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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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live from london.uren taylor. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> an emotional pram unveils the executive actions you will take on guns. plus. venezuela opposition takes control of congress, but three short of their super majority. >> at least 36 refugees die as two boats sink in different locations off the coast of turkey.
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>> we look at the gadgets expected to take center stage, at one of the world's biggest technology trade shows. i will be here with all the days sport, including byron munich manager. in maybe his next stop. >> by passing opposition in congress, which are aimed at making it harder to buy a gun in the u.s. >> every time i think about those kids. it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the street of chicago every day. >> alongside relatives of gun victims, obama said safeguards are necessary to protect innocent people. >> the president intends to
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close a loophole so that anyone selling a gun would have to carry out background checks. will be required to do more research on smart gun technology to stop them going off accidentally, and obama will request new funding for 200 specialist firearms agents and for mental healthcare to prevent gun related crimes. we are also faking steps to make the system more efficient. under the guidance of the fbi, deputy director, tom brandon a.t.f., we will hire more folks to process applications faster, and we will bring a outdated system into the twenty-first century. >> the white house correspondent is following the story closely. is that unusual? >> it is highly unusual to see the president tear up,
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ever, put the times he has done it publicly, have always been about the children who were massacred in their classroom in newtown, connecticut, 20-1st graders shot dead by a man with severe mental illness that was able to get access to a high powered gun. was able to slaughter them in very quick form, and the president for him, he said the biggest frustration he has with his seven years in office, is that he has not been able to do very much on gun control, so he is taking this step. he did executive actions after sandy hook, after the school shooting, at the time he said he couldn't do more, but now he has decided that he can take these steps. so basically, the way it works in this country, there's a group of people that legally not allowed to buy guns. people convicted of serious crimes, there are people who have been committed by a judge to a mental health institution. and anyone committed of -- convicted of domestic violence, they are not
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supposed to have access to a gun. so if they go to a gun store, the store is supposed to do a background check. those same provisions don't apply if they simply go online and order a gun, or to a gun show. they can buy a gun without a background check. what the president is doing is changing the rules, if you are going to make a profit off selling a gun, you are now a dealer, you need to be licensed and do background checks or you can be held criminally liable. now i should point out if you look at how much the atf has done on this issue, the earliest -- the latest ones we can find are from 2010, only 62 people were preferred for prosecution for breaking the background check rule, so it isn't exactly clear just how far reaching this change is going to be. and we put that question to the white house, and they couldn't say how many people it will impact. the president taking this step, i can tell you i spoke to one of the fathers that lost his daughter that day in connecticut, and far from being sad, he said he is very hopeful, he calls this just one more step in what he says
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is going to be a very long process. now i brought up to him, this past month in december, there were 3 million background checks for gun purchases so that's just the level that is flooding the streets of america, how does that change, he says it will be a long process. and he points to the move to get people to move access. he said it isn't going to take time are his left in office. the mood here seems to be one of hopefulness, that at least some changes can be made. >> thank you very much indeed.
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>> any type of action towards gun legislation, currently, my apologying there's ringing in the background my understanding is from what he said live here, is one that he wanted to have background checks. by nip purchasing a firearm, and i think the one major change that he has brought about there is that he is going to now say that basically he wants everyone that is selling a firearm to have a license. i don't know exactly how it is going to work, or perhaps he is saying you can still sell from one to another i
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would hope that would be the case, perhaps they just need to get a background check by going to a police agency, or perhapses to a firearms dealer. as far as -- one thing he mentioned. >> go on. >> also what he was talking about is just not the measure but trying to get people to vote in the future for the people that are going to make the change in congress. is that the mood of the people? >> i know there's legislation, and i don't see wit our current administration. one thing that the u.s. is certainly very passionate about it is our rights and the constitution.
