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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the al jazeera news hour, i'm in doha and these are the top stories chinese stocks collapse on opening business of the new year forcing a trading halt. >> we are determined not to allow iran to under mine our security. >> reporter: saudi arabia cuts diplomatic ties with iran after protesters storm its embassy in tehran. a magnitude 6.8 earthquake hits
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northeastern india and bangladesh is also effected and barack obama's latest bid to take on the u.s. gun lobby but his emotional appeals have left congress unmoved so far. ♪ we start with breaking news and news coming from the iraqi capitol baghdad where sunni mosques have been attacks and that is the details we have and when we get more we will bring it to you at al jazeera but in the meantime we look at our other main story today and that of course is of the chinese stock markets which plunged by 8% and automatically therefore triggering a suspension in trading and investors reacted to the latest signs of economic slow down by selling off their shares and those shares are globally and dragged down the
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european markets and here is a look at the sell off and the worst ever start for chinese shares forced a trading halt of $7 trillion of stocks, futures and options and the first test for the country's new market circuit breakers designed to shut down when losses reach 5% and let's go live now to our correspondent adrian brown in beijing and first of all what caused the downturn in the chinese market? >> well, marteen as you can imagine there were a number of factors but it seems a survey carried out by a private group showed manufacturing out put in china contracted for the fifth straight month and the currency the continuing to weaken and the reason manufacturing is declining is there is a drop off in demand for what china makes,
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the reason for that the economy is slowing elsewhere in the world. why is the economy slowing elsewhere in the world? because china's economy is slowing and that is creating a vicious circle and china is carrying out a big experiment and wants to go from steel and coal and focusing on service industry and is a painful transition. a few days ago the president addressed the nation on new year's eve and he said that fruitful gains come with persistent efforts and i think by persistent efforts he was referring to the fact there is possibly going to be more pain this year. >> adrian tell us more about these market circuit breakers that were tested for the first time as well. >> yes. this mechanism is similar to one that is used in the united states on the new york stock
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exchange so when trading drops by more than 5% trading has to temporarily halt and that happened for 15 minutes, trading them resumed but then the index fell by more than 7% and that was enough to bring a full halt to trading for the rest of the day. now this mechanism is supposed to contain market volatility but it seems it has the reverse effect. i think that when trading was temporarily halted it created more panic and it sort of exacerbated the situation. now we of course will wait and see what happens when the markets open again on tuesday morning but this was the worst start to the trading year ever. >> okay, adrian and thank you very much, adrian live there in beijing. well let's get a sense of how the european marks have been effected and talk to our correspondent dominick cane who is in the capitol berlin and how
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has the currency reacted? >> the european markets opened down certainly in london and it was down 1% and in paris it was down more than 2% but here in germany perhaps the worst performance as it were and frankfurt down 3% maybe 3 1/2% in just a few moments ago and gives a sense of perspective why the german economy is exposed in this way and that is because the trade relationship between germany and china is very strong. it's among the top three nations trading partners for germany and it adds up to the bilateral trade of import and export and adds up to $160 billion a year so you can see the connections between the blue chip companies in china and their counterparts here in germany is very strong. it used to be said many years ago when america sneezed the world caught a cold and perhaps to a lesser expect now and same
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for the chinese economy and certainly insofar as germany is concerned looking at the dac so far this morning and performing worse than any other european boss and may suggest as adrian has alluded to that the situation in china is spreading and ripingly across europe and indeed the rest of the work. >> dominick live in berlin and we have more on attacks that we just reported within the last couple of minutes and had news of at least three sunni mosques having been attacked in the iraqi capitol baghdad. we can now talk to al jazeera abraham and joins us on the line from there and tell us what you know about these attacks. >> reporter: according to our security source it is located just south of baghdad and there were three mosques who were
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attacked around midnight time. he said armed people said almost one time the mosque so one of the attacks happened inside the capitol and so they arrested one of the security persons who were there at the mosque. two other mosques, one of them located in sinjar to the east of there and the other one located to the north. just minutes ago before i talked to you iraqi prime minister abadi put on his page on facebook a statement saying that talking about the minister on
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facebook and said we directed the police to chase the criminals down and those who want to talk about iraqi is what happened in aleppo. >> thank you very much and abraham live from baghdad on a very difficult telephone line as you can hear so apologies for that but of course news of these attacks in the baghdad area on the sunni mosque come of course just 24 hours after saudi arabia cut diplomatic ties with iran following demonstrators setting fire to its embassy in tehran and were protesting against the execution of the policy towards the shia muslim minority and were among 47 men put to death on terrorism offenses and here is gerald tan. >> reporter: the saudi embassy
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a blaze in tehran. iranians lash out with the cleric and 47 men executed in saudi arabia on terrorism charges. the saudi government says it repeated requests for iran to protect their embassy but they were ignored. in response the kingdom has cut diplomatic ties with tehran. >> we are determined not to allow iran to under mine our security. we are determined not to let iran mobilize or create or establish terrorist cells in our country or the countries of our allies. >> reporter: the execution of nimr-al-nimr and including al-qaeda were charged with plotting and carrying out terrorist attacks targeting civilians and security forces.
