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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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for this kind of money, i really don't give a s*át. >> a real look at the american dream. only on al jazeera america. o. >> this is al jazeera america. i'm bisi onile-ere in new york with a look at today's top stories. dozens of antigovernment protesters take over a government building in eastern oregon. five publishers from hong kong have mysteriously disappeared in the last month. donald trump won't let his appearance in an al qaeda
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reciting video keep him from speaking his mind. the topics for week ahead. >> we begin tonight at a national wildfir wildlife refugn eastern oregon. typically, no one is around for miles but protesters are occupying an office there. they took up amps after a judge ordered two ranchers to turn them in tomorrow to serve time in prison for arson convictions. mallier national wildlife refuge, being led by amon bundy, they are prepared to stay there for years if they have to. al jazeera's allen schauffler
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joins us live from burns, oregon and allen you've spoken to these protestors, why are they doing this? >> well, they have chosen the occasion of the resentencing of these two ranchers from this area, the hammonds father and son. they will now be serving five year minimum prison terms for arson convictions dating back in one case to 2001. so three have chosen that occasion to take too stand with what they say is overreach of the federal government the way ranchers and farmers can manage their lands. spefl arounspecifically around y county. listen to why amon bundy. >> people have been abused long enough really. their lands and their resources have been taken from them to the point where it's putting them
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literally in poverty. if we do not make a hard stand, that we will be in the position where we won't be able to as a people. >> the government has beat us and oppressed us and taken everything from us. they will not stop until you tell them no. >> reporter: i was out at the site today and the people who were there acting as spokespeople were calm, they were polite, they were armed and they said this is our building, we plan to stay here. amon bundy has reached out to anyone he calls a patriot, inviting them obring their weapons as well and take this stand with them. bisi. >> allen, there wasn't much of a police presence yesterday. how is law enforcement handling this now? >> reporter: well, for the hour or so i was out there i saw nobody in uniform. nobody with law enforcement
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identifiable at least as law enforcement at all anywhere near on the drive out while i was there or on my way back. clearly it's a very hands-off situation. if they've had direct contact with amon bundy or anyone, three are not telling us. we reached out to the spokesperson in the portland office, who says they do not have any comment, will get back to us when they do. >> trying to support and mobilize from around the country asking anyone to support them. what's been the reaction so far? >> you know it's really hard to tell exactly from here, how many people have answered that call. during the time i was there i didn't see any great influx of vehicles at all. so we really don't know how many people might answer amon bundy's call. the sheriff of harney county,
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this is what he said. that was from the sheriff of harney county who told me his major concern is just keeping the people of this county safe. he is working with the fbi. we know they're in town, there's a bigger presence coming tonight and tomorrow. exactly how they're going to handle what's coming out at the wildlife refuge we don't know at this point. >> thank you so much for your report,allen. saudi arabia is culting ties with iran and demanding iran interrupt all its work in the country. execution of 47 men on charges of terrorism. top shiite cleric nimr al-nimr
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was among them. as gerald tan reports, the situation escalated when the saudi embassy was attacked in tehran. >> the saudi embassy ablaze in tehran. are nimnimr al-nimr was among t. has prompted protests among shia communities across the middle
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east. nimr and the other men including qaeda preacher forest alzaradi were charged with targeting security forces. nimr was sentenced to death. for sedition and carrying arms. he never called for violence they insisted. which followed a judicial process. a view which was supported by the muslim world league, falling under islamic law and their plight to both sunni and shia. iran's supreme leaders is warning what he calls divine revenge. >> there is a wrong deed because this blood will trouble them without a doubt. i have no doubt about it. policy workers executed them. this blood will trouble them, it will torment them.
