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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2016 2:00am-2:31am EST

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north korea says it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. hello, welcome to al jazeera. also to come on the program, cold and in need of help, freezing weather makes life even tougher for syrian refugees. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad tears from obama as he calls for action on gun control.
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the protesters in cologne denounce violence against women. the police are investigating a mass assault of up to an enthusiasm men. -- thousand men. north korea says it has detonated a hydrogen bomb. the nuclear body has described it as a grave threat to peace. an emergency meeting has been called of the u.n. security council. the test was announced on north korean television. >> translation: we will not give up the nuclear program as long as the u.s. maintained its stance of aggression we can speak now who is the spokesman for the japanese p.m. he joins us on the line. if this is confirmed, that, indeed, a hydrogen bomb has been tested, how significant a development is it?
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>> i think we would like to say that the test conducted today is totally unacceptable. it poses great threats and we oppose that as i mentioned before, if this, indeed, the testing of a hydrogen bomb as opposed to the three previous occasions thought to have been atomic bombs, how significant a development would this be? >> well, it's difficult to tell at this moment. we have been collecting a lot of information by ourselves and with our relevant countries like united states and south korea. we are still in the process of evaluating the situation. so at this moment i would rather not comment on whether it is a
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hydrogen bomb or not nonetheless, japan must be feeling very uncomfortable today? >> yes. i think the nuclear test is a clear violation of the relevant united nations security council resolutions and it presents a great challenge to the international air force. japan will take further measures in coordination with the united states, south korea, china and russia, including others we understand that there is an emergency security council meeting to be held pretty soon. what specific measures is japan prepared to take, if any? >> well, we are still in the process of evaluating. at this moment i cannot tell any
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definite measures at this moment, but we are consulting with the other countries like united states, the republic p korea, china and russia to take further measures, but what measures that will be i cannot tell at this moment thank you. spokesman for the japanese prime minister. thank you very much, indeed, for talking to us here. going to our correspondent adrian brown who joins us live from the chinese capital, beijing. we hear a rather discomforted jp niece prime minister-- japanese prime minister spokesperson there talking about coordinating responses to this with its allies. what is coming out of beijing? >> reporter: the foreign in ministry daily press briefing is taking place as i speak, so within the next 50 minutes or so we will know exactly how china's
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government will have reacted to this alleged h bomb test by north korea. in the past china has reacted very angrily to previous tests. of course, china is just about the only friend the north korea has right now, but there are deep strains in that relationship because beijing is alarmed by the prospect of having a nuclear neighbor. what its nightmare scenario is, is the idea that there could somehow be conflict on the korean peninsula, and war being on its borders. this will inevitably be discussed at the united nations. we have to look to the time are fog this h bomb-- to the timing
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of this h bomb test. because in the near future it is the birthday. he likes to have attention if this is confirmed, what does this tell us about north korea's capability of producing a nuclear bomb, a nuclear weapon? >> reporter: if me has done and the-- he has done, and the emphasis is on if, then north korea shows it has improved its strike possibility. this could bring the north a step closer to developing a nuclear war head small enough to be mounted on a long-range missile that could potentially reach the united states. as i say, it's going to take weeks, months, possibly years, to know whether this was an h bomb test. north korea has carried out three tests in the past. in 2006, which involved
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plutonium, and the same in 2009, and in 2013 which possibly used uranium, but again that hasn't been verified thank you very much for that. the obama administration doesn't see bashar al-assad stepping down as syria's president before 2017. that's according to a new report. information obtained by the associated press news agency details how bashar al-assad is unlikely to relinquish his pgs as president before march 2017. the revolt was prepared for u.s. financials dealing with strategy to bring about an end to the of conflict. latakia has been covered with snow. storms forced thousands of people to seek shelter. many refugees have been living in very basic temporary accommodation. they have appealed for extra
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help from aid agencies. >> translation: we are refugees here from the mountain. we have been here for four years. the loun council is lacking. there are many shortages, we don't have wood or supplies. our situation is very, very bad. >> translation: i was displaced from the kurdish mountains. it took us a couple of days before we secured ourselves in this cold. it is minus 10 degrees here. we barely managed to get a tent. we don't have anything at all. we have an old person. it is too cold. we are unable to get firewood or relief hundreds of people in germany have been protesting against violence towards women in the city of cologne. police believe around a thousand men were involved in almost 90 assaults and robberies of women on new year's eve. officers say young man of north
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african or north-eastern appearance. >> translation: i came to the demonstration today because i think it's important to share a reaction. we do not accept the atmosphere in this country or the city. we need changes so that women can go out onto the streets at night. >> translation: it is unacceptable in a city like here and in every part of the world there should be no violence against women. that's why i'm here. >> translation: it is not only new year's eve. i am a young woman and often go out at night in cologne and there are assaults taking place so it is important for women to stand together, no matter what nationality obama thats issued an-- has issued an executive order to make if harder for americans to get guns. he wiped away tears as he appealed for support.
