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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. hello everyone. i am felicity barr. welcome to the newshour live from london. in the next 60 minutes two jewish citizenship are charged over a west bank arson attack which killed a mother, father, and baby. protestors stormed the embassy in tehran after the execution of a shia dissident. demonstrators demand officers as a 5th book publisher from hong kong goes missing. mourning the mexican mayor shotded after just 24 hours in
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her new job. hello, everybody. robert adams with the sport live from doha. here is a site you don't often see. smiling, a good start to the manager of the english champion. an update coming up we will begin this news hour with some breaking news coming to us out of afghanistan where the indian consulate has come under attack. local officials say they heard explosions and shots after four gunmen tried to enter the compounds in northern afghanistan. afghan special forces are at the scene right now. more from al jazeera's ka kai savini, monitoring efforts from the afghan capitol. what more do we know about this attack? >> reporter: we know in a number of gunmen tried to enter the consulate and they entered
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the house next to it and they opened fire from there. the fighting, itself, is still going on. we believe there are some casualties. right now, we don't have much detail on that. >> early days, of course, at the moment, kai but have we got any idea who might be responsible for attacking the indian consulate? >> it's not for a time -- the first time the indian employ diplomatic consulate has attacked. at that time, always afghan intelligence were claiming pakistan behind the attacks and remember from the consulate, pakistani government always showed they are not happy. after afghanistan. even if taliban claims it might
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not be that straightforward. >> i know you will keep up, up to date with that news off of afghanistan. two israeli citizens have been charged over an arson attack that killed an 18 month old and his parents in the occupied went bank. a managed 21 has been charged with murder and a 17-year-old has been charged as an accessory to murder. they are charged with belonging to a terrorist organization. in july, masked men attacked the family home with a malatov cocktail burning it to the ground. the mother, father, and an 18 month o 18-month-old son died. the only survivor was 4-year-old akmed. he was badly burned and is still recovering. charles stratford. in the occupied west bank. >> i am in the bedroom where this attack happened last july. it's incredible to see so many personal belongings of the family that died in that attack still here. even the pram that was used to
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push ali around, the 18 month old baby who died in a attack, we are told in the corner here was where his crib was where he was sleeping on that night. the brother of the wife that was killed, rouhan, says it was around 2:00 o'clock in the morning that suddenly the window behind me was smashed. were thrown inside. according to a statement that saad, the father who died of his injuries a few days later in hospital said that he grabbed akmed and made a bee line for the door. his wife, rohoun grabbed what she thought was ali, a bunch of blankets and both parents on fire, so we are told, tried to get out of the house. when they did not get out of the house, according to this statement, there were two maveningdz men standing there. the young boy was pushed back into the house and the door was closed and the two parents were basically left to die burning on
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the floorout outside of the house, now there are great doubts here in this village as to whether justice will be served. when you look at the statistics, there are very few cases of indictments being made against these israeli citizens against palestinians, a very macarbe or somebe atmosphere. >> human rights say there is a culture of impunity. there was a surge of violence against palestinians in 2015. attacks have doubled in the last five years. a major study by the israeli rights group yesterday in over 10 years found 92% of cases end without any charges. the latest israeli army figures reveal 96% of military investigations into allegations of misconduct also end without any action. joining me now in the studio is
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josie managelberg. thank you for coming in to al jazeera. some surprise has been expressed that any charges have been laid at all. were you surprised when these charges were announced? >> i would say i am surprised. i think the pressure otisitioni internal security, the justice system, this was such a horrific attack that it couldn't keep the society indifferent from a family is attacked and murdered while they are asleep in such a horrific way. i think the pressurek from all levels, if you like to find the cull pripz. the prime minister of jewish tear richlt and now it's left to the justice system actually to find out if the two guys are the ones charles stratford in his report there said amonged the palestinians, there were grave
