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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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. ♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour, i'm in doha with the top stories on al jazeera, syrian refugees suffer through a brutal winter while the country's opposition is still searching for common grounds ahead of talks with the government. plus. >> we will attend the next syria talks and we are not going to boycott them because of iran or anybody else for that matter. >> reporter: saudi arabia says it's committed to peace in the region despite a diplomatic
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boycott off iran. the chinese government intervenes to prop up its struggling stock market. and an aging population is creating a shortage in germany, can refugees fill the void for skills? ♪ hello. the syrian opposition has released the list of demands ahead of u.n. brokered peace talks later this month and wants to see confidence leading steps from damascus and release of arbitrarily detained people and calling for immediate hold to bombardment of cities and towns by heavy artillery and jets and also wants to make sure there is inhindered access to those in desperate need of aid and we have the founder who specialized in syria and the gulf region and is questioning if talks can take
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place while fighting is still going on. >> the peace talks were pretty much in intensive care anyway and i think they are probably flat lining now. the opposition can't go to the table while such carnage and starvation taking place on the ground and are not new demands and the closer to the crisis of last year and the opposition has organized itself and riyadh conference last month shows it is possible for independence and faction and rebel leaders as well as the political coalitions to come together and form a platform and they have been organizing over the last few days in order to get ready for those talks at the end of the month but how can they go to the table when the situation on the ground is so divorced from the reality or the unreality of what will take place in geneva. syrian refugees and camps in
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the region continue to suffer from the ongoing snowfalls. turkey and lebanon are hosting millions of syrian refugees, hundreds of thousands of people have been living in tents with deteriorating weather conditions and in lebanon some 200,000 families are at risk during the winter season and are in need of special assistance. now the body of a 21 refugees have been found in two locations on turkey's aegian coast and they were found with ten others on the district and it's a starting point for refugees and migrants trying to reach the greek island of lesbos and rescued eight people and looking for more survivors. kuwait recalled the ambassador in process on the attack in tehran and comes after bahrain cut diplomatic ties and the uae downgrade its relations and
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saudi arabia says its decision to break off ties with iran will not effect efforts with peace in yemen and saudi ambassador to the u.n. called on security council to condemn saturday's attack on its embassy in iran and also said normal relations can resume when iran stops interfering in the internal affairs in the region including saudi arabia. tensions rose after the kingdom executed a shia cleric. diplomatic editor james base is at the u.n. headquarters in new york. >> reporter: diplomates are obviously concerned because you have heavy weights in the middle east with strained relations and now there is a new low. having said that i suspect they will be slightly heartened by saudi ambassador saying there will be no effect in his country's view about peace efforts with regard to syria and yemen. >> the break in relations between saudi and iran what effect will it have on peace
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efforts in syria and in yemen? >> from our side it should have no effect because we will continue to work very hard towards supporting the peace efforts in syria, in yemen, wherever there might be a need for that. how is that going to affect the behavior of iran we do not know. you would need to ask the iranians on that. but the irans before diplomatic reactions have not been very supportive and positive in these peace efforts. they have been taking provocative and negative positions and as such i don't think the break in relations is going to dissuaded them from such behavior. >> reporter: despite those comments the united nations know that both iran and saudi arabia are key players in both these
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conflicts and that is why the u.n. envoy for syria is in riyadh and going on to tehran and in the next few days the envoy for yemen will also be visiting the region. the chinese government has intervened heavily to support its stock markets and extended a ban on selling by big company shareholders selling continued on tuesday a day after shares plunged and triggered an automatic halt in trading and china correspondent adrian brown sent an update from beijing. >> reporter: tuesday was another bad day for chinese stocks and hong kong and others were down but the route is not as bad as monday when shanghai closed down around 7% and 8% and hong kong almost 3%. the reason for the continuing jitters in the market is probably this, on friday restrictions over the selling of shares are due to end. these restrictions were imposed
