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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 7, 2016 9:00am-9:31am EST

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a man wearing a fake explosives belt shot dead in paris after he tried to attack the police. hello, welcome, you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. at least 60 policemen are killed in an attack on a training center in libya. stock markets in turmoil, china suspends trading after share prices plunge. victims of the cologne attacks speak out as police are accused of a coverup.
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a man affirmed with a knife has been shot dead by french police. he was wearing a belt with fake explosives as he tried to enter a police station. it comes on the first anniversary of the affection on charlie hebdo and jewish supermarket that left 17 people dead. jacky rowland joins us live from paris. was anyone else involved in this incident? >> not as far as reknow. i can tell you now that the incident is over. you can probably see behind me that the traffic is moving normally again in the 18t 18th district in the north of paris. a few moments ago, the police lifted the security cordon and reopened roads. they had closed off quite a large area around the police station. there was initially this fear that the attacker might have been wearing an explosive vest.
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the bomb quad were able to establish in fact there weren't any explosives there and in fact what he was wearing appeared to be some kind of a fake explosives. they did search and carry out routine checks afterwards. one can never assume to the attacker was necessarily alone but on this occasion, it seemed an individual was isolated and it was carried out by one person. the reason that he was shot dead rather than immobilized in some way was because the police could see from the police station that he appeared to be wearing this explosive vest, which is why it was thought that they couldn't take any risk. >> what's the immediate area like? >> this is an area, it's one of the poorer, more disadvantaged districts of paris. there's quite a lot of unemployment here, quite a large immigrant community. it's also worth pointing out if we think back to the attacks on
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november 13, 1 of the attackers, who is still on the run, he abandoned one of the hire cars used in the attacks very close, 100 meters away. also in another street, maybe near 100 meters away, he actually stopped and went to a small shop and bought a new as i am card for his phone. there were reports isil had been planning to take the area. it is an area that is often tense, tense because of the connections with the attacker, and also the fact that local people are now afraid as well that they could be targeted in retaliation attacks or even that there could be police raids against them. it's quite a tense area anyway. >> there is a certain irony to this of course, the french president francois hollande just
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a couple of hours ago talking about how the threat still weighs very heavily on france and the people of france. >> yes, and also in that speech, he was particularly addressing himself to the security forces. he was actually speaking from the paris police headquarters, talking about sacrifices made by police officers, the fact that three died during those attacks a year ago, and also commenting them on their work and emergency services in responding to the november 13 attacks. there was acknowledgments that france is very much on state of emergency, state of alert. the president felt there were recent successes. he spoke about 25 acts linked to terrorism thwarted in the last month. he said in the past year, the security forces of nice to prevent 200 individuals from traveling to syria or iraq presumably to take part in
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fighting or training. at the same time, he said that there would be efforts now to recruit 5,000 new police officers in the next year, and he underlined the need to continue improving communication and cooperation between the various security forces and intelligence agencies, because it is quite clear that there have been a number of intelligence failings, both in the run up to the november 13 attacks and in particular in the run up to those attacks against the newspaper and the. >jewishsupermarket. there has been an attack on a libyan training center. 200 others were injured. here is victoria gattenby. >> at the has in hospital, ambulances bus in the wounded. dozens of people were killed and more than 200 injured when a truck loaded with explosives
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blew up outside a police training center in the neighboring town of layton. earlier, hospital officials spoke of smaller casualties before the sheer devastation of the attack became clear. >> this morning, we received a number of wounded from the lease academy in layton. so far, we have received more than 40 people with moderate to serious to critical injuries. >> no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but libya has several armed groups fighting for control across the country, not to mention the increasing presence of isil. the armed group has attacked a major oil terminal in the east. firefighters have been struggling to control the blaze caused by shelling by isil fighters. they targeted the same facility in october but failed to gain control of it. this time, their attack is more coordinated. >> i appeal to the national oil
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company and to the united states. if there is any kind of response, even if it is very little help and support for us, because we are dealing with a rear very very big issue here and facing a disaster, an environmental disaster and economic disaster. >> libya has been in conflict since the 2011 uprising that deposed muammar gaddafi. the general national congress is one of two rival administrations, the other is the u.n. recognized government based in the eastern city of tobruk. last month the two signs signed an initial agreement to work together but so far, there's been little progress. the u.n. is urging them to unit and form one government before isil's ideology spreads. al jazeera. dying in slow motion, that's how people trapped in the syrian town are describing their situation. this mountain town has been besieged since july. its 30,000 residents are