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i believe any time that any -- that starts infringing on that and i think they will have a uphill battle beet the first amendment, second amendment, etc. no guarantees to right to bear arms and he pointed out the laws so he knows about the second amendment, he can find ways to reduce gun violence. that is he is putting a lot more money behind mental illness, the one thing that every -- that's not to say that everybody with a mental ill seasons a threat, but the one common denominator in all these mass shootings is that mental illness was to some degree involved, so if we can a identify these syringes and or b get them help, maybe we minimize by doing that, and so of everything that he
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mentioned today, i believe that that -- i don't see that as being a bad thing. coming up this news hour, through brush strokes and paint, the feelings about the war around them. >> germany's aging population are creating a skill shortage, can refugees fill the void? >> and in sport 1,000 reasons why this schoolboy just made cricketing history. >> amido a power struggle
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with the president, for the first time in 16 years the 167 member national assembly will be controlled be i the opposition. the action party won a two-thirds majority in elections last month but not all of them have been able to take their seats by a challenge in court. outside parliament demonstrations have been held by supporters of the government. accusing each other of subverting democracy. still not clear how much power the opposition will have in venezuela's new parliament, the union coalition claimed victory with 112 seats out of 167, giving it two-thirds of the deputies and the soup mare jordy, that would allow them to make changes and remove senior tickets. but the socialist challenged the result in the state, and
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the supreme court ruled that the three opposition deputies in one socialist cannot take their seats leaving them short of the mark. to limit the powers over the central bank. let's go live now to the capitol, so the mood has been quite tense, hasn't it over this kind of political power struggle? talk us through what is happening there? all of the legislatures have walked into the national assembly, and as i speak, they are being sworn in. the mood has been tense, you can see behind me. there is heavy police presence trying to prevent street clashes between the supporters of the government and the opposition, but things developed quite calmly, like i said, the deputies were able to enter into the assembly, and inside the assembly, there's been squirms between both camps
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there's been name calling and the whole time preceding the oath was characterized by the typical blame game. >> all the powers that they have implied. like you said, some of these powers meant that they could -- oust ministers from their post, but also that they could name new directors for the central bank. one of the emphasis of the opposition has been to try to put in place, different legislation that will help reactivate the economy, which is at it's worst in the country's contemporary history. but not only has the government taken several measures to block the legislatures from being sworn in, yesterday on monday, it also passed legislation, that
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would limit the super majority. also to having access to key data that the central back is to public and make available to the legislation. >> thank you very much indeed. clarifying the situation there for us in venezuela. in halting all flights to and from iran, a growing diplomatic dispute between riyadh and teheran. on saturday, protestors attacks the saudi embassy over the kingdoms execution of a prominent cleric. iran's president says saudi
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arabia is covering up for crime of execution. they have offered to mediate between the two countries. here is what the turkish prime minister had to say about the dispute. >> iran and saudi arabia, which are friends and allies are two important countries. the current tension between these two countries is unfortunately carrying the potential to increase the still continuing tensions in other parts of our region. all countries in the region should act rationally, and we expect them to decrease the tension, rather than increasing it. >> saudi arabia is determined that the tensions will not have a negative impact. the opposition has made a list of demands ahead of the brokered peace talks. and they want to see confidence building.
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they want government forces to stop bombards held towns and cities. they are calling for political prisoners to be released, and they want humanitarian aid delivered to those in desperate need. you can't really enter negotiations when people are being slaughtered. at least stopping this onslaught to tell the opposition that is serious about negotiations. >> the various groups that make up the opposition are fighting on the front lines against the syrian government and it's allies. however, the armed and political opposition lack a unified command. and very different visions
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for the future. last month opposition leaders met for three days in the saudi capitol to try to unify the opposition before scheduled talks with syrian government leaders. the conference last month shows that it is possible for independent, for faction leaders rebel leaders as well as the political coalitions to come together and form a platform. but how can they go to the table when the situation on the ground is so divorced from the reality or the unreality of what can take place. >> even if the opposition can find common ground, talks will be difficult. the opposition says it won't bargain, and demands he leave transitional government comes to power. while there is a sense of
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urgency, the realsy is that all of them may not be ready to do so. al jazeera. dozens of forces have been killed after the levant launched it's biggest ever attack on the city. officials say the group launched an offensive from three directions and fighters targeted security points in villages and towns. dozens were also injured. all that comes as the u.s. led coalition says isil has lost 30% of the territory they once held in iraq and syria. the coalition has been launching air strikes to help fight the group in key cities in iraq. the united nations says the civilian death toll has almost reached 2,800. the latest figures show that despite the cease fire, at least 81 people were killed in december.