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during the market turbulence in the summer but if they are eased it would mean a lot of cheap stop coming on the market and bringing prices down further and because of that china security regulatory commission on tuesday issued a statement saying they would take action to stop big shareholders setting their shares in blue chip companies and let's be clear one of the reasons why some companies want to sell their shares is they simply have no faith in their companies at the moment and trying to flood them off to individual investors but the government wants to protect the small investor and have seen plenty of evidence on tuesday of government intervention in the market and have been buying up shares in blue chip companies but the day to watch this week is going to be friday. u.s. president barack obama has executive orders later on tuesday aimed at reducing gun violence in the u.n. and obama wants more background checks. defense and homeland security department also be required to
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do more research on smart gun technology. obama will also request new funding for 200 law enforcement agents as well as better access to mental healthcare for people who might commit gun related crimes and tom ackerman reports. >> reporter: dozens of americans deaths each day from gunshots and now the president has his attorney general readying his options for narrowing access to firearms. >> this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country and not prevent every mass shooting and not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. it will potentially save lives in this country. >> reporter: congress has refused to close loopholes in the law which allow unlicensed gun dealers to sell weapons without criminal background checks so obama says he will invoke his executive authority to tighten the regulations. >> a lot of the work that has gone on has been to ensure that
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we would have confidence in the legal basis of these actions. >> reporter: the top republican in congress speaker of the house paul ryan says obama's plan to reach a dangerous level of executive over reach and the country will not stand for it. one of the republican contenders to succeed obama says he is acting like a child after his legislative defeats. >> mr. president because they reject your ideas, repeatedly and now you're going to try to impose them any way. >> reporter: the national rifle association, the powerful pressure group which opposes new gun controls says the obama administration is violating the rights of honest gun honors and ignoring the roots of the violence. >> untold secret in washington is he has all the laws he needs to stop the blood shed now. take violent criminals off the street. prosecute them under the current federal gun laws and make sure they don't get to their next
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crime scene. that's the way to save lives. >> reporter: meanwhile federal authorities in the state of oregon are weighing what actions to take against a group of armed protesters who have taken over a public building in a remote wildlife refuge and promised no violence and refused to recognize the authority over the land. >> gun ownership in country. obama will follow-up executive orders later this week with a national broadcast devoted to gun violence, in his last year as president demonstrating his determination to curb an epidemic of gunfire expected to claim more american lives than traffic accidents. tom ackerman, al jazeera, washington. so a group of anti-government protesters in the u.s. refusing to end their occupation for western wildlife sanctuary, the group had been protesting against new jail term for two local ranchers and the men turned themselves in on arson charges and their lawyers say the protesters at the
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sanctuary do not speak for his clients. and land disputes between the federal government and ranchers for generations. allen has the latest from just outside the city of burns in oregon. >> reporter: a spokesman for the protesters told us specifically not to expect a lot of guns and any questions about how many protesters are here were left unanswered during our 45-minute tour of the national wildlife refuge property that this group walked into and took over. >> how is it going so far? >> emotional roller coaster and up and down but it's going great. there is no blood shed. this is not a violent or hostile situation. >> reporter: there are 15 or so buildings here, dozens of idle government trucks and swamp boats for the marshs and heavy equipment, the spokesman told us this is one of the sleeping areas. we took video through a window of people prepping food but were not allowed into this kitchen.
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we didn't visit every building but we were allowed to roam on our own and saw no signs of damage or vandalism. >> we want to be polite and neighborly and want to be citizens, we want to be respectful of one another. >> reporter: he is an arizona rancher who emerged as one of the group's main spokesman. where do you see this ending? >> i believe it will spread from here. this grievance they are dealing with here is widespread throughout the west. this is not going away. >> reporter: we saw neighborhood carrying a weapon but again didn't see every room. we asked dwayne if people here were armed. >> there is probably a weapon in every pickup truck within 100 miles of here, you know, everybody says they are armed but these ranchers i know have a weapon so i had a cougar on my
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porch last week. >> reporter: constitutional freedom held a press conference to outline grievances about land use restrictions and federal regulations in an area where ranching and conservation collided since the refuge was formed in 1908 and asked what will it take to end this protest peacefully. >> i wouldn't say words would do it. i would say action would. and that would be for the federal government to remove its unconstitutional presence here in the county. >> i want to talk directly to the people at the wildlife refuge and you said you were here to help the citizens of the county and it ended when a peaceful protest became an occupation and they turned themselves in and it's time for you to leave your community and go home to your families and end this peacefully. >> reporter: so far lots of talking but no serious action as the protest that started
