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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  December 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> hello.i'm mary a.mhello, i'm. nemazee.
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>> i'm farahist e-mail. i'll be here with all much sport including: >> sometimes i do that by myself. >> hints he may leave the hot seat following yet another loss by manchester united. >> hello, the interim prime minister of syria's group has talked to al jazeera about its role in the peace process. rg peace talkpeace talk have bed for january 25th in geneva. allouch's debt was blamedto on
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russia, calling it an attempt to disrupt the peace process. hashem ahelbarra sends this report from the turkey-syria border. >> the death of d zahran allouc. interim government announced by the syrian government in exile in 2013.he say 2013. the ththe death of ofie ever al.
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in exchange of their pulgt out of yarmouk refugee camp on the outskirts of the city. the deal was seen by the opposition as an indication the syrian government concluding with i.s.i.l. >> the regime has deflected attention from the fact that what's happening is the fight for political rights and against tyranny to five off a secular regime against i.s.i.l. for the international community, the fight against i.s.i.l. comes first. >> these are delicate times for the opposition. over the last two years it has lost significant ground in southern aleppo, homs, and other
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areas. be manareas. many of its commanders have been killed and coming under increasing pressure to join talks with assad. concession by the rebels who had hoped to force sood ou assad ouf power militarily. no longer insisting on an immediate departure of the syrian president. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera, on turkey's border with syria. >> yoinjoining us is richard wh. thank you so much for agreeing to speak to us. and islam wasted no time in announcing a successor the
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alowsh. successor to allouch. >> in syria it's been a bit of a mixed picture. he's been in charge of his group for past four years, was thought to be very charismatic leader. the successor is not as well-known, not associated as much with the founding of the group and so on. so there's suspicions that it will even if it stays together it's going to be a weaker force, less dominant in the opposition, will play a less effective role. but in general i wouldn't put too much on the personalities in the opposition. there hasn't been a very powerful opposition leader in syria the way there have been
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for example in iraq and afghanistan. >> nevertheless, how might the killing now of zahran allouch be? >> strike as an effort to weaken their power, therefore they say they will participate in the peace process even though they are going to stand firm with their demands that the government of bashar al-assad leave office. looking forward whether we'll have geneva iii or not, it's going to be tricky all around. the one problem we still have is whenever one side thinks they're doing well, the other side thinks it's better to not negotiable in peace talks, and
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now with russian backing and with the offensive the assad government may feel comfortable reaching some kind of agreement as long as it stays in power. but not to make peace now when they're week and divided and wait until their position is stronger. >> they might choose to do that but what about their foreign backers? because i suppose the one significant shift in recent months that we've seen is the inclusion of many countries in the international community, both within the middle east and yowrts ooutside of it, getting d he's peace talks. will there be enough pressure from the outside for them to continue to engage with the government? >> well, there your question about the what the effects will have on the opposition, with the loss of the key leaders is important. since they were this group, and was voched i involved in the ret
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meetings in saudi arabia can took a clear stance with the peace talks with the saudi and others. now that's a big more oapg question lonmore of anopening i. what the assad government wants. so it's still i consider unlikely that there will be an agreement this will stick. they may reach some kind of agreement but there are so many actors, but i just hesitate to hi it's going to be anything that will have an enduring impact. >> right, and stlo has bee thero much focus on czar ra zahran af,
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one you mentioned you don't have any single opposition leader to try rally all the different alliances and coalitions that you have whrin within the broad umbrella of the syrian opposition, with the request of assad. >> the assad question is very open. the russians haven't yielded on that point and the assad government has not. the west, your package mentioned they've been wavering a bit. they have been wavering on the time line. but still the people who count, fighters in the field and el newnusra and islamic state and o on are adamant that he has to go. i don't see any compromise, how you would bridge that, unless the assad government was willing to accept some kind of
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transitional arrangement that would lead somebody except for the russians in power, claimed they achieved the victory. that is just a narrow window and i don't know if they could thread that needle. >> thank you very much, for joining us. thank you for having me. >> well let's move to iraq now. forces there say that they're close to the center of the a city of ramadi, in their efforts to retake the strategically important town from i.s.i.l. engaged in a gun fight with i.s.i.l. fighters there. the army began its news offensive with the help of u.s. led coalition air strikes. 27 soldiers have been killed by i.s.i.l. fighters south of fallujah. doctors in the city say search civilians were killed after their neighborhood was shelled by the ample. besieged fallujah for a year nrn
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order to get residents out. during fighting between government backed shia publish yatiomilitiasand i.s.i.l. osama ben jaivet javad reports. >> his crime was being sunni. he showed us burn marks on his body when he was tortured for ten days at a youth center which was used as oprison. hamid said his uncle died from being tortured from the same militia. >> they used to hang us, used electric torture on me. they told me to confession and to tell the truth so i told him i'm an iraqi soldier.
