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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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>> good evening, i'm jonathan betz, and this is al jazeera america. special investigates. exclusive report on doping in sports calls are growing for chicago's mayor to step down after two more deadly police shootings no charges for two cleveland police officers - a grand jury decides not to indict after the killing of a 12-year-old boy an al jazeera investigation into performance enhancing drugs is still in the spotlight tonight. the investigation includes the claims of a pharmacist who
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previously interned at an anti-ageing clinic in indiana. and tells an undercover reporter that the clinic shipped human growth hormone to the wife of payton manning. one of the main points in contention is the dates charlie sly worked there. we'll go to john henry smith in denver, where the broncos are wrapping up their football game, but first this report. >> reporter: when our undercover athlete liam collins met charlie sly, he demonstrated his knowledge of drugs, offering liam an anabolic banned in sport. in the next 12 days, in several different meetings, and 27 hours of recorded conversations, slying gradually opened up and about his contacts with athletes. statement he now denies. his most controversial allegation is that when he did
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part of his pharmacy training at a clinic in indiana. human growth hormone was linked to payton manning's wife. >> all the time we'd send ash manning drugs, from everywhere, florida - never under payton's name, under her name. >> reporter: since then the clinic claimed that sly was there in 2013, after the manning's moved away in 2011, as al jazeera originally reported. now al jazeera is releasing the phone call we made almost a month ago to confirm the dates of sly's rotation. >> thank you for cool the guyer institute of molecular medicine. >> this is heather, can i hope you. >> yes, i need to do an employment verification on a gentlemen, charles sly. he's a pharmacist and i believe he did a rotation with you, is that right, do you know him. >> yes.
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aha. >> could you give me the precise dates. thank you. >> announcer: remain on the line. a representative will resist you. . >> and do you know how long he stayed with you? great, that's great, sounds like you know him then. >> yes. and have you a good new year's eve that was a month ago. dr dale guyer says charlie sly fabricated his whole story. sly says everything he said when he didn't know he was being recorded was untrue. payton manning issued his own angry denial saying he's never used performance enhancing drugs. however, the allegation in the programme, the growth hormone was shipped from the guyer clinic to ashley manning was not
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denied by payton manning or the clinic. it leaves several key questions to be answered, was growth hormone shipped to ashley manning, and if so, over what period and in what quantities, and can they confirm ashley manning does not suffer any of the three conditions for which it's legal to prescribe growth hormone. if she does not, it raises the question - has the guyer institute broken the law? >> and we spoke to deborah davy, the al jazeera journalist that investigated the story. she defends her reporting. we ask her if it's fair to the athletes that she relied heavily on one source. >> the recanted statement of charlie sly is a short 54 seconds saying i didn't say what you caught me saying when i didn't realise you were recording me. >> you have to take a call on his credibility in the undercover and in the recanting.
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if we had any doubts that what he was telling us was not the truth, we would not have recorded it and include itted in the programme. >> and our john henry smith is in denver, where the broncos are playing. john, what are we hearing, if anything, from payton manning tonight? >> well, over the last 24 hours, jonathan, payton manning came out force flyin denying that he took hdas any time, any were. he says he's angry, and expressed the anger sunday on e.s.p.n. >> it stings me, whoever the guy is insinuated, i cut corners, broke rules, it's a joke, it's a frigging joke again, payton manning expressing a great deal of anger. he has threatened to take more action as he expresses his anger over the questions that have
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been raised. >> so, john, you are outside the stadium. it's a big night for the broncos, i'm curious to know what the fans are saying about the investigation? >> well, of course, the fans here - we talked to so many fan, and fans that we spoke to before tonight's game. a lot were here to see payton manning, and they came from great distances. from california, from texas, to see a personal they idolised. the only thing tougher than a needle in a haystack is someone that believed these? >> i think it's garbage, it's sad. look what he's done, and they are dragging him through the mud. >> even if it's true it doesn't matter. >> no, but i don't believe. >> if it's true, does it matter? >> i think it does.