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nimr sentenced to death for disobedience and bearing arms and denied the political charges against him and said he never carried weapons or called for violence. riyadh is adamant he got a fair trial based on facts and followed a judicial process and iran media is warning what they call divine revenge. >> translator: this blood will trouble them without a doubt. i have no doubt about it. policy makers executed them. the saudi government decision makers should not under estimate this blood will trouble and torment them. >> reporter: iran and saudi arabia have often engaged in a war of words and it's not the first time they have cut diplomatic relations. >> i think that the ties between iranians and saudis were bound to clash at one point because there are so many challenges facing these two countries and
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the points of use are opposed. >> reporter: support opposing sides in the conflicts in yemen and syria and the widening rift between the powers will have a broader impact across the middle east, gerald tan, al jazeera. iran has reacted to the saudi decision to cut diplomatic ties and accusing riyadh using attack on the embay is in tehran as a pretext to fuel tensions. >> one process of saudi arabia and moves to another and this indicates its intention and it's on going policies to create tension after tension. >> in the shia cleric nimr and
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under fire from unidentified gunmen in the eastern village where a child was injured by a stray bullet that landed inside his home and this is also where the family of al--nimr is mourning in a mosque and the cleric is being buried in an undisclosed cemetery for fear of leading to more prozests and al--nimr was with the protests with the shia minority until his arrest in 2012. members of syria are meeting in capitol riyadh to agree on who should attend the up coming talks with president assad's government and due to take place in a couple moments and the envoy staffan de mistura is expected to meet opposition members. yemeni government forces announced a curfew in aiden and
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expected to start on monday and last until early tuesday morning. the announcement followed an emergency meeting of the city's security committee. the army backed by the saudi-led coalition recently captured aiden from houthi rebels. magnitude 6.7 earthquake in india killed nine people and injured more than 200. the quake struck just north of the city and also affected parts of myanmar and bangladesh. and six people so far have been killed and newly corrected building collapsed and several other structures were damaged and three people died and dozens more injured in neighboring bangladesh and let's focus on this who is a resident of this city and joins us on the phone. thank you very much for talking to us and tell us what the situation is in the city now.
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>> the situation is regarding the road there are some challenges and the aftershock effect is in the capitol and likely the center area and huge damage over the previous damage and the houses are more than additional destroyed. the aftershock effect. >> this is a city of around a quarter of a million inhabitants and looking at this point a rather low casualty figure can you update us on the number of
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people who have been hurt or even killed in this? >> relatively the road in the area they have constructed this properly in terms of this but the problem with the government construction and most of the buildings have been damaged so the focus is additional going up against the government and the new buildings have been destroyed and the low quality buildings and the corruption going on and so on and so forth is going on there and multiple effects going on here and the anticorruption going on. >> all right, okay, thank you very much indeed for checking in with us here at al jazeera and a
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resident of the city that has been mostly affected by that earthquake and again apology for the low quality of the line. more to come on this al jazeera news hour including the mystery in hong kong following the disappearance of another worker from a controversial book show. and over staying their welcome and look at why some african leaders will do anything to remain in power. and in sport find out if p mannings return to the broncos with details in a short while. ♪ now in afghanistan a a suicide bomber has blown himself up on the check point on kabul and no other casualties we understand
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but happened very close to where a taliban suicide bomber killed one person and wounded 33 others just last week. and gunmen attacked an indian consulate in northern afghanistan and tried to storm the building but were stopped by afghan security forces and now the fighters took over the house next door. this incident coincided with an attack in an indian airforce base very close to the pakistani border and victoria has the details. >> reporter: afghan special forces target armed fighters near the indian consulate in the northern city. the gunmen try to enter the compound but failed. afghan army commanders say the fighters are now hiding in a house in a nearby street and at least one civilian has been wounded. >> translator: our special forces and commandos deployed in
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the area and assured the countrymen they will eliminate the insurging. >> both country signed a strategic partnership agreement in 2011 and india has given $300 million in aid and support for afghanistan made them a target for armed fighters with links to taliban. in may 2014 the indians attacked in the city. in august 2013, nine civilians died when the indian consulate in jalabad was targeted and the embassy in kabul was attacked in 2008 and 2009. the latest attack coincides with a raid on an indian airforce base near the border with pakistan and efforts to restart talks with the afghan taliban are being made. last week the head of pakistan's