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doubts justice will be done, the trial will go through to the full conclusion. but presumably t wouldn't be in the interest of the israeli government for that not to be seen to be taking place properly a trust of confidence. under the occupation, a lot of the activities of this type of terrorist commit crime after crime against them are and this is they need to be convinced actually it's going to change or at least on this case there is no justice going to be that so the confidence is low they specifically shock theitsisi society. there is an understanding, some understanding among the security services and the government that this time, they can compromise
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the security. they undermine law and order as a society and the israeli government to do something about this they actually don't even want to see this kind of government in place. a view which she want to i implement in israel. >> the horrific case of settler violence toward palestinians. as we saw very few cases ends up in court, very few charges are laid. why is that? obviously the palestinians will say that's simply because the justice stem doesn't want to prosecute israelis but is it also about how difficult it is to investigate those attacks. why this is the case so many attacks on palestinians on innocent people going without
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charges. without finding the culprit. in this sense, the government is complicit with the settlers in breaking the law. actually, the settlement. they allow them to be in certain ways. this is the result of it. i think the israeli government should make accountable to the fact that they allow those criminals to keep on doing that without pressing charges against them. i think the israel's security forces concentrate more on preventing palestinian militancy and terrorism looking at jewis and israel terrorism. it's about time they do much more again. >> okay. good to get your views and thoughts on the story. now, already tension relations between regional rivals saudi arabia and iran have reached a new low. 40 people have been arrested in tehran after demonstrators set
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fire to the saudi embassy. qatar strongly condemned that attack. am. protestods were angry over the execution. the saudi government news conference is due to take place shortly in riyadh. we will go back to that as soon as it gets underway. first, rob mathson has this report. >> the saudi embassy in tehran. iranians are furious after a cleric was among 47 men executed in saudi arabia on charges of plotting and carrying out stairrist attacks. it will iran's supreme leader is warning of what he calls divine ref he isseng. >> a wrong deed because this blood will trouble them without a do you not. i have no doubt about it. policy makers executed them. the decision makers should not under estimate that this blood will trouble them. it will torment them.
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iran revealed its true face in support for terrorism. sentenced to death for sedition, disobedience and bearing arms. he didn't deny the political charges against him but said he never carried weapons or called for violence. riyadh followed a judicial process. a view supported by the muslim world league which says the death penaltied in saudi arabia fell under islamic law and apply to sunni and shia. saudi arabia vowed to stamp out terrorism after 15 people were killed in a suicide mosque in the southwestern city in august. the leader of iran's alleys, a lebanon-based group, hezbollah says the execution carries what he calls a message of blood.
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>> to the family of the scholar and martyr, to the great muslim slarz and everyone asking for rights, my condolences to all of them for the martyrdom of this great similar. foreign ministers reported to say they have no further interest. part of the huffing and puffing, a lot of rhetoric. i think in a few days, things will come down and eventually saudi arabia and iran will have no, ma'am choice but to forge ahead and find language to avoid sectarian warfare throughout the region. >> tehran and readd with the conflict in yemen and syria, there are fears this latest rift may have a wider implication. >> you saw him in rob's report,
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joining us, the middle east and columnist for the gulf news thanks for being with us on the news hour. we saws there strong words from iran. hezbollah. we are waiting for the press conference with the saudi foreign minister. are you expecting equally strong words with him, too? >> i doubt it very much. he will try to calm down but obviously we will have to respond plus using firm language if not equally vociferous language. neither hezbollah or beirut, but again, you have to understand hezbollah has a particular awed yenings. i think the foreign minister of saudi arabia will try to be very firm and say that international law needs to be applied when it comes to dmrok attic.