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if i.s.i.l. see me they will kill me. >> a ghost town after tens of thousands were foartsd out of theiforced out oftheir hoax. are after militias took over they have been denied entry back to their own areas. it's not the first time iraq's government backed militias have been accused of abuses in the province. militia abuses are reeking havoc on some of iraq's most vulnerable people and compass bairtinanexacerbating sectarian disagreements. they want an international body like the united nations to guarantee their safety. aref says his home was besieged for months and the iraqi army toournd blind eye tturned a bli.
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>> they took everything down. we traveled day and night without food or anything else. >> shia militias are an important part of the fight against i.s.i.l. they deny abuses against them. >> for us, this issue is theory and makes no effect on us. we don't care about it. we expect it. >> the sectarian distrust and fear runs deep in this community. and thousands who don't want to come to terms with the situation on their new homes. osama ben javad, al jazeera acknowledge seu sulimanea, iraq.
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took to the streets of occupied east jerusalem near the old city's damascus gate. soldiers used tear gas. 57 bodies held by israel were killed by security forces in recent fighting. israeli forces have shot dead a palestinian man, tried to stab an israeli. on friday israeli border guards killed a palestinian woman who they say was trying to run them over. wuburied, hani radan, left 7 palestinians and 20 israelis dead.
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now protestors have stormed a muslim prayer hall on the french island of cors ca corsicsrsi cr. corsi arecasica. >> ransacked the prayer hall of this mosque. chantings airbus get out they even attempted to burn copies of the koran. >> some installations were broken. they broke through the barriers, the window, the piece of furniture where we leave shoes. the air conditioning. paintings, the closet. >> appears to be in retaliation for an incident on friday night.
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firefighters were attacked in a housing project in town. authorities say it's not clear what prompted that incident. the french government condemned the latest attack and sent police reenforcements to other religious insertion. mass killings in paris in november which has resulted in heightened security measures across the country. about 120,000 french police and soldiers were mobilized over the holiday period. but france's muslims are also facing backlash in the wake of the attacks. in cors ca corsica, far right dl in the recent elections. in this climate of suspicion, a feeling of fellowship. en soab yasonia gallego, al jaz. latest in a series of
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attacks sierl ha. i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility for. >> more to come for you on the al jazeera newshour, france's prime minister has called it a desecration. we'll bring you the details of a mox mosque attack in corsica. plus. if latest from serbia after a massive corruption crack down. pakistan duo, team maik mate seeking redemption. is. >> following a wave violence. al jazeera's tanya page in bangui.
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>> leader of a christian vigilante group is releasing 18 child sociologist engineers. they have seen things something a child should have no part of. mostly muslim sellaca fighters. >> he would be killed. i couldn't just stand and wait for something bad to happen. but i can't be angry and bitter anymore. >> his chance of a better future has improved in recent weeks, security in list war raf and country havravagedcountry. so many armed groups still loose, the general is under no illusions how fragile the current calm is. >> we are trying to do elections and referendum but no agreement
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so far. then one day one of the faction he for one reason or another can just go back to square one. >> the central african army has come back on the streets in recent weeks too, takings over some of the u.n. peace keepers paroles. >> the national forces are the ones that know their neighborhoods their sectors, their towns their neighbors and those who are thought to be holding weapons. the international community has impressive resources but the national forces can gather precise information much faster. >> only in the last few weeks police have also been stopping cars on a daily basis. streets that were quoid a few monthquiet a fewmonths ago are . even as the election passes peacefully the long term stability of the country could determine whether whoever wins could form an inclusive government. that means mending sectarian divides that have person
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childreturnedchildren into sold. the more they're occupied with games and not war the better the future looks. tanya page, al jazeera, bangui, central african republic. >> as 2015 looks back, al jazeera is looking back at five families who have been affected by the year's most significant eervets. catherinsignificant events. en catherine soevents. catherine soy has the story. >> undergoing rehabilitation at this spinal injury hospital in nairobi. rachel was studying at garena university in northern kenya when al shabaab soldiers
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attacked in april. her parents live north of nairobi, just coming to the city every other week to take care of rachel has taken a toll on the family. >> at first it was very hard. she would not eat. she did not want to talk to anyone. we had to be there to make sure she was well taken care of. >> they'll never forget these images from the attack and the day family members spent looking for her not knowing whether she was alive or dead. >> i have determined that life is in the hands of god and you have to no matter, good or bad. >> garisa university is due to reopen next year. a police camp has now been set up inside the university compound. many security changes has also been made in this region. the number of al shabaab related attacks in northern kenya has done gown significantly. security officials say this is because of better intelligence
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and coordination with the community. but members of the somali community believe that security has come at a cost to them. omar soyan says his nephew was arrested by police before the gargarissa attack. >> we go to mortuaries and also vofer parliament but nothing. >> human rights groups, key security forces ever unlawfully detaining and questioning suspects. >> we have not kidnapped anybody but they are arrested from their homes or from wherever, and they are in custody. not just in garissa but in parts of kenya for proper processing.