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>> reporter: iran and saudi arabia have often engaged in a war of words, but some view this latest diplomatic conflict as a new more troubling chapter. >> this is an escalation that will create havoc in the region but i am not surprised in the sense this is not first time when the two countries have broken diplomatic relations. >> tehran and riyadh support opposing sides on the conflicts in yemen and syria. the concern is that the widening rift between these regional powers will have a wider impact across the middle east. gerald tan, al jazeera. the u.s. is pushing for dialogue between the two governments as tensions grow. the state department released a statement saying: professor fawaz yerjey talked to al
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jazeera about how it could affect ongoing conflicts in the region. >> you have war by proxies in syria, iran, bahrain and lebanon. the rupture of diplomatic relations today, we are seeing the relationship between the sunni dominated saudi arabia and the shia dominated iran is at its lowest point. we could witness further escalation that what has land in the last 24 hours pours gasoline ton raging fire. particularly as the struggle between the two gulf giants could easily basically aggravate and exacerbate regional tensions. >> adding to the tension iran announced today it will rename the street where the saudi embassy stands in honor of the
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cleric who was killed. protests clashed in bahrain as hundreds gathered to condemn the executions. authorities used water can ons and bird shot on the crowd. the demonstrators protested, nimr al-nimr. members of the turkish shiite community also gathered outside the saudi embassy in istanbul today. protesters called the cleric a martyr as riot police barricaded the consulate. president obama says he's fired up for the year ahead following a two week vacation in hawaii. the president returned to washington with his family this afternoon. he reportedly spent much of his vacation golfing and dining with family and friends. mr. obama used the time to work
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on his final state of the union address. president obama will meet with attorney general loretta lynch on wednesday to explore ways to limit guns on the streets. executive action could follow as quickly as tuesday. but as kimberly halkett reports. >> blue ridge arsenal in virginia, guns and ammunition sales are up. before strict gun regulations are put in place. >> not having, not being able to get, it's making people want to get stuff before their abilities are taken away. >> reporter: many are concerned about president barack obama's president that he's meeting with his attorney general loretta lynch on monda y to discuss using presidential power to impose new restrictions on gun sales. >> we know we can't stop every
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act of violence but what if we try stop even one? >> president obama says executive actions are necessary after work with congress stalled. following sandy hook shooting in 2012 which killed 27 people, that effort failed in congress. licensed gun stores like this one are required to conduct a background check before a customer buys a gun. but some firearms sold privately at gun shows do not require the same scrutiny. it's called the gun show loophole and what some say is a gap, that some seeks to close. the national rifle association, the nation's largest firearms group, nothing more than a government power grab from the people that violates u.s. law. >> as a veteran myself, i raided my right hand t -- raised my rid
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to support the constitution of the united states. that some people would choose to circumvent that. >> not just the fact that the firearms but the government telling them what they can and cannot do or can an and cannot have. >> it's too easy for someone who wants to commit a crime to acquire a gun. that's why presidential actions to make the more difficult are expected to come as early as this week. kimberly halkett, al jazeera, chantilly, virginia. >> proposing violence against officers. >> as these jurisdictions come through here, we throw be rocks. we don't want you in here.
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>> colemacouncilman kenneth stoy all white jurisdictions are motivateby race. >> they are not chasing murderers, they are not chasing kidnappers, they are not chasing bank robbers. it is a misdemeanor. we are going to endanger all the citizens in jackson because this person feels that a misdemeanor is important? >> the mayor of jackson who is black says he doesn't condone violence while community members and the head of one police department from the suburbs called the comments, quote, very disturbing. monday morning employees will return to the san bernardino office building where 14 people were gunned down a month ago. the building has been closed since a husband and wife opened fire during a holiday party. the couple was killed in a shootout near their home. the nearly 600 employees will meet first in small groups to
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allow the workers to discuss their feelings before they resume their duties. the conference room where the massacre occurred will remain closed indefinitely. five employees of a hong kong publishing company have vanished. their employer specializes in publishing books ban id 50 chinese government. al jazeera's rob mcbride reports from hong kong where pro-democracy protestors are demanding answers. >> reporter: protesters demanding to know the fate of the publisher lee bo. last seen in hong kong his disappearance is the most troubling. >> the most scary thing is, there's no news and no proof on what happened to those five publishers. and teen central government and the hong kong government refuse to respond, previously, on the
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whereabouts of where these citizens are. >> reporter: the hong kong government says it is investigating. local media is reporting lee phoned his wife across the border in mainland china, april taken there against his will. then told her not to make a scene about his disappearance. she is also quoted as saying that lee left behind his paperwork that he would have needed to get across the border. leading many to believe he was smuggled there by mainland security officials. >> hong kong is a flourishing business about china's ruling elite banned in mainland china. the arrests are alarming activists. >> they should be afraid of -- >> reporter: protesters took the streets on sunday over what
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they see is a fight against freedom. chinese government to grind down hong kong's autonomy. >> the stability of the party regime is more important containment of subversive information is more important. and certainly, more and more chinese leaders tend to believe that hong kong is less and less important for china's organization effort. >> reporter: at the bookstore itself no signs of life. on display only the covers of books that for now are no longer on sale. and messages of support, this one wishing the missing staff a safe return soon. rob mcbride, al jazeera, hong kong. residents of ti misko, murder one day after she was sworn into office.
