to put out the blaze and an investigation is underway. in afghanistan the taliban is fighting for control of helmand province the harm i has been surrounded by fighters in a number of district after heavy fighting in the past few days the key battle is now in sangin. the newted nation united nationn fullback to go a unity government in libya. they have a month to form a national security plan. human rights watch that is accused the nigerian army of killing 300 civilians. the army says members of a shia road group set up all road block and tried to assassinate an army chief the staff. but researchers have found no credible evidence of an attack. the witnesses say the army fired on a mosque at least an hour before the incidents at i road block. others were killed later when the shia leader was arrested. the report concludes that the
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killings were at beast -- [ inaudible ] at word a plan ahead tack by the government. calling for an independent inquiry. >> if you really look in to the military's version of events it really does not stack up. the army chief arrived in the area one hour before a military was di deployed around the mosq. prior to his arrival exactly an hour before the chief of staff of the army has arrived in the area there was actually deployment of military troops around the mosque and video footage indicates how soldiers were taking the positions around the mosque. and what has apparently happened is members of the sect were erecting roadblocks and it's
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just impossible huet situation of i correcting roadblocks can lead in to days of hundreds of people and hundreds more being wounded. and mind you, this attack has actually followed in the hours and days, not only in the first side, but in other sides a couple of more in the hours of days following the initial incidents. it's a step in the right direction that local government has established this judicial commission of inquiry, but it is extremely crucial that the inquiry needs to be fully independent and impartial. the town the beth los bethln the okay pooed west bank has made last minute christmas preparation to his receive approximate ill grimes but palestinian officials have decided to tone it down this
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year. imtiaz tyab reports from beth los angeles ham. >> reporter: it's an annual tradition that 19-year-old jamil normally looks forward to. but decorating the family christmas tree with his mother is different this year. he suffered from severe pain and can barely stand after he was shot in the next last month at a protest in his home near bethlehem. he was injured a israeli commanders dressed as civilians ill fill traded frosters and opened fire with live round, while recovering in hospital he was sent an online video shot by an international news outlet that shows the moment they began shooting at the protests but also when he was take then to an ambulance by first responders clearly in shock. >> translator: when i look at the person in the video, it feels as if i am looking at some else. it was a life-changing experience. all i ask is that people pray for peace. for us in the city of native at
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this. so that the war could end. and i pray for god to have mercy on all of those killed for palestine. and give pay expense sh*epbs for the families to endure that i their losses i ask for people to pray for peace in palestine. >> reporter: it's not just families like his that are not having trouble celebrating christmas, knew let pats have decided to scale back festivities in the imaginer square the christmas tree is decorated and the native at this scene is on display, but elsewhere decorations remember either toned down or not put up al out. political leaders say it was the right thing to do. >> this is the [ inaudible ] of life in bethlehem. exactly we have all the different conditions, we live the joy, we live the sadness, we live the faith. we live the challenges and the encounters we face on the ground. >> reporter: the at the opposite end of imaginer square palestinian activists decorate
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annal i have tree with the picks of those killed in the recent violence, calling it a resistence tree, it's meant to symbolize the bitterness of chris mass celebrations in the city where jesus christ was born and that was promised peace in the bible. something it has seen very little of for many years. imtiaz tie arc al jazeera, bethlehem in the occupied west bank. at least 15 people have been arrested at a black lives matter protest in the u.s. state of minnesota. the demonstrations started one of the busiest malls? the city of minneapolis disrupting shopping. the protesters then moved to an airport in the area, demonstrators want today draw attention to the recent police shooting of a black man in the city. >> there is such racial disparity in our state and the metro area and i am here to stand in solidarity with my black and brow brown brothers ad sister to his fight for racial
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he cahe can with it's and standr justice for jamar clark and his family. youkilis prime minister is investigating by a muslim family was stoped from travel to go the u.s. donald trump recently called for muslims to be banned for entering the country a spokesman for u.s. custom says religion is not a determining factor when decided whether someone can travel or not. >> we were devastated. we planned this trip for two months, the kids are excited and all of a sudden some person comes and says you are not allowed to board the plane. with no explanation given. it's devastating. i was like we were al alienated from everyone in the room. the dream is to reach the u.s. but that drop is to on told hro*eld foholdfor cubans. a report from costa rica.
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>> reporter: cleaning the garden of their benefactor for a month these cuban migrants have found shelter in this house in the border town in costa rica. >> translator: she has helped us so much. take is us in, trusting us without knowing who we were, we are just trying on give back, we are like family now. >> reporter: almost 6,000 cubans have been stuck here since neighboring nicaragua shutdown the border stopping them on their way to the u.s. she says she was moved by the harrowing stories of their trip and that's why she took them in. >> they slept on the ground in bus stations, they were mugged and assaulted in colombia. but they are lovely people. and hard workers. >> reporter: the presence of thousands of cubans has changed the face here. shell shel teres have popped up across the center with migrants anxiously waiting for a way out.