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starving to death. some have resorted to eating leaves and grass. you may find some of the images in this report disturbing. >> my name is muhammed, says the starving little boy. i'm seven years old. i haven't eaten in more than a week. not only does he have no clothes, his body starved of nutrition is little more than the skin covering its bones. he is one of 40,000 syrians being starved to death in a town on the outskirts of damascus. it's been under siege by that government forces for months now. there is no food or received 16 here, while the bitter cold of winter adds to the i am measurable suffering. after seeing death by tanks, barrel bombs and chemical weapons, now syrians are experiencing it through forced starvation. the siege is described as yet
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another war crime committed by president assad's government and is a hales. hezbollah controls entrances to the town, preventing anything from going in, so people like this man are forced to eat whatever they can find. leaves and shrubs, but all that does is slightly delay the inevitable, death. a look into the eyes of children like these is all it takes to understand that humanity itself is being killed here and the rest of syria. al jazeera. the fighting forcing millions of syrians to leave their homes. caroline malone is at a refugee camp in lebanon. >> part of the biggest challenge to the u.n. is getting enough funding to help people living in makeshift refugee camps like this one that we're in now. they made an appeal for $2.48 billion at the beginning of this year, 2016, to help
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people living in these kind of conditions but are already running at a shortfall. they only got half the funding needed for 2015. they used that to basically share with the families living in these camps. they live in very basic conditions. they have things like this water well down here that they can use for cleaning. it's not safe for drinkion, but can use it for cleaning. this cooking stove is how people cook and survive. they use it to keep warm in the want winter, a way of keeping the temperatures up when the winter storms begin. we've had winter weather, there's going to be rain and another snowstorm. that's wipe the plastic sheeting on these tents is very important. the sheeting is a basic resource but does keep the tent somewhat waterproof, incredibly important if you're trying to keep warm inside your temporary home. inside here is how people are living. you can see the stove in the
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center of the room, that is how people are staying warm and cooking. blankets, as well. just an example the conditions people are living in, very basic indeed. another concern is getting their kids to school. we spoke to kids around the camp. some of them are getting to local schools set up by the local communities to help them. many are not getting to school, so a lot of the kids are running around here throughout the day and not even able to get an education and wearing very basic clothes and as the temperatures are dropping and winter sets in, that's a very disturbing thing to see. still to come here on al jazeera, the u.n. threatens new sanctions against north korea after claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test. a house divided, how a u.s. town is reacting to the occupation of that government building by an armed group in oregon.
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welcome back, you're watching al jazeera, top stories, a man armed with a knife shot dead after trying to attack a police station in paris. the attacker was wearing a belt with fake explosives. at least 65 police recruits have been kid in libya at a training center. a truck bomb hit the site. 200 others were injured. witnesses say civilians are among the casualties. tens of thousands of people trapped i a syrian pointsen town
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are facing starvation. the town has been besieged by government forces since july. some residents have resorted to eating leaves and grass. the victims of a series of school assaults in cologne on new year's eve have been speaking out today. a mob of around 1,000 men are believed to of taken part in the mass attacks which prompted protest. police and the media have been accused of a cover up. >> i thought to myself that if we stay here in this crowd they could kill us. they could rape us and nobody would notice. i thought we simply had to accept it. there was nobody around who could help us or was in a position to help. all i wanted was to get out. >> i tried to somehow defend myself. i tossed my arm backwards. because of that, i almost fell down the stairs. there were so many people that i no longer was in control of myself, where to go or how to defend myself. >> they felt like they were in power and that they could do
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anything with the women who were out in the street partying. they touched us everywhere. it was truly terrible. >> live to berlin. we'll talk to a spokesperson for a woman's rights organization. what does this tell us about the safety of women in germany? >> we are in shock, these attacks have never come in germany. it should not be happening. >> do you believe the authorities are doing enough to deal with this? >> they are trying their bit. so many issues at the moment, and i think they are doing all their bit to put the situation
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under control. some are being hunted down, cases are being solved step-by-step. it's a sensitive issue, but it will be handled, i'm positive, and they will be put to justice. >> can you explain for me the sensitivity of the police, the german media, german politicians surrounding the debate on immigration there? >> it is a difficult time at the moment, and that is already a difficult topic, and issues with immigration here are difficult and the german government has tried to deal as much as possible with the situation and i think they are trying politically to rectify the situation. they are doing their best.