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al jazeera's caroline malone reports a story from a region that is all too familiar with violence. >> reporter: gis average la motta was sphwhorn as mayor on d shot dead on saturday, at her home. officials suspect at least nine were involved in her murder. police officers chased and detained four. >> we demand a full complete investigation by the state government to its final consequences. there are four people arrested who will have to confess who is the mastermind whoorderred thiss crime. mayor promised to tackle crime head on. >> translator: we firmly believe there are there were interests who were threatened by her speech yesterday.
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we don't have any information about death threats. we don't want to discard any line of investigation. >> reporter: violent crime in the region is widespread. ten kilometers from where the mayor was murdered was quenavaca, the most violent city in the country. massive operation was launched by hundreds of state and federal agents to provide security there. politics is becoming increasingly dangerous in mexico. four politicians were killed before elections last year. her murder just 24 hours into her new role is being seen as a blow for politician he trying otackle violent crime in mexico. caroline malone, al jazeera. >> donald trump says he won't be silenced by an al qaeda recruiting video. >> muslims of the west, take heed.
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>> he also called hillary clinton a liar. the story next. plus the debt crisis in puerto rico. who says it's left the island with only a one month supply of food? >> and later, venezuela's newly elected officers banned from taking office. the topic ever the week ahead.
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>> tomorrow, puerto rico is expected to default on payment towards its $73 billion debt, for a second time. all sectors of the island's economy are feeling the effects. its agriculture secretary warns there is only a one month food supply on hand. al jazeera averages rober's roby
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explains. >> four years ago, she opened this small organic restaurant in san juan. >> i base the menu every day on the foods our local growers grow. >> people are packing the tables. a sustainable farm to table menu. >> what i've seen in these past few years. on the one end we become a poster child, which is to have good food and good farming practices. >> reporter: now we're leaving san juan and heading up to the mountains, in fact the second highest elevation in puerto rico where terra's sister danielle is
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farming. a sign of the island's economic problems. then about 2,000 feet above the sea an oasis. teterra's sister danielle is growing organically. >> studies show we have enough food to last us two weeks if the ships were to stop coming. >> two weeks? >> two weeks and that's including canned food, probably including even dog food. >> that's remarkable. that's frightening. >> it's absolutely frightening. >> seafood, meats and staples like rice and beans and coffee mostly comes from the u.s. mainland, neighboring latin american countries and even china. representing only 1% of the
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country's gross domestic product is food. >> you are trying to produce more food yet 85% of the food is imported into puerto rico. >> yes. >> puerto rico's agriculture secretary says they're working towards more agricultural foods being developed. >> we understand that we can increase the local production from 50% of our consumption to near 25%. >> while the government has implemented a plan to redevelop the island's gram sector that includes providing farmers with subsidies and new equipment. farm to table entrepreneurs like terra and danielle, say things are promising but they need more collaboration from the government. >> at the same time, we are one of the only faces places or initiatives that is actually tackling this issue right from the bottom up. so i have no government support whatsoever. >> reporter: the two sisters are trying orevitallize the
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agriculture of the island. farming and offering organic food for residents with the hope that people here become less dependent on imports and more ambitious with the soils of puerto rico. robert ray, al jazeera, san juan, puerto rico. >> presidential candidate donald trump says an al qaeda video featuring him won't stop him from speaking his mind. >> muslims of the west, take heed. >> the nearly hour long video surfaced this weekend, two weeks after hillary clinton said during a democratic debate, that i.s.i.l. was using trump's comments to recruit followers. the republican front runner tells cbs news he won't let extremist propaganda shut him up. >> they use other people too. what am i going to do? i have to say what i have to say, and you know what i have to say? there's a problem. we have to find out what is the problem and we have to solve that problem. the world is talking about what i've said and now big parts of