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in the region, the sovereignty of saudi arabia according to the law. >> was this a press conference aimed at the domestic audience or aimed at a wider international audience because it's not just being iran and hezbollah who have con determined the execution. human rights groups around the world have connell determined it there hasn't been much in the way of the u.s. and u.k. but what message do they want to send to those people? >> i think you are right. multiple audiences. press conferences type of address. the audiences especially in the western world when there has been a defendant great deal of criticism they did commit crimes of terrorism and were tried and
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found guilty. he will have to win over some of the skeptics in the west who don't believe this is the case. it is on him to make the case. he will succeed because the evidence that has been presented is overwhelming that in fact the sheik is not add innocence as a lot of people have made out to be. he has participated sedition. he has encouraged people to participate in violence and in one instances, there is a video that shows him in which fire was launched that. nevin western countries is a inono he admitted he was a political dissident, opposed to the saudi government but he, himself, be denied he ever carried out violence. >> that is correct. >> the problem for saudi arabia, i guess, is that groups like amnesty international say that
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the execution indicates saudi arabia is using execution to settle political scores and is using the guys as quote counter tear troichl clamp down on dissent after those death sentences were carried out. does saudi arabia actually worry about groups like amnesty international who have also condemned and criticized the execution saying they were distu disturbing, particularly if some were executed for non-violent crimes? saudi arabia, does it care what human rights groups think about what happens in the country? >> like all governments around the world, obviously, there is international pressure. amnesty international, human rights watch and other organizations do, in fact carry their weight. and people pay attention to them. i think it's a mistake that saudi arabia does not pay attention to these organizations. it will also try to defend its positioning trying to ensure that it's legal system goes forward and is disrespected.
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i think as i sid, there is a public relations initiative that needs to be clarified and emphasized but i think the saudis are on solid ground. the trial they have put together. mind you these individuals with terrorism groups not for petty groups. others, which is the case where every three -- every day there are three different individuals who have been hanged for much, much less offenses their terrorist activity. therefore, people do pay attention to the organization. and have a say in what goes on. >> human rights watch would also condemn what happened as well as shashim. good to have you with us with your thoughts. we are awaiting at the foreign
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ministry in riyadh in saudi arabia, waiting for thephon minister to give a press conference. there has -- it has been thought to have been happening in the last hour. we are awaiting arrival. we will cross straight back to riyadh as soon as he appears on the podium. also still to come on this news hour, still, not over, gun battles resume at the indian air force base near the pakistani border. yemenis under sees in taiz. a human chain highlights their suffering. >> sport football fans. kabul hoping for afghan nationalism. ♪ ♪ the u.s.-led coalition said it conducted 26 new advances. they have killed at least 50 soldiers, iraqi soldiers.
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23 soldiers. they will claim control. this video from the armed group, the crossing. army base, another attack in hadifa that killed 18 people. al jazeera's waddill e braham has more now from the capitmore >> the first one was in hadil province when six fighters infiltrated inside at a time military base north of tikrit according to the governor, three of them were killed in the iraq forces and those people and the three of them, they reached inside. according to our security
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forces. at least 13 people were killed and 10 from the iraqi security forces. >> isil claimed responsibility. he job description soldiers in the sinai "penguins of madagascar." the group said it killed 10 soldiers in raqua. friday, egyptian airstrikes hit a number of targets in the area. dozens of soldiers were killed last year in sinai. syria's opposition is trying to agree on who should be part of upcoming direct talks of the as assad government in two weeks' time. the meeting in riyadh. the opposition wants to include a democratic syria which will keep state institnuingsz tact. the negotiations. power after a six higher week negotiation period. preconditions to stop government attacks in opposition areas and facilitate the return of millions of refugees.
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as the syrian civil war continues, the humanitarian situation worsens day by day. small towns close to the lebanese border are feeling the impact. prison swap. pro-government forces. many, warning you may find some of the footage in this report disturbing. the people of maiduri were promised help. it hasn't come. shops were empty or closed. on the streets, dejection and despair. >> we have only got water. how come there isn't any food? in the end, we were eating starch. everything has gone. >> no one is allowed to leave maiduria. the situation is extremely bad. >> in the middle of a weinter
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chill, students are scrabbling for scraps or picking weeds from the road 150id in a dissipate attempt to fill tiny plates. bullets and bombs didn't kill these victims. they starved to death. humanitarian aid was part of a prison swap deal in december. dozens of fighters and their families were transported out of the town to lebanon headed for turkey. in exchange, hezbollah and other shia fighters were given safe passage out of small towns in northern syria. to damascus. the rebels lost control on most of the towns in the syrian army. many residents believe the probe government forces are blocking supplies. >> dealt with with 150 cases of unconsciousness. people were unconscious because of malnutrition. they hadn't been getting enough food for a number of days.