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army was in kabul with a meeting with afghan president ashraf ghani and it shows fighters remain capable of causing chaos, victoria with al jazeera. we can talk now to the intelligence and security analyst who joins us live from new deli and he was formally with india's external intelligence agency and thanks for talking to us on al jazeera and two violent incidents attacking the italian state and are they linked and who is behind them? >> well, at the moment it would be only speculative to say they are linked but if we go by the history of previous attacks on our mission or the scene in after afghanistan they have been taken across the border with safe haven inside pakistan but sharif is in a secure area
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because he is under the control and regarded as a friend of india. so if at all there are developments from pakistan and the attempt could be to give the impression it's far and doesn't have anything to do with it and however the incident and attack on the indian air base has definitely been linked to mohamed militants who have come across from south of pinjar and of course they use the road slightly further north from where normally the intrusion has been taking place lately across the international border. >> right so there seems to be a complex, web, isn't there, of armed groups with specific grievances and importantly as i mentioned with weapons. why for instance at the air base very close to the pakistani
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border why haven't the indian security forces been able to repel this? >> well, there was going to be intelligence and there was an alert and that may have helped to minimize the damage but the group of militants were initially assessed to be only four or five but they have turned out to be slightly larger number of about six or seven. they are in the process of being neutralized but since the air field is in a widely dispersed area they were able to dispurse into smaller group and take refuge in some areas where cleansing or sanitizing them was difficult. >> and the back drop to all of this of course is that relations between pakistan, the pakistani government and the indian government and of course the afghan government as well making overtures to afghan taliban and
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another complex of peace initiatives, is that helping or hindering what we are seeing at the moment? >> yes, it may be hindering because the taliban have indian influence and popularity in afghanistan however, after no talks there was an agreement recently to revive the process of diplomatic engagement between india and pakistan and this happened after inaugurate the newly-built afghan parliament building assisted by indian funding and on the way back he dropped in impromptu and talked about the possibility, you know, of the talks process restarting in a better atmosphere. there are spoiler whose are opposed to this inside, you know, certain sections inside pakistan and so they predictably
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tried to damage this process by trying to attract attention through this incident. >> okay thank you very much indeed and as we were hearing this we were talking about the gun fight that is on going and going on now and this is the third day at an indian airforce base close to the pakistan border, two gunmen still held up inside the base and officials say they are in a residential building and six died which started on saturday and india says it secured all the major assets of the base. now prodemocracy leaders in hong kong urging to investigate the appearance of a publisher and fifth employee from the same company to go missing and the publisher specializes in books ban in china and is a journalist based in hong kong and cease
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lee's disappearance has concerns of a crack down from the mainland. >> this is very, very chilling indeed because the assumption always was that in hong kong you could publish what you like and there would be problems if you were on the other side of the border but if you were here nobody would come over here and nobody would arrest you and the hong kong authorities are silent and investigating what is going on, it's not clear. but the popular action here is one of quite considerable discourse. the only reason we know about this is because of a phone call made to his wife in which he sort of indicated that he was on the other side of the border. she says she had no idea that he was leaving. i mean he has been missing since wednesday. the other colleagues of his have been missing a much longer period of time so why are they on the other side of the border unless there was some kind of operation launched by the chinese authorities. if there is another explanation
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we certainly have not heard about it. >> now, let's go to the united states where a massive mopping up operation in the midwest is underway but the problem is more floods are expected so lewis in missouri is one of the hardest hit areas and going home all week after the flood hit and record high water caused levees to birth and 31 died in several states including illinois and oklahoma and more flooding is expected in memphis, tennessee, a pretty dire prediction there and let's find out more about the prediction for the rest of the world and here is stef. >> a mess in europe but winter arrived and has not been with us for quite a long time but suddenly it arrived in the eastern parts of europe but has not just come subtly, it arrived with a vengeance and you can barely make out what is going on here because there is so much