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>> reporter: this just doesn't happen. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad >> reporter: an emotional president remembering the 20 children killed in their classroom over three years ago. his tears in part for one of the victims, this girl. >> she was a loefg, generous-- loving, generous, smart, brilliant, talented little girl who loved to show how much she loved her family and her friends every day. >> reporter: her father was here to watch the president change the rules for how guns are purchased. now if people want to buy a gun on line or at a gun show, they have to get a background check. a bill to do that couldn't get through the congress senate immediately after the shooting. >> we do not want in. >> reporter: this is a temporary measure. the next prime minister could throw it up. ted cruz is promising to do that
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>> we don't beat the bad guys by taking away our guns. we beat the bad guys by using the guns. >> reporter: it is likely the executive orders are going to be challenged. he is asking for more money for mental health care tanned more agents to speed up the checks and do more investigations. he is going to face a fierce fight in congress. there were more than three million guns sold in the u.s. just last month. green says he is optimistic there can be a solution >> it takes time. it takes momentum. it takes constant dedication to the cause. i feel like there are so many, my family included, who are dedicated to see fewer gun deaths in america. >> reporter: this is a fight that is far, far from over we've got a lot more to come here at al jazeera, including seeing red. malaysia considers a ban on
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mining boxite, the world's main source of aluminium. plus. >> reporter: i'm in spain where a new generation of eco-hot air balloons are taking flight. ing flight.
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hello again. a look at the top stories. north korea says it has successfully exploded a hydrogen bomb. the body which monitors nuclear bombing has described it as a grave peace.
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a meeting has been called for the security council. plans to kerb gun violence in the u.s. president obama's executive order will require more gun buyers to undergo background checks. harsh winter weather has hit syria's latakia refugee camp covering the area with snow. the storms swept across western syria and caused thousands of people to seek shelter. refugees living in temporary accommodation are asking for help. more now on our top story, that of a hydrogen bomb. it is the most powerful type of nuclear bomb potentially two thousand times more destructive than the bombs dropped on japan in 1945. unlike atomic bombs which release energy by breaking apart, a hydrogen bomb derives its force from nuclear fusion. the blast from a hydrogen bomb
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can cause fire storms and intense white light that can induce blindness. robert kelly is a fellow of political scien at a university in south korea and he says north korea uses tests to put pressure on the international community. >> a hydrogen bomb that's a pretty substantial step forward. this is something that was developed until the 1950s. they haven't been used against civilians. we don't know what this will actually do in a city. that's why people are so terrified. this is a major step up. ip also say we have no other evidence other than what the north koreans have said. i think they said a month ago they had this. until we see some proof, i'm skill sceptical. the country goes through a psych emand they call something once a year. this is usually intended to shake down various countries for aid or assistance or attention or something like that. the north koreans were rebuffed
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in discussions with the south and the north in december. this may be a way of signalling that they want something from those discussions. they didn't get it. in the coming election, which is coming in april, this may be a way of signalling that you need to pay attention to us and you should participate in inter korean talks. usual lip they go on a hold in the political season. this may be a way of signalling dissatisfaction with that there is has been a swift international reaction to this. the u.s. has again called on north korea to abide by its international obligations and commitments. the white house says it will respond appropriately to all provocations. the u.n. security council is set to hold an emergency session later on wednesday. britain says that if the test is confirmed, it would be a provocation and a grave breach of u.n. security council resolutions. going to malaysia now which has banned boxite mining because of its impact on the environment.