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>> struggling to help rising number of syrians suffering from malnutrition. what sound there is on the streets come mainly from children playing or people trying to salvage what thing. after months of depr i have a tion, it was hoped the prisoner swap deal would get them what they needed. many are wondering if it will ever arrive. joining us in the studio, a senior lecturer at the school of air abic studies. talk us through exactly what's happening in riyadh at the moment. they are having to decide who is going to be part of this delegation to hold peace talks with the afghan government in two weeks' time. how easy is it to come up with that 50-man delegation? >> very difficult. what they are trying to do is to more or less centralize in the
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forces in syria and given that they have very different aims, different orientations, different ideological backgrounds action different leaderships, it is very difficult to come up with a delegation and send it to negotiate given many of them refuse the identify of negotiations to begin with. refugees, not negotiate with the person. it was the responsibility. waiting for a compromise. probably assad is in agreement. for many this is a red line. >> what are agreed on, then, going forward? >> i think the agreement to negotiate comes from two things.
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one, almost major advances since august. the russian intervention, things got more complex. the regional responses, especially saudi arabia supports some of these rebel groups. very much interested in seeing the escalation in syria. it's more about the international sponsors and regional powers as opposed to the revolutionaries fighting against the regime. >> this goes on to meet members. we have had many conferences, piece talks before. >> it's very difficult to assess that, but what we saw is that the army issues a statement saying it had to be one, geneva i says it has to be in good
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shape. the positions are held. not upheld. >> good to get your thoughts. still to come. reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. south african people fighting to get back their land. sri lanka, the government trying to protect threatened wildlife. england cricketer ben stokes blasts into the history books. robin will have the details in sport.
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>> new moms forced to choose. >> the united states does lag behind other countries on this. >> now a revolution in workers' rights... >> my story is so many peoples' story. >> that could decide the election. >> it can be different. back and a reminder the top stories here afghanistan has come under attack. local officials say they heard
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explosions and attacks when gunmen entered. two israelis are being charged in connection with an arson attack in the occupied west bank. demonstrators, angry about the execution by saudi arabia at the prominent sheik cleric. to mexico, a mayor was shot dead 24 hours after starting her new job. 100 kilometers of mexico city. she was sworn in as mayor of mexico city on friday and was dead on saturday, shot and killed at her home detectives suspects nine people were involved in her murder. two were killed at the scene. police officers and soldiers
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chased and detained four others. we demand a full complete investigation by the state government to the final consequences the. there are four people who will have to request who was the mastermind this crime. the state governor is suggesting the mayor pledged to tackle crime head on yes felt some fest threatened by her opening speech. >> reporter: violent crime in the region is widespread. the area where she was murdered is the most violent city in mexico based upon the number of cases of murder, rape, kidnap, armed robbery and extortion. the may offer took office on the
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same day a massive push to provide security. politicians including two mayoral candidates were killed before elections last year. adam if you can bring us up to date with the latest on the investigation into her murder. >> at least two people have been killed in the investigation. one is a minor. many organized criminal gangs are packed full of young men looking to make easy money because there aren't that many opportunities here other than
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this being an occurrence that happened just after this woman took office, they don't have any leads other than those people in their custody. it's not clear if those people are going to roll over on whoever perhaps ordered this because this was a highly organized attack. we have seen local officials in recent months and years have to take on these investigations on the front line because many of these criminal groups are operating brazenly and throughouting the law totally, buying off politicians, buying off local authorities and the people paying the biggest price are those local authorities. >> yeah. a shocking attack. how common? put in to place how common is this? >> literally in the hundreds here in mexico according to the local association of authorities in mexico, more than 100 mayors have been attacked in the past 10 years since basically the beginning of the drug war. 1,000 public functionaries, people who work in local
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government have been attacked. many killed you can see lists in local papers of the dozens of congress people, mayors, police chiefs who have been killed or disappeared or who were statemented, had their lives attempted, that is, drug gangs and organized criminal groups attacking them. the reason is because these gangs rely on corrupt officials in these cities and states, not just in the capitol, mexico city. they need these people under their thumb. up to the border, they make millions of dollars off drug sales in these local areas. the only way they can do that is to have local government in their clutches. this was clear for the whole world to see in the case of the 43 students. one of the main culprits in that case. so that surprised many outside of mexico.