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among them was the governor where the attack happens the two body guards were killed and three others were left with critical injuries. government forces recently recaptures ats from houthis rebels. in the midst of war, an art exhibition is opened. it is the first of it's kind since air strikes began in march. the attarrist says it is a way of giving ex-protestor eggs to the conflict around them. >> at first glance, this could be an art gallery in london or new york, but this is the cap ol' of war torn yemen, a city at the heart of the houthis led rebellion. that becomes apparent with a closer look, you can see the fighting, the turmoil, and the loss. >> it reflects the fear
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people feel. those trying to get away from the death and constant destruction. >> the conflict has plagued since september 2014. when houthis fighters with troops loyal, and supported by iran, launch add rebellion and took control. they are up against forces of yemen's president, which have had the backing of saudi led coalition air strikes since march. in those ten months the united nations says more than 6,000 people have been killed, nearly half of them civilians. the exhibition is the first of it's kind since the bombing campaign began in march. hakeem was once invited to the ministry of tourism, now he is an artist. >> much of the art reflecting the shelling and bombardment of yemen over these months. women and children have been the main victims.
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u.y. talks to end the fighting have suffers a set back. it was pulling out of the cease fire, that began in mid december. without a clear path to peace, people are determined to express themselves and the turmoil they see. al jazeera. >> the bodies of at least 36 refugees have been found at two locations on turkey's coast the area is a starting point for many trying to reach the island. turkish coast guards have rescue eight people and are looking for more. jona hull reports. >> it is the first week of a new year, the warm summer, long gone, and the refugees journey getting harder. off a coast a rubber ding gi, the passengers thrown to their fate. among those braving the sea for greece on tuesday, dozens in at least two incidents would never arrive.
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their bodies washed back ashore on to the beaches of turkey. woe came an hour ago, we heard a boat sank and hit the rocks. i think these people died trying to swim to the rocks, we came to help. >> but there wasn't much too be done. >> the coast guard dispatched three boats and a helicopter to search for survivors, eight people were rescued. including one man who emerged from the freezing waters on his own. it's estimated 1 million refugees and migrants entered greece through it's outlying islands in 2015. traveling on to central and northern europe as part of the biggest humanitarian crisis on the continent in two decades. migrants continue to enter greece at a rate of 2500 a day which is very close to
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the average through desks so we can see the migrant flows are continuing through the winter, and obviously, the fatalities are continuing as well. >> this is where most are heading the freak island despite efforts to improve conditions volunteers say the refugees welcome can be a harsh one. >> women, young children, they are not safe at night, as are the men that come with the women and children because they are stealing, there is raping, there is theft, there is -- there are fives here there are gubs here, those things happen here. >> so the fate of even those who survived the sea crossing is uncertain. many will find safe harbor in european countries like germany, but here on the
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greek shore, their ordeal has just begun. jona hull, al jazeera. >> in germany, an aging population and a low birthrate are creating serious skill shortages. a look at falling birthrates dominic cane is in a small town, where they are hoping some of the thousands of skilled refugees coming there can provide an answer. >> despite the apparent prosperity, one group is increasingly missing. young people. in the past 15 years the population has fallen 20%, the decline is being blamed on a shrinking birthrate and immigration. >> regular school in our area in the first four years has about let's say 150, to 200
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children. that's normal. and we run out of children, down to 50 children. >> and if you are under 50, 50 children, you are not able to manage good school in the long run. >> it is a similar story fewer births and an ever increasing pensioner population. one leading academic says it is creating a serious skills shortage, and that profession nally qualified refugees can be part of the solution. >> the big expectation is that kit be a part of the shortage. we have a shortage of high skilled labors but also young starting. perhapses this initiative can be a template for the future.
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it helps refugees that want to work, by teaching them courses and german language skills. people like hassan are already benefiting from the training. >> we need to forget about the past and focus on the future. they are so good, and so much kind. and that is my dream. i want somebody to give a little bit of opportunity to start from. >> back here, many people want to give refugees like hassan that opportunity. the local mayor says the refugees with professional experience, could help provide an answer, to the shortage of jobs in the german work force. dominic cane, al jazeera. the german government is urging the public not to blame refugees automatically for a mass attack in the city of colon. around 1,000 men described by witnesses as being of north african appearance, harassed
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women in the city center, close to the train station. there was 60 complaints of assault, and one of rape. a police investigation is underway. joining these investigations it will become clear who is involved. and connecting it to the issue of refugees is nothing more than miss use of the debate. now it is about determining the facts. >> and kosher super market a year ago this week. the satirical magazine is due to release a special edition to mark the first an sherry. a police warm killed by armed attackers will be armed with a separate plaque. after last year, people around the world used the phrase to express solidarity with the victims. >> still to come this hour, armed occupation, u.s. ranchers in oregon take their
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protests against government jail sentences into a fourth day. why india's street vendors are worried about a new plan to regulate them, and miami's big names step up against the indiana pacers and we will be here with that story.
