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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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even the nra's position has evolved over the years. at one point they were in favor of some limited background checks. and even ronald reagan was pushing forward on something that would be opposed by the nra today. michael made a great point. the polarlization, the lack of middle ground, the fact that only the most motivated and richest individuals are showing up on election day gives elected officials here in washington very little incentive to actually reach across the ailes into the middle ground. this is a hot button issue for many that will bring them to the polls, and motivate them to open their wallets and donate to
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republican politics. >> and mike i want you to listen to -- this was the bite where the president was addressing what we were talking about, talking about those years of inaction concerning the issue of gin violence. [ changing captioners ] introduced a loophole been saying we need this amendment, pause criminals have exploited and are exploiting this very obvious loophole in our gun safety laws. even the nra used to support expanded background checks. mike, have we reached the point with the issue of guns that common sense is no longer common? >> i think what the president
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is -- the president is trying to do and what opponents of the nra a and proponents of gun safety and gun control are doing, is they portray the nra as ten feet tall. this creature that can pull the strings and get them to vote any way they want to. to a certain extent it may be somewhat accurate, but when crow are in this fight, to portray them as this monster, that must be defeated. and what the president has done recently, in changing the way he talks about this, is not going so do very often, and that is essentially blame the voters. i don't have i have to get motivated. you have to be motivated to make this an issue that you demand. if you view as my elected
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representative, do not respond to, do not vote the way i want to vote. if you are going to fight and have success against a very successful nra. >> it is now 12:33 eastern time. if you are just joining us as this is the normal time that the broadcast begins approximately 45 minutes ago, the president comes to the east room of the white house. on how he planned to issue executive orders to deal with the issue of gun control. the president, this time,ed aing something different, he said that first of all, number one, anybody selling firearms must get a license or face criminal prosecution. the second thing that they were going to do is they were going to do everything they could to enforce the laws on the books. he said that meant adding 200
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more agents to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearm. the third is that they were going to do more to help those suffering from mental illness, and the fourth plank of the executive actions he plans on take willing posting gun safety technology. and that is when he went off script. that is when we saw a very emotional president when it came to the issue of the number of children dying at the hands of gun violence. he was pointing out that it happens every day on the streets of america. take a listen. from first graders in newtown. first graders. and from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun.
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every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> it was at that point that the tears flowed and they flowed freely. michael was catching with me in studio here, he is a political consultant. mike of course watching from the white house, i asked mike a second ago. whether or not common sevens is no longer common. in this country, michael, i will ask you, there is no bigger issue on the republican side of the aisle right now, than the issue of terrorism, and yet when it comes to taking guns out of the hands of people who are on the t.s.a. terrorism watch list, even that failed. why? >> correct, there is no room for common sense, because the nra on these issues they don't give a single inch. if there is any tip of the
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spear, on this issue, then they figure else will happen by administrative action, and we judicial fiat, so just say no to everything. what we are seeing is the tears and the drama and emotion, and over here quietly there will be people implementing these rules and say they are updating definitions. he called himself a constitution fall law professor, what you are doing is updating the definition of what is a gun sale. >> the people in congress are elected by the people of the united states. you work for chuck schumer, when you see an issue that is so galvanized 87% of the people say don't members of congress feel their pain. >> that's not going to impact people facing the threat of a primary challenge in the their district in kentucky, in minnesota, in texas.
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and he would have to have to votes. >> at the end of this day, do you expect the republicans to come out roundly criticizing the president and the democratics to come out supporting him regardless of anything we just saw? >> i think yeah, you put your finger on it. you want to simplify it. politics obviously is very much on the minds of all of us. what is really going to play in the message, over and above the substance of what the president put forward here, and over and above the familiar arguments about the weak amendment and gun rights is the way that the president is doing this, by as michael just put it what they are going to be calling executive fiat, or decree. as if the president were some sort offer per error they have taken him to court over what he has done with immigration, they are taken him to cover with the
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environment and emissions from coal fire plants this plays into the narrative that president obama is out of control, the democrats must be stopped because they no longer follow the constitution and send legislation through congress and make laws the old fashioned way. there are obviously a lot of nuances that go into that sevenly the white house believes he is with within his rights as updated guidance to regulations and laws that are already in effect, temporary as it may be, and again, republicans on the trail point out that they could, in fact, on their first day of office, reverse that, and in fact they could. but it is the way he is doing it, the image of him as a tyrant, at least that's how they will portray him that will play into the narrative, and fuel the rhetoric, and excite republican voters and primaries. >> we are still watching the
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♪ we are following the new call to action on guns just moments ago. the president aunderstand nod background checks, and boost gun safety technology, the president calling the issue of gun control one of the most frustrating of his presidency. take a listen. >> how did this become such a partisan issue? republican president george w. bush once said, i believe in background checks at gun shows or anywhere to make sure that guns don't get into the hands of people that shouldn't have them. senator john mccain, introduce add bipartisan
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measure to address the gun show loophole. saying we need this amendment because criminals and terrorist have exploiting and are exploiting this very obvious loophole in our gun safety laws. even the nra used to support expanded background checks. >> mike is with us at the white house, mike, you were watching the president's address, there was the expected and then this time there was also the unexpected. walk us through. >> the president long awaited proposals remember after the roseburg oregon shooting at the community college there, and the president came into the white house briefing room and threw away the script. said that he was going to be working and looking at some executive actions in he could take, and this is the culmination of the process. the president no sooner had he landed from his vacation, that hi first day of his last year in office, yesterday meeting with loretta lynch, the attorney general, his fbi
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director, of the oval office, going over final plans for what he unveiled today, and what the president is doing is he is going to try to require more individuals who buy guns to making them undergo background checks. a significant portion, and the estimates are all over the map. some say it is 40%, or 10% or less, are done through private sales. at grudge shows, at flee markets and these individuals do not have to go -- those who buy the guns in those venues don't have to go through background checks. what the president is doing now, is expanding the definition of who is a gun dealer, who has to get licensed and if you are licensed then the people your customers who come to buy guns have to go through background checks. that's what the president is putting forward here. he is going to hire more a.t.f. agents. more fbi investigators to try to make sure that these individuals who are on the internet, buying guns increasingly, and in other venues are kept track of.