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>> rachel is far from the politics in the hospital that's now been her home for months. she's working hard on regaining her fitness and at the same time, coming to terms with the fact that she may never walk again. catherine soy, al jazeera, garissa in northeastern kenya. serbian police have arrested 80 people's people including a former minister in an anticonstruction crack down. still on the hund for hunt fore suspects. cost the state 100 million euros since 2004. >> the largest crimes were committed millions of euros. the state budget was mostly damaged by this kind of fraud. but equally damaging maybe not financially but equally damaging for society. >> al jazeera's marco subotich is in belgrade.
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>> this is one of the largest police operations in serbia in decades. investigations in this case have been ongoing since 2004 up to the present day, police are talking about 20 case related to cription abuse ocorruption, abu. businessmen accused of fraud, took money from state owned banks and never returned. anticorruption agency, suspected ever irregularities which led to her personal gains. among arrested is former minister of agriculture high position member of democratic party, ruling party until 2012. he is charged with abuse of office during his term. police say the presence the investigation the gathering of evidence was long and thorough, so that it would stand in any potential future cold cases.
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these arrests come two weeks after serbia offered accession talks with european union and needs to demonstrate are progress in corruption cases against organized crime. >> greece could end up spending half a billion in refugee costs this year. much of that is being repaid by the european union about the the loss of owner tourism. >> waited for occasional business. the refugee crisis has now put her at the top. >> translator: in summer we made up to 2,000 euros a day. now about 500, before we just made 50 euros a day. >> her van is one of several outside the refugee camp at moria. here refugees can warm
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themselves are by the stove, eat and recharge their cell phones. refugees and migrants have set up a tent city in the olive groafs. those with money have moved into small hotels dotings the cost which would normally be closed in december. they breakfast with police buffed in from athens. in town they can buy bus tickets. the refugee windfall is evidence all over town but city fathers worry that this may prove only a partial and temporary replacement of the tourism industry that applying ration seems to have chased away. 3 and a half% drop in business for first time last august. charter companies cut down flights and cruise ships took lesbos offer their itinerary. hoteliers expect a drop in
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business. >> will they feel put off what they see on the news and worried they will see sad things here? then we will take a loss. >> and there are official costs. the eu defrays the government's cost. that's not always true for local government. >> translator: this month i won't pay all the salaries. the burden is enormous. the taxes paid by 90,000 people are covering the cost of 440,000 migrants arriving. where. >> there's no doubt that lesbian is seeing the losses and the benefits becoming a global refusing capital. at the end of the day, people here say it's the loss of life that touches them and that's the main reason they want refugee flows to end. john siropolous, al jazeera, lesbos. >> more to come for you on the al jazeera newshour. we'll bring you the latest from australia as bush fires threat
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ton destroy more homes. and winning the war against internet trolls. and in sport, more doping misery for russia. stay with us.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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>> welcome back, you're watching the al jazeera newshour. a recap of the top stories now. the interim head of the syrian opposition said he will attend peace talks in geneva next month despite the death of zahran allouch. >> army began its offensive on tuesday. and israeli security forces have applied tear gas and hit demonstrators with batons after they demand the return of their dead ones. the families of 43 missing mexican students will march through the country's capital saturday to demand more information about where their loved ones could be. the students are disappeared
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from ig wa igwala last year. natasha guinane what have the relatives around friends have planned for the next few hours? >> well, maryian yam wha maryamd ritual this has become. a constant state of misery. i'm here in the main square here of mexico city. it is a very festive atmosphere now as people enjoy the holidays with their families. but for these families they will be making a trip that they make every year or every month on the 26th. today they're going to be coming to this square and then making a two-hour march or so to the most prominent church in mexico city. they're doing had to keep the pressure alive.