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>> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "reports from around the world". >> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - "news wrap-up". clear... concise...
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complete. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> barack obama has spoken of his anger at the amount of gun violence in the u.s. >> the bodies of at least 36 refugees who have been found at two locations on turkey's coach. the coast guards have rescuededded eight people and are looking for more. >> venezuela's new parliament is being sworn in amido a power struggle. the first time in 17 years that the 167 member national assembly will be controlled be i the opposition.
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opposition assuming finally, a space they are going to have -- or they hope to have more room. in the political spectrum. so on the other hand, the government is going to limit this power, by trying to involve or limit the possibility of the opposition. this is what we have seen, in the past days when president ma dura, asked to block the nomination of three legislature opposition legislatures. under the claims that there are some frauds. but we have to keep in mind,
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there is a key number right now, 2.5, almost 2.5 million voter whose are not represented in today's national assembly, why, because while their vote was null fied or they didn't vote. so think a key number for both parties. >> you talked about the president trying to limit what the assembly can do what is -- what kind of powers are they left with that will make a difference? >> actually the sewner majority of the opposition. the opposition was ready to talk about the possibility. for a recalled referendum, in order to submit to the people, that approve the what is behind, they need to
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remove the president of power. what the opposition is trying to do is bring the idea of change, and the government on the other hand, will try to keep the motion of their still in power, they are the leaders of venezuela. >> so position is going to change. >> how will that play out on the street? we have seen pro and anti-demonstrations is there any risk that can turn violent? >> i don't think so, pause we hear the president calling for the armed forces to keep the security and to assure a peaceful ceremony. so i don't see how is going so take place in the streets or anywhere nell venezuela right now. >> thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on the
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subject. where the internal security agency the fbi working to end the protest, peacefully. the government initial protest was against jail sentences given to two local ranchers for starting fires. reports from inside the occupation, close to the city of burns in oregon at their grievances now appear to be spread much wider. >> specifically not to expect a lot of guns and any questions about how many protestors are here, were left unanswered during our 45 minute tour of the national wild life refuge property that this group walked into and took over. >> how is it doing to car? >> it is emotional. it is up and down, and -- it is going great. there's no bloodshed, this is not a violent or hostile situation. there are 15 or so buildings
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here, dozens of trucks, swamp boats, and heavy equipment. this is one of the sleeping areas. but were not allowed into this kitchen. we didn't visit every building but were allowed to roam on our own. we want to be polite, we want to be neighborly, and citizens. we want to be respectful. >> lavoy is an arizona rancher, who is emerged as one of the group's main spokes men. >> where do you see this ending? >> i believe it shall spread from here. this is grievance is widespread throughout the west. this is not going away. >> we saw nobody carrying a weapon, but again, didn't see every room. we asked dwayne aimer if people here were armed. >> there's probably a weapon in every pickup truck within
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100 miles of here. you know, everybody says they are armed, but each rancherie know has a weapon. so i had a cougar last week, there you go. >> am monday bundy the leader of the group now calling its citizens for constitutional freedom held a morning press conference to outline grievances about land use restrictions and federal regulations in an area where ranching and conservation have collided since the refuge was formed in 1908, he was asked what will it take to end this protest peacefully. >> i wouldn't say words would do it, i would say action would. and that would be for the federal government to remove it's unconstitutional presence here in the county. >> i want to talk directly to the people at the wild life refuge, you said you were here to help the citizens, that help ended when a peaceful protest becamed an armed occupation, the
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hammonds have turned themselves in. it is time for you to leave our community. go home to your families. and end this peacefully. so far a lot of talking but no serious action, as the protest that started saturday continues. allen half her, al jazeera, knee burns oregon. >> let's get now to gabriel who is there, what is happening now? >> well, it is a little after 10:00 a.m., in oregon in the western part of the united states, and this is still on going. we might see behind me, that suv, and some -- that's blocking the main entrance into the refuge, as it has been all night here. also, there's a watch tower there, that normally is manned by park rangers as they monitor migrating birds but that has been taken over for the last four days by these armed militants as they
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call themselves they say their mission now has gone well beyond those two ranchers that they are initially began this protest trying to defend them, they say now it is a much bigger issue, now it is a debate about the ownership and management of u.s. public lanes just to give you an idea here, in this part of the u.s., about 70% of all the public land is owned or managed by the federal government, but there are also hundreds of private ranches here as well. and the ranchers need the land for grazing. and that's where the conflict between local ranchers to on. now the main leader of it is expected to come out and talk to the press within the next half hour or so to help get a peter idea of how long they plan to continue this. and what you need to more of
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the demands are. >> in the meantime, is there answer police presence there? there is not any police presence, just to give you an example of how desolate this area is. the fbi is in control of response to this building. about 50-kilometers or 30 miles away off in the distance, no police here whatsoever, and that is intentional, because they feel that the federal government was to come here and show force, that it could inflame the situation, and make it already volatile situation.