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saturday continues. allen with al jazeera, near burns, oregon. now a plaque honoring the people killed in attacks in paris a year ago has been unveiled by the french president and francois hollande led this with 20 people dead after a gunman opened fire at the magazine charlie hebdo and a kosher supermarket and four cartoonists working for the magazine were killed and security is in place. more to come on al jazeera news hour including. >> i'm robin in malaysia and if you are a first time home buyer it's more difficult to buy within a city center, i'll be telling you why housing projects like this are becoming more popular with the first-time home buyer. plus tides have changed and disaster unfolding for home areas in a low lying part of sinagal and we will hear from one of the greatest footballers who is taking his first steps in
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management. ♪ first we have been telling you about the shaky chinese stock market and making other markets nervous and let's look at what happened and after years of rapid growth china was the world's second biggest economy and the growth meant it had demand for raw materials supporting countries around the world and china is maturing into a developed market and growth is slowing and means the appetite for raw goods has shrunk and the rest of the world is worried who will buy their exports and things may not be as serious as you may think and the chinese government has foreign reserves and $3 trillion to spend on another stimulus to boost its economy and let's speak to a financial analyst and saw
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volatility in the stock market in the past two days and what does it tell you about investors' confidence in the chinese market and also the chinese economy? >> there are concerns as you said about the slowing chinese economy. we had some manufacturing pmi data that yesterday that was weaker than expected and that was one of the reasons for the route, the 7% decline in the shanghai market but also we saw big falls in the summer if you remember in july and august and at that time the government instituted a number of measures to stop the stock market falling and those measures come to an end or are scheduled to come to an end at the end of this week and i think that is also causing great concern for chinese investors. >> and what does this mean for the global sentiment going forward and into 2016? >> what is interesting is most
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financial ex pr period of time -- expect of the stock market and china concerns should be quite muted and for example here in the uk if you look at direct exports to china they are small and it's all the indirect effect that are doing harm and causing nervousness because nobody really know because as long as we can remember china has grown phenomenonly fast 8, 9, 10, 15% growth a year and that slowed to 7% but, in fact, there is so many question marks about the quality of chinese economic data one fears that even the sort of 7% that the government says it's growing at is overly optimistically high and china could be growing a lot slower than that or at least that is what the commodity market and the fall of the price of oil would tell you. >> speaking of the chinese government how do you assess the way that the officials have
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handled the situation so far? we did see responses by the chinese government. >> well, one of the reasons why the chinese market actually traded slightly firmer today because it's rumored the chinese government with chinese institutions go out and buy shares in our stock market today. now that happened in the past in america. if you look at the great depression jp morgan famously did the same thing but what stock markets need is full information and the falls to happen in an orderly manner and for the markets not to be manipulated and that is exactly what the chinese government has done. it's a communist organization that likes to control the flow of information and that does not work for the ultimate capitalist stock market. it just doesn't work so there are many global investors who look at china and what the government is doing and it makes them very, very nervous. >> all right, thank you very
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joining us on the news hour. hong kong affairs are purely china business according to foreign minister and the statement was released a short time ago and thought to be in response to criticism following the disappearance of five hong kong publishers and one of them has reportedly written a letter to his family saying he is in mainland china and all work for a publisher that specializes in books critical of china's communist party. >> translator: hong kong is china's special administrative region and hong kong's affairs are purely china's internal affairs and no foreign country has the right to interfere. palestinian man has been shot dead by israeli forces. the man allegedly stabbed an israeli soldier at the gush junction in the occupied west bank. the soldier has been taken to hospital for treatment for his injuries. at least 145 palestinians and 21