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>> i - either way, it's a performance enhancing drug and i don't believe payton is the guy to do that. >> reporter: you heard that sentiment. and that hey, if it is true, we don't like it, it's a bad thing, but the bottom line is the fans don't believe their idol would engage in such before and are not putting a lot of stuck in that report. john henry smith live for us from denver under pressure after the fatal shooting of a black college student and female bystander. wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against the city. >> why you have to shoot first and ask questions later? >> reporter: a reaction to the latest fatal police shootings in chicago, forcing the beleaguered
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man rahm emanuel to cut short a family trip and rush back to the city. the father of one of the victims called police saying his son was agitated, banging on the door. a neighbour told the far that she saw quinn tonio with a baseball bat. the father warned jones that police were coming. when they arrived one officer shot six or seven times and hit ley gear and jones. the police are calling her death a tragic accident. among the questions about the shootings, one that so many are asking, is why didn't the officers use a tazer on ley gear. a long-time former officer and member of the city's independent review authority told us it's ridiculous many police officers have the option to use them. >> as far as i'm concerned, if
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you don't have a taser, you should not have responded to the incident. >> we have apologised. the department apologised. it's a shame when things like this occur. >> the president of chicago's police union said tasers are not the easy answer. for one thing, not every officer has a taser yet. and so far only about 20% of 10,000 officers in chicago has taser training. >> the recruits going through the academy are taser trained. the new wave will be qualified and certified. >> it's not good enough for lorenzo davis. >> poor police tactics, poor place response. poor staffing. some police officers, you know - we just have to face that killing is on their mind. >> from the vacation in cuba,
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the mayor released a statement saying there was serious questions and arrived the police department to come up with better training. like the kind of situation ley gear found themselves in. from the department, from two more families, reeling from the loss of family members, the changes came late. >> in 35 years being exposed. this is one of the lowest periods of moral that i have experienced. >> no mother should have to bury her child. in cleveland a grand jury cleared two police officers in the shooting death of tamir rice. the 12-year-old was playing with a pellet gun when the officer opened fire. the prosecutor called it a tragedy, not a crime. john terrett reports. >> reporter: no charges for the two police officers involved in the death of tamir rice. the 12-year-old shot as he
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apparently reached into his waistband for a pellet gun in november last year. the prosecutor said he agreed with the grand jury's decision. >> simply put, given this perfect storm of human error, mistakes and miscommunications by all involved, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. >> the weapon tamir rice had was a realistic looking copy of a real pistol. in a statement issued through their attorney, the ries family accused the prosecutor of accusing and manipulating the grand jury process to get the outcome he wanted. a statement read: [ chanting ] >> reporter: the shooting of tamir rice led to protests in the city and was a key event in 2014 that led to the nation-wade "black lives matter," along with the death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, and erebbing
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garner -- ashraf ghani in new york. the -- eric garner in new york. >> i want to say to the family, the mother in particular, that we are sorry for their loss, and we know it's been a long process, but we do not intend to add to whatever anxiety or agon ni that they feel in terms of the process. the police chief says now criminal proceedings are over, his next priority is an internal investigation. >> now that the country grand jury has concluded, we start the administrative process with the sfertion involved. we are going to convene the critical incident review committee. that will protect the incident from start to finish. >> the department of justices and the fbi are reviewing the shooting and still ahead - extreme
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weather. tornados, flash flooding, snow and highs - a major storm is carving a path of destruction plus, iraqi forces call it a major victory over i.s.i.l. - major efforts to take the city of ramadi.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
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in syria, activists say 32 people were killed in the city of homs. a car bomb exploded this morning, and minutes later a suicide bomber detonated his vest as people gathered at the scene. dozens more were hurt. >> in afghanistan, one was killed, 33 wounded in a suicide bomb attack. police say the attacker blew up a car bomb near the airport in kabul. 18 of the injured are thought to be children. taliban issued a statement saying the attack targeted a vehicle carrying westerners from a military base. >> it could be a major setback for i.s.i.l. in iraq. iraqi security forces say they have driven i.s.i.l. fighters from the center of ramadi, 70 miles west of baghdad. the city is riddled with bombs,
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booby traps, that need to be cleared before the city is liberated. >> we believe while there's work to do. we believe they'll be able to achieve that in relatively short period of time. >> iraqi forces carried out the operations without the help of shia militias, because ramadi is a sunni city. it will be handed over to local police, and a sunni tribal force a ship filled with most of the iran's low enriched uranium is en route to russia. it fulfils a provision of the nuclear agreement reacheded in july. tehran agreed to scale back its programme so it would not have fuel to produce a nuclear weapon. the agreement is to take effect in a matter of weeks. >> president obama boned texas gore greg abbott after severe
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whether battered the state, to show support. 11 died in dallas. states in the mid west and the south are in full recovery mode. >> reporter: flooding rain, ice and snow. a massive storm creating dangerous conditions for tens of millions of americans. the latest in a string of powerful weather event, from flooding to tornados. 47 people died in 7 states. >> some of these houses are barely recognisable. it's a pile of match sticks. >> a survey from the air. residents from the ground try to take up the piece, salvaging what they can from piles of rubble. these homes recently completed, now reduced to scrap. >> that's it, it's a torn aidio. >> reporter: this will a string of tornados blasted through a swathe of texas, with winds of up to 180 miles per hour. 11 were killed. here is the storm that brought the tornados seen from space.