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thank you for the live update. >> showing -- the u.s. says it violate as 2010 u.n. security council resolution, last week, expands the missile program which could lead to new sanctions against syringes and businesses. 148 people most of them studented were killed when four gunman attacked in april. they separated the students into muslims and nonmuslims and the nonmuslims were killed. a police post has been
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established within the compound, and security has been increased. complain that's central bank has spent billions of dollars trying to stop a major sell off of shares. investors are worried about chinese prospects and they are continuing to sell their shares avenue traded was suspended on monday, following a 7% fall in the stock market. auh dreian brown sent us this update. >> tuesday, was another bad day for chinese stocks the shanghai, and hong kong markets were all down, but the rout wasn't as bad as it has been on monday, when shanghai closed down around 7% and more than 8% and hong kong almost 3%. the reason for the continuing jitters is probably this, on friday, restrictions over the selling of shares are due to end. these restrictions were imposed during the market turbulence in the summer. but if these are eased it would mean a lot of cheap stalk coming on to the
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market. well, because of that, the china security regulatory commission on tuesday, issues a statement say they will take action to stop big shareholders setting their shares in blue chip companies. one of the reasons why some of these companies to sell their shares is they simply have no faith in their companies so they are trying to flog them off to individual investors. but the government want wants o protect those small investors. we have seen plenty of evidence of intervention in the market. they are been buying up shares in blue chip companies but the day to watch this week is going to be friday. >> 17 people have been killed in a suspected arson attack on a bus in china, the bus caught fire in traffic. trapping passengers inside.
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now the wife of one oof the men, says she is calling off the search for him, after receiving a handwritten note from him that he is fine in mainland china. they then released a statement saying china has a right to oversee hong kong's affairs. special administrative region, and the affairs are powerly china's internal affairs. no foreign country has the right to interfere. >> the u.s. soldier has been killed in southern afghanistan after coming under heavy mortar and smart arms fires. two others were wounded in the attack. where heavy fighting has been taking place between afghan and taliban forces. the team bank have been focusing their attack as they force control over the region.
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perks there say the con soil late is now safe. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. >> officials say all six fighter whose attacked an air force base near the borderer weekend have been killed, soldiers are still searching the base as a precaution, seven were kills in the assault. after the earthquake that struck many on monday. at least eight people died and more than 100 were injuries, authorities are now offering help for people to start rebuilding their homes. 8,400,000 indians make a living selling things on the
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street of the capitol. many are worries they may lose their customers or be forced out of business overall. >> this is how she earned a living, she sits on this street in the capitol nearly every day selling jewelry. she is worries what little she makes will be taken from her because of the plan to regulate street vendors. >> if they take all this, will it be terrible we won't be able to make ends meet. my children will probably fall in with the wrong crowd. >> the city is home to between 30,400,000 street vendors of all types. many with little or no regulation. regulating the number of vendors helping others to find new jobs. details of the policy haven't
1:46 pm
been released but the street vendors association says the previous proposed policy was discriminatory, and imposed heavy fines and threatened to band vendors from cooking outside. they fear the new policy ignores their concerns. >> they never consulted us, neither people from the street vendors. they even issues public, asking the public opinion about this, why you not asking about the street vendors. >> some also believe the benefits of having street vendors are being overlooked. this regger says their mountain provides much needed services and are a important part of the chain. >> winter is the need of the customer, who wants cheap, affordable, inexpensive necessary stuff, and the other is the producer who is making this stuff and selling it out. and it is a college clientele.
1:47 pm
etch if some are eventually rehabilitated as plans there are thousands coming here every month, many of whom will take up street vending for their livelihood. al jazeera, new delhi. much more to come, including we will hear from one of the world's greatest ever footballers as he starts his new job as real madrid coach. >> china holds it's annual ice and snow festival, with more than 1 million visitors expected.