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the world is saying trump is really right at least identifying what's going on and we have to solve it. but you don't solve the problem unless you identify it. >> trump also said hillary clinton lied in that debate, pointing out i.s.i.l. was using him to recruit but it was actually al qaeda-linked al shabaab. trump criticized clinton by what he says pandering to women. >> she's always playing the women card. personally, i don't think anybody but myself is going to be here and i think she's a flaw flawed candidate. you have seen what's happened recently, it's not a pretty picture for her or for bill. i'm the only one who's able to talk about his problems. what he did and what he's gone through i think is frankly terrible, especially if she wants to play the woman card. >> the clinton campaign
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responded by saying, hillary clinton with i will not be distd by the opponent. after she responded to a heckler. >> you are very rude and i'm not ever going to call on you. >> the lady was identified as republican state rep katherine o'brien. she wanted to ask hillary about a woman who accused bill clinton of rape in 1989. parliament was won buy landslide and supposed to take office on tuesday, but the topic of tonight's the week ahead. and later, images from the ocean floor, 15,000 feet underwater. a cargo ship that sank on the way to puerto rico.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> it's sunday night and time for our regular look at the week ahead. a new and uncertain political air begins this week in venezuela. the new party swept parliamentary elections, with a supermajority of the two-thirds of the seats. paving the way for new leadership. decades of socialist a result, hugo chavez and his successor nicholas maduro. but many of the newly elected
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legislators will not be seated tonight. al jazeera's virginia lopez is in caracas tonight and virginia, what has the supreme court given for its reason. >> the supreme court has said they are following up on complaints by a pro-government candidate who claims that eight of these elections were fraudulent. and by fraudulent they claim that there was a lot of vote-buying. and also, a considerable amount of null votes. however, these eight elections have now been reduced to four that are being currently challenged. three opposition and one for government candidate. but like you said, even if just one of these elections was challenged, the opposition stands to losing the
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supermajority that it won in december's election. we spoke to one of the legislators whose candidacy could be threatened by this and he said that he was really confused about the whole thing and that he hadn't really been notified formally by the supreme court. and that in fact the very little that he knew, he had learned from local media and even from social networks. so again, the whole thing is quite unclear. now, just to clarify, vote-buying isn't something that venezuelan politicians are completely unfamiliar with. it is rather ocommon strategy ahead of elections and one that the government has been known widely to engage in. giving supporters homes and even taxes in order to sort of win their loyalty ahead of the elections. so again very unclear at this moment and set to hopefully be defined on tuesday's inauguration. >> and how is the opposition
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responding? >> well, they've remained defiant. this legislator that we spoke to said that he would be attending the inauguration, even though the supreme court looked set to block his candidacy or his post, his seed in parliament, this is a call that has been echoed by the whole coalition, the opposition coalition, they have said that all 12 legislators will be attending the inauguration on tuesday and they have called their supporters to join them as they make their way to the assembly. also one of the leading figures of the opposition julio vorhe, has called on the political will and to defend the electoral results that gave them the supermajority. this is particularly relevant because the government is also asking for its supporters to