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they're committed very politically active because they want to get to the truth. they want to know exactly what happened to their loved ones. maryam one of the things we discovered, we visited a system in guerrero state and that family believes their loved one is still alive. >> emotions running high and very difficult because of an information blackout for these families, as you mentioned they have been in limbo for over a year now. it's a very complicated investigation isn't it? why has the government been so heavily criticized? >> yes, complicated indeed. the mexican government's official line is that these 43 young men, students at a royal teacher's college were massacred by a drug gang, their bodies burned and dumped in a landfill. now an independent investigation has concluded that there's simply no evidence that these young men were buried and burned in a land fill and that's really
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a problem. what happened to these men remains unanswered. and we spoke to a man who's with the interamerican human rights commission and he says that we're not naive. we believe that the government is involved and that the government intentionally left out crucial pieces that would help explain exactly what happened to this man, just briefly maryam to remind people, they hijacked buses in september of 2014, they needed transportation to get somewhere to fund raise for the school. this has come from mex and i frs believed they hijacked a bus where drugs were being transported. as i say these families are quite galvanized. they also represent the conscious eveconscience of mexit
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remain missing. >> natasha guinane bringing us all the latest from mexico city, the families and relatives of the 43 missing students, protesting what's happened to their loved ones. now over the past few years, twitter has simply changed the way we communicate but the social media service has a situation to it that is antisocial. now twitter is promising to stamp out so-called trolls with a series of new measures. according to a british newspaper, lasting effect in the offline world. twitter will also encourage victims to publish their names. let's get more on this story joining us live from belfast via skype is arthur cassidy.
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awr arthur, any measures we mention, is any of that likely to work? >> at the moment, we have no guarantee that it will work exclusive. some form of psychological deterrent of those who continue to troll. yes, it is a very positive step forward but time will tell. we'll have to monitor the activity. >> what are the common characteristics, the common traits of the personalities of the sort of people that troll twitter and then use it to bully or abuse others? >> well, we do know from our research that those who troll in any country tend to demonstrate high levels of sociopathy, they lack empathy for their owner victims, they go the way to
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manipulate and control the minds of the victims. right across the world in any culture. especially with regard to they want to prevent on cases that have legislation. >> are there different types of at which timer trolls, would you say there's one type of typical sociopathic personal or different personality psychological groups? >> yes william, w, we do know te are. there is a high level of evidence that shows that trolls have been causally or partially causally vulnerable. we have social evidence that many young people have died by suicide, as a consequence of being a victim to international trolls.
4:38 pm
remember of course and it is fundamentally important to understand that trolls can work in clusters in most countries and this raises the high level of status withins a cluster group of trolls. the more people who die by their own hand are those who experience some degree of mental health breakdown. so the troll's underlying motive, basically, is to kill the victim or help the victim to self-injure or end their own lives. particularly to bring down they're low self worth and low self-esteem. >> what is the best response on the part of the victim to sort of protect themselves from this type of behavior on twitter? >> well, first take green shots and ignore the truths. very simple strategies in block ignoring and saving evidence.
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understanding the kind of evidence we have for trolls because some trolling can become severely serious, those might not go as far as the crime court but will independent up at the magistrate's court. what i have knowledge emphasized is we need to curb the mall irk information act which is way out of date, and more pr profound legislation. >> the anonymity point i wanted to talk about. as far as the character traits of many of these trolls, they are manipulative, social yoa pathic. sociopathic. could these be people that you
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are sort of coming into contact with every day or they're out in society out in public but i suppose this kind of behavior only emerges when they're taking part in an anonymous forum. >> yes. you're quite right. because anonymity is the central core feature of why they do troll. if they were not to be anonymous, we would see a profound reduction in trolling behavior. they have other means of causing self-injury online. and what we do need really is to review basically the whole level of moderation and have independent moderation work independently from people on twitter and google, this level of activity in a much more profound way. >> thank you very much, it was interesting in getting your thoughts on this arthur cassidy, joining us from belfast.