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>> once everything isn side. connected all your life is digital, well, somebody can hack into your system somehow. and learn where you are, what you are doing, and in a way cyber stock you. >> another trend, wearable
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technology, a $5 billion business. and wearable tech is now moving well beyond telling you how well your workout went. >> not just products focused on fitness, as we have seen in the past, but you will see that more holistic approach to wearables. wearable clothing, smart clothing is an area where we will see growth here. >> the first consumer electronic show was held back in 1967. since then, technology has changed almost beyond recognition. who can say what the next 49 years will bring. >> las vegas. the english premier league will be his next stop. he is now in his final season as why ron munich manager where he has won two titles. the former barcelona coach has received several officers
1:52 pm
from clubs but has yet to sign any. >> i have talked many times with the president, on that subject. and i am very happy and grateful, because i know the club wanted to keep me here. he wants to turn things around at real madrid and win everything this season. the frenchman is speaking at his first official press conference replacing the manager on monday. the 43-year-old promised to inspire his team to play with the same flair he displayered as a player. >> football with a personal touch, is what it will aim for, i will fry to evolve to what i was. as a coach my goal is to enjoy it on the pitch but i
1:53 pm
have to contribute with something else for my players and that's going to be day by day with our work as a team. sepp blatter former right hand mind faces the prospect of a lengthy ban. a charge the defenseman denies. they have recommend adenine year band, and $100,000 fine for miss accuse of expenses. that's despite suffering a fitness square two years away from the first grand slam, she retired during the second set of her cup match because of inflammation in her left knee, she has already missed the opening to ukraine on monday she is the reigning australian open champion. >> i definitely thinkly be
1:54 pm
able to get it right for australia, and i am taking it one day at a time, and i just have so much going for me right now, and i just only think positive, i knowly be okay. it is not even a bump, it is just a minor thing in the road. >> two. >> of the two top tennis players have been hit with early season injuries. they have putted out of the prison ban international. sarapova hurt her arm while world number two has an achilles problem. roof fall nadal is in first round action at the qatar open. the unseated. nadal lost the first set, but came back to win the second, and it is now gone to a deciding second. two miami poors being stepped up against the indiana
1:55 pm
pacers. but the heat still have to overcome an 18-point 3rd quarter deficit. dwayne wade saved miamis from defeat, that set the game into overtime. wade saw his team home to a 103-to 100 win. south africa captain has led from the front on day four of the second half against england, in cape town, his match saving effort getting close to england's first innings total. andy richardson has more. >> only an early collapse on day four of this test was likely to produce a positive result. and that never looked likely. england then helped their own cause during the innings. home captain making it to 200, the third slowest of the century in history, a match saving effort.
1:56 pm
stewart brought essentially dismissing him for 201. hening maaed just five, but that was the end of south africa's global. they have at times looks out of the early stages of his career but this was to beat his day, scoring hi marrieden of the century, he finished unbeaten on 102 south africa declaring 627th, they survived an awkward before the close, and the draw now looks inevitable. >> now plenty of runs being scored but that's nothing compared to what happened in a school game in india. 15-year-old scored more than 1,000 runs during this game. he is the first ever player
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in an officially recorded match to hit four figures and finish up on 1,009 knock outs. >> that's all the sport for now, it is now back to lauren in london. >> now the largest ice festival in the world has open it's gates in the northern city. more than 1 million people are expected to visit in the coming weeks to see more than 330,000 square meters of snow and ice, transformed into buildings and statutes. this year's festival is a 15 story tower of ice, which is thought to be the biggest in the world. temperatures can drop to minus 23-degrees and the event is on until late february. catch up with our website, the address for that is barbara sara will be here in a moment with more of the day's news, thank you for watching.
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>> this year is blowing our minds. >> scientists are studying el nino from space and the oceans. >> when the pacific speaks... everybody better listen. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. >> still living in these tent cities. >> we're back to square minus one. >> the city is a powder keg at the moment. >> you see transactional sex and no one is held to account for that. >> the united nations has never accepted responsibility for this. >> an ali velshi on target special:
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>> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> invoking the memory of children killed in a mass shooting an emotional u.s. president outlined his actions to tighten gun control. you are watching al jazeera live from london, also coming up on the program, rival demonstrations in venezuela, where the winds have changed for the first time in nearly 20 years. as germany deals with a low birthrate, a massive influx of refugees help make up