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join them on a march and in venezuela it has been known to happen in the past that these twin marches often clash and it could lead to violent protests in the streets. >> thank you, virginia. please stand by. i want to bring on our guest, diego ariri, and eric farnswort, vice president of the council for the americas. diego thank you for joining us. opposition is accusing the government to try to manipulate the process. do you think they have a case? >> first we need to define what kind of government we have in venezuela. for our listeners. venezuela is under a tyrannical regime, that controls 100% the supreme court, the attorney general's office and the electoral board. now, when this tsunami overflow,
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they claim something completely absurd and the chamber of the supreme court that was on vacation took overnight a decision to try to implement three or or four of our congressmen and that can't be done and that of course can be having consequences >> you claim there is corruption at play here? >> no, the government has been buying for a long time giving cars, automobiles, other items et cetera, surprised the amount of vote is eight million votes, largest majority ever in venezuela. >> and eric that brings me to you. venezuela in the midst of an economic crisis, a need for change is what drove millions of venezuelans to the polls this past election. does the court's decision undermine their vote? >> well, i think it does. venezuela is in an economic crisis. the imf says its economy
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contracted about 20% last year, 2016 could be worse. lots of consumer products are simply unavailable on the shelves and those that are available are scarce, people have to wait in line for hours, crime is out of control, so the whole society is facing difficult times both last year and this year. i think the people as diego said, overwhelmingly voted for change. there can be no question about that. they gave a victory to the opposition, two-thirds majority in the legislature that was really not predicted by observers. it was so overwhelming. i think government of nicolas maduro has been taken by shock and simply weren't sure how to respond and now they have tried to maneuver so that the full impact of the vote from december 6th really doesn't take place or it doesn't have the same impact i should say. that's very worrisome because this is a country that claims to be democratic. it's a country that claims a
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seat in the community of democracies in the western hemisphere and latin america and yet you have a government that is quielt activel quite definito undermine the power of the people. >> how long could this power struggle last, virginia? >> it could go on for quite a couple of years. and in the best case scenario, months. hopefully, the government and the opposition could co-habitate. but you know like everybody in the panel has been saying this looks highly unlikely. the government has not only questioned these four legislators that we spoke about but it's also rushed through swearing-in three judges of the supreme court, the new supreme court. so again, it's been giving clear signs that it's not necessarily going to allow parliament to
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rule or to legislate freely or with the two third majority that the people granted it. there's been talk that the new parliament could move to caught for a recall referendum on president nicholas maduro's presidency. so that could also see an abrupt ending to the presidency or the turismo. but again this is unclear exactly how it will proceed. >> and the results of this election there's this huge shift of power diego, the opposition party really is in a position at least was in a position to impose major changes within government. are those powers now limited? >> let me expand a little bit what we are talking now. there are two groups today. there was one group, the opposition trying to rescue freedom and rights. and there is a regime that is trying opreserve. they don't want to, the opposition and the world to find out, the magnitude of the
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corruption that has appeared in this country. the amount of crimes, for example, the president of the national assembly of the regime has been r investigated for narco-trafficking. they are preserving not to go to jail. we actually like to take chavez to the national court at the hague. those who want to preserve not want the world to find out the magnitude of the disaster. and also we just want to regain rights and freedom. this is what's at stake today. >> and i've read several reports today diego that it's been reported as i mentioned that all 112 opposition leaders they plan to show up at that inauguration. do you think that's a good idea? will that raise the tension?