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that's what the president is announcing today. and he did so in front of a very emotional setting, in front of the family in front of victims of mass shootings and victims of gun violence. some high profile, some you haven't heard of. the president getting very emotional. when he talked about the sandy hook shooting in a speech that is very rare, when you see the president as you pointed out, known for being no drama obama, speaking in such a visceral fashion, as he has done increasingly on this issue mike, as we were speaking and before we went to break, i asked you whether or not you believed that the political comments would go right down, saying that he has overstepped his bounds the left saying the exact opposite, that he is finally taking the action they wanted to. the republican national committee putting out a statement just a second ago saying ever since the american people voted to put a check on this president, talking about the last
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congressional elections the president has overstepped his constitutional authority. house speaker paul ryan, releasing a statement saying from day one, the president has never respected the right to safe and legal gun ownership. that our nation has valued since it's founding. his executive odder her no doubt be challenges in the courts ultimately, everything the president has done can be overturned. by a republican president which is another reason we must win in november. the presidential candidates also speaking out about the president's planned executive action, over the weekend, donald trump, telling cbs face the nation, the one good thing about executive orders the new president if he comes in boom, first day, first hour, first minute, you can rescind them. and then senator marco rubio of florida had this to say. >> new executive orders the president will put in place on monday, that infringe on your second amendment rights on my first day in office, they are gone. >> so before i go to what hillary clinton has to say, i
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want to get your comments on the republican side of the aisle the emissions came after all of those statements and those press releases were e the needle? there's something in there for everyone. and even those who are in the middle or on the fence on this issue. they are going to portray this as gun control, a grab for your guns. really what the president is doing is relatively incremental, and you the even call it a tweak to existing laws and regulations. but they are going to portrait as a grab for guns and look at the way that the president has done this as he has in the past on immigration, and the environment as we were saying and orr issues. with the represents are going to portray as the fiat or degree, with emperor here, governing from the white house. that plays that is red meat
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for the base, and they are doing to tear into it. as you have just documented. >> what hillary clinton had to say about the executive action on guns. with the lynn con campaign, in new hampshire, lisa, what is hillary saying? >> she has been very outspoken on the campaign trail, dell, supporting gun control, saying why can't someone stand up to the nra, as you can imagine, she supported what the president has done, she put out a couple of tweets and one of them she said we can protect the second amendment, while protecting the communities and families from gun violence, and we have to. she also said at 1 point on her twitter feed, our next president must build on this progress, she says not rip it away. now hillary was asked when she was campaigning in iowa yesterday, about the expected action by president obama,
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and here is what she had to say. it is really important, i have said we need comprehensive background checks. we need to close the online loophole, call what is called the charleston loophole, and the blanket immunity from liability that gun makers and sellers have. >> so obviously, a very bright line, as you can expect between republicans and democrats on this, and also bernie sanders coming out with a statement, after this president's speech today, also saying he supports the action by president obama. >> and lisa, as we mentioned you are there with the campaign, the campaign become bill clinton bill clinton is now with his wife hillary clinton. >> appearance here in new hampshire, two stops very
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well received of course by the crowds. bill clinton and hillary clinton both are liked quite a bit here in new hampshire. now, clinton made the point, bill clinton made the point that he feels his wife is really best qualified for the job. he said that she has the most ebbs pierce, her policies are right me called here a change maker. >> in my adult lifetime, this has never been anyone better prepared for the job that awaits the next president than hillary. never. >> and she was still pretty much the same girl i fell in love with in law school. >> the official i fell in love with law school, so he also is able to humanize hillary clinton, he talks a lot yesterday about all the things she has done on behalf of children, and of course, that's part of his reason for being an asset on the campaign trail, not just to
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talk about policy, but talk about the personal size of hillary clinton, and dell, he will be making stops in iowa on thursday, so he is off and running for the campaign thank you, mike i thank you as well. a lot to get you caught up on, the antigovernment anger fires the arm occupation in oregon, we will have the latest, stay with us.