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immigrants are already too many, but connecting what happened on that eve with refugees or immigrants in germany, that should not be happening. >> i just want to talk for a couple of minutes about your organization. if a woman or a group of women approach you or your organization and say they were involved in what happened on new year's eve and want your help and advice, how do you tell them to process what happened and to carry on doing their normal things on a normal day and feeling safe? >> they should contact the police. that is very important, contact the police -- in that situation and they also get counseling in nearby centers. every location has counseling
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centers about sexual violence and gender violence, so they should contact areas around for advice and counseling. secondly, because it should be put to court, yeah, justice should prevail. this violence is again, it's the laws of germany, so people should be able to feel safe no matter what nationality. >> ok. thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. china has suspended trading on its stock market after share prices plunged. markets across the world have been dragged lower by the turmoil and the uncertainty. adrien brown now from beijing. >> it's been a bad week for china's stock markets and week is not over. we still have friday to go and friday of course will be a test of the new measures that have been introduced by china's security regulatory commission to in still confidence in this
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jittery market. essentially what the commission has done is this, restricting big shareholders from selling no more than 1% of their shares for the next three months. it's essentially an extension of a moratorium on shelling shares that was imposed six months ago by the government to try to protect small investors. we spoke to some of those small investors on thursday to ask them what they made and what was happening to their stock market at the moment. one man told us he thought the government was doing what they could but there was still a problem with the system. by the system, he meant the circuit breakers, this mechanism that although maltically shuts down the market when it falls below 7%. some analysts argue that perhaps the threshold is too low and that the government needs to refine this system. what caused the market to fall, well, there is continuing concern over china's weakening currency now at its lowest level
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since 2011. north korea successfully saying it detonated a hydrogen bomb didn't help, either. there's more concern over deepening diplomatic tensions between iran and saudi arabia. south korea raised a military alert to its highest level. seoul said it will resume propaganda broadcasts through laud speakers after a bomb test gaining condemnation world wild. >> eyes are rededicating their resolve a day after north korea's declaration that it had joined nations with a hydrogen bomb. calling wednesdays debt nation a failed test of an h. bomb, u.s. president obama spoke to the two nations most threatened by the test, south korea and japan.
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in telephone calls thursday morning, he said close collaboration would continue, addings u.s. commitment to south korea's security is unshakable and that the three nations will work together for a strong and united international response. south korea's defense minister says his u.s. counterpart, ash carter pledged what he called an ironclad defense commitment. the two chiefs agreed that north korea should pay a price for the provocation. >> some feel the h bomb statement is a bluff directed at the united states in order to increase the political impact of the test and part of a long term plan by north korea. >> we want to greatly get used to the idea that north korea is a nuclear country, first off. the assumption is that if they continue to have nuclear tests every few years, sooner or later, w the world will accept
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them as a nuclear power. >> because of the tests, officials said they are restarting a system of loud speakers along the border to broadcast anti government messages into the north. for the safety of its citizens, south korea is restricting access to the industrial complex along the border with north korea. china criticized its ally north korea for additional rewarding international opposition to nuclear tests. another u.n. security council resolution authorizing further sanctions against kim jong-un's government is in the works, but previous resolutions have been ineffective at stopping north carolina's nuclear program. scott heidler, al jazeera, seoul. an emergency's been declared in a suburb in los angeles after a gas leak began making people sick. it began in october. thousands of families have been relocated.