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>> well, they have to. they've been elected. one of the issues there, that the regime is planning to install what they call a communal power parallel congress, elected by themselves, what they call a communal leaders, probably the same day. that would really be an issue. and actually maduro, the president of venezuela have said that they will not give up on the revolution. what should have been a victory lap in a democratic society has become a very difficult and dangerous obstacle course by the threats and the reality of what could happen. i believe we are starting to live very dangerous hours in venezuela because of the behavior of the regime. like eric was saying before at the outset of of the program. >> and eric, the head of the coalition is pushing for international intervention, hoping that someone can stop the reversal of the election results. is that a real possibility? >> i think it's a possibility,
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certainly. whether it's a likelihood is something else. it's really interesting bisi. venezuela has a seat on the security council of the united nations. you would think the united nations would have standing to create a contact group to engage with venezuela to really push president maduro in that direction. the oas has the charter that it could bring out and in fact invoke against venezuela. venezuela is a member of merco sur, the common market of the south, used a couple of times against member country paraguay. there are vehicles that can be used by the international community to say nothing of the issue that the united states has been engaged in, in terms of criminal investigations for drug trafficking and money laundering directed towards individuals in venezuela. but i think the broader issue is this. individual countries and leaders of those countries, not just
11:43 pm
former leaders, some former leaders have taken strong and positive stands in terms of democracy in venezuela, but current leaders, particularly in latin america in my view really need to begin to stand up and say wait a minute, there are principles here, there are issues here that are bigger than any one country. and one of those principles of democracy is the ability for the people to express their will through ballot box and to have separation of powers and when the legislature and when the vote is taken and the legislature is named that those candidates have the ability to take power. and not be subject to the whims or the dictates of either the executive branch or even the judicial branch which diego is saying has been clearly dominated by chavistas, the court was further packed by 13 new supreme court justices, rushed through in anticipation of precisely this issue that was
11:44 pm
going to occur. i don't think there is any surprises here. i think what has to happen is the international community does have to take a stand and say, we have seen this movie already, it can't go on any longer. >> it's important you mentioned the united states. how will the situation impact venezuela-u.s. relations? >> it's a very good question. we have to remember at the current moment venezuela and the united states have a very strong commercial relationship. in fact the united states is venezuela's top purchaser of petroleum, has been for quite some time. united states pays market rates for petroleum, which is ironic, venezuela gives its petroleum away to other countries at much reduced rates. washington does not want a bad relationship with venezuela, there have been efforts to improve that relationship, since president maduro has been
11:45 pm
elected. the ball is in venezuela's court to say look, this is a situation we want to improve. i think there's an opportunity here because president maduro's going to be look for international goodwill. the heavy handed tactics the country has engaged in has lost much of the international did will. there is an effort out of caracas to try improve that situation. president maduro will have to decide what he wants to do. >> diego what is your response to eric's statement? >> i agree with my friend eric on almost everything except, venezuela will originate an open dialogue. they couldn't care less. venezuela has been a victim of international issues, as eric has said. the only incumbent who has expressa rejection is the new president of argentina, mauricio
11:46 pm
macri. no one in the presidency complained. the high prices of oil were responsible largely for this attitude. but now going to the beginning of your program, the confrontation started even before the national assembly is in place, has already started. how it will end, i hope the international community keeps their eyes on. like eric said very well, the international community, oas, the secretary-general, the importance of his new post. >> and virginia, before we go, what is the mood like there as we are just days away from the inauguration? >> reporter: well, there's a great sense of indignation that what seemed like ohopeful, hopefully a peaceful resolution to an embattled society, is set to continue. i think people were hoping that the government would read the
11:47 pm
electoral results as what it came as, as a call for change. but instead the government seems intent on becoming even more radical than it has in the past, and also, like we've been discussing, there's also the sense that they're not recognizing the popular will. so there's on one hoond sens hae of indignation and then a great concern that there could be a sort of a revival of the protest that rocked the country for more than a month in 2014. in addition to this, there is also the continuing economic crisis which you know, this continuing clash between the government and oopposition, probably means that there will be a gridlock and that the painful measures that need to be taken won't be taken. >> al jazeera's virginia lopez in caracas, former venezuelan diplomat diego aria, and eric,
11:48 pm
thank you all. former president bill clinton will be in new hampshire on monday attending campaign events for his wife, democratic candidate hillary clinton. on wednesday, german chancellor angela merkel will respond to her open door refugee policy. she will speak at an annual meeting, horst seahoffer, who wants too e-a cap of 200,000 per year. and possible executive action on gun control. after weeks in theaters, it is still the movie to beat. up next, star wars, the force awakens continues to wipe out every box office record in sight. >> the flooding threat is worsening as we go to the center part of the mississippi. but i will show you all the
11:49 pm
cities in the path of the threat as well as those temperatures are about to drop the coldest since the spring. i'll tell you how low they're going to go.