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israelis have been killed in an up surge of violence and that is since the beginning of october. well, the u.n. special represpir resigned and in the role since 2014 says israel continually failed to grant access to territories he was supposed to monitor and says his efforts to help pal palestinians has been frustrating and we spoke to him and he says it's important to see the situation on the ground firsthand. >> problem is i got a lot of information by telephone call, by video conference and got indications that a situation on the ground is worsening so therefore i'm interested to see by myself the situation there in order to mitigate it of problems experienced by the palestinian
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whose human rights were violated and they are disappointed and according to him it should be universal and to all parties to the conflict, not only the violation on human right but also to the palestinian violation of human rights and this is not my responsibility. this is given to me. if they chase this maybe they can fight in the human right council and try to convince others to do this. >> let's cross over to west jerusalem and saying he wasn't able to see the situation on the ground firsthand but the reality is that the violence just continues, at least 133 palestinians, 21 israelis killed since beginning of october and now another incident. >> indeed, as you know we have
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been following this latest upsurge in violence since the very beginning and it really isn't showing any signs of slowing down. just this morning as you rightly point out palestinian man is accused of trying to attack an israeli soldier, this palestinian man was shot dead by those israeli soldiers and the incidents took place in the occupied west bank in an area known as gush junction close to israeli settlement, an area which has been a flash point in resent months and indeed over the years we have seen a number of attempted attacks in that ar area. in the past few months alone resulting in some casualties and here we are yet again but as you have been saying that death toll only rises at latest count more than 20 israelis have been killed and well over 140 palestinians have lost their
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lives in this latest unrest. around half of them in protest. protests against what they say or rather what palestinian says the fact they are just frustrated and angry at the ongoing occupation, the failure to secure any kind of peace and indeed a palestinian state where the israeli leadership will tell you the reason we are seeing protests and indeed violence is because of incitement not only coming from palestinian leaders but also from social media but if you talk to young people the street they say that is nonsense and they are not being told to go out to be angry, that they are angry and that is why we are seeing some of the incidents we have over the past three months or so. >> when you talk to both palestinians and israelis what is their sense about this year 2016 and where this all goes on to from here? >> i think thereis a real sort
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of acceptance that this what we are seeing is the new normal. this has been going on since october as we have been saying and there are near daily attacks and not only has palestinian society sort of girded themselves for the very heavy crack down that we have seen in the occupied west bank and certainly in occupied east jerusalem by israeli forces but it would seem the israeli society has almost seemed to have accepted in some odd way this violence as well. you have not really been hearing voices calling out for some sort of solution and when you look at the israeli government sort of policy we are trying to deal with this it has been very inconsistent on the one hand i have been saying they have been cracking down very heavily in the occupied west bank and occupied east jerusalem and massive rest and the like but on the other hand you see them making concessions as well and
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early on in october when this began the israeli security cabinet said they would not return the bodies of suspected palestinian attackers to their family after they were killed by israeli security forces but in the last week or two we have seen dozens of bodies returned and it's really clear that the israeli government and israeli security apparatus is trying to find a way to calm this violence but as we have been seeing from this latest incident it's simply not working. >> thank you for that update from west jerusalem now. the weather with richard and cold weather hitting many parts of southeast europe, richard. >> a cold picture across the region and almost anywhere there is pretty bad weather going on at the moment and as i run the satellite sequence and you can see the frontal system is moving west to east and the colder air driving across the southeast with very cold weather affecting poland because of the cold weather there and we have pictures coming out of bosnia
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with heavy snow in the last 24 hours or so. meanwhile in romania it's cold and bucharest and cold looking at it and it's okay with a roof over your head and of course for refugees across turkey and into syria the situation is more desperate and those saw the temperatures across the region maximum temperatures quite a marked degradation of temperatures and in the north the temperatures rise markedly and in the mediterranean generally is not bad but turkey and far north of syria with cold weather and snow with it and you take nighttime temperatures there is below freezing but there is a trend with temperatures on the rise slightly at least here whereas further toward the south temperatures if anything are slightly above average and beirut is 18 average and slightly above and as we move the forecast on through and