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people are under attack or if they are not. live with the latest in mexico city. the new year started in el salvador like 2015 ended as one of the murder capitols of the world. at least 29 people were murdered within hours of festivities beginning including gang members killed. the murder rate surged last year. it's estimated there were more than 6,000 murders, 16 people every day on area. a gun fight has resumed at an indian air force base near the pakistani border. it's believed one gun gunman is at the base. .7 sxwinl soldie.7 sxwinl soldi gunmen have died. investigating whether there are links to pakistan. in new delapp with the latest. >> this attack caught everyone
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off guardehli with the latest. >> this attack caught everyone off guard. the military had, they said had done a great job and the operation was over. this is part of a search operation. at least one gunman still inside the base for security forces now whether this gunman or gunmen were part of the same group that had the initial attack on saturday that hasn't been confirm yet. the blame is automatically right, target india especially military installation. yesterday, saturday, the country's home minister had a conciliatory tone saying he wanted great relations with all of indian's neighbors including pakistan that the country would defend themselves. hard liners are blaming
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pakistan's government or the military for helping these groups routinely which india has said has happened but pakistan denies. >> another book publisher in hong kong has mysteriously disappeared. he is the 5th executive to go missing all from the same company which specializes in political books banned in mainland china. >> protesters out on the streets demanding to know the fate of publisher li bo. he is the 5th person from the same book publishing company to go missing in recent months. last seen in hong kong, his disappearance is the most troubling. >> the most scary thing is that what happened to those even the honk kong government refused. >> the hong kong government said
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it is investigating. local media is reporting lee phoned his wife from china on the night he disappeared appear being taken there against his llee reportedly told his wife he was assisting in an investigation and told her not to make a scene about his disappearance. she is quoted as saying lee left behind his paperwork, that he would have needed to get across the border, leaving many to believe he was smuggled there by mainland security officials. hong kong is home to a issuing business in political books about china, ruling elite, banned in mainland china. hong kong special status agreed before the handover from british cologne y'all rule guarantees media. the. >> they should be afraid of a university. >> free testers took to the streets over what they see as an attack on academic freedom.
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they believe it's part of the same gradual process to grind down hong kongs autonomy. chinese authorities believe the recommending e-mail is more important containment of it information is more important and certainly more and more chinese leaders believe hong kong is less and less important for china's organization efforts. >> at the bookstore, itself, no signs of life. on display, only the covers of books that for now are no longer on sale. messages of support, this one wishing the missing staff a safe return soon. robert mcbride, al jazeera, hock kong. >> a human chain has been formed to highlight the suffering in yemen. houthi fighters are battling saudi-led forces. appealing to the united nations to help end the siege and allow vital supplies in.
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pro-government forces backed by saudi arabia have set up their blockade in sanaa. >> earlier, they said they blame the u.n. for failing to distribute aid properly. >> they signed an agreement. they get the money and send the shipment to the port and airport. not in the ground to be distributed. with this to the houthis, the malitias a, the people so, where the united states why do they condemn this action? armed protectors have occupied a u.s. government building in oregon to support father and son ranchers who have been ordered to return to jail. the demonstrate orders are angry over the prosecution of dwight jr. and steven hammond convicted of arson on public land.
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they insist they were acting to protect their laundfrom wildfires. the court found their original senltsdz were too short and ordered them to return to prison. the united nations has started the new year with a new set of sustainable development goals. world leaders met in new york last september to approve steven new targets of tackling hunger, poverty and other global problems. the gloel globes replace the millennium goals that expired in 2015. governments will use the objectives to frame their agendas and policies over the next 15 years: in sri lanka the president stopped housing projects around the oldetnate reserve to ends deforestation by 2020. now, fernando reports now from the national park. nature in all its beauty a century ago, 80% of sri lanka was covered by forrets.