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the country is the biggest exporter of boxite which is the largest source of aluminium. going to our guest, tell us then about this ban and how it has come about. >> reporter: some might say it is a ban but technically it is really a suspension. i think the ban may still happen in the future. what did happen was that the environment minister and also the state minister announced the fact that there would be certainly two months suspension at the moment of all mining, starting from 15 january here in this state. that would give the authorities here to reevaluate all the approved permissions and passes that have been given to companies to mine bauxite but
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also to clear the stocks and in 911 months the stock piles around this state of bauxite. when it is dry it is in the air and it's everywhere. it covers tree, land, sometimes in the water. earlier a few days ago a certain level of bauxite leaked into the river sources behind me which then lead into the open water on the east coast of mall asia and that has really scared not just the regional government here but the national government. people here want answers it's environmental concerns that has led the malaysian government to take this step of suspension in the first instance perhaps leading to a later ban? >> reporter: yes. i think the environmental concerns have been there for many years. it has been mined here for at least three to four years. malaysia is the market leader with australia having stopped its exports to leading countries
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like china who take on board balks item, and-- bauxite. the problem here is that people feel that it is not being managed properly and that the open-cut mining of bauxite is not only ruining the environment but potentially could ruin the health of people here. long-term studies are yet still to be completed, but it is a very divisive issue. it will give the government and local authorities some respite, it will allow the groups to put on the pressure for a complete ban, but this two-month period is a chance for parties to reassess how they stand. people are making money out of it and it drives the economy here but at what cost thank you for that in malaysia. bangladeshi supreme court has upheld the death center on the
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largest islamic political party leader. he was convicted for commanding a militia that committed murder and rape during the war of independence in 1971. a report from the bangladeshi capital. >> reporter: the charges against him make for grim reading. the former chief of the largest islamic political party was handed the death sentence for committing war crimes in 1971. he is accused of setting up the brother militia, a para military unit that collaborated with the pakistani army in large-scale murders, targeting the country's hindu minority. he is the last key defendant left in the dock >> he was the mastermind. mastermind of killing many. not only that, from the very beginning hae was the man who - he was the man who connived with
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the party. >> reporter: not everyone is happy with the verdict. many have taken to the streets in violent protests. more than 400 people. a sustained crack down on the opposition has meant that lately the reactions to the verdict have been more subdued. none of his army's family members in bangladesh are willing to speak to the media because of safety concerns. it's not just the relatives. lawyers representing the men on trial say they're being followed, harassed and arrested. the lawyer and the president of the supreme court bar association says the tribunal is targeting the wrong men. >> everyone knows what the pakistan army has done in 1971.
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they have committed the offence of murder, offence of arson, offence of rape and mass killing. they're let off. >> reporter: the pakistan government denies any war crimes were committed in 1971. in the meantime, this man is already in custody and supports of the tribunal are desperate to get some justice for the crimes of past and are happy to set their sights closer to home armed anti-government protesters in the u.s. state of oregon are occupying several government buildings for a fifth day. this is a challenge to the government's authority that many locals fear will end badly. hour correspondent reports. >> reporter: our correspondent reports. >> reporter: the first rays of morning light bring another day of stunning beauty on the plains of eastern oregon but also another day of anti-government protesters standing guard at the main entrance of a federal
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wildlife refuge complex that they've taken over and occupied since saturday. the protesters, numbering in the dozens at most, a majority of whom are not from the area, they say they're here to help the local ranchers get what they insist is their land back from the federal government. >> we do have a plan as we have stated from the beginning and we are going to work, and we are implementing this plan. we have been in communication closely with many, many community members that are assisting us in that, and we see a time coming very soon where the community will begin to participate more in that. >> reporter: this is cattle ranching country where cattle outnumber people 14 to 1, but where nearly 70% of grazing land is owned or managed by a federal government many deeply distrust. steve turner sympathizes with the ranchers.