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temperatures are 20 degrees and similar for aleppo and temperatures into the teens, not great if you are on the canvas but getting better and in the meantime pretty unsettled weather affecting many parts. property prices rising in cities around the world which many can't afford and especially first-time home buyers and forced to live a long way from work and face hours stuck in traffic jams and that is happening in malaysia outside the capitol kuala-lumpur. >> reporter: she has been looking for a home for six months and works at a bank and without a mortgage she doesn't have firm offers. >> can't find a house in our budget and have no choice to find a house outside of town and some houses the condition is not
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really good so we need to invest a lot of money to repay. >> reporter: je has a $95,000 budget to work with. the average annual salary for professionals in malaysia is around $10,000 and they have pressure and less consumer spending because of taxes which affected potential house buyers despite a small property tax being removed in the resent budget and analysts say house prices fell 15% in 2015 and will fall again in 2016 with 50% of local mortgage applications rejected there are few who have the finances to buy any sort of property in the city, some analysts say the government needs to tackle this. >> private sector has got more know how and market knowledge and they can come in and device strategies for the government and they can work on strategies to make affordable housing much more easier and acceptable to them and not being able to achieve that at this point in time. >> reporter: this is what this
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developer has done and the affordable home also be complete in 2017 and outside of kuala-lumpur housing projects like this are springing up and developers believe it's the solution for first-time home buyers and mortgage lenders and believe this is a viable and affordable solution for those that work in the city. >> there is a niche in the market and this property developer knows it and homes like this can cost up to $70,000 and being constructed because there is a market for them. >> has not changed in resent years and offering homes that affordable, homes of what the market needs and offering a luxury and they do have to pay at a very high price. >> reporter: it's a type of property je hopes she can find but may have to wait until projects like this are comple d completed. robin with al jazeera bongi,
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malaysia. still ahead this news hour, for the first time in 16 years the opposition has managed to gain control of the national assembly and i'm lopez and come to venezuela to see how people are reacting to this change. plus mega ship and maden voyage and access to the largest container vessel ever to visit the u.s. in sport find out why the lights have gone out at rio's olympic stadium. ♪
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♪ you're with the news hour on al
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jazeera and here is a reminder of the top stories syrian opposition has given a list of demand ahead of u.n. brokered peace talks due later this month and calling for release of prisoners, halt to attack on civilians and unhindered humanitarian access. kuwait recalled the ambassador against the attack on the saudi embassy in tehran and earlier saudi arabia called on the u.n. security council to condemn that attack. saudi arabia and bahrain have cut diplomatic ties with iran while the uae has downgrade relations. china's central bank has spend billions of dollars to try and stop a major sell off of shares in chinese stock markets. investors continue to sell their shares afraiding was halted on monday following a 7% fall in the stock market. and venezuela president ordered security forces to ensure the peaceful swearing in of the new national assembly when it takes place later on tuesday and
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nicholas wants a safe transition of power with unrest between government and opposition supporters and virginia lopez reports from caracus. for five years he debated laws he says helped lift venezuela people out of poverty and after the parliamentary reelection he says he accepts defeat but calling on supporters to protest during tuesday's assembly inauguration. he says the march will be peaceful but opposition is often claimed that groups like his also known as collectives function as malitia like groups that attack their detractors. >> translator: social movements are going to show support for the government and to tell the far right we are not willing to lose the social and political achievements of the past 17 years. >> reporter: after gaining power in 1998chavez said he will
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transform this into a paradise with food and free housing and cuban run healthcare clinics for the poor contributed to his unchallenged popularity. but his successor nicholas maduro lacks his charisma and high oil prices from the program are long gone and face chronic food shortages and the world's highest inflation rate and the community traditionally supported the late chazez and the revolution but december election shows that even in provhavez and strongholds like the government has lost all support and content the government has become so widespread the opposition secured 112 of the 167 seats in december's parliamentary books. its newly elected president has vowed independence. >> translator: we will not be a counter power. we will be an autonomous
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institution and power and as such we will exercise role of assembly which the past assembly never played. >> reporter: super majority has been threatened by a supreme court to block three legislators. >> translator: they claim no votes but this is speculative because i have not been presented with a formal indictment. what i know is from local media and social networks. >> reporter: both sides have called on supporters to march in tuesday's inauguration and fears are growing that power sharing in this polarized country will fail and could be a repeat of the political street clashes that in 2014 left 43 venezuelas dead, al jazeera, caracus. let's get more on one of our top stories and new list of demands of opposition ahead of peace talks later this month and we will talk to a senior