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snow coming down and this is further south and this is the black sea and you can see there is a lot of ice there and clearly winter is in the eastern parts of our map and the dark gray is a satellite miss interpreting the weather for the cloud and out in the west no miss interpreting things here with a huge system making its way across eastern europe and already brought us a lot of heavy rain. this is what it already looks like an island and the pictures are where there is a lot of flooding at the moment. now, there is going to be more wet weather here over the next few days and generally across western europe it's staying mild but also staying pretty wet and you can see plenty of showers there and brought in on very strong winds and the leading area of rain stretching its way across europe and the central parts as well and where it's hitting that cold air it's turning to rain to sleet and to snow and also some freezing rain as well so the driving conditions are pretty
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treacherous and they will stay pretty miserable over the next few days marteen. >> thank you very much and going back to the united states now because armed protesters continued to occupy a government building in the state of oregon. the group is demonstrating against an order for two farmers to return to jail. [chanting] the two farmers a father and a son were convicted of arson on public land in 2012 and served some jail time but a court has now decided the sentences were too lenient an ordered them back to jail. the group says it wants the federal government to stop interfering with the rights of landowners. and americans are rushing to buy guns and ammunition before a crack down is announced and president obama says it's too easy for criminals to get a gun and wants to use presidential power for restrictions but are vowing to fight any attempt to change the constitutional right to bear arms and kimberly hawk
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now reports. >> reporter: with so many gun stores in the united states the blueridge arsenal place in virginia gun sales are up as americans rush to buy before strict regulations are put in place. >> not being able to get, it's making people want to get stuff before their ability is taken away. >> reporter: many are concerned about president barack obama's announcement he is meeting with his attorney general loretta lynch for presidential power for new restrictions on u.s. gun sales. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence but what if we tried to stop even one. >> reporter: obama says executive actions are necessary after efforts to work with congress stalled, following the sandy hook shooting in 2012 which killed 26 people obama had congressional measures to tighten gun laws but that effort failed in congress and licensed stores like this one are
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required to have a background check before a customer buys a gun but some firearms sold privately at gun shows do not require the same scrutiny. it is confidential loophole and it's what some see as a gap in u.s. gun regulations and the white house now seeks to close. the national rifle association and the largest gun rights group says background check also do little to increase public safety. >> they blame the guns. >> reporter: and donald trump says owning a gun and right to bear arms in the united states is a constitutionally protected right. >> i don't like anything having to do with changing our second amendment. we have plenty of rules and regulations and plenty of things they can do right now that are already there and they don't do them. >> reporter: they see obama potential executive action as nothing more than a power grab from the people that violate the law. >> i support and defend the constitution of the united
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states of america and not disallow the constitution and do find it a front that some people would choose to circumvent that. >> some people are passionate about it and not just the fact it's firearms but as much as the government telling them what they can or cannot do or can and cannot have. >> reporter: the white house says it's too easy for someone who wants to commitment a crime to get a gun and actions to make it more difficult are expected to come as early as this week. kimberly with al jazeera, chantilly, virginia. a new year and era in venezuela as opposition prepares to take control of congress and a debt crisis in puerto rico means people could be at risk of going hungry and in sport we will have details of the season's best performance by this new york knicks player. ♪
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you are with al jazeera and let's have a look at the top stories on al jazeera three sunni mosques attacked south of the iraqi capitol baghdad, three different cities and towns were targeted. chinese stock markets plunged by as much as 8% as investors react to slow down in china selling off shares and those concerns have begun to spread to europe where stock markets have opened lower. saudi arabia has cut diplomatic
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ties with iran after they set fire to the embassy in tehran and nimr has been critical of policy towards the shia muslim minority. now a number of african leaders ensured over the past year they will extent their time in office either by ignoring the constitution or changing it. as part of our global look ahead for 2016 we are looking now at how these efforts to stay in power will effect the power of the continent and mohamed reports. >> reporter: celebrations and moments after results of the elections were announced. he was elected the first civilian leader in almost five decades and the citizens broke into song and dance to celebrate not just a new president but the hard-won victory as what they see as dictator ship.