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central american countries have seen a spike in the number of cubans since the island renewed relations with the u.s. for weeks costa rica has failed to broker a safe passage for them while also announcing an end to new transit fees as to try to stem the flow of migran migrants. guatemala and nicaragua blame the u.s. for offering residents for cubans that reach mexican soil while rejecting their own migrants. a regional meet on the ground tuesday brought some progress towards establishing an air bridge to guatemala but no agreement has been reached. >> translator: we ask you to be patient. we are making progress. in the meantime, please stay safe and don't try to cross illegally. >> reporter: but after weeks in the shelters some migrants have been resort to go people smugglers, often with dangerous outcomes. >> translator: after walking for
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nine hours in the woods, they attacked us and took our last $1,500. we had no option but to turn ourselves in to the anything rawing juan police who september us back here. >> reporter: a new meet to go solve the issue you has been called for december 28th. a temporary solution might be at hand but central american countries fear more cubans willam bark on the journey as long as the temptation of settling in the u.s. remains possible. around 70,000 people in power game has been forceed from their homes due to flooding. heavy rains caused a river to rise to the ohioest level since 1983. many people are seeking shelter in camps on higher ground. emergency services warn many more will be are affected nationwide if other rivers overflow. nigeria's capital say city under construction, hundreds of
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new homes built every month. all too often the price beyond the reach of the average person. rents in the country are among the highest. in africa. ahmad i idris reports. >> reporter: it's five clock in the morning when he says good buy to his family before heading off to work. by the time he comes back at night his children will be asleep. >> when they wake up and see me like a stranger i feel bad. but i pray to god that one day we will overcome all of this situation. so really it's not helpful for you to be -- to continue being without your children all the time. >> reporter: the civil servant is one of the hundreds of thousands who work in the city that have to live far way from their work. simply because they can't afford represent. every month hundreds of new homes are built here but most of them are empty.
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the question you need to ask yourself is how many people can afford to buy a house in nigeria. it's less than 2% of the population and unfortunately every developing is complaining about the [ inaudible ] population. >> reporter: many people here won't be able to afford these new homes. a house in this estate costs about $500,000 to buy. renting one is as much as $25,000 a year in a country where the minimum wage is less than $100. developers put the blame on expensive land and infrastructure and pass the burden to tenants. so fa many cities it's not about a shortage of housing, it's about affordability. that's why people like douglas are pushed to the slums on the outskirts of the city. areas where poor roads and security. nigeria's real estate market is largely unregulated. many of those who are supposed to oversee it, are also investigators in the industry.
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a lack of proper regulation means low earners like douglas will continue to be priced out relegate today the slums that encircle the city. mohamed i idris, al jazeera. hong kong say they are fighting a losing battle to save the rare pink dolphins. only 61 are thought to remain as development hits their natural environment, from hong kong we have more. >> reporter: the first thing they tell you on the dolphin watch tour is not to have high expectations. but it's turned out to be a good day for these visitors. >> is we were treatment i lucky to see two pink dolphins. it was so fantastic, so beautiful. >> i was so surprised when i saw them like jumping from the water. >> reporter: it's a surprise for everyone on the boat even the tour good. >> nowadays dolphins appear to be quite scared and they keep their distance.
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for no this morning's sighting they get quite close are to you. it's very weird. >> reporter: pink dolphin numbers have dropped more than 60% in the last decade. conservationists say it's mostly dye due to major building projects in hong kong waters. they point out the 50-kilometer bridge connecting hong kong which cuts through areas with the highest density of dolphins in the pearl river delta and they fear plan to his expand hong kong's airport would drive away what's left of the dolphin population. this area is known as the dolphin corridor, this is where they travel through to feeding spots in clean are boughters. but this is also the proposed site for the airport's third runway construction would involve dumping thousands of tons of sands to reclaim the sea area. the dolphin cons fashion says they have spoke to the
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government but their proposals ignored. they are asking legal action despite the government's plan to build a marine sanctuary after the airport is built. >> can survive and come back after that, i think it's very unlikely that the dolphin will be able to hang on for that long. >> reporter: the dolphins have been swimming in these without force centuries. on the sidelines as hong kong transformed if a fishing dill village to one of air's a biggest commercial hubs. but they have paid the price for the city's growth. with less and less space to call home. al jazeera hong kong. the beatles have given fans toronto say yeah, yeah, yeah, after years of holding out the band's two surviving members have been add that go their music to online streaming services. songs from the original 13
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studio albums are available to stream for free. the entire catalog is on all major services. paul mccartney and ringo starr wished their fans a happy christmas as the announcement was made. much more on our website. >> on "america tonight," who sacrificed for those holiday gifts? there's pain hidden behind the screen. >> tell me what happens to the fingers on your right arm and your left hand. >> maintain's christof putzel exposes the rirvegz that the workers take to give us the goods. >> thanks for joining us i'm joie chen. think sweatshop and you will likely imagine unsafe working conditions half a world away.


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