5:36 am
associate at the arab initiative and the list of demands the opposition has put forward calling for release of prisoners and calling for halt to attacks on civilians and unhindered humanitarian access before the deadline and how likely is it these demands will be met? >> as things stand it doesn't look likely these demands will be met in full. perhaps we can see some local truces happening on the ground but so far the regime and its allies are not giving any serious signs that they are actually interested in negotiations. >> why is it the opposition then would make demands at this particular time just a couple of weeks before january 25th and those peace talks as they are called? >> well, it makes sense. you can't really enter negotiations while people are being slaughtered on mass. at least stopping this onslaught
5:37 am
would be a sign by the regime to tell the opposition that it's serious about negotiations. so i think it's important that the opposition asks for these kinds of demands now in order to press the regime to give signs that it's indeed serious but as i said it's more about holding the regime accountable rather than expecting that these demands are going to be met. >> what is your outlook for the talks scheduled later this month? >> it's not certain whether the talks will go ahead. i mean, i hope that they do. >> right, they are scheduled. now if they do what do you think the outcome will be, are you hopeful? >> well, this is going to be if they go ahead the first stop in a very long process and so far regime actions and actions of russia in particular are not indicating that they will take these talks seriously. russia for example is starting to impose its own list of so
5:38 am
called opposition members to be part of the opposition negotiating team with the regime and we have seen the assassination of a key leader of the syrian opposition on the ground on christmas day, all these actions show that the negotiations are not certain. >> and when it comes to the tension we can say between saudi arabia and some other gulf countries and iran how will this latest development affect any chances for peace when it comes to syria and the prospect of peace talks? >> yeah, the standoff between saudi arabia and other gulf countries and iran is another hurdle for the syrian negotiations because you cannot have meaningful negotiations without having the external stakeholders in the conflict on board and with saudi arabia and iran now suffering diplomatic ties this is also making it very
5:39 am
challenging for the negotiations to go ahead. >> thank you for joining us from london. other world news in guatemala monitoring eruption of the volcano and it's 50 miles from guatemala city and it erupted sunday sending ash up to seven kilometers high and indian troops searching the base for more gunmen involved in last weekend's attack and no fire heard since monday night but one attacker suspected on the base and seven indian and five fighters killed in assault that began on saturday. arrested a suspect for attack on a bus and killed 17 and injured 32 other passengers and the police are investigating the man's motive. u.s. government has sued the
5:40 am
german car maker volkswagen for violating the clean air act and company admitted selling diesel cars fitted with illegal software designed to cheat emissions tests. in germany an aging population and a low birth rate are creating a serious skills shortage and small towns and cities throughout the country are being affected the most, part one of al jazeera's look at global falling birth rate and dominick cane is in a small town in central germany where they are hoping some of the thousands of skilled refugees coming to the country could provide an answer. >> reporter: netingly at the foot of the mountains this is a fluent town home to 22000 people and despite the apparent prosperity young people are missing and in the past 15 years the population of the town has fallen 20%. decline blamed on combination of a shrinking birth rate and net
5:41 am
immigration. >> schools run out of children, regular school in our area, in the first four years has about, let's say, 150-200 children. that is normal. and we ran out of children, down to 50 children and if you are under 50 children you are not able to manage a good school any longer. >> reporter: it's a similar story in many german towns and cities, fewer births and ever increasing tension on population and one epidemic says it's creating a serious skills shortage and the professionally qualified refugees could be part of the solution. >> the big expectation is that the migrants would also be a remedy to the labor market shortage that we have in germany. we have a shortage of high
5:42 am
skilled laborers and also a shortage of young and starting vocation and training positions. >> reporter: perhaps this initiative as a foundry in berlin could be a template for the future. it helps refugees who want to work by teaching them vocational courses and german language skills. people like haasan from ghanna are already benefitting from the training. >> we need to forget what has happened in the past and focus on the future. and i love to stay and the people are so much kind and so good and that is my dream. i want somebody and a place to start from. >> reporter: many people want to give refugees like haasan that opportunity and the local mayor says refugees with professional experience could help provide an answer to the shortage of jobs in the german workforce. dominick cane, al jazeera.