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in 2014 when blaze the man for bakino-faso to remain in power is no longer possible. this is one of the leaders, a civil society organization that planned an uprising that toppled the president. we met him outside the country's parliament that was burned down during the protest. >> 27 years were enough. we knew if we let this guy change the constitution that is forever and maybe after him all the family going to be in the power in this country. >> reporter: presidents tinkering with this is nothing new and this is a seven-year-old and the problem with africa and
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uganda in particular is not the people but leaders who want to stay in power. in 2005 they secured changing a law allowing a third term and i met him in 2011. do you ever see yourself retiring any time soon? >> some day i will retire, i will retire to be sure but i'm looking forward to retirement. >> reporter: at the age of 72 he is campaigning for a fifth term in office with the role of uganda for 35 years and he is in the league of african leaders who stayed in power. in 2011 he told al jazeera he will not seek reelection in 2 5 2015. >> translator: i am currently serving an office term and will not step down before it comes to an end. at that point i would have completed 26 years in office. is that not enough? >> more than enough. more than enough. >> reporter: but it wasn't to
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be. in 2015 he won another five years in office despite the questionable track record and dire economic realities in sudan and cameroon's president have both been in power since 1982 and zimbabwe have not known another president since the independent in 1980. and paul the man praised for his role in stabilizing rwanda is with leaders to stay on in power but in burundi the fall out from africa's third term has been most pronounced and at least 400 people killed and 420,000 displaced in violence since last year when pierre nkurunziza is
5:37 am
still there and africans at large want to change the leadership. al jazeera, bakino-foso. >> the head of the program in london and alex hi, nice to talk to you and what are we witnessing an extension of an old disease that seems to be ever more contagious? >> well, i wouldn't say it's ever more contagious everywhere and i think you have to be careful and there are parts of africa who are not following the patent and west africa majority of countries in west africa you heard in the clip the one about bakino-faso changing course are against that and two countries in west africa that have more than two terms and that is togo and that is the gambia and last year the west african states tried to get a no third term rule that was blocked but i
5:38 am
think that will change in time. i do think it's worrying in central africa and the great lakes area with the tribes what is going to happen in the democratic republic of congo where there is an election this year will be really important too so i don't think we can generalize is my point. there is variability and some parts of africa continue this patent and in part seem to be pulling away. >> looking at pictures of the former president of bakino-faso and blaze who sparked a great deal of unrest here but could you say that is -- what happened here since is a triumph of constitutionality if you like and democracy? >> well, yes. what happened in bakino is important and is a deterrent especially for an election in 2016 and the current incumbent is stepping down and not going
5:39 am
for a third term. very significant election of the president buhair as the head of state last year is a really watershed too but i do worry about what is happening in the great lakes area of africa and those are the uganda and rwanda and burundi and that seems to be a very different pattern and what it has in common is all three countries and heads of state came to power through violence and armed struggle. that is a very different patent from elections we see in west africa for example. >> how vital do you think would be the mediation efforts, the regional mediation efforts because of course they reacted very swiftly in the case of bakino-faso to quell the volatility and do you think the east africans can prevail in burundi for instance? >> i don't know. with burundi it was a car crash we all predicted. this was a crisis that everybody
5:40 am
saw coming. you can't say anybody missed it and there was plenty of mediation from everybody. at the end of the day i think it's a worrying statement on how a small country like burundi despite international concern can still go on a trajectory that ends in such violence and goes to show even small countries that are not strategic like burundi can be trouble some for a region and internationally and i'm pessimistic for burundi in 2016 and think it will get worse before it gets better. >> nice to speak to you any way and we are live from london. now the gunmen expected of killing two people in an israeli bar also met a taxi driver and a massive manhunt underway after a friday shooting in tel aviv and the motive remains unclear and alleged gunman is milham from a town in northern israel and thought he killed -- excuse me
5:41 am
-- he killed the taxi driver after fleeing the scene of the shooti shooting. and a police spokesman says he is probably still armed and may strike again. now an israeli man charged with murder following an arson attack on a palestinian home last july and 17-year-old israeli also charged with helping to murder three family members in the occupied west bank. charles stratford reports from the burned out ruins in the home in douma. >> after the murder the charred personal belongings of the family are scattered on the floor on what was their home and he and their wife pushed their 18-month-old son ally is still here and he was burnt alive as he slept in the corner and parents died of injuries in the hospital. the burned out belongings of the family here are shocking evidence of the violence that they suffered in that attack.