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>> thank you very much. >> six people have died and even more have been forced to leave their home in some of the is worst flooding in south america in decades. the state of emergency has been declared in paraguay, hit the hardest, but neighboring areas of brazil and uruguay have been affected. the u.s. state of alabama has declared a state of emergency, power has been marked out in parts of the area of the city of birmingham. 17 people have been killed. across tennessee, arkansas and mississippi. in the australian state of victoria, bush fires have destroyed more than 100 homes. the threat of more fires
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remains. gerald tan reports. >> an eerie silence languages over the area. city of melbourne usually packed, tourist magnet but after a bush fire swept along the coast. >> today is really assessment day, whether it's assessing damage oproperty, the safety of roads, power, water, environmental issues, the other issue today of course is smoke and what impact that will have in terms of those who have got underlying conditions. >> overnight rains helped to get 2200 hectare blaze under control but the area still is not in the clear. >> this is a fire that will remain with potential to burn in january and february of this year. if forecast for a long dry hot summer is there. >> firefighters battle into the night on friday. water bombing aircraft were
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brought in but the flames continue to engulf trees and homes. many residents and tourists spend their holidays at elevation centers. evacuation centers. >> that plume of smoke was getting pretty close to home. you know? looking out my back doosh i doos apocalyptic. >> australia is no traininger to bush fires. they strike every year. each timing the loss he are no less painful pfn geral painful. gerald tan, al jazeera. complaints of human rights abuses, john holman has more now in the first story of a three part series. >> reporter: the road to the u.s. has been barred to central
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american migrants, as never before. this is mexico, where deportations have gone up by 70% in the last year and a half. authorities send hundreds back every day to honduras, guatemala. el salvador. countries suffering violence and poverty. >> we're poor and that's why we look for the american dream. unfortunately, they catch and send us back to death. what can we do but try again. >> the record number of child migrants turn up on u.s. doorstep. rather than focusing on the root causes that are forcing people to flee from central america, the u.s. has instead given mexico more money more equipment to cut off that flow at its southern border. and it's worked. roving checkpoints and a
4:45 pm
constant watch on the trains the migrants clamor on to travel north, this center is full to bursting. this is what happened to oscar's arm when he was run over buy patrol who saw his injury then left him bleeding on the road side. >> translator: other people would have helped me, taken me to a hospital but they just didn't care. it was as if i wasn't even human. >> reporter: to avoid authorities, migrants are often forced to travel through isolated areas where organics of robbers and kidnappers lie in wait. the chappas state migration office says they are acting against corrupt officials. >> we have shown clearly we don't tolerate impunity in the
4:46 pm
state. that's the best proof that migrants can trust us. >> but that trust is far from earned yet. the vast majority of the migrants we talked to in mexico see authorities as just another threat and increasingly thought of land. john holman capachula, mexico. >> in the next are john holman will have more from san pefd roo sul. sul. still to come on the al jazeera newshour. and in sport, controversy surroundinsurrounding fantasy sn the united states.
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>> welcome back. now new york's metropolitan opera has hosted some of the world's greatest singers but these days it's attracting a different kind of crowd, children, to appreciate the classical form of music and as kristin saloomey discovered, a whole lot more. >> these children may be more familiar with dow or rihanna than boehem. >> me and my friend were like gasping. we were like --
4:49 pm
>> it was like watching on television but in a real place. >> reporter: for many city kids it is their first formal exposure to a classic art form. attending a dress rehearsal is a comprehensive are arts program sponsored by the metropolitan arts guild. the guild represents artists like carolyn blackwell who in addition to being a classical performer has spent time herself teaching children. >> i made them realize that how opera was already in their lives. i said to them bugs bunny being cartoons you hear figaro, figaro, figaro, you hear that don't you? they said yes, and they understood that. >> row row row row your boat gently down the stream.