5:43 am
now it is hailed as the biggest ship to dock in a u.s. port and arrival of the vessel of containers shows how the united states is lagging behind the shipping industry in asia and europe and melissa chan explains. >> reporter: it's called the benjamin franklin actually owned by a french shipping company making a stop at the port of oakland and a few days later los angeles and called a mega ship because it can hold 18,000, 20 foot containers at maximum capacity and the usual ships that dock here hold about 5,000. >> it's important to demonstrate the port of oakland is not only ready for these ships but capable of handling them efficiently when they come to call. >> reporter: to give you a better idea this is the benjamin franklin and this is a boeing 747 or as compared to the aircraft carrier the uss hw bush. it's the voyage and one in the
5:44 am
country at the moment that can handle something of this size. oakland has actually dredged to adept 50 feet to accommodate larger ships and raised the height of eight of its cranes. but what port officials harold as the biggest cargo ship to ever visit the united states will mostly shuttle containers between asia and europe, when it comes to shipping the u.s. is behind the times. while mega ships dock regularly in asia and have for years, in the u.s. major ports are just starting to make upgrades needed to accommodate mega ships bringing in bigger cranes and dredging to deeper waters. >> the federal government needs to develop a comprehensive international freight strategy, the arrival of very large vessels is a stimulus to have these particular parts of the infrastructure get their act together. >> reporter: oakland and los angeles may have welcomed the benjamin franklin this time but doesn't mean either port can handle many more such calls and
5:45 am
proponents of mega ship says fuel carrying more cargo per trip and means less pollution. >> it's a considerable challenge and puts stress on the lines and dredging who move cargo a short distance from ports to facilities where often they put on rail cars to be sent to other parts of the country or sent to facilities where the goods are repackaged for on ward movement. >> reporter: even at a hefty $150 million u.s. price tag some shipping companies say it makes economic sense and west ports reach the far reaching economic benefits of mega ships. >> port of oakland employees 450 people but it influences 73,000 jobs and that many jobs depend on the port with increased cargo comes more jobs yet so we see a true economic benefit to the region as these big ships arrive. >> reporter: that is the hope but as mega ships dock with greater frequency the question will be how quickly american
5:46 am
ports can keep up. melissa chan, oakland, california. still ahead on the news hour from doorbells to dishwashers we are at the world's biggest technology show where everything is going digital. in sport miami's big names step up against the indiana pacers and andy will be here with that story. ♪
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♪ hello again and rising sea levels are causing low-lying islands off the coast of sinagal
5:48 am
to disappear and nick laws reports homes and livelihoods are also sinking fast. >> reporter: a suitcase, pots and pans, all belongings that were once safe in the home before it was destroyed by rising water. it has become a daily ritual finding out what the tide will swallow and what she can save before it rises again. standing in what was her living room the memories are confronting. her children once played on a cot here. and this is what we mains of a kitchen where her mother shared her recipes. >> translator: i'm scared that more of our lives will disappear, washed away in this water that just won't stop rising. >> reporter: it is a slow and quiet disaster unfolding in the low-lying delta here and barely one meter above sea level islands being submerged gradually and the water has
5:49 am
destroyed patty fields. villagers first thought this was an unusual tide from a far away storm but then someone gave it a name, climate change. since then government officials, international aid agencies and environmentists have come to the island offering solutions. the government built a small wall on the edge of the island to stop water coming in but it was not high or strong enough. the u.n. spending millions of dollars planting man groves and other low lying deltas in the world and the newly planted trees are no match for the tide. most here are unaware of the global efforts to find a solution to climate change and those who do say it's too late. these islands are disappearing and people here are now leaving this land. most of the men have moved to the capitol or further afield to europe to find work.
5:50 am
according to the red cross there are more climate refugees than political refugees in the world. united nation estimates their number will rise to 50 million people by 2020 and among them other women from the island and are already on the move, searching for a better place to live. nicholas hawk, al jazeera. time for the sports news with andy. >> thank you so much doer doreen and royal madrid and the spanish were sacked after seven months in charge. stepping back in the lime line one of football's greatest players becoming the coach of one of the biggest clubs in the world and replacing raphael at royal madrid. >> translator: we have the best club in the world.