5:42 am
meanwhile more details are gradually beginning to emerge of the man charged with their murder. 21 years old with a young family of his own. and he is seen here holding his baby. he lived in an illegal settlement in the occupied west bank but reportedly moved to jerusalem after the attack happened. it is being reported that he and the 17-year-old minor charged with being an accomplice were planning a second attack on another village close by. both had been detained by the israeli authorities before. the families say the government offered financial compensation but relatives say all they want is justice. >> translator: we don't have confidence in the israeli judicial system or the investigation because neither we or lawyer have been informed of any of the steps of the investigation. >> reporter: four-year-old the only member of the family to survive is still having rehabilitation treatment for the burns he suffered.
5:43 am
israeli officials called the attack an act of jewish terrorism but until murder charges were announced the government banned the media from reporting on the investigation. >> evidences are suggested to the police when video cameras shows evidence of all kind of violence of settlers and the police does nothing and then the persecution does nothing and so many settlers who were clearly involved in violence are free and not brought to justice. >> reporter: benjamin netanyahu said sunday cabinet meeting they will implement rule of law in all parts of the state of israel and on all citizens. in the occupied west bank village of douma three graves mark the final resting place of this mother, father and their baby boy. charles stratford, al jazeera, douma in the occupied west bank. now puerto rico is desperate
5:44 am
financial trouble and the island in caribbean will default on some of the $70 billion worth of debt on monday and there is a looming food crisis, from san juan report ray reports. >> reporter: four years ago terror rodriguez opened this small organic restaurant in san juan. today her kitchen is busy with food grown locally mostly by her sisters farm and a farm to table menu and a boost to the economy. >> what i've seen on one end we are a poster child of something that everybody wants on this island which is to have good food and good farming practices. >> reporter: now we are leaving san juan and heading up to the mountains the second highest elevation of puerto rico where sister danyella is farming and growing organic produce for the restaurant in san juan. >> time is running out and it's
5:45 am
either now or never, you know. >> and time is running out because is there really a food crisis on the island? >> in terms of self sustainability, yes. studies show that we have enough food to last us two weeks if the ships were to stop coming. >> two weeks. >> two weeks and that is including canned food, probably even including dog food. >> reporter: seafood, meats and stables like rice, beans and coffee mostly come from the u.s. mainland and neighboring latin american countries and china and puerto rico agriculture is stemming along with 1% of the gross domestic product and the secretary says they are working toward more local foods being produced. >> we have an ambitious plan where we understand that we can increase the local production from 50% of our consumption to a near 25%.
5:46 am
>> reporter: while the government has implemented a plan to redevelop the island's agricultural sector and includes providing farmers with subsidies and new equipment farm to table entrepreneurs say things are promising but they need more collaboration from the government. the two sisters are trying to revitalize the agricultural of the island, farming and offering organic food for residents with the hope that people here become less dependent on imports and more ambitious of the soils of puerto rico robert ray, al jazeera, san juan, puerto rico. >> venezuela coalition chosen an out spoken leader of the next president of the national assembly and is due to be sworn in on tuesday. the opposition coalition won a two third super majority of congress in september and the socialist party dominated congress for the past 16 years, the opposition is vowing to go ahead with the inauguration of all the new mp despite a supreme
5:47 am
court ban on some of them. here is lopez from cra coracus. >> they elected the national assembly and for many here he is a politician and one they consider is what venezuela needs at the moment and the first time in 16 years that the opposition here in venezuela will have control of the national assembly. despite being formed by several different factions the opposition has vowed to stay together which is particularly relevant also because the supreme court has just ruled that four of the legislators that were scheduled to be sworn in on tuesday might be blocked from assuming their posts. the opposition said they will remain defiant and that all 112 of these legislators will be, in fact, sworn in. both sides have called on supporters to join them in on tuesday when they go to the
5:48 am
family to be sworn in which is fears of the streets of venezuela could again be the stage of the violent clashes that in 2014 saw 43 people dead. still to come on this al jazeera news hour, in sport find out what happens when the going gets too tough even for competitors at the dacca rally. ♪
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♪ time for the sport and here is andy. >> thank you and with over a month to go until super board
5:50 am