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>> a massachusetts judge has ordered camille cosby to testify in a deaf maition suit brought against her husband. the wife of bill cosby filed a motion to block a subpoena, the judge ruled against it rejecting claims it would cause mrs. cosby
11:52 pm
undue burden. she is scheduled to be deposed by lawyers representing seven women all of whom say they were sexually assaulted biher husband. a 6.7 magnitude earthquake has struck india. at least six were killed and dozen injured near the epicenter. sending people running from their homes where it's already monday morning. a hospital and infrastructure was damaged. power knocked out throughout the city. quake struck 35 miles below the surface. back here in the states, the mississippi river continues rising downstream tonight. emergency crews are out monitoring water levels. in some places they have already reached 16 feet above flood stage. the flooding caused several levees to be breached, people along the lower mississippi
11:53 pm
rivers and its tributaries are preparing for it to come their way. kevin corriveau is here with the weather and a built clean gyp is underway for a lot of communities. >> that's right, the good news is they've had nicer weather across the region. we haven't had any more rain, that is helping with cleanup. but we're seeing water rising to the south. showing you the exact cities we are talking about. this is on google earth the mississippi river, the illinois river as well. you can see these dots where it indicates purple, that is major flood stages. red, like st. louis, it's crested and gone down. still in moderate flood stage. the heavy waters and high waters are down here towards the southern part of the river but we're going to watch what happens in arkansas as well as down here towards mississippi over the next couple of days. for karo illinois, cresting for
11:54 pm
osceola arkansas, arkansas city arkansas, that is going to be towards the weekend. that is how long it takes this water to make its way down the river. we still have those flood warnings in place. they will stay in place indefinitely until all that water has receded out of the area. i want to show you temperatures that are dropping as we speak, very cold over the next few mornings. new york city, and off the lakes, a lot of snow off ak lake ontario and lake erie. the lake-effect snow. if in some locations we saw 12 to 15 inches of snow, just over the last 24 to 48 hours in some locations and we do expect to see more snow coming because of those watches and warnings are in effect right now. most of the snow when we're talking about lake effect snow happens anywhere from 40 and 60
11:55 pm
miles downstream from the lake and these are the areas we are looking at for concern. temperatures tonight, well tomorrow morning we're going to see 28° in new york. that is not coldest. by tuesday morning we're dropping down to 14 in new york, 17 in parts of philadelphia but bisi that will be the coldest morning. after that temperatures go right back up. >> sounds good, thank you kevin. ntsb officials released footage of the el faro ship, resting on the ocean floor 15,000 feet beneath the surface. sailing through category 4 hurricane juan ceen o joaquin oo puerto rico. the coast guard is considering to launch a new rescue effort.
11:56 pm
for the third week in a row the force is still with "star wars: the force awakens." the fourth highest gross film of all time. its domestic gross has surpassed your ass sijurassic world. take a look at worldwide numbers, avatar is still number 1 at $2.8 billion, titannic not that far behind, then the avengers, furious 7 and "star wars: the force awakens," all at about $1.5 billion worldwide. rounding out the top 10, convenient clursventures, and ts
11:57 pm
film is generating money outside of theaters, forbes predicts the merchandising will earn about $5 billion worldwide. the products are flying off the shelves. >> this takes disney's merchandising and marketing to a whole new level. >> there is a limit two per person. people grabbing two immediately going straight to the counter. >> experts say disney's rollout of the star wars products ahead of the movie's release was unprecedented and may have generated up to $2 billion. good night. l
11:58 pm
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>> we with determined not to allow iran to undermine our security saudi arabia cuts diplomatic ties with iran after protesters storm its embassy in tehran hello. with the world news from al jazeera. also ahead at least six people are killed and several houses damaged after a magnitude 6.8 earth quake in north-east india. a stand off continues in afghanistan after fighters attack the indian consulate.


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