5:51 am
the best fans in the world and i'm going to try for this team to win something at the end of the season. the only thing i can say to you is i will do everything possible, all my best with every player and i think things will workout well. >> reporter: came to an end after seven months in charge with the club third in the spanish league and replaced who had been popular with the royal players and led the club to a record 10th european cup in 2014. despite the availability of former coach morano they promote from the role with the b team. >> translator: today we made a difficult decision especially so for me which airs ending the contract as coach of our first team and i want to make it clear he is a great professional and imagi magnificent person and thank him for work and dedication over these months for royal madrid
5:52 am
coach. >> reporter: in the 1998 cup and the european championships in 2000, he was also famously sent off in the 2006 world cup final for a head butt at royal the former world player of the year was part of the team that won the champion league in 2002 and expected to achieve similar success in his first major role in management. >> translator: this is your stadium and this is your club. you have our full trust and support to make fans excited and emotional in every match and royal madrid supporters stand by your side. >> reporter: the 11th coach in 12 years in the president paris' reign and the length of the contract has not been announced but it will begin at home on saturday, richard par, al jazeera. the track and field stadium for this year's rio olympics had water and power cut due to unpaid bills and rio city hall
5:53 am
and football club are blaming each other for debts which is in access of $200,000 and brazil is in the middle of recession and olympic organizers trying to cut half a billion from the budget and the heat stepped up for the team in over time win over indiana pacers and scored a season high 31 points but the heat had to overcome a 18 point third quarter deficit and saved from defeat on the buzzer and sent the game into over time and saw his team to 103-100 win. now chris gail has been fined close to $10,000 following comments he made to a female reporter after batting for the melv melvin renegade and an exchange with the journalist. >> want to see you for the first
5:54 am
time and it's nice and hopefully we can win and have a drink after. don't blush baby. >> they say the comments were disappointing and cricket bosses equated them to workplace harassment and gail says he is free to carry on playing and has offered an apology. >> there wasn't anything meant to be disrespectful or offended and if she felt that way then i'm really sorry for that. there wasn't any harm meant in a particular way or harm a particular person or anything like that. >> reporter: two of the top tennis players have been hit with early season injuries after serena williams withdrew from the cup and the latest casualties and both pulled out of the brisbon and hurting her arm in practice and world two had achille's problem and less than two weeks to go until the first grand slam which is the
5:55 am
australia open and the champion won his first ever daka rally champion and making debut in the event and leads the over all standing by more than two minutes and from his teammate, defending champion of qatar lost time due to a puncture and more from me later on but that is all your sport for now. >> andy thank you very much and wearable technology and digable sensors and just about everything is what is going on at the show at the annual consumer fair that is taking place in las vegas and tech giants to tiny start ups compete for digital designs and from there rob reynolds has the story. >> reporter: the biggest showcase is getting underway with 150,000 attendees from 150 countries. among the top trends for 2016 the expansion of digital technologies and sensors into
5:56 am
more and more areas of everyday life. >> we still live almost completely in an analog world and surrounded by digital devices but have not started to integrate the digital aspects into our daily lives and i think that is one of the big steps we will see at the 2016ces. >> reporter: experts say the trend to including technology into just about everything from doorbells to dishwashers will affect millions of people's jobs, lifestyles and family time. >> it's going to be a major change in how we live our lives. basically technology is going to be everywhere, everything we do from when we wake up and go to sleep and while we sleep technically will affect our lives. >> reporter: could be a down side to the ubiquitous technology. >> when it's connected all your life is digital and somebody can hack into your system and learn where you are and what you are
5:57 am
doing and in a way cyber stalk you. >> reporter: wearable technology, a $5 billion business and wearable tech is moving well beyond telling you how well your workout went. >> i think what you will see is not just products focused on fitness as we have seen in the past but you will see that more wholistic approach to wearables and smart clothing is an area where we will see growth at ces. >> reporter: the first electronic show was held in 1967 and since then technology has changed almost beyond recognition. who can say what the next 49 years will bring? rob reynolds, al jazeera, las vegas. thanks for watching the news hour on al jazeera. we are back in just a moment and we will have a full bulletin of news and all the day's top stories and everything you need to know on al jazeera and see you in a minute.
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unconstitutional policing that stretches back through generations. >> it was a coverup for what had happened. >> the absence of any accountability just speaks so loudly. >> fault lines: al jazeera america's hard-hitting& >> today they will be arrested. >> firing canisters and gas out of& >> emmy-award winning investigative series.
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>> new moms forced to choose. >> the united states does lag behind other countries on this. >> now a revolution in workers' rights... >> my story is so many peoples' story. >> that could decide the election. >> it can be different.
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♪ syrian refugees suffer a brutal winter while the country's opposition is searching for a common ground ahead of talks with the government plus. >> we will attend the next syria talks and we are not going to boycott them because of iran or anybody else for that matter. >> reporter: saudi arabia saying it is committed to peace in the region despite the diplomatic boycott of iran. ♪ you are watching al jazeera live from our health