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soundbite a short while ago laying out his case for stricter gun control. gun related stocks as you might expect are surging. shares of major gun makers smith and wesson up more than 10% today. seams of gun and ammunition
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also soaring ahead of the speech. president obama also saying that he will use that executive authority to try and make it harder to buy guns, he says he needs to do so in order to combat the mass shootings that we have seen across this country. also this morning, new calls for the group of armed protestors to leave the wild life center in oregon. protestors should leave now that dwight howard and his son steven, the two ranchers that inspired those demonstrations turned themselves in on monday, but their supporters are saying they aren't going to leave the wild life center until federal land is back under local control. live in princeton oregon, and carrol, are we getting any indication as too when this might end? >> we are not. we are into our fourth day, and i tell you what, if push comes to shove, something will happen here, but right now, law enforcement is playing a waiting game. we are into our fourth day here, we have had some
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movement, ammond bundy came out here, were surrounded by media, but he just went inside, we were trying to get him to talk to us. here is what is happening. soon there will be a press conference by the citizens for constitutional movement, and right now, i am looking at a road which goes down to the compound, where at least two dozen people are inside. men, women, and children, and you can see that black truck, the black truck is actually guarding that entrance road. i talked to the two men in there, they told me they are still standing for constitutional rights, they are doing this because they want for this land to be handed over to the people, it now belongs to the b.l.m. we also talked to a man named pete san till low. he is a talk show host and a marine, who told me about this watch tower in the field you see behind me. if you look closely, you will see a person inside. >> is is that a sniper up
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there? is there a sniper in that? >> i would say -- i would call them a overwatch person. >> do they have a weapon? >> i don't know that. don't know that personally. i would say overwatch is a good look out post. they are very concerned about their lives in waco, we now know that the fbi is now in the charge, the fbi is the wrong agency, a because they skipped over the sheriff, the local politician, the state police, the state representatives, the congressman, the senator here in this local state. they have gone to the fbi, well, we know what the fbi does, when you have men, women, and children, in a situation like this, they will kill these people. so for defensive reasons even if they are armed, i would say it is appropriate to defend themselves. from what the fbi ultimately intends to do. >> so we do know that the citizens for constitutional rights are armed, we don't know how many there are, we think about two dozen, but we have seen many trucks going in and out on this frontage
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road. you can see going into the compound, they may be bringing food. they are taking a wait and see attitude at this point, but last night, the citizens did call out for snacks. back to you. >> if you would back up for a moment and tell us why these protestors are there in the place. >> sure. as you can see, behind me, there is a van going inside. there have been trucks going in all morning long, maybe bringing in provisions who knows. now there are some golf carts we haven't seen before, but what they want, they say, is for federal land to be given back to the people. they say it is our right to own these lands and there are plenty of them in oregon. >> live for us in princeton oregon, thank you very much. some of the other things happening right now, fiat, chrysler, are both saying they are reporting their best sales year in at least nine years.
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total figures come in at 17.5 million. also stocks in this country, you are watching your 401 k. the volatility asian seas, shares in china, hong kong, falling again. there is concern that any ban on selling by large stake holders can expire in the coming days. al jazeera has our details from beijing. tuesday was another bad day for stocks. the hong kong markets -- but the rout wasn't as bad as it had been on monday. when shanghai closed down around 7%, and more than 8%, and hong kong almost 3%, the
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reason for the continuing jitter ms. the market is this. on friday, restrictions over the selling of shares are due to end, these restrictions were imposed during the market turbulence in the summer. presumptioning prices down still further, because of that, the china security regulatory commission on tuesday, issued a statement saying they would take action, to stop big shareholders setting their shares in blue chip companies let's be clear, one reason why some of these companies want to sell their shares is they simply have no faith in their companies at the moment, so they are trying to flog them off to individual investors the government wants to protect themselves. we have seen plenty evidence of government intervention in the market, they have been buying up shares in but chip companies blue the day to watch this week is friday. >> and that is adrian brown,
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i am dell walters in new york, there's always more news later.
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live from london.uren taylor. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> an emotional pram unveils the executive actions you will take on guns. plus. venezuela opposition takes control of congress, but three short of their super majority. >> at least 36 refugees die as two boats sink in different locations off the coast of turkey.