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today, less than 30%. even parts of the country's oldest and largest nature reserve has suffered from encroachment as the country's population expands. over 1,000 hecht owners of forrets are joining the reserve cleared for housing in recent years provoke a huge outcry from environmentalists. these aerial pictures show the extents of the deforestation. >> the population is a problem. they don't understand that these are the reserves and must be protected. it's the main reason these areas come under threat. >> the outcry from the president's office to halt any further land being cleared for housing in the area. the population grows and progresses, forests like this and the animals in them face increasing threat. environmentalists satisfy they must be protected to ensure their long-term sur arrival.
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environmentalists say land deforested should be used for development rather than clearing remaining forests. failure change course, they say, would be disastrous, not least for wildlife. already in the endangered category. they may tend to lose some of this. the leopard and sloth bear are among the animals under threat. environmentalists say the new government appears to be responding to their concerns a presidential task force is coordinating a 3-year environmental protection plan which aims to reverse some of the damage and actually expand the country's forest cover. >> we are working together to ensure at least by end of three years, we will have an additional 5 or 6,000 hectares of reforestation. >> the doctor says the challenge is to strike the right balance between, on the one hand, the
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need to free upland for development and on the other, the need to protect the environment, especially for wildlife pieces already on the verge of extinction. al jazeera, northwest sri lanka. >> the catalan far left party says it won't support the leader for another term forcing a new round of local elections and weakening a group that wants to split from spain. the decision comes two weeks after general elections in which no party won outright. new elections are likely to be in march. it will add to political uncertainty across spain. the south african government has re-opened its land claims and e redistribution program. under the program, lands taken during the aparted i'd area if return toed the original owners. one group says they haven't benefitted. more from cape town. >> pretorious has been living in
1:45 pm
the humbar settlement for more than 20 years. five years ago, the local government demolished some of the homes saying they were both illegal. the community here is determined to stay. they want to remove us again because they see we are living and you can see the view. if you are going to move, you are going to move us to our graveyard. toward the death. you want to move us also. >> some houses are built on an area that was designated stay empty as a fire brake on the slopes of the hill of the world heritage site. this xhuty says this is their land. this is what's known as a colored community, an apartheid term given to people of mixed race. people like barry are reclaiming their indigenous heritage saying they want recognition as the first people of south africa. in district 6, a group perform an ancient sacred ceremony of
1:46 pm
what they say is an cest ram land. activists say past segregation laws robbed people of their identity and heritage. >> black and white settled on our an cest recall land. so, the beneficiaries of that stolen land, that land, you know, today, they will find they don't own 1% of the an cest recall land in south africa. >> law preserved more than 85% for the minority white population. the government is tearing out land claims and redistribution process and identifying hair strategy sites land marks and land occupied but it says the process has taken longer than expected in ours terms they should be justice on the manner in which the land is allocated.
1:47 pm
>> will be done in a responsible manner paid to those officials say they are expecting almost 400,000 land claims and may pay out as much as $11,000,000,000. the only acceptable outcome will be reservation of rights they claim to an cest recall lands throughout the country. >> still to come on the program: >>ed canada's east coast has the world's highest and most vigorous ties. a new project to generate clean action green electricity from the ebb and flo of the tidal waters behind me. >> a competitor struck spectators, the dakar rally faces more headaches as the opening stage is cancelled.
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>> as promised action all of your sport now are rob discipline. >> football first. chelsea won their first match back in charge after beating critt palace hitting just about manage to go crack a smile. something you don't see too often. oscar opened in the 29th minute
1:50 pm
they have to know things are going not as wished we are to look for causes. today's other fixture erbeded in a draw. it was a former spurs player gave evanton the lead. tottenham fourth for the result. arsenal lead the way with a two-point advantage. west ham close up the top 6. football fans in afghanistan have been left disappointed after their team narrowly lost. afghans took the lead in the 70th minute. the advantage lasted two minutes. afghanistan defenders c themselves to blame.