4:50 pm
>> in the classroom the children learn to tell the story with music and lots of drama. >> this is opera so it has to be something like epic. they are escaping from the police. >> they write their own libretto or story line. >> a four year study by the metropolitan opera guild found that students who participated in the program did better in math, science and english than those who didn't. and at a time when many schools are focused on improving test scores, teachers say the class is a fun complement to their lesson plans. >> the big thing for third grade is being able to tell a story and find all the parts of the story and wheeze do a lot of work with it in reading and writing obviously, but it's so nice to have them see that show up in drama. >> with more than 15,000 students already taking part in the program, it's no wonder, schools are sing its praises. kristin saloomey, al jazeera,
4:51 pm
brooklyn, new york. >> time now for your latest sports news with farrah. >> maryam, thank you so much. under pressure, owner louis van hal, fourth successive loss if all competitions, five knowledge competitions without a win. the result means manunited dropped to 6th in the table. next game is against chelsea on monday. >> i have said in former press conferences, that it is not always like that, that the club has to fire or sack me. sometime i do it by myself. but i am the one who wants to speak first, with the board of
4:52 pm
man united and with the members of my staff or with my players and not with you. >> claudio renieri's team has been beaten for the first time since september. they went down 1-nil to liverpool. arsenal has missed the chance to go top. couldn't get off to a winning start as chelsea interim boss they drew against wafford and third place manchester city. given australia the advantage going into day 2 of the second test at the mcg. day 1 in melbourne saw the home side rack up 345 for 3, this after they'd been put to bat by west in indice.
4:53 pm
indies. >> they closed on 1 spin for 4. a boycott involving two of pakistan's most high profile players over the inclusion of mohammed amir in a training camp has come to an end. refused to join their teammates to protest the selection of amir who served a five year ban for spot fixing. pair threatened with disciplinary action disagreed on saturday to join the camp. russian weight lifter has been are trace hes of a banned substance in his a sample. the suspension comes just days after the iaaf announced they were sending a task force to
4:54 pm
russia. >> we will support him in any way possible until the athlete is coughed until the decision is made. as far as i know today, he had a very serious major injury. torn ligament and of course he was given certain medications. now fantasy sports are. popular in the couples some call for the industry to be shut down. john henry smith reports. >> 2015 the year fantasy sports grew up. fans like rick anthony have for years played fantasy sports. picking players and following their statistical success on imaginary teams. >> yes i'm a jeff fan. it's good to see us win but also to make some money along the way rooting for other teams and other players makes it that much more exciting.
4:55 pm
>> the winner of rick's league makes hundreds, and a new way to play fantasy sports exploded. >> fan dual fans are being paid $75 million a week. with no commitment. >> daily fantasy sports or bfs lesion are offered achance to win anywhere from a couple of bucks to $1 million all for an entry fee of as little as $1 a week. >> i have so far profit almost $5,000. >> ran around 8,000 ads per week by the start of the nfl season. funded in part by mega partnerships with big media and with the big sports leagues themselves. >> fan dual's paying out up to $1 million every day in this baseball season. >> in the second full week of football alone, fan duel, more
4:56 pm
than judges those entry fees. politicians started asking if dfs is illegal gambling. officials all over the country began coming to the same conclusion. representative frank pallone from new jersey -- >> it wasn't gambling they maintained because by law gambling was defined as a game of chance where dfs should be a contest of skill. scandal and legal action which caused the very fairness of the game into action. nevada moved to restrict the sites and class action cases were filed. most damning accusation was that employees at draft kings used their inside information to place bets with competitors. told to stop accepting those fees. saying daily fantasy constitutes
4:57 pm
illegal gambling under new york law. then in december an appeals court said that two companies could continue operating into january 4th of the new year. in the meantime significant damage to the industry has been done. according to legal sports, entry fees have plunged since their record highs in october, and corporate partners like espn and the ncaa have begun to distance themselves. john henry smith, al jazeera. that's all for sport for now. now back to maryam in london. >> thank you very much, you can find all your nooz al news and , video on demand if you check that out, at i'll be back with a full bulletin of news life in mexico city where the families of 43 missing students are planning to embark on their march.
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more on that later, stay with us.
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>> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america. >> comedy great richard lewis. >> i really am in love with the craft. >> turning an angst ridden and neurotic outlook... >> i have to unravel myself on stage as fearlessly as possible. >> into an award winning career...from hell. >> it's thrilling when it's working. >> i lived that character. >> go one-on-one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change.
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the interim prime minister of syria's opposition group says it will attend peace talks in geneva the loss after key rebel leader. ♪ hello. you are watchingays live from london. also coming up: palestinians demanding the returns of the bodies of their loved ones attacked by israeli security forces. also, i am tanya page where, reporting on a volatile security situation improved just in time


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