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and brought snow from new mexico. >> in the midwest. heavy downpours producing flash flooding, killing at least 15. in missouri, flood waters engulfed homes, swept away r.v.s. >> this is the worst anyone has seen. >> in texas, authorities are surveying the damage. some 70 million americans are under winter alerts across the country. >> developing tonight, the young man known as the ef lunsa teen has been captured in mexico. he was arrested. he killed four pedestrians while driving drunk in 2013. his defense claimed he suffered from affluenza, meaning he was so wealthy and spoilt he couldn't tell the difference between right and wrong. he plead guilty and was given a
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10 year suspended sentence. the prosecutor appealed. he and his mother disappeared. later, the new push to call out animal abusers, as a way of keeping people safe.
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the first state-wide animal
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abuse in the u.s. goes into effect on tuesday. people will be publicly identified if convicted. >> reporter: an animal is abused every 10 seconds in the united states. according to the american society for prevention of cruelty to animals. according to the fbi, decreasing animal abuse can lower overall crime rates, and that's the idea beyond tennessee's new law making information about animal abusers public. >> information came from - there were several times that we had been - had received reports of someone going into a store, or a shelter, adopting puppies, and, you know, torturing and killing the animals. >> the state senator sponsored the bill that goes into effect
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on knew year's day. >> you look at the link between animal cruelty and cruelty to humans. what happens with tomistdoomist abuse, that this is something we want to put an end to when we can the registry is expected to help the fbi and other agencies identified trends and patterns. in fact, the fbi recently added animal cruelty to a top tier crime list. along with arson, burglary, kidnap and murder. among the information, the name and photo of the convicted abuser. >> there's no telling how many abused animals are on the streets and homes. we know this. when picked up, many are brought here to the larger shelter in nashville. >> this shelter holds up to 400 animals at a time. some picked up roaming the streets, others neglected and
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abused by the owners. >> oftentimes that can escalate. we believe the registry would enforce law enforcement. trying to make sure we keep the people off the streets. the registry will allow shilters to identify abusers looking to adopt animals for activities like dog fighting. >> for us we see dogs not given the care and attention we need. we see people that shoot dogs convicted animal abusers information will remain in the registry for two years following the first offense, and five years following a second one. several states tried unsuccessfully to pass bills creating a registry for animal abusers. a database has been established on the local level, such as the ones the new york city suburb put in place in 2010. there are none on the state
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level until now. and turning to presidential politics. a battle is brewing between the republican and democratic frontrunners. donald trump tweeted that former president bill clinton has a terrible record of waning abuse. a spokesperson from the hillary clinton campaign issued a statement saying hillary clinton will not be bullied by attacks trump throes at her or bill clinton. to talk about this we bring in bill schneider, a public policy professor is the george university and a contribute yore for "the national journal", and "atlantic monthly." good to see you. what do you make of the move of donald trump going after bill clintoned hard. >> -- bill clinton hard. >> well what else do you expect?
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he goes after everyone until he gets what he wants. >> this is special considering it's a topic others are leaving off limits. >> he ree viving the clinton -- reviving the client wars, and essentially saying we'll go back to the '90s, and the clinton controversies. if we elect donald trump, i can assure you the controversies will never stop do you feel this underscores a larger issue that bill clinton's scandals could come back to haunt hillary clinton. >> remember, she was betrayed in the scandals. she didn't perpetrate them. donald trump said bill clinton had a penchant for sexism. something she accused trump of. she poked this. most think bill clinton had a penchant for sex, not sexism. he did well among the women voters, they re-elected him in 1996. the argument here that donald
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trump and supporters bring up is that hillary clinton was a victim. she stood by him. i want to read to you a quote from "the washington post" columnist, saying that bill clinton's conduct to women is worse than any of the offensive things. trump has smeared women because of their look, but clinton prayed on them. with that in mind. do you think that this might be dangerous territory. >> it could be dangerous. that is the bad memory of bill clinton. people don't want to go back. he embarrassed the country. the public did not want to see him removed, and he embarrassed the country. this is a bad memory. when people talk about bill clinton. most voters will remember that. people make a lot of funny in the late 1990s, associating clinton with an economic boom. he has a positive image of any
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of the four presidents. >> how would you sum up clinton's campaign, do you think they are being forceful enough? >> she should want the issue to go away. it's never a good idea to pick a fight with donald trump. he fights back harder and meaner than the person who poked him. >> bill schneider, live for us tonight. thank you for your time. >> sure we are shredding our first batch of the negativity from 2015. let's hear it, laij that's what we are waiting for, in new york's time square, dozens used a giant shredder to tear up bad memories of 2015. they shredded photos, bills, written messages involving anything that needed to be trashed. the tradition is a good one. a ninth annual good riddance
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day. we hope you had a good riddance day. we'll be here all week for the new year's eve week. thank you for watching. for the latest news, head to and stay here, ray suarez is up next with "inside story". >> america's college and university students past and present are more than $1 trillion in debt. graduating college with tens of thousands in loans is now commonplace, as is heading to work in jobs that don't require a college degree. years of costing more than other things, racing ahead of slowly rising incomes. more people wo


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