1:51 pm
there was a party mood on the streets of kabul earlier as supporters gather to watch the game on big screen. afghanistan 150th in the world rankings. football is considered a source of national unity. this was the last time they will compete in the cup as they moved in to the new central asia association. >> sunday's opening states of the dakar rally has been cancelled because of bad we think in argentina which prevented the prolong which injured at least 10 spectators. one competitor'ska car plowed into the crowd. the first chinese woman to compete in the race was the driver. the injured were taken to hospital but haven't provided details of the injuries yet. >> england's cricketers are in firmly control they have mningd
1:52 pm
managed to strip. probably hating the site of ben stokes, the thorn in their side. the second quickest in hist re. stokes reaching 200 in just 163 balls eventually at the 258 england going on to declare the innings in 629% for 6. south africa 141 the first e return. against australia, the third test in sydney, 85, wickets began to tumble. the lions took two and windies lose. visitors closing on 207%. the first australian open stars
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beginning. traditional lead putting together the national teams of 2. the tournament for the final time, czech republic. colva won the women's title. australian pairing. russian born. the winner here nba star the best example the official ejected him from the game. he had to be hauled away by the coaching staff as he continued his protests leaving the team
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short-handed. the u.s.a., hard work for the buffalo bulls, hundreds turned out to help shovel snow so the game against the new york jets could go ahead on sunday. $10 each and a free lunch from the team with so area and wind energy popular alternatives to fossil fuels, the attention is turning to harnessing the ocean tied. there are plans for underwater turbines. al jazeera's daniel lak has this special report from the bay of fundi in nova scotia. can the planet's tides generate power? here is what they are discovering.
1:55 pm
14 billion metric tons of water, more than the combined floo flow of the world's rivers moves through this passage each is day. taking a wind turbine and putting it under water. in a high flow: failing in 2009 action when a smaller unit broke down hours after it was put in the water the site characteristics, turbine location. this is really where we have learned from this back again today. >> low tide. i am standing quite literally on the bottom of the ocean but every day, twice a day, the
1:56 pm
water surges in here and turns this into a bay that can be 12 or more meters deep. north american tidal project is just across the bay. the annapolis royal generating station has been generating power since 1984. the undersea turbines are in a much larger scale: he wants them to go ahead. the turbine will almost certainly disrupt or damage migrating fish. it's only clean if you believe the premise these things kill fish t it's not a vacuum up there there are fish living there in the area. >> even though sign hissed whose who is research say there is a long way to go before the sea bottom is covered. dozens of turbines powering nova scotia.
1:57 pm
>> a lot of challenges to it. the marine environment is difficult to work in. the cost of electricity will be high. they also have this question of what impact will have on the environment. balancing that impact against the cost of energy from fossil fuel will be crucial. can tides so high they make rivers run backward help ease climate change or must they ebb and flo as they have always done? daniel lak. >> just before we go, we will take you back to the city of riyadh in saudi arabia where we are still awaiting the arrival of the saudi foreign minister who is due to hold a press conference there. a joint press conference, in fact, with the advisor to the pakistani foreign minister. back to riyadh as soon as those two men appear at the podium. right now, felicity bar. thank you very much indeed for watching the news hour. david foster has the latest news in a couple of hours.
1:58 pm
bye-bye. >> elderly americans addicted to painkillers prescribed by doctors. >> have you ever thought about going off of your painkiller dosage? >> no. i don't know if i'd have the courage to stop it. >> but is it leading to abuse more than it's helping. >> he would prescribe what he felt was appropriate... the result, she died. >> faultlines checks into rehab to investigate who's responsible for the hidden epidemic. >> i was just doin' what the doctor's told me to do. >> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then?
1:59 pm
>> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america. >> so where we are standing... this will be the panama canal? >> this will be flooded. >> technology, it's a vital part of who we are... >> they had some dynamic fire behavior. >> and what we do. >> trans-cranial direct stimulation... don't try this at home. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> awesome! >> techknow - where technology meets humanity.
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>> we made border security a top priority. >> it's not really immigration.


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