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he says the government intrudes on their livelihoods and way of life >> i think the government is over reaching and doing things they're not supposed to do. >> reporter: in time at the big a, the local cattle ranking supply store, most view the government with suspicion. they're divide whether the protesters are hurting or helping. >> i understand what they're trying to get done and support it, not how they're doing it >> i think they're causing moor chaos than what needs to be brought into this town right now. i don't believe it's necessary. >> reporter: some people like in man are too scared to show their face or give their name. >> i don't agree with what they're doing. >> reporter: you think it's bringing bad attention or what do you not like about it? >> i think most of the community is scared and that's not a good thing at all. >> reporter: why are they scared? >> because they don't know what's going to happen. >> reporter: here in town schools and some businesses remain closed due to safety concerns because of the
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government buildingss that are now occupied by the armed group. that's why on wednesday the local sheriff will be having a town hall meeting to try and address those concerns. meaning while, this is a community where residents are growing increasingly anxious trying to figure out how this will all end the vatican newspaper has criticized the french machine "charlie hebro." one year anniversary on the attack of the publication. a million copies of paper are said to hit the stands. members of the parliament will vote whether donald trump should be barred from entering the u.k. half a million people signed the petition asking the government to keep donald trump out. it comes after his controversial comments about muslims being kept from entering the u.s. it is scheduled for january 18.
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from parliamentary debates to another form of hot air, a company in spain is working on ways of making ballooning greener. our technology editor visited their factory near barcelona. >> reporter: its dawn in the hills near barcelona and in the still morning air a newly completed hot air balloon is inflated for the first time. the team inexpects the rigging and the stitching on all the seams. it is a standard check performed before new balloons are shipped to customers. the spanish company is the world's largest make offer of hot air balloons producing about 200 each year. the design, color scheme and branding of each balloon is customised and stitched together from thousands of pieces of light-wait fabric. >> i want to stress that just to check that - to double-check because in theory our supplier,
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already checked it that is good, but we also check it when we receive them. >> reporter: hot air balloons use propane gas to heat the air that lifts them. a typical hour-long flight can use up to a hundred liters, enough to drive a car more than a thousand kilometers. this means hot air ballooning is a gas-guz eling sport. this company has produced an eco model >> >> reporter: using two layers of fabric instead of one makes if stronger and longer lasting. it is also better insulated which means it is cheaper to fly and uses about half as much gas. >> the main benefit is the fuel saving. understanding save fuel up to 50%. so this gives you two options just to spend less fuel so you fly cheaper, you use less in a single flight, or you can have more capacity for a flight so you cannot land in the long
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flat, you know, in the mountains, so you can have extra economy to finds another place to lands. >> reporter: the company has been work on technology to make hot hair ballooning safer. it has developed a smart phone app to track flights and also in the balloon comes to close to power lines to advise the pilot. it's the simplicity of the sport that makes it attractive to for some. you see the world in a different way and also when you're up in the air and it's very quiet, you can relax, you can feel yourself as you need to fly following the winds, you cannot control too much the direction, so it gives you the feeling that you are alo alone. you can enjoy it. >> reporter: the eco balloon is more expensive to make, but the company says because it lasts longer and is cheaper to fly, it is a cost give alternative and one that its developers hope
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that will sustain the sport in the future just in case you have forgotten, al is where you can keep up-to-date with all the day's stories. on america tonight >> when you take those rights, you convict them for the rest of your life left behind and fighting for the right to vote. have you ever voted before? >> i have never voted one woman's journey to reclaim her civil rights good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. joie chen has the night off. florida, disenfranchising