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jennifer london is there. >> this is what an environmental disaster looks like, a massive natural gas leak spewing methane into the air since late act, captured by infrared cameras. down wind of the leak, 30,000 people living in the upscale bedroom community of porter ranch, 28 miles north of downtown los angeles. >> it's just impossible to go outside. we have to close all the doors, all the windows. >> first came the smell. >> i thought that i left the barbecue on, so i ran over to the barbecue because we smelled gas in the air. >> they say in the beginning, the stench was annoying, then irritating, then sickening. >> our 3-year-old, bella, she's had three sinus infections in the last two and a half months. our 10-year-old daughter is continuously coughing, leah. she has very bad migraines. >> the leak is coming from a blown well at the gas storage facility owned by so cal gas company.
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first detected october 23, the leak has continued to release methane for the past nine weeks. since the leak began, other residents complained of health problems. two schools are now closed, thousands forced from their homes. thousands of others are on a relocation waiting list. if you drive through porter ranch, it looks more like a ghost town than a vibrant community celebrating holidays. >> a resource center is now open because so many residents need assistance. the gas company is unable to keep up with the demand. >> there is a line from the gas company every single day, some 300 people waiting to try to get some answers. >> l.a. city council member is also trying to get answers. porter ranch is in his district.
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>> how does something like this happen in today's environment? in today's environment where we have technology where we can monitor these types of situations, why does something like this go unchecked for so long. why are the regulatory teeth not there. >> are you able to get these answers? >> no, i'm not. >> the gas company said it's working as fast as possible to stop the leak but with no safety shut off valve drilling a relief well is the only action and that will take months. residents say they need help now. the city of l.a. has filed suit against the gas company for its handle of the leak. the state tells al jazeera it's launching an investigation into the cause of the leak and the gas company's response. for thousands of families, that does little to help them breathe easier, as methane gas continues to escape into the air above their homes. jennifer london, al jazeera, porter ranch, california. residents in oregon told the armed group who occupy a federal
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building they're their tone to go home. al jazeera went to that community meeting in burns, oregon. >> it was standing room only for the first time since armed militia men occupied buildings in a wiped life refuge to force the federal government to turn over land to local ranchers. those very same ranchers and their families meant to figure out if they wanted the militiamen here or not. in the small town of burns oregon, a local man shared what he thought. many think time is up for the occupation. >> we are in trouble if we don't tell these people to pack up their stuff and go home. >> some are thank. the militias are bringing attention to their fight with the government over land rights. >> these people down here at the refuge, i just came from there and i talked to them and they
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ain't hurting a damn thing down there. they brought us all together. they're waking people up, so i think they're going to work this out. they're just making a statement for us to wake us up. >> with the militiamen heavily armed and threatening to defend themselves if police try to run them out, the threat of violence and bloodshed is not far off, so schools and government buildings in town have been shut down for safety reasons. with no end in sight to the standoff and deep divisions in the town, emotions sometimes boil over. >> my boots are shaking, but i'm proud of who i am. i'm proud to be a rancher, and i'm not going to let some other people be my face. i am me! this is my home!
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>> the sheriff didn't have many answers. after the nearly two hour meeting ended, people milled about, asking the same question, what next? nobody here had a clearance. many remain anxious and worried. >> it's clear these are people that are united for their love of their community, but also still very divided on how to end the militia occupation everyone here says has gone on too long. al jazeera, burns, oregon. scientists say they spotted two huge waves of gas produced by a black hole about 26 million light years from earth. the hot gas was detected by nasas space telescope, one of the closest black holes to earth and may trigger the formation of new stars. the new star wars film, see the link there, continuing its strong run at the bosque office, smashing its previous records. the force awakens is now the highest grossing film of all
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time in the u.s. and in canada. so far the seventh film in the sci-fi saga has earned top dollars globally. the headlines are next. >> security worries in paris, a man is shot and killed as the city remembers the anniversary of charlie hebdo. stocks down after chinese markets are shut again. california super soaker, the el niño super storms hitting the state with a 1-2 we three punch.