peyton manning can still make an impact, the 39-year-old coming off the bench to help the broncos for the top playoff seed in the afc and out with a foot injury he had 20 crucial points for 27-20 win over san diego chargers and broncos get a first round bye in the playoffs and booked a wild card game after a win over the browns and the quarterback had three touchdown passes and the browns fired their coach and general manager ray farmer. >> resilient and tight group and stayed together and like the demeanor they took the field and instances put on a short field. they did not blink and had been in the situation some and just responded appropriately and we appreciate that. >> let's have a look at the wild
5:51 am
card games on january the 9th, kansas chiefs take on hughes stone texas and waiting for the winner of that game a week later is last season's superbowl champions and next they take on the bengels and the cardinals playing the winner on that game and on sunday they host the seattle seahawks and the green bay packers play the redskins and the peyton manning. the new york knicks beat the atlanta hawks and lost in the southeast division with the best ever game as a knick and all of his three points were 111-97 to the knicks. and royal madrid lost ground on the spanish title race held on 2-2 and storing the second but
5:52 am
it was not enough to ease the pressure on manager round there and four points behind atletico with the games in charge and gary nevel still without a win. chelsea's manager says a top four finish and champion is still possible for club and winning 3-nil at crystal palace and chelsea down on 14th place on table and unbeaten in four games since the firing of the manager. >> start working also and what i little call to invest in the dirty work and not just the beautiful game they can play because this leak is very demanding and if you think you can do it just on your quality once more given by talent and nature than this league is killing you. >> reporter: a draw by everton and scoring for everton against his old club and spurs staying
5:53 am
fourth and six points behinds leaders. >> i think that was fantastic and one of the best performance so far. i think you can see the way that we play and we manage the game until 75 minutes and in this moment i think we increased the level. afghanistan footballer narrowly missed out on a title win in the south asian cup and afghanistan won the trophy a couple years ago took the lead in the final but the advantage lasted a couple of minutes as the host nation levelled, extra time was needed and that is india grabbing a win and chaotic defending and the 7th time india has lifted this trophy.
5:54 am
south africa is fighting back on day three of test match against england and the bowlers have been tough for them in cape town and failed to take a wicket and they are taking south africa to 199 for 2 and england's huge 629 for 6. only 6 eight balls possible on the day for the test between australia and west indies in sidney and enough to take the score 35-69 and to win the 248 for 7. now just a few weeks out from tennis and the australian open serena williams forced to pull out of the cup and williams missing this time with a knee injury and in the absence the u.s. lost to ukraine and replacement beat in straight sets. and then alexander clinched the
5:55 am
tie with a straight set win. and bad weather in argentina has once again hit the rally and the length of the stage is hard to guaranty the competitor safety and this was the scene on sunday when stage one had to be cancelled completely and that setback followed the incident in the prolog when a crash injured at least ten spectators. okay, that is how the sports is looking for now. >> andy thank you very much indeed. now, to a bit of a story from indinosha and they are no longer used to ward off evil, puppies but are thriving in other ways and we report. >> reporter: he spruces these up and it's a tradition belonging to the people on the island. the frame is made of bam boo and
5:56 am
hollow and the puppet master controls inside and brings the puppet to life and it was originally made to represent ancestors who could ward off evil spirits but puppets have decora decorate roles in the country and popular and sought after at weddings and ceremonies and even for the inauguration of buildings. children get a kick out of seeing the puppets walk through the streets. >> translator: going around the village and it's more fun and there is a lot of laughter. it's entertaining. >> reporter: but on weekends and public holidays, they are usually at the square in the heart of the old city flanked by colonial buildings and it is where families come for a bit of street entertainment, a slice of color, an alternative to a day out at the mall. and there is another five pairs
5:57 am
in the square but even with the competition there is enough curiosity and interest in the tradition for the puppet owners to make a living. people pay to pose for photos with the puppets and said he can earn up to $20 a day. his ambition is to one day make enough money to own at least ten puppets. >> translator: it's a tradition so i want to take a picture with them. and with myself i think it's important that we preserve our culture. >> reporter: it's the pride people have for these icons of dacarta to make sure they keep dancing, entertaining generations to come. florence lee, al jazeera, dacarta. do stay with us at al jazeera, lots more to come. ♪
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♪ attackers strike at least two sunni mosques south of baghdad. ♪ hello again and you are with al jazeera, i'm marteen dennis and coming up, in the program. >> determined not to allow iran to under mine our security. >> saudi arabia cuts diplomatic ties with iran after protesters storm its embassy in tehran. chinese stocks collapse on the opening day of business in the new year forcing a trading halt. and a magnitude 6.7 earthquake